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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we have issued a first alert here at nbc 10. a mix of snow and rain could make a mess of tomorrow morning's commute. a flood of foam and a loud boom. coming up, we'll have the latest into the investigation of what started the trouble in center city this weekend. >> there's wired and beams and metal and wood. deadly inferno. a dance party inside a california warehouse ends in tragedy. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. we have issued a first alert because there's a wintery mix moving in our direction over the
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next 24 hours. >> you don't need to be too worried if you have plans for shopping this weekend. our sunday looks okay. it's tonight into monday that first alert is in place for. that's when we see the big changes. temperatures aren't bad. we're at 42 in philadelphia, 42 in wilmington. mt. holly, 39. allentown right now sits at 40 degrees. these are your actual temperatures. looking at your radar and satellite, the wide view again. for us it's just scattered clouds. thicker clouds move in later in the day. then it's the rain and snow potential. a lot of activity to our west and southwest. some of this moisture is going to pull up our direction. we're going to tap into that chance for a rain/snow mix.
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that will extend across the area, moving to the east through 8:00 a.m. then it will start to move out. as we go into the rest of your monday, things look okay. rain/snow, the potential will be for the lehigh valley, burks county and the suburbs. it looks like especially for new jersey, delaware, it will stay rain. and primarily rain as well in the philly area. nonetheless, slick roadways are going to be a problem for your morning commute on monday. we'll track more coming up. this wintery system coming in tomorrow morning could trigger some school delays potentially. you can get alerts for your child's school on the nbc 10 app. breaking news now in the to.
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nbc 10's monique braxton is live in the breaking news center to explain. >> well, the state effort is over, but the federal effort is stepping up a notch. we've learned that jill stein will make an appearance outside trump tower tomorrow morning. a major announcement is coming up. since the beginning, the green party candidate has called for reforming the system. there have been allegations, no proof, though, of election results cyber hacking. and challenges in battleground states like pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. in pennsylvania two-thirds of voters used machines like these. they do not have a paper trail. the campaign will continue forging ahead with recounts. wea we've also learned the grassroots effort funded by voters dropped the state-wide effort after they were asked to pay about a million dollars.
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>> vulnerabilities. but there's no evidence to show one acted on those vulnerabilities. >> there's been all this foreign interference with the election and attempts to hack the electi election. >> stein's campaign alleged software in the machines need to be reexamined. stein's lead attorney has released a statement. over the past several days it has become clear that the barriers to verifying the vote in pennsylvania are so pervasive and the state court system is so ill-equipped to address the problem that we must seek federal court intervention. it is committed to fighting for the civil rights and voting
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rights of all pennsylvanians. as this court battle plays out, we will bring you the developments as they happen. today crews and investigators will try to determine what caused an explosion at a substation in center city. drew smith reports instead of smoke and flames, neighbors saw this foam flooding their streets. >> reporter: new video shared through the nbc 10 app gives a bird's eye view of the substation. we slowed the video down so you could see the explosion. >> i thought we were having an earthquake or somebody was bombing us. >> the jolt took out power for
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thousands. those sheltering in place watched from windows. >> it kind of looked like that old movie from the '50s like the blob. >> literally just powering out. >> firefighters used water to push it all into the street drains. >> thank god nobody got hurt. >> reporter: officials say this fire suppressing system worked like it was supposed to. >> i think without the soap bubbles we would have been seriously injured. >> reporter: the lights are back on but there's still concern here. hazmat teams say the foam is not harmful to the environment. >> i don't know that. i'm not a chemist. get a city truck and get it up. >> reporter: drew smith, nbc 10 news. this morning in montgomery county police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man in lower marion
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township. the victim was walking to a bus stop when a car hit him from behind. he was 72 years old. police do not have a detailed description of the vehicle but say it likely has damage to its front bumper and windshield. in oakland, recovery crews expect to find more bodies at the scene of this deadly warehouse fire. the death toll stands at nine, but officials believe that number could climb as they fear dozens were trapped by the flames. authorities say organizers did not have a permit. one man says he escaped the flames while helping at least another man get out. >> i was pulling him out. he was a larger gentleman. the flames were too much. i'm glad i had this vest on or
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my whole back would be blistered right now. >> firefighters and neighbors described the warehouse as a death trap filled with junk, loose lumber and rickety stairs. that's the sound you'll here tomorrow if you live near the limerick nuclear station. the sirens will sound for three minutes. if there's ever an emergency the siren signal -- coming up a joyride that ends in jail time. one man allegedly steals an unusual ride. heavenly sounds from a flash mob. we'll tell you what these musicians are trying to do
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inside the bucks county mall.
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> welcome back. we are under that first alert for tonight, those early a.m. hours into your morning commute. this morning things actually look okay. 43 is our temperature in philadelphia. 41 in the suburbs and low 40s through new jersey and delaware. we do have some of those clouds hanging around this morning. we're going to see a mix of clouds and sun through the first half of your day. second half of your day, increasing clouds pushing right back in. that's because of the rain and rain/snow mix that will start to move in overnight. radar and satellite currently shows us there's the line of
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clouds, mostly hanging down in the southern portions of our viewing area and south of us. we do see scattered clouds through faithful and the pennsylvania suburbs. the focus of the rain is west and southwest. that will start to push our direction as we move overnight. here's your three-day outlook. today 47 degrees the forecast high. some neighbors may be closer to 50. that's where we'll be tomorrow in the morning when we see rain. we start to dry out and see that next chance of rain move back in by tuesday afternoon. right around freezing means a rain/snow mix for monday morning. in new jersey, the shore and delaware, it's rain monday morning. and then another round of showers by your tuesday. notice temperatures also staying pretty typical for this time of year, right around the upper 40s over the next several days.
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today people in need this holiday season can get a free hot meal at the salvation army in coatesville. a holiday harp flash mob surprised shoppers at the neshaminy mall. bedside harp trains people to play harps around the world. heros and villains attend a big party on long island. making it easier for children with special needs to see santa. we'll tell you about the local
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malls where a caring santa is making a special appearance today.
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6:16 right now. here is a live look at cape may, new jersey. you can see a few people out there on the road on beach avenue. a little cool out there this morning. krystal has been telling us about a rain/snow mix. in the transition to trump, president-elect trump is apparently considering some new choices for secretary of state. people close to mr. trump's transition team say he's moving away from choosing mitt romney
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or rudy giuliani. form former cia director david p petraeus. it shows mr. trump and conway at a long island christmas party with the theme heros and villains. mike pence will be talking about the transition with moderator chuck todd on meet the press this morning. today the ashes of fidel castro will be interred at a cemetery in santiago, cuba. thousands gathered last night to pay tribute to the late leader.
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raoul said his brother fidel had a legacy and there will be no public streets named after him. a new york city man is facing charges after stealing a bus to go joyriding. authorities say he has done it before. police arrested nicholas elias. he pleaded guilty to doing the same thing in 2014. at that time his foster father said he was obsessed with buses. the clock is ticking toward a possible government shutdown. >> searching for a middle ground, challenging a merger and avoiding a shutdown, all in the week ahead. politicians gather on monday to test the waters. more than 100 congressmen, governors and ceos are expected
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at the congress. congress will have a chance to show its ability to cooperate as it worked on a much-needed budget resolution. at&t's purchase of time warner will be the focus of a senate hearing on wednesday. the deal has drown criticism for how it might harm consumers. inflation figures are out for the week. also worth watching, housing and retail sales. auto zone reports on monday followed by lululemon on monday. the montgomery county special olympics will host a county-wide bowling tournament in limerick.
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several malls in our area will be offering children with special needs a calmer visit with santa. caring santa will be at the oxford mall. caring santa will also be at the lehigh valley mall today. no lines or music, but plenty of fun for the kids. babies born in the lehigh valley next summer will be cozy and warm thanks to some dedicated knitters to grow the supply of caps at the baby center. the knitters crafted more than 220 pink, blue and multicolored baby caps since august. we're starting out with your temperatures this morning. we are looking at some temperatures a little chilly out there.
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low 40s, upper 30s for our start. we're at 40 in west bradford township. might drop a degree or two here but now that we're starting to see these peaks of sunshine we're going to start to bottom out our lows this morning. your sunday morning looks okay in new jersey neighborhoods as well. mostly low 40s. pitman, clayton, washington township all at 40. lumb lumb lumberton at 41. radar and satellite for our area, just some scattered cloud cover. a little more dense if you look west and south of us. what we're going to see today is a mix of clouds and sun. second half of the da
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increasing clouds coming from the southwest. here we go with your sunday. things are pretty good for sunday, although chilly. 47 along the shore points as well. 47 in delaware. into your monday. then we see temperatures right around upper 40s to low 50s. but notice the icons here. rain for philadelphia, rain/snow mix for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. philadelphia north, those areas are going to see the mix especially upper bucks and upper montgomery county. poconos, maybe half an inch to an inch of snow. then we'll see a break in any rain or snow throughout the a a
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area, but an increase in rain potential. there will be a bit of a dip wednesday. chances drop off but they increase again on thursday. and that will be across the entire region. the next big focus is the cooler air. we're cold already over our area. watch as we push that colder air south for an arctic plunge from canada. that canadian air is going to drop in by the end of your workweek. that's when we're looking at the potential for very cold conditions. instead of 40s, we're looking at highs in the upper 30s. coming up, a special shopping adventure in the lehigh valley. we'll show you how police are helping children in their communities enjoy the holidays.
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some children in the lehigh valley will surprise their families with gifts this christmas all thanks to a few police officers from the airport. they call it shop with a cop. officers took a dozen kids on a spree in allentown yesterday. the officers even helped to wrap the presents. tod the annual trees for troops weekend wraps up at buster's trees. you're invited to stop by to select a tree you'd like to donate to military families. it runs from 9:00 this morning until 9:00 this evening. we're following some breaking news in the pennsylvania recount. the green party is changing strategy in its effort to get a recount. we'll explain why that means a
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trip to federal court. and we're taking a look at a rain/snow mix heading our way. we'll track it outmond morning . here's a live look outside where sunday conditions will be a little better.
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breaking overnight, change of strategy. we'll tell you about the moves by the green party to keep the election recount in pennsylvania alive. a wintery mix on the way. you can see it inches closer toward us. parts of our area could see snow this time tomorrow. the first alert weather team is tracking it all for you. oh my god. >> she said it. you could call it a foam flood. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this explosion of bubbles followed by a loud boom in center city philadelphia. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning.
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welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. we have issued a first alert just to make sure you're in the loop and prepared for that wintery mix that's headed our way. >> we issued that first alert last night. so you know that by the monday morning commute things will be a lot different than the luple of mornings. that's not for today. it's for tomorrow morning. we're looking at snow lehigh valley, burks d berks co. still a slippery commute. then it moves out.
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the rest of monday will look okay. but we'll have to deal with the aftermath of what we see for the morning hours. coatesville at 39. mt. holly and atlantic city in the upper 30s. chilly start and we're not going to see a ton of warming today. just like yesterday, it will be a cool day throughout. winds won't be a big factor in today's forecast. what we're looking at is this next system that's going to affect us. this is a huge line of snow and rain that you see stretching all the way from just barely to the east of omaha all the way now to raleigh. this is a lot of activity and moisture heading our way. we're going to track that moisture. we're going to talk about when it hits exactly, what you might see in your neighborhood coming up. tomorrow morning's commute
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could be tricky. the nbc 10 morning team will be keeping you up to the minute on the weather conditions and the traffic troubles. we'll also keep you updated on the nbc 10 app. breaking news in the push for a recount in pennsylvania. green party voters dropped their court case for a state-wide recount, but presidential candidate jill stein is continuing the fight. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in our news center with the developments. >> jill stein's campaign says she's going to new york city tomorrow morning and she'll stand in front of trump tower and make an announcement. now, the green party candidate has long alleged cyber hacking election results. but she doesn't have any evidence. her campaign challenged state votes in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. the campaign will continue forging ahead with recounts. we've also learned the
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grassroots organizer move that was funded by voters dropped the staid state-wide effort after they were asked to pay up. >> these voters were the ones asked to pay a $1 million bond. that's a heavy price for democracy. >> it's a scam. they're not satisfied with the election results. this is jill stein trying to make a name for herself. >> in pennsylvania, two-thirds of voters used machines like these and do not have a paper trail backup. stein's campaign wants the software in the machines to be reexamined. commissioners denied that request saying code does not allow for an audit of the software. we have a comment from stein's lead state attorney.
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over the past several days it has become claire that the barriers to verifying the vote in pennsylvania are so pervasive and that the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem that they must seek federal court intervention. in the next half hour we're working to bring you a comment from a cyber expert on the allegations. as this court battle plays out, will bring you the developments as they happen. head to the nbc 10 app or nbc for the latest. we're following a developing story out in oakland california. recovery crews expect to find more bodies at the scene of the deadly warehouse fire. the death toll stands at nine, but officials say that number could climb as they fear dozens were trapped by flames and smoke during an electronic music concert and party on friday
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night. the organizers did not have a perm permit. oakland's professional sports teams and some individual athletes are pledging money to help families affected by the deadly fire. firefighters say it's a miracle nobody died in this house fire near boston. the blaze injured a halfoz resp. they scorched several homes and cars here in cambridge. dozens of families who evacuate waited are now ee eed are now . this new video shows an over head view of the foam that flooded a center city neighborhood this weekend. witnesses say they also heard what sounded like an explosion. now it's onto the task of figuring out exactly what triggered that flood and that
6:36 am
big boom at the pico substation at juniper street. rescuers helped eight people el buildings. firefighters used water to push the foam down the street drains. >> i thought we were having an earth kwaquake or somebody was bobbing >> aofficials say the fire suppressant system worked like it was supposed to. the foam has been stirring up quite a bit of reaction on so this morning in montgomery county police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver who killed a man in lower marion township friday night. police say the victim was
6:37 am
walking to a bus stop when a car hit him from behind. jung was 72 years old. >> he's been our beloved babysitter, a very devoted essentially member of our family. >> he was a special person. >> police do not have a detailed description of the vehicle, but they say it likely has damage to its front bumper and windshield. today the community will dedicate a bench and plaque at cooper river park in memory of a toddler who was found murdered there. 3-year-old brendan was found dead in an isolated section of the park last year. his father is in jail awaiting trial next month for his son's murder. prosecutors claim he killed brendan because the boy got in the way of his relationship with a teenaged in the end zone, touchdown!
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>> man oh man, a celebration in happy valley that we haven't seen in years. penn state claims its first conference title in eight years. and they're firing it up in phoenixville. the nbc 10 first alert weather update is brought to you by colonial generators.
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visit a place where siblings become friends, parents become kids, and neighbors become family. great wolf lodge. everybody in. visit to get the best deals on your family getaway. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> starting off with a look outside philadelphia. gorgeous sunrise we're looking at here. we are noticing just like yesterday a mix of clouds and sun to kick off the morning. sunday's forecast is going to be
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somewhat similar to yesterday when it comes to temperatures. we're starting out low 30s to low 40s. overall temperatures are similar. difference is that the wind are lighter today. we're looking at your current wind speeds and they're no big deal, 5-10 miles per hour. philadelphia not even reporting which means there are light winds as well. the difference comes in the overnight into tomorrow. that's why we're under a first ahea alert for that rain/snow mix in your morning commute. we should cap in the upper 40s through philadelphia. in suburbs, 44 degrees at 1:00. notice the increase in clouds as well. that's ahead of the rain i just mentioned that will move in overnight. in the lehigh valley starting out in the low 40s. pretty consistent as we move into the afternoon as well.
6:42 am
and through delaware, new jersey, along the shore, increasing clouds also as we get into your afternoon. low 40s to start in new jersey, but about 45 by 1:00 and also 47 degrees by 1:00 along shore points. it's an annual tra dition i one town. it raises money for murals and sculptures in phoenixville. coming up a philadelphia family remembers the mother they lost when she got caught in a police chase. and door to door rescue efforts. the quick thinking response by some emergency workers when they got a mysterious call for help.
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this is nbc 10 news. here is a live look at camelback mountain up in the poconos. we know that a wintery mix is on the way late this evening into early tomorrow. the mountains, of course, and the resorts up there have been expecting some snow in december. they want to get those slopes up for everybody in time for the holiday season. now to video of a vigil in west philadelphia last night where family and friends remembered a woman hit and killed during a police pursuit. carol issam is a wife, a mother and a grandmother. a driver wanted a police chase smashed into her. at the vigil her daughter told us what her mother cherished in
6:46 am
life. >> loved her family most of all. family was definitely important to her. i still can't believe she's gone. it's like a dream i can't wake up from. >> right now police are reviewing the incident. the initial reason for the pursuit, a shooting, was warranted per department policy. a man can thank 911 and first responders for saving his life. the man who suffered from dementia called for help after falling in his home on friday but he couldn't tell the dispatcher where he lived. the dispatcher managed to identify the man's general area. first responders took it from there. >> road around the neighborhood with their sirens, out of their squads, knocked door to door. no one gave up on this gentleman. when they broke that door down, this gentleman needed some help. >> medics took the man to the
6:47 am
hospital. he is expected to be okay. a little bit later on this morning we are talking about happiness, more specifically the study and scientific research behind what makes us happy. is it fame, family or our genetic makeups that makes us flourish even when times are tough? >> people who have a pessimistic mind, meaning they think that a difficult situation is permanent and pervasive in their life, it actually can take as many years off your life as smoking. >> plus, how your income affects your happiness. you may be surprised. three, two, one, light it up! >> ready for the holidays.
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the fan natic got into the spir making an appearance as santa claus. >> it was a pretty nice day yesterday. today is somewhat similar to yesterday minus the winds. that means it's even better. this is ahead of the big changes that hit us as we move to monday morning. today if you're getting out early, low 40s for philadelphia neighborhoods. 43 at the airport. we're also at low 40s port richman now at 44. we shift from philadelphia to jersey shore, it is a little colder. 37 right now summers point. some of us are close to freezing here this morning. that's certainly going to be the
6:49 am
case as we move into tomorrow. most of us will be in the 30s. some of us will be close to freezing which means any precipitation that moves in could be a rain/snow mix for areas below the freezing mark. thicker clouds sit to our southwest and they'll be heading our direction as we move later into today. look at all that moisture, the rain that's moving through to our west and southwest. we track this, starting heading our direction. somest our direction. some is going to track further to the north. that will fire that lake effect snow. 8:00, now we see some of that moving through pittsburgh just oints of pennsylvania. we continue overnight. 1:00 a.m., now we're technically into monday here. we see areas of for the lehigh valley up through the poconos
6:50 am
in. we move through the overnight to 2:30 a.m. moving into philadelphia, trenton. notice the rain/snow line. parts of bucks coun, county. that line is going to cut through the suburbs. i think we could see some rain/snow mix pretty much all counties to the north and west of philadelphia. in the poconos that will be a consistent snow throughout your morning. but everywhere else through delaware, new jersey, it's rain for your morning commute. the thing is temperatures drop just a little bit at the surface, we could see it as rain/snow potential slip just a little further to the south. philadelphia is out of the woods, it looks like.
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better chances of rain, though, throughout your workweek. we'll get to that coming up. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. >> you see it flighright there. penn state your big 10 champion. the nittany lions defense put the game away by stopping the badgers on fourth final score penn state 38, wisconsin 31. ♪ the temple band and plenty of fans were on philly to welcome home the ols from their try good morning to you.
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happy sunday. the temld set themselves up for a favorable bowl game if they could win their first major conference title in school history by beating navy in the aac championship. let's have a look. owls hit the ground running in this one. easy breezy off the jets sweep. later in the first phillip walk er off play action. skates into the end zone for six. the owls leading, makes it 14-0. walker dialing long distance. look at the heave on this one. kirkwood drills in the 56-yard touchdown. owls smash navy to win the aac title. sixers and celtics in a night can at the wells fargo center yesterday. he goes under the rim here to tie it at 10 0-100.
6:53 am
deficit is two now with under 30 to play. thompson's wild attempt is off the mark. 107-106. game day for the eagleeagle. birds and bengals at 1:00. john clark is in snacincinnati h more on the team. >> hey, the eagles havere in ci. the big question is at receiver. you see nelson agholor here? he's expected to play. jordanioble with that ankle sprain. he did not practice on friday but he is going to try to give it a go in warmups. >> yeah. this is definitely a must win for us. >> we've been at highs and lows but if we just keep chopping away, keep the main thing the
6:54 am
main thing and just go out there and just play ball. >> the eagles are 9-1. that's the best interconference record in the nfl over that span. >> on the ice the flyers hosted the blackhawks here at the wells fargo yesterday afternoon. chicago's goalie kroufcrawford ruled out due to an emergency ap p ap pen detect my. done. liked it to much he 30 seconds later. first career two-goal game for the d man. teammates loving it on the
6:55 am
that is your look at sports.
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the christmas tree is now lit just outside of the church of the nativity in bethlehem along the west bank. the ceremony also included musf. the church of the nativity rests over the site considered to be the birthplace of jesus. we continue to follow breakin recount. a big change in the strategy for getting a state-wide recount of the presidential ballots. we'll explain the overnight developments and what it all means next. and we are tracking a rain/snow mix in the forecast as we move through your monday morning commute. that's why we're under a first alert. we'll break down the details coming up after the break.
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the recount. the green party is changing its strategy in pennsylvania. we'll fill you in overnight developments. caught on camera, a foamy substance followed by a loud


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