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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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turkey tradition. right now, people are lining up in a south philadelphia bakery to take part in a thanksgiving custom that's been around for decades. thanksgiving day shopping. some stores will be open today, others will wait until black friday to shop for deals. we've got you covered. and parade day in philadelphia. expect road closures and parking conditions as thousands are expected to pack the stage for the thanksgiving day parade. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. good morning, happy thanksgiving. 6:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> happy thanksgiving. anybody heading to the parade may want to take an umbrella we've got rain in the forecast. meteorologist krystal klei has the details in the forecast.
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krystal. >> that's right. happy thanksgiving, everyone. here's the radar and satellite. you see what we're tracking this spotty activity with the bulk of the rain to the west of us. light snow showers moving through pretty quickly. we're not talking accumulation. but a few flakes falling just to the north of allentown. then we see showers starting to track near baltimore and washington, d.c. that will head our direction this morning. so we're talking spotty rain in the morning forecast and into the early afternoon. that's about it. so as rosemary mentioned, put a jacket, an umbrella, and you should be fine. this isn't going to be a downpour and not going to ruin your plans on thanksgiving. right now, temperaturewise, this is a pretty good scene we're looking at because temperatures are above freezing. 41 in delaware. 37 in new jersey. we are tracking conditions that are today mostly on the cloudy
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side, as we move along we will see spotty showers moving through. so what we're looking at currently, 41 degrees temperatures. 43 by 8:00 a.m., by 11:00, 51 degrees. wind, not terribly strong. it will pick up. on your thanksgiving, black friday or weekend forecast, that's coming up in just a few minutes but right now let's talk traffic with francesca ruscio. >> krystal, it's 6:00, i'll step out of the way you can see the graphic at 6:00, 20th street will be closed from market street to the benjamin franklin parkway. about an hour ago, 20th street closed from arch street to cherry street. this is for the thanksgiving day parade. these are road closures so far. we're watching for this accident in to you what men sin. i marked it with the graphic. as you can see, there is some red. that means residual delays. we're going to be watching for this accident as long as it hasn't cleared.
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let's take a look at 95 at the philadelphia international airport, we're watching northbound traffic. looks pretty good for the most part. any last minute plans flying out for your holiday travels, it looks pretty good for philadelphia and 95. and most of the majors. tracy, back to you. francesca, thanks. 6:03, a south philadelphia tradition that has begun. matt delucia is live at cacia bakery that its doors just opened but the lines started probably about an hour ago, right, matt? >> reporter: the that's right, people were waiting outside. it's a little chilly. finally coming in with turkeys. we're surrounded by turkeys. some of them lined up on the floor here in the brick oven. they've been using them for many years. tradition in south philadelphia, you see the folks lined up, ready to present their bird. get their number and come back later after it's finished cooking. danelle here, you've been here for many years, part of the
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family, how important is this for your family here? >> this is so important. not only is it important, we have so much fun today. i enjoy the day with my dad, my brother, my cousins, it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: what's going on here? what are you doing? >> right now, people are bringing in their turkeys. we're going to tag their turkey with a number that's how i identify them. and then i'm going to give them a business card with their number on it. they will come back at 12:30, 1:00, the store will have a board with numbers on it. that means it's done and they can come around back and pick it up. >> reporter: number called, you pick up your turkey. >> this is more than a tradition, it's turned into a cult following because the same people come back every year. >> reporter: i think we might have folks that are coming back year after year right now. this woman happens to be the lucky wone right now. how many years have you been
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doing this? >> this is my third yearly. >> reporter: why do you keep coming back? >> oh, my goodness, they cook it to perfection. i can't even cook it that well. >> reporter: all right, well, you'll be coming back later. happy thanksgiving to you. all of these folks out here as well. expected to get 140 turkeys to come through here. we're expecting a lot more by 6:30. live in philly, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." some stores will get a jump on black friday sales and keep their doors open on this thanksgiving holiday, others are waiting for tomorrow morning for the black friday madness to begin. nbc10's pamela osborne is live in south philly, keeping track of it all. pamela. >> reporter: good morning. this walmart behind me is open 24 hours, rosemary. still pretty quiet. i'm going to step out of the way to show you here. you can see some outside. they are waiting for customers. i did checking around to give you a better idea of what might
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be open near you, in case you have to run a last-minute errands. giant grocery stores usually open 24 houring, they're open right now. they will close at 5:00 tonight and reopen at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. wegman's stores, closing at 4:00 tonight reopening at 7:00. acme stores also open from 7:00 this morning until 4:00 this evening. now for a look at some of the stores that will not be open this thanksgiving day. lowe's, home depot, nordstrom, ikea, t.j. maxx, all closed. i also checked out target stores in the area to give an idea. the rittenhouse square locations will be closed. many of the other target locations in new jersey, new jersey as well as the philadelphia area are going to be opening up at 6:00 tonight. so still plenty of places to go, if you have to get out and get
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some things today. reporting live in the northeast. i'm pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news today." a thanksgiving day tradition is getting ready to roll in center city. balloons, floats, marching bands will soon on the move. ♪ the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country steps off at 8:30 this morning. the pray will run from 20th and market and move along ben franklin parkway. this is the 97th year for the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. 6:07 right now on this thanksgiving. and anybody heading out for the parade, dress for the weather, right, krystal? >> yeah, it's not going to be terribly cold. but we do have a chance of showers moving through. so grab an umbrella or maybe a hooded jacket before you get out. a look right now in philadelphia, shows we're still dry, still dark, and it's withe are not really too strong. overall, five or ten miles per
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hour. huge difference from what we saw a couple days ago. these are not the bone-chilling wind that you felt over the last few days. radar and satellite showing us, most of us have the clouds and most still dry. we do see snow showers tracking on the northern edge of our viewing zone. it's fast moving and not going to leave accumulation. it's quick moving. but if you're driving north this morning, heads-up there that you may run into snow flurries. then we look out west, and what you're seeing the bulk of rain is going to continue to track northeast. meaning it will be north of our viewing area. but the tail end here is spotty showers. rain that's going to be moving in our direction. this morning, we're looking at some rain potential throughout the morning hours and early afternoon as well. wide view shows us, again, mostly to the north, going to start firing off more snow in upstate new york. behind us, we will finally see a break. but that's going to take some time before we get to that break
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point. right now, your temperature at 41 in philadelphia. allentown at 37, lancaster at 38. dover at 41, wildwood also at 38 degrees this morning. nod a bad start. most of us above freezing here. feels like conditions a little lower, but not terribly lower. here's your morning time-out. 41 degrees at 7:00 a.m., for the suburbs, 40 to mid-40s. and jersey, upper 40s, close to 50 by 11:00 in the morning. and the icons show spotty showers. coming up in a few minutes, we're going to track the relevant of your thanksgiving and friday, with that extended long weekend plan. we'll look at that coming up. kristal, thanks. 6:09. now if you have to get to the roads to pick up the last minute things when you wake up and say, oh, i foregot. tracy is talking to herself, of
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course, she's been righting down lists. >> foil and half-and-half. >> rosemary and tracy, i'm not going to forget, the blue route. the camera at baltimore pike, watching traffic. we're starting to add to the majors. northbound, for the boulevard, southbound at 95, you won't run into too many delays. travel speeds consistently in the 50s and 60s. now, to the quarter main break, say portion of ridge avenue will remain closed. specifically where, school house lane and ridge av it will reopen on new jersey. over on new jersey, we're watching hamilton station, this is going to be i-95 for the most part, more on the thanksgiving day parade road closures, when i come back. >> thanks, francesca. the trump administration is taking shape. next, we'll run down the list of
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people tapped to fill high-profile positions. post-election numbers, we will break down hillary clinton's lead and show you just how large it's grown it's in popular vote.
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it's 6:14, we want to give you a live look for the parade route for this morning's 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. you see radio city music hall. new york city. you can watch the parade right from your coach right here on nbc10 starting at 9:00 this morning. now to transition with trump. the president-elect in palm beach celebrating thanksgiving with his family today. >> yesterday, mr. trump announced that betsy devos is his secretary of education. he's a long time advocate for charter schools.
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national association of education which supports public education criticizes devos for supporting policies for students. nikki haley accepted will trump's offer to become ambassador to the united nations. the president-elect delivered a thanksgiving message yesterday saying he's enlisting the help of the entire nation to succeed in his presidency. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, threatened by shared purpose. and very, very common resolve. >> in his message, the president-elect also said that tensions from the election will not be overnight. but now is the time for the country to start to come together. now, believe it or not, votes are still being counted for the popular vote in the election. nbc news is reporting that clinton has more than 2 million more votes than president-elect donald trump but as you know presidents are elected by the electoral college.
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not by the popular vote. and what some critics in key battleground states like pennsylvania. pennsylvania may get a recounts. if green party candidate jill stein gets her way, she wants recounts in michigan and wisconsin as well. stein has reached her fund-raising goal of $2.5 million that's the money filing. the total cost of the recounts could be between $6 million and $7 million, once you count attorneys' fees and the cost of recount is over. clinton's campaign has not commented on stein's efforts. 6:16 right now on this thanksgiving. i'm sure a lot of people are getting out either to head out to pick up the last minute items or go to their families. >> traffic reporter francesca ruscio has that. francesca. >> rosemary, absolutely, we're
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doing okay on 95. first, take a look at travel times and travel speeds on the southbound side where we typically see the most volume. our camera is at girard avenue. we're headsing ought the door for the last minute holiday shopping. 13 minutes from the vine to 95. take a look at thanksgiving day parade road closures. this is what you need to know. 20th street will be closed from market street to benjamin franklin parkway at 6:00. and be mindful, these road closures and 95 looks pretty good as well throughout the majors. we had this tent in tow amencin. >> let's check the weather for your thanksgiving. krystal klei has that. krystal. >> starting out with temperatures in your philadelphia neighborhoods. a pretty good start, a lot of us
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above freezing. not bad, 41 right now. society hill. center city at 42 degrees. officially at the airport, we're at 41. we do see 30s in some spots. 36 for chestnut hill. and 39 degrees in parkwood. that's the start. we're going to warm up quickly as we move along the 40s into the 50s for the forecast high for the afternoon. actually pretty good and seasonal for this point in november. your jersey shore neighborhoods also mostly seeing 30s out thereto. we're at 35 in areas like egg harbor township. cape may point, though, at 49 degrees. so, big difference that moderating effect that we see along the shoreline with the ocean. very different there in the 40s. tracking it over the region, most of us are dry except for the flurries just clipping north of our viewing area. the green that you see, the white, purple, that's the snow, and the pink is more of that
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wintery mix. even icy mix. moflts of that will stay to the north as it starts to move in that direction leaving our zone with a rain chance. there's the snow that's been clipping by. it's moving pretty quickly here. we're not talking any accumulation this morning. and temperatures are pretty quickly going to move above freezing. hour by hour. i think hour by hour shows nice timing. it's a little heavy. here's the heads-up. we go 7:00 a.m., we move through 10:30, 11:00 in the morning. i don't think it's this good of coverage. as we move through, that moves out by 1:30, 2:00. notice the rest of day, not going to see much in terms of rain. maybe a spot shower here and there. rain moving through the east and just the clouds overhead. so here's your evening forecast. 4:00 to 8:00, 52 degrees at 4:00 in philadelphia. down to 47. cloudiness throughout the forecast here. most of us in the midupper 40s
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to low 50s. dropping pretty easily by 8:00 p.m. the 10 day on 10. forecast temperatures are going to climb. it's going to take a while. we stay in the 50s. black friday, 56 degrees, if you're expecting to do some shopping we are tracking that temperature it's in middle 50s. not a bad forecast for your friday. mostly staying dry. still cloudy into your saturday as well. overnight lows, that will pick up into the low 40s. as we go into the weekend, windy conditions expected. good chance of rain does move in next week. that will be tuesday night through wednesday. even into your thursday morning, before thursday starts to dry out. also notice, that's where the temperatures climb. low to mid60s for forecast highs. krystal, thanks for that. 20 minutes past 6:00. this morning, there's a new twist for the battle at the jersey shore. hear from people who have been
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fighting for years against the project. plus, billy joel.
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the science channel has decided to cancel its planned tv schedule on a delaware pumpkin launching competition. earlier this month, a woman was his by churches of metal at the pumpkin chunking event. a woman in critical condition. and a man was also hurt during the incident. the science channel was going to air the three-hour special on saturday but decided not to. police are calling this an industrial accident. and a jersey-based company has won a contract to build a sand dune contract. the u.s. army corps of engineers gave a contract to the company, they will protect the shore along margate, longport and
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winteer. >> we've got new details on a story that a lot of people are talking about. remember this, a group of veterans helped out rocker bruce springsteen when his motorcycle broke down. it turns out the motorcycle was built by none other than billy joel. he made that revelation, he called boss to apologize. bruce springsteen is like, my machine was stuck it's in mud somewhere in south jersey, no worries, though, i got it. good morning, everyone, francesca ruscio here watching the schuylkill expressway. our camera at warren avenue, east and westbound, we're doing okay. travel speeds are in the 50s for the most part. the majors look pretty good in and out of center city. now let's check in with
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meteorologist krystal klei. >> thanks, francesca. we're looking at a forecast that includes mostly light winds for your thanksgiving. grab your umbrella, we'll go hour by hour on your thanksgiving day coming up in the next half hour. good morning, i'm pamela osborne. we're live in the northeast at walmart with a look at what stores are open and what their hours are. we'll have that for you next. >> reporter: and i'm matt delucia live in south philadelphia. it wouldn't be thanksgiving in south philly without cacia bakery. all of the turkeys here. it's turkey time. we'll give you another live look coming up after the break.
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holiday tradition, right now, a south philadelphia bakery is helping people prepare their thanksgiving feast. we'll take you inside cacia's bakery for a long time custom. preblack friday deals, some stores will open today.
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others will wait for the holiday shopping season to begin. drought watch, dry conditions are a problem for a large part of the other and already want you to start conserving. we'll have the details ahead. >> announcer: "nbc 10 news today" starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, i'm tracy davidson, happy thanksgiving to you at home. let's begin with your forecast for the holiday with meteorologist krystal klei. kr krystal, what are you seeing? >> the temperatures aren't bad but we do have a chance of spotty showers. temperaturewise, 43 degrees in philadelphia, 37 in allentown. mt. holly near but not yet at freezing. dover at 41 degrees. check it out, we compared it to 24 hours ago and we're warmer than this time yesterday. allentown, 7 degrees warmer. vineland, 16 degrees warmer. really, a pretty good start to your thanksgiving temperatures. radar and satellite showing us
6:31 am
the showers i was talking about, light showers moving out of our viewing area. the spotty showers are going to creep in in delaware, in far west points and then track along as we move farther to the east through your morning and your early afternoon, we'll have those chances of rain. not a washout, but some chances. so, coming up, we will track those chances for today. we'll talk more about black friday and your weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. right now, let's talk traffic with francesca ruscio. >> thank you, krystal. we're watching the baltimore pike. travel speed information the 50s and distincts. typically of now, we usually see a major backup, there you go. for the most part, the blue route looks pretty good. for mass transit, the holiday schedule, the center city buses will be detoured because of thanksgiving day parade. for more information, and nj transit and patco running on
6:32 am
time and on scheduling. and southbound from the vine, in the 60s. it's going to take you 12 minutes. 12 minutes as well. today, people can get a jump on their holiday shopping in some stores in their area. some will keep their doors open on this holiday. others are waiting for tomorrow. nbc10's pamela osborne is watching it all for us in northeast philly. pam. >> reporter: rosemary, yeah, we've got you covered whether you're shopping today or just waking up realizing you forgot something. the walmart where i'm at right now is open 24 hours. we'll give you a better idea of what may be open near you. here's the easiest way to break it down. giant grocery stores that are open 24 hours are open right now, but they will close at 5:00 tonight. they will reopen at 6:00 tomorrow morning. wegman's stores open until 4:00 tonight. they will reopen friday morning at 7:00.
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your acme stores will also be open from 7:00 this morning. until 4:00 this evening. and how about shopping for later on. king of prussia mall. the mills mall in the northeast. philadelphia premium outlets in limerick. christiana mall in newark, cherry hill mall, deptford mall. and gloucester mall open at 6:00 tonight. remember, the big name stores will be closed today. lowe's, home depot, nordstrom, and t.j. maxx. you're going to want to check, target in rittenhouse square, washington square, all. other targets in new jersey, as well as the philadelphia area seem to be opening up at 6:00 this evening. for all of you brave enough to get outside and maybe do some shopping later on tonight. reporting live in the northeast. i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news."
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♪ now, we talk to matt delucia, he's with all of the turkeys getting ready in south philadelphia, matt. >> reporter: yeah, it's very busy here. you can see all of the turkeys around me right now. i just asked them what the count is. they're already at 53 turkeys brought into cacia bakery in south philadelphia. a longtime tradition. they opened the doors at 6:00. just over 30 minutes ago. you see them bringing in their turkeys. all different sizes. joe, first off, we want to talk about the shirt. this lovely, i love sheena. this has become a thanksgiving tradition for us, trying to get her attention, come to visit. >> maybe she will. >> reporter: tell us about the turkeys here. you've already got quite a few people lining up early this
6:35 am
morning, how excitie ing is thi for your family? >> it's exciting. it's the biggest line i've ever seen for the early 6:00 a.m. dropoff. it seems like it's getting more and more popular every year. it means a lot to us. we look forward to this. >> reporter: right. and tell us, i don't know if you know the science behind it, what makes it taste so good going into this kind of oven? >> well, the heat. it's not your regular oven. it's a brick oven. the heat radiates among the brick. it cooks it evely, it's juicy, it's not all dried out. anything you put in a brick oven tastes ten times better, pizza sto strombolis. >> reporter: and you see the faces year after year. >> same people. people see it on the news, it's really nice. >> reporter: ma'am, you're the lucky winner today. how many years have you been
6:36 am
coming here? >> how many years? probably six years. >> reporter: six years and why do you keep coming back? >> they just do such a great job. it's fun. it's like a family tradition. we go to the diner. >> reporter: the shy ones. they won't be shy at the dinner table. >> saves room in your oven. it just makes it nice. >> reporter: makes it easier for you, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to all of you guys, of course, happy thanksgiving to you folks at home. i hope some of these turkeys aren't going into the oven? i need to try something here. i'm going to peek here. >> check this out, i saw this, we've been asking for york cooking kitchen and pictures tim furlong posted this picture, a pie, pre-thanksgiving treat, courtesy of tim's wife. stay with nbc10 all day long. we have a little something for everyone. this morning, we can watch the
6:37 am
90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. then at noon, the national dog show, it's a favorite. and tonight, steelers and colts at 8:00. and the city wants you to conserve your water. here's the deal, the city on a drought watch yesterday. they're encouraging you to do this. run your water only when needed. take shorter showers. use water saving appliances and fix leaky faucets and running toilets. a philadelphia family will celebrate the holiday with heavy hearts following the recent and sudden death of their 8-year-olds daughter. yesterday, relative of guiana poole marched through the intersection at inter brook where he was walking home from school with her brother. she was hit. her mom is hoping to have the
6:38 am
person come forward. >> maybe you keep hearing us, you feel my pain, you'll come forward. >> a silver maxima or altima, it will have damage to the front bumper. and the fire began monday night and burned close to 50 acres is now under control, as crews continue to douse hot spots. >> 6:38. let's talk about the weather. there are parades to watch. there are last minute things to pick up at the grocery store. family houses to get to. a lot going on. let's check in with meteorologist krystal klei. she has the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. krystal. >> the sun is coming up answer we're beginning to track the showers as well. just to the north part of our area, we saw the light snow flurries moving through. not very much to track there but
6:39 am
it's going to move out. now we're looking at the rain. some of may have turned to snow in areas like the poconos where it's cold enough. but look farther south and these showers moving into the area, in chester county, then they'll continue to track along to the northeast. most of areas looking at isolati isolated to scattered showers. not a lot of showers, but something that you'll want to grab the umbrella. looking at radar and satellite and a wider view, it's going to even tomorrow, lingering showers possible in new jersey. not being much for your black friday shopping, though. cloudy conditions out there with spots with showers 8:00 a.m. to noon. low 50s the forecasted high.
6:40 am
upper suburbs around 40. 41 degrees at 8:00 a.m. lehigh valley holding to mid to upper 30s. in delaware, low 50s. a peek of sunshine in delaware to move in later in the afternoon. new jersey, though, staying cloudy. you upper 30s by noon. and mid-50s along the shore where we're looking at moderating effect from the ocean. for the overnight shoppers that plan to be out there. mid-40s, south philadelphia, swedesboro, 8:00, as we go along, low 40s, upper 30s in the suburbs. that's at midnight. as we go through to your friday morning. 7:00 a.m., mid-30s allentown. philadelphia to voorhees. not terribly cold. but a cold start out there. and if you're making a day-long event a little warmer than today, mid-50s across much of the board as we move throughout your friday. those conditions are going to
6:41 am
cap out on your weekend, that's when the winds pick up, too. we'll bring the details on your saturday and sunday. another look at your extended 10 day on 10 in a few minutes. 6:41 on this thanksgiving. of course, there's that thanksgiving day parade in philadelphia, the oldest in the country. >> that's right, the road closures around the area, we have that with "first alert" traffic reporter francesca ruscio. francesca. >> tracy, rosemary, the thanksgiving day parade just a few hours away. behind us we see what is happening out there. 20th street will be closed from arch street to cherry street. also from market street to the benjamin franklin parkway. yes, the parade is just a few hours away. also make mention we are working the schedule for you, deet tours in and out of center city. heads to for more information. nj transit and amtrak, so far so good to go, running on time and
6:42 am
on schedule. let's take a look at the travel times on the schuylkill expressway. all in green. very quiet. travel speeds are in the 50s and 60s. for the most part, travelers from the blue route to the vine, 12 minutes. we'll have the majors when i come back. as we head into the holiday shopping season, the "nbc10 responds" has a warning how to protect your personal information. >> coming up, we'll explain how to keep your information safe. plus, the big apple. here's a look at some of what you'll see in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we'll have the previews, just ahead.
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quarter to 7:00 right now on this thanksgiving. we have breaking news to let you know, on nbc10, firefighters have been battling a house fire
6:46 am
in pittsgrove township, right along lower mill road, near mill road in pittsgrove township. emergency crews tell us that the fire is under control. everybody inside the house made it out safely. fortunately, nobody is hurt but as you can imagine, this family out of their house on thanksgiving. stay with nbc10 and for updates with breaking news. as the holiday shopping season gets ready to kick into high gear, the "nbc10 responds" has a warning about safe dealing floating around the internet. >> harry hairston has ways of not getting duped shopping online. >> reporter: the holiday season is here, with a lot of us opts to shop online and on our phone. keep this in mind while you're shopping. look for fake websites and fake retailers ads. security experts say there's a
6:47 am
recent surge in thieves in the cyberworld. before you download an app or give out your credit card on a website, make sure you're in the right place. read reviews for the app. and if you're on a website, look to see that your site is protected. gamers can pose as legitimate companies wanting to you click their link in the e-mail that can take you to sites. harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> the bottom line, don't click any links or give out credit card applications. >> if you have a problem, "nbc10 responds" and telemundo, the best ways to reach us are on the screen. let's take a look outside at camelback mountain in the poconos. making snow this morning. they actually did get snow over the weekend.
6:48 am
now, potentially now looking at their slopes, sunrise, this morning, by the way, at 6:55. >> krystal klei, what's ahead for justice. >> yeah, we're going to get a couple inches from this past weekend, and now the forecast with temperatures are actually pretty manageable. we're starting out in pennsylvania suburbs here. and what we're looking at are temperatures mostly in the upper 30s. so above freezing, good news. 39 in costgrove. and 36 degrees, collegeville now above 32 degrees, at 34. and bedminster, 33 degrees currently. it's a cold start but above freezing means we can't get raining too much. the temperatures will start to bump up as the sun comes up. now to the new jersey neighborhoods. same deal, mostly upper 30s. swedesboro, 33 degrees. and as we track farther to the
6:49 am
north, robinsville at 38. and lumberville, 38. most of us have clouds most of us dry at this point. this is spot snow that moved along the lowest part of the viewing zone, to the pocono mountains. the bulk of rain is just going to clip to the north of us. we're not seeing heavy rain. but showers are going to make it into the area, western portions of delaware, berks county, and the northern corner where it's cold enough, we may see the rain/snow mix. this will be the morning hours and into the early afternoon. and it's not going to be consistent rain for that time period, on/off, mostly light rain. this isn't going to ruin your thanksgiving plans. but here is the morning expectation. the showers, by 11:00 a.m., all of us seeing a chance of spotty rain moving through. temperaturewise, we're starting in the upper 30s, close to 40s.
6:50 am
we'll make it to the mid to upper 40s by 11:00 a.m. highs today should actually make most areas into the lower 50s. for black friday. similar forecast temperaturewise. making it to mid-50s. 42 in philadelphia, 41 in south jersey. peaks of sunshine. cloudiness. most of us isolated showers. but we're talking very short-lived. temperatures to 50 degrees if you make it to 7:00, if you've been shopping all day, i'm very impressed if you make it to 7:00. looking at the weekend, saturday, 54 degrees. sunday at 52. the we could will continue with windy conditions as well. at the shore, mid-50s both days. big warmup on the ten-day forecast. we'll take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> krystal. thank you. 10 before 7:00, let's get you out the door.
6:51 am
francesca ruscio starts us off on 422. >> rosemary, tracy, bright enough to check out 422, our camera at trooper road. not a car in sight. going pretty good right now. for the schuylkill, you won't run into any problems, i promise you. traffic in and out of center city on 422, the schuylkill, 95, you're good to go, everything looks a-okay. and it will reopen, ridge avenue, specifically school house lane and ridge avenue, it will remove on thursday. let's take a look, 95, very easy. southbound from woodhaven, 12 minutes. good northbound. when i come back, we'll take a look at the rest of the major traffic. back to you. nearly two dozen young athletes in north philadelphia have dreams of going to their own super bowl. >> pop warner national championships are next month. and three local teams are hoping to compete.
6:52 am
but there's an obstacle. they're tackling the cost. the coaches say it can cost as much as $26,000 to get one team to florida. the team has done fund-raising. they've set up a gofundme page. >> we really want to make sure our community is recognizing the efforts, sending a clear message to our kids that, you know, what they're doing is worth it. >> the pop warner national championship starts december 3rd in orlando. if you want more information on how the team can get there, you can tap the nbc10 app. we'll run down the thanksgiving day events. plus, some people will get a jump on holiday shopping today. not all stores will have hours. we'll tell you who's open and who's closed. >> announcer: this portion of "nbc10 news" sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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just a few minutes before 7:00 on this thanksgiving. here is a live look at south philly, where a thanksgiving tradition is under way. people are bringing their uncooked turkeys. they prep them at home, they are bringing them to cacia's bakery. the workers at cacia's put them in their brick oven which makes the turkeys taste fantastic. the customers come back later in the day once they're baked to perfection. beautiful. here's some other stories we're following. malls that open at 6:00, king of prussia, philadelphia mills paul. philadelphia premium outlet, krishan that, deptford, gloucester premium outlets. the morsetown mall and plymouth meeting both staying closed this thanksgiving evening. the parade begins in center
6:57 am
city at 8:30 this morning. t will move along benefit franklin parkway. this is the 97th year for the philadelphia day parade. anothering with annual parade will begin in the big apple. more than 3 million people will line the streets for the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. it will feature giant balloons. you can watch it here on nbc10. >> after the parade, you can watch the dog show. it's taped in or area the most coveted title of best in show and best in breed. you can watch it all here at noon. >> are you ready for thanksgiving daily football? nbc10 only place where you can watch the steelers take on the colts tonight at 8:00, followed by "nbc10 news." good morning, everyone, francesca ruscio here. very quiet on the majors this morning. let's take a look at the vine
6:58 am
street expressway. at 8th street, heading in and out of center city. not too bad. traffic speeds are in the 50s and distin60s right now. on the vine and schuylkill expressway. folks, this is what you need to know, 20th street will be closed from cherry street as well as mark street for the ben franklin parkway. happy thanksgiving, everyone. and let's take a look at that 10 day on 10 one last time. starting out with thursday. your forecast for thanksgiving. we're going to make it for a high, 52 degrees. some of us may be warmer than that this afternoon. we're looking at showers timing out morning and early afternoon, just spotty showers. it will not be a washout forecast. for the most part, friday is looking like a dry one. overnight, 37 degrees into your friday morning. we are tracking it for early
6:59 am
shopping, mostly cloudy conditions, up to 56 degrees. stay in the 50s, saturday, sunday, that's when the winds will start to pick up. check out into the next week here. we start out dry monday. look at this warmup, tuesday into wednesday. the 60s moving in. that's also where we're tracking chance of rain moving in. late day tuesday, through wednesday, early thursday before things start to dry out. all right. >> we're going to have updates throughout the morning. then, of course, you can get realtime updates for traffic, weather, news on nbc10. >> now is the best time to download that app if you're heading out the door. keep you updated on all of that. we leave you with a live picture from cacia's in south philadelphia. as people line up, they bring their turkey there. they are cooked to perfection when at the come out. so juicy. and then you can't miss the shirt. >> oh, yeah. >> the shirt. >> hey, sheena, i just texted
7:00 am
sheena, she thought it was hilarious. she wanted the guy to know. she thought it was very funny. >> happy thanksgiving. safe on the roads. good morning. unprecedented. security stepped up across new york city with the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade about to get under way. a record 3,000 police officers at the ready as 3 million people gather for the festivities. we'll talk to the nypd's new police commissioner -- live. upup to speed? donald trump's holiday message. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> as officials reveal he's turned down several intelligence briefings since winning the white house. this as trump picks a second woman for his cabinet. mixed reactions to his new controversial choice already pouring in. freak accident. surveillance video captures the


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