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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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i rupting holiday travel. and a live look inside the ling oig. eagles try to extend their home winning streak tonight.c. eagles try to extend their home winning streak tonight. good morning. vai is on a long vacation and the rest of us are back to work and we have you covered. bill henley has your neighbor forecast. >> you will need to bundle up, 20s and 30s right now. look at me llehigh valley at 28. we will see plenty of sunshine. just 31 at 8:00, but by 11:00, 51 degrees. and we'll wind up warmer than yesterday afternoon for new jersey and suburbs, philadelphia, all into the lower 50s today. right at 50 for the lehigh valley and delaware up to 52. lots of sunshine, but later on, clouds. those late clouds will lead to rain for tomorrow.
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but we should stay dry today. i'll go through each of the forecasts hour by hour to show how quickly the temperatures warm up when i come back in ten minutes. things are running pretty smoothly on the roads. we'll start out with 95 in delaware. if you're headed northbound on 95 between 295 and 495, that drive will just take you about ten minutes. southbound pretty of the same thing. average speeds to both those stretch this is in the mid-60s. so looking good on delaware roads. moving in to new jersey, this is 295 at route 70, where you can see no major issues to report. so let's move into pennsylvania and see how some of majors are fairing there. 76 at montgomery drive, this is well lit and it shows us in we're encountering backup. and right now we're not seeing that. so 76 is looking really good and we're going for check out some drive times on 76. so eastbound as we were saying headed into center city philadelphia between the blue
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route and vine, that will be about a 12 minute drive. same thing head out of the city. coming up, we'll look at drive times on other majors. back to you all. in bucks county, a worker hit by a car while changing a flat tire is in stable complain this morning. take a look at the scene along route one near fox court and langhor langhorne. it happened along the shoulder. the worker had responded for roadside assistance, need heed a tire change. the worker has broken bones and a head injury. investigators say the driver that hit the worker did stop at the scene. today is the deadline in pennsylvania to challenge the outcome of the presidential election. while there is no evidence of any voter tampering, millions of dollars have already been raised to start the recount process. former green party presidential candidate jill stein filed a recount request late friday in wisconsin. the recount there now expected to start by thursday. stein also wants recounts in
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pennsylvania as well as michigan in all three states donald trump won by a narrow margin. stein says the recount should be part of an electionoff all to give voters confidence. >> we need a system that is resilient, that is not open to tampering and that includes automatic reassurance that specifically being an audit, an automatic audit. >> president-elect trump has blasted stein's recount effort for days now, but now he's tweeting that in addition to winning electoral college in a landslide, he says i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. that claim by mr. trump is not backed by evidence. today developers will take a walking tour of a well-known philadelphia neighborhood targeted for revitalization. the redevelopment plan covers an area of cobbs creek where the police bombing and fire during the 1985 move standoff definite investigation stated dozens of homes. some of the homes were poorly rebuilt, others remain vacant.s
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homes. some of the homes were poorly rebuilt, others remain vacant. s city is invited ideas to rebuild the area. and authorities are still sorting out a police chase that ended with a fiery crash with several people hurt. the pursuit yesterday stretched from camden county to burlington county and ended with a seven car pileup that closed area near route 73 for hours. at least one car caught fire. injuries were minor. officers have arrested a suspect. 34 degrees outside. and tonight is game night at the linc as we look at the stadium. eagles host the packers for monday night football. here is the deal. the birds come into the contest with a 5-5 record, all five wins at home -- have been at home this season. quarterback match-up has carson wentz facing aaron rodgers.
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both squads believe they can get in the playoff race. >> we realize what is at stake and where we're at in the season. we have six games left and we will put our best foot forward. >> i feel like we can run the table. the offense is starting to click. we just have to put together a game where were consistent from the first snap to the last. >> kickoff is at 8:30. and of a halftime, eagles will induct jeremiah trotter and merrill reese into the team's hall of fame. both men were beaming at pride at a special luncheon yesterday. >> this this is the greatest honor that i've ever received. and it's amazing to be honored for something that you do that you love so much. >> approaching a goal, this is up there. just showing all the hard work you put in and people recognize it and award for you it. >> reese called trotter's name for eight seasons as an eagle.
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today a local radio station is beginning its annual camp out for hunger campaign. they have done this for so many years. wmmr will broadcast from xfinity live starting at 6:00 this morning and they will be there until friday collecting food. last year listeners filled more than 38 tractor trarl trailers f food to help fight hunger in our area. have you checked your e-mail lately? cyber monday deals are probably filling up your inbox. experts predict that cyber m monday sales will hit a 10% increase from last year. 36% of customers will shop on cyber monday. 76ers are promoting a deal for basketball tickets online and the philadelphia orchestra is offering a deal, as well. it's changing the way patrons shop. many are buying online and
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picking up at the stores. >> it's easier than standing in line out in the cold. >> one snag, buyers say some orders were canceled because of inventory issues. for expert advice on how to keep your information safe and avoid scams, just will head to our website or tap the nbc 10 app. 5:37. 34 degrees in philadelphia and the temperatures are about to come down a little bit more. we have clear skies and calm conditions and with dry air in place, we will get a cold start. still in the 30s at 8:00 this morning, that is after about an hour of sunshine. bright sunshine at 10:00, 45 degrees. and into the 50s this afternoon. but the clouds will be returning later this afternoon along with the wind out of the south which will be increasing tomorrow and that will lead to an even warmer day tomorrow. 37 right now, 35 at 8:00 for the suburbs. look at that sunshine, through
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the morning hours and into the early afternoon hours, low 50s this afternoon for the suburbs. lehigh valley will see a nice rebound, too. it's 28 right now, fourinto the fifth this afternoon. you will see the same southerly breeze in the lehigh valley that you enjoy in new jersey. that will help boost temperatures higher than yesterday's level during the day. right now 26 degrees. some of the suburbs and neighborhoods especially cold this morning, but looks at the warm-up, 50s by lunchtime and staying in the 50s through this afternoon in spite of the clouds increasing. you will see sunshine at the shore, mostly sunny skies to start with. by 8:00, 38 degrees. and into the 50s this afternoon. southerly winds at 10 miles per hour. just a little stronger at the shore than you'll find in delaware. 32 degrees right now, 46 degrees by 10:00. and the low 50s this afternoon. those clouds coming in in
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advance of some rain that will be here tomorrow. but along with rain will come a big warm-up. look at those temperatures, 64 degrees tuesday, and another round of rain even warmer on wednesday. details on the timing of that rain with futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:39. and i'm guessing that the roads out there eventually are going to get busy. >> yeah, let's find out when that happens. katy zachry is rachi ingwatchin drive times. >> so far things have been great, knock on wood. interstate 95 drive times, these drive times everything is in the green which means there are no incidents and your average speed is in the mid-60s both southbound and northbound. so between woodhaven and the vine, just 13 minutes. and blue route, we were checking in earlier this morning and things looked fine there.
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still northbound and southbound on the blue route no major complications. 76 eastbound from the turnpike to center city, that will take you about 18, 19 minutes. speaking of 76, let's take a look outside. 76 at market street, where if you were staying with us over the last, i don't know, 30 minutes or so, i last showed you a picture and traffic was definitely lighter. so as we make our way into the 6:00 and 7:00 hour, we are expecting things to pick up. i'll let you know when things change. and we'll also take a look at delaware and new jersey roads. of all the things you might have expected to see during the holiday travel rush yesterday, take a look at this. a view er sent us this video asa truck went up in flames. we'll tell you what was inside that truck.
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. this morning philadelphia police are investigating an overnight shooting in the overbrook neighborhood. >> police tell us the victim was targeted inside of a bar. pamela osborne is live this morning in west philadelphia to fill us in on what happened. >> reporter: we can tell you that the victim is in stable complain right now. the victim was also able to give police a description of at least one of the suspects.
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the victim says they were inside of a bar at 66 and lansdowne. when the victim left to walk home, two men followed the victim out of the bar, as well, when police say one of the two men started shooting. the succespect fired five shots hitting the victim once in the hip. and here is the description the victim gave police. shooter is 5'6" with a immedime build and tattoos on his face. a business nearby has surveillance video and they're hoping that video can give them a better look at their suspects. police are not saying much about the victim right now. they're still working to identify that person that was taken to the hospital with male and female identification on them. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. just about quarter to 6:00 on this monday. about 34 degrees outside. >> not too bad today as we head
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back to work and school. >> it will be a beautiful day. but later you will start to see clouds and that is the beginning of the change for tomorrow. sunshine today, rain tomorrow. heading out right now, bundle up. clear and chilly this morning. some areas down right cold actually in the 20s this morning. but it won't last, you will see sunny skies, a nice warm-up into the 50s this afternoon. but during the afternoon especially in the later afternoon hour, you start to see high clouds moving in this evening. dry this evening. so if you're going to the eagles game, no problem. no rain around during the day today or this evening. right now just cold outside. with with clear skies, it's dropped into the 20s in south jersey and the lehigh valley at 34. just below freezing for chestnut hill. and very low 30s in northeast philadelphia. while fort richmond and society hill are closer to the 40 degree
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mark this morning. but still a pretty good chill in the air. the wind is light, sunshine will be bright and at 8:00 this morning at the bus stop, temperatures will start to climb. quakertown, above freezing. 40 in atlantic city while 35 in wilmington. so you need to bundle up this morning. you won't need to bring any rain gear today. but the clouds that i'm expecting this evening are moving in from the west ahead of this storm. look at the snow in the dakotas. we will not see any snow from this. in fact the rain is going to be coming in and we'll have a big warm-up. we will see temperatures into the 60s tomorrow while today we will reach only into the 50s. 7:00 this evening, there you can see some scattered clouds in the area. completely dry. but late in the evening, overnight tonight into tomorrow, this is when we'll see the first rain of the day. so tomorrow light rain falling in the suburbs and the pocono
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mountains. this will swing through tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. we could even see heavier downpours, complaint rule out a thunderstorm for tomorrow. and the temperatures, well, they're looking impressive, too. 8:00 tomorrow morning, close to 60 in philadelphia with the rain and into the 60s as we go into the afternoon. breaking in the rainfall allow the temperatures to climb into the middle 60s tomorrow and then even warmer with more rain on wednesday. but today still chilly. the rain comes through tus aesd and wednesday, out of here on thursday. and temperatures back down into the low 50s for friday and a cool weekend, near 50 saturday and sunday. and that cool weather will linker with us into next week with mostly cloudy skies. 5:47. this is about the time traffic starts to pick up. let's see. katy zachry is watching the maps for us.
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>> this is the time traffic starts to pick up as we creep into the 6:00 and approaching the 7:00 hour. but we want to focus on the turnpike because if you drove the turnpike yesterday, you know how packed it was. today it's looking pretty good. between route 1 and exit for valley forge, 21 minutes. same thing headed eastbound between that stretch. so far cry in what it was yesterday. looking at other majors, 95 southbound, this is the flow of traffic. only about an 18 minute drive as you make your way between woodhaven and the vine street expressway southbound. and coming up in the next little bit, we'll take a look at how traffic is on delaware roadways. philadelphia's christmas village is in full swing. vendors and shoppers celebrated the grand opening yesterday with plenty of holiday fanfare. a traditional german style gift giver arrived in a horse drawn carriage to officially open the market. the open air german market is
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one of the largest in the country. it's open now through christmas eve. and an take immediate a stop in delaware county and brought his own snow machine. third annual santa parade and fun run brought out kids of all ages. thousands lined the streets. admission was free with the donation of an unwrapped gift which went to the local toys for tots organization. if you think you will be busy at work today, you may not be as busy as the employees at the amazon fulfillment center. that is where matt delucia is this morning. how is it going? >> reporter: boxes and boxes everywhere. in fact this would be a fun ride, but they told me i can't ride on this conveyor belt. but this whole center is 28 football fields long and you see all these boxes getting ready to head out to their destinations. this is cyber monday, but it's not just cyber mop that people are doing a lot of shopping and
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online shopping. coming up, we'll tell you about how it's really the entire week and season that might be taking over that cyber monday title.
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happening today, the first u.s. commercial flights are leaving for havana, cuba, this comes after fidel castro tied on friday. katherine creag is live at kennedy airport where the flight is scheduled to leave at 9:00 this morning. good morning. >> reporter: and it's ontime right now. we're here at the jetblue terminal. it is not often that we're inside broadcasting live from jetblue, but this is a big day for the company. we want to panoff to the departures board. in the top p row, the havana, cuba flight, flight 243 scheduled for 8:58 a.m. it is on time. but in light of fidel castro's death, jetblue is toning down its celebration of its inaugural commercial flight. there is no concert that is going to take place that was scheduled, there is no dancing
5:54 am
because people are in mourning in cuba. in fact jetblue understands what is taking place and is curtailing its plans, but it is offering daily flights to and from havana. jetblue says from what they have learned from passengers, some have not seen their family members in years and they plan this visit after fleeing the country years ago. this flight takes place as many in the country are mourning the death of castro. and again the flight takes off 8:58 a.m., it is on time from kennedy airport. but again, jetblue certainly toeb toning down what was supposed to be a big celebration. but they will welcome passengers just downstairs for this inaugural flight and then those passengers will be able to check in in that security area right behind me.
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back to you. >> katherine creag live for us. thanks. good morning, everyone. i'm katy zachry with a check of the roads. starting off in new jersey, this is route 38 in cherry hill, light traffic on route 38. route 42 though you will find traffic picking up there and coming up around the 6:00 hour, i'll show you what the drive times are on route 42. 95 northbound between 295 and 495, that will take you about ten minutes. average speed in the mid-60s as you make your way northbound and southbound for that stretch. a lot of people are getting ready for the return to work today. last night along the pennsylvania turnpike, it was a nonstop show of headlights. according to the turnpike commission, thanksgiving holiday is the busiest travel time of year, but drivers we spoke with tell us that the going was pretty good. >> i was expecting a bit more traffic. we were out earlier shopping and
5:56 am
it was a little bit crazy. so it wasn't badded at all. sf >> it's estimated 3.5 million drivers hit the road over the long weekend. and at philly international, travelers made their way through the long security lines. passengers we spoke with were in good spirits though. >> incredible line after a great weekend. now we will wait and see if we catch the flight. >> most of the time holiday travel has been pretty bad. and this time it's good. >> airport officials estimate some 86,000 travelers passed through the gates yesterday. busy thanksgiving travel weekend made be over, but a major construction project in philadelphia could affect your morning commute. penndot will start repairing the broad street bridge at roosevelt boulevard a little later on this morning. the project to improve the bridge's drainage system is expected to take two months. crews will be working daily from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. if you're driving through that
5:57 am
interchange, you may quawant to give yourself extra time because of lane restrigss. >> police are looking in to the cause of a fire that burned up a truck carrying hams. this is video of the fire near the pennsylvania/new york line yesterday. you can see thick black smoke billowing out. a viewer on the nbc 10 app sent us this video and told us in appeared to be no injuries. a viewer tells us she paid hundreds when her car broke down, but the fix should have been covered by her warranty. >> we'll show you how the nbc 10 responds teams stepped up to get her the refund she deserved. and plus we'll tell you about the online deals and discounts available today. >> and remember you can get more on the free nbc 10 app, your one
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target of violence. police say two men followed someone from a bar and opened fire. a tweet storm over the recount. president-elect donald trump takes to twitter claiming millions voted illegally, this after the latest challenges to the election results. online deals, today millions will take to the internet looki looking for bargains. it is 6:00 a.m. and good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. a little difficult to get in or what? reentry. bill henley is also here with the neighborhood forecast. >> and bundle up this morning and you will still need to if you're heading out. it's cold. temperatures have just dropped into the 20s in the subur


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