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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a foamy mess, foam as high as six feet filled the streets of center city this afternoon. what's to blame for this strange sight? wintry mix, it may feel chilly now, but the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking winter weather for your work week. what to expect. fearing the worst. families wait for word on whether their loved ones survived a deadly warehouse fire in california. the latest on recovery efforts. it's crazy. ladies and gentlemen. right now at 6:00, foam floods the streets of center city. nbc 10 viewers captured video of the white foam which grew as high as six feet tall in spots and prompted a shelter in place
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order. good evening, i'm denise nakano. neighbors reported hearing a loud boom this afternoon at the peco substation on juniper street. fire suppression foam went billowing into the streets and about 2500 peco customers lost power. let's go to nbc 10's drew smith who is live where it all happened. and drew you've learned the foam is not toxic. >> deny he's, peco used the word nonhazardous, firefighters told me it should not hurt the environment. if you look you can see fire crews out here they've been working for hours to try to get the foam down the drain. peco investigators trying to get into the substation facility to figure out what went wrong. neighbors say they felt a jolt before seeing a large amount of foam billowing out of this peco substation. >> there was a huge explosion and i look the outside and i
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could see foam five feet high running down the street. >> the bubbles kept on coming. >> literally just pouring out. >> at one point climbing so high, it almost covered a stop sign. >> i was like oh boy, hope everything is okay. >> it turns out the system worked exactly like it's supposed to. when the transformer went offline. the fire suppression material filled the building to stop a fire from spreading. but still, this is not a normal sight. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. you know, really. >> the flying substance brought out a big crowd using their phones to capture the wind carrying the bubbles up into the air. >> people were joking saying it was like christmas. >> but these are not like snowbanks the kids would want to play in. even though hazmat says it's not detrimental to the environment. >> i'm grateful to the foam today, i think it's like a happy ending. it's interesting theatrically. >> we're told no one was hurt
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out here but thousands did lose power. that also causing problems in some of the high-rise towers where the elevators got stuck. eight people were rescued from the elevators. the power should be back on for everybody now. again, that investigation into what happened inside that substation is just now beginning. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. the foamy mess caused a huge reaction on social media. to check out videos and pictures of the foam or to send in your own, head over to the nbc 10 app. turning to the weather, and it's feeling a lot like winter out there. thanks to the wind, taking a live look at the airmark building you can see the flags blowing in the breeze, erica martin. you're tracking big changes, how's the weekend shaping up? >> the rest of the weekend remains dry. but we do have some precipitation on the way. i'll get to that in a moment. but windy today.
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top wind speed in philadelphia, northwesterly, 23 miles per hour. and the top wind gusts, 31 miles per hour. right now we are seeing the winds diminishing just a bit. still out of the northwest, which is why conditions feel chillier. a live look outside, partly cloudy for the overnight hours. otherwise current temperatures mainly mid to upper 40s across the philly metro area. so the feels-like temperatures considering those northwesterly winds are still rather moderate. overnight we're going to see definitely temperatures feeling cooler than they actually are. upper 20s by early tomorrow morning. otherwise the big story now would be what to expect after sunday. into monday. hour by hour picking up on some precipitation moving in. it looks like we could get a wintry mix. more information coming up in the full forecast. back to you. >> at least nine people are dead in california after a fire broke out during a party at a warehouse. authorities say they fear that number could rise as high as 40.
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officials are still working to verify who was in the oakland warehouse when the fire broke out around 11:30 last night. the fire chief says the warehouse was partitioned into artists studios and was packed with furniture and other objects, making it hard for people to escape. >> we tried to like figure out where the smoke was coming from and then we saw where the fire was and started yelling and trying to get everyone out. i mean it all happened really quick, the fire went up really, really quickly. >> investigators say they're waiting for the building to cool off before they can go back in and do a thorough search. breaking news, right now in massachusetts, a ten-alarm fire is burning across seven buildings in cambridge. you're looking live at the scene. several nearby roads have been blocked off and authorities are warning people to stay away from that area. the smoke can be seen for miles. witnesses say they heard an explosion from a home under
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construction in that area. so far, officials are only reporting two minor injuries. and now, to a deadly hit-and-run in montgomery county. police are still searching for the driver who hit and killed an elderly man last night. another driver found the victim in the middle of rider's mill road. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has been learning more about the victim and the search for the driver responsible and joins us live in lower marian. randy? >> the 72-year-old victim had just finished a baby sitting shift for some of his long-time friends, he was walking to the bus stop here to head home. it was dark out there are no sidewalks on this street. that's when police say he was struck from behind by a car that fled the scene. >> the elderly victim was walking along this winding stretch of rider's mill road, 72-year-old jung wei chun had just finished baby sitting. >> he's been our beloved baby
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sitter a very devoted essentially member of our family. since our kids were born. >> albert yan said wei ching often took the bus hope. he was hit from behind. >> about five minutes after he left the house on his way to the bus stop he was hit by a vehicle. when i was at the hospital last night the doctors told us that there was evidence of trauma, several broken bones. >> it was a very sweet man. a very gentle. >> the family is now hoping the public can help track down the suspect. lower marion police don't have much of a description yet. but they say the vehicle likely has damage to its front bumper and windshield. >> just a tragedy that this happened to someone like him. he's a special person. >> police have not yet said what kind of vehicle this might have been. whether a car or truck. meantime we're told jung wei ching was originally from shanghai. he leaves behind a wife and son.
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anybody with information asked to call lower marion police. well loved ones are remembering the victim of a police chase at a vigil in west philadelphia. 55-year-old carol isom was sitting in her car 52nd and locust streets, wednesday night. the suspect in a police pursuit smashed into her car, she died at the hospital. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas was at tonight's vigil and will have a live report ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00. the red cross is helping three families find a place to stay tonight after fire damaged their homes in west philadelphia. the fire started around 3:30 this morning at the 5500 block of walnut street. crews had the flames under control in a matter of minutes. and no one was hurt. new tonight. the phillies are bringing the holiday season to citizens bank park. nbc 10 helped them light their christmas tree a few minutes ago.
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>> nbc 10 news at 5:00 anchors keith jones and aaron coleman helped light the tree at the ballpark's third-base plaza. the fanatics dressed as santa claus danced to christmas songs with fans. let's take a live look at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing where the tree is shining, last night we saw it light up for the first time this season on nbc 10. call them real-life heroes, the lengths some emergency responders went to to save a man's life. and temple owls went for a first this afternoon. see if they could beat navy to secure their first conference title in school history.
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a combination of technology, training and team work helped save a life in delaware county after a man who was disoriented called 911 for help. the man who suffers from dementia, called for help yesterday after falling in his home. but he could not tell the dispatcher where he was. the dispatcher kept the man on the phone, and after using cell phone and other data, they were able to identify his general area and sent crews to the scene. >> by keeping him on the line we made the suggestion that maybe we can use their sirens and their vehicles or their air horns if we can hear them in the background, we might be able to pinpoint this gentleman's address. >> emergency crews went door to door until they found him. he was take tonight hospital and is doing well tonight. andrea? a vigil was held in a
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innocent victim's honor. >> i'm tracking a wintry mix that's likely to get here sunday into monday. details coming up in the full forecast.
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remembering the victim of a deadly crash. in the past hour loved ones gathered in west philadelphia, to pay tribute to 55-year-old carol isom. she was sitting in her car wednesday when a suspect being chased by police crashed into her car. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas was at the vigil and joins us live. andrea? >> that wednesday night carol isom had just left her home just around the corner from here to head to the store. that's when she unknowingly got caught in the middle of that police chase. and she never made it home. ♪ ♪ >> a large crowd gathered on the
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side of isom's west philadelphia home for a vigil. the 55-year-old was described as a woman of faith who loved her family, she was a wife, mother and grandmother of five. wednesday evening officers responded to a shoot-out at 48th and westminster avenue, two cars fled the scene. isom was unknowingly caught in the middle of a police pursuit when one of the suspects hit her car. she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. carol isom's children told us how they want their mother to be remembered. >> loved her family most of all. family was definitely important to her. it's -- i still can't believe she's gone. it's like a dream i can't wake up from. >> the incident is under review. but commissioner ross told us just a few days ago, that the police pursuit appeared to be justified. now carol isom will be laid to rest this saturday december 10th. it would have also been her 56th
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birthday. reporting live, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. it's been a year since the cdc released its recommendation on stopping gun violence in wilmington. today an advisory group updated their plan to put that advice into practice. it was part of a public forum by the movement for a culture of peace. and it comes days after a 15-year-old was shot while walking to the bus stop. delaware online reports the advisory group is expected to release its plan this month. the cdc report recommends the city develop tools to identify young people at high risk for committing violent crimes and then work to get them involved in outreach programs. well some kids in the lehigh valley will surprise their family members with gifts this christmas. thanks to a few airport cops. officers from the lehigh northampton airport authority took 12 children on a target shopping spree in allentown today. each officer went with two kids
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on an aisle-searching adventure to pick gifts for the children's families. afterwards, the officers helped wrap those presents. when a wonderful gift. >> we had a decent day for conditions. however it was windy and gusty at times. right now satellite and radar still picking up on dry conditions. we're getting some lake-effect moisture. for parts of the lehigh valley. locally for the most part we're seeing low to upper 40s. however, a wider perspective now i will get to your local neighborhood forecast in just a moment. but i want to show you colder air sliding into place from the northwest towards the southeast. so your three-day outlook in advance. we're seeing developing clouds sunday into monday. and temperatures starting to definitely cool down through the overnight hours, monday into tuesday. we certainly have some rain in the forecast sunday through monday for the philly metro area. we could also likely see a little wintry mix. i'll get to it in my hour boy
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ho hour-by-hour forecast. and we have precipitation moving in sunday into monday. the story now is it's dry. however i'm tracking rain showers sunday into monday and possibly a wintry mix. so neighborhoods right now for the lehigh valley mainly seeing the low 40s, bath 42 and nazareth currently at 44 degrees. the suburbs also seeing lots of 40s with the northwesterly winds. pretty moderate right now. bed minister, a pair of 4's for you. in jersey we're seeing the moderate northwesterly winds as well, coyle field 45 and robbinsville, 46, princeton, 44 degrees for you. temperatures are mild right now, it's those winds, this is the big weather story. hour by hour at 6:00 p.m. notice we start to see clouds develop by about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. on sunday. overnight we get a system moving
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in. it looks like we have a little bit of a changeover. so we likely will see a rain/snow mix with some sleet. 0 so be mindful of that early monday morning. i think you'll have a slick monday commute. so your ten-day on 10. lots to go over. we have the developing clouds sunday into monday. with the chance of that wintry mix and then blustery conditions come thursday into friday. and friday into saturday. temperatures only topping out in the upper 30s and those overnight lows in the mid to upper 20s. if you follow us on social media at nbc 10 you'll get more weather updates, here's danny with sports. erica thank you. next in sports, the owls were staring down a watershed moment in maryland. we'll show you if matt rhule's squad could sink navy. and the eagles have landed in cincinnati where they hope to gain momentum towards resurrecting their season. can they get to .500? the latest from the road after this.
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time to check in with jose diaz for what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> good seeing you, coming up tonight, the latest on a deadly fire at a party in a warehouse in oakland, california. plus the phone call with president-elect donald trump that could alter this country's relationship with china. also a new surge of migrants from central america as the debate over immigration intensifies and an act of sportsmanship that will leave you feeling inspired when i see you in a couple of minutes for "nbc nightly news." >> see you in just a bit. hey good to see you, i'm danny pommells, the eagles playoff hopes, a win tomorrow against cincinnati will pull the
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eagles to 6-6 and propel the birds towards a week 14 nfc east showdown with washington. first things first, we're in cincinnati with more. >> hey the eagles have arrived here in cincinnati, take a look. the big question is that receiver, nelson agholor, he's expected to play. jordan matthews with carson wentz, he's questionable with that ankle sprain. he did not practice on friday. but he is going to try to give it a go in warm-up. the eagles have lost six of eight games, i asked wendell smallwood, is this a must-win? >> yeah, this is definitely a must-win for us. >> we've been at highs and lows, if we just keep chopping away, keep the main thing the main thing and just go out there and play ball. >> the eagles are 9-1 versus the afc since 2014. that's the best interconference record in the nfl over that span. in cincinnati, ohio, i'm john clark, csn. to the temple owls now, who
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would set themselves up for a favorable bowl game if they could claim the first major conference title in school history by beating navy in aac championship. let's have a look, the owls hit the ground running literally. jhahad thomas gets the give, has plenty of room. skates into the end zone, tu just getting started. later, it's phillip walker off play action, hits bryant inside the 5 and he does the rest. hits the circle button and skates in. leading receiver made it 14-0. second quarter, walker sealing the envelope on some air mail this is long distance. keith kirkwood behind the defense, forget about it. 56-yard touchdown, owls smash navy 34-10 to win the aac championship. huge win for matt rhule and the organization. >> today was about our players. our players made a decision they were going to go out and play temple owl football. whether it was the offense, the defense, the special teams, a great, great day and i hope our
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fans and all the people back in philadelphia -- [ cheers and applause ] -- understand what a great big game these guys played. >> a big tip of the hat to temple owls. on the ice, the flyers host the blackhawks here at the wells fargo center. chicago without their captain jonathan toews and cory crawford was ruled out. and here's temborski on the bench, popular fellow helping out with a selfie. or a mannequin challenge. blackhawks took the lead. get you some even things up. the rookie wasn't done. 30 seconds later proverov, slap shot, the wrister. first career two-goal game for the d-man, flyers up 2-1. teammates loving it. still the other rookie, travis
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konechie, to braden shinn. flyers 3-1. college hoops, st. joe's and villanova from pavilion. main line, josh far side, three's company for him. he had a triple-double in this one. 16-11, 10. temple basketball also playing today. hosting penn, a little big five action off the quaker smith. austin junior up top the o.b., on the business end of the alley-oop. oils hang on to beat penn 70-62. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. denise, back to you. for a final check of the forecast with erica, nice and breezy. >> very breezy for today. top gusts 31 miles per hour. that's pretty strong. but the big story is the schang we're going to see sunday into monday. so of course we're in december. to be expected i debated whether i wanted to show you hour by hour or the ten-day.
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i think the ten-day is important. it looks like we have the precipitation coming in sunday into monday. and the rain/snow line makes it down to montgomery county. so of course i do have to add the threat of a slight chance of a wintry mix between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. for a lot of the area. now keep in mind we start to drop into the 20s overnight. thursday into friday. friday into saturday. and then we're also seeing high temperatures only topping out in the upper 30s on friday and saturday. so to say the least, blustery and we do have several rounds and chances for rain and possibly a little bit of a mix this week. >> erica, thank you and that's it. i'm denise nakano, see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> announcer: closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by ford f-150.
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on this saturday night, deadly inferno. dozens trapped and feared killed in california after fire breaks out, and the ceiling collapses at a warehouse party. tonight, the safety issues being raised as loved ones wait for word on those still missing. controversial call. the unprecedented phone conrsation between president-elect trump and the president of taiwan and how it could alter u.s.-china relations. global reach, the expanding ambitious of the right wing media company that championed donald trump for president and sees a bigger opportunity after his election. and inspiring america. two young athletes on two different teams. why would one help the other headache it to the finish line? ni


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