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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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first tonight, days of downpours, right now the nasty weather is continuing for the evening rush and it isn't expected to let up just yet. >> today the rain mixed with fog to create a dangerous day on the roads as you see right behind us. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, we're not out of the woods yet? >> we're going to get more rain than we did in the daytime hours, you can see the reason, we have h a lot more rain coming in the southwest, from northern video virginia, west virginia and it's in chester county, getting some downpours right here and more on the way as.
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lehigh valley got an inch and a half up to two inches. cookstown had over a half inch more. that puts them over two inches for the two days. allentown, a little over a third. bethlehem, a little less than a third, visibility is still pretty bad, there's i-95 in south philly, and some places are seeing bad visibility and big fog in places like coates wi ville, but not far away in redding, the fog is not a problem. mt. holly is getting worse. wrightstown is getting worse, philly international, 2 1/2 miles. atlantic city has improved considerably toms river and delmar are still having problems. when you see the temperatures near 60 degrees, we have got a
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very mild night tonight, but we have more in the way of rain that's on the way, i'll get it to you hour by hour through the night and see what's ahead for the weekend too coming up. >> and remember, you can get first alert weather any time, all you have to do is download the nbc10 app. you can also track rain right into your neighborhood. philadelphia police are towing a car away from an auto body repair shop in chester county, they want to know if it's connected to a hit and run that left an 8-year-old girl dead. monique braxton has been at the scene for the past two hours. monique, what's the latest there? >> reporter: since i talked to you, we have had an opportunity to talk to the owner of a&t auto body and hi said all he ever had was a name, keys and a $1,000 deposit, he says he didn't suspect anything until he saw the news last night.
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take a good look at this nissan altiman, with the damage on the front end. our cameras were rolling when it was towed away to a police -- the owner of the auto body says the car showed up here on november 19, the owner showed up for repairs one day after jayanna powell was hit and killed 23rd and lands down. sources say the person who drove the car here doesn't live far from the scene. police will also interview the owner and all drivers associated with the car. you may recall jayanna's older brother remembers seeing a man behind the wheel of the car involved in the hit run.
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investigators also tell us they have spent most of the day trying to match car fragments left on the scene in overbrook to the car that was towed out of her about an hour ago. i have also talked to the family and they say they are monitoring the investigation along with us. also developing tonight, investigators are trying to figure out what led to this toddler's death in kensington. >> we have now learned the child's mother and her boyfriend are being questioned we can tell you it all began late last night in a home on east clemonton street. >> reporter: we have learned that the boy's mother and her boyfriend were at police headquarters today. and this case has been ruled a homicide. tears replaced the joy that
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2-year-old zahire brought to this kensington neighborhood. >> i was just crying all day because it's bad. i just want to know what happened. >> the toddler's aunt, god mother and friend of the family. zahire's mother and her boyfriend were holding zahire who appeared lifeless. he died at st. christopher hospital. authorities say he had bruising and injuries consistent with abuse. authorities wrapped up their investigation at the rooming house where zahire lived with his mother and her boyfriend for the last few months. >> he was loving. >> reporter: a close family friend says they're aware of domestic problems between the
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couple but they were afraid that the child would become a victim himself. >> you could have did whatever you could have did. and he could have been here right now. >> reporter: i have been in touch with investigators all day long. they are making progress and they say they are very close to making an arrest. outside police headquarters, nbc10 news. >> and police in camden are asking for help from the public to solve an especially brutal crime. this is a composite sketch of a suspect of a suspect police call pure evil. police say he pulled a woman into this white van and sexual assaulted her. the 22-year-old woman managed to get away and get help. >> there was a weapon involved, i don't want to get into the specifics of what was done to her. this was a brutal attack.
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we need to get this guy into custody and we need the public's help. the number of jobs in philadelphia has reached it's highest mark in decades. today mayor jim kenney said there are about 700,000 new jobs in the city in october, that's an increase from 13,000 jobs from the same time last year. a philadelphia district attorney is now the target of an investigation into anti-trump graffi graffiti. today the solicitor's office confirmed that one of the men is the attorney duncan lloyd. >> it's shows a lack of accountability, it shows a legal of idiocy that i don't think anybody wants from our city employees and he should be fired immediately.
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>> the solicitor it's office says we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation. lloyd is scheduled to meet with detectives tomorrow. police say they have identified the other man in the video but they have not released his name. president-elect donald trump the soon to be commander in chief now says he's going to step away from his business. today he sent several tweets says he's drawing up legal documents that will fully take him out of his business so he can focus on running the country. mr. donald trump went on to tweet while i am not mandated to do this under the law, i feel it is visually important as president, to in no way have a conflict of interest with any various businesses. he had dinner with mitt romney.
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and today president-elect trump announced former gold mans sacks executive steven mnuchin and wilbur roz. the company has confirmed it bleached a deal with the new administration to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in this country. he will also be starting a thank you tour tomorrow night in cincinnati. a new jersey judge is now expected to decide by friday if a special prosecutor will be appointed to investigate governmeor chris christi for misconduct. the judge has filed a claim against chris yis. activist -- brennan says both the attorney general and county
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prosecutors have a conflict of interest since they answer to the governor. the governor has not been charged and denies any involvement in the plot. new at 6:00, all public housing in the country could soon become smoke free. u.s. housing and urban development announced new rules rpgs it will ban all smoking in publicly owned housing. officials say they hope to have the ban in place over the next year and a half. driving out hunger, the reason people are jumping in their cars to give back. we have a report on xfinity live. rebuilding the eagles. what the coach is now challenging to do as the soon winds down. glenn? >> we have more rain on the way,
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i'm tracking thunderstorms moving twoord your neighborhood. i'll have the forecast coming up.
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it's just an engine reving food collection. >> tonight it's jeep versus porsche, and who can bring out
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more food for a hunger event. >> tim is with the news force 10 jeep. >> you see a little peace sign on top of the steering wheel. tonight i'm with a lot of those jeep drivers that i'm going to be giving that jeep away to. tonight we're going to team up. all these jeeps have food in them. and in a moment, we're going to go over to xfinity live and help feed our neighbors. this is the quadri center. today they're loading up their own jeeps with food. they and hundreds of other jeep owners are bringing out food to the wmmr food deprive. they want to show up the porsche
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drivers that showed them up last year. >> we can't have these porsche guys thinking they can outdo jeeps. we got the space to carry all the food, we got to outdo them. >> jackson is leading the jeep charge against the porsche drivers tonight. >> as you know, the jeep drivers are a very tight knit group and if you get these guys and tell them they can help out the community or any sort of public service, they come out in full force. >> reporter: last year the jeep group brought out 17 tons of food. >> we ag each other on and give each other crap. >> a lot of cool jeeps here. i got my christmas wish list going crazy in my head. i want some of this stuff i'm seeing on these jeeps. we're going to leave here about 7:00 tonight and usually
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wrangler people are a little snobby about john wranglers, but if you have a jeep, come on, if you have a cherokee, a liberty, whatever you have, come on out and i'll show you around news force 10. everybody's snapping selfies with it because it's the coolest news truck you'll ever seen. >> driven by the cool reporter. >> i'm not going to argue. >> all right, another look outside right now, as more rain continues to follow across our area, it's making for a wet drive home. >> we're waiting for this to come to an end, glenn. >> and i guarantee you it will not look like that tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening. >> and it will be light out tomorrow morning. >> it's going to be great, the sun is going to be out. everything's going to change, it will, it really will.
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a couple of days of rain gets us a little stir crazy and you can see more rain continuing to come up from the southwest and we even have heavier showers now coming into delaware county, and moving up to the northeast and at that rate, at east marlboro at 6:43, west chester at 6:48 and right after that, in chester heights. some brief heavy rain with some lightning. we do see more rain later on tonight. how much rain has fallen in philadelphia? a quarter inch at the airport, we had about an inch yesterday. port richmond reporting .93. parkwood .31. and we have coatesville, they're getting the heavier rain. blue bell is less than 2 miles
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and mt. holly is now down to a quarter-mile visibility. dense fog there, but atlantic city has improved over the last couple of hours. here's the future cast hour by hour, you can see weaves of heavier rain coming in, especially in berks county, lehigh, north hampton county, the poconos, getting the heavier rain, even in the middle of the night, we could see some of these heavier showers as a cold front moves through and then it dries out. watch what happens here as we go through the night, it's mild everywhere. quak quakertown up to 64, redding 65, that's later tonight. watch what happens to those temperatures as we get rid of that rain. 7:00 a.m., it's sunny, back down into the 40s. and then it doesn't warm up a whole lot. philadelphia is 51 at noon and 50 at 4:00 p.m.
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so temperatures are holding steady in the 40s north and west for the afternoon. so don't expect it to be a warm afternoon. it's going to be windy too. and it's going to get gradually cooler as we go friday, saturday and sunday while it's going to be dry, good amount of sunshine, not a whole lot of wind either. for the 10-day forecast, the windy conditions tomorrow. gusts to 35 miles an hour, a little bit cooler on friday, that high might occur in the mo morning, then saturday and sunday seasonably cool. then we have some rain coming in, tuesday into thursday period, then winter arrives. next friday, the wind and the cold comes in. and you're going to notice it. and it's coming. that's why we do a 10-day forecast. hello and good evening, the eagles say they need to loosen
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up and have some fun during their last five games and joel embiid will get a little more playing time tonight. we'll tell you about that coming up next.
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wide receiver jordan matthews and running back ryan matthews both sat out today's practice. jordan has an ankle injury, he's expected to play against cincinnati and ryan has a knee injury. >> reporter: doug pederson has challenged his eagles this week, he says these last five games, we're going to find out who wants to be here and who
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doesn't. doug hinted on wip radio that the eagles are rebuilding, he says yeah, we're in the process of putting pieces together and finding out who is going to be a part of the eagles future, and he wants to see this team finish strong. brandon graham says he and some of his team mimates have been playing tight. >> despite the record, we're out here every day, why not have fun? let's have some good memories on these last five games and i challenge everybody to come out here and have fun. >> i think everybody is different in that regard, but you need to keep remembering that we're grown men that are playing this game that we have played since we were a kid. how cool is that? >> i asked if nelson aguilar is going to be back on sunday, he says that is how i'm leaning
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right now as long as everything goes okay in practice. >> john, thanks. the sixers kick off a four-game home stand tonight against the sacramento kings. joel embiid and joel okafor on the court together. >> i look forward to playing them together. you know, it's up in the air in what it's going to look like. in defense of them and in fairness of them, because of so many different situations, it's not like they have had an abundance of time to practice together. >> we'll have highlights at 11:00. that's sports. we'll be right back. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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right now, final preparat n preparations being made for the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree will be lit. the 90-foot tree is decorated
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with more than 50,000 lights. you can watch the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting starting at 7:00 on nbc10. >> you can see this golden retriever that's dressed up like an elf. share your photos with us on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> looks like he was smiling despite the weather. >> we just heard it's pouring here. >> we're getting some briefly heavy rain. look at that, some areas in yellow, we're not talking about severe storms or anything, but some of this is fairly heavy rain, moving through the north and western suburbs and there's more back to the west, where it came from, but this is all going to be gone by tomorrow morning, we have got gusty winds, bringing in cooler weather for a few days and then winter arrives next friday.
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>> just like that. >> uh-huh. >> thanks for that reminder, glenn. >> nbc "nightly news" is next, we'll see you at 11:00. tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. no charges in a fatal police shooting that sparked days of protests. why prosecutors say the officer was justified. in using deadly force. frantic final words from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier, from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it work -- the big american company where every day is take your child to work day. and employees couldn'


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