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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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heading home. millions will be hitting the roads, the rails, and taking to the air to get back to work tomorrow after the holiday weekend. we're live at philly international checking the boards and security lines. big-time winner. we'll tell you where somebody won the powerball jackpot just in time for christmas. and we're waking up to a windy and cold morning. the weather will warm up this week but some rain will come along with the nicer temperatures. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. siths 7:00 right now.
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it will be sunny on this sunday. enjoy it while it lasts because meteorologist krystal klei is tracking some wet weather in the week ahead. >> seriously wet weather as we move into your work week. today looks pretty good and monday as well. right now, your 24-hour change map showing us the difference between temperatures now, and compared to yesterday at this time. there's a big change. 5 degrees cooler in mount holly. 12 degrees cooler in vineland and 6 degrees cooler in philadelphia. atlantic city ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this same time. most of us are in the low to mid 30s to kick off sunday morning. you're going to feel the difference as you step out the door. the cooler air is going to allow us to see some drier conditions. scattered clouds but mostly sunny conditions. as we move forward winds will start to strengthen yet again. very similar to yesterday. we're talking about 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds as we move through your lunch hour here. temperaturewise we start to pick up to 42 right around 9:00 a.m. and by your lunch hour, 49 degrees. we'll cap in the low 50s. coming up in a few minutes more
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about high temperatures for our neighborhoods, we're also going to take a look at those chances of rain redeveloping in the forecast and how long they last. we have an update on the five-car crash on the new jersey turnpike that we've been telling you about all morning long. good news the southbound lanes are reopening just north of exit seven in bordentown township. the crash had stopped traffic in the southbound lanes for about an hour and a half. we've been talking to state police all morning long on the phone. we just heard from them a few moments ago. they tell us that nobody was seriously hurt in this accident. the roads are going to be very busy today. the air will be busy as well. plenty of people will be traveling through philadelphia international airport. in fact, this is the airport's busiest day of the year. in the thick of it all is nbc 10's monique braxton. she's watching the crowds, the boards, and the security lines. monique? >> that's right, rosemary. looking over my shoulder right now, there seems to be a much
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smaller crowd now compared to what we've seen over the past 2 1/2 hours. phl's spokesperson says 85,000 travelers will pass through these terminals, though, in the past couple of hours we've been watching the departure board. no delays so far. and flights across the country are leaving from phl. we've also been talking to some of the thousands preparing to go through security. the lines appear to be moving smoothly, no impediments, if you are arriving soon expect strict luggage size check. tsa employees are adhering to the size restriction as one passenger found out. >> you'll have to check your bag. i don't know why. they said i can't take it on the plane, too. >> and your bag doesn't fit? >> it's going to now. >> you took some things out? >> yep. >> at the start of the thanksgiving holiday weekend aaa estimated more than 48 million americans were expected to
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travel 50 miles or more for the holiday weekend. that's an increase of about a million from last year. aaa is predicting a record 3.6 million people are expected to be flying through tomorrow. we're going to keep an eye on the lines here and talk to more passengers and have that for you in the next half hour. live now from phl, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. from philly international to 30th street station we know it will be packed as well with people traveling by train today. amtrak is adding extra trains to the northeast corridor, the axle la express and the northeast corridor lines. they'll also run express trains between new york and washington, d.c. there will be plenty of drivers on the roads today. here is a live look over the schuylkill expressway. just fine right now. just a few people out and about. ten dot expects the volume is really pick up as the day goes on. you'll want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time
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when you get behind the wheel today. make sure you are checking the nbc 10 app as well. you can see what the weather will be like when you're leaving or arriving home plus you can get life traffic updates to avoid any trouble on the roads. versus new this morning one person is in the hospital after this car crashed in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. nbc 10 was on the scene on ridge avenue where police tell us the car flipped over around 3:45 this morning. investigators continue to look into the cause of this accident. an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video of a car fire in port richmond. the car went up in flames last night right across the street from a gas station. the driver went to the hospital with injuries. developing now, police in new orleans are investigating a shooting on bourbon street overnight that killed one person and injured nine others. officers have arrested two people on gun charges.
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it's unclear if they're connected to the shooting. several others face charges from a series of arrests over the holiday weekend. miami's cuban-american community continues to largely celebrate the death of fidel castro. you're looking at the aerial view of little havana around midnight. the former cuban leader died early yesterday at the age of 90. some see fidel castro's death as the end of a generation of tyranny but others warn that more work is needed to bring about any real change in cuba. reaction in the u.s. to castro's passing apeers to be bittersweet. thousands of people are cheering but many with their loved once who escaped the regime have lived to see castro's death. millions began fleeing cuba when castro came to power in the late 1950s. the communist leader seized property, silenced the media and jailed dissidents. most cuban-american citizens and politicians are still angry and frustrated. >> he destroyed families. he destroyed a country. he destroyed practically a culture.
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>> all that it has cost, the sadness, the tragedy of death, terrorism, that is the legacy of fidel castro. >> cuban-americans are hoping for democratic change when castro's 85-year-old brother raul, the current president of cuba, is no longer in power. president obama who has moved to normalize relations with cuba, says of fidel castro, history will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him. president-elect donald trump says fidel castro's legacy is one of firing squads, poverty, and the denial of fundamental human rights. cuban-americans in our region remain hopeful that castro's death will mean a shift in policy and politics on the small island nation. our spanish speaking sister station telemundo 62 spoke with ileana schirmer, the south jersey lawmaker was just a child
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when she and her parents fled cuba. schirmer is the first hispanic woman to hold public office in mercer county. it's something she said she could not have predicted when the castro regime tore her family apart. >> my parents couldn't freely go back and forth to cuba. if my grandmother was dying, my father couldn't go see her. you know, they separated a family. >> a celebration at cuba libre. the restaurant is offering customers a free rum and coke during happy hour. you can read more local reaction to fidel castro's death plus see a more complete picture of the polarizing legacy he leaves behind it's all on the nbc 10 app. eight minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," keeping porch pirates away. those are the holiday grinches swiping your christmas presents from your front door. coming up we've got the tips to make sure that your gifts actually make it under the tree.
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and not into somebody else's hands. also ahead at 7:30 we'll have more on the holiday travel, including a travel forecast for today. we'll tell you when you can -- who can expect a snowy travel day.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> welcome back beginning with this live look outside cape may, new jersey. beautiful shot of the sunrise so nice. you can see that clear
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conditions are starting out our sunday. that's going to be the case for much of the day. we're going to see some scattered clouds. mostly sunny conditions in the forecast, especially along the shore. winds will be picking up. already doing so in some areas here. really only around 5 to 15 miles per hour currently and they'll get up to gusts of around 25 to 30 miles per hour by this afternoon. pretty similar to what we saw yesterday so you're going to notice and make it feel cooler than it truly is. we should make it, though, right around the low 50s in philadelphia. and you can notice those icons are much more clear for the most part than what we saw yesterday. spotty clouds through the suburbs. 48 degrees in the early afternoon. 47 degrees for the lehigh valley. but clear overnight dropping into the low 40s. in delaware, 43 by 6:00 in the evening. new jersey, 2:00 at 49 degrees. and along the shores, same deal, clear conditions, we just saw the live shot outside. plenty of sun but cool, 49 degrees with winds making it feel a little cooler than that throughout your afternoon. overall, though, today is a pretty good day. monday is a pretty good day as
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well. if you're cures of the eagles forecast we'll get to that game-day forecast. >> thanks krystal. the ski resorts in the pocono mountains are making snow this weekend. here's a live look at camille back mountain aiming for a december 9th opening day. some snow but they need the temperatures to stay cold in the weeks ahead. dozens of philadelphia kids will stay warm this winter thanks to operation cold war for kids and members of the local chapters of alpha phi alpha fraternity. kids got to pick out winter wear at burlington coat factory in center city. the fraternity has raised more than $3,000 for the coat drive so far this season. coming up on "nbc 10 news today," an eagles player is shaking things up. literally. we'll explain why malcolm jenkins is testing his skills behind the bar this weekend. and just when you thought
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the election was over, the effort to recount ballots in three key states is getting a new backer. hillary clinton. we'll have those details coming up at 7:30.
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eagles safety malcolm jenkins, has some skills off the field. he served drinks at a college football watch party in center city yesterday. you'll notice he's wearing red instead of green in honor of his alma mater ohio state university and it was all for a good cause. >> ladder 15 and the philly buckeyes to make a portion of the proceeds from today go to my
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foundation. >> the malcolm jenkins foundation was founded in 2010 to help change the lives of youth in our area and across the country in underserved communities. kickoff for the eagles game is at 8:30 tomorrow night at the linc. we're going to have more on the eagles patchup against the packers on sports at 7:30. ♪ . the sights and sounds of the holiday season were on full display this weekend. the philadelphia boys choir and fifes and drums entertained the crowd at american heritages ground illumination. the festivities wrapped up with a fireworks display. decent weather to do any holiday shopping, holiday decorating, enjoying the holiday festivities. krystal tell us more about it. >> these are actually pretty good conditions considering what time of the year it is.
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we're in late november, and we're talking temperatures over much of the map that are still above freezing. actually last night i went to the tree lighting over at city hall. very cold experience out there. and temperatures, it was chilly but not terrible. we're looking at those 30s right now. 38 degrees in rittenhouse. we're seeing mid 30s for andorra, chestnut hill at 36. the same for west mount airy. the 36 degree mark at park wood, bustleton, a lot of us in the mid 30s. winds in the light category still at this point in the day. meaning the windchill isn't too rough on you. most of us feeling like we're in the low er to mid 30s as well. right now sat lie and radar, pretty empty. not a lot going on in our region. but, we do still see some of those clouds. mostly along the northern edge of our viewing area. overall that's about what we're going to see. this is going to be a mostly clear day. we'll see some scattered clouds, but a good amount of sunshine in today's forecast. if you want to get out, run err ands, do a little shopping.
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you certainly can do so. maybe go get the christmas tree. i'm thinking about doing that later today. we are tracking temperatures that are going to be sitting right around upper 40s, low 50s. this is pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. 49 degrees in the suburbs. lehigh valley at 48. 51 the shore. that's the same for delaware. and philadelphia with a high of 51 degrees. remember the average is 52. pretty typical temperatures for this point in the year. for your forecast for the eagles game, tomorrow night, remember it's a late game, 8:30. looks pretty good but we'll be getting cool. if you're tail getting we'll be in the lower 50s. and more clouds will build in. they'll continue to thicken up for kickoff, 47 your temperature. by end of the game, dropping into the mid 40s. now we're completely cloudy. in fact, we're looking at the lead edge of rain starting to creep in overnight in here tuesday. looks like we'll stay dry for the eagles game, those showers will start as we move into your tuesday forecast. there's a look at your rain
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chances. monday night, past midnight picking up into tuesday, wednesday, and lingering into the first halfful thursday. that's the same for dover, reading and atlantic city. no one's going to escape this. we are tracking chances of showers with several systems passing meaning that we're going to continue to boost up that moisture, give us that potential. that will track through thursday. but then we start to dry out. we'll take a look at your ten-day on ten what temperatures we expect with some of this moisture. >> we've breaking news now a crash along the schuylkill expressway near the montgomery drive exit. one person has been hurt. as you can see, police are working to clear the scene. this is in the westbound lanes so traffic of course heading out of the city. medics did take the victim to the hospital. we're working to find out that victim's condition. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning and let you know when all of the lanes have reopened. new at 7:00, police in dover kent county are investigating armed roeshs at not one but two businesses on friday night a man can a gun made off with the cash register from a grocery store
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then yesterday two men held up a 7-eleven. no shots were fired in either robbery. police are now looking at surveillance video from both places in their search for suspects. 'tis the season to protect your presents. porch pirates, or people who steal boxes left on your doorstep on high alert for crimes of opportunity this time of year. nbc 10's matt delucia talked to the experts and has some advice about how to keep your gifts safe. >> more than half of americans are expected to do some kind of holiday shopping this weekend. and altogether this season, $117 billion are expected to be spent online. those gifts often show up at your doorstep or to the person you're giving the gift to. and every year we show you videos just like this one, home surveillance cameras catching thieves grabbing packages after they've been dropped off. one survey from last year found that 23 million people have reported packages being stolen from their homes in the past. we spoke with police lieutenant
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chris flanagan who said it all comes down to, most often, a crime of opportunity. >> also want to make sure that if you go away you have a plan. don't forget about those packages if you're traveling for the holidays. make sure you work it around that because two to three days of packages being left out not only can be a package theft but may open you up to a burglary. >> you can use the amazon locker. your package can be sent to boxes placed near stores or gas stations near you. you could send your package there. you enter a code, the door opens and you grab your gift and head out. u.p.s. offers a similar service called an access point. if delivery is still your presence here are some more tips. for u.p.s. and fedex, they offer plenty more suggestions. but here are the big ones. you can provide delivery instructions to the shipper. you can change the delivery and route. and you can hold the package at a u.p.s. or fedex location. now the u.s. postal service, they give a similar suggestions. one consider an alternate
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shipping address like a neighbor or a friend. require a signature upon delivery. or you can hold your mail at the local post office. bear in mind, though, that some of these services might cost you a little extra money so check beforehand to see what's worth it for you. most of this was about criminals seizing an opportunity. don't give them one and you can have a happy holiday season. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. tomorrow morning we'll be taking you live inside the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, new castle county. you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how workers pack up all the gifts you purchase on cyber monday on "nbc 10 news today" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. 7:23 right now on this sunday. what's in a name? well, a lot if you ask google and donald trump. coming up we'll tell you what users renamed trump tower on google maps this weekend. plus, somebody's going to have a nice holiday season. we'll tell you where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold.
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tennessee is where one ticket for last night's powerball drawing was sold. $1 million winning ticket was sold in pennsylvania. if you did play powerball here are those winning numbers. 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, with the powerball 16. tomorrow in philadelphia, penndot will begin repairing the broad street bridge at roosevelt boulevard. the project will take two months. crews will be working daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. if you are driving through that interchange, give yourself a little bit of extra time because of those lane restrictions. 7:27 right now on this sunday. it's time to head back home today. this morning we are keeping an eye on the lines at philly international. let's take a live look now. yep, we see those passengers moving along. the tsa making sure they've got
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everything before they get on that flight. we'll take you there for a live report after the break. oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs.
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heading back home after the holidays. we are live at the airport with the crowds. to show you how the year's busiest travel day at philly international is shaping up. no matter where you're going today, we have your holiday travel forecast. and we've also got you covered with your neighborhood forecast. it may be cold and windy out there but we will see plenty of sunshine. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30 on this sunday. a lot to get to but first we do want to get a quick check of that weather with meteorologist krystal klei. >> we'll start out with your neighborhood forecast then get to the travel forecast in just a bit. here's a look at your feels-like temperatures outside.
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getting out the door early, it feels cold out there, upper 20s, low 30s. pretty much exactly what we called for yesterday morning, we're seeing low 30s, philadelphia, wilmington, northeast philly right around 30 degrees. 26, though, from millville and 29 for lancaster. mount pocono now feeling like 24 degrees. colder start than what we saw yesterday. and actually cooler temperatures as a whole. so we've got these winds that are picking up a bit that make it feel more chilly than it truly is. looking at radar and satellite this is a wider view, scattered snow showers to the north of us. none of that's going to make it into our zone. instead some scattered clouds and mostly sunny conditions for today's forecast. actually, while we've been in the low 50s, right around average. the average is 52. we're forecasting a high of 51. notice in the days to come a huge pickup in temperatures. don't be deceived though, it doesn't mean it's a great forecast for your tuesday, instead we're talking rainy weather. we're getting to those details in a few minutes. >> thanks for that crystal.
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it is going to be a very busy travel day as millions are heading back home after the holiday weekend. this morning, we're keeping an eye on the roads. a live look there. the schuylkill expressway. the rails, a live look to your left at 30th street station and of course keeping watch of the airport. monique braxton is live at philadelphia international. now it looks like a bit of a lull. >> yeah, rosemary. now would be a good time to head here to go through the tsa checkpoint. if you have to leave in the next couple of hours. it looks like there's a lull in the crowd over my shoulder. now aaa is predicting a record 3.6 million people are going to be flying through tomorrow. according to phl, 85,000 of those travelers will pass through the terminals here. we've been watching hundreds of people going through security checkpoints for the past few hours. the lines appear to be moving smoothly. also we've been keeping an eye on the departure board.
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good news for early morning travelers. no delays as flyers head back home. >> we came to see our good friends, trina and dennis, in philadelphia, and our daughter who's a princeton student met us here. >> wow. so these are the younger two? >> yes, uh-huh. >> so were you guys excited to be here with your sister? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> vpt seen her in a long time. >> and you're looking forward to heading back home? >> yeah. >> i want to sleep. >> don't we all. if you are flying american airlines check the terminal as well as departure gates before you arrive at the airport so you know where to go before you head to the tsa screening. as a reminder, it's about a 15-minute walk between "f" and "c" terminals. so allow that time. there's a free shuttle service, and also if you're expecting someone and you're on the phone with them as soon as they touch down, tsa says along with phl do not stop on the side of the road. there are free cell phone lots here at the airport.
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live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that reminder. first alert meteorologist krystal klei has got a check of the holiday travel forecast across the country. krystal? >> yeah, for those of you that may be here but planning on traveling back to wherever home is the western half of the country a little more active right now than the eastern half. in fact not a lot going on in the eastern half. good travel weather. but we do see some scattered snow from new mexico pretty much north, showers, rain along the california coastline. as we go through the rest of today, this is what we're expecting. we put this into motion. the eastern half of the country is pretty good. the central portions of the u.s. will start to see this storm formation that's going to include some thunderstorms. that may give some delays for your thanksgiving head home travel weather so just a heads up if you're heading further west you may want to check on those times again we have some of that information on our website, >> nbc 10 app when you're traveling this holiday season, you can see what the weather will be like when you're leaving
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or coming home. plus live traffic updates to avoid trouble on the roads. in other news this morning, a scam. that's what president-elect donald trump is calling an election recount effort now backed by hillary clinton's campaign. yesterday clinton's camp said that it plans to support a recount in wisconsin. former green party presidential nominee jill stein, who you see right there, is organizing the effort. the recount in wisconsin could start this week. stein also wants recounts in pennsylvania, and in michigan. political observers say those three battleground states helped to decide the election. president-elect donald trump won 290 electoral votes compared to lynn's 232. of course it's the electoral votes that wins the white house. clinton leads the national popular vote by about 2 million votes. in a statement the president-elect also called the recount effort ridiculous. mr. trump says quote the people have spoken and the election is over, this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceded. coming up in just about 15
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minutes from now, we'll talk live to moderator of "meet the press" chick todd he'll be giving us a preview of what's on tap for the show today. he'll be talking to kellyanne conway donald trump's campaign manager about whether trump can keep his promises plus, he'll be discussing fidel castro's death and how it may impact diplomatic relations between the u.s., and cuba. tomorrow's cyber monday is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of all time. generating more than $3 billion in sales. if you're planning to cash in experts say make a list before you shop online. if you weren't already planning to buy an item in the first place then a sale may not be saving you any money. know where to look. cyber monday usually has great deals on apparel, and shop safe. use sites like paypal to check out instead of checking out as a guest on a website. the experts consider sites like paypal to be more secure. coming up, will he or won't
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he play? we're hearing from eagles head coach doug pederson. and his nondecision about nelson agholor. that's next in sports.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity.
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x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you, i'm danny pommells, csn college football was the flavor of the day saturday the stakes high for penn state who hoped with a little help from ohio state the blue and white would be heading to the big ten championships by night's end. penn state's fans more focused on what was going on at columbus at the beginning of this game. how about we go there first? double overtime ohio state/michigan. osu runs in the game-winning score to knock off the wolverines 30-27 much to the delight of the beaver stadium crowd. they know now a penn state win and they're heading to the big ten title game next week. barkley has been doing it all year long. the kid flies high over the pylon a la ladainian tomlinson. a la walker payton, take your choice. the place is jumping. third quarter 17-12. penn state trace mcsorley looking downfield. seals the envelope on some airmail. great catch in double coverage. that's a touchdown and it's on. scary moments for penn state. barkley helped off the field
7:41 am
with an ankle injury, visibly upset on the sidelines. he did not return. late third quarter penn state ices it. mcsorley once again airing it out. godwin behind the defense. mcsorley, four td passes, penn state headed to a big ten title match to take on wisconsin next saturday. >> we're honored to be able to play them in the big ten championship game in indianapolis. so, again i just want to thank everybody, humbled, humbled for this night. humbled for the type of support that we get. and just so thankful for the guys in that locker room. it's been special. >> temple looking to lock up a spot in the american conference title game with a win over east carolina at the linc. second quarter tied. a yard away, the owls up 14-7. a minute later temple on the doorstep once more, thomas from three yards away 21-7 temple they do not look back they will face a tough navy team in the conference title game next week.
7:42 am
fcs playoffs villanova hosting saint francis, first quarter aaron forbes up the guts for six. 'nova on top 10-0. later in the quarter, ryan bell does the rest, near sideline rumbling 59 yards. he's got reservations for six all 'nova and coach andy talley's final home game. they play south dakota state next week. to the pros the eagles and packers monday night showdown approaching. here in south philly at lincoln financial field. running back matthews has been ruled out for the game as well as halapoulivaati vaitai. still in question is nelson agholor. head coach doug pederson said he may have to take a step back but pederson looks what he saw this week. >> he's had a good week of practice. i feel like he's in a good spot. he's done everything right this week. >> i'm convinced on what he's done this week and kind of know
7:43 am
where he's at and the conversations we've had. i want to get through the next couple of days of practice. there's always things that come up. on the ice flyers goaltender to make his first career start for the flames. he was called up after the injury to the backup goalie. the sixers will have joel embiid available to play sunday against lebron james and the cavs. should be a good one. embiid will not travel to toronto for monday's game against the raptors remember the sixers played the cavs pretty tight earlier this season. that's it for sports i'm danny pommells. coming up after the break, a look at nice conditions for your sunday, even into your monday. but, we are tracking rain that could last several days on your ten-day forecast. ten day on 10 is coming up next. here's a live look outside kenbeck mountain cam.
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just about quarter till 8:00 right now on this sunday. here's a quick check of headlines on this sunday morning. today is the day millions of people are heading home after the holiday. expect the roads, the rails and the airports to be packed. may want to give yourself some extra time and check the nbc 10 app to get weather on traffic updates. today you can enjoy the
7:47 am
grand opening ceremony for this year's christmas village in philadelphia. festivities began on thanksgiving day. this year the open air market is split between the courtyard at city hall and the building's northern apron that faces 16th street. the village is open every day through christmas eve. a single ticket sold in tennessee beat 292 million to one odds to win a $421 million powerball jackpot. nobody has stepped forward yet to claim the prize. the lump sum payment would add up to just about $254.5 million. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right we're going to start with some numbers on the board here. temperatures to start off in the new jersey neighborhoods. still in the 30s for the most part. some of us are at or below freezing now. we're looking at clayton 31 degrees, swedesboro at 28 degrees and med ford at 32. continue across the board, piney hall at 33. mount laurel at 31, as we track
7:48 am
north same deal. 35 for robinsville as well as florence. that starting temperature this morning. as you get out the door it's going to feel colder than it did yesterday morning. don't think it's going to be the exact same start. afternoonwise it will be somewhat similar, though, in the low 50s. 51 greesz, philadelphia. summerton the same. 49 for lansdale and 48 in allen town. easton at 49 degrees. so temperatures, going to be very consistent with what we saw yesterday. sky conditions not so much. we have that cloud coverage hanging overhead throughout the afternoon. we called for that on/off cloud with a good blanketing at some point. today, we're looking for less clouds, more sun in the forecast. that's the same for delaware, new jersey, and the shore, as well. with temperatures right around the low 50s. 51 in hammonton, cape may at 51, and rehoboth beach the same with that 51 degree forecast high temperature. winds gusts up to 30 miles per hour expected. this is pretty similar to yesterday, too. sustained winds on the board right around 10 to 15 miles per
7:49 am
hour across the map, philadelphia 12, wilmington, 13 miles per hour. this isn't going to be the entire day. it will be focused into the afternoon where we'll see those winds peak and notice those winds are coming in again from the northwest. on your hour by hour forecast, nothing too interesting for the next couple of days. we stay clear here from 7:30 in the morning all the way through to 5:30 in the evening. so we're just talking some scattered clouds and that's it. no rain to track. then we go through your monday. and we're looking yet again, clear conditions to start out the morning, that continues to about the afternoon, and then as we move into the late-day evening clouds really start to thicken up overhead. by midnight, we start to pull in enough moisture for some very isolated showers to develop. and past midnight into your tuesday morning, that late-day commute, 9:00 a.m. here to 9:00 a.m., that's when we start to pull in showers to the west. this is just going to spread across the board though. no one is escaping the rain potential through your tuesday. the whole day across through 7:30 at night, starting to pull out. we'll have a little breakthrough wednesday morning but then we pull in the second round of rain which continues through all of
7:50 am
our wednesday. here's a look at that ten-day forecast. chances of rain actually continue into your thursday morning. temperatures into the 60s. and then we start to dry out into your next weekend. the death of fidel castro, its impact on cuba, cuban-americans and u.s. presidential policy. "meet the press" will be tackling it all this morning right here on nbc. joining us for a preview is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> fidel castro gave up power a decade ago with his brother raul now in charge of cuba. so is the impact of fidel castro's death more symbolic than an indicator of any change to come? >> yeah, i think that's right. i think, look, i think what it's done in the near term is refocused us on the fact that donald trump has had sort of a contradictory position when it comes to cuba. on one hand he has sounded as if he could keep most of the changes apresident obama has made but there are other times where as a candidate toward the end of the campaign in florida
7:51 am
he sounded like somebody who plan to roll back all of the changes president obama made and you got to remember, all of the changes in our cuba relationship as a country with the united states have been made unilaterally by president obama, with an executive action. it can all change on his own if president trump chooses to do it. i think it is refocusing attention on that. keep an eye on one other factor here with raul castro holding off on some changes while fidel was alive. we don't know, it's very possible, so keep an eye on what raul does in the next six to nine months without fidel's presence. does he speed up the move to capitalism, and to some freedoms that they've been slowly adding? >> something we'll definitely be watching. chuck you bring up of course president-elect donald trump you're going to be sitting down today with his campaign manager kellyanne conway. do you think she'll give us a clearer idea of what mr. trump's policy will be towards cuba? >> great question, i'm -- that's certainly one of my questions and whether we're going to find
7:52 am
that out. again he's been all over the map on this one. and the other part of this is, and what's he going to do with the transition? kellyanne conway is somebody who is publicly lobbying against mitt romney as secretary of state. an unusual thing for an adviser in the transition to do when the president himself has publicly said he is considering mitt romney. it has been an unusual transition that's for sure. >> i think i have you for like a minute or two more, i'm going to ask you about this effort to recount votes in wisconsin, possibly pennsylvania. >> look officially being filed by the green party. jill stein, she's the one that raised the money to request the recount. for sure in wisconsin and also potentially going to be made in michigan and pennsylvania. clinton campaign says it will cooperate with the stein campaign on these requests, so they're in on this, too. but the campaign's lawyer also
7:53 am
put out a statement and said they're well aware that there has never been a successful recount that has overturned the result of an election by the margins that clinton trails in all three of those states. so essentially it was a long-winded way of saying we know this is beyond the realm of -- of a -- of the likelihood of it flipping anything. but i think there seems to be a cathartic need with some on the left to see this done. particularly in those three states. and i think actually michigan is the one that most democrats would like to see recounted. >> chuck todd moderator of "meet the press." as always, chuck, thanks for your insight. >> you got it. little bit later on this morning chuck and his guests will tackle whether president-elect donald trump can keep his campaign promises on cuba, and other top issues. "meet the press" comes your way with chuck todd this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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we figured we'd leave you with this image this morning. a picture perfect moment. santa claus and mrs. claus arrived at suburban square in ardmore yesterday morning to a crowd of eager boys and girls and babies i suppose. they practically jumped at the opportunity to sit on santa's lap to tell them what they want for christmas. i didn't see even tears there but that's a good sign. >> every once in awhile you see babies crying on santa's lap. >> terrified. right. >> that was a good sign.
7:57 am
>> all right, our conditions today, pretty good forecast here. sunday as well as your monday. eagles fans are going to the game tomorrow night. we're looking at a live shot outside notice much more clearer than yesterday as we move through the day. we're going to stay with mostly fair conditions. little windy, as well. 51 for the forecast high. stay in the 50s monday and monday night the game should stay dry. chances of rain will move in a little past midnight into your tuesday. may last tuesday, wednesday, even early thursday. also pointing out those 60s on the board. don't be deceived. 60s doesn't mean a good thing for us. it's going to be rain. could fire off some thunderstorms as a result. >> right i'm guessing that rain of course is helping to keep the temperatures a little bit warmer than usual. >> yeah, exactly. clouds, temperatures up. and on top of that we have the warmer air. you can see the thunderstorms fire up. we'll keep a close eye because that can mean heavy rain for some areas. mountains up in the poconos, resorts not thrilled about the forecast but we're beginning december. we'll have to see what the rest of the month brings. for right now on this sunday morning, we'll be back with a
7:58 am
half an hour of news at 9:00.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we begin to heal our divisions. >> i won't pretend to be president-elect's biggest cheerleader. >> off the roadway. ♪ lovely lady ♪ good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." cuba and the world still reacting this morning to the death of fidel castro. and preparing for a life after the brutal and i conic dictator. andrea mitch sell live in halve in for news a moment. later on a much different note we are also in the clubhouse with andy cohen, the guy who grew up fascinated by celebrity and pop culture at the center of it


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