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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rain in the area, and so if you get a little bit of a burst of moderate rain, it's not going to last very long and then taper often to drizz off to drizzle. by tomorrow morning you may not be iable to see the ben frank learn bridge. the visibility is going down in allentown, coatesville is sup to two miles. and in northeast philly, we're at 5, and philadelphia international we're at 2 1/2. meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> the major concern isn't going to heavy rain, but it is going to be dense fog, that's something we will be watching through the overnight hours, the
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fog will be dense so take it slow on the roadways as you leave tomorrow morning. you already see some low clouds out there and as glenn showed you the visibility is already low and as we go overnight, more of the fog will be developing and some of it will be pretty dense. so for your morning commute, dense fog, even the possibility of still some scattered showers around later in the day tomorrow. here's a look at future weather, now we're going through 8:00 p.m. tonight, i think by 8:30, we'll still see some rain around, i think primarily new jersey and possibly delaware, but it's not going to be very heavy by 8:30, by overnight the fog sets in. dense fog could be around most of the area with some light scattered showers. by 11:00 a.m., we could already see some thunderstorms around part of the area. here's a look at our future fog
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model. take a look about midnight, we're going to see that fog dropping off to a mile or less, visibility could be around zero, meaning very thick fog as you're driving, so just be very careful. coming up i'll give you a timing of the rain because we do expect more during the day tomorrow. from our delaware bureau tonight. why is the city of wilmington keeping one of its own fire trucks from fight fires. city leaders say the move is to say money. >> but will homes and businesses be at risk? >> why don't we go for 10:00, is that good for you? >> josey has a salon in wilmi wilmingen the, she fears if a fire breaks out in her salon,
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the fire engine just down the street will not coming to help her. now they have decided to just shut down engine 6 and the city's little italy neighborhood. the ladder truck will still go on calls, but the water truck, that will go to a different firehouse. >> shut down engine six means there's no water coming to your fire. it's a roll the dice, it puts people's lives in danger and it needs to stop. >> the decemb >> this truck was a mile and a half closer to a fire scene than the one that actually brought the water. but folks here don't like to think if they have a fire the closest engine won't move. the outgoing mayor and his fire chief need to make sure that every engine is ready to fight fires right now.
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>> they have the money, but they just need to come to us with a plan, right now there's no plan. >> tim furlong, nbc10 news. and firefighters and their families have been protesting engine closers at recent events. we're told firefighters plan to protest during mayor williams speech tomorrow. now to new details in the murder of a 14-year-old boy in philadelphia's mayfair section. the police commissioner told us the boy was just minding his own business when he was robbed and killed. say they heard at least gunshots near cotman avenue around 9:00 last night. a neighbor found the 14-year-old lying on the ground. he had been shot in the chest. today we learned he was a student at northeast high school. one of his friends shared memories of him. >> he was kind, he was sweet. if anything was wrong, he would try to fix it. >> a $20,000 reward is now being
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offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. we have seen police shootings in five communities from philadelphia to wilmington and all across the country, now the people who investigate those shootings are working together and they're coming up with a plan to make their work more objective and fair. deanna durante just spoke with some district attorneys who crafted this plan. she's live in chester county with more on what it means for people across pennsylvania. >> reporter: the district attorney here main chester coun say that they will have information from the start. he also says one of the most important things is that when a police-involved shooting occurs, an outside agency will handle the investigation. >> when it's a close call or a controversial call, then there would be criticism if an agency investigated itself. so by having an independent
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agency do the investigation, your remove that criticism about bias in the investigation entirely. >> reporter: if necessary, outside investigators or state police could handle it depending on its needs. the victim of the police involved shooting gets medical attention right away. >> the person who has been shot, the police should try the save that person, they should perform cpr on this person. it sends a strong message to the li public that the police do not want to kill that person. >> reporter: the justice center in which officers revived a man they shot. the policy also requires access to information. in philadelphia, the public can request copies of the investigation once it's complete. but it will not be released state wide.
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that's consistent with any other police investigation. now the district attorney tells us that in most investigations, when someone is under investigation, that name is not released unless charges are filed. he says when it comes to these cases, if it is a case where the shooting is deemed not justified, and that officer is charged, then that name will be released. reporting live in west chester, deanna durante, nbc news news. a girl who was killed in the overbrook section -- 8-year-old gianna poole was walking home with her brother earlier this month when a diver hit her and then took off. authorities are offering $20,000 for information that leads to that driver. her mother pleaded with the driver to come forward.
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>> i had to leave my baby in the grournd today. i don't get a prom, i don't get a garage graduation, no marriage, no grandkids, nothing, so just turn yourself in and make it easier on everyone. >> police released a picture of the vehicle that was involved. call police if you know anything about the crash. turning to transition to donald trump, there's new controversy about a twice president-elect trump sent. the tweet reads quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag, if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail, end quote. it's not clear what prompted the tweet or whether he'll call on congress to outlaw flag burning. is supreme court ruled in 1979 that flag burning is protected
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by the third amendment. mr. donald trump's hunt for a secretary of state has a meeting with mitt romney by the way for a second time today. romney was the 2012 gop presidential nominee. a top trump aid is leading a public pressure campaign against romney. romney was critical of president-elect trump during the campaign. the president-elect has punishinged elaine chao to be labor secretary. chao was born in taiwan, she's the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. this comes a day after president-elect trump nominated tom price as hhs secretary.
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we're learning more about the student who attacked fellow students at ohio state university monday. authorities say he wrote about u.s. interference in muslim countries on facebook. he warned, if you want us muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace with the islamic state group. today ohio state students ret n returned to campus for the first time since the attack. it appeared to be back to normal on cam todpus today, but studen are still on inch. >> i was like the first person back on campus, kind of like making sure my surroundings were okay.
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>> officials say four of the 11 people taken to hospitals after yesterday's attack are still there today. and the situation is getting worse for communities in tennessee. wildfires are spreading and now the weather is fanning the flames. and coming up, if you thought it was a pain raking all those leaves, crews have had an even difficult task today. look at this picture, it has been soaking the area tonight, fog is moving in, you can barely see liberty one from comcast camera in center city. bl
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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a deadly crash in columbia. four people thought to be on that flight never boarded. the plane went down during heavy rain.
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authorities say the crew declared an emergency late last night because of an electrical failure. the plane then vanished from rad radar. members of a brazilian pro soccer team was on board. video shows the players getting ready to board that flight. we talked to one brazilian this morning. >> we woke up this morning to the bad news and everybody feels very bad. >> we're hear from a member of that soccer team that chartered that flight. he was injured in the last game and was not going to play in colombia. we have learned that three people have died in wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of
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homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. let's take a look at the scene in and around gatlinburg, tennessee. after high winds and dry brush fueled several wildfires in tennessee, with wind gusts reaching 87 miles an hour, the fire fight has turned extra challenging. >> it's hurricane force, and we're trying to fight a fire. >> in all 14,000 people have been evacuated from gatlinburg. we're getting some rain to help alleviate the drought. in trenton, people came prepared with hoods and umbrellas. leaves littered sidewalks and ponded water near the storm drains. by not everyone minds the wet weather. >> let's face it, it's 59 degrees and it's raining, so that's better than being 9
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degrees. >> people across the state of new jersey dealing with some degree of drought conditions. it's not just rain people are dealing with, wind had people on the move at the state house. >> and across the delaware river, you can barely see the come cast building. more rain is on the way too, meteorologist sheena parveen has the forecast for your neighborhood. real foggy out there. >> yeah, it's going to start to get foggy as we go overnight tonig tonight. this is a live look at 95 in philadelphia. there will be fog and low visibility tomorrow morning. we still have rain through the philadelphia area, and parts of northern delaware, to really along the i-95 corridor.
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at least it's not as heavy as it was earlier today. light to moderate rainfall in the philadelphia area, center city section. it does look better now than it does earlier, up towards trenton, parts of burlington county as well. these are the sections we will be watching even force dense fog to be forming tonight because we have the wet ground in place. we are seeing more showers around bridgeville. now all that heavy rain is really offshore and well up to our north and east. so we will be kind of seeing this trend as we go overnight tonight. lehigh valley, we're seeing big improvements, but they saw over an inch and a half of rain. if you're in cookstown, you saw
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over an inch and a half of rain too. so it is going to help in the way of the drought, and more rain possibly into the day tomorrow. here's your future weather, by about 9:30 tonight, the showers we have now, still moving offshore, but the fog is going to be forming overnight tonight. 9:00 tomorrow morning, we could also see some patchy light rain. 11:00 in the morning, we can already see thunderstorms trying to move into part of the area, tomorrow afternoon, we have some showers around the lehigh valley, and a good chance south of philadelphia too. now we're looking at the hours overnight tomorrow night, another round of showers may move through, but clearing out for your thursday morning, so finally we'll be clearing out. we do have one more day of this. here's our future fog model.
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7:30, 8:00 tomorrow, showing zero visibility through most of the area. so we'll be dealing with dense fog through most of the morning drive. take your time as you're driving on the roadways. it is going to be a mild day with those mild temperatures. thursday we clear out, friday, saturday, sunday, all look good, precip returns early next week, but temperatures as you see move in tomorrow. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your neighborhood weather and that fog overnight. thank you, low number retro license plates are a hot commodity in delaware. driver can purchase a five-digit plate for $110. the license plates are coveted
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by collectors. earlier this year, one couple spent $325,000 for a black and white plate with the number 14 on it. the man who paid for it said that he thought the price was a steal. this t-rex had a problem with that. dinosaurs come to life at the exhibit called the jurassic world. today the pail yes or the exhibition runs through april. ♪ okay i could continue that. one of four acts performing at the upcoming philadelphia 76ers
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game, it's part of the team's friday night concert series, sugar hill gang will be there friday and saturday night, and nina sky performs next friday night. not even december yet, though we're close, but phil wants young people to start thinking about summer jobs. >> and the city says it will help them find work, find out how, next at 5:00. plus, they work together and now they're celebrating together, the monster jackpot this group is taking home, at 5:00.
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fast food employees and uber drivers and other workers walked off job as part of a national day of civil disobedience. work ready philadelphia is looking for a few good partners. mayor kenney kicked off the
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program today. drexel university is already committed to participating in the program. last year the program helped more than 1,000 kids find work. this will renew your faith in those lottery pools at work. the jackpot, 420$420.9 million. the group says they play twice a week, and spend $60 each time. >> my son saw it on tv. he started texting, i know mom bought that ticket. wake her up, wake her up, and they were shaking me, and shaking me. and i went and grabbed my ticket and the third ticket, there it was and i just started screaming. >> all 20 are employees of the north american stamping group which makings automotive parts of the saturday's prize was to the 12th largest power ball
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jackpot in history. and can obama care be saved? millions of patients are waiting to find out what will happen to their health care. >> and new members of donald trump's administration could girlfriend us the answers -- could give us the answers. and we asked doctors what it could mean for patients.
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this was a familiar scene on the road today. >> the rain has started to taper off in many areas but over in philadelphia, the fog has set in. you can barely see the skyline. yeah the skyline is behind that. it's on live camera right now. that fog affecting tonight's commute and more rain is moving in as well. >> you can't even see center city behind us here. >> we do have more rain in the forecast tomorrow, and we're going to start to see some dense fog developing. here's a look at the radar, it's mostly light rain that we have at the moment, the heaviest
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stuff that's moved offshore and to our east. now we're looking at trenton, along the major interstates here, we're seeing light ranin, where you see the yellow. that extends down into the philadelphia area, and it also extends into wilmington an parts of northern delaware. improving conditions in parts of delaware, compared to what we had earlier. but tonight more of this rain is going to tape ever off and we're going to see fog developing. thick fog with low visibility for the morning commute. for tomorrow morning's drive, thick fog and some scattered showers still in the forecast. so when you're dpr ee're drivin, take your time on the roadways. the rain still moving out as we go through tonight. what's left over will be dying
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down through the overnight hours, then that fog start develop through the overnight hours. and throughout the day, we'll have a better chance of scattered thunderstorms as well. here's a look at our future nothing model. the commute showing a lot of zeros today, meaning a lot of thick fog, it might be a little difficult in some areas to see through the fog. and we'll take a look at this and the forecast toward the end of the week. here's some stories we're following on nbc10 news at 5:00. the woman hit and killed by a that bus was hit and killed she was pushing a baby stroller. people in wilmington are fighting to get their fire engine back. in wilmington, engine 6 has been
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taken out of service. some on the city council say it's time to hire more firefighters. say they smutting an engine down is a danger for rez dipts and firefighters. donald trump has picked elaine chao to be labor secretary. chao was lab labor secretary under george w. bush. tom price has a history of opposing obama care, but what does he think should replace it? lauren mayk takes a closer look. >> i'm congressman tom price. >> reporter: some price could have a new title in the new year. the georgia republican is president-elect donald trump's choice for health and human services secretary. he was among the supporters in
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king of prussia. this video of price from last month gives us some insight as he talks about a gop plan in a weekly republican address. >> so we repeal things like the individual mandate and we say that you should be free to pick whatever insurance plan meets your needs, not one washington forces you to buy. >> reporter: the pick drew sharp criticism from chuck schumer. for hospitals and patients, there are questions about what it means for the future of or after obama care. >> will this be more of a man dated program? will this be more of a mandated incentive oriented plan?
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>> for the last eight years we have been working in one direction, and now we might have to change course. >> reporter: more than 40 of patients rely on it. on obama care, ryan has suggested alternatives, even though he has agreed with them to far. >> he's also hoping to be part of the conversation. >> planning on spending a lot of time in washington, d.c. over the next couple of months. now to breast cancer, most women know to look for a lump as signs of the disease. but symptoms could be more subtle. one in six mad symptoms a lump. that includes changes in shape or density. experts say the key is to know
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your body and look out for any change. >> i think the most important message is that a change in the breast should always be evaluated even if you just had a normal mammogram and even if that change is not a lump. >> you will meet a woman who found a change in her breasts but her mammogram was negative. she later was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. see how her persistence likely saved her life. and to philadelphia's fight against youth homeless chbs. the city will put another $700,000 toward fighting the crisis. that will provide new housing for those in need and it includes job training, employment support and counseling. you may remember nbc10 spent
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months profiling philadelphia homeless youth. we spent time on the streets talking to young people who are homeless. you can see our entire special on making sure philadelphia students know how to read, it's one of the knfocal points of th right books campaign. so far the right books campaign has helped put books on the shelves of classroom libraries in 141 schools. today delaware governor jook marquel was in milton to announce recipients of the grant. to develop and expand waste reduction. >> think got it, this is better
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for our environment, it means we spend less money on land fills and it creates more jobs. >> at t. sexual assaults are a problem at area campuses. plus people were just buying clothes, toys and electronics and black friday, the surprising item people got in record number this is year.
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garrett anderson was arra n arraigned this morning. police found anderson in an abandoned car parked in philadelphia. he's charged with burglary, indecent sought and theft.
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anderson is due back in court on december 6. pennsylvania colleges will receive nearly $1 million in grants to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses. students we spoke with have strong feelings about feeling safe on campus. >> i go out pretty often so i want to be safe and feel safe. >> things kind of get bad and out of hand sometimes. >> the college will receive $30,000 part of that money will go to help sexual assault survivors. gun back ground checks hit all-time highs. it processed about 400 more checks than black friday yesterday, anybody who buys a gun at a licensed firearm dealer
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is required to fill out a form about their background, drug use and contract history. and cyber monday was the biggest online sales day in history. according to adobe digital, there was $100 million less this online sales. >> reporter: the rain is still coming down now, but round two is heading our way for wednesday, which means that storm drains like the one behind me may be an issue. we'll show you what you can do to make sure your roads stay safe. and meet joey, who's lifting the spirits of law enforcement all across the jersey shore. his battle straight ahead.
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this was not a nice day walking around today. >> taking a live look outside at the roads in center city. now the fog, that's what's starting to cause the problems and more ranin is moving in tomorrow. >> krystal, all this weather is creating a big mess, particularly on the streets? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely keith and erin. it's still raining outside, we're life in rocksboro
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currently. we have been monitoring the streets, and you see the roads aren't flooding for the most part, but the roads are an absolute mess, and we still have round two of at times possibly heavy rain for wednesday which means that cleanup crews are still going to be out trying to pick up leaves which are piling up around storm drains. tuesday afternoon crews were batting the rain has they cleaned leaves off of roads in haverton township. >> they clog the streets up. >> the public works department says they began leaf pickups in november and try to visit each house at least twice in the fall. >> we had some low-lying areas we were aware of, places that we
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know of, and we're trying to get the leaves off the street. >> in haverford, that means knowing where to put your leaves. >> we encourage them not to put the leaves on the street, put them in a grassy area and we'll rake them out to the machines. >> reporter: you can see a lot of leaves already piled up in this drain here, the water rolling around it, instead of going in it. and this is the concern and why crews are out and we still have that second round of rain for tomorrow. it doesn't look like it will be as consistent during the day, but it does mean thunderstorms. the suggestion to check your town website to see when you can get those leaves picked up and how to properly do it. in haverford, those leafs that
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are picked up, so not only are you helping keep your road safe, you're helping to -- >> turn around don't drown, if you do hit a spot that's particularly ponding or if there's a lot of flooding there, don't even attempt it. >> let's get the latest on this wet first alert forecast. >> if the roads is flooded, you never know what's underneath that, so we tell you, turn around, don't drown. the good news is that the heavy rain from earlier today is tapering off and it's continuing to do so over the overnight hours. but we did need the rain and it is going to help the area, but now what the rain is doing with the wet ground, we're going to have some fog forming overnight. we will have some pretty thick fog for part s of the area for the morning rush.
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scattered showers through part of your day tomorrow and a chance for some thunderstorms, but the fog is going to be the main concern for your morning commute. the rain from earlier today, moving well offshore. this is from the past few hours, but more rain is left. we do still have some lingering showers, around florence and pennington, we have some light to moderate rainfall. bensalem and bucks could have been. cherry hill seeing that ooze well. but it is starting to break up. so improvements on the rain, but here's a look at some of the rainfall from earlier today, we saw almost an inch and a half, and that's part of the philadelphia area where we had some heavier rain, and the rest of the philadelphia neighborhoods saw right around an inch of rainfall, give or
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take an inch to an inch and a half. lehigh valley saw quite a bit, but as we go through the overnight hours, the heavy rain not coming back until parts of tomorrow. dense fog around for the morning commute. we can already see some showers and thunderstorms tlourg through the afternoon. by 1:30 in the morning, we're looking at tomorrow night into very early thursday, we'll have another rain moving through before we finally dry out and that will be for thursday morning, so we're not going to see a lot of clearing and drying until thursday, so keep the umbrellas handy as we go into the next 24 hours. here's future fog, the visibility is around zero for most areas, so that means thick fog so take your time when you're driving. mild temperatures now, tomorrow some highs will be close to 70. here in the lehigh shally,
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temperatures into the 60s. and if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs, for the most part u west chester, 66 degrees, tomorrow fairmount 68 degrees, afternoon storms after the morning fog, then we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for most of new jersey. if you're in galloway township 66 degrees, and many of our neighborhoods in delaware could get close to 70 degrees. coming up glenn will take a look at the 10-day forecast for you. >> here's lester holt from the nbc studios in new york. >> ahead for us tonight, we'll get a late report from the scene of the massive and what we now know to be a deadly forest fire that just exploded overnight in tennessee. president-elect trump tweets what he would like to do to flag
5:52 pm
bump burners. also tonight, governor christie calls it shameful. >> he says the new jersey state house needs a renovation and the changes that need to be made right away.
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we're getting the first look at the last christmas for the obamas in the white house. as always the ginger bread white house has a place of honor in the state dining room. the opposite side of things, governor chris christie says the state house in new jersey needs more than a few decorations, so he's calling for a complete renovation. >> reporter: from afar, the state house looks, well stately. standing in the rotunda, the country's second oldest state
5:56 pm
building. and at the state barbershop around the corner, it sounds like his plans will be a hard sell. >> i think we have more important things to spend it on. >> like? >> like a better police force. what's wrong with that? a better school system. >> reporter: the governor suggested this building is being held together with band ates, no renovations in six decades, no sprinkles, high energy bills, a security system that allows a bad guy to get inside before screening, and one area is singinging. >> sinking into the ground and is in danger in the next two years of collapsing into the ground and crushing everything that's beneath it. >> reporter: where computer servers are kept. and while there may have been skeptics here, kate crown is all foefr the project. >> i'm all for it. >> reporter: and that building means something to you? >> the second oldest statstatou
5:57 pm
state house in the country. >> in trenton, brian thompson, nbc10 news. nec on nbc10 news at 6:00, a search for a killer, a high school freshman murdered walking down the street, tonight his friends respond. mpbls and a former road block that could keep the casinos from reopening. the court battle next. jersey shore police officers team up to help a young boy battling a rare form of cancer. >> this is more than anything we could have expected. >> i'm ted greenberg, why for local cops the cause hits home?
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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round two of rain and also thunderstorms. and a high school freshman gunned down on the street. and a 7-year-old battling cancer gets some inspiration from local officers. >> now at 6:00, the buckets of rain are over for now. but don't put away the umbrellas, we are in store for another dreary day. >> most of the rain, it's moving out of the delaware valley right now.
6:00 pm
you can see what's left on the radar right there, it has been one of those days where you just didn't want to leave the house. but if you did leave, you're likely to see some traffic with all those wet roads out there. here's a look as drivers cross the ben franklin bridge. we begin with nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> there's some rain left in the philadelphia area, with everything moving to the east. we look back by washington and it's pretty dry there, so i don't expect any kind of significant rainfall overnight tonight. still some possibilickets of vet rain around at the moment, mostly in bucks county, but most of that is going to be moving to the north towards new yok.


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