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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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chase and crash. a police pursuit ends with a deadly wreck in west philadelphia that lands two people under arrest. only nbc10 has video of the aftermath. getting justice. police say they have the man responsible for a deadly hit and run that killed an 8-year-old girl in overbrook. graffiti. the philadelphia gop wants a city attorney fired after he's accused of spray painting an obscene anti-trump message. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it's thursday, december 1st. it sure doesn't feel like december right now. let's get to "first alert" meteorologist bill henley.
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>> hey, bill. >> that is true. you heard the storms, the rain is gone. completely out of here. we're drying out now. we will be dry for the rest of the day but it's also going to be windy for the rest of the day. that's bringing the temperatures down. it's just dropped to 49 degrees in the lehigh valley. we will see clear skies. lots of sunshine. 53 degrees at 9:00, 55 degrees at noon time. not a huge temperature change. 56 in philadelphia, 51 in the suburbs. we'll see temperatures hold pretty steady thanks to the winds out of the west. i'll break it down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica boyington has an update from the "first alert" traffic center. >> starting at white horse pike add collingswood and route 30. all lanes were closed in both directions because of an accident scene. just a few minutes ago, it looks like they're letting a few cars go in either direction. but zooming the cameras in and out, big delays on either side.
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either way, you may want to alternate. route 70 is a good alternate for you on the cherry hillside. you want to bypass that farther north, maybe you can head to route 30 that way and then head to 76 to get to philadelphia. the black horse pike is other alternate there. that's completely clear. early year, there are major delays just around that scene. here's the blue route around the germantown pike. we'll stop here because it look goods. no problems or delays right now. we're not seeing any delays on most of your p.a. majors. we'll keep you updated. vai. this morning, we have exclusive video of philadelphia police arresting a man after a police chase ended with a deadly crash. nbc10's pamela osborne is live at the scene of the accident in west philadelphia. pam, walk us through this. how did this start? >> reporter: tracy and vai, this all started when officers overheard a gun battle taking
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place. when they got to the area of where the shots were coming from, 48th and westminster, they saw a man quickly get inside of a nissan. what you're looking at is exclusive video of the moment that police caught up with one of their suspects. this is near the intersection of 52nd and locust. you'll notice smoke in the corner of your screen there. then you'll see a man appear from that smoke. he takes off his jacket and is immediately apprehended by police. this is where that smoke was coming from. police say the driver of that nissan caused this four-car wreck, as he tried to get away from police. the driver ran a red light and crashed into a woman driving eastbound on locust. she died a short time later at the hospital from her injuries. police recovered surveillance video that shows the gun battle that led up to the chase. two people from the nissan were arrested. when police took a look at that car, they found a .9 millimeter gun with an extended magazine inside of the car. they also saw strike marks on the nissan. the suspects inside of the
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nissan suffered minor injuries. police are still searching for that white car involved. in the shoot-out with that nissan. i checked in with police. i'm waiting for an update. as soon as we get more information, we'll let you know. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." a natural follow-up on a hit & run crash that killed an 8-year-old philadelphia girl. this morning, police have have a man in custody. the discovery of the car involved in the hit-and-run found in an auto body shop in frazier. the child jayanna powell was heading home from school last month when the car hit her and her brother. and it didn't stop. we'll also have new details on this story. philadelphia police have charged a mother with endangering the welfare of a minor. >> boy was found unresponsive in kensington. police responded to his home.
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his mother and boyfriended called 911. the 2-year-old had bruises and internal injuries. he died a short time later at the hospital. >> i was just crying all day box it's sad. so, i just want to know what happened. that's all i want to know. >> detectives questioned both the boy's mother and boyfriend. so far, only the mother has been charged. a neighborhood in tacoma, washington, remains on lockdown. as police try to arrest a gunman who shot and kimmed a police officer. the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance at a home when he was shot last night. authorities think the gunman is now barricaded in a house. a new jersey judge will decide whether a special prosecutor will be appointed. activist bill brennan argued both the state attorney general and county prosecutors have a
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conflict of interest. he claims they all answer to the governor. they agree there's public cause the governor violated the law based on a civil complaint in the bridgegate trial. the governor has not been charged and denies any involvement in the shutdown of the bridge for political pay jack. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence will head to indiana. they'll visit the indianapolis carrier plant to save over 1,000 jobs there. those jobs are slated to move to mexico. tonight, president-elect donald trump will launch his thank you tour in a rally in ohio. philadelphia attorneys are expected to meet detectives as they investigate anti-trump graffiti. >> video shows a man spray painting on the side of a chestnut hill grocery store.
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you investigators have determined one of the men is city attorney duncan lloyd. >> it shows a lack of accountability. he should be fired immediately. >> in response to lloyd's employment, the solicitor's office said, quote, we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation." meantime, investigators have identified the other man in the video but has not said his name. 6:07. hard to believe, first day of january, we're and we're close to 60 -- >> first day of december. >> i missed christmas altogether there. time flies when you're having fun. clearly, vai is having fun. this morning, we're having a nice dry start to the day as we're driving out. and look at this beautiful view of boathouse row. it's shaking just a little bit. we do have a breeze blowing. it's a sunny and breezy day. bright sunshine will try to warm the temperatures up but the wind
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will hold them back. so is it will stay steady for most of the day. a chilly evening is ahead. those temperatures will be dropping to the 30s. 49 in lehigh valley. the first 40s of the day. philadelphia, the suburbs, low 50s and in the city, 56 degrees. south jersey isn't middle 50s. these numbers are about 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. lumberton, mt. royal, florence, robbinsvil robbinsville, all in the 50s to start with. a 16-mile-per-hour forecast jut stronger by one-mile-per-hour in allentown and 18-mile-per-hour winds in wilmington. they will improve at the shore. 17-mile-per-hour winds in atlantic city. those are westerly winds. that is chilly air coming in. clear skies. we're seeing the skies clear out nicely. it stays clear tonight and tomorrow. we'll see plenty of sunshine
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again today and tomorrow. you won't see any of those in most areas until next week. cold air is producing snow in michigan. we won't get the snow, but we will get the cold air coming in tonight. during the day today, philadelphia, 9:00, 52 degrees. a little warmer, but not by much. at 1:00, wind blowing keeping temperatures from warming up all that much. by 5:00, the sun is down and we start the cooling process. 50 degrees at 5:00. suburbs, sunshine nice and bright. just a few scattered clouds at 5:00. then we'll be dry for the lehigh valley. 9:00, temperatures at 48 degrees. not much different at 1:00. then starts getting chillier as the sun comes down. delaware, bright sunshine, middle 50s at 1:00. you'll see 50s for new jersey as well and at the shore. nothing but sunshine during the day today. but it gets colder overnight. we'll number the 30s this time tomorrow morning. and even chillier this weekend. look at the weekend forecast when i am back in ten.
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>> all right, bill. otherwise, i think, you know, it's friday when it's thursday, it's january when it's december. >> it's not like every day is a monday. >> usually, i go along with it. that's the worst part -- yeah, yeah -- then you think -- >> yeah, it's early. we all have a hard time in the morning. we're going to start with good news on the kolincollingswood c and pike. no detours there. small or residual delays other than that, you're good once you head out the door. there's an accident in hourham that popped up on limekiln pike. and right around the p.a. turnpike, you should be good moving around there. back to new jersey roads, this is the 42 freeway, though.
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this is headed northbound where we usually see delays, not yet, though. and route 42, no problems. if you're heading there, we had earlier construction. that's clear and out of the way. the vine looks great. more updates in ten minutes, vai. >> thank you, jessica. right now, volunteers are putting together bicycles to make sure military families have a happy holiday. plus, the sixers on a slippery situation last night. we'll tell you why officials postponed the game. and doctor arrested. we will hear the backlash after a montgomery county pediatrician has sexual images of children on his phone.
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right now, volunteers are building more than 200 bicycles for military families in our area. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live in center city, bike building central right now. volunteers getting started on a big coming of days. tell us about it. >> reporter: that's right, they're just getting started vai and tracy. here's a brand new bike. i don't know why i picked a little girl's bike. some lucky girl is going to have this bike. a lot of them being built as we speak. the guys are going to become pros. we see the assembly line. they just started building the bikes a little over 15 minutes ago. all said and done, they're going to have 185 brand-new bicycles at joint dix over in new jersey. this is built by folks at amazon
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as well. at 2:45 this afternoon, there's going to be say bike parade from broad street from the bellevue to the kimball center. it's just a few blocks away. the bikes will be kept there until tomorrow, that's when the kids will show up and see their brand new toy. >> a bike is a great gift. it's a universal gift. we have bikes for boys and girls. all different sizes. labels on the bike. we have demands for each child. >> after that tomorrow night, the families will be treated to the philly pops holiday show over at the kimble center. they've been doing this for years now. trying to give back to deserving families. they're going to be bike building pros before the day is out. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> thank you, matt. 16 minutes past 6:00 a.m. on
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this thursday. let's get another check of traffic on the schuylkill. >> jessica boyington, how is it? >> the schuylkill looks good right now. you can definitely see more cars moving out right now. this is moving westbound out of the steed. east drive times are grieeat, 1 minutes. average speeds into the 50s. now, that can always change and it usually does within the last half hour or so. an accident in hour sam on limekiln pike and kenneth avenue. white horse pike that we were dealing with all morning, that's clear. haddonfield road, chmoving throh cherry hill, no problems or delays. take tag alternate. in delaware, look goods 95, 11 minutes, northbound, 295 to 495, average speed high 50s and low
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60s. >> we'll check with bill on the ride to work. >> we saw temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s yesterday. today, we're in the 50s to start with, and even though you don't need your umbrella, will you need sunglasses and you'll be able to see things dry out in a hurry. it's still a few rain drops. a few damp roads in new jersey. that's camp may. that's the wind going to stay with us all morning long. lehigh valley, updated 56 degrees in south jersey. philadelphia, 56 degrees. suburbs are now seeing more 40s. west bradford township. unionville. melvern in the 40s right now. very low 50s. new hope, warrington, fort. washington. north wales. and 50s right now. the rain is gone. the rain came with warm air. but now colder air is fine to push into the area. that is between the cold that is waiting in the wings and the
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bright sunshine that we have during the day. the sun is trying to warm the temperatures up. colder air is trying to keep them down. the result is temperatures are friday steady during the day. but chillier air will prevail this weekend. 40s for much of the area on saturday and sunday. the wind will be blowing on saturday. so it will feel even colder. very low 50s in the jersey shore and delaware. on sunday, clouds in the afternoon, come sunday night, there is a chance of a shower from new jersey, the jersey shore and delaware. during the day, most days during the weekend it will be dry. dry all day. 54, nice and breezy this afternoon with sunshine. less wind tonight with clear skies and the dry air in place because of the wind, 37 degrees tomorrow morning. it will be colder to start with. a chilly afternoon. high of 51 degrees. gets even chillier this weekend. saturday and sunday. afternoon temperatures in the 40s, and we'll see that again on monday. clouds building sunday into monday. a better chance we'll see
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weather tuesday into wednesday. then a break on wednesday before another storm brings us rain on thursday. then it clears out and the temperatures plummet. 43 degrees and then 30s and most temperatures for both days in the 20s. the recount effort begins today in wisconsin. we'll tell you what to expect from the controversial post-election process. plus, a bicycling burglar. we'll take a closer look at surveillance video that shows a thief making a two-wheeled get away. >> announcer: "first alert" traffic on nbc10 is sponsored by cherry hill nissan.
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explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at 6:22 right now. the sixers have just four wins this season and they happen to be all at home. the team never got the chance to go for a fifth win at home last night. in sacramento, at the wells
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fargo center, game was delayed. but an hour later, they put the game off due to player safety. the incident lit up on twitter. joel embid tweeted out well, the court tonight. major league baseball players using smokeless tobacco will be part of the past. they'll going to ban all moakless tobacco for all big leagues. the full details will not yet been announced. good morning, i'm jessica boyington with a quick check of the roads. we're watch be the boulevard. this is right around 17th street. no major delays here yet. you can see a few more cars heading out the door at this time. we're going to check with 95 on the schuylkill when i come back. for now, let's get a check on
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today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a warm start and now a clear start as we dry out this morning. there's a live view of the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may. 56 degrees right now. you'll need your sunglasses today. the time is 6:25. the neighborhood forecast is just ahead. thank you, bill. next up at 6:00 -- deadly police pursuit. we'll show you exclusive video of philadelphia police making an arrests after chase that ended with a person killed. plus, hit-and-run arrest. we'll have an update on the crime that took the life of an 8-year-old philadelphia girl.
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if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. police pursuit. a deadly crash, only nbc10 was there when officers made an arrest, with shots fired. family justice. police say they have the person responsible for killing an
6:29 am
8-year-old girl during a hit-and-run. left wing long shot. the recount resumes today. but a local judge is blocking the effort for pennsylvania. it is just about 6:30 this thursday morning, december 1st. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's really warm but the rain has moved out. let's find out what's going on with bill henley with the "first alert" neighborhood forecast. >> yeah, it's cleared up. a live view from center city. we will see bright sunshine. the sun is up in half an hour and we will see sunny skies all day long. we're also seeing pretty good wind. 49 degrees in the lehigh valley. delaware is clearing out nicely at 53 degrees. suburbs, 51, with a little breeze outside of the northwest. look how clear it is in king of prussia. 51 right now, comes down 49
6:30 am
degrees at 1:00. 49 degrees at noon time. the wind blowing out of the west is going to keep temperatures pretty steady during the day today. and we'll see plenty of sunshine. changes ahead as we head into tomorrow, you'll really feel the difference tomorrow morning. i'll break this down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes but first jessica boyington is watching your "first alert" traffic. >> we have an accident scene as well. route 23 and westbound side. unfortunately, it is over into that right-hand shoulder and the center median where one of the on-ramps is and the actual highway. all of the lanes are getting by but it looks like they're starting to lose part of that right lane and traffic is merging here. again, it's also the westbound side. and eastbound is where we usually see the delay this time because that's where traffic is moving towards the schuylkill expressway. but watching this now, we'll keep an eye on that for you and we'll check in on the schuylkill expressway. we don't see any delays yet. 18 minutes at the most.
6:31 am
eastbound from center city from the loop to the vine. addsing just over five minutes. the 42 freeway, slowly in deptford. you can see it's moving towards philadelphia. southbound, always looking better. and we'll end on bridges, no problems o on the bristol and the tacony-palmyra, over the ben and the walt for now. >> jessica, thank you. we have exclusive video of philadelphia police arresting a man after a police chase that ended with a deadly crash. this morning, two people are in custody. nbc10's pamela osborne is live at the scene with a wreck. pam, give us an update. >> reporter: keep in mind, vai, all of this happened at 7:15 last night. it started when officers on patrol overheard a gun battle. when they got to the area of where those shots were fired. 48th and westminster, they saw a man quickly get inside of a
6:32 am
nissan. when you're looking at right now is exclusive video of the moment police caught up with one of their suspects. this is the intersection of 52nd and locust. you'll notice smoke in the corner of the screen there. you'll see a man appear from that smoke. he takes off his jacket and is immediately apprehended by police. this is where that smoke was coming from. police say the driver of that nissan caused this four-car wreck as he tried to get away from police. the driver ran a redlight and crashed into a woman who was driving eastbound on locust. she died a short time later of her injuries at the hospital. plus recovered surveillance video that shows the gun battle that led up to the chase. two people from the nissan were arrested. and here's what police found when they took a good look at that car. >> it was a .9 millimeter with an extended magazine in the nissan. the nissan had strike marks so we know from the video that the nissan and the white vehicle
6:33 am
were involved in an active gunfire, gun fight. >> reporter: both suspects received minor injures as a result of that crash. i checked in with police this morning because they were looking for a white vehicle, that white vehicle involved in that shoot-out with the nissan to see if they're still looking for it. as soon as we get more information from police, we'll let you know. meantime, if you have any information about that white car, you're asked to give police a call. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm pamela osborne, "nbc10 news." now, to a follow-up on the hit & run crash that killed an 8-year-old philadelphia girl. this morning, police have a man in custody. the arrest followed the discovery of the car involved in a hit-and-run in an auto body shop in frazier. the child jayanna powell was heading home from school last month when the car hit her and her brother and did not stop. meanwhile, parents who brought their kids to a montgomery county pediatrician
6:34 am
say they feel betrayed. after police arrested a doctor for having explicit images on his home. >> one of the firsts found the files on his phone. they're now checking through all of the doctor's devices. parents who brought their children to his pembroke practice said they're looking for a new doctor. >> i will not be stepping foot in there. it freaks me out. >> investigators say at this point it doesn't appear patients are in any of the pictures. investigators want to hear from anyone who may have more information about the case. dr. kennedy is being held on $250,000 bail and is due back in court next month. investigators in atlantic county are asking for your help to find a person who killed a man in hamilton township. police found the victim with several gunshot wounds at mays landing around 6:30 last night. police are not releasing his name and awaiting autopsy
6:35 am
results. if you know anything, call the prosecutor's office or hamilton township police. this morning, this is 32-year-old caesar ortega, he faces several charges including aggravated assault. officers say they saw the man trying to break into a parked car early yesterday morning. when they approached him he tried to run. then officers say he bit the men during a struggle. both officers were treated and released from the hospital. and a burglar on a bicycle. philadelphia police released this new surveillance video of a thief carrying a tv he stole from a furniture store. this is another view from the mecca furniture store in kensington. investigators say the man spent about four hours going in and out of the store on thanksgiving night. he got away with $4400 worth of merchandise. it's 66 degrees outside. today, wisconsin will begin a presidential election recount.
6:36 am
former green party candidate jill stein is leading efforts in three states. a michigan recount could start as early as tomorrow. also a judge is blocking the recount of presidential results in montgomery county. the judge in this case rejected requests from the green party to recount the votes in 78 precincts. also, montgomery county residents can learn more about and have their say at a public hearing today about a proposed 11% property tax hike during two county budget hearings. one at 11:30. one at 4:00 this afternoon in norristown. county commissioners will take a final vote december 15th. and today, you're going to learn more about philadelphia's push for pre-k. experts will talk about the need for and benefits of pre-k in a breakfast reception starteding at 7:30 this morning. the city announced plans to add 2,000 new pre-k seats for
6:37 am
students. and a judge has ordered penn state to pay another $5 million to the so-called whistle-blower to the jerry sandusky whistle-blower. that's already in addition to $7 million awarded mcqueary. penn state put mcqueary on leave an sandusky's arrest and he has never returned to coaching. 6:37. let's get you updated on the forecast as you head out. you will not need the umbrella but you will need to find the sunglasses. >> right. the scene behind us is just clearing up. the sun coming up and it's nice out there, bill. >> yeah, we're about 25 minutes away from sunrise. you'll see nothing but sunshine today. the clouds have moved out in the distance. heading out, we're drying out. you might see a few puddles after the storms last night but we're going to see a sunny and breezy day as the winds are going to keep the temperatures
6:38 am
from climbing. what you get right now is what we're going to get during the day when it comes to temperatures. clear skies this evening and lighter wind this evening, that's a recipe for temperatures to drop. this morning, the rain, completely out of here. those are the storms that we had last night. not very stormy right now. but they're a long way from us. and the clouds have moved out seeing sunshine, clear skies at the shore. philadelphia, trenton, wilmington. they're all cleared out. sunshine will be nice and bright. but don't expect a big warmup. we're at 56 degrees right now. we'll actually get a little cooler. the coldest temperatures of the day are typically right after sunrise. that's when we're losing more heat than we're gaining from the sun. the sun rises in the sky. temperatures typically climb nicely. but barely moving today. it's because of the steady winds out of the west at 15 miles an hour at noon time. the winds will be blowing in the suburbs. some afternoon clouds will blow into the area. mostly sunny this morning.
6:39 am
48 degrees right now. 50 degrees at noon time. 40s right now in the lehigh valley. staying in the 40s during the day. winds this afternoon. a few scattered clouds but no wet weather. stays dry for new jersey, too. 55 degrees right now. pretty warm. 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. 50s all day long. bright sunshine today. we're in the clear at the shore. the clouds are offshore. temperatures in the middle 50s right now pretty much staying in the 50s through the day. sunshine for delaware. 53 degrees right now. a little cooler at 8:00. back into the middle 50s at noon time. those winds at 18 miles an hour at 2:00 this afternoon. once the sun is down, and that's just before 5:00 this evening, that's when the temperatures really start to come down. and it will get chilly in a hurry this evening. we'll take a look at the temperatures coming down with futurecast when i come back in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, bill. 6:39 on this thursday. i just saw one police cruiser
6:40 am
pull away on 422. another one on the scene now. >> let's find out what's happening. "first alert" traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered. >> 422, a couple of cars here. a disabled vehicle on the way. westbound side of 422. most of that is cleared like vai just said, you can see right over here, right-hand side shoulder, not even anything slow moving by the scene. just extra caution. eastbound is where we typically see the delay away. nears 95. of course, seeing those delays right now moving towards center city, but no incidents to report. that's a good thing. 27 minutes from southbound from the woodhaven to the vine. speeds just topping in the 20s. and 76 at market street, this is the traffic moving northbound. this is before the walt whitman bridge and ben franklin bridge splits. you can see moving in that direction, maybe a little slowdown, and other than that, you're fine moving through in which. just brake lights there. ending with mass transits
6:41 am
because we're all on time with no major delays. septa or regional rails, everything looks good. patco and nj transit. back to you. a viewer tells us she paid hundreds of dollars to get a new carpet installed when she noticed the problem she spent months trying to get the company to refunds it. >> how to get a refunds when the company would not budge. and now, custom for cause.
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6:44 am
good morning, cape may, 52 degrees. it's warm on the shores. bill henley is tracking the conditions where you live, including at the shore.
6:45 am
we'll be back in a minute with the neighborhood forecast. if you have installed new carpeting, soon after a problem popped up. >> she said the company wouldn't help, then they blamed her for the issue so she called harry hairston from the "nbc10 responds" team. >> reporter: kelly james tells us she spent a pretty penny with empire. one week after empire installed the carpeting she noticed it was matting. >> i thought it was ridiculous. >> reporter: she contacted empire. >> they kept giving me the run around. >> reporter: the service rep told her she could fix the problem with vacuuming the carpet twice a day or having the carpet professionally cleaned. they she shed she couldn't
6:46 am
believe what they said caused the problem. >> they said it was my mother's wheelchair. i know i'm not the only one that has a wheelchair on carpet. >> reporter: james argued for four months and then decided to call "nbc10 responds." two days after we contacted empire, the company called james. empire told you what? >> that they will replace the whole carpet for free. >> reporter: but there was a catch. empi empire asked james to sign this document. part of the that "nbc10 responds" not tell her story. so james was complaining to any other consumer advocacy group or taking her case to court. james refused to sign it. empire came up with a new document. agree to refund her money instead. but still included the language about nbc10. she signed that one. and in an interview before she signed, james had these words to
6:47 am
"nbc10 responds." >> thank you so much. >> reporter: harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> so far, empire has not responded to our request for a comment on the comments made by james. james was refunded $860. >> if you have a request, reach us right there on the screen and we will respond to you. three, two, one! go! [ cheers and applause ] >> how about that? >> it's awesome. it's always so beautiful. >> holiday season has begun in the big apple. and rock eefeller christmas tre has been lit up. "today" show came along with celebrity performers and took part in the 84th annual ceremony right here on nbc10. "today" show starts in a few minutes. savannah guthrie and willie geist continues with a preview.
6:48 am
even with the rain, smiling faces, everybody looking up, it was awesome. >> willie just said i got crapped you out of a shot you just showed. >> i said, oh, i thought you were there. >> i was. >> so not right to say, good on them. guys good morning to you. coming up on the show this morning. we've got breaking news out of the south, new tornadoes causing even more damage there. and crews in tennessee dealing with devastating wildfires. also head, president-elect donald trump is set to kick off his thank you tour as a new maim emerge information the search for secretary of state. and the apps you can download right on to their phones that helps you monitor their activity and whereabouts. and we're kicking up the holiday toy guide with favorite throwback and unbeatable deals and steals. i cannot wait to show my throwback toy. >> yours is cute. >> back to the 1980s and professional wrestling.
6:49 am
>> we just showed it. a whoopi cushion. >> never goes out of style. we look forward to it. we'll see you guys at 7:00. thanks. let's get a check on the weather now. let's get a look outside. a peek of the sun is just coming up. there it is, in center city, philadelphia. looks gorgeous. gorgeous out there. let's check in with bill henley with the "first alert" forecast. bill. >> yeah, the clouds are quickly moving out. what you can't see in this view is the wind that's blowing. it's blowing clouds past easton this morning. no rain clouds. you'll see no rain during the day today but that wind is bringing the temperatures down. it's a little chillier than it was first time this morning. 49 degrees, 51 degrees in the suburbs, 56 in philadelphia. cooler temperatures right now. low 50s for mt. airy and chest must hill. center city in the middle 50s. the temperatures are coming down right now with bright sunshine. most of the neighborhoods hit
6:50 am
the bus stop at 8:00 this morning, in the 40s. quakertown, allentown, exton, 41 degrees. the wind is blog and going to stay with us into the afternoon. lurch time an 11-mile-per-hour wind in philadelphia. a little stronger in south jersey and wilmington. and also some of the superbs. still going late this afternoon at 5:00. but then is starts to die down and that's going to allow the temperatures to come down overnight but nothing else will be coming down. the rain has moved out. the rain is offshore. and now chillier air that's going to stay around for the weekend. you see the snow falling north and west, we're not getting the snow but the cold, we'll really feel it. we'll have wind and temperatures steady through the day. 48 degrees in allentown. late this afternoon, we're still looking at low 50s for many of the neighborhoods.
6:51 am
south jersey, delaware, into philadelphia. starting to get cooler in lehigh valley. watch what happens later this evening. by 11:00 tonight, 30s and very low 40s in the area. and turning even colder by tomorrow morning. it's a trend that's going to stay with us for days. it's a trend seeing the temperatures come down. dropping below normal starting this weekend. 40s for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. and it could come with some wet weather late in the weekend for part of the area. 54 today. breezy today. lots of sunshine tomorrow. cold morning on saturday. just in the upper 40s for saturday and sunday. late sunday night into monday. delaware, south jersey might see a rain shower. most areas might stay dry. until we get to tuesday and wednesday. later into tuesday and wednesday we get round one of wet weather. on thursday, another round. this is a storm that's going to bring us much colder air for friday and saturday. with morning temperatures in the
6:52 am
20s. >> bill, thanks for that. nine minutes before 7:00. let's get to you work with a check at 95. >> jessica is looking at that. what are you seeing? >> i'm actually watching an accident on 95. is this delaware. new castle, on the southbound side, route 141, two lanes are blocked here. but we are seeing a little bit of a delay moving by the scene, especially with the two lanes blocked at this time. 95, this is in p.a., though. moving towards center city and cottman avenue. that's where we're seeing the slow downhere. 28 minutes woodhaven road. to the vine street expressway. not even in the 30s right now. no accidents reported there, though. whitemarsh there is an accident there. west hill pike and abington, old york road and woodland road, the scene there. checking in 422, around route 23, we did have a disabled
6:53 am
vehicle, no problems with that. eastbound, we're seeing delays from 29 to the schuylkill. average speeds not even into the 30s. we're right up there in the high 20s. we'll have one update when i come back. this week, nfl players will be allowed to wear custom cleats to raise awareness for their charity. even quarterback carson wentz is getting in on the fun. take a look at the cleats he wore to practice thursday. they include a bible versus, romans 5:8. and ao1. he considers his audience to be just for the lord. "thursday night football" is on nbc10 tonight. the cowboys are in minnesota for a matchup against the vikings. coverage starts at 7:30. >> we do not like those cowboys. well, today, people across the globe are marking world aids day. next, we'll explain how local
6:54 am
organizations are helping the fight against hiv. plus, we'll tell you about tonight's star-studded ceremony at the white house. it's a tradition that dates back to the coolidge administration.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
and here's some of the stories we're following today. >> today, president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence head to indiana to save that 1,000 jobs slated to move to mexico. meantime, wisconsin is slated to lead a election recount. a hearing on pennsylvania's recounts is scheduled for
6:58 am
monday. there's several events planned for other area in honor of world aids day. they include a prayer breakfast in center city. free aids testing in center city and a summit in wilmington. more food will be donated, the camp out for hunger. yesterday, jeeps filled with food loaded. later today, a bakery will deliver a truckload of its products. tonight, washington, d.c. will light up the national christmas tree near the white house. the 94th annual tree lighting and the last for president obama. star-studded performers with the first family will ring in the season. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington. one last check on the roads.
6:59 am
some problems out there. the first one is in new castle, delaware. an accident, causing big delays southbound side, route 141 with two lanes blocked. it will end with mass transit. the new jersey transit river line is currently suspended due to a downed tree on the tracks. still watching for cleanup there. the schuylkill expressway just typical and slow into center city. unless you're a giant rain collector, it's the ice rink at penn's landing. >> that's where we'll be tomorrow night. >> we will. we'll be will for the big christmas tree lighting. it looks even better when it's let up. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. actually really mild in each location. the wind is blowing. so we're not going to as as much at all of a warmup during the day thanks to gusty winds but we will enjoy plenty of sign. you can get the "first alert"
7:00 am
forecast. well have more local updates on >> thanks for watching. have great day. good morning. nature's fury. the death toll rises to seven in the devastating tennessee wildfires, as new tornadoes rip through the south overnight. now, more than 30 in just 2 days. breaking overnight. a police officer shot called to a home in washington state. the suspect barricade inside a home for hours. victory lap. president-elect trump, kicking off his thank you tour, in indiana and ohio. as his top cabinet picks get called out for bailouts and wall street. and lit. >> three, two, one. go. >> just a


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