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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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schuylkill expressway in lower merion. t happened around midnight. one person was taken to the hospital. and the rain is found ponding on some roads. a few inches along lincoln drive wissahickon neighborhood. >> jessica boyington, you're looking at the schuylkill? >> i'm looking at the schuylkill. actually a few minutes, ago, and we've got this under control very quickly. wanted to show you that eastbound side right here. you can see no problems or delays, back to a 12-minute drive from the blue route. in the 60s. the vine street expressway is open this morning. that's good. in between broad street and the schuylkill, we are open. you don't have to worry about any detours. there's also an accident in
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cheltenham, in cheltenham avenue and woodbrook lanes. the on-ramp gets so wet out there. vai, tracy, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. right now, philadelphia police have a man in custody in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed an 8-year-old girl. >> matt delucia is at the headquarters. matt, walk us through how they found this person. >> reporter: tracy and vai, this man is 24 years old as you mentioned he's here at police headquarters. he's not facing any criminal yet. but that could change in the coming hours. take a look, this is the car that philadelphia say is tied to the death of the girl. many the owner of the shop told nbc10 off camera that a woman brought the car in. the driver of the nissan altima
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hit her and her brother and did not stop. this all happened at the intersection of 67 and lansdowne in overbrook. there's been a public plea from the girl's mother. and reward money has hit $45,000. we'll keep you posted when and if charges are filed against that man. for now, we're live here in center city. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." police are still searching for a white car as they investigate a gun battle and deadly crash. authorities say there was a shoot-out around 48th and westminster around 10:00 last night. one car crashed. you see officers arresting a man from that black nissan. they arrested another man but a second car got away. investigators are asking for your help finding a man who shot
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a man in hamilton. they was pronounced dead at the scene. they're waiting for autopsy results. if you have any information call the prosecutor's office or hamilton township police. this morning, we're getting our first look at a man who police say bit two philadelphia police officers trying to arrest him. this is ortega. he found the man trying to break into a parked car in kensington. he tried to run and then they say he bit the officers during a struggle. the officers are being released from the hospital. parents who took their kids to a montgomery county pediatrician they say feel betrayed after having explicit images of children on his phone. a nurse found the images on his phone. parents who brought their
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children to his practice tell us they're looking for a new doctor. >> i will not be stepping foot back in there. absolutely not. it really freaks me out. it's disgusting. especially to think that i have smaller children. >> investigators say at this point it doesn't appear that patients are in any of the photos. investigators may want to hear from anyone who may have more information. dr. kennedy is being held on $250,000 bail and is due back in court next month. a judge is blocking a recount of the presidential election results in montgomery county. a judge rejected a request from the green party to recount the votes in 78 of the precincts. jill stein, the former green party presidential candidate is leading the recount efforts in pennsylvania and two other states where president-elect donald trump won by a narrow margin. a hearing on the state wide recount in pennsylvania is scheduled for monday. 4:34.
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just four wins this season. all four at home, last night, the sixers quest for win number five was postponed after a slippery substance developed on the playing surface. crews tried to clean it up but after an hour or so, they postponed the game citing player safety. fans, of course, disappointed. >> i get myself excited to come down to the game. when you get here, you feel the energy is building and just to not have the game happen it's kind of a letdown. >> to sit here, there's no reason to play if you're going to get injured. >> the game will be rescheduled. but no makeup date has been announced. from the "daily news" check it out, sixers mop up. and the phillies had a predicament last night, they tweeted out, rain delay? yeah, we know the feeling.
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even the kings got in on the teases. >> chances are pretty good the weather may have messed up your daily routine. rain, rain, no rain, we've been saying, it's pretty much out of here. >> the philadelphia police need your help finding a burglary suspect. check out the man who stole a flat screen tv and rode off with it on a bike. and penn state payout, a federal judge said owed even more. 4:36. a few drops in the neighborhood. but they will not lost. got your neighborhood forecast, just ahead.
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with a quick check of the roads starting off on center city. the vine street expressway, the cameras, we're open so far. that's good. not closed with construction in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. roads are wet there, as you can see. an accident on cheltenham, cheltenham avenue around woodbrook lane. that was reported around 2:45 or so. it should be clearing. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, eight-minute drive time. no increase yet. average speeds into the 60s. more updates when i come back in ten. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 4:39. 58 degrees, and we're watching the last few showers move through new jersey. this is camden county into burlington county. a few rain drops in gloucester and waterford, they're moving
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out. most of it is clearing out for the suburbs of lehigh valley so we will see sunshine today. 58 degrees. you don't see this often. it's warmer now than for most of the day. in fact all of the day. factor in the wind, 13 miles an hour, westerly winds driving in chillier air. in spite of sunshine, we're looking at temperatures to 52 degrees to 40s. it will be dry during the day today but the temperatures are going to stay pretty steady for much of the afternoon, right around 50 degrees. a few rain drops still in new jersey as we saw in the live radar. 52 degrees at 8:00, 52 degrees at noon time. 51 by 4:00. minimal change in the temperature. the jersey shore. isolated shower, first thing this morning. and then quickly clearing out. the clouds won't last. bright sunshine. 57 degrees right now. middle 50s this afternoon. seeing something similar in delaware.
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it's warm now than for the rest of the day. winds at 15 miles an hour. 10:00, winds stronger at noon time and earlier this afternoon. chillier weather, i've got the ten-day on ten. >> next, we're looking at events happening state by state and county by county. including a possible tax hike. and also removed from class. what a teacher was accused of doing that got her suspended. carson wentz is gearing up against the cincinnati bengals. he's doing it in an eye-catching pair of shoes.
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someone once asked, do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes...
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and... no. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. only at longhorn steakhouse. it's 4:43. 58 degrees outside. a montgomery county school district has suspended a teacher who is accused of making rationally charged comments to students after the presidential
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election. the school awarded the action against the cheltenham high school teacher. the teacher was talking about the black lives matter movement and donald trump's election which he allegedly said to students stop complaining about being black. a judge has ordered another $5 million to. that's in addition to the $7 million awarded to mcqueary. penn state put mcqueary on leave since sandusky's arrest and he hasn't returned to coaching. in montgomery county, over the weekend, three robberies were reported to police. when the delivery person drove to the address, he was ambushed. >> they came up to me and asked
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me to empty my pockets, i gave them everything i had. >> he wasn't hurt. right now, police don't believe the three cases are linked. but they are working with state police on similar cases to see if there's a connection. philadelphia police want to you take a look at this new surveillance video that shows a thief burglarizing a furniture store on thanksgiving night. investigators say the suspect spent about four hours going in and out of mecca furniture in kensingt kensington. he got away with merchandise, including a large tv that he carried away while on a bike. state by state and county by county for a look at the stories across our other. montgomery county residentses can learn more about a proposed property tax hike during two county budget hearings today. they're at 11:30 a.m. this morning and 4:00 this afternoon in norristown. the increase would add about $66
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a year to a $300,000 home. county commissioners will take a final vote on december 15th, two weeks and two days. and in delaware county, radnor township will unveil a new whoosh app. they'll send the driver a parking message if the parking is about to expire. and later today, ground breaking for the botanical gardens. once complete they'll cover 37 acres. it will add thousands of shrubs and trees to once what was farmland area. and vanguard workers will donate toys, clothing and other gifts to the delaware valley children's charities. and montgomery county kicks
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off its efforts for dogs and cats. the annual spca holiday drive begins today it will run through january 3rd. you can drop off toys, pet food and other items at the county courthouse in norristown. 4:47. 58 degrees outside. let's get to you work on this sort of wet morning. >> jessica boyington has a look outside where it does look wet. tough for the morning travelers? maybe not. >> maybe not. it's early still so we're not seeing a lot of volume, once that starts to kick in around the 6:30 mark or so, maybe a little earlier, those delays. and maybe some problems on the on and off-ramps as well. this is what you want to see before you head out the door. 95 at girard, no major problems. southbound from the woodhaven, that's good.
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in cheltenham, though, there's an accident right around woodbrook lane. checking in with mass transits, everything is running on time or close to schedule. route 202. no big problems or delays right now. 11 minutes at the most, northbound from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. and speeds also still into the high 50s. i'll be back in 10 with more for you. >> all right, jessica, thank you. thunder and lightning this morning. >> really? it was windy where i was. bill, bring us up to speed. >> all of that has moved out so you don't have to deal with the thunderstorms. but the wind, gusty winds with the storms. you'll see breezy conditions, not damaging winds, but enough to keep things cool. right now, it's cool on boathouse row. a little breeze is blowing right now. that's increasing during the day. 58 degrees. 50s for the lehigh valley. this time of year, these numbers should be in the 30s.
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we're nowhere near that. 59 degrees, almost 60 degrees in south jersey. well, the suburbs, they are in the 50s to start with, and that's where it's going to hang for most of the day. but colder air starts moving into these neighborhoods tonight. the rain, that's moving out. the last few rain drops, burlington county, the steadier rain, and there goes the storms last night. sunshine will be nice and bright this morning at 8:00. the temperatures will come down a bit. we'll be looking at 40s and low 50s. and the wind is going to be a factor throughout the day. the wind is actually going to bring the temperatures down a little bit this afternoon compared to where they are right now. 60-mile-per-hour winds in philadelphia. 18 miles an hour during the day today. the weekend, that wind bringing chillier air. high temperatures in the 40s for
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saturday. the wind will be blowing on saturday. settles down on sunday. getting a few clouds late in the day. sunday night, there's a slight chance of rain showers moving through. that might not be happening. what will be happening, the winds, a breezy one. up to 20 miles an hour. that's going to limit the temperatures to the middle 50s. sunshine, colder in the morning, 37 degrees. that's closer to normal for this time of year. low 30s for saturday and sunday. upper 40s. sunshine will fade later on sunday. and then we'll start off with clouds on monday morning. better chance we'll see showers tuesday and wednesday. and here comes much colder air at the end of the week. a cold front comes through the area on thursday. we could see rain, 56 degrees. but by friday, windy and cold. a high of 39 degrees. and staying chilly into next weekend. vai? >> thank you, bill.
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boy, does this look festive. >> it does. >> all quiet there at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. just wait until tomorrow night. >> we're going to have some fun. >> of course, let us be your host friday night at 7:00, as we light the tree at the blue cross river rink. tracy can hardly contain herself. >> i'm very excited. families there. we'll have fun. tracy davidson, and i'll be there broadcasting live. more americans more than ever say they have food allergies. >> but experts are saying where's the evidence? coming up on nbc, the new connection to foods. and carson wentz looking at a new pair of inspiration cleats.
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with a check on the roads watching new jersey. this is 295 at sloan avenue, in hamilton township. you can see no delays right now but maybe a little bit of a slippery drive. we'll keep our eye on 295. we'll check in on the vine street expressway when i come back in the 5:00 hour. you can learn more about philadelphia's push for pre-k. experts will talk about the new form and benefits of pre-k, starting at 7:45 this morning. on ben franklin parkway. the city originally announced plans to add 2,000 pre-k for students. and taking the fight to the white house, asking the -- >> the executive action that he
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would pursue could not be permanent. i don't think it would be as effective as the legislation i'm about to introduce. it didn't have the legal force of the law. but it could be a good start and fully consistent with his constitutional powers. >> that was toomey on the senate floor. by limiting federal immigration authorities. under the bill, to lose block grant planning. >> and universities of pennsylvania is taking steps to protect undocumented students. university officials center out an e-mail announces they won't allow federal immigration and campus officials on campus until allowed. the school has turned itself into a sanctuary campus. 100 christmas trees will
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soon light up the homes of military homes across new jersey. they were handed out. to these guardsmen and women these gifts are more than just trees. >> for the civilian entity that we support. defending them. defending their rights and defending their way of life and protecting them. being that they respect us for what we do. >> the tree donation is part of governor christie's system of sharing. a team effort by the department of agriculture and the new jersey christmas tree growers association. the eagles are preparing to take on the bengals on sunday afternoon. it looks like nelson agholor will play in the game. coach doug pederson wants to give him time to clear his head.
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>> i want to say, i'm a competitor, and i love football. if he didn't get to play that game, you got to make sure you have fun and the opportunity when you do get to play. >> nbc10, your eagles station. coverage begins with eagles gameday kickoff at 9:30. and then locker room reaction sunday night after "nbc10 news" at 11:00. >> this week, players will be allowed to wear custom cleats to raise awareness for charities. >> and carson wentz is getting in on the fun. take a look. he has cleats that include a bible verse. the cleats will be sold to raise money for a charity but wentz hasn't specified which charity
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yet. >> there's got to be no shortage they're not just for the money but just the connection with it. now to the stories we're following on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 a.m. arrested. police feel they nabbed a man who killed an 8-year-old girl walking home from school. >> only nbc10 has the exclusive video of what happened just after. and breaking overnight, a police officer responding to a routine call is shot and killed in washington state. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starp starts now. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today," just before 5:00 a.m. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's go to bill henley for the forecast. >> we're still seeing clouds and rain ending for just about everyone. we can see a few showers moving past burlington county just
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northeast of pemberton. they are on their way out. the clouds are still here. the cloud kept in some of the heat yesterday when we were in the 60s. today, we're starting off in the 50s. 54 degrees in new jersey. 52 in lehigh valley. delaware is at 55 degrees. just come down to 57 degrees in philadelphia. down by one degree. and that temperature will come down during the day thanks to gusty winds out of the west. we'll be into the middle 50s most of the day. into the upper 40s for lehigh valley. it's chillier air that's going to be moving in, into tomorrow. take a look at that when i come back with the futurecast going hour by hour, but first, jessica boyington has your travel. >> from the ramp to 95 northbound from princeton avenue actually is closed with a construction project this morning. you won't be able to access that. route 1, the cleveland, delays in each direction, the roads are
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shiny in the cameras here to the west that could be potentially be slippery for a drive this morning. we know it's a little early and we're not seeing major problems yet, there aren't a lot of cars on the road. cheltenham, and woodbrook lane, it will end in new jersey. and route 38, haddonfield road, roads are wet there. charges are pending against a man in the hit-and-run death of an 8-year-old girl. the girl was hit and thrown 20 feet in the air last month walking home from school with her sibling. now, police believe they have the man on the run for kill here. matt delucia is live at center city at police headquarters. matt, what do you know? >> reporter: tracy and vai, this man is 24 years old and he is being held here at police headquarters pending an arraignment. he's not facing any criminal charges yet but that could change in the coming hours.


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