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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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pedestrians and strike them with a knife, that was on purpose. >> the motivate is still a mystery. investigators say the attack was deliberate, may have been planned. we are monitoring a news conference happening right now in columbus, ohio. we'll bring you any major updates as soon as we get them. for now, keith jones, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with heavy rain coming our way. take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar to see the rainstorm that could make your morning and evening commutes a slippery challenge tomorrow. the rain, mixed with all those leaves on the ground, corruld really make a mess for drivers over the next couple of days. clogged sewers could cause flooding. the good news, no need to pack your ponchos, the packers game will wrap up not long before the rain moves in. nbc 10 is issuing a first alert for tomorrow and wednesday.
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>> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tells us what to expect. >> i believe this is going to start by the morning rush tomorrow. the leading edge of the clouds has already gotten into philadelphia. that is a sign of things to come. this tremendous area of moisture is headed right in our direction. the clouds, you can see already, increasing across the area. the first alert is for the entire area, for the rain that's going to affect us from tuesday morning all the way to wednesday night. not constantly, but there are going to be two specific bursts of that. periods of heavy rain, slippery roads, and of course the clogged drains due to the leaves. normally, an inch or two of rain wouldn't necessarily be as big a deal as it is likely to be in this case, because of those leaves blocking the storm drains, you want to sweep some up tonight and consider those
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slippery conditions for tomorrow morning. there is no doubt that rain is coming in. it won't come in this evening, it will be a mild evening. by tomorrow morning, 55 degrees. the average high for this time of year is about 51. cooler in the northwestern suburbs and in the lehigh valley only in the 40s. you can see there too, the rain beginning 5 to 6:00 a.m. it may not begin at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches by then, but it will be moving in. more on the timing of this, when the heaviest is coming, with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. if you don't already have it, make sure you download the nbc 10 app. you can get interactive radar and severe weather alerts right to our smartphone. a student shot in wilmington this morning. >> the 15-year-old boy flagged down a bus after he was shot. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in
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wilmington sorting out the details from police. tim, what do you know? >> reporter: it was the first morning back after the long holiday weekend, kids out the here, lots of them on the street, trying to catch the school bus, when the bullets started flying. >> he's very, very fortunate. >> reporter: this man's son is lucky to be alive, shot three times on his way to catch his bus to dickinson high school. >> shots fired in the area. >> reporter: dad didn't want his name or face on tv, but he tells me he just moved with his son to philly. he doesn't know why the gunman attacked his son. what kind of beef would he have with your son? >> absolutely no idea. >> reporter: witnesses say it was crazy when it all went down. >> we just heard gunfire, five rounds at least, and then sort of people kind of hollering and running. >> reporter: dad says his son got on the school bus not even knowing he had been shot. the driver and other kids saw
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what happened. they called police and paramedics. the ninth grader was shot in the arm and stomach and is now listed in stable condition, shot in the neighborhood his dad had hoped would be safe for him. >> in the flick of a switch, anything can happen real fast. >> reporter: of all the kids on the bus, only a few of them were on the bus to come back. a spokesperson for the school district asked police officers to come out and keep an eye on this spot tomorrow morning. they say they'll start a problem where volunteers and staffers walk with kids to certain bus stops in wilmington. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. an update on the trump transition. the president-elect is meeting with retired general david petraeus today as mr. trump evaluates candidates for secretary of state. >> meanwhile trump is claiming voter fraud in states hillary clinton won. in one tweet he writes, in
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addition to wing the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. mr. trump won the electoral vote but mrs. clinton leads the popular vote by almost 2 million votes. in another tweet he writes, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california -- so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem, he says. three battleground states including pennsylvania have started a recount effort. lawyers working with jill stein have just met a recount deadline. stein filed a lawsuit just in the last hour. nbc 10's lauren mayk is here to tell us where the recount stands. >> in addition to asking for a recount, this lawsuit contests the election, citing concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines. in pennsylvania the state tells us there has been no evidence of hacking. but this request comes as voters
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showed up in philadelphia and across the state today asking officials to give this election another look. >> reporter: in philadelphia, a post-election-day effort taking shape in the corridors of city hall. >> in the name of voter integrity, in making sure that the election, you know, is as complete and valid as we can make it, you know, we want to take a closer look. >> reporter: hillary kaine is a member of the green party whose presidential candidate, jill stein, is leading the push for a recount in states including pennsylvania, hosting this video on facebook. >> pennsylvania is the only state in which the recount process has to be initiated by actually thousands of voters. >> reporter: the effort is drawing criticism from republicans including philadelphia's republican party chair. >> it's a scam. they're not satisfied with the election results. this is jill stein trying to make a name for herself, trying to retire campaign debt.
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>> reporter: but voters responded to the call for action in a complicated process that involved a notary. here in the hallway, one worker collected affidavits citing concerns about voting machines. >> we need three names from each division to submit them. >> reporter: she was a bernie sanders supporter turned hillary clinton supporter. in line, another clinton supporter. are you hoping this will change the result of the election? >> to be honest, yes, i do. but that's not why i want a recount. i want a recount to make sure that our elections are not sabotaged. >> the state today tells us they are aware of petitions filed in five counties including philadelphia where we were take. a spokeswoman says they are still gathering information, however there is some confusion over this positivrocess. we've been asking for a break down of how it will work and we still haven't gotten one.
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if a county has already certified election results, they can reject those petitions. that's not the case in philadelphia, jacqueline. >> all right, lauren. three weeks after the election, donald trump's won michigan's electoral votes just two hours ago. michigan certified its vote count, trump is the winner by just over 10,000 votes. it is the closest presidential race in michigan in more than 75 years. jill stein is expected to ask for a recount in michigan. she has until wednesday to do so. and bernie sanders is back in town tonight. the vermont senator and former presidential candidate is appearing at the free library of philadelphia to promote his new book. the book is called "our revolution: a future to believe in." the event is sold out. cubans are paying their respects to the country's controversial leader, fidel castro, this afternoon. cuban soldiers this morning fired off 21-gun salutes to mark the start of services paying
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tribute to castro. thousands are now filing through a memorial in havana's plaza of the revolution. we have a live picture from havana right now. there you see the people, many cubans given time off work to attend the memorial and virtually all schools and government offices are closed as well. and flags are flying at half-staff throughout cuba's capital this afternoon. but some notable embassies including the united states have refrained from such displays. cuban television announced castro's death friday. the government has declared a nine-day period of mourning. castro was 90 years old. he ruled cuba for nearly half a century, clashing with ten american presidents along the way. his passing is news many cuban americans have waited a lifetime to hear. >> hopefully we will have a future democracy in cuba, and i'll be able to go back and visit the land of my birth. >> fidel castro's funeral will be held on sunday after a tour of his ashes through cuba.
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meanwhile, donald trump is threatening to reverse the opening of cuba that president obama initiated. he says, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, i will terminate deal. the first commercial flight from the u.s. to the cuban capital was this morning for more than 50 years. the u.s. and cuba signed a deal in february to restore commercial air traffic. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with brand-new video of the man police believe broke into a bensalem home and sexually assaulted a woman while she and her daughter were sleeping. nbc 10's deanna durante was the only reporter who spoke with the victim in this case. she joins us live from the bensalem police department with more, deanna. >> reporter: that woman has agreed to speak to us because she wanted other people to take a good look at this video, as
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well as police, they want you to look at it too. maybe you'll recognize him and turn him in. >> my first memory is, i was awake and there was a man in my living room. >> reporter: police say this is that man. look closely. police say you can see him breathing hard. residents say video captured by the apartment complex cameras shows him running from the family's apartment. the bensalem mother fought him and successfully got him out of the house. >> my daughter waking up was the key that scared him enough to give me the opportunity to get him out of the house. it happened so fast. >> reporter: it was 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. police say this guy broke in through a window and right away targeted the sleeping woman. >> this woman is incredibly brave, she was able to fight him off, probably a mother's instinct, protecting her daughter. >> reporter: the man hit her and
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grabbed her by the throat and sexually assaulted her. we showed this video to the woman. she says this is the guy who broke into her home and attacked her. she says he was wearing this brown coat. she says she never saw him before the morning of the attack. >> i don't know how long he was in the house. as i was pushing him out the door, he tried to grope me. >> reporter: you see that man, he was rifling through what appeared to be a wallet. police know he ran from the apartment complex and made at least part of his getaway on foot. if you know who he is, you're asked to call bensalem police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new details in the search for two men who stole a purse from a woman walking out of a store. the victim is in stable condition. today brings another step in a new effort to rebuild a west
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philadelphia neighborhood destroyed by the move bombing three decades ago. the homes were among those rebuilt after being destroyed in the now-infamous move bombing back in 1985. there was the bombing right there. more than 60 homes burned down after a police helicopter dropped a bomb on the house serving as the headquarters of the radical group. after shoddy repairs, the city is hoping to avoid the same mistakes again. it's welcome news for those who live here. >> i would like to see it all come back together as a whole community and people living in the homes, rather than vacant homes like we've had all years. >> the city will take proposals
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from developers next month. nbc 10's monique braxton toured the neighborhood and spoke with neighbors. she'll have more on nbc 10 news at 5:00. family and friends are remembering a girl killed by a hit and run driver in philadelphia's overbrook section today. she was laid to rest today. the 8-year-old was walking home from school with her brother earlier this month when a driver hit her and then just took off. police are still looking for that driver. they released this picture of the car that hit her, a silver nissan maxima or all altima. beaver valley west of route 202 in concord township will be preserved as open space. beaver valley includes a vineyard and is used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders and runners. a traffic alert in north philadelphia.
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construction is under way on broad street bridge at roosevelt. that work is expected to take two monumentths. if you use that best of my knowledge, be ready for lane restrictions there. in wilmington, delaware, city council is meeting to talk about renovating baynard stadium. it was closed in june after thousands of bleachers were found to be unsafe. the high school agreed to raise the money needed for repairs but that deal fell through earlier this month. no deal. the philadelphia federation of teachers today rejected an offer for a four-year, $100 million contract from the school district. teachers have been working out a contract for three years. it's been four years since they had a raise. the union says the deal doesn't include back pay or retroactive raises. the district says if it could offer more money, it would. it's a big day for deer hunters throughout pennsylvania. rifle season is under way. it runs through december 10th.
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550,000 hunters were expected to take to the woods today, that's down from a previous estimate of 750,000. the game commission says the number dropped because more deer hunters were out during archery season which wrapped up two weeks ago. a live look at lincoln financial field. the girbirds are getting ready take on the packers tonight. big changes are coming by tomorrow morning. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking heavy rain heading our way. >> unfortunately it will come well after midnight. so for the game it's looking great. for the rest of the area, look, we need the rain, but in some cases it may be too much. all neighborhoods are affected by this first alert. tuesday morning, early tuesday morning, through wednesday night, periods of heavy rain during that period. lots of hours of rain. slippery roads and clogged drains due to the leaves. those leaves can be very
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slippery with just a little bit of rain. and it's been very dry, the recogni roads have oil on them. so the first rain always causes problems especially during rush hour. clouds are increasing across the area. temperature pretty close to average for this time of the year, 51 is the average in philadelphia. wait until you see some of the temperatures the next couple of days. here come the clouds from the west. and look at that area of rain. that is just a tremendous area. some of these severe thunderstorms down south. for the eagles tonight, though, you saw how far away that rain is. the temperature is not really going to be dropping very much. there's not going to be much wind. there's no rain. pretty good football weather for it almost being december. here we go, as we go through the night, there is the morning rush or the beginnings of the morning rush, the beginnings of the rain. at the shore and southern delaware, it's not going to be
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raining for the morning rush. look at that, some of the heaviest rain in this whole period is going to come during the morning hours tomorrow, let's say from about 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. look at that. 1:00, some rain, maybe even some thunderstorms. look at that, coming in during the afternoon rush, the potential for some more heavy rain. then we get a break. these are two separate systems coming in. we could start off wednesday, dry. but we're not ending wednesday dry. the next area of rain comes in quickly. some of that is on the heavy side. maybe even some thunderstorms there. look at that next area. that's wednesday night. this is a long period that we're going to be affected by it. and then thursday we're finally out of it. and we dry out. here are some examples of some computer models, how much rain is likely to fall. this is just tomorrow's rain. close to an inch in philadelphia. but much, much less at the jersey shore.
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but in reading, look at that, that's nearly two inches of rain in one day. northern areas get hit hardest tomorrow. now, as we go through the evening hours, the clouds thicken up. the temperature doesn't go down very much. and then, as we go toward the morning rush, you can see some of the rain, especially, places like quakertown, philadelphia starting, 53 degrees, a mild start to the day. as we go through the day, lots of places are getting into the 60s. and everybody is getting rain at the shore. that's the wind and rain symbol. and as we go through the rest of the afternoon, potentially well into the 60s in many parts of the area. this is going to be a pretty rough stretch here. but we're way down in rainfall in a severe drought. 70 degrees on wednesday in philadelphia. not nearly as warm in the
4:20 pm
northern and western areas. take a look temperature differences in lehigh valley, 72 degrees in delaware. more on the rest of the week, coming up. the nbc 10 morning team will get you prepared for rain before you head out the door tomorrow. get weather and traffic updates every ten minutes with "nbc 10 news today" beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. a woman tells nbc 10 she paid hundreds of dollars to fix her car. >> but she said her warranty should have covered that fix. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, we'll show you how hairy hairston and the nbc 10 responds team helped her sort out the situation. and why doctors say less medicine could be best for treating a serious illness in children. santa's reindeer are working overtime this holiday season. we'll explain why one town has replaced a pizza delivery driver with santa's sleigh. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street, a down day all around.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. let's talk about cyber monday, because it is in full swing, with only a few hours left. a lot of holiday shoppers are trying to scoop up online deals. >> it's been crazy online. our in box has been flooded. this place you're looking at is as big as 28 football fields and has eight miles of conveyor belts. amazon tells nbc 10 it's counting on its app to help you save.
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>> we have a cool feature called watch a deal. if you know something is going to go on sale a little bit later that day, you can watch that deal. when the item goes on sale, you'll get a text message alert, you can jump online or jump on your phone to get that deal. >> that's the amazon warehouse in middletown, delaware. the amazon echo and echo dot are some of the most popular items. amazon is hiring hundreds of workers for the holidays. >> people spent less on shopping than last year, because of all the discounts. customers spent an average of $289 over the four-day weekend, down nearly 3.5% from a year ago. but online sales were up about 4%. the weather was mostly dry for shoppers over the weekend. >> big changes heading our way tomorrow morning. taking a live look from xfinity live where eagles fans are getting ready for the packers, they'll escape the rain just in time, glenn.
4:26 pm
>> conditions will get worse for the morning rush, though. i'm tracking the rain over the next couple of days and just how warm it's going to get, in first alert neighborhood weather. nbc 10 wants to see your creative holiday family photos. use the hashtag #nbc10holiday and share your photos on twitter or instagram. watch us on tv to see some of your family photos.
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someone once asked, do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes...
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and... no. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. only at longhorn steakhouse. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. right now at 4:00, nbc 10 first alert weather tracking heavy rain that will soak our area over the next couple of days. and the timing couldn't be worse for drivers. we'll see heavy rain during the morning commute tomorrow.
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>> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the timing and how much rain we're going to see, glenn. >> it will be hours of rain over the span of a couple of days. that combined with the fallen leaves will add up to really slippery conditions. that's why we've issued a first alert for all of the area for tomorrow morning, the rush tomorrow morning, into wednesday night. there are going to be several periods of rain, some on the heavy side. even some thunderstorms. remember, the slippery roads and clogged drains because of the leaves that have fallen. and when they get wet, it makes things even slipperier. sweep up those leaves if you get a chance, because especially at the beginning of this event, in the morning, for the morning rush, that's when i expect the biggest problems with slippery conditions. look at all of this, tremendous rain coming at us from the west. so there's no doubt we're going to get rain.
4:31 pm
we have not seen any heavy rain this month. we haven't seen a day with over an inch of rain since late september. it's been quite a while. that's going to be tomorrow. look at the rain, from morning until night, it's going to be warm, unseasonably warm tomorrow in most of the area, maybe even thunderstorms late in the day. not nearly as warm in the lehigh valley, for example, as it will be in delaware with temperatures into the low 60s. wait until you see the contrast for wednesday. it's going to be even more extreme, neighborhood to neighborhood. let's go to meteorologist krystal klei to explain more on why we need this rain. >> we really do, we need this rain because we haven't seen much recently, as you mentioned. and as a result, areas are under drought concerns. we'll take a look at the map produced by the drought monitor, it's updated every thursday. we're not the worst off, that being red. we do see orange extended into our area.
4:32 pm
that's where there's severe drought. most of our zone is still under moderate to dry regions. delaware is out of the woods here. the areas in orange are the zones that are the driest, some areas are 12 inches or more below average for that year total that they should be seeing. let's take a look at some of the numbers. this is the annual precipitation, the number we've seen so far this year compared to where it should be. almost seven inches lower than where it should be in philadelphia. reading, nine inches blow. trenton, more than a foot below where they should be. and allentown also on the rough side of things, almost ten inches below. those are the areas of course that are in that severe drought. so we need this rain, we need high totals. it looks like some of us could get several inches. coming up in a few minutes, glenn will show off some of those projected totals and when we'll start to dry out on the
4:33 pm
extended forecast. >> all right, krystal. you can download the nbc app to help you prepare for the heavy rain. get interactive radar and severe weather arterilerts to your smartphone. police at ohio state university shot and killed an 18-year-old student who attacked a group of people. police say the attacker jumped a curb with his car, ran over a group of people at the campus, then got out and began stabbing them with a butcher knife. investigators say 11 people were rushed to hospitals. one of them is in critical condition. a look at some other stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:30. delaware authorities are trying to figure out who shot a delaware boy after he ended up on a school bus in wilmington. other students let the driver know the 15-year-old had been shot three times after he got onto the bus this morning. the teenager is a ninth grader at john dickinson high school,
4:34 pm
in stable condition this afternoon. a recount effort is under way in pennsylvania. lawyers working with green party presidential candidate jill stein filed a lawsuit with commonwealth court in the last hour contesting the election, citing the unrebui rebuilreliab voting machines. we'll have more in the next hour. shoppers spent $400 million. cyber monday got off to a huge start and it's still going. workers at the amazon further center in fulfillment center in allentown. the camp out for hunger is the largest single location food drive in the country. camp out for hunger kicked off
4:35 pm
this morning. everyone in the area is asked to donate nonperishable foods to benefit philabundance until 11:00 a.m. on friday. this is the 19th year of camp out for hunger. last year the event brought 580 tons of food for philabundance. forget presents, this reindeer delivers petition is . reindeer delivers pizza. even if roads are blocked by snow, this annual ensures people can get their pizza. by the looks of this training video, there's still some work to do before rolling out reindeer deliveries. got to keep the pizza on the delivery device. >> need to work on that. a woman's car broke down not once but twice. >> she paid hundreds of dollars for repairs. she found out she really shouldn't have paid a time
4:36 pm
because of a warranty. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, how the nbc 10 responds team stepped in to get her a refund. and a medicine to help kids beat a serious illness. doctors say reducing the dosage could help young patients.
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new information about how to help children cope with divorce. a study by the american academy of pediatrics says doctors can help guide families through the unsettling experience. the device can help avoid years of confusion. doctors say it's important for parents to answer their children's questions honestly and keep a normal routine. doctors are trying to figure out if they can cut down on antibiotics for pneumonia. they're trying to see if five
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days' course of antibiotics can have better results than ten days. eagles fans will escape the heavy rain headed our way just in time. i'm tracking the timing for tomorrow morning's commute. that's the 9:00 a.m. map, what we can expect tomorrow and when we're going to dry out in the first alert neighborhood weather.
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we know what that music means. it's game day for the eagles. the birds are back at home at the linc tonight, taking on the packers. we're live in south florida where thousands of fans are waiting for the game. >> brandon, fans are fired up. >> reporter: we spoke to fans who were optimistic tonight.
4:44 pm
the packers are undefeated at home. when we first come here we saw a lot of empty parking spots. now you can see a lot of people. we've got people over here, over there, we've got fans right here. we even have a portalable bathro portable bathroom right there. david has been a ticket holder since 1969. we asked him about the difference between playing on sunday and seeing the eagles play prime time friday night. >> sunday games are nice early in the day, you get the whole day. monday night football, we'll be here early and home late, it's going to be a big excitement, national television. >> the whole country is watching. it's one game, that's it. obviously monday night football, that's the place to be. >> reporter: we are, like i
4:45 pm
said, a few hours away from the game. packers fans travel way. the best example, we have a packers fan right here, she's in between two eagles fans. the next hour you'll hear from another packers fan who drove all the way down here from new york. live from south philly, plan do brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. the capital christmas tree arrived this morning. it's 80 feet tall, cut down from a ski hill mountain resort near mccall, idaho. it will be decorated with 6,000 ornaments, covered in 20 pounds of glitter. the tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for december 6th. a live look at the blue cross river range where a special tree lighting ceremony will take place this sunday. tune into nbc 10 at 7:00 p.m. the morning team will be live there to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. there will be a show filled with great musical performances and special guests.
4:46 pm
you don't want to miss it. we're keeping our fingers crossed for good weather friday night. >> but we have to get through the next couple of days first. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking hours of heavy rain. >> friday night is looking okay, jim, you'll be all right. tomorrow until wednesday night, we'll get periods of heavy rain. that will add to the slippery conditions because of all the leaves that are going to be around, a lot of wet leaves. a live look at wilmington, delaware, clouds are increasing here. we'll get a fair amount of rain. it's 50 degrees there now, 54 in dover, one of the warm spots. boy, is it going to get warmer over the next couple of days than it is right now. right now it's not all that cold. we've got a southerly wind coming in off the shore. that will turn into the southwest. these numbers will go way up tomorrow. it's 49 in stone harbor and ocean city and summers point,
4:47 pm
egg harbor township, 47. inland areas going to be in the 60s the next couple of days in those regions. the clouds have moved in. the rain is coming up next. you can see there's a tremendous line of thunderstorms down in mississippi, unfortunately severe thunderstorms down there. we have quiet weather conditions for the eagles tonight. temperatures holding pretty steady, not dropping much during the night and not much wind either. the clouds will be increasing. and hour by hour, as we go through the night tonight, we see dry conditions through midnight. but by tomorrow morning's rush, temperatures are mild. here comes the rain from philadelphia to the north and west. by 8:00 a.m., pottstown, doylestown, reading, in the rain. places at the shore, it won't come until later in the morning. this is when some of the heaviest rain of the whole event is going to turn, later tomorrow
4:48 pm
morning, pottstown, doylestown, mt. holly. you see how much milder it is. warmer through the afternoon, 62, then 65 in philadelphia, 66 in dover. then we see a lull tomorrow night. and we might start off wednesday pretty quiet, very mild. and then here comes that next wave of rain, with temperatures in the 60s to near 70 degrees. look at that, 69 in dover. it's out of the computer, i didn't make that up. how much rain? not much. by tomorrow morning's rush, round one gives us a half inch to inch in allentown. by the time we're done with the whole thing on thursday morning, lehigh valley, allentown with the greatest amount of rain. over an inch, significant amounts of rain, we haven't seen
4:49 pm
rain like that in at least two months. 70 degrees for the high temperature for wednesday with those showers and possible thunderstorms. then we dry out on thursday, get some nice weather friday and saturday and could get another round of rain sunday night and monday. >> it's a real give and take. we get the warmer temperatures but it comes with all that rain. >> and we have the rain, but we need the rain. >> all right, glenn. a woman tells nbc 10 she paid hundreds of dollars to repair her car. >> but she says her warranty should have covered the fix. next on nbc 10 news at 4:00, how the nbc 10 responds team stepped in to help her recover her money.
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twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
4:53 pm
in today's nbc 10 responds, a woman's car breaks down not once but twice. >> she paid for the repairs, then found out it should have been free and covered under warranty. she called nbc 10 responds. hairy hairston is here with the story. >> she tells us raising a child on her own is tough enough. that's why she was determined to get her money back. elissa freeman is a single mom who relies on her car to get around. last year it broke down while she was driving with her 5-year-old daughter. >> i was merging onto a highway. that was kind of scary. they told me that i needed a specific part for my transmission. >> reporter: freeman paid for the repairs. >> i had no choice, i needed my vehicle. >> reporter: but three months
4:54 pm
ago, she stalled again. >> i was at a red light. when i went to press the gas, the car broke down. >> reporter: this time she had the car towed to the nissan dealership. there she heard something surprising. >> it was the same exact part, the same exact piece that needed to be replaced. and that it was covered under my warranty. >> reporter: she says she went to value kia to try to get a refund for the money she paid for that part. >> i showed them my receipt from nissan and my receipt from the year before when kia fixed it. >> reporter: she says she never got a call back. >> i felt like nbc was my last resort. >> reporter: we went to work for elissa. they say the bottom line is regot her re g she got her refund. >> without you guys i wouldn't have been able to do this.
4:55 pm
can i give you a hug? >> sure thing. >> you have to only ask once. make sure to read the warranty to see if a part is covered and always double-check any repairs with the manufacturer. here is the recovery counter, $201,429. that's a lot of money. >> i like how she asks if it's okay to hug you. >> she could have just said, give me a hug. >> polite viewers here. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let us know. the best ways to reach us are on your screen, and we'll respond to you. we're working on new stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here are keith jones and erin coleman. >> we're watching new developments at today's attack at ohio state university. >> investigators just gave an update on the victims. and new details on the officer who took down the attacker. plus a community that burned
4:56 pm
to the ground more than three decades ago could soon be reborn. we'll go inside the homes that will get new life after the move bombing. and take a look at radar and satellite. we have a lot of rain heading our way with two systems over the next two days. we'll track how much rain you could see, coming up.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
right now at 5:00, a double dose of rain.
4:59 pm
the first alert weather team is tracking two systems that will bring us a lot of rain over the next few days. >> we need that rain, but there will be a lot of slipping and sliding on the roads because of all the leaves on the ground. >> let's get the latest on the timing and how soon it could hit your neighborhood. here's meteorologist krystal klei. >> hi, guys. no one is going to escape this rain pattern. we're talking two systems that are going to pump in a lot of moisture. it starts out your tuesday morning. that means the morning commute going to be a wet one with pockets of heavy rain possible as well. this will last all the way through your wednesday evening. two days' worth of steady to at times heavy rain. as we mentioned, slippery roads, clogged drains due to those leaves that have all come down with the high winds we've seen over the last week and a half. so this could be at times a dangerous situation, especially when we're talking morning and evening communities.
5:00 pm
we're looking at slippery road conditions, especially troubling. and on top of that, we haven't seen a lot of rain this morning. under a half inch for the whole month so far, which means that oil from cars is on those roadways. again, slick conditions. the rain sits to the west right now. check out severe thunderstorms, the line that's developed, very heavy rain, thunder and lightning definitely occurring in these areas, passing through memphis and moving in our direction for tomorrow morning. already clouds are starting to spread across the board. we've been watching our different live cameras. you can tell a difference from, say, this morning when it was nice and clear to now when those clouds are building in. because the rain isn't moving in until tomorrow morning, if you're heading to the packers game, maybe you're watching right now, getting ready to head out, tailgating beforehand, upper 40s. throughout the game, still upper 40s. we'll v


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