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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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another day of slick conditions. >> look at this scene in gulfport in atlantic city. closer to philadelphia, this is the look at is schuylkill at belmont, take my word for it, it looks like mirrored red and white lights out there. we're going to see more rain tonight and the chance for thunderstorms. >> our first alert weather team has the forecast for your neighborhood. >> what we're looking at currently are the low clouds in some areas of dense fog, that's one thing we're still dealing with, especially when you're in coatesville, zero mile visibility, the rest of the lehigh valley not bad at all, we still have the clouds around with more on the way. philadelphia is up to 3 miles, northeast philly up to 2. ricetown is 1. atlantic city is a quarter-miles visibility. so we still do have some patchy
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dense fog. the entire area seeing the low clouds, but we have more rain moving in now. so we did have a bit of a break moving in and now we have light raining into berks and lehigh value county. an even wider view shows you more rain farther south through the gulf coast states and tomorrow night i think more rain will be moving in, especially closer to midnight tonight. by 8:30, we could see some heavier rain through the lehigh valley moving in, can't rule out a chance of a thunderstorm with that. by 11:30 tonight, we're at more rain, some of which could be locally heavy. so through the overnight hours, we still have the rain in the forecast, but tomorrow we'll see big changes. i'll show you the timing of all that coming up. breaking news on the deadly hit and run that killed an
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8-year-old. right now police are traveling to an auto shop to check out a damaged car. >> what is the latest update, monique? >> reporter: good evening to you both. since we last talked to you, a philadelphia police tow truck has arrived here on the scene and moments ago we saw them take apart what appears to be the hood of a and put that on part of a tow truck, we have been nolling the high profile investigation into the death of jayanna powell and rewards tote mg now 35 $,000. this is a picture of the silver altima that was -- she was hit by a what are at 63 and lands
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down. police sources also tell us when a worker here saw the car, they were called. sources tell us next police will toe the car to philadelphia and right now. they're obtaining search warrants to search the car after it is towed. sources say the person who drove the car here, doesn't live far from the scene. police will interview the owner and all drivers associated with the car. j jayis -- the car had significant damage, so that may be why the hood of the car is being placed on the back of the tow truck first. investigators spent most of the day here trying to match car fragments with those left on the
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scene of the hit and run. we'll have an update for you again at 6:00. police are currently questioning two people about the suspicious death of a 2-year-old philadelphia boy. the boy identified by neighbors as zahire morrell was found dead in a row house in east kensington. the 2-year-old had bruises and sbir internal injuries. he died a short time later at the hospital. >> i was just crying all day because it's bad. so i just wanted to know what happened, that's all i wanted to know. >> detectives are questioning the boy's mother and her boyfriend. so far no charges have been f l filed. we have new details on a case against president-elect donald trump. philadelphia police tell nbc10 a
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city attorney is now under investigation. andrea klein-thomas is following this developing story. >> reporter: a scathing response the republican party is now calling for him to be fired. police have not confirmed which of the two men captured in the surveillance video is philadelphia city attorney duncan boyd. one man paints graffiti on the side of a store, the other takes pictures. >> we're currently talking to people trying to bring this thing to rest. >> reporter: the two nonchalantly pass a number of visible surveillance cameras. >> it shows a lack of -- >> in a statement, first deputy
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solicit for addressed boyd's future employment. but philadelphia republican party spokesman albert i it'senberg makes the details of the case clear. >> if it was reverse and somebody painted something anti-hillary, the guy would already be gone. >> the involvement of the city officials is making it even more shocking. >> you would think somebody like that would be smart enough to know better. >> reporter: i have confirmed that detectives have identified the other man involved but no word on whether they have been able to make contact with him. police in camden are asking for help from the public to solve an especially brutal crime. this is a composite sketch of a suspect police call pure evil. police say he pulled a woman
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into this white van and sexual assaulted her near south third street in camden. the 23-year-old victim managed to get away and get to police. the crime scene is in an area known forpoce have not yet recovered a weapon. >> there was a weapon involved, i don't want to get into the specifics of what was phone to her. this was a brutal attack, we need to get this guy into custody and we need the public's help. >> the victim has released from the hospital, police do not believe the suspect is connected to any other crimes. governor chris christie added another class of police officers who work across the state and are under the of 65. some will be allowed to carry guns.
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> a new jersey judge will decide whether to investigate chris christie for misconduct. he claims they all ultimately answer to the governor. in a criminal complaint, brennan alleged christie violated the state's misconduct statute by failing to open lanes during the bridgegate scandal. there's probable cause the governor violated the law. >> the biggest traffic jam in 20 years happened in new jersey and the governor did not request a single witness about it, to interview witnesses or to call a grand jury. >> we are presume to do our job. >> at the federal bridge gate trial, the witnesses claimed that governor christie did know
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what was going on. a ground breaking aeeak in today on a new apartment building in the neighborhood. construction should be complete by next spring, the three-story building with replace outdated housing with modern energy efficient apartments. the north philadelphia university says the increase up to 500 million is due to donor support and wise investments. earnings from the endowment go to student scholarships and to attract highly qualified faculty. the endowment nearly doubled this year from $8 million to $16 million. nbc10 with the butterfly proom program. the sheriff's department delivered a number of donations
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to the annual coat drive. as soon as the clothes were hung up, there was a long line of people waiting to try them on. one wanted guests, homeowners are finding unwanted guests in their va don't houses. >> everything is at a stand still. >> nbc10 investigators look into it find an even bigger problem. more rain and fog that covered the area tonight, this is how the commute looks right now on i-95 in south ph philadelphia. we're going to have much more on this wet weather moving in. the first alert weather team will have the timing and details for your neighborhood coming up next.
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new charges for the charlotte police officer who gunned down keith scott back in september. scott's wife captured the shootings on her cell phone. we warn you the images may be disturbing. >> keith don't do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> the incident was also caught
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on police dash and body cameras. the shooting sparked days of protests, riots and democrat mon strikes, the police say that evidence supports the fact that scott wassed. >> he was aware when he entered the car that mr. scott chose to draw that weapon and had it in his hands. >> the family also says despite the fact that scott likely had a gun, they are still considering a civil lawsuit. crowds in cuba's capitalve castro's name today. the coffin is now on a 500 mile funeral procession. castro's remains will be placed
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in a mausoleum in santiago de cuba on saturday morning. new at 5:00, a group of high schoolers who were in cuba when castro died just returned home. we talked to them about th us t will never forget. 18 students from springside chestnut hill academy say they witnessed history in the making. seven day into a 10-day enrichment trip to cuba, fidel castro died. >> you can see that everybody stopped what they were doing, it was a big shock and that was evident to us as well. >> it was a very strange feeling that day, the big difference we experienced was walking through the streets and there having no music, because we had gotten used to there being music on every corner. >> the teacher said that they
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had been studying cuba for the last five months. >> we talked about the importance of kind of navigating situations like seeking to understand and then seeking to be understood. so i took that moment to try and understand the experience of cuban people at the moment rather than pushing forward what we were thinking and feeling. >> reporter: the students said they were surprised at how warmly the cuban people took them in. >> as an american, you would think you wouldn't feel welcome but everybody was very welcoming. >> an experience they will never forget. and students told us parents were a little worried at first that they were there at such an historic time but at no point, did they tell us they ever fell unsafe. >> the death toll has risen to 7 as wildfires continue to rage in
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tennessee. firefighters are now dealing with another obstacle in containing that blaze. heavy rain overnight is causing mudslid mudslides. the couple evacuated once the fire reached their driveway, they lost everything. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding depreress, my pictures, mother's hope chest. >> we lost everything and we're devastated but our family's left. we have a 9-year-old girl and my dad lives with us and we all got out safe. well, we're still dealing with the rain, still dealing with the fog for part of the area, but here's a live look out at 95 near south philadelphia and it really doesn't look too bad, so victim in the
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philadelphia area is fine. but we go have more rain moving in now. here's a look at the radar, we were clear just an hour ago in terms of rainfall, but now it's moving in to the south and west, chester county, berks county, newcastle county starting to experience some of that rain, at 95 in newark, seeing light rain. chester county seeing the lighter rain with some embedded more moderate showers near coatesville, even in redding here that's where you see the yellows and the greens showing you the lighter rain. it's all moving in from the west and there's that long line of showers and storms that's all part of a cold front and it will continue as we go through tonight. so we have more rain in the forecast late tonight, some of which could even be some thunderstorms. we'll be watching that for you. temperatures are mild, we're around 60 degrees for most of the area. look at dover, 68 degrees,
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that's with a south wind so it's really warming things up for us. as we go through tomorrow, we'll see some big changes in temperature and sky cover. the clouds and rain are going to stick around, 8:30 tonight we could see some heavy rain moving in through the lehigh valley, possibly chester county and we'll be watching the chance for some thunderstorms with that. even by midnight torrenight, it not going to be over yet. but just in time for the morning commute, tomorrow you won't have to be dealing with the fog, or the rain, but it's going to be windy, nice change for your thursday, windy, but dry. your temps for tomorrow, 58 for the high, langhorn 53 degrees. winds could be gusting over 35 miles an hour. if you're in dover, your
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temperature will be topping out right around 56 degrees, your 10-day on 10, thursday, friday and saturday, you're dry, but take a look at the temperatures, we're going to stay pretty chilly, mostly in the mid to upper 40s. so that is one thing you will notice, the weather pattern staying cool, and take a look at next friday, so we're talking only a week from today, we would see highs in the upper 30s, but we'll be updating that forecast as we get closer. coming up another look at the radar and the timing of the rain as we go through the night straight ahead. donald trump making a victory announcement. plus new names are surfacing for possible cabinet posts in the trump administration, including sarah palin? we'll break down the latest on the transition, that's coming up at 5:00.
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on this week's wednesday's child, we're actually featuring two children, they're twins who need lots of love and attention. >> they're hoping to find a forever family to support them and keep them together. >> vai sikehema introduces us to the twins. >> they have been confined to wheelchairs and care facilities their entire lives, now that they're teenagers, they're ready to fly the coop and find a
5:24 pm
forever team. >> they have been together their entire lye lives. >> ideally they would be adopted together. no worries if you have no experience as a physical therapist. >> all the medical care are effective for the family. they can attend medical appointments so they can have firsthand knowledge of the care and there will be financial support for the children so they will not be alone and no support for them. >> what they need is lots of love, the kind that only forever families can give. >> you can just look in their eyes and see the love they receive, they give right back. >> the twins are this week's wednesday's child. and if you would like to make
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their dreams come true or any dream of any wednesday's child, go to a. nbc10 continues to clear the shelters and right now you can give kittens in need a happy home for the holiday. >> the adoption event is called whisker wonder land. there are 30 kittens looking for a place to call home. tonight until 7:00, you can take home one of the cats. they are all between 2 and 6 months old. every week nbc10 helps clear the shelte shelters. a military family found itself in a bizarre and also a frustrating situation too. they had to move from new jersey to texas. >> now someone has moved into their old home without their
5:26 pm
consent. >> i thought once everything was found out, we would just have that person put out, but it didn't end up that way. >> tonight nbc10 investigators ask why these unwanted guests are not being forced to leave and we see how this has been happening all across the state. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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boy, those windshield wipers got a workout today, didn't they? rain is pouring down on the road. >> the umbrellas have also taken a beating after two long days of rain and it is not over yet. the first alert weather team is tracking more wet weather tonight and storm force 10 out on the road. this is a live look at plymouth township in montgomery county. this i promise you is center city, there is nothing wrong with this live picture behind us, in fact this picture is better than what it was. let's get to your forecast with first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we actually have more rain headed our way for the rest of tonight. but as you mentioned, center city, you can only see the lower bottom portion of the your
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screen, we have the clouds and the fog, and that's blocking the view of the building. visibility has gone down to 2 mile. 60 degrees is our temperature right now, so we're fairly mild. more rain moving into the philadelphia area, up through west chester through chester could have been. we have some moderate rain formifor forming. even if you're in berks county, you're seeing more widespread light rainfall. the rest of tonight, there's more rain headed in our direction, so we expect more rain through this evening and even during the overnight hours. take a look at the long line of showers and storms down to our south. so we still have several hours of this, we're not going to see clearing until we get into tomorrow. here's future weather 9:00 p.m. tonight, i think primarily north and west of our pennsylvania suburbs will be seeing the rain by 9:00 p.m., some of which
5:31 pm
could be heavy. then we get closer to midnight and it's going to be more widespread through the overnight hours and even into the very early morning hours before we see clearing. coming up we'll see a closer look at when the clearing is going to happen and a closer look at the radar, that's straight ahead. new at 5:00, unwanted gettysburgs. >> it's shocking to me that it's even allowed. >> a winslow township home rented out without the owner's concept. when the nbc10 investigators try and get some answers, we discover an even bigger problem. >> right now the floodgates are open. >> yes. the foreclosure crisis hit new jersey other parts of the country. >> how it's hitting homeowners and renters alike. >> reporter: sitting on a corne
5:32 pm
this three bedroom home may seem an unlikely spot for the drama surrounding it. at least that's what owner thought. >> initially i was shock ed. >> reporter: she's an air force recruiter recently based in new jersey, now she's in abilene, texas more than 1,500 miles away. she discovered the schort short sale on her property fell apart because someone is living in the home. >> i thought that once everything was found out, we would just have that person put out but it didn't end up that way. >> the people in the home signed this fraudulent five-year lease. it is the same name and same exact address as this woman. charged by the camden county prosecutor with leasing or selling at least 20 properties across south jersey that she had
5:33 pm
no legal right to rent, sell or even enter. prosecutors say the woman's 28-year-old soften christian edmonds worked with her. realtor craig burrbridge manages dozens of bank owned properties. realtytrac says new jersey had the nations highest foreclosure rate during the first half of this year, nearly 1 out of every 100 homes and victimized properties owners often suffered just as much as those would-be tennants that signed fraudulent leases. >> that's the worst part about it. these people staying there for a while. in new jersey, it's a debtor friendly state, it's hard to kick them out. >> reporter: a superior court
5:34 pm
judge allowed the inhabitants to stay inside the home for the time being, even though they don't appear to be paying rent. we're just trying to get your side of the story. they declined to speak to us on camera, but she says she thought the lease was legit, and the lisa smith she rented from does not look like the lisa smith charged with renting other homes. it's not clear whether this case is connected to suspect already charged. they do tell us the case is a warning for both owner and tenna tennant. >> i would just encourage any potential tennant to do some of their own home work instead of just responding to an ad. >> charges against lisa smith and her son have been pending since february. that is when the county
5:35 pm
prosecutor combined all of the case into a single lawsuit. and that homeowner tomorrow will go back to court tomorrow to try and get those would-be tennants evicted out of the home. >> how can you prevent this? >> there's really no good answer for this. from the perspective of the court, the people who signed these leases actually have some rights and are protected in some way, so these owners are in a tough position. >> you just think the holidays are coming up. >> and this is a story where we kind of have victims on both sides. >> no question, all right, george, thank you so much. also tonight, new details about a mercer county teenager accused in a deadly hit and run that resulted in the death of a school superintendent and his dog. the driver whose name is being with held because he was under
5:36 pm
18 at the time of the incident. she hit dr. steven mayer. under the plea agreement, she will be on probation for three years and lose her license for two. then there's this, a man allegedly bit two philadelphia police officers early this morning. it happened while they were taking him into custody. it all started around 1:30 this morning when the officers were patrolling east atlantic street in kensington. they say they saw the man trying to break into a parked car. when thigh approached him, he tried to run and then there was a struggle. the man punched, kicked, head butted and then bit the officers. this is the ymca in talliville, newcastle county. it will be home to a new fitness center and will also be a new area for youth and teen programs. more years for youth fitness
5:37 pm
classes and more adaptive pool equipment for people with special challenges. >> children and adults who are intellectually children, have the opportunity to get in that pool with great staff, get exercise, have fun. >> this ymca has been a part of the north wilmington community since 1965. construction on the new space begin in the spring and will last just over a year. here's a question for you. how do you steal a 65-inch television on a bicycle? we're going to show you how one thief pulled that off. that's next at 5:00.
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take a look at this video. thieves spent thanksgiving night stealing furniture from a
5:40 pm
kensington store. this is the last picture police have of them. that's a 65-inch television he's carrying on his shoulder as he takes off on a bike. he got away with about $4,400 worth of merchandise. new york city released this surveillance video to get help identifying this man, the thief's biggest challenge, well, the bucket weighs about 85 pounds, it took him an hour to make normally a ten-minute walk. police now believe the man and the gold are in florida. and from gold in florida to ice in antarctica, runners posed together for the mannequin
5:41 pm
challenge. runners from 17 countries took part in the event and then they paused for the video. >> that is very cool, they look frozen. >> and considering negative 4, running a marathon which is 26 miles. >> gives new meaning to the word frozen. >> we have rain still moving in for tonight, so we're not done with it yet, but we're done with it overnight tonight. we'll look at when the sun will come back, that's next. ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together.
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the philadelphia police department along with the fraternal order of police are teaming up with verizon to get cell phones in the hands of women who need them. the phones came from collection boxes in each police district across the. the hope line refurbished phones -- >> find things like housing, child care, anything those survivors need to do to get back on their feet. >> the program is in partnership with the organization women against abuse. president-elect donald trump is making his first stop on a
5:45 pm
thank you tour tomorrow. mr. trump is heading to indiana and ohio. >> today he revealed more about his new hires and a post on twitter. >> in his latest twitter blast, president-elect trump said he will hold a news con in two weeks. he'll announce plans on getting owl of his business and getting ready to do business. number one, can he actually do it? and number two, does he have it in him to do it? this is a guy who's getting at 3:00 a.m. >> he hasn't held a news conference since early july and all of his cabinet announcements have been revealed onlike. and former goldman-sacgoldman-s mnuchin. we're going to have the most
5:46 pm
significant tax cut since reagan and there's also news that sarah palin is angling for secretary of veteran's affairs. trump also planned a trip to indiana tomorrow to meet with carrier air conditioning won't be moving 1,000 jobs to mexico as it had planned. new jersey congressman tom mcarthur is holding a lottery for tickets to attend the presidential inauguration, it's open to the state's third district. head to the congressman's website by january 13 to enter. well, still dealing with the fog, still dealing with the rain and in fact we have more rain for tonight, some of which may be heavy and we're already watching some heavy rain
5:47 pm
forming. then as we go into tomorrow finally more sun, and we will be dry and after that we have quite a stretch of rain in our forecast. chester county seeing pretty steady rain, that's moving into chester, camden county, up in parts of montgomery county, that's the leading edge of all this rain we're seeing in chester county. we're seeing it near coatesville, west marlboro township, all that rain spreading across montgomery county now, norristown, heading towards bucks county too. that's where we already see the approach of some light rain. more rain overnight, the lehigh valley starting to see some light rain increasing there and there you see it coming in from the south and west. we're not of the of this wet weather pattern just yet. we're going to keep some of the
5:48 pm
clouds around tonight. fog fluctuating here and there but the rain will be in the forecast. 8:30 in the evening, i think most of the rain will be confined to new jersey and delaware. but then we go through the later hours, closer to midnight, we could still see widespread rain, even a little bit more after that. but the good news is tomorrow, the rain will be out of here, it will be colder but it will be windy, or a little cooler and windy but nice and dry. temperatures currently around 60 degrees, but dover is coming in near 70. bethlehem 52, nice and dry, but a windy day, winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. if you're in phoenixville expect temperatures right around the mid 50s. if you're in haddenfield, tomorrow, dry, 58 degrees, you will not need the umbrella tomorrow. avalon 55 degrees, atlantic city
5:49 pm
53 and if you're in delaware, temperatures mostly in the upper 50s. so your 10-day on 10, we get rid of the rain after tonight, tomorrow dry and windy, friday colder, 51 degrees, look at saturday, 49 for the high temperature. by sunday, a high of 47 degrees. and look at the stretch of the chilly weather i was mentioning. we're going to be in the 40s for quite a few days in a row. then the rain comes back tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we get windy and cold by friday. could only see a high temperature next friday around 39 degrees. we'll have a closer look at your neighborhood weather and your radar coming up at 6:00. lester holt has what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." >> on our newscast tonight, is recording that captures the final harrowing minutes of a doomed airplane that carried a
5:50 pm
brazilian soccer team. and a visit to the workplace where every day is take your child to work day. >> interesting stuff, thanks, lester, we'll see you at 6:30. nbc10 is in south philadelphia for the largest food dry in the country. >> the annual campout for hunger. this year keith johnson and his coerce over at the plant in coatesville dropped be 4,000 pounds of food. >> we put different groups against each other i that kind of helped a competition and got things started. >> we like that, that friendly competition will be putting even more food in the hands of our hungry neighbors. last year wmmr listeners and businesses raised more than 580
5:51 pm
tons of food, this year they're hoping to do even better. >> tim furlong joins us live from the campout for hunger and if i know tim, he's probably got a jeep truck nearby. >> reporter: keith, you know i'm a wrangler guy. this is my baby, i get to drive the news force 10 jeep every day. but tied i'm joined by a couple hundred other jeepers and all these jeeps have food in them for the campout for hunger. last year the local porsche club came out here and they gathered more food than the jeep club last year. this year jackson who's a host on wmmr, he hosts jackson's jeep club, he says no, that's not going to happen, we're going to beat the porsche guys this year.
5:52 pm
i'm surprised the porsche guys are coming out in this weather, but the jeep guys are out here in force. we talked about how much food is brought in, and how much food is raised. tonight the jeepers will bring probably close to 14 tons. it's going to be more than the porsche guys. guys are you going to beat the porsche club tonight? coming back at 6:15, we'll talk to a local jeep outfitter who raised a ton of -- they're people who really do not like porsche drivers and their little driving gloves that they wear and it's not going to be a good night for them. i'm telling you guys. objectivity out the door. i ran over it in my wrangler. >> you got to love a competition for a great cause. and that rain's not stopping them either, and tim, thank you for your effort out there in that rain. we'll see you about 6:00.
5:53 pm
>> the nbc10 morning team will also be making an appearance at the campout. >> there's no many ways you can say thank you to the men and women who serve our try as well. >> in new jersey see how they're helping military families go green for the hole day. that's next at 5:00. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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it is a national tradition is that kicks off the hole days for many people. in just a few hours, that iconic tree will light up in all it's christmas glory. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon will perform the star studded evening, garth brooks and tricia yearwood and many other stars. you can watch the holiday tradition tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc10. >> and here is a life look at the blue cross riverrink where philadelphia's own tree lighting will happen very, very soon. >> nbc10 presents a holiday tree lighting this friday. we'll be there as well for all the festivities. come out or watch it starting at 7:00 fresh cut symbol of love and
5:57 pm
appreciation. >> hundreds of christmas trees will soon light up the faces and homes of military families across new jersey. a tree donation today in bordentown brought smiles to so many people. and for some of these guardsmen and women being home after being deployed in years past will be extra special this year. >> it's a civilian entity we support, defending them, defending their rights and defending their way of life and protecting them. it means that they respect us for what we do. >> it's all part of governor christie team of sharing. it's a team effort of the department of agriculture and the new jersey christmas tree growers association. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> up next, a possible new clue in a hit and run that left an 8-year-old girl dead. >> we're live as police continue to check out a car that may be connected to the case.
5:58 pm
what investigators are telling us tonight.
5:59 pm
breaking tonight, a possible lead in a hit and run that left an 8-year-old girl dead. nbc10 is first on the scene as investigators check out a car. the storms are once again right over head for the evening rush and more changes ahead fo tonight. toddler death investigation, the two people now being questioned in the case.
6:00 pm
first tonight, days of downpours, right now the nasty weather is continuing for the evening rush and it isn't expected to let up just yet. >> today the rain mixed with fog to create a dangerous day on the roads as you see right behind us. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, we're not out of the woods yet? >> we're going to get more rain than we did in the daytime hours, you can see the reason, we have h a lot more rain coming in the southwest, from northern video virginia, west virginia and it's in chester county, getting some downpours right here and more on the way as


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