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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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> she for the person who has it all, the new gift giving option becoming more popular this holiday season. >> we are giving you a live look there. you can see plenty of cars out
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on the road. there is a look at 30th street station. passengers should allow themselves extra time to get onto the correct train. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we are keeping a look on travel this morning. pamela osborne is at the airport and ken is checking can roads and glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your travel forecast. let's start with pam. how are the security lines looking there? >> reporter: well, the lines are looking pretty good. we'll give you a look at it right now. this may be the third busiest travel day of the year. flights are taking off on time. the lines we have seen this morning appear to be moving very smoothly. 77,000 people are expected to fly in and out of philly international. they were expecting things to be busy, crowded or difficult to get around. that's not the case at least for
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now. >> i expect it to get a lot busier. i'm glad it is quiet. rrj >> reporter: what were you expecting when you got here? >> a mess. we left work an hour early. i getsz we didn't really have to. ranch . >> reporter: amtrak expecting 750,000 people on the rails this holiday weekend. best advice, no matter how you plan on getting to where you need to go is to aemployee yourself plenty of extra time to get there. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. good advice. alms also a good thing to leave early. aaa estimates a million more drivers will hit the roads this year compared to 2015. kim is live in new castle county with more on that. >> reporter: yeah, 132,000 are going to travel 50 miles or
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more. none of those people are here at this travel plaza. most of the people here are folks passing through from other parts. most people tell me traffic isn't too bad around here. new york city is the worst part of the area for those coming south. take a look. checked out the highways. the pieces of 95 not too bad here. people trying their best to beat all of the folks who have to work today. i met one lady and their dog. i informed her it is warm at home and cold in rhode island. she says traveling is what you do on this holiday. >> well, you got to see the grand kids. you got to see the family. i was able to get off for vacation. awesome. beautiful drive all the way up 95. >> clearly a beautiful day to drive. i can tell you where it splits off to go to the delaware memorial bridge is already slowing down at this point. i was look at that side of the
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road going i'm glad i'm not sitting in that traffic. those heading to northern destinations, where ever you go make sure you leave a little extra room in the trunk far huge bag of patience. you will need it. >> thank you. some people are hitting the roads to head to grocery stores. we found crowds of shoppers right in philadelphia. people are picking up turkey and maybe salads and also some things for desert. clear conditions, if you're running around doing last minuter rands you may need your umbrel umbrella. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has more on that. >> yeah. the whole east coast is in really good shape during the day today. we are up to 40 degrees, low was 32. many parts of the suburbs were in the 20s this morning. we are starting to rebound
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nicely. delaware up to 42 degrees. clouds and precipitation back to the west, some snow in eastern ohio at the leading edge of this. it is a lot more opressive than when it moves in our direction. there is rain to our west. it is moving in this direction. we do have the chance of some showers in the forecast. now, the best timing i can put together from some of the latest model guides just in minutes ago which suggest that late morning towards midday would be the most likely time for any showers through the area. not at 7:00 a.m. and not later in the day. there is the 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. forecast and now we'll show you a later on during the day at 4:00 and then 8:00. black friday is starting there in some cases. i expect a lot of clouds around. it will keep temperatures from
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going up too much near 50 degrees and holding in the 40s in most of the rest of the area. i'll get into the black friday forecast itself and the rest of the weekend a little bit later. >> all right. we'll see you then. we have you covered all day today as you make your thanksgiving travel plans. stay with it for everything you need to know about delays, cancellations as well as traffic updates. a bomb that blew up in a philadelphia man's kitchen is in the hands of several experts. he picked up an envelope with his name on it. it exploded when he opened it. the package was filled with shrapnel and a trigger system. investigators say tlns no link to any terror investigation.
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soto and ramos were taken into kus dichlt ramos is the girlfriend of one of the subpoenaed robbers and soto is one of the mothers of one of the men accused of holding up the shop. they are facing conspiracy charges. soto's son charged last night. he was shot bay customer during the rob rhode island the two women cased the pizza shop last week before the robbery and stood guard outside as it happened. they say soto's two sons pistol whipped a customer. the customer had a license to carry and is not facing charges. the two women are due in court next week. a shooting inside a motel lobby has neighbors speaking out about the violence. neighbors of the liberty motel
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walked into another crime scene last night. a masked gunman shot two rounds through a pair of glass doors and into the lobby hitting one customer in the thigh. >> i don't know what it is. he cannot seem to close it down. >> you never know if you step out of your house what you're going to walk into. >> police responded to more than 1,800 calls at the motel or within a block of it from 2004 to 2014 for various crimes including drugs, prostitution, deadly overdoses and murder. neighbors won't stop until this motel is down. this next story is one you have got to see to believe. social media lit up yesterday afternoon when this bull got loose and actually ran through fishtown. karen got her cell phone out and started rolling as this bull was running down palmer street. the bull escaped from a truck making a delivery to a slaughter
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thousand. photos tracked its path through town. video shows this bull. this is i-95. karen says seeing that bull was an experience she is never going to forget. >> i didn't believe my eyes. i did not believe what i was seeing. i had my window up. if i stuck my hand out and the owner thanked the officers for getting the situation under control. president-elect donald trump, we'll have details on haley's new cabinet-level position. a pretty good day for travel in this area. what about black friday and the rest of the weekend? i'll let you me when we will see the rain next.
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mangled school bus trying to determine what went so horribly wrong. this morning new disturbing details immerging about the bus driver. walker facing multiple charges stemming from the fatal crash that killed five elementary school children and injured 24. in 2014 he had his personal license suspended for 25 days for failing proof of insurance. >> every day they are complaining about the school bus. >> her six-year-old daughter died in the horrific crash and two of her older kids were hurt. >> i have been complaining about this since august. i called the board of education. i called the school. >> we have not heard back. we reached out to the board and the school. jones was just nine. her older brother was not on the bus but he is scared now.
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>> i don't want to ride the bus no more. >> eyou don't want to ride the bus anymore? you don't feel safe? while they look at all aspects of the crash including mechanical failures the focuses seems to be the speed the driver was operating the bus at. chattanooga, tennessee. police questioning a person of interest in the shooting of an officer. they say collin rose radioed he was about to speak to someone on a bike. officer wls found rose on the ground. he was shot in the head. they aren't sure whether it was an ambush or something else. it's a good day to have nice weather at philly international because there's a lot of plane
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activity going on during the day today. you really couldn't ask for better traditions. temperatures are getting up towards the 40 degree mark in much of the area including philadelphia itself. the airport reporting 40 degrees. it is already up to 44 at graduate hospital. it is 42 in society hill and a lot of places will get to 50 or maybe even low 50s today. we had 48 yesterday. the average high is 54. we are below average but gradually moving towards average as we go into friday and saturday. we are also getting less wind. the last two days we have had tremendous wind gusts, a couple of days ago 47 miles per hour. yesterday up to 35 miles per hour. today we might not get a wind gust to 10. we have clear skies all across the region but the clouds are not too far away, as you can
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see. this leading edge here around cleveland had snow or mixed precipitation. i think it will mostly move up to the north. it could graze the poconos by tomorrow morning. i think it's too warm to support anything but rain. here we are at 7:30 tomorrow morning. it is dry to start off the day but we are seeing showers coming in. look at this compared to the radar right now. so the general trend is for this whole system to weaken as it moves towards the coast. yeah, we'll see some scattered showers around especially dhurg the middle of the day but we are not expecting anything heavy or long-lasting. later on during the day things dry out. as we go into friday some of the latest guidance would suggest it
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stays fairly cloudy and that we may not see any showers for black friday. that would be a change from what we saw yesterday. now, traveling rain in chicago during the day today. cloudy tomorrow. cincinnati rain showers today. cloudy tomorrow. not bad. we are not seeing delays because of this. pittsburgh could see rain showers tomorrow. the poconos or washington d.c. looks like it is dry today and rain showers tomorrow, up to 57 degrees. there is poconos. tomorrow morning there's a chance of a little bit of a mix to start off the day. it wouldn't that's long. wouldn't expect it to accumulate with good weather as well. thanksgiving forecast around here, a lot of clouds to start off the day. by late morning that's the best chance of seeing some of that
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patchy light rain and then as we go towards the rest of the day clouds. clouds into the evening but generally on the dry side. black friday forecast generally on the dry side too. perhaps a touch of sunshine first thing in the morning. clouds are increasing. it is still relatively dry. and so that's a pretty decent forecast overall. there's that chance of a shower midday on thursday. we are generally dry after that. windy on sunday and then tuesday and into wednesday we could see more significant rain. >> all right. thank you, glenn. while we are getting the turkey and trimmings ready two of philadelphia's best known radio personalities are packing up their camping gear. we'll talk about what's in store for this year's camp out for hunger. now is your chance to vote for the high school game of the week
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which we'll profile tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. your choices are ridley and interboro. you can vote on the nbc 10 app and on
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19 years and kouncounting iw long radio hosts have been camping out for hunger.
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they are back at it again this year. thank you for being here. i remember the first year we did it was right across the street from here. one year i was shot out of a cannon. >> we had you swinging from a b bungee cord. >> right. last year i came with sheena and tracy. it took us to the top and dropped us. >> and you were playing trivia. >> yes. and i won the trivia, if i remember. i win everything we play, of course. what's in store this year? >> we have carnival rides and great guests, some bands will perform live. we have reasons to bring the donations. we have a number of -- you know,
11:23 am
there will be fliers and all kinds of local personalities. you guys are coming out to get people motivated. >> you know, part of the reason why i love it is it hangs out in the back. you see all of the celebrities like i'm a big foodie guy. i was like -- >> we'll have everybody coming out. you're right. it's that vieb. we go in on a monday morning at 5:00 into the tent and we basically stay there all the way until friday at noon. all that time -- at 9:00 or 9:30 we stop taking donations so we can go to sleep. all of the dj's will be there. we want you to come down and say hi and we'll see thank you. you're being generous. we want to give you something in return.
11:24 am
>> did you have any idea how big this thing would get? >> not a clue. our goal was one ton of food. last year we raised over a million pounds. >> just last year? >> just last year's camp out for hunger. it shows you number one how giving this community is, the greater philadelphia area. we get people from all over the place. >> and you guys do so much good. that food goes to so many people here. it remains here in the valley. >> yeah. >> do you ever venture out and see what the end where if the water reaches the end of the road, do you see where this food ends up? >> it goes everywhere. it may be the person that lives right next to you, the working poor or heat or eat is the
11:25 am
phrase they use, people making those decisions. it is them and so much more and this is their largest food drive. this is what puts everything on the shelves for quite a while. we have said this before, single largest food drive in the country. >> and i remember when you guys drove there on a camper across the street. you know, i wasn't even sure if it was running. it was just parked there. >> and our power was attached to the billboard. >> yeah. >> you plug into it. >> the heat would shut off in the camper. >> you guys do so much good. it is so fun to come and p participate every year. it helps out so many people. and it's a chance to hang out with you kbguys. >> thank you for being there every year. >> thank you. >> and i may have missed one or two years but i have been there
11:26 am
for most of the 19. the local sports teams, they chime in. >> yeah. >> you guys do great work. it's a great service. this year begins on monday, november 28th and runs through friday, december 2nd. we'll come on friday, december 2nd. we'll be there for the big hoorah. all week long it will be collecting non-perishable food items. love you guys. >> thanks. we love you. >> appreciate you. travel rushes on. here is a live look at i-95. people across the country head to their thanksgiving destination, a look at conditions in our area just ahead. plus, put down your phone and drive. it isn't getting across to everyone. new this morning the government's proposed guidelines are keeping more distracted drivers off the roads.
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millions of americans are hitting the roads. we give you a live look. light traffic out there. area highways will be crowded today. pennsylvania turnpike officials expecting nearly 3.5 million vehicles will hit the toll road between now and sunday night. if you're behind the wheel follow the signs. keep your eyes on the road. troopers will be watching for speeders and drivers who are texting. here is a look at the roads in delaware behind news force 10. we'll check back with tim in just a moment for more on the holiday travel rush. thanksgiving travelers are also hitting the rails today. we give you a live look at 30th street station.
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it is so it can accommodate the 750,000 travelers expected on the rails this weekend. how is the weather looking for that thanksgiving journey? glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> yeah. really couldn't get much better for today. we have got beautiful conditions. you can see all of the blue in the sky all across the area. temperatures up near 40 degrees after low temperatures this morning. a lot of people woke up to mid-20s. that's some of the coldest air we have seen since last winter. you can see on the radar that there is rain back to the west moving in this direction. so there is at least the chance of some precipitation as we go into tomorrow. you can also see most of it is on the north side of cincinnati, not much in the south.
11:32 am
as everything moves to the east we have less chances of rain than let's say new york state and new england. as we go through the day tomorrow it would be late morning towards the midday hours. we wake up and should be cloudy. won't be nearly as cold as what we saw this morning. the clouds preventing the temperatures from dropping. later on during the afternoon just clouds. that lasts into the evening hours tomorrow. i'll be back with black friday and the rest of the weekend and the ten day in just a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. aaa predicts nearly 90% of travelers will travel by car. we are live with a look at the roads there this morning. we are going to pull him up here in just a second. tim, are you there? >> reporter: yes.
11:33 am
i am. we had a little issue with the ear piece right there. i can tell you we are starting to see the piece there. it interrupted our cell signal there. it seems pretty festive. i'm standing here and i'm not on the roads with all of the people. take a look at the video we shot earlier. i was out at 95 in news force 10. the only slow spot i saw was where 95 breaks off. that shoot right there is a little slow but still moving. i met a couple who left at 5:30 this morning an got stuck in one spot they really should have avoided. take a listen. it is the worst times ever to travel. how bad was it? >> it was terrible. the bronx was horrible. it took about an hour. new jersey was not too bad. >> reporter: yes. coming back live here you can
11:34 am
see some people coming in and out of the rest stop here. make sure you get off of the highway if you need a little rest. absolute nightmare for you and just as importantly for the thousands and thousands of people traveling behind you. put on good tunes and maybe country music, brad paisley or something like that. i don't know what you listen to, michael bolton. >> chicago. >> reporter: i could see that. >> thank you. you be safe on the roads there. here is a live look at philadelphia international airport. they are offering tips for anyone catching a flight today. catch your flight and departure gate before you get to the airport especially if you're flying american. flights might depart from termina terminals. use the cell phone lot and wait for them to call you and say
11:35 am
they landed and picked up their bags. airports are seeing longer than normal lines this morning but more tsa workers have been added and things are moving smoothly. nature also seems to be cooperating. there are not any major weather problems this year. officials are urging people to arrive at the airport early because of the expected big crowds. safety experts want you to be safe if you're heading out on the roads tonight. a night often called drinksgiving. it is particularly dangerous because college students on break flock to parties and bars to reunite with friends. it's one of the busiest days for binge drinking and accidents. they say the safest thing you can do is choose a designated driver before the party begins. >> thanksgiving is about friends, family and food and aaa doesn't want to see fatalities
11:36 am
as part of that equation. >> if you don't have a sober driver plan to use public transportation to get home at the end of the night. another risk on the roads today, drivers distracted by devices. this morning they proposed voluntary guidelines for manufacturers. one is where apps would be blocked while on the road. the transportation department between the car controls so drivers wouldn't have to take their eyes off of the road in order to look at the screen. >> we have you covered all day today. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app and we'll give you everything you need to know about delays, cancellations and traffic updates. there are new developments in the transition to president-elect donald trump. mr. trump is in florida to celebrate thanksgiving with his
11:37 am
family. she wo he has chosen another new member of his team this morning. edward lawrence has more. >> reporter: the parade of interviews at trump tower may have produced another appointment. south carolina governor, haley will be as u.s. ambassador. mitt romney for ek tear to have state and ben carson being considered for housing and urban development. >> she has to go to jail. >> reporter: after a lengthy interview donald trump hints it is time to make peace saying in part hillary clinton suffered greatly in many ways and he needs to move on from her investigation. >> look, there is a tradition in american politics that after you win an election you sort of put things behind you. >> except for criticism. it may have to pay penalties or
11:38 am
more taxes according to tax experts. if president-elect focused on filling his cabinet. >> these have been incredibly inspiring meetings for him. not everyone will end up in the cabinet or government. >> reporter: enormous security surrounds his private club where he is staying. they even banned boats from going in the water in that zone. nbc news, washington. and the dalai lama says he looks forward to sees donald trump next year. at a news conference this morning he said he wasn't worried about mr. trump's campaign rhetoric which some criticize as offensive to muslims. they suggest leaders change. he said once they have governing responsibility they have to cooperate and work according to
11:39 am
reality. angela merkel said she was not happy about possible demise of tpp. they said it would be a poor substitute. president-elect called tpp a pe ten s potential disaster. president obama will pardon a turkey. two turkeys will be presented at the white house today called day to and tot. they will retire to gobblers in virginia. crews will inflad the giant ballo
11:40 am
-- inflate the giant noballoon for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you don't need to leave the comfort of your home. you can watch all of the sites and sounds starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning right here on nbc 10. another thanksgiving tradition continues, find out who will be the best in somehow during the national dog show. that's tomorrow at noon right here on nbc 10. in philadelphia happening today the philadelphia museum of art will kick off the holiday season with a tree lighting. here is a live look at where it will take place. you can see the tree there in the center. the 50 foot tall tree will be lit up tonight at 5:45. you pay what you wish to enter the museum until 8:45. pretty good deal. what to get for the person on your list who seems to have everything. why they are opting for experienced gifts. a look at some of the gifts you can unwrap this holiday season, glenn. everything is looking good weather wise for your travels
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today. she here is rain to the west. it could effect part of thanksgiving. i'll break down your holiday forecast just ahead. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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travel is a hot new gift trend this year. they are also new ways of
11:44 am
traveling in generation and volunteer trips to cultural immersions. they offer vacation experiences hosted by experts that could include a concert or things like surfing lessons. >> iphone or anything else of value can break or you can lose it. you're never going to lose the memories you bring back from a really great trip. >> and another trend is this, surprise destinations. some airlines are offering tickets at a set price. the catch is you don't know where you're going until you get to the airport. this week's wednesday's child is a sweet little boy. he is looking for a forever family. i would like you to meet drake. >> good morning, drake. >> wouldn't you know on the day we visit sweet little drake he was tuckered out and taking a nap. believe me, this guy sleeps like
11:45 am
a rock. >> hi drake. >> it is obvious drake is a special needs child. he would require a family with patience and willing to be trained in his specific care and needs. >> a family that would provide love as any kid deserves, a family that will advocate for his needs educationally and want his highest potential always. we are willing to support them. we are willing to train them. we are willing to look into different nursing assistance we can look for him to find a home. >> this is her recreational therapist who visits him once a week. >> drake, a lovable kid, smiling, enjoying things. he is outgoing. he is ventilator dependent. he enjoys activities. my role is to provide activities
11:46 am
to improve their qualities of life. >> there we go. >> drake is the sweetest little boy who simply needs a chance. his frail body may not be perfect but his spirit is. the lucky family that adopts this little boy is sure to find joy and satisfaction in the coming holiday season. drake is this week's wednesday's child. >> now, if you would like to make drake's dream come true go to and search wednesday's child and also call 1-866-do-adopt. penalties, drops and injuries. the eagles are now 5-5 after a disappointing loss. dave is here with us this morning. welcome. >> thanks. >> let's start with nelson. he has lost his confidence.
11:47 am
>> clearly. >> what do they have to do? do they have to sit him down? what do you do? >> i think what peterson wants to do is see how he reacts this week in practice. how does he respond to this adversity? they have a fifth receiver, paul turner. it is a mystifying situation. we know that there's a lot of pressure playing in the nfl. it's a different game than in the college world. >> some how nelson has let all of this break down his confidence. so how do you get that confidence back up? he is clearly better than what he has shown. had the eagles not taken him another team would have taken him shortly there after. >> when owens is here, people don't remember this but he dropped a lot of balls. he was wired differently. when he dropped one it was over.
11:48 am
when he drops one -- >> yeah, if you don't believe in yourself you are not going to have success. clearly nelson is having trouble believing in himself. that is carry. >> if he catches that ball it's a touchdown. >> if he lines up correctly, if he catches the ball he has a huge game, eagles are back in business. we have seen it happen so much within this year. i would expect him to really consider having nelson take a step back this week. >> and it's to the point where i actually feel bad for him. >> you wonder if he could ever
11:49 am
get it back in philadelphia or get it going in philadelphia or does he go somewhere else? >> i think that's what it is. i don't know that it's going to come back here. game. this is one of those games that we saw differently at the beginning of the year. we expected the packers to be the packers and they are not the packers. >> absolutely. i look at the six-game stretch for the eagles. they have a chance to get into the play off picture. defense allowed 30 plus points the last four games. they don't run the football at all. the eagles are in good position and then the week after they go to sin scincinnati. they have a chance to get to 7 and 5. >> thank you so much. >> big celebration. >> thanks. >> we'll see you next week. >> thank you. >> have a good week. >> you too.
11:50 am
well e we', we'll have dece weather for monday night. at the jersey shore the wind is blowing offshore. the ocean temperature a little bit below normal. we haven't seen that in a long time. 44 in stone harbor. it is 43 here. we have clear skies across the area now. there are clouds back to the west and the leading edge is just about to pittsburgh right now. of course that's moving this direction in general but you can see the motion overall towards the northeast. the worst of this is going to go up to the north. it's the southern part of this that is going to be dragging its way through. that's why it's not really impressive. it's going to be a real rainy
11:51 am
day or heavy rain or thunderstorms or anything like that. we show you one computer model a little while ago. this is a different one. as we go into thursday morning it shows us dry to start the day with some patchy areas of showers back to the west. this model is even drier than the other one. this one would tend to exaggerate the threats of rain. here is a couple of little blips there end indicating a chance of a shower. not widespread. not heavy. then on friday this model also is keeping us dry. so things are looking a little more optimistic than they were yesterday. so as we start tomorrow expect it to be cloudy. i won't be nearly as cold as this morning was. places were in the 20s, mid-20s like in the lehigh valley.
11:52 am
i'm talking 38 tomorrow morning. the best chance of getting a shower late into the midday hours. i'm predicting cloudy skies for the rest of the afternoon and into the nighttime hours. the temperatures don't vary a whole lot wlonce you have all o that cloud cover. for black friday a touch of sunshine and part of the day, a lot of clouds. the temperatures, perhaps a touch below average for this time of the year. not that cold. not that windy. so overall we are in pretty good shape here. as we go into tomorrow there is that. it looks more ominous. it is a cloudy day. a couple of showers around on the light side. again, late morning and into the midday hours. then friday if we see a little bit of sunshine the temperature can go up into the mid-50s. that's around average for this time of the year. saturday looks to be a really nice sunny day. sunday looks to be pretty windy,
11:53 am
but fairly sunny. and then as we head towards the middle of next week that's when things get more active, more significant weather system coming in. tuesday into wednesday we could see heavy rain and thunderstorms with that and at least brief temperatures into the 60s. we'll be right back.
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11:56 am
the nhl's new expansion team now has a new name and logo. the team will be called the vegas golden knights. they will become the franchise for the 2017/2018 season. i just don't think, you know, hockey and vegas? >> they got hockey in florida. >> still, i don't think it should be there either. >> you can play it any where as long as it's insodoors. all right. for those who are traveling, it's not going to be all that cold. even places like pittsburgh we do have rain showers that look like they are coming in during the day tomorrow. washington may have some rain showers too but on the mild side one place could see a little bit of wintery mix first thing in the morning that is in the
11:57 am
poconos. >> have a nice thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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>> claire: hey. >> ciara: hey. where you been? >> claire: just taking some specimens down to the lab. >> ciara: what kind of specimens? >> claire: i don't know. i was afraid to ask. >> ciara: well, i've been reading to a sweet old lady. >> claire: oh, lucky you. >> ciara: luckier than you think--she wanted me to read her "fifty shades of grey." >> claire: ahh! ew. >> ciara: yeah. >> claire: [groans] so you're liking this candy-striping gig? >> ciara: yeah, i mean, keeps me from thinking about my mom all the time. >> claire: have you-- have you been to seen her? >> ciara: no. the prison only allows inmates, like, four hours of visiting a month. >> claire: i'm so sorry. well, when you do go see her,


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