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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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it's cool but not as cold as we dealt with in the past week. radar and satellite, this is what i was talking about. we do see, right now, we've got spotty activity in the northeast. this is just going to clip our viewing area. lehigh valley may see some spotty rain, maybe wintry mix as well. we'll continue to track this out and time out your forecast for thanksgiving in a few minutes. for now, let's go to traffic with francesca ruscio. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. we're doing pretty good, the exit for 611, eastbound, westbound traffic doing okay. very light at this time of morning. watching an accident in norristown that was about an hour ago and still hasn't cleared specifically. harding boulevard and markley
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street. you can see it's not affecting traffic because it's very early. over in new jersey, deppford, watching the 42 freeway. at 41. very quiet and clear this thanksgiving morning. when i come back, we'll be talking about the thanksgiving day parade route. >> thanks francesca. okay, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, for my dad, turnips, whatever you make, there's a tradition. >> and in south philadelphia there's another tradition that happens ever year and the neighbors get a peace of mind while they prepare their thanksgiving meal. nbc10's matt delucia is at the bakery to show us. >> this is a thanksgiving tradition for folks in south philly. the turkeys aren't here, but they will be coming shortly. we're surrounded by rolls at
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this point. why is it so important to give to the community, have everyone come in, put their turkeys in the ioven. what's so special about it? >> because we've been doing it for so long. people love it. wait an hour and a half when we start doing. just the way it feels. this whole process has thanksgiving written all over it. >> what happens? people bring their turkey in and you just throw it in the oven? >> yeah, it's like the same process for about 50 years now. but just a lot more now. they bring it in with tinfoil. if they don't have, we put tinfoil on it. we give them a number. we put the same number on their turkey, a metal plate. we place it here. all at the same time, we throw them in, around 12:30 p.m., 1:00, they'll all start to come out. >> you said last year, you had
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about 140 turkeys, that's what you'll get this year. hopefully, the turkey will start coming in an hour or so. for live in south philly, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." holiday traditions, thousands will flock to the area stores to get an early jump on the holiday deals. >> nbc's pamela osborne is live at the walmart. >> reporter: good morning, this walmart is open 24 hoyers. if you have gotten up and real size you may have forgotten some things, this is the place. and the easiest way to break it down, giant grocery stores open 24 hours are open right now, but they will close at 5:00 p.m. tonight. they will reopen again at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the upper darby acme is open right now, they're going to close at four.
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the wegmans stores closing at 4:00 p.m. and reopen friday morning. how about shopping later on, king of prussia mall, the north malls in the east. cristian that mall. deppford mall, cherry hill and gloucester, new jersey will be open starting at 6:00 tonight. when i see you again in the next half hour, we'll tell you the big name stores that will not be open for thanksgiving. reporting live in the northeast, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." ♪ and happening today, the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country begins in center city at 8:30 this morning. the parade will run from 20th and market and move from ben franklin parkway. this is the 97th year for the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. 4:34, also happening today, the christmas village returns to
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city hall. the market will be split between city hall courtyard. the village will open daily from today through christmas eve. if you're driving through new jersey this holiday weekend expect to see more police patrolling the roads. new jersey state police are adding 130 extra troopers to road details. they'll keep an eye out for drivers, speeding, distracted and drunk. 12 people died in crashes in new jersey. drunk drivers caused seven of those crashes. we will have live continuing coverage all morning long on this thanksgiving holiday. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for updates and alerts and events happening in the area. >> we told you about the tradition at cacia's bakery, this one is another tradition for another bakery. >> right. we'll tell you how it was able to overcome a devastating loss and comeback.
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plus, a warning for residents. d conserve your water. we'll tell you why. and we take a look at the sunrise. we'll try to time out your thanksgiving. when we might see some showers.
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good morning, everyone, francesca ruscio here, happy thanksgiving. very light traffic north and south. we're doing okay. very chilly out there, folks. but for the most part, light traffic in the majors in philadelphia. over in new jersey, this is hamilton, new jersey, watch be i-295 at sloan avenue. very quiet. very light traffic. also keep in mind because of the thanksgiving day parade, center city buses will be on a holiday schedule. there will be detour routes. for more information, i'll be talking about the thanksgiving
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day parade road closures at the 5:00 hour. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> let's talk about your thanksgiving forecast, starting with outside in philadelphia. we don't have sunrise yet, but we'll see clouds in today's forecast. spotty showers possible. here's a look at radar satellite. what we're looking at right here is light snow showers that might clip through mt. pocono this morning. and that's what we're tracking this morning then as we zoom out, the bulk of the rain is to the west of us, right now, moving through pittsburgh. a lot will track through the northeast. meaning we're going to miss out on the heavier rain pattern. but as you see that lower, it's going to track to our area, meaning we're going to see some spotty showers moving throughout. early this morning, very isolated and later spotty showers moving through.
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temperatures, mostly above freezing here. 35 in lancaster, 39 in reading, 41 in philadelphia. feels like mostly upper 30s to mid30s for the feels like conditions. in philadelphia, starting in the low 40s around 8:00 a.m., maybe to the mid-50s for the highs. with that spotty showers. again, i think we'll get isolated showers in the morning showers. through 1:00 p.m., maybe spot showers as well. as we move later in the afternoon, it should primarily just be clouds. through the satellite, same deal, upper 40s. so by lunchtime, peaking right around the low 40s. right around under 50 degrees for the forecast high. in delaware, 42 degrees, 8:00 a.m. most of the area will stay cloudy. new jersey along the shore, cloudiness with spot showers
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right around lunch hour and continuing into the afternoon, mostly dry but still cloudy and middle 50s for the forecast temperatures. as for your wind, this is a good picture. much different than what we saw this past week. light winds, allentown, philadelphia. overall, the forecast is going to include light winds at least for today. but as we move into your weekend, those winds will start to pick back up. as we track those stronger winds moving through, we're going to be tracking temperatures as well to adjust. coming up in a few minutes, we'll take a closer look at the ten-day forecast and when we may see a warmup. 4:41, football, food, we're getting ready for one of thanksgiving's biggest traditions. we're talking about the macy's thanksgiving day parade, we'll get a sneak peek of all of the characters we'll see this year. plus, was a fire in the area
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set on purpose? we'll tell you what investigators are saying about this fire. all morning long, we'll be showing you butterball questions. if you're scratching your head. the most common questions for thawing a frozen turkey. butterball you should submerge in cold water and change water every 30 minutes. it could take 30 minutes per pound. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to
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i'm never going back to a manual brush. it's a quarter to 5:00 this thanksgiving morning. look at that. that's the poconos. a live look from camelback mountain resort where they are making snow, they're making it. because, well, it's cold enough. 29 degrees. thanksgiving is extra special for a north philadelphia bakery. >> that's right, it's the first
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day for shopping after the fire. business was booming at denise's bakery at north 22nd street. people were there to pick up sweet treats. the bakery was well-known for specialty cakes and pies. it reopened this past may. the owners tell us the shop was a complete loss and it took more than a year to restore. nobody was hurt in the fire and the cause is still not known until this day. the bakery originally opened 24 years ago. new this morning, philadelphia police searching for the gunman who shot three people. in philadelphia's juniata section. one man was shot in the arm.
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yesterday, relatives of the 8-year-old was killed on friday walking home from school with her older brother when a driver hit her and took off. the mother is hoping to inspire a with the tons come forward. >> we're hoping that maybe you keep hearing us, seeing us, you feel my pain and come forward. >> last night police released a picture of the car that hit her. it's a silver nissan maximu max. police say a 27-year-old was found in the underground parking garage. the investigation continues today. in the meantime, a woman we spoke to said there's no
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security in the garage and that's a problem. >> there's no police. no security. >> the woman who wassaulted was able to give a description of her attacker to police. philadelphia county declared a watch yesterday. run your water only when needs. take shorter showers, use water saving appliances. the fire that burns through parks of burke county earlier this week was set intentionally. that's according to the pennsylvania department of conservation and national resources. the fire burned close to 50 acres. it's now under control as crews continue to put out hot spots. 4:47 in this thanksgiving. let's take you state by state.
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>> starting in in wilmington, the 5k will start today. in burlington county, employees at the sports paradise will be handing out thanksgiving dinners starting at 8:00 this morning. it includes turkey, stuffing, corn, green beans, gravy and cranberry sauce. anyone can get a meal for free. and trenton soup kitchen will give away thanksgiving baskets to 250 needy families. in delaware county a micro brew and restaurant will be serving up meals for folks in the community today. the staffers will come in on their day off to put together a thanksgiving feast free of charge, starting at noon. it's 4:48. usually very quiet on the roads around this hour. a couple hours ago when i came in, it seemed like midday. >> i thought the same thing, too.
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these are people are coming home or going somewhere. >> or they're like us coming into work on thanksgiving. >> and take us through what the roads look like. >> right now, it's very quiet, we're watching the skshchuylkil expressway. our camera, montgomery drive. not all that bad. road closure we're doing okay, ridge avenue, because of a water main break between school house lane and ridge avenue. ridge avenue, a water main break and it's closed. looking at an accident that hasn't cleared at norristown at harding boulevard and markley street. i marked with the graphic. you can see the area around this accident is in green, not creating any keep of delay or problems. yes, it's very early. very light traffic. over in new jersey, back at the 42 freeway. our camera on the new jersey turnpike. this is traffic for the area, we still see a couple cars and
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vehicles at this hour. when i come back, we'll take a look at the majors and what the thanksgiving day parade has in store for us. tracy. >> thanks, francesca. >> now to crystal klei, she has the forecast. >> yeah, it's chilly, the forecast overall today isn't a bad one. we are tracking right now in the philadelphia neighborhoods. temperatures above freezing. so there's the good news after a cold week. 37 in andorra, chestnut hill the same. low 40s. around center city. rittenhouse at 42. upper 30s up through parkwood. so that's what we're starting out with in philadelphia. we should start over in the suburbs, we're looking at a similar forecast. a little lower here. 37 degrees, unionville right at freezing, 32. we do see some numbers closer to freezing out there this morning. collegeville at 33.
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north wells at 35. it feels like temperatures a tad lower. winds aren't high at all this morning. that's get news. temperatures are only feeling maybe a couple degrees than they actually were, instead of 10 or 15 degrees lower than they were this week. tracking in the poconos here, snow showers that are moving through to the northeast. very spotty, you can tell. this is ahead of the bulk of the rain. it's still more central and west into pennsylvania. but that is heading our direction. it's mostly going to, the bulk of it, at least, track off to the north east of us and head on out. that will produce more snow in upstate new york. for us, the tail end of the system is going to be moving through which will give us spotty showers for your thanksgiving forecast. here's a look at the morning specifically. 41 degrees at 7:00 a.m., by 11:00 a.m., maybe you're heading out with family, 48 degrees. clouds maybe isolated showers by 11:00 a.m. i think from 11:00 to 1:00 is
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the best time for spotty showers to move through. this is by no means a washout. temperatures are a little cooler in the lehigh valley, 37 degrees for 8:00 a.m. black friday forecast if you're getting out early, 7:00 a.m. here, 36 degrees in lehigh valley. 43 along the shore. moving through the day, again, it's going to be a mostly cloudy day. temperatures nearing 50 by 7:00. we'll at the time your 10 on 10 in ten minutes. football season is coming to a close for pop warner teams across the country but a local team trying to keep their dream as live. >> find out how you can help send three of our local teams to florida. and the thanksgiving day game results are in, ridley and interboro is the winner. thanks for voting.
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good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here. watching 95 once again. a very light graphic at this time of morning. happy thanksgiving, everyone. so far, we're doing okay on all of the majors. when i come back, we'll talk about the thanksgiving day parade road closure and the traffic at the 5:00 hour. people across the other will be busy that their kitchens cooking their thanksgiving feast. >> that's right, local grocery stores will be very busy as well making sure they have everything for people's last minute thanksgiving needs. >> at rocelli's market, they're making 500 fully brined and seasoned turkeys. other shoppers can get last minute supplies. >> i baked one sweet potato pie
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last night. finished some greens. >> i'm here to pick up some things my husband forget yesterday. a few things like the turkey. >> they expect the market will be busy from now until christmas. >> speaking about christmas, it's beginning to look a lot like the known harrisburg. >> yesterday, crews brought a 20-foot douglas fir into the w rotunda. >> next wednesday, you can back the rockefeller center christmas. right here on nbc10. and just hours away from one of the biggest thanksgiving day traditions. >> authorizes, the macy's thanksgiving day parade and we're getting a live preview this morning. we check in with nbc10 national correspondent jay gray live in new york city dressed for the weather. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, good morning to you. yeah, everything running just as it should be. the frantic hours just before the parade kicks off here.
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take a look. all of the balloons seem to be ready. the inflation party was last night. house to turning out to see them inflate the massive balloons that will be the stars. shows. the floats are lined up on the roadways here. you'll see we're going to have bands. we're going to have clowns. everything you could possibly want in a thanksgiving day parade. also security this year, the joint task force is on the ground. the multilayer approach here. more than 3,000 police officers here to make sure the event stays safe. should be a lot of fun. it's early this morning, obviously, people lining up looking to get the best spot so they can watch the entire show unfold later today. starts at 9:00, ladies, i know you'll be watching. i've got a pretty good seat. >> yes. thanks, jay. >> you know, it's so cold on thanksgiving. >> it's going to be pretty nice. >> i think people are getting in early. you can watch the macy's
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thanksgiving day parade right here on nbc10 it gets underway at 9:00. here's on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- >> cooking up a storm here at cacia's bakery. holiday shopping, we'll tell you which malls will be open and closed today. and filling the cabinet. donald trump making more picks for his administration before heading south for the thanksgiving holiday. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. >> it's here, thanksgiving, just before 5:00. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. happy thanksgiving to everybody at home. >> meteorologist krystal klei is also here with us. >> hi, guys. we do have clouds overhead.
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what we're looking at is an area of spotty showers moving through, and it's a mix of showers as well. the light purple, we see that snow. the pink we see is kind of a mix or iciness this morning. and the green is rain. this is tracking barely to the north of most of viewing area but the poconos may be able to see snow showers early on. hazleton right now, and this is pretty fast moving as well. ahead, the bulk of the rain sits farther to the west. this is timing as we expected to, in the last couple of days. that's going to continue to track to the northeast. here's your conditions right now, 40 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in the suburbs. new jersey at 36 degrees. lehigh valley at 35. delaware at 40 degrees. and these temperatures will be bumping up as we move along into the 50s or near 50s later on today. overall, the forecast is not bad. the question is does it remain
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dry? we'll be tracking that for your thanksgiving forecast and your black friday forecast in just a few minutes but for now, we go to traffic with francesca. >> krystal, thank you. road closures beginning at 5:00 today, 20th street will be closed. you can see what we're looking add, it will be closed from arch street to cherry street. starting at 6:00 this morning, 20th street will be closed from market street to benjamin franklin parkway. again, starting at 5:00. as of right now, 20th street will be closing for the thanksgiving day parade. also for the holidays, looking at a holiday schedule, detour buses through center city. as for right now, the rest of mass transit seems to be running on schedule. south philadelphia is already buzzing. thanks to a neighborhood tradition involving the turkey.


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