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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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today. home for the holidays. traffic jams, crowded trains and sold-out flights. we have team coverage this morning to get you where you're going for thanksgiving. >> on the loose. take a look at this bull hitting the streets of philadelphia. we'll show you all the places
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that it managed to get to before police caught up with it. >> and a family affair. we're learning new information about the suspects allegedly involved in a botched armed robbery in bucks county that turned into a deadly shooting. >> just after 5:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. bill says the wind has a lot to do with the cool weather. >> definitely a cool start at or below freezing for each of the neighborhoods this morning. look at lehigh valley and delaware. clear skies in the lehigh valley. get colder just after sunrise. 28 degrees at 8:00 and by 11:0043 degrees and climbing. even though it's a cold morning, we'll see a warmer afternoon the last couple of days. 50 degrees in philadelphia. low 50s and mostly sunny skies from the suburbs and new jersey. the lehigh valley. up to 49 degrees and 52 degrees with plenty of sunshine for
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delaware, too, and it's going to be a fast warmup today. i'll take you through it hour by hur and break it down for each these areas when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> all right, bell, thanks. this morning we have live team coverage as you get ready to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. nbc 10's matt delucia and pam os borne but first to francesca ruscio. >> you can see people making their way towards the philadelphia international airport to catch their flights. this is southbound traffic. we're doing okay on 95. travel speeds so far in the 50s and 60s give or take. route 73 at route 38. route 73 from route the 0 for the betsy ross bridge, folks. very chilly conditions and very clear here in philadelphia as well as over new jersey the rest of the new jersey majors are still pretty good. 295 and the turnpike as well at the 42 freeway. we're in the clear and i'll send it back for you. >> we'll continue our live team coverage now with a look at skies. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live
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for us now. saw the shot behind you. got to say it's promise. >> reporter: right, gotten a little bit calmer in terms of the crowds just within the last half hour. you can see the security lines at the d & e checkpoints have gotten pretty thin. before when we saw you at 5:00 the line was almost out to the back where we are and at this point people are getting out to where they need to go and they are very happy this morning. of course you're seeing the terminal "e" area right now. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we're starting to see the rush of folks looking to head out for the holiday. of course, we asked philadelphia international how many people they are expecting this week. 610,000 travelers through next monday, and today will actually be the third busiest overall travel day. expecting about 77,000 people coming through this airport today, but this coming sunday it's when everyone is going to be coming home. that's the busiest day. i've been talking to some of the travelers here including a mom
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and doubter who are heading to florida for a field hockey tournament, and they say that this is -- that they are going to be away from their family but they are still looking to have a good time. >> so it's kind of hard when you leave everybody else at home and you only have one child with you, but at the same time we make up for it later. we all get together again so december 3rd we'll have our thanksgiving together at home. >> yeah, and, of course, you can see the lines behind me. we're expecting more people to come. i'm looking down at the roads other and people dropping people off so get to the airport a little bit early and add a little bit of extra time and most flights are on time right now. live at philly international, matt delucia. >> matt came up behind me. let's take you out live to 30th street station for a look at the rails. >> nbc 10's pamela os borne is there live this morning. pamela, one of the busiest days of the year for amtrak and septa. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah. i actually just got done speaking with someone from amtrak and i can tell you a lot
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of the trains have actually sold out at this point but there are still some tickets available so if you're sitting around at home right now thinking there's some place you would like to be by tomorrow, you better act fast because those tickets are just a few left. if you've already booked tickets you're in look, especially if you're leaving right around now. take a look. everything is nice and easy right now. there was a long line of passengers a little while ago but they were waiting to board their train. they have since headed to their destination. when i was talking to the spokesperson here at amtrak he likened today to the super bowl. they are expecting 750,000 people to move through here over the holiday weekend and they are prepared for the passengers who will choose to ride instead of flying or driving. every available coach will be running to get people where they need to go. >> allow some extra time and take some time so you're not rushing around and you don't get on the wrong train and really start your weekend off on the wrong foot. >> and they are also asking
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passengers to be vigilant and here's something else you might not know. if you need to report any suspicious activity, you can do that by texting apd 11. that's going to send you straight to a police officer. so just a little tidbit of information for you as you head out the door and maybe travel somewhere this holiday season. reporting live at 0th street station, pamela os borne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. we have you covered all day today. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for everything you need to know about delays, cancellations and travel updates when they happen. speaking of traffic, philadelphia traffic is always a challenge. >> i saw this yesterday, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. this commuting story is one you've got to believe. social media just lit up yesterday afternoon when this bull got loose and ran through the streets of philadelphia. karen hart got the cell phone video of the bull running down palmer street and the bull escaped from a truck making a
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delivery to a slaughterhouse on west lehigh avenue. have to root for the bull. video shows the bull actually got on i-95, believe it or not. karen hart says seeing the ball is an experience that she's never going to forget. >> i didn't believe my eyes. i did not believe what i was seeing. i had my window up and if i stuck my hand out i definitely could have touched it. >> sky force 10 was overhead when police caught up with the bull and they had to put it down. the bull belonged it a livestock company in lancaster, and its owner told us he thanked the officers for getting the situation under control before anyone got hurt. police in bucks county say a botched pizza shop robbery that turned deadly was a real family afair. robin soto and chasidy ramos were taken into custody for their roles in the crime. ramos is the girlfriend of one of the suspect the row, and soto is the mother of the two brothers accused of holding up the shot. both ramos and soto are facing robbery and conspiracy charges
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and went before a judge last night in bensalem. justin rose was shot by a customer during the robbery. police say the two women cased porfirio's pizza shop before the robbery and stood guard outside while it happened. they say soto's two sons pistol whipped a customer who then pulled out his own weapon and shot them. one son was killed. the customer had a license to carry and is not facing charges. the women are due in court next week. 5:38. if you live in pennsylvania and work in new jersey you'll continue to pay taxes where you live, not where you work. the same applies to garden state residents who work in p.a. they will still pay taxes to their home state. that's because new jersey governor chris christie has changed his mind and is allowing a tax agreement with pennsylvania to stay on the books. in september he threatened no pull out of that deal.
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5:39, and it is cold outside. 32 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze at six miles per hour. nowhere near as much wind as last couple of days. so with less wind, clear skies, we'll see the temperatures climb. a cold morning. 30s at 10:00 and 39 degrees but then it's into the 40s this afternoon and brilliant sunshine during the day. a really beautiful fall day. 47 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon. nothing but sunshine for the suburbs, but this morning you have to bundle up. 30 degrees to start with and 31 at 8:00 and then the warmup really gets going. by lunchtime 44 degrees. a similar warmup for the lehigh valley. mostly sunny skies and any high clouds will wait until late this afternoon. 45 degrees. until then you'll need your sunglasses in the lehigh valley and new jersey as well. cold right now at 3 it degrees and 30s right on into late morning and by early afternoon we're looking at 40s warming to near 50 degrees at its highest point during the day today and i'm sure we'll see nothing but
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sunshine. 28 right now and 41 is degrees at 10:00 and then 48 degrees at can be. still mild into the afternoon yourself a. for delaware, completely dry today and tomorrow you'll see sunshine. cold right now. below freezing in delaware and below freezing and then a fast warmup, 48 degrees and climbing. hitting the road, well, you'll run into wet weather in chicago today, if you're going through. innalitiy, that's rain showers today and today it will be drying out and clouds lingering with a high of 52 tomorrow afternoon. pittsburgh will see some rain showers late today and into tomorrow for thanksgiving day and there's a chance that d.c. will get some showers tomorrow but not today and staying dry at 5 it degrees. pocono mountains dry today and tomorrow a chilly rain and maybe even a wintry mix in the
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mountains first thing tomorrow morning, during the later morning hours. new york city dry for today with some sunshine hand the clouds will be increasing for tomorrow for new york and for boston. yes, tomorrow, we'll get some wet weather and there are more raindrops on the ten sandra day o'connor on ten. want to come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 5:41. if you're driving to cincinnati, d.c., new york, poconos, don't say we didn't warn you. bill told you. >> that's right. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio has you covered as you head out on the roads. >> or if you're driving through philadelphia. either way works. working on volume on the majors, live shot of the blue route. heading northbound and southbound for the 95 to get to the philadelphia international airport. you're not going to be running into any problems. folks are in the 50s and 60s so we'll start to add more volume within the next hour or so. back up on the schuylkill expressway, drive times are still good to go and we're still in the green. it will take you 12 minutes from the blue route to the vine traveling eastbound and we're doing okay northbound as well.
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now with all this holiday travel talk we have to take a look at mass transit. everything is good to go on time from septa to amtrak. vai, back to you. >> thanks, francesca. more than material gifts, we'll tell you how many americans are changing their attitudes on traditional gifts for the holidays and we want to hear from you. plus, life savor. a gold glove park at citizens bank park and didn't even happen on the field. how this fils fphils fan is get honored.
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quarter of 6:00 on this wednesday morning. a live look from the delaware house travel plaza along i-95 in newark. this morning we're tracking thanksgiving travel all throughout the region and see how the roads look. right now it's 28 degrees, by the way. a philadelphia police officer accused of shooting his own son is now charged with attempted murder. officer dorian young turned himself in to police yesterday. the shooting happened on labor day on taunton street in the northeast. young got into one of his sons and the argument then escalated to a fight. when his son walked away young fired two shots at him. one went through his own shoe actually and the other hit hits son in the back.
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>> there was a suggestion that there was a tussle over the weapon and the weapon discharged. based upon the scientific and the physical evidence that was an impossibility. the son was shot in the back and being shot in the back he lost a spleen as a result that have injury and his colon. >> young has been a philadelphia police officer since 1995. the police department suspended him for 30 days with plans to fire him. >> well, it's the pornographic e-mail scandal that rocked pennsylvania politics. >> 13 state judges and senior government officials were among those sharing e-mails in question. that was just one of the findings announced in a new report by pennsylvania attorney general bruce beamer. the report flags 38 public employees who sent inappropriate office e-mail for years. now it doesn't name the send efforts or describe the contents of the e-mails. the report offers no evidence that the administration of justice was compromised. >> the report provided no evidence to support the idea that there were relationships
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between prosecutors and judges that may have resulted in inappropriate exparte communications that might have affected the administration of justice in pennsylvania. >> former attorney general kathleen kane discovered the inappropriate e-mails and she appointed a special prosecutor before she was convicted and sentenced on perjury charges. that led to discipline against two judges and discipline against five state employees. vice president joe biden says he's not interested in becoming chairman of the democratic national committee. his name had been mentioned by democratic insiders as a possible candidate. the party is set to choose a new leader next year. after lose the white house, senate and house in the 2016 election, biden spokesperson says the vice president plans to stay, quote, deeply involved in helping shape the future of the party. >> it's 5:47, 32 degrees outside. 20,000 drunk driving convictions
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in new jersey are in jeopardy and a former state police officer is facing criminal charges. investigators say mark denis falsified records while recalibrating blood-alcohol level testing machines. that means readings may have been inaccurate. over seven years dennis worked in five counties including ocean county and lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit and say they are getting grals clients who hope their convictions can be overturned. vai? >> the atlantic casino industry lost money during the strike that happened before the shutdown of the trump taj mahal. it was the casino that posted a loss. gross operating profits declined more than 10% during the third quarter. union workers went on strike against the taj mahal on july 1st and casino closed in october. seven casinos are still operating in atlantic city. you and i were just talking about this on facebook live with our friends. >> yeah. >> this holiday season a lot of
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people will be getting the kinds of gifts that you can't unwrap. >> their loved ones are choosing to give them experience rather than things and stuff, an experience and travel is now the hot new gift trend. companies like if only, and an adventure company and outings. they are saying that there are new ways of traveling from intergenerational and volunteer trips to cultural immersions. airbnb now offers vacation experiences hosted by local experts that could include maybe a food adventure, a concert or even things like surfing lessons. >> iphone or anything else of value can break or you can lose it, but you're never going to lose the memories that you bring back from a really great trip. >> another trend, surprise destinations. some airlines are now offering tickets at a set price and what you don't know where you're going until you get to the airport. that would be a little scary. what am i supposed to pack? hey, we want to hear your opinion on this. would you rather have an
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experience gift where you get to travel or see something new or experience something new or would you rather stick to a traditional gift that you get to unwrap. tell us what you think. our twitter addresses are right there on the screen. well, i don't need surfing lessons, but tickets to some place where i can surf will suffice. >> you can surf around here. >> right now? >> not much wind. >> yeah, you have a wet suit, right, bundle up. cold outside. bundle up. crazy to do it but you can do it. my gift to you is sunshine today. >> oh, i love it. >> tomorrow it's a different story. >> that's an experience and not right now you'll have to bundle up. cold outside and clear and cold and with clear skies the temperatures have really come down overnight. clear skies and brilliant sunshine during the day today. sunny skies and warm to near 50 degrees this afternoon. clouds moving in this evening. that's going to lead to some wet weather for thanksgiving day. right now 30 degrees in the lehigh vale. the suburbs into the low 30s just below freezing, the coldest air is in south jersey.
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25 degrees. that's in millville. bridgeton, clayton, all below freezing. swedesboro, below freezing mt. laurel, robinsville and clear skies and we will see lots of sunshine. the sun is coming up just before 7:00 this morning. right now we are clear. i am watching some clouds that will arrive this evening. we'll be dry all day long and sunny, too, but this evening we'll start getting some clouds ahead of this rain. the rain is going to be delayed for our area. it will be moving in for thanksgiving day, but look at the clouds. they will ration ahead of the rain. the clouds in here by 6:00 this eenching and philadelphia will stay dry through the night and the rain will move through the ohio valley and through pennsylvania overnight tonight and by 9:00 tomorrow morning you can see some raindrops moving in from the west. might see snow flakes in the pocono mountains mixing in with the rain but it will be warming
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up even in the money fans so a chilly rain in the afternoon hours for tomorrow and the rest of the area will see some light rain showers and i'm not expecting any heavy rain here but a steady rain at 7:00 in the evening tomorrow evening. so i recommend staying inside and maybe having a big meal with your family and friends. something different. sunshine not hamming tomorrow. it is going to be a cloudy rainy day. just light rain showers in the area. that's going to keep temperatures into the upper 40s and low 50s and friday another chance of showers after we get some breaks of sunshine. completely dry and 50 with the showers and 54 degrees on friday and then we finally dry out as we head into the weekend for saturday and sunday. afternoon temperatures into the 50s where they should be this time of year, but a warmup next week will come with some wet weather and possibly showers and even a chance of a thunderstorm on tuesday. 63 tuesday and 63 wednesday and back to normal next thursday and friday. all right. bill, thank for that. eight minutes before 6:00.
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if you're going to work or if you're getting the family in the car let's go, let's go, let's go. grandma is waiting for us. >> and if you're in south jersey and heading out on route 42 we want to find out what's happening there. francesca ruscio is checking that out. >> back on the 42 freeway, our camera at the new jersey turnpike. northbound traffic for 76. yes, for the philadelphia area. it's going to start to get pretty busy as we progress towards the early morning hours. now, checking back on 95. this is northbound traffic for the philadelphia international airport. no problems on 95. folks, you're good to go to head towards your flight. when i come back i'll take a look at the rest of the majors as well as the vine street expressway. >> baseball season is over, but a phillies fan is now getting recognized for a heads up play he made. just ahead, see how the majors are honoring that fan for the bare-handed grab. nice.
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thisand my wallet.the best bird for my family nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. will philadelphia phillies season ended more than a month and a half ago but this morning one fan has something to cheer about. >> all because of a moment that
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went viral. this was back in may. her husband's dennis calmly sticks out his bare hands and grabbed it of it hit her and his play has been named the best fan catch of the year. polak says he's still recognized in public as the guy who caught the foul ball, and his wife is still thanking him. >> and that woman sitting next to him, she couldn't believe it. >> well, a viewer tells us he spent thousands of dollars on a fence but noticed problems as soon as the company installed it. >> up next at 6:00, how the nbc 10 responds team came up with a fix after the viewer tried for two years to get a resolution. >> helping you map out your thanksgiving travel day plan, updates from the airport and we'll tell you what you need to know if you're traveling on the rails or hitting the roads. speaking of the roads, let's show you a live picture of 95. you're watching nbc 10 news today. volume building on 95 and other area majors.
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we'll keep you updated on the road. >> and 32 degrees out there. it's cool so bundle up as you head out the door and headed to grandmas or aunt rose's.
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. thanksgiving getaway. what you night to know before heading home for the holiday. campaign promises. president-elect donald trump walks back a pledge to prosecute hillary clinton. and runaway bull. a black bull escaped a slaughterhouse and then runs loose on city streets. it is wednesday, 6:00 a.m. 32 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news trade." scarves, gloves, mittens, the whole thing as you walk out the door. let's get to the neighborhood forecast. >> good morning, vai. definitely a cold morning. the wind not a problem this morning. just clear and cold. right at 34 degrees in philadelphia, but most of the area below freezi.


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