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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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deadly plane crash. there are five survivors after a plane carrying dozens of people went down in colombia. teen tragedy. police are looking for a suspect in a shooting. and fading playoff hopes. the eagles drop a matchup against the green bay packers putting chances for a postseason run in jeopardy. 6:00 a.m. 48 degrees. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. we have issued a first alert as rain is moving into our area, a lot of it. right to bill henley in the neighborhood forecast. bill, give us the details. a storm system that will be here
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for two days and affecting all of our neighborhoods. neighborhoods could see some heavy downpours. the rain threat continues through tomorrow night. we could heavy downpours again in the area. periods of heavy rain today and tomorrow could lead to slippery roads and gusty winds that will bring down more leaves. those could be some slippery combinations. clogged drains are a possibility so watch out for ponding the roadways. it hasn't happened yet. light rain has already started. there are going to be some heavier downpours but for now light rain in south jersey, philadelphia, and into the suburbs. this is more moderate rainfall now moving through delaware, falling at a rate close to it half an inch an hour right now but that's on the move. so stand by. you'll need your rain gear today and tomorrow. fortunately the temperatures never got cold overnight. the temperature has gone up to 49 degrees.
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48 in the lehigh valley. with wind out of the south that will be strong this afternoon, we're destined for the 60s for most locations and into the middle 50s for the lehigh valley. i'll break it down hour by hour. first jessica boyington with your traffic. route 202 this morning, some flashing lights here, penndot crews out helping a disabled vehicle. it looks like the roads look shiny right now with some of the cars moving by considering we can't see since the sun isn't up yet there. but that means roads might be wet. you might see more problems like this. northbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, about a seven-minute trip but speeds are into the 60s. an accident reported in upper merion on king of prussia road and croton road. we'll check in with mass transit. 62 and 22 running 11 minutes let. 309 running ten minutes late. ten-minute delays on trenton
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train 4705. we've been following this breaking news out of colombia where dozens are dead after a plane crash. it went down near the international airport. familiar la, what can you tell us? the moments before that plane crashed, nbc news is reporting that the pilot of the plane declared an emergency late last night due to an electrical failure. that plane made a stop in low live ye bolivia. aviation authorities saying as many as six survived the crash. this is video where the survivors of the plane were rushed to to receive treatment. the jet went down in a mountainous area around 10:00 p.m. eastern time as it was on its way to the medellin international airport. officials say weather conditions were poor at the time of the
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crash. those same conditions prevented rescuers from reaching the site overnight by air. these are some of the faces of the people who were onboard that flight. the plane was carrying this team chapecoense. the team was scheduled to play in a final tomorrow. this is video of the team celebrating the wind that allowed them to advance to the game that they were traveling to play. they were the underdog team going in hoping to advance to the continental competition in south africa. this is without a doubt a tragic ending to what some called a fairy tale season for the team and the city represented. chapecoense released a statement saying may god be with our athletes, directors, and those traveling together. the soccer federation has canceled all activities until further notice. aviation experts will be examining the wreckage looking
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for the black box as they do in situations like this. i'm going to take another look at the feeds and i'll see you back in the next half hour for another update. in the breaking news center, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. in philadelphia a teenager is dead after bullets started flying in a philadelphia neighborhood. this morning police are looking for a motive and suspects in that case. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at police headquarters. tell us what we know about the investigation so far. >> reporter: the investigation continues this hour and the boy, we're told, is just a couple weeks away from his 15th birthday. so now police, the homicide detectives, are trying to figure out who would kill this boy and why. this was last night, brous avenue in mayfair. it was at 9:00, the neighbors there heard gunfire. a 14-year-old boy was shot three times in the chest and torso area. officers showed up and quickly rushed him to the hospital where
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he died about a half hour later. one neighbor says it happened right outside her home. she went outside and tried to help. >> i was down in the basement. i heard pop, pop, pop, and i quick ran out the dore and i wasn't expecting to see a young kid laying down like that. i tried to talk to him. i tried to reassure him, we're going to get help. >> reporter: she says she tried to get the boy to tell her his name but he was too week at this point. his last known address is a mile from where this happened. they know why he was shot or who shot him. detectives have been looking for surveillance video in the area, also talking with witnesses here at the homicide division and those witnesses say there were two males who made off in quite a hurry but the descriptions of them and of their getaway car are pretty vague at this point. police detectives are trying to get as many tails as they can.
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now we're live at police headquarters. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 49 degrees outside. happening today a group of pennsylvania prosecutors will release statewide guidelines. the pennsylvania district attorney's association will investigate shootings in which an officer pulled the trigger. the d.a. were among those who helped craft the new guidelines. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out who had the right of way after a septa bus killed a woman pushing a stroller as she was crossing 23rd street on to chestnut street at the same time the bus was making a left onto chestnut. the woman in her 60s was killed. the baby, who is 6 to 8 months old, we're told is going to be okay. policed evidence from inside the septa bus.
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investigators are looking at video from a camera inside the bus as well as at the intersection. 6:08. 49 degrees and the rain is coming in easton and now much of the area. when we went on the air the first rain drops were arriving. now more widespread rainfall as the temperatures stayed warm overnight. we're in the 40s and 50s. 70 degrees in south jersey. we have a strong wind working so that's warming temperatures across the board. 40s for west bradford township and it's in the upper 40s, pretty uniform. all these temperatures are within a degree or two thanks to the clouds and the rain, too. it will be falling heavily at times he is peespecially in the
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valley where we're seeing steady, light rain for allentown, reading is seeing that steady rainfall and now to the south, new castle and into southern and central chester getting that rain. we will see this rain intensify at times during the day. it's not going to be heavy rainfall all day long. the rain will really add up. steady, light rain for most of the day and we could wind up with an inch or two of rain by the end of afternoon. hour by hour forecast shows at 10:00, trenton, into it the lehigh valley. you could see it's starting to break to the west. we'll see steady rain for all of our neighborhood at 1:00. by late this afternoon it will taper off in the suburbs. steadier rain showers in new jersey and upper burlington county. that's it rain round one. round two tomorrow. through it all the wind will be
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blowing. that will boost the temperatures into the 60s for philadelphia, the suburbs and the lehigh valleys. close to 60 degrees. strong, gusty winds for new jersey. steady rainfall, at times heavy. can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm but most of the area will be thunderstorm free but we'll all feel the wind and see the rain during the day today. this is just round one. another round tomorrow. i'll take a closer look when i come back in ten minutes. thanks for that. 6:10. umbrella, raincoat as you head out the door. check 202. >> extra patience, too, as you get in the car. jessica boyington is joining us with an issue on 202. >> a disabled vehicle here on 202 around route 29 so it's not really causing any major problems, just losing the right-hand shoulder.
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northbound from 29 at this point he heading to the schuylkill expressway. speeds into the 60s. trenton trains this morning, you might want to check before you go. once they start sometimes they seem to pile up. we'll check in with the schuylkill expressway. eastbound from the blue route to the vine, average speeds are into the low 50s. no problems heading westbound right now. we'll check in with more of your majors. katy? >> 49 degrees outside. today the trump team will focus on filling the administration. who is getting a private meeting with the president-elect. >> plus, mr. trump appears to have his pick for health and human services secretary. we'll explain. and let down at the link. why the chance of an eagles playoff run is looking less likely after last night's game against the packers.
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plus, this morning we are tracking that rain. we're watching the roads. a live look at 9 near the gerard bridge. keep an eye on the wet weather and the roads. we'll have upditz all morning long in the neighborhood forecast.
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it's 6:15. take a look at your screen right now. that's rain moving into the area. it's expected to get heavier late they are morning. we'll have to deal with the wet weather through tomorrow. at 8th and market, bill henley is tracking the conditions where you live. he is back with the neighborhood forecast in just a minute.
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eagles playoff chances are now slim following their 27-13 loss on "monday night football." here is a look at carson wentz's first nfl rushing touchdown that evened the game in the first quarter but too much aaron r rodgers and nelson agholor doomed the birds who fell to 5-6 on the season. next up the trip to cincinnati to meet the bengals. now to the transition to trump. the president-elect plans to have a private dinner tonight with former republican presidential nominee mitt romney. here is a look at their first meeting during the transition earlier this month. romney, you'll remember, was a fierce critic of the trump campaign. president-elect donald trump has his man, though for health and human services secretary. >> that's right. he's georgia congressman tom price, the republican lawmaker is the leading critic of president obama's health care law. if confirmed by the senate prois
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would play a key role in the gop's efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. now to the effort to recount presidential votes in three states including pennsylvania. a cyber security expert called the effort backed by jill stein's green party a waste of time and money. she is pushing for a recount. supporters brought petitions to philadelphia city hall. 6:17. let's get you out the door. >> we're watching weather, several rounds of rain coming in that will lead to the slowups. je jessica boyington. >> this disabled vehicle, fortunately no delays because of it. it's over on the right-hand shoulder. penndot does have road flares out. no delays moving by the scene. speeds into the 60s. that's something to watch out for. there is an accident reported on
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the 30 bypass eastbound just before receville road so a backup there. king of prussia road and croton road. new jersey, route 30, right around 295 as well. one of the first majors to start to see any increase in drive times, 18 minutes now. speeds into the 40s. so we're not seeing anything major yet. i'll be back in ten with more updates. now to get you updated on the rain heading your way. two rounds, bill? it's coming in with very mild air. look at the temperature -- it went away. it said 49 degrees. 49 degrees at the 6:18 and this is light rain. the view from the lowe's houtel
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and this is from wilmington. it is a light rain so far but look at the temperatures, the 40s for the lehigh valley. it's warm er to the south. delaware 51 degrees. all of these numbers will be warming during the day yesterday in new jersey many neighborhoods were below freeding. 49 degrees in pemberton. that's to start with. and it will be warming up thanks to those winds that are counter intuitive. philadelphia getting light rain. steadier now than it was first thing this morning. you see some steadier rainfall into the lehigh valley. that rain will intensify at times during the day today. we could see periods of heavy rain, even a chance of a
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thunderstorm and into tonight a few showers will still be with us but by then these rain drops will be a bit lighter. it will really add up after hour after hour of rainfall today and tomorrow we'll wind up with considerable rain he is peespec further north and west. in fact, by noontime more than an inch and a third on the ground in reading and closing in on an inch in philadelphia. look at philadelphia, closer to two inches in reading. south jersey, more than an inch. and that's round one. tomorrow round two at 8:00 in the morning that will add to the already impressive totals. look at reading at 3 inches of rain and over an inch and a half in philadelphia. we have some serious rain on the way.
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add to that the leaves. it will be warm so no icing threat here. still mild on thursday as we dry out. the showers should end early in the morning, drying wind on thursday and a bit cooler friday and saturday. another round sunday and into monday before we dry out tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a high of 50 degrees. >> bill, thanks. people behind bars are turning to yoga and we'll show you the program aimed at helping people who are locked up. plus how a 10-year-old got a shoutout from metallica.
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welcome back. it's 6:24 and it's giving tuesday, a day americans are urge d to volunteers or make donations to charities. and today one new program that
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uses yoga to improve the mental health of people behind bars is hoping for your help. it may sound unusual but it is helping people in nearly a dozen centers in our area through the transformation yoga project. founder mike higgins began the program after serving time himself. he and his time of instructors help people with addiction and trauma related issues. we spoke to the delaware county detention center about the positive impacts the program is having on young people there. >> some of the students come in very agitated he especially whe they're new to the facility and maybe they came in at 3:00 in the morning and all of a sudden they're sitting in a yoga class. they're much more cam. >> the project and its team of teachers are working to reach as many inmates in as many facilities as possible so they've started a campaign this giving tuesday trying to raise
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$50,000. fallen leaves like these are why we have issued a first alert today. aaa says speeding over wet leaves can be like driving on ice so take it slowly. they urge drivers to be careful of any ponding or flash flooding. we are following breaking news in colombia where a plane carrying dozens of people including a brazilian soccer team has crashed. a handful of survivors have been reported. plus more than a dozen shots fired and a team of kidnappers try to pull off an abduction. what happened in southwest philadelphia.
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by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. cigntogether, all the way. we are learning more about a plane crash in colombia. dozens are dead but there are several survivors.
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>> violent abduction attempt. police are looking for a team of men who tried to kidnap someone and fired more than a dozen shots in the process. >> off the streets, today philadelphia is taking steps to help homeless youth in the city. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm tracy davidson. we have issued a first alert as the rain moves into the area, significant rain. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and get you details. bill? >> we've issued a first alert for all of the neighborhood, this it rain moving in and spreading across the entire region and it's a two-day event. the first of the heavy rainfall potential will be today and another round tomorrow into tomorrow night that will lead it to slippery rains and possibly clogged drains. slippery roads are the result of leaves coming down. expect heavy rains during the
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day today and tomorrow. mostly light rain for philadelphia and the suburbs. a line of moderate showers, that's where the rain is falling at a rate of more than half an inch in northeastern maryland and close to a third of an inof an hour for new castle county. some areas of rainfall will be heavier than others, on and off today. temperatures will be on the rise. a warm one. we're starting off warm and the temperatures are climbing just a bit. we're seeing a light wind at 6 miles an hour in the suburbs. gusty winds will warm temperatures into the 60s for most locales and lehigh is at 57 this afternoon. unusually warm and very wet today. i'll go through the forecasts hour hour. first jessica boyington is watching the roads on a tuesday morning. in new castle in delaware
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just around route 13 creating a backup on the delaware memorial bridge. you can see that moving into delaware. they are diverting traffic off around route 9 so we're seeing big delays there. expect some detours and delays if you're heading into delaware from new jersey this morning. right before receville road seeing some delays. here is 78 in the lehigh valley. looks like roads are a little damp as well. septa dealing with 20-minute delays. trains are seeing ten-minute delays. we'll have updates when i come back in ten minutes. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of colombia. a chartered plane went down short of the airport in medellin carrying members after brazilian soccer team.
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nbc 10's pamela osborne has been following the developments and is standing by with an update. hi, pam. >> katie there were poor weather conditions at the time of crash. now we know that rescue operations were suspended at one point because of heavy rain. nbc news is reporting the pilots declared an emergency late last night due to an electrical failure. the plane made a stop in bolivia. 76 people were killed. six people were rescued alive, one has died. going off information from the colombian health ministry, they are reporting that of the five survivors one is a soccer player, a flight attendant and a journ journalist.
6:34 am
and you're looking at the some of the faces of the people who were on that flight. the plane was carrying this team, brazilian first division soccer team chapecoense. the team was scheduled to play in a final tomorrow. this video is of the team celebrating the win that allowed them to advance to the game they were traveling to go play. they were the underdog team going into this matchup hoping to advance to the continental competition in south africa. this is without a doubt a tragic ending to what some had called a fairy tale season for this team and the city it represented. chapecoense released a statement this morning saying may god be with our athletes, directors, journalists, and other guests who were traveling together. meantime, the investigation into what led into the crash is under way right now. nbc news citing the head of colombia's civil aviation agency saying they are looking into testimony from the female flight
6:35 am
attendant who said the plane had run out of fuel. we'll continue to monitor the story throughout the day. you can get all the breaking developments with the nbc 10 app. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. philadelphia police are locking for five men who tried to abduct another man and then shot him. the victim was found on south robinson street around 11:00 last night. at least 16 bullets were fired. some hit parked cars in the area. the victim is expected to survive. 6:35. the red clay district in wilmington will begin a corner-to-corner watch program near bus stops to help prevent violence. just yesterday someone shot a student while he was walking to his bus stop. police say the 15-year-old boy boarded his school bus after he was shot three times. medics took the student to the hospital where he remained in stable condition this morning. the teen is a ninth grader.
6:36 am
police are still looking for the gunman. >> firefighters at this point their battle over brown outs. >> the controversial program puts lives in danger, now under the program the city shuts down one engine a day, and we've learned one of them, engine six, will be shut down until further notice. christopher leetch and jerry, two firefighters who were killed fighting a row home fire earlier this year were assigned to engine six. the union says it also plans to protest the rolling bypass program at the mayor's farewell address tomorrow. and we have new details about train safety in our region. the three busiest commuter railroads all in the northeast are still not up to speed when it comes to positive train control. >> that's according to federal regulators. the technology slows down a speeding train. septa is the only train in the northeast nearly finished. it is in place on all but one set of tracks, employees have all been trained on how to use
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it. amtrak has installed it along the northeast corridor. it's on most of that rail company's 4 miles that it owns between washington and boston but a 56-mile stretch between new haven, connecticut, and new rochelle, new york, still does not have that technology. new jersey transit has made little from degrees in getting the ptc into place according to the federal railroad administration. it's not on any of their tracks. the railroad says the federal data does not reflect the amount of progress it is making. njt says it's on schedule to meet the deadline of december 2018 to have ptc fully installed. philadelphia is rolling out a new effort to help homeless young people. the city will announce new funding that will go to groups to help get homeless kids off the street. $700,000 was secured. city leaders will talk about where the money came from and which groups will get it. the nbc 10 digital team spent
6:38 am
months profiling the face of homeless youth. or on our nbc 10 app. all right. 6:38 and we have some weather to talk about. lots of moving in. >> bill henley has the details on that. >> we're seeing the very first of round one this morning. that's light rain falling and notice the camera shaking a bit. that's the wind blowing and that will have significant impact on our weather today. the rain right now, scattered light rain is steadier from philadelphia to the suburbs and into the lehigh valley and this is where we're seeing heavier downpours. periods of heavy rain during the day today. we could see well over an inch of rain in allentown and reading. you see steady, light rain moving through reading right now. you'll need your rain gear today but you don't need your heavy coat because it's not cold and
6:39 am
it it will warm up thanks to those gusty winds that will be increasing. it's a 3 mile an hour wind. 49 degrees. as that wind increases, so will the temperature. by lunch time, 60 degrees. the rain will be coming down. with the wind it will make it feel harder. we'll stay in the 60s this afternoon for philadelphia. a significant warm-up for the suburbs though it will be a rainy day all day long. 60 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon and the potential for heavy downpours in the lehigh valley especially. by noontime 55 degrees. the rain will be coming down and continuing on the steady if not heavy side at 2:00 and at 4:00 today. new jersey in the low 50s. that is 30 degrees warmer than many neighborhood were yesterday morning. look at the warm-up. 60 degrees at noontime or close to it and into the low 60s this afternoon. the same southerly winds to 20 miles an hour that will boost the temperatures and at the shore rain is just getting close to the shore right now.
6:40 am
still dry at this time but that's not going to last. the wind will be even stronger at the shore. 60 degrees with winds close to miles an hour. and light rain is falling right now in delaware. it's getting steadier especially in new castle county. that's a live view in the background. temperatures will climb at the same southerly, 20-mile-an-hour winds starting at noontime and at 2:00 this afternoon with steady rain starting to taper off a little bit by late this afternoon and it will be drier this evening. another round in store for us tomorrow. look at that when i come back with the ten day on 10 in less than ten minutes. >> bill, thanks for that. with the wet weather off brings a slower commute. >> and 95 usually starts to get busy around this time of the morning. let's get you updated on that with jessica boyington. >> 95 and our camera right around co it ttman avenue.
6:41 am
really pretty slow. 32 miles per hour is the average speed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. a few accidents out in new castle, over in delaware there's an overturned truck on 295 heading southbound. so that will affect some of the traffic coming off the delaware memorial bridge. if you're in new jersey seeing a big delay there now. diverting traffic off route 9 as well. so we are seeing delays there. be prepared for some detours. also out in coatesville an accident heading eastbound. watch for some delays there. a new accident on city avenue and monument road, only one lane getting by for right now. route 73 around cooper road looks like we're in the middle of a traffic stop through the intersection normal. looking for wet roads around the area. not right now not seeing any big problems or delays. route 73 looks fine as do most of the jersey roads. we'll check in with more of those and how that can change.
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6:41. a viewer tells that's canceling his internet service nearly ruined his credit. coming up next how the nbc 10 responds team helped him sort out of situation when bills kept coming in even after he disconnected. plus, roadside rescue. we'll explain how a jersey shore who was about to retire saved a man's life when a car caught fire after a crash.
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welcome back. it's 6:45 on your tuesday. 49 degrees outside. take a look at the radar. rain is moving through the area, and it is expected to stick around through. you can see the system here on our first alert radar, a very large system.
6:46 am
meteorologist bill henley will be up in a few minutes with details on it. here is what it looks like outside along i-95 in south philadelphia. we are keeping an eye on the rain and the roads. as i said, bill henley will join us shortly and jessica boyington will be here with updates in just minutes. well, a viewer tells us he canceled his internet service, but those bills kept coming. >> and when he couldn't get a resolution on his own he contacted harry harrison and the nbc 10 responds team. >> reporter: daniel says he had internet service with a company called wind stream communications. he tells us it was the only service available in his area. >> where i lived was rural. extremely rural. >> reporter: back in october he moved and canceled the service. >> they sent me a return slip for the modem. i did all that and then the next month after i moved i got a bill from them. i figured it was a mistake so i waited. >> reporter: but he got another
6:47 am
bill. >> i contacted them via e-mail they said they have no reference of me contacting them. >> reporter: he says he then sent the company a copy of the return slip it sent him. but he tells us the company insisted it had no record of his cancellation. >> it was like talking to the wall. i mean, literally. i just kept getting the bills, they just kept coming. >> reporter: he says things got worse. >> i starteding collection agencies calling me. once that happened i contacted you. >> reporter: we reached out, the company promised to look into complaint. he says just three days after we got involved wind stream contacted him. >> they called me and said everything's dismissed. we'll take away your collections and we cleared your bill. >> reporter: wind stream later told us, quote, this was an oversight on our part and we have waived the penned chargdin. >> harry took care of me. channel 10, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome.
6:48 am
all right. >> i have to stand on my tiptoes. harry harrison. >> harry takes care of a lot of people. whenever you cancel a service make sure the company gives you confirmation in writing and that should include the date and the time you canceled plus the amount of your final balance. if you're canceling on the phone get the customer service representative's name. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let us know the best which to reach us right there on your screen and we will respond to you. all right, let's get a check on the weather right now. down the shore this is avalon, new jersey, where it is a warmer 56 degrees right now. we are tracking rain this morning that's expected to stick around through tomorrow. >> first thing this morning, went on at 4:30 this morning it was completely dry in the city. that's a live view of 8th and market. the rain is coming down right now. no heavy rain but you can see the camera shaking. that's the wind that will be
6:49 am
with us through the day. tracking showers right now, mainly light to some steadier showers in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. wet, windy and warm during the day today. you see the temperatures soar in spite of periods of heavy rain. and still some showers in the area this evening though it will be tapering off in the evening hours and then another round of rain for tomorrow. avalon, new jersey, you see the clouds overhead. it's not rain iing here yet but the rain is not far away. there's avalon. you can see rain drops just crossing into cape may county right now. for delaware and the suburbs, the lehigh valley. in fact, that's moderate rain moving through burks county and into the lehigh valley. it is on the move so it's not going to be heavy rainfall all day. it is going to be all day rainfall today and the same system is not going to clear. you can see it stretches to the deep south. this will be coming at us again tomorrow. by the end of tomorrow that one,
6:50 am
two, possibly three inches of rain in some neighborhoods, especially heavier rain for reading and allentown. the temperatures are in the 40s, 50 degrees in northeast philadelphia. look at the warmer air to the south. it is going to be a mild start at the bus stop but a rainy one this morning. 50s for quaker town, allentown and philadelphia. when those winds kick in, that's when we'll really see the warm-up this afternoon. 27-mile-an-hour wind in wildwood. close to 20-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia this afternoon. center city, 63 degrees. westchester, 61. 57 degrees in the lehigh valley. sunshine on hold for new jersey. a rainy day all day long for new jersey and even at the shore. even a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. 64 degrees in wilmington. the wind will be blowing up to 65 with the rain coming down. tomorrow even warmer. the next round of rain coming in tomorrow morning into the afternoon, 70 degrees the high
6:51 am
temperature after a morning low of 76. it clears out early. we'll get sunshine and start the cooling process at that will have us in the low 50s as we head into the weekend. sunny skies friday. saturday you'll see some sunshine. a chance of rain sunday into monday before things clear out into next week. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures a little bit cooler in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees thursday afternoon. >> bill, thanks for that. let's get you to work. don't forget the umbrella. take a look at an issue you should know about. >> jessica boyington is standing by with flashing lights, a lot of brake lights hyped you, too. >> some big slowdowns. you can see we're slow here. fortunately it's on the shoulder now. 13 minutes this is about double what the drive time normally should be heading in this direction from route 1 to 95. average speeds are into the 20s as well. so watching an accident there. mass transit doing okay but
6:52 am
except regional rails we're seeing at least 20-minute delay for all rails because of slippery rails this morning due to that rain. also out in new castle watching for that overturned truck on 295 southbound. right now they're diverting off route 9. a big backup over the delaware memorial bridge. if you're heading into delaware that way, best bet for you right now is to take the commodore bridge. that will set you up to get into delaware and an easier of a drive. coatesville watching an accident. route 30 bypass. lastly another crash pops up into our system. katy? >> jessica, thanks. a quick thinking atlantic county police detective is being credited with saving a man from this burning car. james watts had a medical problem behind the wheel and slammed into another vehicle in the parking lot. that's when police detective
6:53 am
adam bromley ran straight to the burning car and pulled watts to safety. >> i would never see my family or another thanksgiving again. >> the city will honor him. a 10-year-old is a budding musician. >> and he's gotten heavy metal icons. >> sounds good. his name is daniel. he lives in the neighborhood. he attends school of rock philadelphia and he posted this instagram video performing his favorite metallica song. well, metallica saw it and reposted it on their official instagram page along with the comment, nice work, dude. daniel's video was viewed more than 300,000 times in one day. check it out. >> instant stardom for him. >> we'll run down the morning's headlines and a story we'll be
6:54 am
following throughout the day. >> and that includes the season of charity. we'll tell but giving tuesday and today's national campaign encouraging local donations.
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welcome back. it's 6:57 and 51 degrees outside. here are some of the stories we'll be following today. in tennessee the driver accused in a deadly school bus crash in chattanooga is scheduled to appear in court charged with vehicular homicide and other counts. six elementary school students were killed and five others still in the hospital. he did not have drugs or dhol in his system. classes will resume today at ohio state university one day after an 18-year-old man plowed his car no a group of fellow students and then attacked them with a knife.
6:58 am
a campus police officer shot the man to death. ro and tonight president-elect donald trump plans to have a private dinner with mitt romney. here's a look at their first meeting during the transition earlier this month. you remember romney was a fierce critic of trump campaign. today is what's known as giving tuesday, a day americans are urged to volunteer or make donations to local, national, or international charities. the promotion began in 2012. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on your morning drive. some slowdowns just on the southbound side because of an accident up ahead you can see a few vehicles there. 14 minutes now so double what that would normally be from route 1 to 95, speeds down into the teens, also. checking in with septa and mass transit, all regional airlines due to slippery rails, the west
6:59 am
trenton train 21 minutes late. lastly we'll stop around the delaware memorial bridge but over into delaware into new castle an overturned truck around route 13. watch for delays heading into delaware. first alert for all of our neighborhood today through tomorrow night because the potential for heavy rain which could lead to slippery roads and clogged drains with leaves coming down with gusty wind that we'll see with the rain. steady rain moving into philadelphia, some moderate rain showers moving to wilmington. this will be with us right on through the day into it late this afternoon. the temperatures will be climbing. we're in the 40s and 50s. not bad. you can expect 60s this afternoon. you can always get my first alert forecast on 101.1 f.m. more f.m. if you're on the go. >> it will be important today with the rain moving in. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can get real time news, weather and traffic on the nbc
7:00 am
10 app. >> thanks for watching. stay dry today. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. breaking news. a charter plane crashes in colombia. 81 people on board, including a professional soccer team. this morning, five survivors pulled from the wreckage. tennessee burns. wildfires raging out of control in the great smokey mountains. mandatory evacuations ordered in two resort towns. flames now at the edge of the famous dollywood resort, and this nearby hotel where guests appear to be trapped inside. officials believe arson is to blame. we'll be there live with the latest. is he a terrorist? new images emerge of the man behind the attack at ohio state university. >> there's a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people. >> 11 people injured, the suspect shot and killed by police.


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