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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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oh, my god. >> foam flood in center city. investigators are working to figure out what caused a big boom and this bubble today. abandoning the recount. why the green party is dropping its push for the recount in pennsylvania. and it's just cold for people outside but sleet and maybe a snowy mix may be heading towards our region. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a wintery systemal moving right into our air. sleet, or a wintery mix should arrive in just over 24 hours from now. good evening everyone. i'm denise, we have issued a
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first alert for tomorrow night into monday morning as we track this blast of winter weather. meteorologist erica martinez mapping it out on the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> you know that wide radar was a really great perspective of where the precip is coming from. you will see your local neighborhood forecast. note this is winds are dying down. not as wild as we did see earlier. so winds ranging from 5 to 12 miles per hour. however, that will not be the case by sunday into monday and this is why we have issued this first alert for the wintery mix. overnight sunday into early monday. the hours are certainly concerning because they're after midnight after 5:00 a.m. you will certainly encounter slick roads so give the yourself extra time for that monday morning commute. satellite radar image is high and dry but you all saw that moisture in from the southwest.
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hour by hour forecast getting this going at least through early monday morning. see how we get the clouds develop from the southwest. the wintery mix, a mix of rain and snow and unfortunately sleet getting here overnight sunday into monday and in the full forecast we will talk more about hour by hour and how this will effect your monday morning commute. back to you. >> reporte new at 11:00. recount effort over in pennsylvania. jill stein supporters are no longer trying to force a recount. they with drew their recount request after a judge required them to pay $1 million to move forward. and here about what is next. live in the breaking news center. andrea. >> denise, out of the more than $6 million that jill stein raised for the recount effort, her attorney says more than
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3 1/2 million is being spent in iswith wis, a significant is being spent in michigan but it's the $1 million in pennsylvania she says is unfair and too much to ask. >> reporter: green party candidate jill stein's efforts for a a recount are over in pennsylvania. they withdrew a petition after the judge ordered them to pay $1 million. >> these voters were the ones asked to pay the $1 million and that's a heavy price to pay for democracy. >> an attorney for stein's recount efforts. the biggest concern in pennsylvania is that 2/3 use machines with no paper trail as a back up. >> given that we have vul nrbl, hackable machine squaz history of foreign interference in the 2016 election, it's vital to
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make sure the votes were counted accurately. >> the state wide efforts do not include efforts already underway, such as philadelphia. they want the soft ware and machines to be reexampleenined. >> the electronic result and paper result is from the saif same source. this is like wanting a second opinion and going back to the same doctor. >> code does not allow for an audit of the soft ware. >> it went to the philadelphia court on friday for its denial of our right to examine the machine. >> reporter: the legal battle is continuing as stein and her supporters show no signs of backing down. stein is set to make what's being described as a major announcement on monday. the location is trump towers in new york. now i asked the attorney to give us more information and he just
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simply said we are pursuing this effort full force. reporting live from the breaking news certainty, nbc 10 news. andrea, thank you. recount efforts are currently underway in two other states. wisconsin and a recount could begin next week in michigan. president elect trump and his supporters have been fighting to stop both efforts. to california now, nine bodies have been recovered from a wreckage of a warehouse gutted by a fire during an electronic music center in oakland. they say more bodies are trapped in the debris that's hard to reach and needs to be removed from the wreckage. the building was only permitted for use as a warehouse and recently under investigation for bliet and structural problems. >> like snow. new video shows an over head view of that foam that flooded a center city neighborhood. that is mostly gone tonight.
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now it's on to the task of figuring out what triggered the big boom and a bubble flood. drew smith is live near the pekoe substation where this foam was spilling from. did they make any progress there? >> yeah, they've been making progress and that's why they still have lum bard street closed off and a running fire hose in the substation. we're told this investigation is ongoing and what's clear is that something blew up and instead of heavy smoke and flames, we saw foam instead. new video shared through the nbc 10 app give as birds eye view of the pekoe substation. people recording puzzled by all the white foam flowing out and then this happened. we slowed the video down so you could see the explosion. >> i thought we were having an
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earthquake. >> reporter: the jolt took out power for thousands. rescuers hemmed eight people stuck in elevators. those sheltering in place watched from windows. >> it looks like that old movie from the '50s, like "the blob." >> reporter: it could be confused for the season's first snow. firefighters used water to push it in the street drain. officials say this fire suppressant system worked like it was supposed to. >> i think without the soap bubbles, we would have been seriously injured. >> reporter: the lights are back on but there's still concern. >> i wasn't sure if i should be worried. >> reporter: they say it's not harmful to the environment but neighbors want this block fully scrubbed down. >> i don't know that. i'm not a chemist. get a city truck and get it up. >> reporter: pekoe didn't have
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to fully repair those transformers that had the problem. they instead found another way around that. they're still going to be out here probably overnight and into tomorrow to figure out what went wrong and repair the whole circuit. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. a first today for temple. the owls beat navy in the aac championship game. it's the first major conference title in school history. ♪ members of the band and a whole lot of temple fans were there as the champs returned to campus. today's win fulfills a promise made by head coach matt rawls when he promised to bring temple a championship. >> nothing but smiles. the temple product on the bench. but the blackhawks as they took on the flyers. that story's coming up. and the eagles have landed in
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cincinnati where they hope to gain moment towards resurrecting their season.
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a vigil tonight in west philadelphia for the woman hit and killed during a police pursuit earlier this year. she was a wife, mother and grandmother. the 55-year-old was sith in her car wednesday night when a suspect smashed into her car. the incident is under review, but the police commissioner has said the pursuit appear beed to justified. i am tracking a wintery mix sunday into monday. i have the full forecast on the other side of the break.
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a man accidentally shot himself in the foot while he was checking into a le hae valley. they say a pocket knife accidentally pulled the trigger of a handgun. he's expected to recover. technology, training and teamwork made for a life saving combination in delaware county. a man suffering from dementia called 911 for help after falling in his home but he could not tell him where he was. now, after using his cell phone and other data, the dispatcher was alk to identify his general
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area and then using sirens from the emergency vehicles, dispatchers were able to guide rescuers to the man in need. >> road around the neighborhood with their sirens, got out of their squad, knocked door to door. no one gave up on this gentleman. when they broke that door down, this gentleman needed some help. >> the man was taken on the hospital and said to be doing well tonight. an early start to the holidays in center city. folks were dressed to impress at the annual black professionals party. it featured foods from the premier black owned restaurants along with cocktails and live music. >> three, two, one, light it up. whew. >> citizens bank park is ready for the holidays now. nbc 10 news at 5:00. they help light their philly's
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christmas tree tonight. a clhilly night. we did have a clihilly day especially with wind gusts. we're seeing wind gusts at 21 miles per hour. and core temperature of 47 degrees. satellite and radar not much right now. this is where all the weather is coming from, from the southwest to the northeast. it will be here sunday into monday. not much going on right now. a high pressure system is in control and this is a complicated story because temperatures are in the low to upper 40s. a wider look. we can see the colder air from the northwest. it looks like all of that will start to slide down into the evening hours and this is why we have issued a first alert for wintery mix. lehigh valley and the pa subsrbs. very deceiving. this is through the overnight
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hours. when you wake up early monday morning, i do think many of you will encounter slick spots out there. starting at 11:00 p.m. i do want you to see all of this building up and moving. clouds develop by 5:00 p.m. between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. look at how quickly all of the precip moves into place. we start to see the change over. the philly metro area, montgomery county. perhaps a coating there. but really the bigger concern would be the effect of sleet and freezing rain on the roads early monday morning, so keep in mind overnight sunday into monday, you will certainly encounter the slick spots and then we have another system following that tuesday into wednesday. if you look at the bottom of the screen you will have more updates. neighborhoods mainly in the low to mid-40s. and kensingten currently at 46 degrees and i want you to see
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tomorrow's temperatures because we're starting to cool down. mainly mid to upper 40s and cooler temperatures overnight sunday into monday and then it gets really chilly by later next week. certainly by thursday into friday. so your 10-day on 10. a complicated forecast. we have those developing clouds sunday into monday. with that wintery mix into place. tuesday to wednesday we get the secondary system. and then we start to see showers, possibly more wintery mix friday and saturday. just one more thing. this wintery system could trigger school delays. you can get alerts for whatever your child's school is starting late. and now danny. ♪ this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> nice introduction there.
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the temple owls would set themselves up for a major bowl game if they can win the first major title in school history. the owls hit the ground running literally. thomas gets the get and easy breezy, scoots in for the score. later in the first, philip walker off play action. intell bryant and he hits the circle button and crews in for six. owls made it 14-0. second quarter, kirkwood and k squared reels in the long bomb. owls smash navy 34-10 to win the aac title. to basketball. sixers and celtics. dario finishes under the rim to tie it at 100. boards, the deficit is two now
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with under 30 to play. thompson's wild attempt is off the mark. celtics prevail in this one. a tight one, 107-106. how about the eagles? a win tomorrow would pull the birds 6-6 and propel them towards a nfc east show down with washington. but birds-bengals. john clark. >> reporter: the eagles have arrived in cincinnati. take a look. the big question is nelson aguilar. he's expected to play. he did not practice on friday but he is going to try to give it a go in warm up. the eagles have lost six of eight games. i asked wendell smallwood if this is a must win? >> it's definitely a must win. if we just keep chopping away, go out there and play ball. >> the eagles are 9-1 verse this is afc since 2014.
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that's the best interconference record over that span. in cincinnati ohio, i'm john clark, csn. >> to the ice. the flyers hosted the blackhawks this afternoon. goldy, cory crawford was ruled out due to an emergency apen dectomy. here on the bench, taking it all in. helping out with the selfie during the action. maybe mannequin challenge. standing still there. blackhawks took the lead in the first and that will end right now. his second of the season. he likes it so much he did it twice. this time from straight away. first career two goal games with the d-man. and his teammates loving it on the bench. the other is travis actually sets up shim who cashes in. flyers score three times to win
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3-1 their fourth straight victory. the one final note. the sps playoff ending his run as head coach we'll be right back.
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it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. erika back with a final check of the forecast. >> this is the first time we're seeing the wintery mix. going as quickly as possible and notice all of the change over starts to approach close to the philly metro area. of course lehigh valley, the pa suburbs. this is overnight sunday to monday. monday, slick roads in store. >> and for allf ous here, an all new "saturday night live" with musical guest sean mendez. have a great night.
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