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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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police say doisguised his appearance. watch the stop left of your screen, he hand delivers an envelope, containing what police call a home made bomb to the victim's pine street doorstep. >> this device was a very dangerous device, it was a destructive device, caused significant injury to the person and could have resulted in death. >> 62-year-old jim alden sured shrapnel scars to his face, head chest. >> until we solve this crime, we're keeping our minds open and that's how your conduct a good investigation. another this time we have not determined a motive. >> reporter: police have combed through hours of surveillance footage. police believe the man is asian. >> the elmer fudd type of hat with the ear flaps down. >> we're not suggesting he is the person that manufactured the
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device, but we would like to find out through the public who he is. >> sam roboty says in 16 years he's not seen a device like this one. >> there's not some random person delivering these things, that's not what we believe occurred here. >> reporter: and the police department together with the atf and the fbi have been working very hard on this case for ten days now. they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. so if you have any information, please call police. new details tonight in a deadly hit and run in philadelphia. police charged paul woodland in the death of 8-year-old jayanna powell. woodland was driving a nissan
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that struck gjayanna and her brother. and auto body shop in freezer tipped off police that a nissan with damage consistent with -- >> i know he's not on the streets, you can't hit nobody else, you can't hurt nobody else. >> woodland's bail has been set at a half million dollars. nbc10 has learned new details about the victim of a deadly crash. carol issom was killed when two suspects trying to get away from police slammed into her car. last night i was on the scene that showed you this exclusive surveillance video. rose mar >> reporter: we're also learning about a man suffering from gunshot wounds who ended up at
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mercy hospital. investigators believe he's connected to last night's shooting that set off this police pursuit. in terms of the innocent bystander whose car was hit near this lot. he expressed how incredibly difficult this is for the entire family. leaving behind a husband and children, 59-year-old carol issom met her face when she turned out to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. a police pursuit ended with the suspects slamming into issom's car. >> the absolute worst possibility in terms of the scenario for us. >> reporter: it was the sound of gunfire that sparked the pursuit by officers on patrol. they witnessed a man quickly get into the car and followed. >> we have a very strict policy about pursuits in a forcible
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felony. and this was a forcible felony. it doesn't get any worse shooting somebody. >> reporter: an officer has probable cause that the person being pursued attempted or committed a forcible felony. >> there's a lot of things that involve discretion in these cases, though, so these are the things we want to look at. we're going to listen to police dispatch tape to see if we can determine the speed and things like that. >> reporter: they also recovered a handgun inside the car but the case is not closed. >> i just can't grandchildrbegi you how saddened we are by the loss of life. >> reporter: on a final note, i also learned from the police department's policy that an officer must maintain a distance
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of at least five cars away from the vehicle being pursued and an officer can end a pursuit ain the point in time especially when factoring in the safety of the lick. -- public. now to your first alert weather, a windy and cool night. this is a live look down in cape may. most people, though, they're just happy it's finally stopped raining. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has your first alert forecast. >> now it's going to get colder, we got rid of the rain, but it's outside. live look outside at center city, yes, we're dry, but it's still windy outside, winds are close to 30 miles an hour, temperatures down to 50 now, in some parts of the area, it's making it feel a little bit colder. here's a look at the cloud cover, we did have quite a bit of sunshine today, but then the
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did move in. we will be getting colder. so as we go through the overnight hours, sky also start to clear, some areas may already be in the upper 30s, by 10:00 p.m., 41 in the philadelphia area, then by tomorrow morning, we will be colder, it will be one of those mornings where you will need a heavier coat when you walk outside, but it will be dry, and it will be sunny. 33 by 7:30 in the morning in allentown, 35 wilmington, 35 degrees atlantic city, 35 in trenton. make sure you have the jacket, you're going to want it through the weekend. now breaking news out of wilmington, a firefighter hospitalized due to injuries from a row house fire. she's one of three firefighters who died in the fire that was
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intentionally set. a woman who lived in the home with her father and stepmother admitted to setting that fire. new at 5:00, a passenger in a lyft is shot and killed in new jersey. the mercer county police department said that the man shot a -- he then tried to rob the three passengers. amber dudley was shot and killed during that confrontation. no one else was hurt and no arrests have been made. today president-elect donald trump was on the road and out in public for the first time since his election and he had two messages. the first one, thanks, the second, you're welcome. jim rosenfield is live at the double digit tool digital operations center. >> he was act companied by vice
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president-elect and indiana governor mike pence. and during the visit, trump celebrated a deal to keep the carrier plant in indianapolis. the company originally planned to close the plant and move to mexico. carrier says the state officers $7 million in incentives over the next decade. >> i just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things for businesses, there's no reason for them to leave anymore. because your faxtaxes are going be at the very, very low end and your unnecessary regulations are going to be gone. >> after indiana, the president-elect scheduled a rally in cincinnati, the first stop on a thank you tour of the battleground states that handed him the white house. live in our digital operations center, jim rosenfield. now to the latest in the election recount in pennsylvania. the process will move forward in
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about 75 precincts in philadelphia. it's just a fraction of the nearly 1,700 precincts there. the recount will begin tomorrow. the green party who asked for the machines to be inspected for malware were denied. the recounting is already under way in wisconsin, it's the first candidate driven recount in the united states since florida in 2000. workers in 72 counties across the state began recounting ballots this morning. experts say the result is very unlikely to change. the newest members of congress took a tour of capitol hill. >> and they needed a little luck to get the office they wanted. all the new congressmen and women took part in a lottery to determine who got to pick their new office first. delaware's congresswoman elect lisa blunt rochester made out
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pretty well, she drew the number 4 out of 54, meaning she gets the fourth pick of offices. the congresswoman congresswoman she's excited to get started. >> to get number 4 is very positive. >> rochester will be the first african-american and first woman to represent the state in congress. she will be sworn in on january 3. foul on the floor. we have new details on what caused this wet mess at last night's 76ers game. fans tell us why they don't like the way the team and the wells fargo center handled the situation. plus we have heard a lot about medical marijuana. but what about medical mushrooms, a new report says the
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hall lo hallucinogenic drug could help patients.
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the pennsylvania state medical board has suspended the license of a pediatrician who
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was still in jail a day after his arrest. parents who showed up at his practice say they have already started the process of moving to a new doctor. >> i feel sick that my children were that close to that and i didn't even know. i didn't know so i could do something about it. it's disgusting. >> we checked and found out that nurse practitioners cannot continue working in any office without a doctor there. the environmental protection agency will host a radon study. levels were 1,500 times more than what's considered safe. residents will be getting free radon testing kits. letters went out to 500 nearby
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residents. radon is the gas that forms during the breakdown of uranium that forms in rocks and is known to cause cancer. and so called magic mushrooms can ease pain in cancer patients. many say it made them feel less fearful of death, gave them more optimism. gale cohen told nbc news her experience was beautiful. she was in her fourth bout with cancer, and she says two years after getting a dose of the drug, she can still feel the benefits. >> being cranky all the ingi li martyr. that's gone.
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>> experts say hallucinogenics should never be used outside of a health care setting. you can get more on gale's story and the science behind these, quote, magic mushrooms. you can find out more on "nightly news with lester holt" here on nbc10. a cooler day and you also noticed the rain is gone. no rain with any of the cloud cover. dark picture of center city, but at least it's nice and clear, no rain, no fog in the forecast either. the winds are still up. though some areas seeing winds gusting close to 30 miles an hour. but the sustained wind is closer to about 15 miles an hour. so it is going to stay windy as we go through the rest of your evening tonight. the clouds are here, but as i mentioned, no rain with them so that's the good news. temperatures are cooler, 48 degrees pennsylvania suburbs
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around 50 degrees through many of our neighborhoods in delaware. 50 right now in philadelphia and our new jersey neighborhoods mostly coming in around 50 degrees. 50 in vorheess, if you're in lumberton, you're at 51 degrees, hopewell township coming in at 58 degrees. it will be colder as we go into tomorrow morning. this morning, we reached a high of 6 degre3 degrees, then we st dropping. that was before many of you were probably awake. tomorrow it will be around 51 degrees, the normal high is 50 this time of year. we're going to keep on dropping and we'll actually be in the 40s for a high on saturday and sunday. see it is going to be cool and it's going to stay that way for a pretty long stretch. 49 in swankville. easton coming in around 46. if you're in vorhees township,
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52 for a high, and rehoboth beach, temperature right around the low 50s. into the week, 49 for saturday in new jersey. delaware saturday, 50 degrees, by sunday, we're going to be a little bit cooler, lehigh valley, 43 for a high, on sunday, 49 degrees along the shore, 48 in delaware, and if you're in philadelphia sunday, 47 degrees. but at least we're going to stay nice and dry across the weekend. as we go into next week, we're going to get more rain in the forecast. here's your 10-day on 10. we're going to stay windy tomorrow, will be windy for part of your saturday too. notice those weekend temperatures back into the 40s, there you see the rain chances coming back in on tuesday, even as we go through thursday next week, but temperatures mostly staying in the 40s for the most part, but then we're black in the 50s.
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we're talking a potential high of 39 degrees, it's going to come with wind too, so we could have a pretty good blast of arctic air through next week. now to 20 million americans who get their insurance through the affordable carabl care act lose coverage after obama care is repealed. >> there would not be an abrupt change in coverage. >> health and human services secretary says that coverage through 2017 is a guarantee. president-elect donald trump has promised that much. >> you may know the game jenga where you pull out pieces and you pull out a piece and it topless over. >> he has pledged to keep some
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coverage like coverage for people with preexisting conditions. >> i think we're going to see a shift in the conversation from one of rhetoric and slogans to actually the realty of what this means in people's lives. >> reporter: two weeks ago we introduce you to pennsylvania resident gabriel schwartz who finally got coverage under obama care after years of being denied. the thought of losing it now -- it's frustrating. >> and now tom price will be the next health and human services secretary. burwell says she's spoken with him, but not about policy. >> the congressman and i did not talk about policy. i called him to congratulate him and offer my assistance. >> the deadline approaching, she is encouraging people to sign up now to get their 2017 coverage,
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talk about tax relief. a renewed agreement will save people money in new jersey and pennsylvania. the details still ahead at 5:00. plus, got a question, how do you move a million pounds of sand? the massive project under way at the delaware beaches.
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a large portion of gatlinburg, tennessee has burned as fires continue to move in the area. firefighters say the winds have calmed and they don't expect the fire to spread as quickly as it did in previous days. so far 7 people have been killed in the wildfires that have damaged hundreds of homes. >> we want to provide a hand up for all those families who have lost everything in the fires and to recover, we will make sure that the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all those families who lost their homes in the fire. >> the park was spared any significant damage and will reopen tomorrow. a beach replenishment project is under way in rehoboth
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beach. these pipes suck up thousands of pounds of sand from the ocean. it's the equivalent of moving 400 dump trucks of sand but in a shorter amount of time and in a cheaper way. >> this is the best quality of sand that we have found in the last 15 years. >> it's going to be nice come summertime. no word yet on how long it will take to complete the project. . ♪ >> holiday singers helped set the mood for does sens dozens o volunteers. the gifts will fulfill the wish lists of 1,800 children in our area. it's part of vanguard sponsor a child program. employ years donate money and volunteer their time to buy and
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wrap. dozens of dogs are getting a new leash on life and they'll do it in north jersey. these dogs are from ft. worth, texas, the animal shelter there is at capacity. so now the dog headed to a shelter in tall county. last year they rescued 3,000 dogs from overcrowded shelters. families fostering the dogs had to say goodbye. >> it's bittersweet, but we can't keep them all or we would have a farm. >> this is the hard part about fwoserring. >> i'm pretty emotional. >> the trailer heis heated for e long road trip and dogs will get a break about every six hours. we told you about the military family who found people living in their new jersey home without their consent. now a judge has decided if they need to leave.
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>> reporter: and the sixers haven't been too good in years, but last they got a new slippery court pr problem. what's being done for the frustrated fans who all along have just been trusting the process. we'll be right back.
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this wet mess at the wells fargo center has the sixers team in a pr mess. >> tim furlong has been trying to get somes from them. >> reporter: the sixers have been rebuilding for years, they played some ugly basketball and last night somebody slips up, thankfully no players got hurt, but many fans got very frustrated. in 2010, minnesota's old football dome caved in under the snow, the islanders hockey rink in borooklyn is known for its bd ice, and the preseason game at the vet cancelled because of poor turf. >> they don't feel safe playing on this surface so they have called this game. >> reporter: the game was
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cancelled because of condensation coming up from the flyers ice below. fans sat in their seats wondering why the game wasn't starting. >> we were literally there for an hour and no announcement was made about what was going on. >> reporter: they paid for a bus to get them there and spent a ton on food. the sixers are just a tennant in the middling, they don't run it. but they say they'll let everyone in the dome last night come back for a makeup game and they'll also pay for parking, but for gas, food or anything else to get to the game, they're on their own. >> we're on our phones trying to find news about what's going on and we're sitting in your seats at your stadium. >> reporter: and again, this isn't the sixers stadium, they just play here. a source tells me everyone knew
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about the problem all day, but they thought it would be fixed by game time. everybody on the sixers side, they said they're all sitting there waiting for the nba commissioner to finally sign off on the postponement. they couldn't say anything to the fans until they got the news from new york. >> a bit of an explanation tonight. tim, thank you. wilmington's council president wants to use $200,000 to improve the athletic field at elgin park. the improvements include new lighting and a scoreboard. new developments now on an nbc10 investigation. a camden county judge has stepped in over a housing dispute. today the judge said both the home's owner its current residents seem to be victims of a phony rental scheme. the nbc10 investigators first
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told you about the situation at this winslow township property. >> our first and second trial here. we don't know what to think. >> but the owner says someone gained access to the vacant property and rented out us. the current tennants have to be out by january 2 and have to let an appraiser into that property so the short sale can move forward. and tnow to the first alert forecast. the wind really picking up today. this is a live look over center city. you can't tell by looking at those flags, but i can tell you it feels pretty cool outside. you got to love live tv. look on the bright side, though, the sun was out today. >> let's see what's in store for the rest of the night.
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we have first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> clouds have moved in right now, but that drier air is here and what it's going to do is help us feel gold colder as we go into the morning. some areas are feeling colder with the wind, not everyone, but places like allentown are feeling 50 degrees. everybody else feeling like where the temperature is, but if you notice if you're north and west of philadelphia, that wind is making more of a difference to that temperature. we have the clouds move in this evening, we'll see them breaking up overnight. and the skies clearing. and the good news is no rain with that cloud cover. by 6:00 p.m., 47 degrees in the philadelphia area, 43 by 10:00 p.m. and by 6:00 tomorrow morning, we're talking about the upper 30s. it's going to be a lot colder. sure you have a thicker jacket tomorrow morning.
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mid 30s early tomorrow morning, lehigh valley, 39 degrees by 10:00 p.m., mid 30s in the morning tomorrow. in delaware, around 40 by 10:00 tonight, but 30s in the morning. coming up we'll take a closer look at the cool air moving in and what it means for your weekend, that's ahead. tonight, police released photos and surveillance video of the person they say hand delivered an explosives package to a home in center city. the package was left on the steps of an apartment at 18th and pine more than a week ago. 62-year-old jim alden opened it and it exploded. he has shrapnel scars to his hands, face and chest. police have identified the victim in a deadly crash last night in west philadelphia. carol issom was killed after
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someone being chased by police slammed into her car. two men are in police custody, the second car sped away. a mother is facing charges in the death of her 2-year-old son. the boy identified by neighbors as zahire was pronounced dead on tuesday night. his mother is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. a philadelphia woman is accused of leaving her kids in the car while she went shopping. she was arrested after her 3-year-old son was found wandering around the parking lot of a north dover walmart yesterday. an 8-month-old and a 1-year-old were also left in the car. they were not hurt. jones is now facing several charges. 7 people were hurt when a dart bus and car crashed in newcastle county. nbc10 was on the scene at i-95 in new port.
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that's the bus on the side of the highway. it's not clear how bad those injuries are. it was also the site of a tractor trailer accident this morning. people in south philadelphia will soon have a new place to buy their groceries. acme has announced that it will open a supermarket in the snyder plaza shopping center. it will include a beer and wine shop along a variety of locally owned products. the store will also have a starbucks. it's set to open next summer. lesson learned. a lehigh valley daycare worker is under arrest. what she taught her preschoolers that led to criminal charges.
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and with that jack markell dedicated the -- hold education classes and also weddings in the gardens. some of fairmount park's historic houses are decorated for the holidays. this year's theme is a very philly christmas. the holiday tradition is presented by fairmount park conservancy and fairmount parks and recreation. it features historic houses. in just about an hour, president obama and the first lady will light the national christmas tree for the first time. the president is expected to share a holiday message with the american people. it will be the 94th annual pageant of peace celebration.
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and there will be another tree lighting right here in philadelphia. >> here's a live look right here at the blue cross riverrink, right along the delaware river. tomorrow night we'll help with the annual tree lighting at the riverrink. if you can't go, join us at 7:00 p.m. as the morning team broadcasts live. >> everybody there would really appreciate some nice weather. >> they're going to get fantastic, weather, that's the good news, we're done with the rain right now that will be the case as we go through the night. coming up i'll show you how cold it will be across your weekend. and on nbc10 news at 6:00, thinking big, the wawa store set to open in our area and what sets it apart from the mothers. that's all new at 5:00.
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in the lehigh valley, a daycare worker is facing charges after police say she taught 3 and 4-year-olds to curse. state regulators have revoked the daycare's license. new details tonight about the man police say is seen in this video using spray paint on a car in several homes in south philadelphia. 58-year-old william tucker of lawnside is now charged with vandalism. police say a tip call led to his arrest the morning after the presidential election, police say tucker spray painted donald
5:45 pm
trump's name on several homes and a car on south 6th street. a string of mail thefts have been solved in montgomery county. investigators say many cases of thieves would take checks from envelopes. police say they spotted a sus shus teen yesterday and when they questioned them, they at mitted to the crimes. officials with penn dot teamed up with state and local police to launch operation safe holiday. the effort is to reduce alcohol oafed crashes. to focus on impaired, aggressive and unbuckled motorists. >> please don't be dead for christmas. this is a time of year to celebrate with family and friends. but if you have been drinking, don't get behind the wheel of
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what will be a couple thousand-pound missile going down the street. you could kill yourself you could kill someone else. >> last year there were 85 impaired crashes across the state and 18 deaths. tonight people around the world are marking world aids day. >> a look at the white house, there is a red ribbon that's hanging in honor. the local clinic in delaware is offering free testing. the group also gave out free educational information and answered questions about the virus. organizers say it's important for people to be aware of the virus and to get test it. >> probably about 10% of people who are living with hiv don't know that they have it. so it's important that people get tested and know their status. the cdc recommends that anyone between 18 and 64 be tested annually. >> and saturday a world aids day
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summit. it will include speeches from people battling aids as well as a panel discussion with experts. today much dryer, we had the sun earlier in the day and the clouds moved in. but the wind is still with us. so as we go through the rest of this evening, windy and cooler than it was yesterday evening. and obviously a lot drier. into tomorrow morning, temperatures will be quite a bit colder. here's your bus stop forecast, 7:00 in the morning, 33, trenton 34. so it's going to get colder for tomorrow morning. still going to be a little windy too. then we go into the weekend and both weekend days will be cooler than tomorrow. right now we're in the upper 40s
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for many of our pennsylvania suburbs, but for the rest of the area, kind of steady around 50 degrees for the most part. if you're in salisburiville, 47 degrees. elroy 46, if you're in collegeville, you're at 47, warrington and newtown all at 47 degrees. so it's cooling down pretty quickly now, and the clouds are moving in, the clouds are not carrying any rain, but as they do break up, we'll be getting clear skies overnight. and that's going to help the temperatures drop off. as we go through the weekend, we will be colder, temperatures mostly topping out upper 40s. but on sunday, this arctic air mass drops down from canada, moves across the country and it's right us as we go through next friday. we're talking about a weak front tomorrow. we could be looking at our
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coldest day so far, feeling like winter and we could have highs only in the upper 30s. we will be watching that forecast very closely. not tomorrow, tomorrow will be around 50 degrees with sunny skies as we go through the afternoon. lehigh valley 47. sunday will be a little bit cooler, 47 degrees for philadelphia. 43 for the lehigh valley. and if you're in south jersey, temperatures on sunday topping out in the upper 40s. so a cooler weekend but nice and dry across the weekend as well. here's your 10-day on 10. dry weekend then we go into next week, returns as we go into tuesday. then we get back into the 50s as we go through wednesday and thursday. but that's part of the cold front that will be bringing us that colder air mass, that arctic air mass i just showed y you, 39 degrees across this weekend. it's going to get quite a bit colder about a week from now.
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thursday night football is on nbc10 tonight. the dallas cowboys are in minnesota for a matchup with the vikings, coverage starts there at 7:30, we want the cowboys to win this one for the wild card race. remember, nbc10 is your eagles station, the birds take on the bengals in cincinnati, we'll have exclusive pre-game coverage sunday morning starting at 9:30. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news," hey, lester. >> let me tell you what's coming up on "nightly news" tonight. we're going to tell you about trump's victory lap. the president-elect celebrating saving jobs at carrier. we now the costs paid to keep
5:51 pm
them. the rallies are over, but the counts are not. >> and you were just kidding, right? >> just kidding. >> we'll see you at 6:30, lester, thanks. taxpayers got some good news in pennsylvania and new jersey. >> we're going to explain how this agreement is going to save a lot of people a lot of money. and a new school tool. it's unfortunately a sign of the times. a look at what some areas nurses are being armed with, all new at 6:00.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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a proposed 11% tax hike cut in montgomery county will go toward raises for nonunion members, the community college and the county surplus fund. a difference for people who cross state lines for work. a renewed tax agreement will safe people money in new york and pennsylvania. as cydney long found out, it will also save jobs. >> reporter: employees at campbell's soup are glad they
5:55 pm
stirred the pot. >> there was a lot of anxiety. i had never seen the level of anxiety with our employee base that i have seen. >> reporter: governor christie announced a reciprocal agreement with new york and new jersey you would have paid income taxes to both states and it would have been costly. >> we got a brand-new baby now, so that's diaper money for sure. >> kiley stewart commutes from new jersey to new york city. >> there's definitely a huge different between -- move to camden from pennsylvania. >> i'll tell you that in my years in campbell, that i have never heard from my employees on any one issue more than this one. >> reporter: they consider halting progress in camden, potentially scrapping growth plans because it fears the tax
5:56 pm
changes would hurt recruitment. both florence to. >> we just had a gas tax increase, we just got relocated, we use daycare in the state of new jersey we buy groceries in the state of new jersey, we feel like the game has been changed on us. >> senator arthur barkley is feeling grateful. >> all this could easily have been taken away. >> reporter: he said it would have a detrimental economic effects overall especially in camd camden. >> camden has some fortune 500 companies that they're going to call camden home, little old camden, and with that taken away, we would have been
5:57 pm
devastated. coming up next, a philadelphia woman is speak out tonight after an arrest in the hit and run crash that killed her young daughter. >> it don't bring my daughter back, i can't say that that will ever bring her back, she's gone. >> the message that mother had for the man who's charged with taking daughter's life. a drug overdose antidote now in the hands of school nurses. first in new jersey effort to save young lives from a growing epidemic. >> cooler air is coming in for the first time in december, i'm tracking those changes in your first alert neighborhood weather forecast next on nbc10 news. hey, football fans, big news, thursday night football is on nbc10. if football's on, out.
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you hit my child like a dog or a cat in the street. >> we get a at the driver now charged with killing her girl. i'm sick and want to cry. >> parents in shock. they're opening up after what was found on a phone that police say belongs to their pediatrician. with a change, gusty conditions usher in colder temperatures, a look at how low the mercury will near you. . first up tonight on nbc10 news at 6:00. a family's reaction to this man arrest, he's now accused of
6:00 pm
taking their young girl's life. >> hit her and just keep going. you could have stopped, even just to say are you okay? >> that woman's daughter died at the hands of a hit-and-run driver as she walked home from school. with the suspected driver now under arrest, the victim's family is now opening up to nbc10. andrea klein-thomas has been following the story all day long. >> reporter: take a look, this area, this makeshift memorial makes the aerirea of the moment impact for little jayanna, the family is just beginning to deal with their grief. sadly they are not alone. other pedestrians have been in philadelphia this year. jayanna says this arrest at least allows them to begin to move forward. >> i can't say that that will ever bring her back,


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