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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 5, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EST

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right now at "nbc 10" a wintry mix moving through the lehigh valley. the first alert weather radar, you can see it. >> still slippery commute. that's what thousands of drivers will be dealing with this morning after a mix of rain and a little bit of snow hit our region. storm force 10 on the road looking at conditions. here's a live picture in allentown. that's where we saw some of the snow from the wintry mix moving through. we are tracking everything happening throughout the region right now. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. we've issued a first alert for this morning for the wintry mix and slippery conditions.
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drivers will feel it as they head off to work and school today. we have live team coverage this morning. traffic conditions where you are. "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist bill henley and krystal klei. >> we do neighborhood weather so we can break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. this is one of the areas where it pays off. the neighborhood of concern this morning, the lehigh valley, berks county and in the northwestern suburbs. the rest of the area only seeing rain and might see slippery conditions but nothing more than that.
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still damp and rain still mixing in the easton area. look at this system how quickly it's moving out. didn't waste any time moving in. most of the night rain. we're seeing the snow develop in the lehigh valley. that's not going to last. you see the isolated showers. that's about it for now. drying out and we will see sunshine. some concern, cloudy skies in the lehigh valley. 34 degrees. reports of light snow in the last hour. that is just updated. that's an improvement there. light rain and only rain in delaware. only seeing some clouds right now in the suburbs. rain tapering off at philadelphia international. clearing skies. 50s for philadelphia and well into the 40s for the rest of the area. break the forecast down hour by hour. come back in less than ten minutes. 5:33 this monday morning.
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conditions on the road not ideal. >> not ideal at all. jessica boyington standing by. what are you watching now? >> slippery spots for sure all morning. route 202 right around route 29 looks okay. hard to see even when our camera here is covered with rain. 7 minutes with the drive time northbound. 29 through the schuylkill. the accident scene pops out in upper marion on henderson road between gulf road and shoemaker road. the intersection is closed now. might be for a significant amount of time. keep you updated for sure. here's 76. over on the jersey side right around market street and gloucester city. this traffic is what's moving towards the philadelphia area, ben franklin bridges split. significant amount of precipitation making for a
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slippery drive. we'll check in >> jessica, thanks. 5:34. 40 degrees outside. we continue our live team coverage on the roads. >> "nbc 10's" monique braxton is live in storm force morning, mo >> reporter: hey. since we last talked to you we have come through quaker town where we did see a few snow covered cars in some of the car dealership lots and also a few cars in some of the strip mall parking lots. right now passing through upper saucon, the snow is very light. more like a light drizzle. able to see some snow on the grass on the side of the roadway. still northbound 309. still heading north. much more traffic out here now as the morning rush hour kicks
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gera proechg the hiar approach high gear. quaker town ahead. we're at the point where you can split and go in one direction to bethlehem, the other direction to quaker town, but no impediments to traffic but that doesn't mean that you don't need to exercise caution. caution is the word of the morng the continue to monitor the roads and have more for you as we continue through our morning newscast. live for now, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> monique, thank you. 5:36. the wintry mix. road officials are warning drivers of the lead to accidents. >> "nbc 10's" pamela osborne is live for us in allentown this morning with what penndot officials are doing today. pam? >> reporter: katy, first i want to get you to the latest on the conditions tha w you can see this misty, little bit of a drizzle that's going on. we also want to give you a look down the road here. you can see with the lights on
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the road how severing a little bit wet right now. conditions are slick. so we've seen rain, we've seen snow. a mixture of the two definitely this morning. regardless of what you're seeing out of your window right now, you're going to want to take it seriously and take it into account when you get into your car this morning. this is video of an accident we were stuck behind on the northeast extension an hour ago. there were two vehicles in the accident. you can see all of the damage to the white vehicle. luckily everyone at the scene was okay, but i can tell you it was snowing in the quaker town area at the time of the accident but leading up to the scene of the accident we saw rain. one minute you're seeing one condition and then it can be another. they did not pretreat the roads with brine that. would have washed it away. penndot will be treating icy areas with salt. these types of weather conditions concern them the most because the road temperatures can get colder than the air
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temperatures and if the ground temperature is near or below t s to be icy patches. so we're going to give you another live look out here on the road this morning as more cars are heading out the door. we're going to keep an eye and continue to monitor conditions this morning as you head out your door. reporting live in allentown, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." >> pamela, thanks for that. so far there is a school delay this morning because of the weather, and it's possible we could see more in parts of our region. the "nbc 10" app always has de. send us your weather video and pictures. 5:38. the eagles were hoping get back to .500 as they took on the cincinnati bengals. >> they got into an early deficit. couldn't get back into the game losing 32-14.
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we're joined live by gillian. they were 3-0 at one point. carson wentz has had a big struggle ever since. >>quarterback. you expect bumps and bruised along the way. the story line unfortunately as to his struggles, they're not going away any time soon. yesterday it was a really tough game. you get into a 19-0 hole, you are not coming back. that was one of three interceptions carson wentz threw yesterday. he has thrown 11 this season. a lot of the passes are high and off the mark. that's something we spent weeks talking about and the big weeks ratio. 60 attempts in the air yesterday by carson wentz. that's the history by a rookie. after the game head coach doug pierson was asked about we ints that wentz has been throwing off of his back foot. the other part of the the game
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asked the same question basically. doesn't have anything now we're seeing the head coach saying one thing, the quarterback saying other thing. much more is going to come out today i'm sure when doug conference. we'll carry that live on csn. not the conversation we wanted to be having on csn. when the quarterback says ever one thing, the coach says one thing, the general manager says something else. >> yup. >> guys. eagles back home for a divisional showdown to take onk. 1:00 kickoff. 5:40. new detaity training on the mummers before they strut their stuff in philadelphia on new year's day. organize o mummers parade say club members will undergo training sessions and watch
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online videos focusing on citizens raised questions after a series of controversia recent years. one mummer said the annual parade needs toreesent the full of philadelphians. happening today, the second as annual bear hunt. >> protesters are ready to pounce. they were outraged after this upright walking bear nicknamed petals was killed in new jersey. was seen roaming around the neighborhoods in 2013. pedals was targeted in the state's expanded hunt. protesters called the state's bear hunt inhumane and the hunt runs through saturday. a damp start this morning. 5:41 is the time. 40 degrees, love to hear that, especially when it's damp this time of year. that means plymouth meeting is
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only seeing rain this morning. this is one of the areas that tends to get a little cooler. this is staying warm. the only mixed precipitation we're seeing in the lehigh valley. snow is staying in the north. for most areas it is starting to dry out. these showers are on the move. look at drying conditions now in chester and montgomery county and the rain that is pushing off shore is going to quickly push off shore. likely off shore before sunrise which is right after 7:00. we did see some snow and a rain/snow mix in the allentown area. you can see it's really drying out in a hurry. these last few light showers will be drying out and we will see clouds for much of the morning but not all morning long. we will see the temperatures warming up. only rain in south jersey and at the shore 41 degrees. held steady at 39 degrees all morning in delaware.
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the suburbs at 36 degrees while the lehigh is at 34. those have steadied out as well as some of these neighborhoods have actually started to warm up a little bit. exton is 38. north wales, 37 and 48. that tends to happen as warm air is pushing in. the precipitation starts to come to an end. future weather shows we're drying out quickly. that's 9:00 this morning and by lunchtime we'll start to see some sunshine. take a closer look at the conditions throughout the day. meteorologist krystal klei is standing by to take you through it hour by hour. >> the rest of the day nice conditions as we do start to dry out. winds will not be a big factor in today's forecast. 10 to 15 mile per hour winds for the peak feeds. overnight the winds will die down. temperatures picking up nicely into the afternoon. look for our future. 50s for high temperatures and
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then we'll start to drop off of the low 40s for tonight. as we move into your tuesday morning it will be a chilly start and a dry start. that does change as we move through the later part of your tuesday. we'll get to the temperatures coming up in a bit. the owls and the nittany lions are going bowling. just ahead we'll tell you which bowl games temple and penn state will be playing in.
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live view of some of the last few snowflakes falling in the pocono mountains. we see snow there. and a wintry mix a little to the south in the lehigh valley. a snowy scene. 40 "nbc 10." most of the area including the lehigh valley is above freezing but you might run into some wet weather on the roads. jessica boyington is watching the weather. >> watching lower marion. watching the intersection for you that might be closed. update on this when i come back. >> jessica, thanks. plenty of football fans are giving a hoot about the temple owls. >> for the second straight season temple is headed to a bowl game. temple beat navy on saturday to win the first ever athletic
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conference. the owls will start getting ready for their forest on the military bowl. temple head coach matt rhule beaming about what his team has championship. i wanted them to be treated like champions and they got that. they got that feeling of people out there saying, hey, we appreciate not just the fact that you won but all the sacrifices that you guys made. >> military bowl will be played in annapolis, maryland, where the owls won saturday's acc title game. >> everything is coming up roses for penn state mostly anyways. the nittany lions won the big ten title over wisconsin saturday night. penn state just missed making the national playoffs finishing fifth. right now ranked number five in the country. instead, they'll play usc in the rose bowl on january 2nd. the lions big ten title touched off a wild scene in happy
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valley. students packing the streets there. officers dressed in riot gear using pepper spray to break up some of the crowds there. police say they might make some arrests for minor property damage. now katy's been back two weeks from maternity leave. i think you are looking forward to this story here. >> yeah. it makes me shiver, actually, when i hear this. all right. listen to this. a flight attendant or a flight, rather, from philadelphia to orlando had to make an emergency landing yesterday after an expectant mother delivered mid flight. yup, that is the sound of that newborn crying. can you imagine? a passenger posted this video on twitter. medics on board helped with the delivery. thank the lord they were there. after the baby's arrival the southwest airlines plane made an emergency stop in charleston, south carolina. medical crews met the flight on the tarmac and took the parents and their new bundle of joy to the hospital. there are no words. >> yeah. well, usually on the birth
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certificate they write down the time and location of the birth. the time and then location, 31,000 feet. >> right. right. >> somewhere over north carolina. >> they deserve that. >> wow, that's impressive. >> also impressive, right, is kind of how quickly this band of weather is moving out? >> yeah. overnight maybe not the best travel conditions, but we are seeing improvement right now. we see snow in the pocono mountains. still light snow there. only been rain in philadelphia. that's all we're expecting this morning. we're also expecting it to move out quickly. live view from the adventure aquarium. 40 in philadelphia. here's why. we're not seeing any problems in philadelphia. just too warm. the lehigh valley is off a few rain drops mixing with snowflakes. even there the temperatures above freezing in the suburbs. also above freezing. starting for more improvement. northeast philadelphia is in the low 40s. 41 in fox chase and 40 in center city. the numbers will climbves out.
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there it goes. the last little bit of snow in ending and tapering off in philadelphhowe right along the coast at the shore. not going to last much longer. the clouds will be clearing out. we'll see a nice warmup during the closer look at the neighborhoods meteorologist krystal klei is standing by. >> that's right. we're going to take a look at m we're tracking conditions that are going to be better. neighborhood by neighborhood temperatures in the 50s. 51 for the forecast inter city. landsdale at 48. cooks town at 47. upper 40s. notice the icons. mix of cloud and sun. system completely moves off to the east. 50. wilmington 49 and trenton at 51. for your ten day on the ten, in philadelphia this is not the only round of rain that we will see. tomorrow we're looking at rain chances late day into early wednesday morning. thursday we may see some
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scattered showers. then a huge cooldown for your friday into saturday. we're tracking temperatures only capping out highs in the upper 30s. >> all right, krystal. 5:52. let's get a check at the roads. >> watching an accident scene right in lower marion. one of our cameras from the schuylkill zoomed in on henderson road to gulf road. intersection said to be closed for quite some time because two vehicles were involved and there were injuries on the scene. you can see where it looks on our map here. here's the schuylkill expressway. there is part of the closure. henderson road between south gulph and shoemaker. also an accident reported out in pottstown. new street and south evans street. woodhaven road over in philadelphia around academy road. you can see no big problems in either direction right now, but roads are wet. not seeing any of those major delays right now but some ponding on the roads there.
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out in hammonton, still an accident here on the westbound side of the expressway. that's traffic moving away from the jersey shore. westbound around route 54. right lane closed. traffic is still moving by. you can see everything running on time for accept at that, new jersey transit and henderson road. it will be closed for quite some time. vai and katy back to you. >> 5:53. 40 degrees on this monday, december 5th. live team coverage. a live look from plymouth meeting. montgomery county. up county breakdown of the conditions. the "nbc 10" first alert severe weather update is brought to you by colonial generators. never lose power again. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. "thank you for and thserving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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male vo: no one deserves a 10,000 members of the'whyg military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast.
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wintry mix as you see. this is monique braxton's camera
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rolling around the lehigh valley this morning for us giving us a look at conditions where you are. roads are, as you can see, wet but take caution as you head out the door for your morning commute this morning. >> that's right. let's take a live look in allentown in the lehigh valley. wintry mix is moving out of that region as we speak. we've had a crew there for about the rain and snow has been tapering off but make sure to take it easy on the roads. slic >> live look now from plymouth meeting montgomery county. if you're driving, you want to take it easy on the the mid county interchange to account for some possibly slick "nbc 10 news" at 6:00, we continue to track the wet weather and it moves through our area. also, blamed for six deaths, philadelphia police are investigating a batch of heroin that officials say killed people across the city over the weekend. this is only a test.
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next on6:00, if you live in one part of montgomery county, do not be concerned or surprised if you hear sirens later today.
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moving through, the system is working its way through. >> bad batch. police say a certain type of heroin is to blame for six overdose deaths in philadelphia. and recount efforts. today philadelphia will release the results of the city's recount while the statewide issue looms. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. the system that brought us a wintry mix and wet weather is moving out of our area. about two hours ago when we came on the air we saw snow in the pocono area. all of that has changed. bill henley has their


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