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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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celebration and mourning. the world reacts to the death of fidel castro np communist decktator who ruled cuba for nearly five decades. hillary clinton's camp is backing recount eing efforts. small local businesses are benefitting from a growing holiday tradition designed just for them. nbc 10 news starts now. ♪ celebrations continue right now in florida over the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. cuban exiles have been rejoicing
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in the streets of miami remembering castro as an oppressive tyrant and he's being mourned in cuba as a savior of his people. in havana a nine-day mourning period is underway tonight. fidel castro goes to his grave at age 90 as an a dictator who led an oppressive 50-year regime. breaking down the mixed are eaction to his death. >> reporter: a bitterer sweet celebration continues in miami's little havana with thousands cheering the end of an era and the death of cuban dig tartd fidel castro. but many are left wishing their relatives and friends had lived long enough to see this day. those are tears of? >> joy and sadness at the same time. >> reporter: his rise to power in 1959 tore families apart. he silent the pressed.
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>> he destroys families, a country and practically a culture. >> he was a sudistic murderer who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba. he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> all that it has caused his sadness, and tragedy and death and narko trafficking. that is the legacy of fidel castro. >> reporter: president obama who movered to normalized relations cuba was more measured. while president elect donald trump said his legacy is one of firing squads. as they celebrate cuban americans little will change in cuba soon. castro's brother raul is 85 and says he will retire in 2018.
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>> hopefully we'll have a democracy in cuba and i'll be able to go back and visit my the place of my birth. >> reporter: nbc news new york. the u.s. and cuba have had a cold relationship for over 50 years that only recently started to thaw. eisenhower closed to cuba and months later, president kennedy backed a failed invasion of cuba and only last year president obama reopened a u.s. embassy there and commercial flights resumed this summer for the first time in 50 years. cuba's tourism business has taken off from there. it's technically out lawed for americans. they're now dealing with canceled events and businesses because of castro's death. many cuban americans including
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some in our area are hoping castro's death brings about change. counselwoman was born in cuba and left many loved ones behind when she and her family fled the communist nation. she said it was a surreal experience when she had to explain castro's death. >> i said i'm happy and i don't want to be happy about somebody being dead but i'm happy he's dead. if my grandmother was dying my father couldn't go see her. they separated a family. >> reporter: the feeling of hope and a new beginning reflected on the smiles of customers and workers in old city. the restaurant will be offering a free cocktail to every customer during happy hour until castro's funeral next week. and you can get more local reaction to fidel castro's death
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plus a fuller picture of the polarizing legacy he left behind. a man is dead tonight after a five-hour stand off with philadelphia police in a wooded area of rauks burrow. they say he died from a self-inflicted gun shot. members of the marine unit rushed to the home around 5:30 this morning after neighborers reported hearing shots. investigators told us as many as 70 gun shots were fired from inside after search this is woods behind the house, police found the suspect dead. now to a check on our weather. a live look at the blue cross river rink packed with skaters. enjoying the dry conditions but it might be gusty where you live. this is a live look at the flag in center city and conditions will only get gustier for your
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sunday. erica martinez tracking your winds. >> we do have a gusty night overnight into tomorrow so winds a little bit of an issue and in just one moment you will see the feels like temperatures for early tomorrow morning but you will see your local neighborhood forecast. pretty mild right now anywhere betwooin tween 5 to 12 miles per hour. and ranging anywhere between 15, 20 miles per hour and topping out at about 25 miles per hour tomorrow. we're seeing andura 39 and kensingten countly at 42 degrees. again those feels like temperatures that's really the big difference and coming up in the full forecast i'll talk a little bit more about that. one, two, three. >> the holiday season has
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officially begun in philadelphia. thousands gathered to watch mayorer jim kenny flip a switch on the holiday tree. the 40-foot tall 4,000 pound colorado fir is adorned with led lights and a glowing libbererty bell tree topper. up extnext shopping small. we're live with local stores cashing in. from csn. we'll see if joe ellen will be on the court tomorrow in a much anticipated debut for the flyers and a wild afternoon in college football from happy valley to columbus and back. we've got it all covered. that's coming up.
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nearly three weeks after election day, hillary clinton's campaign now intends to back a recount effort. they will support the recount in wisconsin. that was spearheaded by green party president, jill stein. it could start as soon as next week. stein also wants are a recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. president elect don don says the people have spoken and the election is over. this a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded end quote. drew. >> reporter: it doesn't seem to stop, does it? a huge weekend for shopping. we'll take you around the region show you what people have been up to and the big hot sellers. a live report up next.
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it's a crucial holiday shopping weekend for retail business big and small. today the focus was on the little guys with small business saturday. drew smith was out with the shoppers tonight. live that blue cross river rink. quite a crowd. >> reporter: we've got a great saturday night crowd at the skating rink. think of it as a reward for putting in all the shopping over the past couple of days. pretty festive as people put a big dent in their shawl day
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shopping lists. main streets across the area put on a show for shoppers tonight. small boutiques and mom and pop shops like these ones in media packed full of people supporting small business saturday. >> not things you can find in a lot of stores. >> reporter: it's a growing tradition following black friday. >> we actually didn't shop yesterday, had a family day. stayed in. >> reporter: the malls remain packed like here in cherry hill. many extepding huge discounts through the weekend. >> there's still sales but it's less crazy. >> reporter: another small business having a good weekend is villa orchereds. >> as they've been moving the shopping experience earlier and earlier, the christmas tree experience is coming up earlier. >> reporter: kids roasted marshmallows by the fire.. >> family oriented, nice atmosphere and the kids love it.
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>> reporter: the shopping blitz isn't over yet. the next round is cyber monday. a record number of people are expected to shop on the internet. until then a breather that blue cross winter fest. >> we're having so much fun. >> reporter: and the early numbers aric looie looking likes a slight drop in foot traffic. so the online numbers are expected to be huge. especially those mobile users. live in penn's landing. >> thank you and as drew just mentioned cyber monday is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of all time, generating more than $3 billion in sales. experts say make a list before you go online. if you weren't already planning to buy an item in the first place. a sale is not saving you money. cyber monday usually have grade
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deals on apparel. check out on paypal instead as a guest on a website. it's more secure that way. ♪ the sights and sounds of the holiday season are on full display in northeast philadelphia. the philadelphia boys choir entertain the crowds at american heritage grand illumination. the festivities wrapped up with a fabulous fireworks display. what a clear night for the show. certainly, with exception of those winds being a little bit of an issue, otherwise a calm night all the way around. it's really just clear right now and in fact satellite and radar picking up on not much. you will see your local neighborhood forecast. not much to talk about right now. but i am tracking showers. current temperatures averaging in the upper 30s to 40s.
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suburbs seeing the average 35 for you, mostly clear to clear skies. for the lehigh valley, looking retie good but make sure you bundle up. it gets chilly especially by tomorrow morning. current temperature, bath 38, and walnut currently at -- mid-30s for some. coil field at 32. and robin vill currently at 39 degrees. florence at 40 for you. future temperatures getting this into motion through early tomorrow morning. pausing this at about 6:00/7:00 a.m. and trenton 32 but the difference would be those feels like temperatures with the wind gusts picking up through the overnight hours. i get this going and pause this tomorrow morning at 6:00/7:00 a.m. it feels like 27 in allen
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town and 26 in doyles town. so that will make the difference. the next big weather story is this future cast out look bringing us some rain, widespread rain, tuesday into wednesday and then wednesday into thursday. two separate systems. let's get this into motion. one low moving in from the ohio valley. that will bring us a lot of rain tuesday and a second system from the southwest wednesday into thursday. your 10 day on 10 show as lot of action going on here especially for the beginning of the following work week. note this is clouds monday into tuesday. and then those rain showers finally ending by thursday. here is danny with sports. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> thank you very much. good to see you all again. college football was the flavor
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of the day saturday. the stakes high for penn state. penn state fans more focussed on what was going on in columbus at the beginning of the game. double over time, osu in michigan. ohio state runs in the game winning score to knock off the wolverines 30-27. much to the delight of the fever stadium crowd. they know now if penn state wins they're headed to the big title game next week. the kid flies high over the pile. ludame leen tomlinson, the place is rocking. 17-10 penn state. heaves it down field and seals the envelope on air mail to mike and it's on but a scary moment for penn state as barkley helped off the field with an ankle injury visibly upset. he didn't return. penn state ices it.
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chris god withwin behind the df. penn state heading to the big 10 title game to take on wisconsin. >> we're honored to be able to play them in the big 10 championship game in indianapolis. again i want to thank everybody. humbled for this night, humbled for the time of support we get and thankful for the guys in the locker room. it'ser been special. >> in soulth philly temple looking to lock opspot with a win over east carolina at the links. and the honors from a yard away and not even a minute later, temple back at it. this time thomas gets the give from three yards out. 21-7 temple. they don't look back. they'll face a tough navy team next week. villanueva hosting st. frances. aaron forbes up the gut for six.
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late in the first quarter, quarterback finds tight end ryan bell near side and he's got reservations for six. rumbling 59 yards to the house all villanueva. villanueva wins. they play south dakotau state next week. thnchl thnchl eagles and packers monday night approaching. ryan matthews has been ruled out arizona tackle and head coach doug peterson may have to take a step back. >> he's had a good week at practice. i feel like his mind has been -- he's been in a good spot. he's done everything right this week. i'm convinced on what he'ser done and i know where he's at. i think it's more or less i want to get through the next couple of days at practice because there's always things that come
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up. >> flyers goal tender stolarz is making his first start. he was called up after the injury on the hard wood. and he will not travel to toronto for monday's game against the raptors. that's your look at sports.
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look at that excitement. i think it's safe to say someone was excited to see santa. santa and mrs. clause arrived at the mall and guests got to tell him what they want for christmas. >> i'm denise, "saturday night live" is next. have a great night everyone. ♪
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>> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential debate. i'm the new hispanic cast


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