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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EST

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closed and traffic is moving by. route 54. no major problems or delays. eighth street. no problems right now in terms of traffic on the road. they're definitely wet or slippery. watch getting off and on. vine street expressway. we're not dealing with local construction. closing between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. no problems and 14 minutes into
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center city. little bit slower than normal. eastbound from the blue route to the vine. katy back to you. >> jessica, thank you. cold rain with a bit of wind. that's how the morning is starting out street in camden. we have got a wintry m region. penndot crews are ready to move at a mont notice. this ist of trucks. make sure you have the 10" app. it has up to the minute school delays. you can send us your weather video and pictures. also today philadelphia will release the results of this election recount while the effort to recount votes across all of pennsylvania turns into a federal case. lawyers for the green party candidate jill steen are expected to file their case in u.s. district court today. supporters petitioned for a statewide recount. yesterday philadelphia wrapped up a recount of provisional an
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absentee ballots. >> my goal and i think most of us has the same goal is to make sure the vote is being recorded and counted today. >> machine recount in the city last week showed no change in the original tally. recount efforts are underway in two other battleground states. michigan will start its process today. wisconsin began its recount on thursday. president-elect donald trump and his supporters are fighting to stop those efforts, katy. six people are dead and philadelphia police say a bad batch of heroin is to blame. police believe all the overdose deaths are related because they all happened around kensington avenue and cambria street. happening today, the second phase of new jersey's annual bear hunt gets underway. protesters, they are ready to pounce. animal rights activists are outraged after this walking bear, upright walking bare pedals was killed back in north
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jersey. the bear was first seen roaming around neighborhoods in 2014. they believe he was targeted in the state's expanded hunt in order to thin out bear populations especially near suburban areas. police call the state's bear hunt inhumane. a candlelight vigil is being held for those who died in the warehouse fire. 33 people are dead and there's now a criminal investigation into this fire that started friday night during a music festival. meanwhile, firefighters continue to maneuver through the wrecked building searching for bodies. in north dakota opponents o dersclar echoed across the scrawling protest camp yesterday. the army corps of engineers denied aer dakota pipeline to be built near the stan dingthey need to look into
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alternative routes. protestors had been at the site for months. >> for the first time with this group american indians and they initiative and make the right decision. >> the standing rock sioux thrive is urging the incoming trump administration to respect it is 4:07. last month you saw manmade snow being made in the poconos. this morning, don't need manmade snow. >> no. no. they could be getting the real thing for sure and that's where you're going to be seeing most of your wintry mix this morning. in other parts of our area, a lot of rain. who am i to give the details. >> let's go check in with bill henley, the expert. >> great to see the real stuff in the pocono mountains. this is just rain in philadelphia. south philadelphia, there is lincoln financial, you can see the streets are damp this morning. it is only going to be rain in philadelphia. in fact, most of the area is
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going to see rain to start with. it's really not going to last even in the pocono mountains, there's not much of t coming do. plainfield, light snow,g toe mod drying out and clearing out during the day. you can see it's already tapering off in allentown. most of the area, we start off with rain in allentown and just in the last hour mixing in. minimal accumulation if any. if there is any accumiobe o colder surfaces like cars and sidewalks, possibly the grass. even there it's not very likely. it's just too warm. the temperatures are in the 30s above fez area with the exception of the pocono mountains. easton it is above freezing. you can see the rain is starting to end already in c delaware cor county. we're seeg off
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montgomery. lower bucks and central bucks. temperatures have slowly come down. too warm for any icing. delaware, there are a few chillier spots in the suburbs. be on the lookout. you may run into some slippery spots in west collin township where it's 33 degrees. most of the areas safely above freezing. westchester 37, 38 in chat ford. bed minister, a little dicey. the farther north and west you get the colder the air is and the more likely you'll see a little bit of mix before it sends. look how quickly it ends. 8:00 in the morning, isolated rain shower in the lehigh valley but the temps will be up to 38 degrees. the temperature will be climbing n philadelphia, too.ut fairly quickly, too. by early this afternoon and by actually mid afternoon we'll be clear of those clouds. the into the 50s. meteorologist crystal cly is taking a closer look at what
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we've gotten so far and what's to come. >> bill, so far we have seen accumulations of rain. let's start out with a look at the suburbs where we're seeing some areas with a tenth of an inch of rain. quick moving as bill pointed out. not going to see huge values on the board. chester heights, .10. close for that for west bradford town shl. collegeville at .14. close to .2 of an inch of rain in the suburbs. lehigh valley we have seen reports of flakes mixing in aroundalntown. .8 so far. .10 of blanden. no huge values. nothing is going to stick. the ground is too warm. here's a look for your hour-by-hour forecast. start to see rain tapering off
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at 5:00 to too warm for us to see any snow. same in the suburbs where things should taper off next and a half. then we're going to see temperatures staying in the 30s. suburbs el valley where we're still seeing the rain/snow mix. we'll talk about the hour-by-hour forecast in a bit. >> krystal, thanks for that. fortunately for the morning commute this is quick moving. >> you're going to hear from us throughout the morning. be careful as you drive. we're a little extra early this morning to make sure you get to where you need to go. let's check in with jessica. i-78 in the lehigh valley, jessica? >> yes. we're watching 78 and all of the cameras. watching different spots that particularly have a little more rain than others. you can definitely see even though it's dark outside. difficult to see that there are some wet spots on the road with rain actively falling there. both directions on 78 not dealing withnyem around lehigh street. the pa turnpike looks good as
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well. at least in terms of 23 minutes and the drive times westbound from route 1. average speed into the 60s. doesn't nieecessarily mean you have to go that fast. ut atlantic city expressway. popping up a few accidents this morning. one in hammon closed. katy and vie, back to you guys. >> live team coverage of this wintry mix. >> here's a look at conditions along germantown pike and plymouth meeting. a lot of cars out there. in minutes we'll check back with meteorologist bill henley and krystal klei in what you can expect today. changes for the mummers. find out what mummers of every club will be expect today do before they march on new year's
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day. the "nbc 10" first alert severe update is brought to you by colonial generators. never lose power again.
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snow is lightening up in the pocono mountains. that's the live view from camelback mountain. steady snow is about to come to an end. the rest of the area, most of the rest of the area is just seeing some rain. the only rain/snow mix is in the good morning, everyone. closed. northbound side between quaker town and lehigh valley. we'll have alternates and updates for you on this when i come back in the next couple of minutes. and we have new details on sensitivity training for the mummers before they strut in
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philadelphia on new year's day. organizers of the mummers parade say club members will undergo training sessions and watch online videos focusing on diversity. city leaders and citizens raised questions after a series of controversial displays in recent years. one mummer said the annual play needs to evolve and respect the full diversity of philadelphians. passengers are safe after a landing mishappen. the plane's nose gear collapsed when it touched down in san antonio airport. the pilot was announcing the problem during descent. officials say the passengers exited the plane using emergency slides. federal investigators will be >> speaking of video from a plane, babies born on board. a flight fro lando made an emergency landing yesterday after an expectant mother delivered mid
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flight. yeah, i know. that is the sound of a newborn crying. a passenger posted this video on twitter. medics on board helped with the delivery. after the baby's arrival the southwest airlines plane made an emergency stop in charleston, south carolina. they met them at the airport and brought them and their brand new bundle of joy to the hospital. well, a loss today in cincinnati. >> emphasis in loss. the eagles season goes from bad to worse with an ugly defeat at the hands of the bengals. take a look at the sports cover of this morning's "philadelphia daily news." what a drag. eagles humiliated by lowely bengals. the only consistency for the birds yesterday was inconsistency. the offense just fizzled. special teams missed the mark and the defense, they gave up p. here's what they had to say following 392-14 loss in cinci.
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>> it's not for lack of effort. it's just the discipline of your assignments, job. >> we didn't expect to go on a skid like this. you don't plan for it. obviously we had a hot start and things are looking pretty optimistic, looking positive. that's the nature of this league. >> the eagles third straight loss dropped them 5-7 on the season after they got out to a 3-0 start. the eagles are back home next week for a divisional showdown against desean jackson and the washington redskins. losers in arizona. kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. at the link. all right. it is 4:18. 40 degrees outside. rain is coming down at the philadelphia international airport. as bill is about to tell us, this system is fast moving. >> yeah. he said snow should be wrapping up here pretty soon in the lehigh valley. let's check in with bill henley at the first alert weather station. bill. >> vy, just to be clear, no snow
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in philadelphia. the first alert has been issued for the lehigh valley into berks county and some of the northern and western suburbs but it's not going to last long. from now until 6:00 a.m. it's going to end. now it looks like it's going to x.d well before 6:00 a.m. temperatures so warm not expecting to see accumulation. philadelphiait rainy start this morning. little steadier rain in cape may, new jersey. nothing but rain there. the temperatures are mild. 40 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in south jersey and at t deg. delaware has dropped below the 40 degree mark. degrees. the only spot seeing rain/snow mix is in the lehigh valley. cooler neighborhoods in philadelphia. down to 38 degrees. chestnut hills, west mount area. 40 degrees in center city. port richmond, a bit warmer. tars dale, bustleton.
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parkwood. not bad at all in the city. a chilly rain. you have to bundle up and you'll need the umbrella. if you're leaving the house you'll need the umbrella. after that you'll put it away and get better use of sunglas s sunglasses. >> this system is coming to an end in philadelphia. just rain falling and any snow 234r5i flakes that may be mixing are not going to last much longer. they're already starting to dry out in the pocono mountains. easton getting a light snow shower. farther to the north you can see the snow is starting to come to an end. this will clear up fairly rapidly and then you will see some sunshine today. meteorologist krystal klei will break it down hour by hour. >> this isn't the first round of precipitation we're going to see over your work week. even if you don't end up needing the umbrella this morning, you may in the days to come. this is what we're looking at
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hour-by-hour forecast. different neighborhoods, different situations. delaware is starting to clear out. chester county. and snow hanging over parts of the lehigh valley near the poconos. as we push this forward though, pretty quickly it pushes out with isolated, lingering showers. possibly some flakes to the north of the lehigh valley at 8:30 in the morning. for most of the commute things will be okay. roadways will be wet. just a heads up as you get out the door but it may be a slower commute. otherwise, we're looking at areas like the shore, new jersey, philadelphia no longer seeing rain by 8:00. as we push this along even further the clouds even start to break around your lunchtime. that's across the entire region. as we move into your afternoon it will be a much more sunny forecast for your monday. but that's for your monday. we move into your tuesday. clouds start to go back in tuesday morning. we go into your afternoon and evening. the rain returns. this will be the second system we are tracking bringing us showers tuesday through to your early wednesday morning. so we are tracking those
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conditions still wet as we move forward. we'll talk about that on your extended ten day in the next half hour. >> krystal, see you in a little bit. pamela osborne on her way to the lehigh valley to get us some pictures of snow there, but unfortunately they're stuck in traffic because of the closure on the northeast extension. >> that's right. jessica boyington standing by. >> reports of the pa turnpike northeast extension closed on the northbound side between c e quaker town and lehigh valley. northbound. traffic moords towards the lehigh valley will be stuck. a few moments ago we spoke to pamela. she was able to get by the scene. so there are still reports that the road is closed but now they might be letting traffic by. right now we're going to still act as if it was closed because we want to make sure you have to get to where you have to go on
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time. take an alternate, route 309 to get up north. we'll be on stand by here and keep you updated as soon as the road becomes completely back open again. here's the blue route around the germantown pike. the roads are wet. watch getting on and off the ramps. out in hammonton in new jersey, still a problem on the atlantic city expressway. the right lane is still closed there. >> across parts of the area you are waking up to wintry mix. >> stay with "nbc 10" all news all morning long i should say as we look liveroad street. this is courtesy of storm force 10. we have team coverage of the wintry mix and how it could affect your morning commute to work or school. stay with us.
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a chilly rain falling in plymouth meeting and only rain that's a live view showing the damp conditions this morning. 40 degrees here at "nbc 10," but there are some colder areas. the lehigh valley is rain/snow mix and some steady snow in the pocono mountains, quorning, everyone. still watching for this accident all traffic is m valley where s it may be opening shortly. fll have updates this and alternates when i come back. >> jessica, thanks for that. happening today a few commutes through upland. starting at 9:00,
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close the road from main street to up land. it will be closed from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. penndot will be closing lanes for construction along city avenue. look for single lane restrictions between lancaster avenue and laxly lane. penndot is putting in curb ramps as part of a safety improvement system there. hundreds of four legged friends were adopted this weekend. the megaadoption event happened this weekend. every dog or cat was spayed or neutered, vaccinated or micro o. looks like dogs found new homes. >> especially this time of year. always important. >> exactly. more of the stories following right now on "nbc 10 news." right now on "nbc 10 news today," messy monday. expect your commute to school or work to be a slow one.
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here's a live look at our first alert radar. snow showers are falling well to our north. like here at camelback ski resort. in the poconos. yes, the rain is falling for most of our region. you can see the water collecting here on the surface of the ice skating rink at the blue cross river rink along penn's landing in philadelphia. "nbc 10" breaking news. that's right. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vie sikahema. the mix is scattered across our area. meteorologist bill henley with the first alert ou work, bill. >> the conditions are changing. we're seeing a change in plymouth meeting. icing and slimg and sliding not going to be anmeeting. what we will see during the day today is some sunshine later on. this system i out. look at the pocono mountains.
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already seeing the precipitation come to an end. that lightening of the precipitation, that's going to be the end of it. east and still damp. rain/snow mix. temperatures just above freezing in easton. you may see sliding there. philadelphia, gloucester, a few light rain showers. already tapering off in the suburbs for chester, lower bucks county is seeing rain. lehigh valley, 34 degrees. above freezing for most of the suburbs. a couple of spots to keep an eye on in the lehigh valley. you'll see colder readings too. right at freezing for leonardsville. just aboveg, mertz town and allentown. that is borderline at 33 can see slippery spots and light accumulation on l surfaces. you might need to use the ice
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scraper first thing. not much wet weather left in this e lehigh valley. just rain drops and only rain for delaware and philadelphia. the suburbs, we'll see it clear out quickly. fr degrees this afternoon. philadelphia is heading to 51 degrees later today. break it down hour by hour. we're going to come few minutes. >> thank you, bill. again for another update on the situation in lehigh valley. >> that's right. northbound, jessica, what can you tell snus. >> reports of the pa turnpike northbound extension being closed. a string much green where it once was red. we had pamela osborne stuck behind this accident scene. she actually confirmed with us she was able and they were allowing some traffic to squeeze by. for now let's stay on the northbound side. ifnd y lehigh valley, watch for that accident scene. you want an


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