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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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kensington high school. he followed the bull from the sugar house casino area, to old city. near 8th and vine, there were officers trying to corral the out of control vehicle. they determined it was an emergency situation and fired shots to put it down. >> up on the highway, it was just going to cause on accident. but when it gets down here into center city, you got people walking around, he could have run into six or seven people. >> reporter: it was considered an emergency situation and they decided the best thing at this point was to put it down.
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and right now officials are awaiting the arrival of that slaughterhouse truck where the bull escaped from to begin with. and 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with more break news. an explosive package left on the doorstep of a center city apartment. >> someone left the package in center city yesterday, but the man didn't open it until early this morning, that triggered the blast. randy, what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, we did just get this update from police and the atf, they are calling this explosive device unusual. it's something the philly bomb squad as rarely if ever seen in philadelphia. they're trying to track down exactly who left it on the
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doorstep. the mysterious manilla envelope was found -- when he opened it, the package exploded. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: neighbors woke up to an explosionnd. the device was intentionally built to trigger when the package was opened. >> he opened it because he thought it was something he needed and it exploded. >> reporter: authorities now tight lipped about any sort of motive, they're searching for surveillance video and interviewing neighbors. >> this is a very friendly, tolerant neighborhood and we respect each other's views. >> reporter: police have not identified the victim but he does live with a roommate and is
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recovering in the hospital. >> most of his injuries were to his left hand. >> reporter: and the atf have sent what's left of that explosive device for analysis, but they have already learned that inside that package was a trigger system as well as shrapnel. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with big changes for your holiday weekend. first alert weather is traffcki a chance for rain. many people will hit the road today to get to their holiday test destinations. on a normal bay, it is usually busy and backed up there as well. in the air and on the rails, nbc10 is monitoring the airport and the rail stations for anything that could impact your plans. >> and we you'll be watching the
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weather closely over the next few days. whether they're staying home or leaving down for thanksgiving. >> let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the cold and windy conditions. >> the average high temperature is in the mid 50s. we have been in the mid40s in philadelphia. the sun's finally out. behad some clouds earlier today, but it's still windy and other parts of the area low 40s. so it is cold out there and it feels like it's in the 30s across most of the area, 35 degrees in allentown, 39 in philadelphia and coatesville, 37 in mt. holly, when you combined the wind, the sustained wind with the temperature, these are the current wind gusts and we're not seeing the gusts that we saw earlier today. even a couple of hours ago, so it's all right starting to come down a little bit. we're seeing gusts 20 to 25 miles an hour. as we go through the evening
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hours, watch the wind die down even more, but as the temperature drops, by 9:00, it's 38 in philadelphia. doesn't take much of a wind to drop that feels like temperature down to 32. so it's going to be a cold night tonight, of course even colder in the morning and then we look for any chances for rain. and meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> our next chance for rain is just in time for your thanksgiving day. we do have some showers in the forecast, hopefully that won't mess your thanksgiving plans and there's more showers in the forecast for black friday. it's not going to be a washout at all. but take your umbrella with you, as we go into thursday, 9:00 a.m., philadelphia area, 44 degrees, 41 degrees pennsylvania suburbs, by the afternoon we could see some scattered showers
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around, i don't think it's going to be much, but don't be surprised if you do run into showers. and it's not going to be windy like we had yesterday, and on sunday. now your black friday forecast, if you are going to be heading out there and braving the clouds and going shopping by 10:00 in the morning, temperatures will be mostly in the 40s, lehigh valley in the 30s. and mostly dry conditions later in the evening, we could see a few spotty showers for black showers, so make sure you just have the umbrella. 7:00 p.m., temperatures around 50 degrees. >> count on nbc10 to keep you informed by the traffic conditions that could impact your holiday commute. still ahead at 4:00, first alert traffic reporter. we'll let you know which spots
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drivers should avoid. and cydney long is here with why the commute will be more expensive for drivers this year. a philadelphia police officer who's been charged with shooting his own son is being charged with murder. investigators say that he got into an argument with one of his sons, that argument ended in a fight, young fired two shot. one went through young's shoe, the other hit his son in the back. >> there was a suggestion that there was a tussle over the weapon and the weapon discharged. basical based upon the science and forensic evidence, he lost his spleen as part of that injury and part of his come lochb. >> the police department suspended him for 30 days and
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plans to fire him. turni ining now to the transition to trump. the president-elect puts that transition on hold for a few days while he spends the holiday with his family. he abruptly cancelled the meeting changes the times and the terms and conditions of the meeting. earlier today mr. trump took to twitter to address a possible cabinet choice. the president-elect tweeting, i am seriously considering a dr. ben carson as the head of hud, i have gotten to know him well, he's a gareatly talented man. >> now there's word this afternoon that the president-elect may not pursue an investigation of him clinton's private e-mail server
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after all. top trump advisors are suggesting today that mr. trump is going to help his former rival, quote, heal. during the campaign, of course, trump vowed to put clinton in jail over the matter of her e-mail use. now to a tragedy in tennessee, a school bus driver there is charged in the deaths of five children killed in a crash. police say he was driving too fast when his bus flipped on to its side and wrapped around a tree yesterday afternoon in chattanooga. 35 students frwere on the bus. the speed limit was 35 miles an hour where that crash happened. investigators say walker was driving well above that. the community is naturally in shop. >> a bus accident with multiple injuries to children is every public safety professional's
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nightmare. we can't begin to imagine how much worse it is for the friends and the family of the victims. >> investigators plan to remove the black box that contains data on how fast the bus was going at the time of the crash. we learned 13 state judges and government officials were among those sharing the e-mails in question. that was just one of the findings announced in a new report by pennsylvania's attorney general bruce femur. the ag's office session there's no suggestion that the ag's office was complicated. >> there no evidence to support the idea that there were relationships between prosecutors and judges that may have resulted in ex parte
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communications in pennsylvania. >> kathleen kaine discovered the e-mails when she took office two years ago. she was convicted and sentenced on perjury charges. the scandal led to the resignation of two state supreme court justices and discipline against 60 government employees. forest fires are burning in pennsylvania and new jersey tonight. this is the one in new jersey. 200 acres bumped in wharton forest fire. firefighters have got on a firefighter under control on mt. penn. the fast moving fire was fueled by high winds and dry conditions that reportedly burned more than 50 acres near redding high school. no word on the cause of either fire. today some welcome news for people who cross the delaware river for work. they will keep a tax agreement
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in place, so if you cross the bring to go to work, you'll only pay tax in your home state. >> womilmington's fire chief ha re -- on september 24, christopher leach and germ fi fickes consider killed. the closest fire engine that night had been shut down to save muffin. it's called rolling by pass. so safe on overtime costs the city would shut down one engine a day. they have not done that since the fatal fire until today. tim furlong is checking into this and he will have more on this story coming up at 5:00. we have more break news, this time on wall street. the dow has closed above 19,000
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for the first time. on monday, all four major u.s. indexes closed at all-time highs at the same time, that's something that hasn't happened since 1999. thanksgiving is a time for families to get together. but for many people across the region, it's also a time to give back. governor elect john carney was among those doing just that in wilmington today. the annu the. to center city now where police headquarters turned into a makeshift assembly line for thanksgiving meals. dozens of officers helping to fill more than 400 boxes to go to families in need. this is the 47th year that operation thanksgiving has been in operation. the food was purchased through donations through the police department. 20 minutes of nonstop news
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continues with the holiday travel rush across the country today. >> so many people, millions in fact going to be hitting the road for the busiest travel week before thanksgiving. >> how are chose roads where you are right now? >> reporter: so far smooth, but take a look, we parked on this side of the service plaza on purpose so we could keep a close eye on the turnpike. the fewest numbers we saw were between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. the last time we saw this many drivers hitting the highway was nine years ago in the fall of 2007. >> we started in 345 ma this morning and we're headed to durham, north carolina. >> reporter: they're going about 700 miles, the goal 13
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thundershowe hours. and aaa estimates they will be bumper to bumper with new jerseyans. the evans say the volume of traffic is jam packed. and the gas price is a bit heftier too. >> i planned to leave as early as we could and get gas when we run out. >> reporter: while the national gas prices are as low as $2.20 a gallon. it's part of why ernest williams spends his money elsewhere. >> turkey, ham, fillet mignon. >> he's filling up on the fixings for friends and family who are traveling to see him. he steers clear of thanksgiving travel. >> my brother is coming down
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here and he's driving and my other relatives are coming from north jersey. >> but how much it will cost in time and money, most agree it's well worth it. >> i get to spend time with my kids, that's what i'm grateful for. >> reporter: so the down side of all of this, you should anticipate the roadways to be extremely busy. aaa tells us to pack your patience and to make sure that your car is in good running order. we're live in cherry hill, i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> fracwhere's the worst traffi you're seeing right now? >> people will be tested especially on the majors, we're watching 76, westbound as well as eastbound, travel speeds have diminished into the teens at
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times. it's going to take you 50 minutes afbtd if you're trying to take the schuylkill, we're also seeing some delays. let's look at 95, from woodhaven to the vine is going to take you 56 minutes. things are looking quite different this year in the poconos. on the right you see video from camel back mountain taken from last november, warm temperatures left the hillside bare, colder temperatures have been kinder to the snow makers this november. we're not going to see any snow in philadelphia this thanksgiving. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the changes. >> we are seeing colder air this december than last december and.
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the flag is still plowing out there. it's been blowing so much, it looks like it's gotten ripped at the arrow mark billing. 41 in allentown, only 29 degree in mt. pocono, again, perfect weather to make snow, 46 in atlantic city, 47 degrees in vineland, the wind has come down a little bit, but still out of the northwest, the chilly weather direction and across jersey we're seeing temps in the 40s. piles grove at 46, audobon 45, mt. laurel, 44 degrees. and farther to the north, a little cooler, florence and robbinsville 42, and princeton at 39 degrees. these are the sustained winds, we have seen gusts over 30 miles an hour during the day today, it's coming down a little bit as the sun is getting closer to setting.
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10 to 20 miles an hour, so it is still breezy out there, there still is an effect on how it feels when you add the winds in, we're still tracking lake-effect snow as the wind diminishes. this is the next system that's headed our way. it's not a real strong one, and it's if anything going to be weakening as it comes this way, look at it hour by hour as we go into thanksgiving, we start off the day dry, then you see patchy areas of showers, so some places see a little bit of rain, others may not see any at all. the better chance according to this model in delaware and extreme south jersey and the threat does continue during the afternoon thursday. and then another weak system could come through on friday, black friday and give us a few showers too. i'm not talking about any heavy rain. near the neighborhood forecasts tomorrow.
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look at these low temperatures to start the day, 27 in chestnut hill, 28 in langhorn, 28 in allentown, by noon it will be into the lower 50s, but the start of the day tomorrow is going to be very chilly. and as we go into thanksgiving day itself, we do have that chance of showers, especially south jersey, jersey shore, and in delaware, as you see, and especially during the afternoon. we'll get into the rest of the weekend with the 10-day coming up a little bit later. >> every year the city of philadelphia tears down hundreds of dangerous properties to hean then billsal the public. >> and doctors orders a local family to cancel a location to disney worth, but they couldn't get a refund for their flight.
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how harry hairston helped them get their money back. >> and the fan that made a wife saving catch. first here's a look at the closing well on wall street, as we reported earlier, a report setting day on the markets.
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it may be cool told for baseball right now, but one philly fan is getting a tip of the cap for his awesome r reflexes. >> dennis's bare handed grab is the best fan catch of the year. his wife likely agrees. he was at a game back in may
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when a ball came right to his wife's face. he caught that ball right right it hit her. >> nbc10 at philadelphia city hall, where the operation warm coats for kids dry met today. unlike many other coat drys, cooperation warm raises money to purchase brand-new winter coats for kids. now to this trouble in toy land. >> before you head out to do your holiday shopping, you need to know about some recalled toys that could end up on your child's wish list. what you need to look out for. finally dying down, it won't feel as cold for the next couple of answers, changes are coming for the next week, and i'm
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tracking rain that could be affecting thanksgiving and black friday. plus nbc10 following breaking news, a bull runs through the streets of phil. where police finally tracked him down.
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right now at 4:29, tracking changes in your holiday forecast. parts of our area could see showers in our area, but there's an even bigger threat for rain on black friday. >> it's dry for drivers right now. we're taking along the schuylkill express way around the belmont kit. weather should be okay if you're heading to your holiday
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destination tonight. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking our best chance for rain. >> it's not happening until thanksgiving itself, we don't have any real organized things coming in, but there maybe pockets of problems. we do have lots of sunshine. the temperature 46 degrees, many other parts of the area have not got on above the low 40 and some places are already in the 30s. with the wind, it feels like it's in the 30s in most of the area. 18 degrees in mt. pocono. we are going to be seeing the clear skies tonight, the went gusts are already coming down where you see the blank areas, there's no wind gusts being reported. by 6:00 a.m., even in
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philadelphia, 31 degrees. so even without much wind, that's pretty cold. 27, parts of chester, bucks, montgomery counties, 28, lehigh valley and berks county. and 29 degrees in much of new jersey even the jersey shore is getting down to the upper 20s. temperatures will be coming up a bit, but also the rain coming down, we'll have the timing on all that in a few minutes. the two breaking news stories we're following on nbc10 news at 4:00, a bull ran off a slaughterhouse truck near the delaware river in phil. it went to kensington high school, looking through the glass doors there, then to i-95. he ran about i five miles before he ended up at 8 h 95 and 8th
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street. a man opened up an envelope he thought was an inhaler, but it exploded. >> they were system of philadelphia's most dangerous property. and you paid to hear them down. the city says taxpayers are owed more than $150 million. but the hunt for tax dollars reveals major problems with the city's books. >> why haven't you collected that money? >> right, that's a good question. >> every year to protect the public, the city of philadelphia pays to tear down dozens of condemned properties. >> but owners are supposed to reimburse the city. >> reporter: phillies empty lots, property owners whose
4:33 pm
buildings turned into blithe. in the last 20 years, the city has spent $150 million to tear them d them down. the property owners were supposed to pay the money back. 401 west johnson street, the city says the bill is $3.1 billion. >> who owes you that money? >> that's a city own property. that will be written off. >> reporter: philadelphia's revenue commissioner admitted thousands of city owned properties mistakenly made the deadbeat list, it's unclear how much that would take off the $150 billion bill. >> basically the city is billing themselves and we shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: the next taxpayer tear down here we traced this
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property back to a church. triumph baptist church owns this property. the city's own records say the demolition was paid for by a grant. the city lawyers say that grant should have covered the cost. and we also went to the real estate office, the city claims it owes $494,000 for tearing down homes in 2008 here on north third street. but records show the company didn't buy the land until 2016. >> how are you actually able to know who you got to go after? >> right now, what is the -- well, we have the information in the system. but it's just messy, it's not clean. >> reporter: so after our investigation, the city's making changes. it says starting in february, a new computer system will more accurately track who owes the city money. do you have any hope that you're going to collect this money.
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>> we do, we actually do. >> reporter: for the investigators, each mitch blacher, nbc10 news. >> throughout october, the city paid to demolish 469 dangerous properties. the city commissioner says it plans to send the appropriate property owners the bills. a certain hollywood feel at the white house. >> president obama delivered his final round of presidential medals of freedom. the group largely comprised of democratic donors and individ l individuals w40 have supported him individually bruce springsteen, and talk show hostelen degeneres were also honored. but ellen didn't get the chance to receive her award. she tweeted out this photo of her outside the white house, she tweeted that she wasn't allowed
4:36 pm
inside the white house because she didn't have proper id. >> just how much courage is required for ellen to come out on one of the most public of stages almost 20 years ago. just how important it was, not just to the lgbt community but for all of us. >> the presidential medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. congratulations to them. >> more children are walking into doctors offices with high blood pressure. >> and they're walking out without proper treatment. the misdiagnosis that could put your child at risk for serious health complications. ♪
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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allergens in schools may make asthma symptoms worse. the good news here allergen legals for rats, cockroaches or dust mites were undetectable.
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but mold spores were detected. >> many children are walking into doctor's offices with high blood pressure and aren't receiving the right treat. then a quarter of those with high blood pressure and multiple doctors visits have been diagnosed with hypertension. researchers say just 6% were on medication for the disease. >> well, shoppers should be prepared for some showers on friday, i'm tracking the threat for rain, as well as what to expect for your first alert neighborhood forecast.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests,
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they can test the limits... of their potential.
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al. just because they have been recalled doesn't mean they're gone all together. that's the warning being issued this afternoon in this week's trouble in toy land record. a report was released for the most dangerous toy this is holiday season. it includes toys recalled from last january through last month. some of the toys on the list were still available online. we have a look at two of the toys in this report. this is the green tone's monkey. here's the problem, the report says some of the metal notes there may contain excessive levels of lead in the paint. another toy on the list, is the ace bayou bean bag chair. in all of the cases the toys
4:45 pm
have been recalled, but there's concern some are still out there waiting to be purchased. >> not all recalls are well pubbipu publicized so you should check to see if recalled toys are in homes. >> some of the toys on the report aren't toys at all. a statement issued today by the association reads in part, the inclusion of these products in a supposed toy safety report undermines the toy industry's deep and ongoing commitment to insuring the toys are among the safest consumer product scat categories found in the home. you could be spending more for your iced mack -- some people have take on the twitter
4:46 pm
to complain about that increase. perfect conditions in atlantic city's south bay to get out on the water. the wind will be dying down and it won't be as full for the next couple of days. >> parts of our area could be seeing rain for the next couple of days, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that rain for us. >> we have clear skies, the sun set officially, just a few minutes ago, it gets dark, totally dark about a half hour after that official sunset time. it's 46 in philadelphia now, 41 in allentown. look at that, 29 degrees in the poconos. 37 in mt. holly, 35 in trenton and in allentown. it all feels cold, but at least the wind is dying down. we haven't seen the kind of gusts in the past hour that we
4:47 pm
saw earlier in the day even earlier in the afternoon. it's 37 in wilmington, 45 in ode december see. and further south you can see where the wind is coming from, louis 42, dewey and rehoboth beach, 43 degrees. those temperatures are going to go down with clear skies and relatively light wind. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour sustained winds, but over in coatesville, already with winds of less than 10 miles an hour. 48 for the high today, the average high is 54. long-term a little bit milder, thursday may be kept down because of the clouds, and then we're closer to average as we head through the weekend. nothing extreme in either direction. the extreme snow in upper new york state has pretty much tapered off or ended.
4:48 pm
this is the next system approaching chicago. it is not that well organized, it is not that strong, but the timing of it put much of this precipitation over our area. there's 10:00 tomorrow. and then by wednesday night, we're going to be seeing some of this rain come in from the west. there it is thursday afternoon, the patchy, light showers, you can see it's not that well organized at all. not everybody is going to be seeing rain. but here comes friday, black friday, with another weak system coming through, this model has us a little bit wetter on black friday than on thanksgiving, but neither day will be seeing heavy rain at all. no thunderstorms or snow or ice or nick anything like that. here's the system that pulls in
4:49 pm
friday and saturday, then it gets kind of windy, big rain and thunderstorms next tuesday. doctors ordered forced a family to cancel their reservations for disney world. >> but they couldn't get a refund for their flight. harry hairston and the nbc10 responds team helped them get their money back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder,
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all at the same time. gary. only fios offers 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year; plus a 150 dollar visa prepaid card with a two-year agreement. visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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in today's nbc10 responds, a family plans a vacation but then has to cancel on doctor's of orders. >> nbc10 responds harry hairston is here to help. >> the family says getting a
4:53 pm
refund for the hotel was the easy part. but when they couldn't get reimbursed for their airline tickets, they turned to us. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: diana and her husband were all ready too their san to disney world. the family booked the trip in march. in july, rimer find out she was expecting their second child. >> we still planned on going on with the trip because it would still be early on. >> reporter: but then threats of the zika virus started to circle around florida. >> the doctor said you're canceling your trip, no question. >> reporter: gets money back for the airline tickets wasn't that easy. the rimers bought the american airline tickets through a package on the doisney website.
4:54 pm
they said they needed a doctor's note to process the refund. >> we couldn't get through to anybody. >> reporter: rimer spent months trying to get a refund and says she submitted climbs with a doctor's most three times. we reached out to disney, did any apologized ford any delay and the rimers would zee a full refund. >> we've been calling since july. and didn't get anywhere. >> the full refund is $876.60. here's what you need to know. if you buy airfare through a third party and later need a
4:55 pm
refund, it's up to the third party to give you the refund. >> bring that third party into things, it can get complicated if you have a problem. >> if you have an issue for nbc10 responds, you can fill out our complaint form online and we'll get back to you. a homeowner paid thousands to build a fence, but. we see all kinds of traffic problems in philadelphia, but never nick quite like. drivers spott s spotted a bull alongside 95. and we'll hear from the officer
4:56 pm
who cornered it right off the highway. and another cold one today, but we do have showers in the forecast for your thanksgiving day, coming up, i'll show you a timeline for the rain. plus a package left at someone's home explodes. tonight police are on the hunt for who put it there and why.
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on the loose, from the highway to a local stul, we followed a bull through philadelphia. and a package delivered to someone's home explode and rocks a neighborhood. and new details on when you could see rain over the thanksgiving day weekend. right now at 5:00, what a sight in phififth, drivers catc video of this bull as it escapes. >> it was spotted near kensington high school, then it ran down i-95 until it was cornered near the vine street express way right near the police department headquarters. that's about five miles. >> monique broxton is live where they encountered that bull. >> reporter: the conservation
5:00 pm
officer tells us he shot and killed the bull, not far from where i'm standing, just outside of these lanes of traffic in the brush area about 3:00 this afternoon. and like other drivers, he spotted the bull while driving down the highway. look at this video of what po pennsylvania conservation officer saw. here's a picture of the block bull in the middle of the highw highway, then outside kensington highway patrol. sky force 10 spots the bull five miles away. you see police surrounding the out of control animal. they determined it was an emergency situation, and the bull was put down. >> we generally don't do this, we're wildlife officers, but in anr


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