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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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back to gather up a few belongings, he remembers seeing the sparks coming from a kitchen. he says the fire quickly spread jumping from row home to row home as his neighbors ran out into the street. >> it seemed to just somehow engulf the whole thing where it was all black smoke and then it just carried on to the other houses. >> reporter: the blaze torched six homes in total damaged by smoke and water. last night's heavy winds made it difficult to knock down. >> winds drive a fire so that helps it spread from house to house. >> reporter: the are red cross is now facing the seven families displaced but now with the holidays coming up, they'll have to find another place to live. >> the main thing is nobody died, nobody got hurt, but it hurts because we had a lot of
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personal belongings there. >> reporter: you can see a few inches of water inside this person's row home. again, some people have been able to salvage some things, the christmas decorations, the much-needed christmas presents, at this point the cause remains unclear. >> bundle up, the sun was shining in norristown today, but the breezy conditions made it feeloutside. taking a live look at the blue cross xpec people to be out for the tree c glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's at the riverrink right now. >> reporter: i got the gloves, i got a hat, i might want to wear some ear covering too. i mean it's still daylight, but once the sun goes down, it's
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going to feel a lot colder, and one of the reasons we have got some went out here, this flag is blowing, even though we have blue skies and the wind went out, it does make it feel colder. we have some conditions across philadelphia, it's pretty chilly in much of the area, there's hardly any places that are more than 50 degrees right now. the satellite picture shows some clouds coming down from the northwest. similar to yesterday afternoon and maybe a few sprinkles grazing the poconos or snowflakes even later on tonight. the wind is still pretty strong, 16-mile-per-hour sustained wind in philadelphia, 20 in wilmington. as we go through the evening, we're going down to 42 degrees by 10:00, and into the 30s, northeastern philadelphia by 6:00 a.m., 35 in chester, bucks,
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montgomery county, and the p.a. suburbs. 37 degrees in the lehigh valley and berk county. we're starting off the bike with lots of sunshine, especially on saturday, but it's going to be a windy day too. it's december, you got to prepare for this, and much more colder year than this is coming up in the ten-day. right now philadelphia election initials are recounting ballots from the past presidential elections, this as the president-elect and pennsylvania republicans are trying to stop it. andrea klein-thomas is live at wissahickon county. >> to put it all in perspective, this recount effort only affects about 150 to 160 voting booths
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in the over 1,000 in philadelphia. nobody thinks this is going to change the outcome of the election, what it's supposed to do is challenge the accuracy of the voting system. jill stein supporter rich guerella is just one voter who brought up questions. >> these machines don't have any way for the voters to make sure that the votes being collected. >> guerella is with the voting firms -- tabulated the votes that compare the results from election day. >> wione of the more detailed analysis of voting software, that request was denied. >> the electronic result and the
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paper result come from the time source, so this is like we wanted to get a second opinion and going back to the same doctor. >> i hope the accounting was done correctly, this will wrap up pretty quickly. >> reporter: and if you take a look behind me, going from voting machine to voting machine. that process is over. what they're doing now is comparing the results they got today with the results they got on election day. that process could take days. now two other states are holding recounts and in both states, trump supporters filed lawsuits today to stop it. governor scott walker said he doesn't think the recount will have any affect on the race. and in michigan, the recount is moving forward, mr. trump had his smallest margin of victory
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in this state, a little over 10,000 votes the recount should start tuesday or wednesday and they will have a little over two weeks to complete it. today president-elect donald trump announced a new advisory group he hopes will help him improve the economy. the group will advise him on how to approximate stimulate jobs. the president-elect has vowed to keep manufacturing jobs from leaving the country and set a goal of growing the economy at 4% a year, that's about twice the average of recent years. last night mr. trump defied members of the establishment, he appointed james mattis for security secretary. the strength and courage of the first female firefighter to
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die on the job. >> while she may be in a better place, and she may be smiling down upon us now ready to watch over us, we will definitely always miss her. >> arty hope passed away yesterday after she was injured in a row home fire back in september. the fire commissioner talked today about how she was going to nursing school and planned to retire soon so she could become a full-time nurse. hope is now one of three firefighters who died in that same fire. captain christopher leach and jeremy fickes also died. those charges may change with this latest development. investigators say she admitted she set that fire. to new details about a pair of break ins at a car dealership last night. police say he used a tire iron
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to break windows around 2:00 a.m. this morning. nothing was taken here, but less than 10 minutes later, there was a second break in at family dodge. in that case the dodge caravan was stolen right near a repair bay. people in tennessee got to see what's left of their homes after a deadly wildfire there. police say at least 1,000 structures in gatlinburg and surrounding towns were destroyed by the fire. right now the fire's exact cause is still under investigation, but the national parks service says it was started by humans. he's charged in the 1983 death of his then girlfriend nancy argentineo. if you live in new jersey,
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you know you don't have to pump your own gas, but the lieutenant governor says that could change if the minimum wage goes up. right now minimum wage in new jersey is at 8.58, but the fight is on to it it raised for gas and fast food workers. >> granted it is something we can do ourselves, obviously other states pump their own gas. but i used to be in retail and i wouldn't want my job taken away. >> cydney long is getting flm both sides of the story. senator carpet visited -- met with health place -- the deadline for open enrollment is
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january 21st, 2017. if you want your coverage to begin at the beginning of next year, you must enroll by december 15. delawareans can obtain assistance. today it officially called for all train operators to be tested for sleep apnea. engineers with severe sleep disorders should not operate trains until they are treated. the engineer involved in september's crash later was diagnosed with sleep apnea. a man who killed a former nfl player in an apparent road rage incident. the 28-year-old was shot after arguing with another driver outside new orleans yesterday. that driver is 54-year-old ronald gasser, authorities say gasser stayed at the scene and turned over his gun to officers. mcknight played for the new york
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jets and kansas city chiefs. montgomery county is wasting no time getting ready for what winter may bring. crews delivered six truckloads of salt. it was a lot of work to fill up the shed. by the end of the day, 156 tons of salt were delivered. we're getting new images today of the wreckage of the plane crash that killed an entire soccer team. an entire wing flipped over and trees were torn down with the force of the crash. the pilot was just four minutes from the airport. the remains of some of the 71 people killed in the crash were transported to an air base today. several purses containing coffins wrapped in ribbons left a funeral home there. only six people aboard the
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flight survived. cubans raised cuban flags and chanted supporting castro. his remains are on their way to their final resting place in castro's hometown. there will be a public tribute tomorrow and a private funeral on sunday. ford recalling nearly 680,000 mid size sedans because the front seat belts may not hold people in a crash. this covers 2014 to 2016 fusion models and 2012 through 2015 lincolns. governor chris christie helped break ground for the school reconstruction. the cool will be built on a once vacant lot at chambers and greenwood avenue. it's going to be 374,000 square
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feet. it will be home to 100 students in grades 10 through 12. the school will cl a gym, pool, dance studio, a fitness center and two rotc classrooms. nbc10 at the academy of notre dame for stem career day. they hosted dozens of high school students. the large esst wawa in cent city is now open. jim kenney help ed cut that ribbon. this new wawa is the largest in the city. it has over 21,000 square feet of face. taking a live look at the
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blue cross riverrink at penn's landing. you can see the tree right there. our 30-minute special is less than three hours away. >> tracy davidson, and vai sikehema joining us from penn's landing. that's a beautiful tree that's going to be lit up. >> it is. we already have skaters on the ice, the lodge is going to be open and the fire is going to be lit. we're going to have an incredible time tonight. we're going to have performers and ice skating, it's going to be great. >> reporter: there are all kinds of people coming here, we saw a family with two little kids and they were just darling. and the 18-month-old wasn't having anything of it. he didn't want any pictures or anything. but it's a great place to bring your family. >> tonight we're very excited at 7:00 when we light the tree, i
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hope that everyone gets to join us, see the fire works and everybody joining us. >> reporter: we have the two of us. if you're out and about, come down here and join us, everybody's here, it's a free event s you don't have to pay anything, come down here and hang out with us. but if you're home -- >> sit on the couch, bundle up and join us here at 7:00. >> we'll be here throughout the afternoon. >> you're saying we don't have to pay anything to hang out with you two? >> we would welcome you guys. >> you do. >> oh, i do? erin is fine. you do. >> i hope the fee is very low, though, thanks, vai and that issy. -- tracy.
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tune in tonight for the biggest and best tree lighting in the area. our morning team will be there at penn's landing to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. this will be a show as i mentioned filled with greet musical performances, there will also be some great-we are not dealing with any rain on the rink. temperatures have dropped a little bit. but it's definitely something you can deal with, if you bundle up. >> and they were bundled up so that's good. glenn is tracking that chilly weather from penn's landing. >> reporter: it is definitely a little chilly, because we have been spoiled by the warm weather we had in november. actually the temperatures today are almost exactly average for
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this time of the year. it's supposed to get cold in december. but at least we had a fair amount of sunshine today and we're going to have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. the weather is cooperating as it has been for a while and we're going to be seeing some pretty nice weather over the next couple of days at least. you can see the temperatures generally in the 40s, with mostly sunny skies, in philadelphia itself, it's 49 at the airport, it's 50 at mantioch, society hill, port richmond, fox chase, 50 just about everywhere. and that again is right around average. you can see those clouds coming down from the northwest, but not really much moisture with it. that's coming over the great lakes. the real moisture is down at the bottom of your screen, that is from the gulf of mexico, for the
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christmas tree lighting this evening, the temperatures dropping down through the 40s. got a little bit of a breeze making it feel like the 30s. so you want to dress accordingly, because it's not exactly balmy here. you see these temperatures, we go through the night, again, mostly clear skies, perhaps a couple of snow flurries up in the poconos during the day saturday, lots of sunshine. be it's a chilly day, high temperatures in the 40s in most of the area, and then back down close to freezing or evening below freezing by sunday morning and the clouds start increasing but i think any rain will hold off for a while. as we go through the night, you can see the clearing conditions, as temps go down into the 30s. 34 degrees in exton, and you can see these places going into the mid 40s during the afternoon.
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but not too many places hitting 50. so that's seasonal cold that's coming in on sunday. a little bit cool for this time of the year. but the first arctic air of the season comes down into the united states over the weekend. and really spreads across the country. and we're going to start feeling it friday, and next weekend, we are definitely going to be seeing colder weather next weekend, than we're seeing this weekend. and this weekend, lots of sunshine, as you can see, the temperatures still a little bit below normal. in the 40s, 47 degrees in philadelphia on sunday. and only 43 degrees in the lehigh valley. now save the 10-day for a little bit later, because it has numbers even lower. some of that arctic air will make it in here and it's going to feel a lot colder than it feels right now.
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i'll get into that a little bit later. >> so, mike, thomight those nums have some twos in them? >> might. >> glenn, we'll have to get ready. so 'tis the season for giving. >> but the nbc10 responds team has a warning before you make a donation this holiday season. still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, what you have to do to make sure your money ends up another the charity of your choosing. and new desks giving them some wiggle room and helping them better focus on their studies. >> and santa takes a jet ski ride. and on wall street, stocks closed mostly flat on the week. ♪
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of tomorrow possible.
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this security video is amazing. this shows a tornado touching down. this is at a school in atlanta. you can see a number of trees toppled over. the national weather service confirms that a tornado hit this area yesterday afternoon. in south side jersey, santa traded in his reindeer sleigh for a jet ski. it's part of the aquarium's christmas celebration which starts tomorrow and runsthrough december 30. and you can see his elves there helping him get back on dry land. check out this christmas light display, this is from a home in delaware.
4:25 pm
clark griswald would be really proud of this one. i would hate to have their electric bill, though. share your photos with us on facebook, twitter, instagram on #nbc10holiday. here's a nice photo, a live one from the blue cross riverrink in penn's landing. glenn? >> reporter: yeah, the weather is actually good for ice skating, as you can see, we already have several people out on the ice, the conditions on the ice are much better than they would have been if we did this a couple of days ago when it was near 70 degrees. and i'll let you know if we're going to see any return of warm weather coming up with the forecast in just a few minutes. plus before you open your
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heart and your wallet this holiday season, nbc10 responds with a warning about fake charities, how to make sure your money is falling into the right hands. that's next on nbc10 news at 4:00.
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cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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al. it's the time of year when people typically open their hearts and their wallets. >> but if you plan to donate to a charity, how do you know exactly where your money is going? harry hairston has the do's and don'ts of giving. >> around the holidays you may feel inclined to give back. but before you write a check or hand over cash, there are a few things you should keep in mind. first watch out for calls you may get out of the blue. the federal trade commission says some organizations may try to catch generous consumers off
4:30 pm
guard. if you get a card, don't donate right away, ask for a call back number. then vet the charity before giving, use wise giving guide to see if the charity is legit. read the tax returns and see how much money goes directly to the cause. when talking to a charity, find out how your money will be used, and see if you can specify where you want your money to go. last don't give your gift in cash, use a credit card or write a check so your gift can be tracked. also keep in mind, fake charities are looking to touch your heart so they can get to your wallet. so don't act right away. you want to make sure that when you do give, it's to a legit charity. we put all this information on our website, be careful out there.
4:31 pm
>> and when that phone rings and they say they are somebody, check them out. >> they're going to make you feel like, oh, i want to give. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, give us a call or fill out the form on our website and we will respond to you. coming up monday on nbc10 responds, a family says they fought with their warranty company to get a dishwasher fixed after months they called harry hairston and the nbc responds team. if you think you can get a break from these gusts at the shore, think again. this is beautiful a live look at cape may, the sun's going down, there's also some windy weather there this afternoon. >> plenty of room on the beach for the umbrella, but it will probably blow away. let's go to chief meteorologist
4:32 pm
glenn "hurricane" schwartz. he's there at penn's landing getting ready for the big tree lighting. >> reporter: i have a special piece of clothing to complement the colors of the day, i know it's cold, but -- there we go, christmas colors, and snowflakes on the bow tie, a little hint about what may be in the 10-day a little bit later. nothing serious, just maybe the first flakes. but right now we have got mostly clear skies across the area, it's nice, it is chilly, though, and we have got a breeze. so it feels even colder. temperatures in the 40s. you can see the clouds, again, especially in our pennsylvania counties. and up toward the new york state border, enough moisture for a few snowflakes. the temperatures have been closer to average than what we have seen during the month of november and sunday may be the coldest day, but even that is
4:33 pm
only two degrees below average. by tuesday, the temperatures are going back up. to go through the evening, you're going to need to bundle up if you're coming out here to the blue cross riverrink. temperatures will be dropping through the 40s and with a little bit of wind, it will feel like it's in the 30s and your air temperature in the 30s at 10:00 across much of the area. and especially the counties north and west. making its debut, at the moment, ice force 10, around zamboni, did we drive it from the station or something? we have got our own zamboni machine. who else has that? but i'll have the 10-day coming up a little bit later.
4:34 pm
. >> we mentioned the game against sacramento was cancelled because of water on the floor. it's going to be rescheduled, but no makeup date has been announced just yet. a little dancing there courtesy of vai sikehema. it was the first day of our camp out for hunger. our winter team took part in morning. the radio station has been collecting nonperishable food for phil abundance all week long. they will help thousands of people facing hunger in our
4:35 pm
area. 100 years and moving forward, that was the theme of the urban league luncheon today. the urban league will mark 100 years of service to the region. i had the honor of emceeing while nbc10's vice president of news also spoke at the luncheon. a megapet adoption event kicked off today in center city with some really long lines. nbc10 at the first troop calvary armory, where there are 1,000 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies all up for adoption. you can adopt a four legged friend, it's only $20. if you can't make it by 6:00 tonight, it's also going to be
4:36 pm
open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow and sunday. if you walk in there, you might walk out with more than one furry friend. for some students, the curtain is ready to fall on their high school theater career. >> before they take their final bow, they want to give back to people who come after them. >> the unique mentoring program for middle students that's trying to make their transition to high school easier. new school desks helping fifth graders focus on their studies. >> don't forget, nbc10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. after nbc10 news at 11:00, we'll have complete highlights from the games the bengals on eagles game day finals.
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a recall involves all baby bath seats. they were sold on several sites is online from january 2013 through last august. consumers should stop using the product and call the online retailer where purchased for a refund. we have seen these in offices with standing room only. the teacher says she first heard of the approach from some colleagues and then she purchased the desks with donations from the community and the districts. she says it helps the kids stay focused and healthy. and so far the kids appear to approve. >> when you stand up, it's easier for your brain to think and it's better for your posture. >> they don't have to stand up all day, they still do have
4:41 pm
chairs when they need a break. glenn? >> reporter: well we're at blue cross riverrink at penn plaza, you can come out here at 7:00 for the live v live program, you can go into this lodge area for some food. they have got some nice seating areas with heaters, portable heaters, you'll need those tonight. we'll see just how cold it's going to get. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico.
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♪ . >> from governor of delaware to ballet dancer? that's governor jack markell practicing for his big dancing
4:45 pm
debut. he's going to take part in the wilmington theater's nutcracker. he will dance the waltz with his wife there. he's preparing for the brief performance with lots of prayer. you're taking a live look at the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing. nbc10's vai sikehema and tracy davidson join us live from the riverrink. >> that's a great backdrop. >> join us on tv at 7:00 tonight, it's just really beautiful here. >> no better place, if you want to get into the holiday spirit, come down here to the blue cross riverrink. we'll be here through 7:30. it's a free event, bring your family, come down here, and at
4:46 pm
7:00, we'll have that special. we'll light the tree with tens of thousands of led lights. >> we're already looking forward to new year's eve when there will be fireworks here, and earlier we talked to the general manager of sugar house casino down the road about what's going to happen on new year's eve. >> it's going to be exciting here on new year's eve. if parents are out later, stop by sugar road, 21 and over. it's really going to be a good time here. >> reporter: the sun is starting to set, so it's starting to get a little bit chilly, but that's the way it's supposed to feel on december 2. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been telling us about the cold. but this is perfect, this is winter weather. >> remember a couple of days ago, it was near 70 degrees and high humidity. that would have been a disaster
4:47 pm
for this ice rink here. nobody would have been able to be on it tonight if the weather was like it was a couple of days ago. so we're fortunate, nice timing. and it's not freezing coilld, is just kind of cold. we have a few clouds in the western sky, as you can see with that live shot of center city, but at least we can see the buildings, like we couldn't a couple of days ago, temperatures in the 40s across much of the area, including in delaware where it was in the 70s in parts of the state a couple of days ago, it's only 47 in wilmington, 46 in glasgow, 49 in redding and jamestown. not much in the way of any kind of precipitation until you get down to the gulf of mexico. that is going to be moving up in this direction, but it's certainly not going to be affecting us tonight for the
4:48 pm
christmas tree lighting. with a little bit of wind, it will feel like it's more like the 30s. as we go through into the weekend, you'll see a few clouds from time to time, but lots of sunshine during the day on saturday, as we go through saturday night, still mostly clear, but then the clouds start to increase on sunday and there could be some sprinkles by sunday night and even some snow flurries up by the poconos, sunday night and into monday. you can see the northwest winds gusting to 30 miles an hour tomorrow and temperatures not getting to 50 degrees in just about any part of the area, the jersey shore, long port at 52, and parts of delaware, rehoboth beach, 52, dover 52 for highs tomorrow. the philadelphia forecast shows temperatures generally in the 40s, parts of the jersey shore and delaware in the 50s.
4:49 pm
sunday's a bit colder but not quite as windy. then more changes, a chance of a little bit of rain by monday morning, a stronger system coming in for tuesday, so we're likely to see some more rain as we go through the week until thursday and then a really serious cold front comes through. that's the one that's going to bring arctic air to much of the country and we're just going to get a piece of it. but it's a pretty big piece and you're going to feel it friday and next weekend, it's going to be much colder than this weekend is going to be. >> we're ready. i got to get ready for it. >> for the biggest and best tree lighting in philadelphia, tune in to nbc10 tonight at 7:00. tracy, vai, bill and jessica will be live at the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing to bring you the holiday tree lighting live. it will be a show filled with
4:50 pm
great musical performances and special guests. you will not want to miss it. getting a lesson in high school theater 101. >> several local middle schoolers are getting a lesson on more than just acting. up next we'll have the unique mentoring program that's mairkimairk i making the transition to high school much easier.
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4:52 pm
4:53 pm
remember those days getting ready for high school, you were really nervous, all those challenges. >> but in cherry hill, they're trying to make things a little bit easier with some mentoring through singing and acting. here's a look at a unique program. >>. >> all right, helen let's begin.
4:54 pm
>> it's this balance between somebody who's a little tough, but also extremely passionate about what she's doing. >> good girl. >> for the next couple of weeks, you might want to refer to her as annie sullivan. >> it was work that i wanted to be a part of. >> reporter: for jacqueline and other seniors, the curtain is ready to fall on their high school theatrical career, but they want to give back to those just getting started. >> i want to prepare myself for high school and prepare myself for college. >> for right now daniel is focused on his role as allan din. he's among 600 students who will take a field trip to see the theater workers on stage. >> reporter: tom weaver's been a part of the theater part at east for 40 years. and for the past 20, he's taken
4:55 pm
a focus on school theater 101 bringing eighth graders to see what they can do next year. >> they'll ask really poignant questions about the content of whatever show they just saw. >> reporter: the goal to get incoming freshman to get started right away. and learn about more than acting. >> how does that help in terms of confidence and other skills? >> well, before i ever did theater, i wasn't that confident. but going into it after doing a couple of shows, it's cool to see how many people, like, kind of look up to you. >> reporter: to become someone else and in turn find yourself. >> i think the show will do just that, it will hit a nerve. >> reporter: in cherry hill, nbc10 news. now to something you haven't been able to do in more than 60 years. >> we're talking about pumping
4:56 pm
your own gas in new jersey you can't do it tonight and you haven't been able to do it since 1949, but that could be changing. after something happens. the story straight ahead in a live report. >> reporter: and we're at the blue cross riverrink at penn's landing, it's a little on the chilly side. we'll be here along with the morning team doing a live christmas tree lighting and we'll have the 10-stday forecas. what turned up in the basement of one local business and the effort to track down the rightful owners. all that and more on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
we're live inside the wells fargo center. the tipoff may be ready for tonight, but is the arena? >> we're live at the blue cross riverrink as we count down to tonight holiday tree lighting. >> and nbc10 news at 5:00 begins with what could be a big change for drivers in new jersey. the state's second in command is suggesting that people will soon
5:00 pm
where be pumping their own gas in the garden state. that is if they raise the minimum wage. >> the minimum wage is $8.58, but the minimum wage may be being raised to $15. >> reporter: it would be a tremendous change and one that new jersey drivers certainly aren't used to getting out of their cars and stepping into the weather elements, whether it be the hot or cold. they were siding with the lieutenant governor that a spike in wages may cause minimum wage earners like gas attendants their jobs overall. drives like john bowen who earn $8.68, he makes more money, whether it be pumping gas or serving fast food. the fight is on to


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