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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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but first the temperatures reach in to the 50s today. i'll break the forecast down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. new this morning, a shooting victim is in stable condition in the hospital after being targeted at a bar in philadelphia. police say the shooting happened at 66th street and malvern avenue just before midnight. two men followed the victim, opened fire and then took off. police also tell us that the victim was carrying two i.d.s showing different genders. investigators are now looking at surveillance video to try to track down any suspects. let's head now to south jersey where a vacant home went up in flames. the fire started on north 32 pd street around 3:30 this morning. crews were able to get it under control quickly and nobody was hurt here. one person is in the hospital following a house fire in chester county. firefighters were called to cook street in coatesville. the two inside the home were able to make it out safely, one
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p person being treated for breathing problems. in bucks county, a worker hit by a car while changing a flat tire is in stable condition this morning. this is last night along route 1 near fox court. the accident happened along the shoulder of the their re road. police tell us the worker responded to a driver who had called for roadside assistance. he had broken bones and head injury. investigators say that the driver of the car hit the worker who -- who hit the worker did stop at the scene. well, today is the deadline in pennsylvania to challenge the outcome of the presidential election. >> while there is no evidence of any voter tampering across the state, millions of dollars have already been raised to start the recount process. katy zachry is live in the digital operations center. and a former presidential hit is spearheading this effort here and elsewhere. >> that's right. form former green party candidate jill fine filed a recount request late friday in wisconsin
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and that recount expected to start by thursday. stein also wants recounts here in pennsylvania as well as in michigan. in all three states, donald trump won by a narrow margin. stein has rayed more than $6 million to get voters to file an affidavit with the local board of elections. she's concerned that two-thirds of pennsylvania had machines that do not have a paper trail. officials have said there is no evidence that ballots were hacked and that it will be difficult to finish a recount by the federal deadline of it december 13th. still stein said elections need an overhaul to instill confidence. >> we need a system that is resilient, that is not open to tampering and that includes automatic reassurance that specifically being an audit, an automatic audit. >> president-elect donald trump blasted stein's recount effort already underway in wisconsin as we mentioned, he even tweeted that millions voted illegally, a
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claim not backed by evidence. hillary clinton is leading by more than 2 million in the popular vote and her campaign stresses it did not initiate the recount effort but says they are supporting it. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. today developers will take a walking tour of a philadelphia neighborhood targeted for revitalization. the redevelopment plan covers an area of cobbs krecreek where th police bombing and fire during the 1985 move standoff devastated homes. some were rebuilt, others remain vacant. the city is inviting ideas to rebuild the area. and more than 154 million people took advantage of black friday bargains. apple products, tvs and toys were among the top purchases. and now the focus shifts to online shopping. cyber monday is here and nearly half of all shoppers are expected to buy something online
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today. matt delucia is live at the amazon fulfillment center with more. >> reporter: and i might be one of those folks buying something today for cyber monday. i'll tell you, a lot of people will be doing it. we're inside the annumazon fulfillment center and just behind these doors is where all the action is happening. this will be a very busy day for the folks here as 40% of americans will put something in their online cart today. amazon is offering team discounts and this is how the wear loss looks before cyber monday. the normal volume of packages on the conveyor belt. employees are already working extra hours and last year amazon customers ordered more than 54 million items worldwide on cyber mop. that is 629 items per second. and they expect today to be even bigger. so in the next half hour, we'll go inside where you might be
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able to hear that noise of all the boxes going on the conveyor belts. we'll head inside and give you a closer look at what is going on right now. a flurry of activity already and it's only 4:35 in the morning. live in middletown, gel wear, ma delaware, matt take lucia. >> tap the nbc 10 advice for advice on how to avoid scams and wi-fi tricks. and are you among the 40% of people planning to buy something online today? reach out to us on twitter and tell us about your shopping plans. today a local radio station is starting its annual camp out for hunger campaign. wmmr will broadcast from theof starting this morning. last year listeners filled more than 38 tractor trailers full of food to help fight hunger in our region. for the eagles, there is no
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place like home. >> ahead hear from the team as they look forward to tonight's game. also flames and smoke pour from a truck. ahead find out what was burning in the big rig. clear skies and a chilly morning, 36 degrees at hk 36 4:. sunshine on the way, but you better enjoy it today because there are changes starting tomorrow.
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it's 4:38. 36 degrees and just a hint of a breeze blowing. very light wind, you can see it in the flag. this view from center city where skies are clear, so the temperatures have been coming down. and the wind, that during the day today will be picking up out of the south which will lead to warmer temperatures as we go into the afternoon. 36 degrees, warmer than yes.
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and we'll still be at 36 at # 0 8:00, but with a lot of sunshine, a quick warm-up into the 50s by lunchtime. look at those 7-mile-per-hour winds out of the south at noon and just a little stronger later this afternoon. but later this afternoon, the brilliant sunshine will start to fade as clouds move in ahead of rain for tomorrow. for today in the suburbs, you'll see clear skies to start with, we're getting a cold start, 36 right now with just a 5-mile-per-hour breeze. but with plenty of sunshine, through the 30s, 40s, into the 50s in afternoon for the suburbs. low 50s at 2:00. really nice day today. a little bit warmer than yesterday for the lehigh valley after a cold morning. right now it's 28 degrees. once the sun is up, temperatures will leap from the low 30s to the low 40s to the low 50s at lunchtime. beautiful sunshine at noontime. but you'll see the clouds start to move in later this afternoon ahead of the rain for tomorrow. for new jersey, cold there too
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right now, 26 degrees. and this number could still fall a bit lower. humidity very low and the wind is light and with clear skies, that is when you get the colder temperatures. but with sunny skies, a quick warm-up there, too, from the 20s to the low 50s at noontime. later this afternoon, you will see some of the clouds on the increase. don't expect any showers during the day today, but you'll see the late day clouds at the shore, too. mostly sunny until then. 29 and clear skies. once the sun comes up, temperatures will come up in a hurry. upper 40s at 10:00 this morning. and delaware, you'll see sunshine there, too, right now 34 degrees. that number still could come down to right around freezing this morning. still cool at 8:00, chilly, but look at the temperatures climbing into the 50s with plenty of sunshine during the day today. those southerly winds at 11 miles per hour warming us up to 53 in delaware at 2:00 this afternoon. those clouds will be increasing later today. temperatures will be increasing over the next few days.
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look at the temperature trend, 50s today, 60s for tuesday and wednesday, but what is unusual here is this is going to come with rain. the fi timing of the rain when come back. and next we take you county by county for a look at events happening today in your neighborhood, including how you can get a new four legged friend at a reduced price. also traffic changes could be coming to your commute starting today. next we take a close look at a construction project along the roosevelt boulevard. plus it's the best of the birds. halftime tonight, eagles will induct jeremiah trotter and merrill reese into the hall of fame. we'll hear from them.
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here is a live look at 4:43. there may still be some stragglers making their way home from the thanksgiving weekend. a look at i-95 in south florida.
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along the pennsylvania turnpike, it was a nonstop show of headlights last night. according to the turnpike commission, in a positithanksgiy is the busiest time and drivers say it was good. >> i was expecting a little bit more traffic. we were out earlier today shopping and it was a little bit crazy. so it wasn't bad at all. >> turnpike commission says 3.5 million drivers were estimated to have hit the roads over the long weekend. now a live look at philly international where it is back to normal traffic this morning at the airport. last night a different story. a massive crush of travelers made their way through the long security lines to their gates. passengers we spoke with are in good spirits despite long wait times. >> incredible line when you're after a great weekend, now we will see it we can catch the plane. >> most of the time it's been pretty bad. so this time it's good. >> they had smiles on their
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faces. airport officials estimate some 86 thousand travelers passed through the gates. the miss city weekend may be winding down, but a major construction project in philadelphia could affect your commute this morning. penndot will start repairing the broad street bridge at roosevelt boulevard a little bit later on today. the project to improve the bridge's drainage system is expected to take two months. crews will be working daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. again it starts today. if you are driving through this interchange, you may want to give yourself a little bit of extra time because of the lane restrictions. 4:45. on this monday, let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories. first in delaware, today city council will meet to talk about renovations for bay nard stadium this after a deal between the high school and city fell through. a state rep complained the school raise the money to fix the stadium was done too quickly. so now a committee will discuss
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creating a task force to find funding. it was last renovated in 1972. and in chester county, peco starts a project to provide natural gas service. 160 customers will get the new service when the project is finished in the spring. in delaware county, we'll get the official announcement that the beaver valley area will be preserved as open space. the county recently purchased the property and the 240 acre plot the is a popular area for hikers, bikers, runners and horse back riders and it will stay that way. in burlington county, you can bring a shelter pet home for the holiday season. the animal shelter in west hampton is continuing its home for the pawli gchdaz event. all adoption fees are waived. and duffle bags will be packed for foster children.
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dozens of kids at holy cross academy will prepare the so-called sweet cases. adoptive services will hand them out to families tomorrow. >> this is an interesting one. police in northeastern pennsylvania are looking into the cause of a fire that burned up a truck carrying ham. take a look at the viewer video of the truck's fire near the pennsylvan pennsylvania/new york line. you can see the thick black smoke billowing out. remember, when you see news happening, sure to send it to us on the free nbc 10 app, but only if you can do so safely. let's check the roads right now. katy zachry starting us on the blue route. that's right, we're looking at the blue right,oute, 476. north and southbound no delays. but as the morning commute creeps up, i will definitely check back in with the blue route as we tend to see delays around this time. all right. let's look at some of your drive times on 76. if you're going eastbound into
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center city philadelphia from the blue route headed to the vine street expressway, that will take you about 12 minutes. about the same going westbound out of the city toward the blue route. and also 95 south bond, 12 minutes as you make your way from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. coming up, we'll take a look at the roads in new jersey and delaware. 4:48. not too bad out there this morning. >> what do you see, bill? >> we're looking at clouds coming in later in the day today. right now our skies are nice and clear, so if you're heading out, it is clear. and it's a little bit of cold this morning. the temperatures have dropped into the 20s and 30s. 36 degrees at philadelphia international, but many of the neighborhoods are in the 20s especially in south jersey right now. when you get clear skies and dry air and light wind like you see here in the flag view of center city, that's when you get some of your coldest temperatures. so clear and chilly to start with, but we'll see sunshine to warm things up.
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sunny skies this morning and early this afternoon, but you'll notice high clouds later in the afternoon. this evening the clouds will be moving in ahead of rain for tomorrow. looks like the rain will start first thing tomorrow morning. first thirng this morning, starting off with cold air. 20s now in the lehigh valley, 32 for the suburbs. and look at the 20s in south jersey. all in the 20s. mounts laurel 28. and now 22 in princeton. so definitely have to bundle up this morning. but you'll also need your sunglasses along with the coat. bus stop weather this morning calling for temperatures that will be climbing. they will be in the 30s with lots of sunshine. so still cold at 8:00 in the morning. a quick warm up in to the 50s this afternoon. radar and satellite, we are completely clear this morning. the clouds that i'm expecting later today, we can see them already moving into the ohio valley. it will come with this big
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beautiful storm system. there is the center of the storm over the dakotas producing snow and rain. we will only get rain out p it because this storm will usher in much warmer air before the rain moves in and actually during the rain for tomorrow and wednesday. looking at two days of rain here. you see the high clouds starting to increase at 6:00 this afternoon, the rain still well to our west. but by this time tomorrow morning, we will see some rain showers in steadier rain will be in central pennsylvania at that time, but it moves in and by lunchtime, more scattered showers that will continue into the evening hours. but check this out, the temperatures really warming up with that rain moving in. there is the 7:00 tomorrow morning, you see the rain especially in the suburbs and lehigh valley. 54 degrees, we're in the 20s and 30s right now. so much warmer to start with. and watch the temperatures climb into the 60s during the day tomorrow. 63 degrees at lunchtime and still climbing into the
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afternoon in spite of umbrellas going up. so we have changes ahead. today we'll be completely dry, 54 with lots of sunshine this morning and early this afternoon. and then the clouds building with rain first thing in the morning and for much of the gda tomorrow. we'll see on and off showers continuing into the evening hours on tuesday. and then another round of rain and another round of surging warm air into the area, 67 degrees the high temperature on wednesday. and then the rain showers will taper off thursday and temperatures come back down. by the end of the week, we're right at normal for this time of year, 51 on friday, just a little chillier saturday and sunday. that chill stays with us for much of next week with mostly cloudy skies for monday, tuesday and wednesday. this morning support is growing to change the law when it comes to helping stranded whales, this after a humpback died off the coast of long island. supporters of the cause held a vigil yesterday once crews were able to remove the dead whale from the bay with the help of a
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barge and crane. the humpback became stranded last sunday and struggled for days before being euthanized on wednesday. private citizens wanted to try to rescue the animal but say they were blocked by federal regulations. >> local people want to try to do something good for the whale and then they tell us that we can't and they have their own system that doesn't work. >> seems to me more could have been done. i was here and the what i wile struggling and it was haheartbr. >> they say the whale suffered organ damage and trying to tow it would have caused more harm. as we approach the holidays, an estimated 1 billion packages are expected to be delivered to homes all across the country. >> meantime thieves are lurk to go steal the goods left at your doorstep. we'll show you how one nevada
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neighborhood is fighting back. and tonight the eagles face a big test. we break down the monday night match-up between the eagles and packers. as we approach the holidays, we break down the monday night
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good morning. just a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. and things look pretty calm out there. this is the vine street expressway right at 24th street. off in the distance you can see where it merges on with 76 east and west. and i can tell you on 76 as well as the vine, no major issues to report. coming up, we'll take a look at how traffic is running on new jersey roads. let's head now to the south jersey bureau. authorities are still sorting out a police chase that ended in a fiery crash. the pursuit ended with a seven car pileup that closed the area near route 73 for hours.
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at least one car caught a fire. the injuries were minor. officers have arrested a suspect, but there is no word on what the charges are. philadelphia's christmas village is up and running this morning. it celebrated its grand opening yesterday. a traditional german style gift giver arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to officially open the market. the open air german market outside city hall is one of the largest in the country open tale until christmas eve. santa arrived in dead care county last night, the fun run brought out adults and kids to seed old st. nick and his reindeer. admission was free with the donation of an unwrapped different gift for the local toys for tots organization. and in university city, academy of natural sciences hosted wild wizarding weekend.
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they also got to take in the unearthed exhibit. that runs through january 16th. tonight is game night at the linc. the eagle host the packers. birds coming in to the contest with a 5-5 record, all five wins have come at home this season. the quarterback match-up nascar son wentz facing air are not ron aaron rodgers. both believe they can get in the playoff race. >> we're all smart guys. we realize what is at stake and where we're at in the season. we have six games left and we will put our best foot the forward. >> i feel like we can run the table. i think the offense is starting to click a little bit more. we just have to put together a game where we're consistent from the first snap to the last. >> kickoff is at 8:30. and at halftime, the eagles will
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in-duck jeremiah trotter and merrill reese into the team's hall of fame. both men were beaming with pride at a special luncheon yesterday. >> this was the greatest honor that i've ever received. it's amazing to be honored for something that you do that you love so much. >> this is up there, you know. just showing all the hard work you put in and people recognize it and award you for it. >> reese and trotter of course crossed paths, reese called trotter's name for eight seasons as an eagle. >> reese does love his job. absolutely. now here is more of the stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. the deals can't done yet. it's cyber monday and this morning we're live at the amazon fulfillment center in delaware watching your holiday orders roll out. and president-elect donald trump is getting back to work
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today in new york. we'll take a closer look at the cabinet positions he's expected to fill plus his take on the election recount effort. and new this morning, philadelphia police are trying to piece together an overnight shooting that investigators say started with the victims being targeted at a bar. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm tracy davidson. 36 degrees outside, back to work monday. let's begin with bill henley in the "weather center" talking about sunshine today, but then rait rain later in the week. >> definitely enjoy the sunshine today. it's a chilly start this morning, down to 36 degrees right now in the suburbs and falling. refugee at new jersey new jerset 31, delaware right at the freezing mark. don't be surprised to see frost on the rooftops this morning.
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it will disappear though as the day goes on. at 6:00, sun will still be down, but once it's up, a quick warm-up into the mid 40s at 9:00 and into the 50s this afternoon. brilliant sunshine this morning, but late day clouds expected ahead of rain tomorrow. for new jersey, 52 with the clouds. even later at the jersey shore, 54 there. and low 50s for the lehigh valley and delaware this afternoon. i'll take you through the forecast hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. but first, traffic with katie zachary. it's 5:00 a.m. and things are starting to pick up on the roads. it's 5:00 a.m. and th are starting to pick up on the roads. vine street expressway traffic moving outside of the city and eastbound very light flow coming into the city via the vine. so 76 right where it merges is looking great both east and westbound. vine street


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