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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 5, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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storm team 10 is tracking the wintry conditions. morning. 10 news" starts now. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're issuing alert. some places dealing with rain some places dealing with snow. we have live team cove you morn. first alert traffic reporter jessijessa boyington tracking t traffic. >> the areas of concern in the ehigh area, berks county and suburbs only until 6:00. may even end it early. this one is kinding dmoun a hurry. mix indeed. very light precipitation and the temperatures are borderline. look closely. this is a live view from
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camelback. you see some very light snowfall there. much later than when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. that snow quickly moving out. area, holland, mount showers in bethel seeing a little bit of snow. most of the area starting toalr. most of this was rain overnight. only in the last hour that we've seen the temperatures get cold enough in the atmosphere for a little snow mixing in. the ground temperatures are largely on the warm side. philadelphia seeing some light rainfall and into the trenton area but look at it's already drying out in chester county and montgomery county. there it is, the lehigh valley. some of the suburbs in the 30s. the rest of the area above freezing. only have to worry about rain there. that's not a big problem. leonardsville. nazareth and bathos, areas that
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cool down faster than the rest of the area which includes sidewalks. your car might even have some accumulation if it's been out all night. 36 degrees now in the suburbs. there's that rain/snow mix in the lehigh valley. it all clears out in a hurry. look at the turn around in the temperatures. into the 50s for philadelphia. break it down houry a few minut >> bill, thanks for that update. we want to get an update with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> looking at the northeast extension and the situation that's been going on there for over an hour? >> right. we're watching a bunch of accidents this morning. no doubt that it's because a lot of the roads are a little now they're allowing the shoulder to move by.
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valley. can you take route 309 as an alternate. right now that looks perfectly fine. if you need that alternate, here's route 309. a little further south. the visibil pretty poor at least through the cameras. route 309 north/south no major problems to report accident in norristown on marshall street and the railroad crossing. vai and katy, back to you guys. >> thanks for that. 5:03. continue our live team coverage this morning of conditions on the roads. >> "nbc 10's" monique braxton is live in storm force 10. you're on 309 which jessica mentioned is the alternate. tell us about the conditions. >> reporter: we are passing through kolmar now, vai. only a little bit of traffic out
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here. the roads are wet but it's drizzling. we haven't noticed any frozen precipitation. the highway is not slippery at this point but of course you have to exercise caution whenever it is wet out here. we're going to continue to travel north and see what we see. we're hearing that there may be some snow flurries up in the quaker town area, but i did hear bill say that some areas that are being seen by our viewers are drying out right now. so we'll let you know what happens as we move north on 309. live for now, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> monique, thank you. meanwhile, cold rain with a bit of wind. that's how the morning is starting out at cooper street in camden. further north the wintry mix in that area. continuing our live team coverage this morning in the lehigh valley. should be seeing some of the most snow that we get in this area. >> as bill and krystal have bee
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moving out. "nbc 10's" pamela osborne is live in allentown with a look you've seen quite a mix up there, right, pam? >> reporter: yeah. so it's raining right now and if i can i want to walkou a little it was snowing just a short time ago. so regardless of what you're seeing out your window this morning, you're going to want to take it seriously and take it into account when you get inside of your car. this is video of an accident we were stuck behind a short time ago on the turnpike. there were two vehicles involved in this accident. you can see all the damage to that one white car there. luckily everyone at the scene was okay, but i can tell you it was snowing in the quaker town area at the time of the accident of the leading up to the scene of the accident we saw quite a bit of rain. one minute you're seeing one thing and very quickly that can change. keep in mind we did check in with penndot. they did not pretreat the road
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with the brian m with a brine mix. they will be hitting it with salt. >> with a storm like this we're more concerned with the roadway temperatures. they could be colder than the air temperatures. if it's freezing and rain comes down, you'll get freezing rain. that could be issue. >> we're giving you a live look now at the penndot trucks ther. we haven't seen any activity from this specific location this morning, but we do know that penndot started putting somef o. we definitely saw one on the way in this morning. we're going to be out here. we'll keep an eye on conditions as they change. certainly allow of extra time to get where you need to go this morning. reporting live in the lehigh valley, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." w. 40 degrees outside with today's conditions. you could see some school delays in parts of our region. the "nbc 10" app always has up
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to the minute school can acceptr videos and pictures. six people are dead and philadelphia police say a bad batch of heroin iselieve all th deaths are related because they happened around kensington avenue and cambria street. police are trying to identify the brand the drug is being c c circulated under. lawyers for green party candidate jill stein are expected to file their case in u.s. district court today.dor a statewide recount. yesterday philadelphia wrapped up a recount. >> the goal, most of us have the same goal, is to make sure that the vote is being recorded and counted correctly. >> a machin original tally. anunderway
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in two other battleground states, micn wisconsin, meanwhile, began its recount on thursday. president-elect donald trumphti stop those efforts. it's been any this morning and in some areas a bit snowy, but this is just rain in plymouth meeting. there we go. twiepg cle wiping it clean every so often. that is rain in plymouth meeting. the temperatures are too warm. plymouth meeting right there getting that light rain fan. conshohocken is in and out this morning. it's going to be out in the short term. in fact, look at the drying already happening in chester county, portions of upper montgomery, upper bucks county. still farther to the north. rain in delaware and south jersey. delaware already drying out. steadier rain at the shore.
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as far as areas of snow, rain/s pam has reported in the lehigh valley. that's not going to last much longer. drying out in the pocono mountains. the snow is coming to an end and the rain will be ending as well. then we'll get sunshine. the entire area will be drying out. hour-by-hour forecast, 7:00 this morning. there goes the steady rain. a few sprinkles in the area. very light rainfall from philadelphia into the allentown area. this one will quickly move out. as we go through the morning, even though we're still looking at cloudy skies, at 9:00 the temperatures will be climbing but the biggest warmup will come once we start to get some sunshine. good deal of it by noontime. a lot going on to break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. meteorologist krystal klei is standing by. >> looking at the temperatures very closely depending where you're at, which neighborhood, you're seeing the rain. now if the rain has moved out
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icy layer on the windshield as you get to your car. lehigh valley, temperatures are right around freezing. we're looking at walnut court at 32 degrees. elsewhere bethlehem, easton, already at 33. just barely above the freezing mark. nonetheless, cool enough temperatures. you may if you park outside notice that as you get out the door. for suburbs, temperatures walking the line. euclid township bradford 36. mostly mid 30s that we are looking at for your suburb temperatures. now looking at your morning forecast hour by hour 6:00 through 8:00, areas like delaware we've already dried things off by 6:00. li lingering showers for new jersey at the shore. take that temperature up. we'll take a look at how close we get.
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neighborhood by neighborhood, it's actually in the forecast. all of that coming up in the next few minutes. 11 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday. >> jessica boyington standing by. what's happening in center city, snild. >> we're watching vine street expressway. that's because it's open. we'll see na construction is in place. it's not. watching wet roads. traffic is mov just be careful in the on and off ramps for slippery spots. that accident over on the pa turnpike northeast extension is headed northbound. not causing too many problems now between quaker town and the lehigh valley. earlier they have the northbound rains all closed. traffic is able to get through the area. messy spot earlier this morning. if you're nervous about it, take 309 to head northbound towards
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lehigh valley. accident out in hammonton. just over around route 54 where the right lane is only closed so traffic is moving by there as well. we're not seeing any of those major delays. katy, back to you. w jersey's black bear hunting season is back today but not without controversy. rights activists are upset over the expanded hunt and what it has to do upright walking bear. plus this. >> standing firm. protesters claim victory after the plan to build the dakota access pipeline near an indian reservatio w now hear what's next from multi-billion dollar projects. and here's a live look right now from storm force 10 driving along route 309 montgomery county. we continue our live team coverage this morning of the wintry mix in parts of our area and what it means for your morning commute.
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a damp start on a monday morning. that's a live view of rain at philadelphia international and only rain there. we have seen a wintry mix in the lehigh valley and in the poconos, but that's not going to last for much longer. in philadelphia, well above freezing. 40 degrees at 5:15. neighborhood forecast is just ahead. let's see how the roads are fairing with this wet weather. jessica boyington in the first
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>> that's right, bill. we're watching the schuylkill expressway. hard to see in our cameras here. covered in rain. montgomery drive might be a slippery drive for you. give yourself a couple of extra minutes especially so you can drive a little bit slower heading on and off of the ramps. we'll have updates on this and the problems on the road when i jemeica, thanks. 5:15. north dakota opponents of a planned oil pipeline are declaring victory. those cheers echoed across the sprawling protest camp yesterday. the army corps of engineers denied a permit for the dakota access pipeline to be built near the standing rock indian reservation. the corps said developers need to look into alternative routes for the pipeline. protesters have been at the site for months. >> for the first time in history american indians issues, heard our voices and had initiative a
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right decision. incoming trump rock sioux tribe administration to respect the decisi vigil is happening today for those who died in the warehouse fire in oakl 33 people dead and there's now a criminal investigation into the fire that began friday night during a music festival there. meanwhile, firefighters continue to maneuver through the building searching for more gpel singer, >> sounds like the beginning of a jood story. here's their connection. they're all part of the kennedy. president obama hosted his final kennedy center honor. to performers who influence american culture through the
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arts. >> celebrate and all of that deepens our understanding of the human condition. >> this is the 39th year for the kennedyards. all right. 5:18 now. it's pretty much been a mixed bag outside and on the road. jessica s standing by. >> jessica, are you on the schuylkill? >> watching the schuylkill expressway. hard to see on the roads right now with ouright around montgomery drive is where we're trying to look here. you can see the traffic is moving along. out there. 13 minutes now for your drive time eastbound from the blue route to the vine. speeds are into the 60s. give yourself extra time so you can at least go a little slower on the roads because there are accidents popping up with the slippery conditions. one occurred out on upper merion on henderson road and shoemaker road. moving through camden. no delays up and over the bridge
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but watch coming over and through the toll plaza. more slippery spots. you can clearly see that the roads are wet. still watching for that accident delays. for now you can take route 309 as your alternate. also checking inh hammonton actually, been there for quite some time. going away from the shore tss closed. more update on these scenes and more slippery spots when i come back. 19 minutes past 5:00 a.m. want to make sure people storms. a little bit of snow in the poconos. we want to make sure people understand there'sintry mix and be careful as you head out the door. >> any time you head out on the roadways and precipitation and a
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lot of traffic will slow you down. details on the wea throughout our region let's go to meteorologist bill henley. >> you're absolutely right. sounded like a starter storm. we started off with steady snow. i mean, it was coming down in camelback. now it's very light snowfall. almost flurries this morn to la longer. we have seen some rain, steady rain. this is the view from plymouth meeting this morning. that rain will be out of here. the temperatures, well, they will be climbing. we'll see them climbing into the 50s this morning. just around 40 degrees in plymouth meeting. philadelphia, you can see the rain moving out and snow is ending in the lehigh valley and in the pocono mountains. there's ew snowflakes to be found in allentown. pamela osborne there's a rain/snow mix there. there's allentown.
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a little bit of snow and to the a little bit of rain. we'll be drying out. the rain you see in trenton, penning ton, florence will be done probably within an hour. not a problem temperature wise. 40 degrees in philadelphia. south jersey, 42. delaware is at 39 degrees. only area of concern, the lehigh valley and suburbs. that's where some neighborhoods are a bit colder than others. the good news, west allentownship. 35 degrees in elwood. might see some slippery spots this morning on colder surfaces like sidewalks. the major roads are going to be too warm. stays warm overnight. look at port washington. well above freezing this morning. at the bus stop this morning, it will be cloudy but this is going to be done and the temperatures will be warming into the upper 30s and low 40s for reading, trenton into the very low 40s.
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breaking it down with a look into the future hour by hour, krystal klei. let's get to it. first off looking at your future model here hour by hour, starting at 7:30 in the morning. couple hours the rain has completely moved off to the east. this is very isolated lingering snow around the poconos. that's about it. then we start to see clouds break up by lunchtime. as we get into the later part of the day, there you go. sun mixing in. clear overnight with clouds redeveloping into your morning. by tuesday midday the next round of rain picks up. this should be rain pretty much across the board though. not talking wintry mix for your tuesday into tuesday night. we will be tracking that wet weather though. here's your forecast highs for today. low 50s to upper 40s. 48 for the suburbs, 49 later in delaware.
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51 in philadelphia. in the low 50s at the shore. mid 50s around beaches in delaware. for your ten day forecast, extended forecast looking at. rain for tuesday like i pointed out. next chance into thursday. huge cooldown. 30s for high friday/saturday. >> thank you, krystal. controve the mummers taking steps to avoid any controversy. just ahead, what the marchers will be doing before the big new year's event. here's a live picture now from allentown. live team coverage this morning tracking the rain and a little bit of snow that we've gotten in our area. we'll show you what your commute will be looking like this morning. the "nbc 10" first alert severe weather update is brought to you by colonial generators. never lose power again. .
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it's 5:26. donald trump is promising a big penalty for companies moving their operations out of the u.s. we have the story. >> good morning to you. well, president-elect donald trump as you mentioned threatening a 35% tax for u.s. companies that move their business operations overseas. this comes on the heels of the president-elect's deal with air conditioner maker carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in the u.s. apple finally reviewing its official thoughts on self-driving technology. the tech giant wrote in a letter
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to u.s. transportation officials saying it's excited about automation in many areas. and british luxury brand is rejecting multiple takeovers. back over to you. >> thanks for that. 5:27. 40 degrees and we are tracking rain and some snow. in the pocono mountains but it's not going to last much longer. already starting to taper off there and the rain still mixed in the lehigh valley. that's not going to last eitherd by neighborhood just ahead. first, jessica boyington watching roads in the first alert traffic center. >> watching 78 right now. cameras around morgan hill road.
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no problems ordelays. watch for slippery spots getting on and off of the highway especially on the ramps. we'll have more for you as well. we'll update you back here at 5:30. >> we'll hear f controversial k this bear was hunted in new jersey. hear why animal activistsre pro expanded bear hunt. did you know slow internet say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. that's 10 times faster comcast business o say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. call today. and add phone and comcast business. built for business.
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