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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 right now on this black friday and we're following breaking news in atlanta county. a police investigation at the hamilton mall in hamilton township. the scene overnight at a shooting at the parking lot and nbc 10 matt delucia is live there for us this morning. matt you've been at the scene for about two hours now. what new information are you getting from investigators? >> reporter: well the mall is just re-opening for the day. investigators are still out here investigating pup see just behind me here this park lot outside the macy's. you see the crime scene here pretty much the scene that we've seen throughout morning with the exception of the evidence markers were just pulled up off the ground here but right over to the left if we can pan over here you see this suv that's
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where much of the focus has been this morning. take a look at some individual we shot earlier from another angle where you can see a bullet hole through the driver's side door. outside that door was a macy's bag and chicago bulls hat laying on the ground. 20 feet away from the car this were shell casings littering the parking lot. two dozen evidence markers. the mall closed midnight but shoppers are starting to come back for black friday shopping. i spoke with one of them as they watched this area fill with police cars. >> it's shocking. nothing like that, a lot don't happen around here. there must have bean shooting when you said that wow that's crazy. >> reporter: now you see a live look here of the hamilton mall parking lot. you see people starting to come for their shopping. the mall just re-opened about a minute ago. it's just a small area of the parking lot that's affected right now. none of the stores or roads are
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blocked. we've been trying get more information. police and mall security referring to us the atlanta county prosecutor's of. we have calls out the them to find out how many people shot and the extent of any injuries. i'll be back again at 6:30 with an update. live in hamilton township, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. switching gears let's get a check on weather. >> meteorologist krystal klei track our neighborhood forecast on this black friday. krystal? >> a lot of people planning to get out there today. overall conditions will be good for this as long as you have the umbrella handy. like yesterday. not rain all day. what we're looking at are pockets of spotty showers moving throughout your afternoon forecast. right now 43 trees in philadelphia, 36 in vineland, 41 in and 39 in atlantic city. pretty good start to your morning. temperatures that are warm in some spots than yesterday and overall above freezing. meaning it's not terribly out there considering we're at the end of november. radar and satellite no rain to
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track either this morning. i don't expect rain throughout your morning hours. be around lunch time and then into the evening that we may see spotty storms roll through the area. coming up we'll take a look where those showers may move through. we'll talk about your weekend and taking that temperature up to the mid-s today. a bit of a dip with winds increasing. details coming up. right now traffic with francesca ruscio. >> still adding volume. 95, southbound traffic, folks are getting an early tart for their black friday shopping. doing okay. speeds in the 50s and 60s. again still very early and quiet in some cases. watching for hazardous road conditions in norristown nuclear program report came in not too long ago. take a look. it's creating a bit of a residual delay. hasn't cleared out yet by norristown in new jersey, watching the 42 freeway.
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our camera at route 41. when i come back we'll take a look at the rest of the majors as well as the schuylkill. >> is shopping season is just getting started as plenty of people will be hitting the stores on this black friday. plenty people here in delaware. we went to sky force 10 to keep an eye on the crowds. this is a bird's eye view over the mall in newark. you can see plenty of shoppers already out there at 6:00 this morning. we'll check back with sky force 10out the hour. pamela osborn just go the king of prussia mall. what's happening? >> reporter: every single store is about to open up here at the king of prussia mall this morning. now i know what you may be wondering is it crowded? are there enough parking space? take a. you can see not too many people here this morning although there are quite a few shoppers who turn out this morning. as far as parking goes there are
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1100 spaces with this addition. policemen of places to shop and park. come on down here this morning. we've been talking to shoppers here and earlier this morning at toys "r" us almost everyone i talked to said they have been shopping since last night. just to give you and idea how committed people are to getting the best deals out there we met one lady who was here last night actually took a nap in the parking lot inside of her car. she woke up just a little while ago with her friend to do more shopping. >> you know we got to get at 6:00. >> what are you looking out for >> i'm shopping for my whole family probably get some coffee first. >> reporter: coffee is a good place to start if you're trying to figure out where you're goingd up today i want to show you this new interactive board. king of prussia is one of the malls to do this. hit the search button.
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figure out what you're looking for who you're looking for. american eagle this is going to show you where this store is at based on where you are at. another piece of advice for you if you want to brave the crowds, if you want to come with a strategy this black friday. reporting live in king of prussia mall, pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. can you get more information on black friday deals and discounts along with the holiday gift guide right now on as well as the nbc 10 app. in other news this morning we're learning that actress florence henderson that's died. she was best known as the mom of the "brady bunch". henderson began career as a singer and actress on broadway. she landed the iconic role of carol brady in 1969. her family said she died yesterday of heart failure. she was 82 years old. we have new information just in on a story we've been following four police now say the mother and father have been
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charged in the accidental shooting of a 2-year-old child in philadelphia. >> the child is in the hospital in critical condition after police say his 4-year-old cousin accidentally shot him on thanksgiving day. the shooting happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on north 9th street in north philadelphia. police tell us the 4-year-old somehow managed to get ahold of a gun and began playing with it. the gun went off hitting his 2-year-old cousin in the hand and chest. the shooting happened in a room on the floor of this two story row home. they are looking for gunman who shot three men who were hanging christmas lights. this happened in philadelphia wednesday night. a car pulled up to the group that was hanging lights and they said someone inside the car asked if they had hit his car. then out a gun and shot that group. the see victims are recovering in the hospital. police are looking for the shooter said to be in a dark gray chevy impal swra.
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seven minutes past 6:00 on this black friday. krystal when people head out for black friday shopping they don't dress in layers and today they should be fine. >> good news. mother nature wants you to shop today because you don't have to worry about the layers you're afraid you'll leave in one of the stores. temperatures are starting out press nicely. the sun isn't up. the warming trend isn't starting. mid-to-upper 40s which feels good for this time of year. last week when he those high winds and cold temperatures. not the same. dark out there still. looking out at citizens bank park. about to see the sunrise. temperatures will start to climb heading to the mid-50s like we saw yesterday radar and satellite this is that wider view showing us the scattered showers that's to our north and northeast. for us it's just clouds and these clouds that we're looking at right now will thicken up a bit as we move throughout the
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morning aerch. that's when we track the chance for showers to pick up. very isolated chance philadelphia the suburbs, lehigh valley early. late afternoon into the evening better chance much scattered showers for south jersey, the shore and delaware. temperature wise look at that, low to mid-40s at 7:00 a.m. and by 7:00 in the evening temperatures will still be pretty nice. low 50s for some of us, mid-40s like the lehigh valley, south jersey at 49 degrees. here's a look at your weekend forecast. thinking about holding off shopping until the weekend. looks very good. dry conditions both days. saturday will be breezy. sunday we'll bey, though. sunday will be a little cooler than saturday with wind chills to boost up. saturday is a better day to get out. 51 in the suburbs. and the jersey shore sitting at 54 degrees. notice that drop by around four, five degrees in many likes by sunday some of us only tapping in the upper 40s.
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we'll talk more about the extended ten day forecast. chances of rain picking up in your next work week. those details are coming up in just a bit >> krystal, thanks so much. getting at this early hour that we do doesn't feel so bad on black friday. >> that's true. we're not alone. >> a little tough after two thanksgiving dinners. >> you had two. >> let's check in with francesca ruscio. she's watching the roads for us this morning and starting us off on the blue route. >> starting to add volume on the majors for the 6:00 hour. early stages of it. at the baltimore pike northbound for the boulevard. southbound for 95 not into many delays. travel speeds still in the 60s. we're holding. hamilton mall this is what you need to know. lane closures on route 40 on the westbound side between millville road and jefferson avenue. i marked with it graphic. doing okay.
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still in play. not affecting travel speeds. heading towards the hamilton mall which should be opening up pretty soon you'll run into that problem. route 202, travel speeds still green. great for conch p mall. northbound route 30 to schuylkill we're doing okay hanging strong. travel speeds still in the 60. take you ten minute southbound and doing okay still travel speeds in the 60s. we'll look at 422, 95 and schuylkill when i come back. she just mentioned the hamilton mall. that's where we're following breaking news out of atlantic county. police are investigating a shooting. >> coming up next we'll take you live to the mall where police marked dozens of shell casings. you can see that in that live shot. sky force 10 is flying high this morning. we're heading to area malaysia to keep an eye on the crowds on this black friday.
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it's 6:15 and we're following breaking news in atlanta county. police investigation right now at the hamilton mall in hamilton township. here's a live at the mall park lot outside the mace jays there. the scene of an overnight shooting. this was the scene, we're going to show you some video outside of they's overnight. bullet holes in the driver's side door of this vehicle that's still parked at the scene. it's just about 20 feet from this car, shell casings that is lit terrified parking lot. the mall re-opened for the day at 6:00 this morning about 15 minutes ago. we're working to learn more as police continue their investigation and check back in with nbc 10 ae's matt delucia fa live report. new details about a construction site accident in china. the country state media reports the death toll has risen to 74. officials say workers were
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building a cooling tower at a power plant when the scandinavia followi i -- scaffolding collapsed. an oil refinery fire broke out yesterday. perm were told to stay inside. firefighter taken to the hospital with injuries is back home this morning. investigators will be looking for the cause of that fire. back in our neck of the woods new this morning a driver is in the hospital after a crash in philadelphia's gray's ferry neighborhood. a car and a pickup trucked just after midnight. you can see the heavy damage to the car. police tell us the driver of that car is in critical condition. the driver of the pickup truck was not hurt. 6:16 right now on this black friday and, of course, we know the roads, even lot of people have off from work.
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roads are busy because -- >> can compare it. it's 3:00 a.m. they are busier than normally are. >> first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio has been tracking trults and what your seeing? >> starting to see more volume on the roads especially the schuylkill expressway. tornado watch east and westbound traffic. eastbound for center city on this lane on this side. westbound for the mall boulevard. folks are getting their early morning start for their black friday shopping. travel speeds in the 60s. and accident just came into my report. for the most part no problems or delays. let's take a look at 422 headed towards the kop mall or premium outlets. eastbound route 29 towards the schuylkill, look at this travel speeds in the 60s. good to go. shorter travel per. take you eight minutes. westbound doing just fine.
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when we come back we'll look at 95. back to you. we'll see you then. and for those early morning shoppers they especially want to know what the weather will be like as do all of us. krystal klei joins us now. >> it's a pretty good forecast for those who have plans to get out there. you don't have to worry about sprinting from the car into the building because conditions are pretty nice to start out our morning. in our philadelphia neighborhoods some areas are close to 50 at 57 degrees in center city. 44 west mount area. 44 officially at the airport. temperature atport richmond even closer at 48 degrees. some of us are near 50 degrees to kick off the morning with expectations to the mid-50s. a little warmer than the temperature we saw yesterday. yesterday felt pretty good for people who were out bean for thanksgiving. your new jersey neighborhoods very similar but a little bit
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cooler to start at least. turnerville at 38. clayton at 36 degrees. voorhees at 39. some of us are in the low 40s. pemberton at 40 degrees that current temperature we're checking on. a lot of us will make knit to the 50s by later today. across the map this is a pretty nice end of november day. radar satellite looks right now shows we got the clouds to the north. thinner clouds down the south. dry overall. we're not seeing rain. moisture in the atmosphere. late yesterday. very spotty light chance in the forecast. this will be reserved for the afternoon. looking at the northern half earlier on than the southern half. let's track it here with your hour by hour forecast. starting out at 6:00 a.m. this morning. notice the rain sitting off to the south. then we move in closer to where we are. by 1:00 in the afternoon very spotty chances.
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isolated at best and mostly north of philadelphia. spot chances move through. then by 6:30 at night we pull in the next hump of chances near delaware and the shore. this will continue into the evening as well. spot i chances still scattered as we move into the overnight for jersey. let's talk weekend because we have the within potential picking up. breezy conditions by saturday afternoon. future model showing us gusts at 25 miles per hour. that puts us in the breezy to near windy range. evening into sunday morning, winds may dip a bit but pick up with more strength. gusts up to 30 miles per hour are expected. here's a look at the ten day on 10. 56 degrees. as i mentioned a lot of us mid-to-upper 50s. lower 50s for saturday and we're dry. we continue dry into your sunday. lower with our temperature and windy. the big focus chances of rain starting to pick up late day tuesday, all of wednesday and thursday. notice temperature warming up to
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64 by wednesday. that could mean some spot i thunderstorms as well. thanks for that. a water problem in parts of new jersey could have easily ruined thanksgiving feast for an entire town. coming up next we'll show you how firefighters came to the rescue and saved the holiday. plus have a ticket free holiday season. we'll tell you about the relaxed parking rules for drivers in philadelphia.
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it could have been a thanksgiving disaster when neighbors in one north new jersey town found themselves without any running water right in the middle of their dinner preparations. some quick thinking firefighters saved the day. a water main break nearly wiped out holiday dinners for the entire of newton. that's when the fire department stepped in. they handed out bubts of water for families preparing thanksgiving meals.
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>> we're thankful that we got these guys in town and doing what they can to help us out. >> official there's in the town of newton expect water stovs fully resort a little bit later on this morning. starting this weekend philadelphia is helping holiday shoppers with free saturday parking. there will be no cost for meter parking after 11:00 in the morning on saturdays starting tomorrow. it runs through new year's day. shop can park at certain lots throughout the city for a flat rate of 8 bucks on saturdays and sundays. >> 6:25 on this black friday and the shopping season is under way. people in the area are planning to hit the stores today we launched sky force 10 to keep an eye onto. this is a view from above. one thing that didn't occur to me, you know the stores will be packed. it's the parking lots you have to worry about. finding a space once you head out there. as you can see these folks not
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doing too bad because they are up and at them pretty early. we'll check back with sky force 10 throughout the hour. good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here. folks already getting an early start on their black friday shopping. we're starting to add volume on the majors. so do expect this trend leading into part of the rush hour. now a check on your weather with meteorologist krystal klei. >> we're take live look outside of comcast tower. some cloudiness and showers. we'll track potential for that on your black friday and details on your weekend are coming up. good morning i'm pamela osborn. we're live at king of prussia mall this used to be the best way to find your way around the mall. but when i come back we'll a new mall director. we continue to follow breaking news of atlantic county
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mall where reports of a shooting. next at 6:we'll take live to the scene for an update.
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it's 6:30 right now and this morning we're following breaking news out of atlanta county. police there are investigating a shooting just outside of the hamilton mall in hamilton township. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is live to show us the scene. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, investigators are wrapping up their work here that scene at the parking lot outside of the macy's at the hamilton mall. i'll show you what's changed in the last half hour. they took down the crime scene tape. this tow truck now getting ready tow away the suv that had been parked here and that was the focus of the investigation for much of the early morning. take a look at some video we shot earlier from another angle.
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you can see that car, the bullet hole through the driver's side door. outside that car a macy's bag and chicago bulls hat laying onto ground about 20 feet away from the car shell casings littering the parking lot. we saw two dozen evidence markers next those casings. this mall, the hamilton mall closed at midnight. shoppers are starting to come back for black friday. just re-opened at 6:00. i spoke with one of those shoppers as they watched this area fill with police. >> shocking. nothing like that happens around here. why i said there must have bean shooting and when you said that wow that's crazy. >> reporter: now this is just a small area of the parking lots that's of aed by that crime scene tape has been taken down. some of these cars from shoppers that have shown up in the last half hour. we've been trying to get more information about what happened here. police and mall security have been referring to us the atlanta county prosecutor's office.
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we've called out the them to find out how many people were shot and the extent of injuries. of course we'll be following this story throughout the day. live in hamilton township, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we'll stay on top of that breaking news throughout the day. also this morning we're keeping an eye onto weather. plenty of people will be out shopping. >> meteorologist krystal klei has your neighborhood forecast. good morning. >> good morning. like yesterday's forecast this is a pretty good one if you need to get outdoors. maybe you're doing some shopping, going from mall to mall. we're seeing spotty showers. as you head the door just bring an umbrella and jacket with a hood so you're prepared if those showers make their way into your area. today spotty showers. by tomorrow through your weekend the within that we're tracking as they start to pick up saturday especially into sun. we could see it gusty out there. then next woke week that extended forecast we're looking at the next big system to move through and when we track that
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we're tracking chances of rain pushing in to ral days of the forecast. check that at the bottom of your screen with your neighborhood seven day forecast. radar and satellite. clouds rolling through. that's pretty much all we'll have for the start of your day. cloudy skies conditions out there. later in the day we track chances of spotty showers moving into forecast. right now, though, just getting ready for the sun to start to pick up. 43 in philadelphia. 458:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. low 50s. track temperatures through the rest of your afternoon all cross your neighborhoods coming up. right now we'll go traffic with francesca ruscio. >> we're back on the schuylkill expressway headed westbound from the mall boulevard. no problems. a lot of us are starting to an early morning start for black friday shopping. light traffic on schuylkill. travel speeds are still maintaining that strength in the 60s. maple shade, new jersey route 73 our camera at route 38. so far doing pretty good. very light once again. doing pretty well with travel
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speeds in the 60s headed northbound on route 73 or 90 towards the betsy ross bridge. and update on the downed pole and wires so far good and clear in hamilton. let the madness begin this morning black friday shoppers are trying to get a jump on deals. pamela osborn is inside the king of pressure mall. chemical us about this new tool you found that may give shoppers and, especially this morning. >> reporter: i'll get to that in just a minute. right per hind me here. an interactive screen. i'll start off by saying those early black friday shoppers are in starbucks. that's the longest line we've seen so far. the stores in the mall opened up at 6:00. the mall itself is expecting about half a million people shopping here over the holiday weekend. traffic started to pick up quite a bit in the past half hour or
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so. kop just finished that huge expansion. now 40 more restaurants and stores and 1100 more parking places. still heading out this morning. a lot of people we talked to this morning have been out shopping since last night. just now we've seen a new wave of shoppers well rested and ready to go right now. >> the day after you hit the mall, get out early, get the best deals. i get online for him. he likes abercrombie & fitch. it's a great mall. everything you want is here. >> reporter: and now it's easier than ever to find everything you might possibly want. king of prussia mall is the first few to have this interactive directory. you think about who you're shopping for. say you're looking for clothing. you go here. then it tells you exactly where that is in the mall in perspective to where you're
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standing right now. you can see there's a list of exactly which steps you should make and turn and you can send that straight to your phone so that way you don't have to worry about remembering exactly how to get there. that's going to be especially helpful as i mentioned, king of prussia just finished its newest expansion. reporting live, i'm pame mmela osborn. from king of prussia let's head to sky force 10. live over the cherry hill mall. we'll get to that in just a moment. first we want to remind you get all the information on black friday deals and discounts along with our holiday gift guide right now on the nbc 10 app. well, it's that time of year. here's a live look at the blue cross river rink where winter fest begins today. quiet at the moment. starting at 11:00 this morning you can skate until 1:00 a.m. winter fest runs through march 5th.
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the river rink stone lie outdoor regulation size rink in philadelphia. looking at that shot doesn't it make you feel like it should be colder outside. >> right. it felt kind of warm when i stepped out this morning. >> compared to yesterday where there was a definite chill. walking out this morning i agree it was warmer. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has a look at the forecast for today. >> it's warmer out there couple of degrees already in areas. this afternoon will be the same. little bit warmer than yesterday. not a lot but a little bit meaning above average temperatures for this time of rather. here's our live look outside. cape may off the shot. quiet start to the day too. winds are calm for us and will remain so as we move along throughout your friday. not necessarily going stay dry the entire day. i expect this cape may cam may see wet weather because we're tracking potential for next sign
6:38 am
of in the trial through. most of the rain sits to the north us over parts of new york and northeast of us over areas in new england. for us, though, it's just cloud cover we're seeing currently. mat will happen very isolated chances of rain, start to pick up early afternoon areas north of philadelphia. for portion south, including delaware and new jersey pulling in moisture from the south. if that happens we'll track that chance of rain more scattered in nature as we move into your early evening. here's your black friday planner. 53 degrees by noon. and forecasting a high temperature up to 56 degrees. notice the icon. cloudy conditions throughout. like yesterday going to be kind of a gray day as we move through your black tri-. in the suburbs 51 at noon. peak temperature should fit into the low mid-50s. same for lehigh valley. upper 40s already with spot showers possible by around lunch time. now we're going to delaware, new
6:39 am
jersey, the shore these are the areas i mentioned where it's more likely we'll see scattered showers. but it's going later in the day. after 4:00 p.m. you're just seeing cloudy icons onto board. 55 at noon both delaware and new jersey and mid-to-upper 50s in the forecast for the jersey shore. how about the temperature trend? we've seen low 50s wednesday move to mid-50s yesterday for thanksgiving which boosted up the average for this time of year. above average for our friday as well. then a little dip for your saturday and sun in philadelphia. with that we're looking at winds starting to increase as well. coming up we'll track those winds. we'll talk also about the potential for rain into next work week coming up in a few minutes. if you're getting a start right now on your holiday shopping you want to know what the roads look like. >> francesca ruscio watching it for us. >> we're watching the boulevard and schuylkill expressway. starting to get busy. still in the 50s and 60s.
6:40 am
no reported delays or problems or eastbound. we're doing okay onto boulevard as well as the schuylkill. in new jersey, hamilton new jersey i 295 slow north and still very light traffic for the majors in new jersey. no reported problems or delays. still very green on route 422 for philadelphia. eastbound route 29 towards the schuylkill still pretty good. travel speeds in the 60. eight minutes for the most part. when we come back we'll look at the vine and 95. back to you. if you're looking for online deals during the holiday shopping season be careful about using free public wi-fi. >> the nbc 10 response team has the information you need protect your information and your hard earned cash. plus strike a pose. septa worker get into the mannequin challenge. we'll show you what they came up with. we do have that shot over cherry hill mall. this is the view from sky force 10. you can see plenty of people
6:41 am
already starting their holiday shopping early. best time to do it is probably now as roads are clear and parking lots aren't quite full yet. lines at starbucks may be long. >> most important first stop on your list. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. black friday marks the of the holiday shopping season. >> if toys are at the top of your list you notice some new twists on some old favorites. hot wheels rolling out some new super charged racers. the technology allows the cars to stay on track teen really zoom. cnbc consumer reporter describes some other classics that have been updated.
6:45 am
>> reporter: play dough is one of those age old toys that kids love. they are updating using the smartphone. the lego drone is how you take a brand we loved growing up and you updated it for today's technology. >> some of those rebooted toys not cheap. the barbie dream house, for example, will run you $300. she's got wi-fi in her dream house. i don't know that for a fact but i assume something like that. in this morning's nbc 10 response the risk of free public wi-fi. >> a lot of us use it. what seems like a convenience could put your personal information at risk. it's never been easier to say expected. public wi-fi is a way to stay connected while on the go. but what do you logon your personal information is at risk. thieves can put up fake wi-fi hot stops track you. here's,000 stay safe. first change the settings on
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your phone so it doesn't automatically connect to the nearest wi-fi. you do logon, you be tracked and might not know what's happening. that's why it's important to avoid checking e-mail or social media accounts. time you log within a password that information and anything in your accounts could be vulnerable to hackers. don't online shop public wi-fi. browse websites and add i toirms shopping cart but don't putney credit card information in until you're on a secure server. if you go with public wi-fi often you might want to reconsider or consider rather getting a virtual private network, vpn services, making it harder for hack towers track you. the services are typically not free but a small price to pay to protect your identity. >> if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 in respond, let us. the best way to reach us are right there on your screen and we'll respond to you. 6:46 right now on this black
6:47 am
friday. a if you minutes before the "today" show. >> tamron hall and willie geist join us with a preview. >> good morning. good twoub anthony day after thanksgiving. we up to sad news on a friday morning as flar reynolds thaurn beloved actress who played carol brady onto "brady bunch" has died at 82. we'll pay tribute to a television icon. >> black friday is well under way with massive mobs of shoppers shattering records. not too late to get started. >> then one family's thanksgiving miracle as a mother who went missing nearly a month ago is found alive and this morning authorities are learning more about her alleged kidnappers. >> and topping to the winner of the 2016 national dog show beat out 2,000 furry foes. we said she. >> love that. we're both grinning. >> the girl is on fire.
6:48 am
>> thanks for that. we'll see you shortly. quick check on our weather. a live look towards the ben franklin bridge. looking foggy out there this morning. looks like a sunny friday. >> not a sunny friday. you might be pleasantly surprised walking outside. first let's check in with our traffic reporter francesca ruscio. >> okay krystal. we'll do weather first. let's take a look at the temperatures. starting out with your dwash delaware neighborhoods. >> seeing patchy fog. nothing dense. cloudy kind of gray black friday. we're looking at temperatures right now areas hike lar moany hills at 40 degrees. wilmington at 43 degrees. we dope further south and going to still see mostly those 40s on the map. so we're looking at areas like allentown, upper 30s.
6:49 am
le beawis beach, 44. right along the bay and shore points are going see temperatures a bit higher moderating effect ocean will do that. atlantic city at 43. cape may point at 44. we go inland and may's landing is just above freezing at 33 degrees, current temperature outside. all of this should be pretty nice this afternoon. temperatures just a smidge warmer than. throw mid-50s. shore points upper 50s are possible. radar and satellite. clouds are thicker to the north but we do see cloudiness across the board and the cloud coverage will build up as we move throughout the day. we're looking at chances of isolated to scattered showers that means spotty in nature as we move into your afternoon and evening. philadelphia today 56 in center city and somerton. 53 for your forecast high in lansdale and 50 for allentown.
6:50 am
mostly right around 1:00 to 3:00 we could see showers through this zone. then we look to new jersey, the shore and delaware. chances of showers building later into the day. 54 in voorhees. 56 for ocean city. rehoboth beach up to 58 for the forecast high temperature. forecast winds today will be light across the board but that's not the case as we move to to your weekend. breezy saturday. windy sunday. what does that mean? gusts to 25 to nearly 30 by late day on your saturday. by sunday gusts to 30 miles per hour. winds do increase by sun, more gusty and temperatures cooler. most of us up in the up 40erz. wind chill making it feel a bit cooler. fun you're getting out doors this weekend. saturday a birthday with temperatures mostly right around those lower 50s. on your ten day forecast we're tracking some ups and douwns in the forecast. we dip on sunday. dry through your weekend and
6:51 am
into the start of your next woke week monday. look at the u.s., wednesday, thursday chance showers through thursday morning. wednesday big warm up in temperatures. may see thunderstorm as well. >> we appreciate the forecast. katy is eager to get the road. she's eager to hit the roads. >> focused on 202 which is key for king of prussia mall. >> route 202 camera allentown road, how beautiful is that sight? if you don't want to fight for a spot come now. we have bloomingdale's and people walking in. parking lot pretty empty at king of prussia. north town line train 76 to 11 running ten minutes late.
6:52 am
everything else is on schedule. good to go there for mass transit. back on 95 travel speeds in the green good to go. back to you. >> thanks. you probably have seen lots of videos of people doing the mannequin challenge on social media. now it's septa turn. take a look. the video was taken at step-'s millville depot. bus drivers and passengers are sitting or standing still like statues. looks as if they were truly paused mid-movement which they are doing a good job at it. we see anyone moving. i'm impressed with it. >> police in one new jersey town pulled off a prank. >> she probably thought they were pulling her over. that's what it looked like. officer lakewood, ocean county pulled the woman over. asked theory step out of her car. when she did they surprise where a thanksgiving meal for her
6:53 am
entire family. students from lakewood high school were in on prank. one of several special deliveries that the lakewood police and students made to help families in need. >> such a great little surprise for her. coming up next we'll run down this morning's headlines and stories we've been following. >> first let's take a look at sky force 10 in the air this morning keeping an eye on black friday crowds heading to the mall. king of prussia, not a sunny day to be shopping. everybody will be inside. >> we'll take a news break and see you in a few minutes.
6:54 am
6:55 am
imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e.
6:56 am
what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m. was to spot a reindeer in the sky? and coupons were only used to redeem one more kiss? that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on popular brands everyday. and where you can always save on thoughtful gifts thanks to weekly arrivals of new products. let's put more value on what really matters. this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. . we're following breaking news a shooting at atlantic
6:57 am
county mall. this is the scene of the parking lot at the hamilton mall. bullet hole on the driver's side door of this vehicle bean 20 feet away from that shell casings littered the parking lot. the mall did open for the day at 6:00 a.m. as planned. we're working to learn more as police continue their investigation there. sky force 10, here's a live look over the black friday shopping crowds at the king of prussia mall. this part of the parking lot packed, jam packed this morning. we've been checking in at malaysmalls in delaware and new jersey. now here's a check of some stories we'll be following. here's a live look at the blue cross river rink in philadelphia where ice skating for winter fest begins later today. you can skate from 11:00 this morning until 1:00 a.m. you're looking at people who were skating last at winter fest. the event runs through march 5th. river rink is the only outdoor
6:58 am
regulation size rink in philadelphia. in south philly today red friday. here's a live look at citizens bank park where you can get discounts on phillies gear from 9:00 to noon opinion enjoy doughnuts and hot chocolate in the dugout. the flyers will offer a black friday sales at the wells fargo center. down there for red friday for the phillies stop over at the wells fargo center. find savings on team apparel and accessories at the fan zone from 9:00 to 11:00 this morning. if you can't make it to the center today you'll find discount items online. flyers are hosting new york rangers at 1:00. if you're heading down to south philly the flyers are asking anybody who is going the game to bring nonperishable food donations to help the annual stamp out hunger food drive. good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here.
6:59 am
watching 95 our camera southbound. you won't run into any problems or delays. 60 is the travel speeds for the road. new jersey route 422, 42 free, new jersey turnpike northbound for philadelphia okay. travel are once again in the 60s. no delays on the majors. we'll keep you updated. happy shopping. and one last look at your ten day forecast. 56 degrees our temperature today. looking at isolated showers certainly possible into the afternoon. as we move along through the next several days all about the winds for your weekend, breezy saturday, windy on sunday. temperatures dipping a bit. chance of rain moving back in tuesday your thursday. wednesday looking like it will be the wettest day. could get a bit of rain. >> not a bad shopping day. we'll have local updates throughout morning. get the latest news and weather and traffic especially as it relates to black friday shopping on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching.
7:00 am
the "today" show is next. have a good weekend. good morning. lovely lady. >> when you come back to earth, would you please go tell the boys to come in and straighten up their room? >> florence henderson, the american icon who played beloved tv mom carol brady on "the brady bunch," has died in los angeles at the age of 82. an early member of the "today" show family and a ground-breaking actress, we'll take a look back at her remarkable career. friday frenzy. stores are already mobbed this morning with one of the biggest shopping days of the year well under way. we've got everything you need to know on this black friday. thanksgiving miracle. a california mother who vanished while jogging almost a month ago has been reunited with her family after she was found tied up on the side of a rural road.


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