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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we're looking at slippery road conditions, especially troubling. and on top of that, we haven't seen a lot of rain this morning. under a half inch for the whole month so far, which means that oil from cars is on those roadways. again, slick conditions. the rain sits to the west right now. check out severe thunderstorms, the line that's developed, very heavy rain, thunder and lightning definitely occurring in these areas, passing through memphis and moving in our direction for tomorrow morning. already clouds are starting to spread across the board. we've been watching our different live cameras. you can tell a difference from, say, this morning when it was nice and clear to now when those clouds are building in. because the rain isn't moving in until tomorrow morning, if you're heading to the packers game, maybe you're watching right now, getting ready to head out, tailgating beforehand, upper 40s. throughout the game, still upper 40s. we'll see very moderate
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temperatures, very dry. winds will be picking up. coming up in a few minutes we'll track everything you can expect with the first system that will affect us on tuesday. >> krystal, thank you. a developing story at ohio state university. investigators just gave an update on the attack that left 11 people injured. >> nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in our breaking news center. >> officials laid out a timeline of the attack and subsequent action that one police officer took to neutralize it. school officials say the attacker ran his car into a group of people at 9:52 this morning. he jumped out and started slashing people with a knife. approximately a minute later, a 28-year-old campus police officer shot and killed the attacker. the attacker has been identified as abdul artan, an 18-year-old student. the number of hospitalized victims has jumped from nine to 11, six people injured by the car. the other five suffered wounds related to the stabbing. one person is in critical
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condition. >> i had a chance to speak with the officer and thank him for following his training and being able to neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute. and also i was able to visit three of the people who were injured who are here in the hospital to let them know how much we are praying and supporting them in coming to a complete and speedy recovery. >> and this is the man being credited with stopping the attacker from doing more harm. officer allen horuko was first on the scene and stopped the attacker. this is a fluid investigation. investigators can say that through the use of surveillance footage they located the attacker in his car prior to the incident and he was alone at the time. as soon as any more information comes out we'll bring it to you. reporting live from the breakdown news center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. >> jacqueline, thank you, we'll
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keep track of developments. "nbc nightly news" will have full coverage and analysis, at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. now to breaking news in south philadelphia. police have rescued a 16-year-old girl after she fell into the delaware river. skyforce 10 was over the area where it happened over a short time ago. police pulled the girl from the water near the seaport museum along columbus boulevard. they took her to the hospital with hypothermic conditions. when we learn more, we'll pass it along. police say this video shows a man wanted for sexual assault. police say on saturday this man broke into a bensalem apartment and attacked a woman inside. the victim was asleep and awoke to find the man on top of her. investigators say she fought so hard, the man finally ran off. after that attack, he ran across the county line and into the city of philadelphia. police say they need to find him before he strikes again.
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>> asian, between 5'7" and 5'10". he may be homeless, had very bad body odor as she describes, and is wearing glasses. this picture is pretty prominent. someone in the area has seen this guy. >> if that is you, bensalem police want you to give them a call. on to a developing story involving the presidential election and a possible recount in pennsylvania. just two hours ago, attorneys for the green party went to court and asked for a recount. nbc 10's lauren mayk is following the latest for us. lauren, what happens next? >> keith, we're working to find that out, because it comes as counties across pennsylvania are working to certify their election results. some have already done so. others are still counting. this lawsuit is saying it wants a full recount in every county. >> reporter: the lawsuit calls the 2016 presidential election illegal. it's filed on behalf of what it says are at least 100
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pennsylvania voters looking for a recount. the suit referencing the machines voters used to cast their ballots on election day, saying they have, quote, grave concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines used in their districts. the lawsuit comes the same day voters showed up at philadelphia city hall to support the recount effort led by green party candidate jill stein. >> i've been here since 8:00 a.m. >> reporter: why are you doing this? >> i want to make sure that this election is fair and i want to make sure that everybody's vote is counted. >> reporter: do you feel it wasn't? >> there are concerns that the machines we used are not -- you know, that it's possible to hack them, that there may be issues with them. >> reporter: the lawsuit cites a study by a university of michigan professor and references reports of hacking at the democratic national committee. in pennsylvania, the department of state says there has been no evidence of hacking. do you think this could change the outcome of the election? >> no, probably not. >> reporter: but the effort is
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something that hillary kaine of the green party was willing to stand in line for today. >> for some people it's something to do in feeling like, you know, things are beyond their control. for me it's about shining the light on the process at the really nitty-gritty, behind the scenes level. >> just in the last 30 minutes, the pennsylvania republican party responded to that lawsuit. its chair calling it a desperate act and saying the party's general counsel reviewed it and found it, quote, totally and completely without merit. >> lauren mayk, live in the studio. we're following more counting questions in montgomery county. nbc 10 uncovered numerous problems with absentee ballots before the election. why voters may have to wait even longer to get answers now. that's coming up all new at 5:30. meanwhile drama is mounting inside trump tower. former cia director david petraeus is being considered for
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secretary of state. at interesting candidate, because in 2011 he was forced to resign from the fbi over an affair and transferring classified information. >> i met with him for about an hour. he walked us around the world, showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges that are out there and some of the opportunities as well. >> during his presidential campaign, trump said hillary clinton should be disqualified from the race because she mishandled classified information in her e-mails. new details now from our delaware bureau. tonight a frightened father is telling nbc 10 about the shooting that sent his 15-year-old son to the hospital. the teen was shot on his way to the school bus. nbc 10's tim furlong joins us live in wilmington. tim, how is that teenager doing tonight? >> reporter: he's in stable condition, erin. his dad tells me he's lucky to be alive. we still don't know who shot him here at this corner and why they would want to do that.
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kids screaming for their parents as they watched a boy get on a school bus after getting shot three times at 27th and van buren. >> this was prime time, when the kids was catching school buses. >> i got a phone call from his mother. >> reporter: this man's son was not all right. he was the one shot in the arm and stomach. dad says the high school freshman was trying to get on the bus when a few guys ran up on him and fired. he doesn't know why anybody would want to hurt him. he says even younger kids around here have been involved in violence. >> there's a gang rap music, everything gang affiliation. >> reporter: the school tells me counselors were available at dickinson today. tomorrow the district is starting a corner to corner program, adult volunteers and staffers all over the area
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walking with kids to make sure they safely get to and from their bus stops. dad says he moved his son here from philly because he thought it would be safer. now he's not so sure it was a good move. >> with the flick of a switch, anything can happen real fast. >> reporter: not much left to show that something happened here at 27th and van buren. if you have any information, call or text anonymously. the school has asked police officers to have some people on stand by to make sure everything goes off okay tomorrow morning. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. this just into nbc 10, eagles first round draft pick nelson aguilar could be out for tonight's game. >> this follows criticism over the wide receiver dropping passes. let's get the latest from csn's john clark, live at lincoln financial field. big news out there. >> reporter: big news, espn is saying nelsonaling withar will be inactive, he will sit, he will be benched, whatever you
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want to call it. nelson says he can't get out of his own head. he is the first-round pick from last year. he had a big mental mistake, didn't line up properly on the line of scrimmage. that negated an eagles touchdown. then he had a big drop. he's had a lot of drops this year. right now doug pederson believes maybe a rest, a stepping away, will help nelson aghelor. he's speaking with sports psychiatrists and with doug pederson. the eagles will switch it up. we'll have more at 6:00. i'm john clark, live at the linc. >> a big play for the preseason, john, thank you. it's been more than 30 years since the bombing of the move house in west philadelphia. still that neighborhood hasn't
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recovered. all new at 5:00, we get an up close look at the city's plan to rebuild dozens of homes in that community. and check out the nbc 10 radar. look at all that rain headed our way. the first alert weather team will have the latest on the timing, and exactly how much rain could fall in your neighborhood. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. a live look at the scene in cuba tonight as thousands pay their respects to that country's controversial leader, fidel castro. they are filing through a memorial in havana's plaza. today's memorial comes three days after the death of fidel castro. it's a passing that's left questions in his homeland and here in the united states. nbc's jay gray reports now from havana. >> reporter: the blast of canno canno cannons shatters the uneasy silence that hangs over cuba. >> it's the loss of our commander. >> reporter: streets are blocked for miles. cubans from every corner of the city, schoolchildren, adults, even the son of president raul castro, thousands waiting for a
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chance to file past the simple memorial. it's just a few seconds. for many, it's an emotional goodbye. >> had he is the symbol of the revolution. he was the symbol of cuba. >> reporter: this cuban journalist says even though he was no longer el presidente, the death of fidel castro leaves a void, questions, and concerns about what comes next. >> we grew up seeing him as the person with all the answers. now i don't think anyone can say what's going to happen. >> reporter: many concerned about what castro's death means to the growing economic relationship between cuba and the united states. and as the first u.s. commercial flight to havana lands this afternoon, there are questions stateside as well. the obama administration standing by its ongoing effort to normalize relations with cuba in the wake of castro's death. >> i wouldn't expect any impact
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on the kind of progress we're committed to making on our end. >> reporter: but a social media post from president-elect donald trump this morning threatens to terminate the growing relationship. if the countries can't broker a, quote, better deal. jay gray, nbc news, havana. >> and as cuba moves forward without fidel castro, police in new jersey wonder if his death could finally give them closure. they've been fighting for decades to get a trooper's killer out of that country. how they're hoping to get justice, coming up at 5:00. here at home, family and friends are remembering a little girl killed by a hit and run driver in philadelphia's overbrook section. she was laid to rest today. the 8-year-old was walking home from school with her brother on november 18th when a driver hit her, then took off. police are still looking for that driver. they've released a picture of the cab, there it is, that hit her. it's a silver nissan maxima or
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altima. it should have damage to one front light and the front grille area. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we're starting with a look outside, nice and dark now. clouds have blanketed the area, putting beautiful conditions for this evening. enjoy it while you can, because tomorrow night will not look like it currently does. here is a look at the temperatures across our philadelphia neighborhoods. kensington at 50, center city the same. officially at the airport, 50 degrees. some of us are in the upper 40s. 48 for sommerton. our temperature is right now not bad as we move into your evening. for the eagles game tonight, we'll see cloudiness. we should stay dry and temperatures will be comfortable. tomorrow, temperatures won't be bad, it will be very wet. clouds have already started to roll in on our radar and satellite. right now, no rain for us. just the clouds. but we pull this out, and there
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was a lot of rain coming our way. this is the first of two systems that will be affecting us. this system obviously has some strength to it. you see the yellows, oranges and reds. all that is heading in our direction. we're looking at periods of heavy rain, possibly spot thunderstorms moving in as we hit tuesday. the second system moving in on wednesday. here is tomorrow's planner. notice the icons. a lot different than it's been the last few days, rainy throughout. mid-50s to start your morning. that's warmer than the average high temperature for this point of year. look how warm we get, low 60s in philadelphia, near 60 in the suburbs with rain as well. we're talking throughout the day. this is a washout forecast for us. in the lehigh valley, 48 degrees at 7:00 a.m. again, very mild conditions for this time of year. the mid-50s at noon. we could see some of those pocket heavier showers moving throughout as well. in delaware, 7:00 a.m., 54
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degrees. low 60s by noon. 62 degrees by 4:00. and we're almost in december here. new jersey at 60 degrees by noon as well. at the shore, 60 with some winds picking up, especially along shore points, gusts from 30 to 40 miles per hour. we've got the rain and winds, not going to be a nice day tomorrow. we're under that first alert because we've been very windy on and off the last couple of weeks. as a result, leaves all over the ground can block drainage and make for slippery conditions. your tuesday rain total potential, this isn't a guarantee, but this is what our forecast model is looking at. it shows off just under an inch of rain in philadelphia. notice the way the line picks up. it's a pretty steady rise. just in comparison, the last time we saw over an inch of rain in philadelphia in one day was october 19th. we're talking quite some time since we've seen this. less rain for areas at the shore and parts of delaware.
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a good amount of rain in reading, 1 1/2 inches as we move into the evening. and that's just for your tuesday. by wednesday, the second round moving in, which will give us yet again a good amount of rain. by wednesday, look at this, 70 degrees for the forecast high in philadelphia. of course that's way warmer than average with that 51 degree average temperature. back in the 50s on thursday, that's when rain showers move out. we're looking potentially at your next round of rain into the end of the following weekend where temperatures are back to being more seasonal. >> krystal, thank you. the philadelphia federation of teachers says it will reject a $100 million contract from the school district. the union says the deal doesn't include back pay. teachers have been without a contract for three years and without raises for even longer. the school district says if it could offer more money, it would. >> we have to prioritize. now the priority is to get a contract that gives teachers
5:21 pm
raises, because they've gone four years without. >> hite also said a signed deal with teachers is a priority for the school district. delaware county council is buying 240 acres of land known as beaver valley, west of route 202 and concord township. it will be preserved as open space. it includes a vineyard and is used by hikers, bikers, horseback riders and runners. the grinch who stole christmas could be right outside your front door. what you need to know to protect your holiday presents, next at 5:00. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. it's crime to look out for this time of year. thieves stealing packages from your front door. take a look at this video. police say the man in this video was seen walking onto someone's porch two weeks ago. he opens the door, takes the package, and you see him walk off. if you recognize the man, call police. if you're worried about the safety of your deliveries, here are steps you can take. have the package sent to your workplace so it doesn't sit out in the open. or send it to a friend or family member's house. you can have the package delivered to your local post office, but you could be charged a fee. it's a good idea to check your credit card agreement, some will
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refund your money if an item is stolen. we also found high tech ways to stop thieves in their tracks, look for that story on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. the largest single location food drive in the country is under way in south florida tonight. wmmr's camp out for hunger kicked off at xfinity live this morning. everyone in the area is asked to donate nonperishable food to benefit philabundance. make a donation from 6:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. through this thursday and from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on friday. this is the 19th year of camp out for hunger. last year the event brought more than 580 tons of food for philabundance. the turkeys have been counted. this year's annual turkey drop brought in more than 9800 birds. this is video of people dropping
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off their turkeys last tuesday at love park. giant food stores accepted donations throughout the day. all the turkeys went to city teen philadelphia, an organization that provide food and services to the less fortunate. nbc 10 is getting into the holiday spirit. we want to see your creative family photos. use the hashtag #nbc10holiday and post them on instagram and twitter, and you may see them on nbc 10. nbc 10 uncovered numerous problems with absentee ballots before the election. now voters in montgomery county may have to wait even longer to get answers. the nbc 10 investigators show us why, next. all new at 5:00. plus a community that burned to the ground more than three decades ago could soon be reborn. next at 5:00, we go inside the homes that will get a new life after the bombing. and coming up all new at 6:00, a driver trapped in a
5:27 pm
burning car. tonight, the police officer that came to his rescue.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. find your umbrella and take a look at all the rain on nbc 10 radar. the first alert weather team is tracking days of downpours. that heavy rain could be falling during your morning and evening
5:30 pm
commute, so be sure to look out for the slippery spots that will be on the road. >> we definitely need the rain. but we'll get a lot of it all at once. >> let's get an update from first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> that's the trouble with it. we need the rain but when you get it too heavy, you get flooding concerns. this is a lot of rain heading our way. right now we've got clouds. when you go west to louisiana and the great lakes, we're talking rain. oranges, reds, pinks that you see, that's very heavy rain. in fact the pinks that we see, a nasty line of storms has developed. tornado watches and warnings are in place in the south as a result. some of that strength and energy could lead to us seeing some thunderstorms. we're not concerned about that kind of activity. mostly we're focused on the rain and pockets of heavier rain moving through. that will be starting tomorrow. right now it's the clouds. it will be the cloudy conditions overnight. then for the morning commute, stretching through your tuesday. and the second system through your wednesday.
5:31 pm
problem is, we had all those leaves fall over the last couple of weeks, which means the piles may be clogging storm drains in your neighborhood. a suggestion would be, sweep up those leaves tonight, throw them away, put them in bags. don't just put them in the roadway, because that can lead to the flooding concerns. plus wet leaves can lead to slippery conditions for walking or driving. and with the morning commute a big concern here, that could be a problem. take a look at our below average totals so far this year. philadelphia, more than circumstances inches below the annual precip we should be at this time of year. trenton, over a foot below. so a lot of us could really use this moisture and we'll be getting it. temperatures will be way warmer than everyone. we've been in the low 50s, tomorrow we're up to 62. by wednesday, to 70 degrees. that warm air, though, may assist with the potential of seeing thunderstorms. we'll track that on your future
5:32 pm
radar in a few minutes. >> thank you, krystal. the nbc 10 morning team will get you prepared for the rain before you head out your door. get weather and traffic updates every ten minutes with "nbc 10 news today" beginning at 4:30 a.m. top stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00, an ohio state university police officer is being hailed a hero after he shot and killed a student who attacked a group of people on campus today. that attacker jumped a curb with his car, hitting multiple people, and then got out and stabbed several others. 11 people have been hospitalized. one person still in critical condition. delaware authorities are trying to figure out who shot a teen who ended up on a school bus in wilmington. after the 15-year-old victim got on the bus this morning, other students let the driver know he had been shot three times. the teenager is a 9th grader at john dickinson high school. he's in stale condition this evening. a recount effort is under way in pennsylvania. lawyers working with green party
5:33 pm
candidate for president jill stein filed a lawsuit in commonwealth court within the last hour. the lawsuit contests the election, citing concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines. the pennsylvania republican party responded to that lawsuit, its chair calling it a, quote, desperate act completely without merit. that recount is also causing problems in montgomery county. >> nbc 10 has been looking into issues with that county's absentee ballots for weeks now. investigative reporter mitch blacher shows us why voters are still waiting for answers. >> reporter: i'm mitch blacher with the nbc 10 investigators in montgomery county, where election officials have postponed certifying the election. for weeks we've been reporting on problems with the county's absentee ballots. today was supposed to be the day that we found out how many of those absentee ballots made their way back here to norristown. we originally reported 30,000 voters requested absentee
5:34 pm
ballots. but because of a delay in sending out those ballots, some voters were not going to be able to send them back by the deadline. county lawyers got an extension. but because the election has not been certified, we still don't know how many ballots made it back. today's delay is because of the jill stein campaign's calls for a recount. election officials say they should be able to certify the election by december 12th. that is the day we should find out how many montgomery county absentee voter had their vote count. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. we're learning more tonight about the search for two men wanted for shooting another man outside a store in overbrook. the victim was leaving a stop and go store near malvern and 66th when he realized he was being followed. two men were behind him, according to police. one opened fire, shooting him twice in the hip. the victim is in stable condition. it's been more than 30 years since the bombing of the move house in west philadelphia, and still that neighborhood has not
5:35 pm
fully recovered. >> tonight we did the an up close and permanesonal look at city's plan to rebuild dozens of homes in the community. nbc's monique braxton has the story, all new at 5:00. >> reporter: the announcement of 30 new homes is music to the ears of people like gerald renfro and 22 families who have seen developers come and go. >> i would like to see it all come back together as a whole community. >> this is a very important project. >> reporter: our camera was rolling when the city invited developers to walk through the boarded-up homes. >> the goal of the rfp is for us to rebuild these blocks and help this community revitalize and to heal. >> reporter: it's been 31 years since mayor wilson goode ordered a bomb dropped after a police
5:36 pm
standoff with the radical group move. they had barricaded themselves inside the house. neighbors who had asked police to restore their peace and tranquility were evacuated. no one knew all would be lost. 61 homes burned to the ground. 11 people died, including five young children. the houses were replaced, but not up to building code standards. in 2000, three dozen families accepted a settlement of $150,000 and relocated. today, some of the doors to those houses were reopened for the first time. we walked past cobwebs, moldy walls, exposed ceiling beams and pipes. developers must now submit a proposal by december 14th. >> at long last our community can be restored. >> reporter: the city tells us it hopes to break ground next fall.
5:37 pm
monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a surprise inside the courtroom. the suspect in the charleston church shootings is about to go on trial. what he asked in court that the judge called unwise. plus neighbors in delaware didn't like what was going on next door. how their instincts saved more than a dozen dogs, next all new at 5:00.
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the man charged with killing nine people inside a historically black church last year will represent himself during his federal death penalty trial. dylann roof's decision to represent him comes months after he offered to plead guilty in exchange for a promise of life in prison. but prosecutors took the deal off the table. lawyers will be in court to help roof, but only if he asks.
5:40 pm
jury selection is under way and is expected to take weeks. more than a dozen dogs are safe tonight after they were rescued from a home in millsboro. 14 severely emaciated and neglected dogs in desperate need of medical attention were found. four dead dogs were also found on the property. the owner, atwood timmons, is charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty. the dogs are being cared for at the brandywine valley spca. and right now, cloudy but dry conditions. we are tracked heavy rain as we move into the next couple of days. we'll look at the forecast rain totals, coming up. i'm brandon hudson at lincoln financial field. green bay, philadelphia. why you won't see a lot of fans wearing green tonight. and all new at 6:00, a passenger went on a rant during a flight to our area.
5:41 pm
tonight, what the airline promised to do for everyone else on board.
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5:43 pm
deer season is open in pennsylvania. 500,000 hunters are expected to take to the woods. some schools are even closed today because of the start of the season. last year 27% of deer kills happened on the first day. similar numbers are expected today. followup from delaware, the future of a condemned football stadium is in the spotlight today in wilmington. the city council is meeting tonight to talk about renovating baynard stadium. the 94-year-old facility was closed in june after thousands of bleachers were found to be unsafe. the high school has agrees to raise the money needed for
5:44 pm
repairs but that deal fell through earlier this month. a big night over at lincoln financial field. the eagles face the packers in prime time. and the outcome could determine their future in the playoffs. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson is live outside the linc as fans get psyched for tonight's game. that's volatile place to be, i hope you're holding your own, brandon. >> reporter: hey, keith, erin, this is where the party is at right now. normally with the packers in town you would see fans wearing two shades of green. tonight we see a lot of eagles fans wearing black. you can see them on the other side of the crowd, there was a guy wearing a black jersey, you'll have to trust me on that. that's because tonight is the blackout game. we have the team and fans wearing black at kickoff. we met one guy with a pretty creative hoodie, it was a wendy's logo but made in carson wentz' likeness. you'll have to check that out. what do you want to see out of
5:45 pm
them tonight? >> get some deep throws, i don't know to who, but some throws in there. >> we'll have some calls from doug pederson. they'll put it out in the end. >> i couldn't miss on the opportunity. >> reporter: so the last thing you heard from was the packers fan who drove here from new york. according to online retailers, the packers have the third most traveling fan base in the nfl. of course the eagles hope to send them home with a loss. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thank you. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist krystal klein. krystal, fans lucky when it comes to the weather. >> exactly, we're tracking a lot of rain but it doesn't move in until after the game.
5:46 pm
you can see where the clouds are coming from, west and southwest. that's where we have to focus our eyes, because that's where all the rain is. it's heading in our direction. just follow those arrows. what you see is the yellows, oranges, reds, pinks on radar, parts of mississippi, tennessee, that is very heavy. showers, thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms that are moving through. and that is moving our direction as well. it should weaken some by the time it makes it to us. it will pump in warmer air and bring us higher winds as well. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, notice these temperatures are way warmer than average. 62 degrees fairmount, schwenksville at 60, reading at 62 degrees. take note of the icons, pretty much every one is showing rain with isolated thunderstorms popping up as well. 63 the temperature in voorhees township in new jersey. we're tracking the temperature at 67 degrees in dover. again, as we move throughout the
5:47 pm
day, this is just going to be rain throughout. this will be a washout forecast. on top of that, winds will be 10 to 20 miles an hour. in philadelphia we're looking at moderate impact. the showers will start at 6:00 a.m. the morning commute a wet and potentially slippery one. rain will last throughout tuesday, picking right back up wednesday all the way through wednesday night. periods of heavy rain are likely. wind gusts will be up to 35 miles per hour. areas like the lehigh valley may see more rain as a result, going with a little bit higher on that storm impact. moderate to high level. also those showers beginning right around 6:00 a.m. tuesday and again wednesday, the second system moving through. heavy rain is likely in periods throughout parts of the lehigh valley, berks county, gusts 35 miles per hour. we won't see quite as much rain, areas like the jersey shore.
5:48 pm
we'll look at winds a little higher, gusts up to 40 miles per hour with spotty rain in the forecast. across the board we're looking at a lot of rain beginning on your tuesday, which is why we called that first alert. let's look at the forecast rain totals. this is just one model we're looking at. tomorrow morning, a few hundredths of an inch. it starts out with just scattered showers. pretty quickly we get a line of heavy rain, around the morning commute, 9:00 a. a.m:00 a.m. or start to see steady rain move in. by lunchtime, stay in-house. we're seeing that good amount of rain move through, especially northern zones. now through 6:00 p.m. tuesday, about a half inch in philadelphia. lesser value further south. avalon at just around a quarter inch. some are forecasting an inch or more if you go north of philadelphia. this is going a little heavy over parts of lehigh valley, berks county, and suburbs.
5:49 pm
as we move overnight, we pick up a little more by 10:00. then we take the break. notice these aren't changing through your wednesday morning. through the rest of your wednesday, these values bump up again. some areas could see up to two inches of rain. take a look at this, guys. special delivery at the u.s. tap to capitol today. the capitol christmas tree arrived in washington, dc. it's from idaho and will be decorated with ornaments made in that state. the lighting is scheduled for december 6th. a big week for tree lightings. on friday, the nbc 10 morning team heads to penn's landing, including musical performances, special gives us, auests, and o the lighting of the tree. we'll air it live right here only on nbc 10 starting at 7:00. and on saturday, erin and i
5:50 pm
will lead the countdown of course to light the phillys christmas tree at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. there will be live reindeer, the philly fanatic, charlie man ual, and us. >> be sure to come out and say hello. lester holt joins us, we'll turn overseas from havana, cuba. >> he has a look as what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." hey, lester. >> hi, keith and erin. late information on the suspect in that awful attack at ohio state university. was it an act of terror? we'll tell you what we know about him. a massive outpouring of emotion in havana here, you can see the lines behind me, cubans waiting for hours to pay their respects to fidel castro. delta airlines takes action against a passenger whose on board political rant sparks outrage. we'll see you tonight for "nbc nightly news." keith and erin? >> lester, see you at 6:30, thanks for that. back in philadelphia,
5:51 pm
breaking news just into nbc 10. skyforce 10 is live here. this is a deadly accident involving a septa bus near 23rd and chestnut street. we're told a woman was hit by a bus and died at the scene. we're gathering more information right now. we'll bring that to you as soon as it becomes available to the nbc 10 newsroom. and as lester was just talking about, as cuba moves forward without fidel castro, police in new jersey are wondering if his death could finally give them closure. >> they've been fighting for decades to get a trooper's killer out of that country. how they're working to get justice. that's next at 5:00. >> reporter: a jersey shore police officer risks his own life by saving a man from a burning car. >> i would like to give a thanks to him. >> reporter: how the quick thinking cop came to the rescue.
5:52 pm
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. another live look at the scene in havana where cubans are paying respects to the country's controversial leader, fidel castro. many cubans were given time off from work to attend the memorial. virtually all schools and government offices are closed. cuban television announced fidel castro's death friday. the government has declared a nine-day period of mourning. castro was 90 years old. he ruled cuba for nearly a half a century, clashing with ten
5:55 pm
american presidents along the way. his passing is news many cuban-americans have waited a long time to hear. in new jersey, one question now. will this lead to a change in status for the state's most wanted fugitive? >> she fled to cuba and was granted asylum there decades ago. today state police leaders told us new leadership in cuba and here in the u.s. could be the change they've been waiting for all this time. >> reporter: for more than 30 years she lived in cuba. but many in new jersey remember her as joanne chesamar, serving a life sentence for murdering a traffic officer. six years later she escaped from prison, fled to cuba, and was granted asylum by fidel castro. >> she devastated a family, devastated a community. she should be brought to justice. >> reporter: delaware valley residents we spoke with said
5:56 pm
it's time to bring her back, something state and federal authorities have been trying to do ever since her escape. in a 1998 interview with nbc, she insisted she killed no one. >> reporter: did you shoot him? >> no, i did not. i was shot with my arms in the air, then shot again in the back, and then left on the ground to die. >> reporter: by phone the head of the fraternal order of police told us bringing her to justice has always been a front burner issue. now with castro's death and a new u.s. president taking office in january, things could be changing. >> we've been hearing some very positive things from president-elect trump and his people, the last couple of days, over the weekend. >> reporter: new jersey state police along with the fbi and others have made numerous attempts to extradite her. she remains on the fbi's most-wanted terrorist list with a reward for information leading to her capture.
5:57 pm
>> we want justice to be served. her fulfilling her sentence is the best way to close this out. >> police tell us that the officer's family is in complete agreement to keep the pressure on and make sure no one forgets. once again, lester holt is live in cuba for "nbc nightly news" tonight. look for more coverage on the impact and reaction to fidel castro's death. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is left. >> coming up, the latest on the attack that sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital today on the ohio state campus. also ahead at 6:00, a driver is trapped when his car catches fire. tonight, why he's so grateful for the officer who came to his rescue. also ahead tonight, new details on this passenger's rant about president-elect donald trump on a flight to allentown. it hasn't rained very much for a pretty long time. we're in store for some pretty heavy rain, as you can see, coming this way. the timing and how it will
5:58 pm
impact your ride to work and home tomorrow.
5:59 pm
days of rain. brace yourself for a nasty morning commute. attacked in her home. tonight, police want to find this man and question him about the break-in at a woman's home. the daring rescue by police. tonight, hear from the driver saved when his car caught on fire.
6:00 pm
>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. get ready for a real soaker. we're tracking two systems to our west that will hit us for the morning and evening ride home tomorrow. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we'll get days of rain. that could make the streets slick with all those leaves that are piled up in the neighborhoods. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the timing and also the rain totals for us. >> glenn, how early will it start? >> well, in parts of the area like the lehigh valley, berks county, it will start by 5:00 a.m. philadelphia area, probably 6:00. down toward the shore it will take until mid-morning. we have a first alert in effect because of all this rain and the combination of all of those leaves. that's going to cause more problems for driving. that's tuesday morning all the way through wednesday night. it won't be raining continuously during that period of time but there will be periods of heavy rain. we'll have slippery roads and clogged drains due to all the


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