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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> i started out with a big coat, but today i have the medium coat. there's a scale. today, you don't need the big puffy one, temperatures in the 50s later today but you might want one with a hood because we're looking at spotty showers in the forecast. mostly for the morning and early afternoon, but the clouds will hang around in today's forecast. moving through black friday, if you're doing some shopping, it will be mostly a dry forecast. with details coming up on that and a look at your weekend weather. saturday, sunday winds going to pick back up. although not as strong as early this week so there's good news. here are your temperatures currently not quite as cold. 40 degrees in philadelphia. 36 in trenton. mt. pocono chilly at 29 degrees. coatesville at 36. that's your actual temperature, now we're looking at feels like. we'll track the temperatures up in the 50s later today, but
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coming up in a few minutes but let's talk traffic with francesca. >> krystal, we're watching thebly route. southbound from 95, folks, you're okay. to the philadelphia international airport, the blue route looks good as well as the schuylkill. and the accident at norristown street. the most part it's starting to create a built of a delay. when i come back, in norristown, we'll take a look at the thanksgiving day parade route. neighbors in south philly are giving their turkey cooking duties to someone else, a local bakery. >> i love this idea, cacia bakery has been doing this for
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years. nbc10's matt delucia slive. matt has become part of the tradition. >> reporter: that's right. i'm the turkey along with the turkeys on the take here at cacia bakery. some of them are being brought in. they're tagging the turkeys and they'll be thrown into the oven. they've been doing this for decades. we have joe here, part of the family. how many years you have been doing this? >> one of the news guys came in and said he's been seeing me in here since i was 12. i don't remember. 10, i don't know. how special this for your family? you get the line of people that come every year to throw their birds in the oven? >> yeah, it's really nice to get that kind of attention, doing things in a positive manner is always nice. >> reporter: now is that a purpose way to prepare the turkey for your oven? >> as long as it's seasoned the way you want it and put in a pan like that, then that's perfect because it's easier to get in and out of the oven and to carry. >> reporter: and we're looking at video now from last year.
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we see, it's a sea of turkeys that are in here on the floor. and you expect to have well over 100, right? >> yeah, definitely over 100. it's a matter are we going to have enough room for everybody that comes in. 140 is about where we have to cut it off. >> reporter: thanksgiving tradition for a lot of these folks. there's another thanksgiving tradition. joe here is very sad because next month, our very own sheena parveen is leaving us. joe, you love sheena, right? >> i do. >> reporter: show us how much you love sheena. >> here we go. >> calle >> reporter: no. i love your weather. >> why do you love her weather? >> it's the best weather in
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philly. my cousin saw the show and he made me a shirt. >> reporter: he has professed his love for sheena year after year. what are you going to do without sheena? >> i'm not going to know the weather. >> reporter: we have wonderful meteorologists. >> it's because the eagles haven't won a super bowl yet. >> reporter: if the eagles win she has to come back. >> she has to come back. >> reporter: that's right, throw your turkey in there. we'll be back at 6:00. i'm live at cacia's in south philly. >> that's hilarious, we got to keep showing that t-shirt. it's not just about food and football but on top of minds today, shopping. >> pamela osborne is live in northeast philadelphia to tell us what's happening on that front. >> reporter: good morning, i'm not really sure how to top that, though. but i can tell you that this
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walmart is actually open 24 hours. we've been doing some checking around for you this morning, just in case you have last minute errands to run today. we want to give you an idea of what's open and what's near you. giant grocery stores that are open 24 hours are open right now, but they will close at 5:00 tonight. they will reopen at 6:00 tomorrow morning. wegman's stores are open until 4:00 tonight. so, we open friday morning at 7:00. your acme stores will also be open from 7:00 this morning and until 4:00 this evening. and how about shopping later on? i know that some of you like to get out on thanksgiving thursday. king of prussia mall. the mills mall in the northeast. philadelphia premium outlet in limerick. delaware, deptford mall, gloucester will also be open starting at 6:00 tonight. we also checked in on target's hours this morning. i can tell you it looks like the
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majority of the stores are going to be open today minus a couple. they open at 6:00 p.m. tonight. of course, it's a good idea to give your local store a call or check online. a lot of places open today if you found out if you forgot something this morning. reporting live in the northeast, i'm pamela osbon, "nbc10 news." speaking of shopping, if you plan to hit the stores today, more than half of the people say they're staying close for thanksgiving. not a single person said they were planning to shop. >> i'm a procrafter when it comes to holiday shopping. december 24th. >> no way we're going to find you out today or black friday, right? >> what about you? are you planning to shop today? what about tomorrow for black friday? and where? we'd like to know where. tweet us what stores what you're shopping for and where. ♪
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happening today -- the holdest thanksgiving day parade in the country begins there center city at 8:30 this morning. the parade will run from 20th and market and move along ben franklin parkway. this is the 97th year for the philadelphia thanksgiving parade. also happening today, the christmas village returns to city hall. the market will be sort of split between the city hall cordyard and the northern apron. the christmas village will be open today through christmas eve. if you're driving through new jersey this holiday weekend, expect to see more policemen patrolling the roads. they're adding 130 more troopers to the roads. this last year, during the thanksgiving weekend, 12 people died in crashes in new jersey. drunk drivers caused seven of those crashes. all morning long, we'll have live continuing coverage of the thanksgiving. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10
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app for updates, alerts and all the events happening in our area. in other news, a federal judge is ordering pilots for a cargo airline that deliver packages for amazon and dhl back to work. about 200 pilots for abx air went on strike. the airline went to court to block the strike saying it would cause irreparable damage. the judge said it's in the public interest to end the strike. some of the airline's planes flying into lehigh international airport. so far eight cargo flights have been cancelled in lehigh valley. the authority said it's closely monitoring that strike. starting with that dark live look outside, cape may here, what we're looking at is going to be dry conditions. try much of today, cloudy but mostly dry conditions. just tracking some spot? showers in the forecast right around your morning to early afternoon.
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radar and satellite shows us why. we've got the system off to the west of us. it's not here yet, but right ahead of it, spotty showers are starting to build. that will turn to snow because it's cold enough around that area. berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos. this is going to be short-lived as it moves to the northeast. it's going to continue to do so. the bulk of the rain is west of us, central p.a. and western portions. that's going to head our direction, though. most of the heavy stuff will stay to the north and get skaertsed showers. a plan as you're heading out the door with the family, toss in the umbrella. maybe a jacket with a hood is a good idea. otherwise, we're looking at again, most of the activity to the north. if you have travel plans of family to the north, you might want to give them the heads-up. here's your thanksgiving planners. we're looking at cloudiness with spotty showers through lunch hour. temperatures will make it to low
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to mid-50s in spot areas around philadelphia. cool to 50 degrees in the suburbs. 47 at lunchtime with cloudy conditions. lehigh valley at 47 degrees right around noon. 48 degrees by 4:00 p.m. in between that time slot is when we should feel the high temperature around 50. in delaware, low 50s. there's showers, a peek of sunshine in the forecast. cloudiness throughout new jersey. 40 at 8:00 a.m. 63 by noon. 52 at 4:00. and similar to mid-50s by lunch hour. we'll talk ten-day forecast in just a few minutes. 5:40 right now on this thanksgiving. and i think there has to be two people at home. those who sleep in, take advantage of the holiday and those who are up and at 'em and out the door. >> oh, yeah. making sure they have everything. tinfoil. you're making your list here. francesca. >> right now, the roads are dry.
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we're talking rain in the forecast. i-76 at garrard. very right traffic for center westbound. not too bad. folks out there. watching an accident at to y towamencin. it's causing a delay. and a little bit of a backup. for the most part traffic is light. let's take a look at thanksgiving day parade. i'll step out of the frame. starting at 5:00, 20th street will be closed from arch street to cherry street. 6:00, 20th street will be closed. trying to play on, that's the goal of three top pop warner teams with high hopes to reach their super bowl in florida. getting there is another story. we'll explain why and how you
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can help. and all morning long, we'll be showing you the answers to common cooking questions. this is one about the time it takes to cook an average turkey weighing between 10 and 18 pounds. for a stuffed turkey, three hours and 45 minutes, to 4 1/2 hours. and unstaffed, three hours to 3 1/2 hours. you can text to butterball.
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5:45 right now. right now, nearly two dozen athletes have dreams of going to their super bowl. >> the pop warner championships are next month in disney world. there's one obstacle that they're tackling, the costs. nbc10 has the story. >> reporter: they've got the grit. they've mastered the moves. and with plenty of time on north philly's practice field, they've racked up some victories. >> we're looking to the coaches we worked hard. practiced. >> there you go. there you go. there you go. >> reporter: you heard it right, these north philly aztecs are
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undefeated at 12-0. >> we are super excited. this is like epic, it's never happened before. >> reporter: epic because not one but three of the north philly aztec youth football teams are destined for the pop warner national championship in disney world next month. >> reporter: it's also major bucks to get all three teams plus two cheerleading squads all the way to forward. >> upwards of 25 -- $26,000. to get there. >> reporter: parents say the kids have done more than their part. fund-raisers throughout the season have gone toward equipment and other expenses. they point out more than half the young athletes have also been honored for academy achievements. >> they come out here in the cold. in the dark. sometimes there are no lights. we want to make sure that our community is recognizing the effort and sending a clear
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message to our kids. >> reporter: so the organization has set up a gofundme page. hoping all of this dedication and hard work gives the local champs their time in the national spotlight. >> i'm going to try hard. because we want it to be a good day for all of my teammates and me. >> we want you to show up. >> reporter: tim rosenfield, nbc10. >> the national championship starts december 10 in orlando. if you want more information you can tap the nbc10 app. it's just as much as holiday tradition for many people as carving the turkey. thanksgiving football. nbc10 is the only place where you can find tonight's game. watch the steelers take on the colts at 8:00 this evening, followed by "nbc10 news." don't forget, "nbc10 news," your eagles station. we'll have the eagles game day kickoff this sunday morning at 9:30. we look at the career of
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jeremiah trotter who will be inducted into the hall of fame against the packers in the monday night game. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. i know we're not there yet -- >> but we're focused on it. crews brought in a tree into the rotunda. the tree lighting will be friday, december 9th. >> don't forget this tree lighting, next wednesday. you can watch the rockefeller center tree lighting. chris in in rockefeller center. today, more than 3 million people will line the streets of the big apple for the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. it will feature 16 giant balloons. and debut of the balloon from the movie "trolls." the best place to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade is right where you're sitting. it all gets underway at 9:00
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right here on nbc10. >> i always look forward to that. it's 5:48. i want to tell you about the weather today but perhaps more importantly, not only do we provide news, weather, traffic, we provide recipes. in case you need one more thing to put on the table. krystal klei. >> so these are the makings forever. oreo truffles. it's super easy. all you need is cream cheese, vanilla, oreos. >> we brought these out. >> i don't know, maybe an hour ago and i've been staring at them. >> ready? >> all right. >> okay. so, these truffles -- i'll post these on my facebook. let's talk about weather now we'll munch on those. we'll get the review later from you guys. here's a look at the temperatures out there. also, i would love to know what you guys made for dessert. i love to bake. we'll get to the weather. 36 for the delaware
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neighborhood. wilmington at 42 degrees. a lot of us are above freezing this morning. good news is, it's chilly but not terribly cold. as we continue to track farther along to the south, harrington at greenville at 40. check out rehoboth beach, 39, the value that's checking in this morning. nice start to the morning. it's cold but not terribly cold. radar and satellite shows if you track farther to the north, though, there are going to be snow showers popping up. it's pretty light here, a quick move through, nothing accumulating but we are noticing on radar, this is cold enough air that has turned to snow as it moves through berks county to lehigh county. and continue tracking to the northeast. then you see the showers that are sitting directly to our areas west. that is heading our direction, meaning we're looking this morning into the early afternoon. isolated scattered showers.
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nothing impressive here. there's a closer look of the snow moving through just to the north. and looks like it will clip l u through allentown. maybe by 11:00 when you're heading to grandma's house, we're seeing the isolated showers starting to pick up. nothing heavy, not a downpour. but you still want to grab the umbrella. lehigh valley at 37. 43 for the jersey shore this morning. although some spots it may be a little warmer along the delaware beaches. looking at the black friday forecast, conditions with cloudiness, there's a spotty chance of rain. we're going through parts of new jersey in the afternoon, it doesn't look likely we'll see much of anything. 36 in lehigh valley. 42 in delaware. close to 50 degrees at 7:00 at night. temperatures should make it into the mid-50s for high
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temperatures. there it is, 52 today for the dancing turkey. we decided that's the best icon for you for thanksgiving. friday -- yeah, we like it -- and the weekend, weekend, though, when we see the winds pick back up. gusts of 30 miles per hour. the big pickup in temperature starts next week. that will be tuesday evening, all through your wednesday, and even into your thursday morning, we track that chance of rain in the forecast. >> i think that's the turkey shimmy. >> all right. 5:52 right now on this morning, hey, these are great. these are so good, krystal. post that recipe. >> i'm going to do it. let's check the roads. "first alert" traffic reporter francesca ruscio has that. francesca. >> tracy and rosemary, we're back on 8th street with vine. we're doing okay on vine, 95, earlier accident cleared and the schuylkill as well looking pretty good. here's an update with that
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accident in norristown. this came in just before 4:00. it's on its way to clearing up. single vehicle accident. no injuries. harding boulevard and markley. for the most part in the clearing. and camera has the nj turnpike watching northbound traffic, for the most part, very good. >> the thanksgiving day game of the week results are in, ridley/interboro is the winner. you can watch highlights of that game at 11:00. here's another butterball answer to a common turkey cooking question. how do you know when the turkey is done cooking? use a meat thermometer. should be about 165 degrees in the turkey breast. 180 degrees in the thigh. if you need any help today, you can text the butter ball hot line number on the screen.
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i hereby pardon from the thanksgiving table -- >> president obama issued his final turkey pardon.
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the president pardoned two turkeys named tater and tot. they will rest at virginia tech. the president said he will continue the pardon tradition after he leaves office. >> we're going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us, every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> oh, bah, dum, dum! the tradition of the presidents holding ceremonies to pardon turkeys dates back to the 1930s. >> he threatened to do it, but his daughters said, oh, thanksgiving. he said, no, no, we're going to continue it. next, "nbc10 responds" has a warning for shoppers. >> we'll explain how tech savvy thieves are targeting your ha
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hard-earned cash. and we'll take you to a thanksgiving tradition in south philadelphia that already has people lined up this morning. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." ♪ ♪
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♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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turkey tradition. right now, people are lining up in a south philadelphia bakery to take part in a thanksgiving custom that's been around for decades. thanksgiving day shopping. some stores will be open today, others will wait until black friday to shop for deals. we've got you covered. and parade day in philadelphia. expect road closures and parking conditions as thousands are expected to pack the stage for the thanksgiving day parade. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, happy thanksgiving. 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> happy thanksgiving. anybody heading to the parade may want to take an umbrella we've got rain in the forecast. meteorologist krystal klei has th


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