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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc10 can show you the aftermath of a deadly crashing and the officers arresting one of the suspects. a montgomery county judge is rejecting requests for recounts of presidential election results. we'll explain what happens, next. and mopping up a mess. players are frustrated after a condensation on the court forces the sixers to postpone their game. it is 5:30. welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's warm and breezy out there. good morning, bill. >> yeah, the winds will play a key role in our weather today. 57 degrees. storms are gone, but the warm air from yesterday is still with us. temperatures are slowly falling. 55 degrees in the suburbs. new jersey is at 54. right now 52 degrees in lehigh valley. it just came down to 55 in delaware. during the day today, thanks to
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the wind, the temperatures will hold pretty steady or come down even a little bit more. 49 degrees this afternoon in lehigh valley. delaware, breezy and those winds will be blowing for philadelphia and the suburbs. at the shore, a few rain drops out for the rest of the day, and it will quickly dry out and then colder air moving in tonight. i'll go through the forecast, hour by hour, so you can see exactly where the temperatures are going when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica boyington has your "first alert" traffic. >> we're watching a pretty big accident scene slowing down portions of white horse like, collingswood circle to route 30. you can see cars everywhere. there's police activity everywhere, blocking the westbound and eastbound sides of route 30 for that cleanup right now. we'll watch out for you. we'll sort of help you get around. it's a little bit of a sticky spot especially if you're trying to stay local. taking route 70 to get by,
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completely bypassing that scene a little farther north of that. heading to route 30 and to philadelphia that will be your best bet. doing that will be good, moving through cherry hill. other than that you'll have to follow although detours. there's not a lot of traffic right now. and one lane is blocked, 65, the drive time. the blue route to the vine street expressway, high 50s. i'll update you on white horse pike when i come back. investigators in atlantic county are asking for your help to find a person who killed a man in hamilton township. in mays land around 6:30 last night. they have not released his name. they're awaiting autopsy results. if you have information call the hamilton township police. this morning, police have
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information in connection with the his & run crash that killed an 8-year-old girl. the man hasn't been charged yet but that may change. this is the car that killed 8-year-old jayanna powell. investigators found it at a body shop. the woman brought in the car on november 19th, that's a day after the crash happened that killed powell. police say the car hit her and her brother who did not stop. >> the hardest thing of my life. i don't get a prom. i don't get to raise her. no marriage no grandkids, no nothing. >> the suspect is scheduled to get arraigned sometime this morning. this morning, we're getting our first look at the man who police say bit two philadelphia officers trying to arrest him. 32-year-old caesar ortega faces several charges including
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resisting and assault. when they approached him, he tried to run and then the officers say he bit the officers during a struggle. those officers were treated and released from the hospital. parents who brought their kids to a montgomery county pediatrician say they feel betrayed, after police arrested him for having explicit photos of children on his phone. one of the nurses found the files on his phone. police are now looking through all of the doctor's devices. parents who brought their children to the peninsula borough practice told us they are looking for a new doctor. >> i will not be stepping foot in there. absolutely not. it freaks me out. >> investigators say it doesn't appear the children are in any of the photos. dr. kennedy is being held on $250,000 bail. and is due back in court next
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month. a judge is blocking a recount of the presidential election results in montgomery county. the judge rejected a request from the green party to recount the votes in 78 of the county's precincts. lawyers for the republican party and county officials argued yesterday against the recount. jill stein, the former green party presidential candidate is leading the recount efforts in pennsylvania and two other states. the hearing on the state wide count in pennsylvania is scheduled for monday. the recount in wisconsin is expected to begin today. another recount in michigan could start as soon as tomorrow and be completed within ten days. pennsylvania senator pat toomey is taking his fight against sanctuary cities to the white house. toomey is calling on the president-elect to fund cities like philadelphia. >> executive action that he could legally pursue would not be permanent. i don't think it would be as effective as the legislation that i've introduced.
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it wouldn't have the legal force of a new law. but it would be a good start. and it would be fully consistent with his constitutional powers. >> that was toomey on the senate floor yesterday. sanctuary cities protect undocumented immigrants from deportation by limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. understand a bill submitted by toomey, sanctuary cities would remove block funding. university of pennsylvania is taking steps to protect undocumented students. university officials sent out an e-mail yesterday announcing they won't allow federal immigration and custom officials on campus unless required by a warrant. hundreds of student, faculty and alumni signed a petition to turn it into a sanctuary campus. we're the only ones to show you the arrest made in west philadelphia after a chase that led to a deadly crash last night
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of. police arrested one suspect after he walks out of a cloud of smoke after a crash that smashed at least three cars and killed a woman. nbc10's pamela as born is live in west philadelphia with more. pam, what can you tell us? >> reporter: vai, it started when officers on patrol overheard a gun battle. when they got to the area where the shots were coming from, 48th and westminster, they saw a man quickly get inside of a nissan. what you're looking at now is that exclusive video of the moment that police caught up with one of their suspects. this is near the intersection of 57 and lucas. you'll notice smoke in the screen. you'll see a man appear from the smoke. he takes off his jacket and is immediately apprehended by police. this is where that smoke was coming from. police sale the driver of that nissan caused this four-car wreck as he tried to get away from police. the driver ran a redlight, crashed into a woman traveling
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eastbound at locust. she died a short time later at the hospital of her injuries. police recovered the surveillance video that shows the gun battle that led up to the chase. two people from the nissan were arrested. here's what police found when they took a look inside of that car. >>s there was a 9 millimeter with an extended magazine in the nissan. we know from the video that the nissan and the other vehicle were involved in active gunfire, gunfight. >> reporter: the suspect in the nissan suffered minor injuries. police are still searching for that white car that got away. anyone with information is asked to give police a call. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." 5:38, the time. 57 degrees. it's warm and dry. looking across the battleship new jersey from camden if you're heading out right now, we are
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drying out. and helping with that drying process are winds that are blowing this morning. we'll see lots of sunshine, but it's going to be a breezy day. the winds are going to limit the temperatures from changing all that much during the day. a chilly evening is ahead. the temperatures will be dropping overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning, we'll be in the 30s. this morning, there are the last few showers. they're out of the picture for the rest of the day. the storms are well offshore. we will be dry for today and heading into the weekend, too. 57 right now in philadelphia. but those numbers are coming down. and with a steady wind out of the west, 14 miles an hour at 10:00. 15 miles an hour, noon time. just a little stronger at 2:00 this afternoon. in spite of that sunshine, the temperatures hold steady. we'll see something similar in the suburbs. 58 degrees, they'll come down a little bit more. we're seeing bright sunshine all day long but it's the winds that will hold the temperatures back and keep them from warming up much at all. lehigh valley is 52.
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most of the day it's going to be in in the 40s all day long, that's at 2:00. but with sunshine, even though low 50s it will feel warmer. the clouds are moving out. the last few rain drops moving outside of new jersey. a few scattered clouds at the shore. look at that sunshine. the wind up to 17 miles an hour this afternoon. you'll see a little bit of movement in the temperature. just a degree or two during the day. delaware, the clouds are thinning out already. we're cleared for bright sunshine. it will cool down before sunrise, we're still on the chillier side. 51 degrees. middle 50s this afternoon with winds 18 miles an hour in delaware. dry weather today and dry weather as we head into the weekend, too. the weekend forecast, with the 10 day on 10 when i'm back in 20 minutes. if you're heads out the door in south jersey and headed
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towards the white horse pike hold on. >> hang on. >> stop right there. >> right around the white horse pike, collingswood circle, route 130. closed in both directions. they're averting all traffic off. you can see at this intersection, there's people walking around. there's a multivehicle accident in place. several cop cars. what does this mean for drivers? of course, you're going to be stuck headed in that direction. if you're trying to get to philadelphia or need to bypass this altogether, heading out somewhere farther north or south, something like that, 70 is open and clear. you ask take route 70. that will get you back on to the white horse pike. you can jump on to 76 and head to philadelphia that way if that's your intention in the first place. the black horse pike is also open. instead of getting stuck around collingswood, take the black horse pike. that will get you around for
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now. the sixers found themselves in a slippery situation after condensation on the court forced them to postpone the game. but that might not have been the worst of their issues. we'll show you how the sacramento kings are trolling the sixers on twitter. plus, we'll show you which south jersey town is investigating reports of three robberies over the weekend.
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>> announcer: thanks for watching "nbc10 news." back-to-back emmy winners for best morning newscast. today, delaware county radnor township will unveil it's new whoosh phone app. you can use it to pay for parking within the township. they will also send a driver a text message when their parking session is about to expire. montgomery county residentses can learn more about an 11% proposed property tax hike at two budget hearings. 11:00 this morning and 4:00 this afternoon in norristown. it would add about $50 a year to a $300,000 home. today, you can learn more about philadelphia's push for pre-k. experts will talk about the need for and benefits of universal pre-k at a breakfast and
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reception starting at 7:45 this morning at the united way this morning at duncan parkway. the city announced plans to have 2,000 new pre-k for students. last night, the sixers quest to win number five was cut short before the game even started. the game against sacramento at the wells fargo center was postponed. crews tried to clean it up, but after an hour, the league decided to postpone the game citing the players' safety. fans, of course, disappointed. >> i get myself excited to get to the game. to get here, you feel the energy in the building to not have the game happen it's kind of a letdown. >> there's no reason to play if you're going to get injured. >> the game will be rescheduled but no makeup date has been announced. and the headline by the philadelphia "daily news," check
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it out, "sixers mop up." and then the sacramento kings with the postponement of last night's game, the tweets at the sixers expense. of course, they were. y'all can trust the process but not the floor? that was retweeted more than 750,000 times. of course, they're going to have a little fun with it. >> yes. thankfully, the rain is out of here. i keep checking my basement the last few days. >> that's like switching up to the nerf basketball. >> what do you got to do to win, bill? >> just score more points than the other team. they can resume play because rain has moved out. that's a live view from wilmington. foley stadium at 55. south jersey, the jersey shore closer to 60 degrees.
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temperatures are falling. something not up yet. do expect the temperatures to come down a little bit more. greenville getting closer to the 40s. we'll see the 40s before we get sunshine to warm temperatures up a little bit during the day. we're in the middle 50s. allendale is 55 degrees. 50s for rehoboth. in the wake of the showers now offshore, the wind will be blog. that is going to tap into chillier air that's producing snow in michigan. they're all part of the same storm system. we won't get the snow, but we will get the cold. that was a cold front that came through with the storms last night. that's the front of the air. the cold air is moving in, but with bright sunshine trying to warm things up, they're going to do battle with the two. the chilly air is eventually going to win out. we'll definitely feel it. it will still be in play this
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weekend. weekend forecast, 40s. suburbs, low 50s at new jersey, the shore, delaware. still windy on saturday. the winds die down. later on sunday, clouds will be building. and come sunday night, there's even a chance that new jersey, jersey shore and delaware could see a few rain drops. it will seem milder overnight. and that trend continue it's through the weekend. look at tuesday, 46 degrees for the high temperature. so they're dropping and below average for this time of year. also drying out. breezy and 54. the winds will die down tonight. gets colder by tomorrow morning. 37 degrees. low 50s by the afternoon. the weekend will start to see sunshine later on sunday. both days will have temperatures upper 40s and we can see that again monday. only chance for showers comes late sunday night and monday morning south of delaware and south jersey. a better chance of rain for tuesday. later tuesday into wednesday. then a break wednesday night.
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only to see wet weather return on thursday. 56 degrees on thursday. another cold front comes through. that brings us colder air next weekend. friday, 39 degrees. high temperature after a morning low of 27. back in the 20s saturday morning. we'll update you and continuing to focus on the white horse pike. >> going in both directions? >> yeah, through collingswood. the white horse pike. the collingswood circle area. right around route 130. you can see a heavy police presence here. there's a multivehicle accident in place. they're diverting off to the east and westbound side of the pike and blocked right now. at least approaching the area, you might see pretty big delays. this is the general area where the accident scene is. moving up towards the pike in 130, this intersection, certainly, you can get by. you can use the black horse pike. that's route 168. route 70 move through cherry hill that way especially to get
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to philadelphia. you can hop on 30 right here. get on 676 and head up to the ben franklin bridge and move along that way. other than that taking detours around the scene might be okay for you if that is what you prefer because it's still jut before 6:00, we're not seeing any major volume. but right now, the black horse pike are the alternates. kicked out of class. we'll tell you what a teacher said to a class that has a teacher suspended from school. plus, it's not your typical getaway vehicle. a bandit balancing a big tv ridings away on a bike. we'll have the story. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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six minutes before 6:00 right now. a montgomery county school district has suspended a teacher for making racially charged comments to students after the presidential election. the student said the teacher was talking about the black lives matter unit and donald trump's election when she allegedly told students to, quote, stop complaining about being black. the school district did not name the teacher involved. thieves are targeting 59land
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county. three calls were received, one ordering takeout food to a private number and when the delivery person drove to the address, he was ambushed good they came up to me and asked me to empty my pockets. i gave them everything i had. >> he wasn't hurt. police don't believe the three cases are linked but they're working with state police on cases out of vineland to see if there's any connection. philadelphia police released video of a thief stealing from a store on thanksgiving night. >> you've got to see this. he got away with goods on a bicycle. a 65-inch television. it's propped on his shoulder there. investigators say the burglar spent about four hours going in and out of the store. he got away with roughly $4500 worth of merchandise. happening today, it's world aids day.
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the aids association will hold a prayer breakfast at the doubletree hotel. in atlantic city, free hiv testing and in new castle county, delaware, will hold a world based summit at delaware community college in wilmington. free testing will be held at that evening. check the nbc10 app. well, it's the largest food drive in the country. the annual campout for hunger. >> yes, yesterday, we saw a battle of jeeps versus porsches, it was all who could bring the most food. take a look. the national online jeep outfit based in westchester. yesterday, they loaded up their jeeps with food that customers donated. the company then matched the amount. the porsche club is doing the same. they gathered more food than the
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jeepers. but these drivers will not be beaten by guys in tiny sports cars. >> as you know, the jeep community say very tight-knit group. if you get these guys and tell them there's a way to help out the community they live in or public service, they come out in full force. >> so did the porsche drivers. >> nbc10's tim furlong, he's a jeep guy. he's took our news force 10 wrangler with him. >> they're so grateful for all of this. >> that's the biggest fund-raiser. the nbc10 morning team will make an appearance tomorrow morning. we'll all be is there. >> that will be fun. we've joined them a number of years. >> make sure you stop by and say hi to us and help out while you're out there. that's a great event. >> we look forward to it. a band on a bad habit. next, we'll show you how major league baseball is trying to
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phase out tobacco use. and next, a customer spent hundreds of dollars on wall to wall carpet and then had hundreds of problems. and the police chase.
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chase and crash. a police pursuit ends with a deadly wreck in west philadelphia that lands two people under arrest. only nbc10 has video of the aftermath. getting justice. police say they have the man responsible for a deadly hit and run that killed an 8-year-old girl in overbrook. graffiti. the philadelphia gop wants a city attorney fired after he's accused of spray painting an obscene anti-trump message. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's thursday, december 1st. it sure doesn't feel like december right now. let's get to "first alert"


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