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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 5, 2016 11:00am-11:57am EST

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still overcast out there. some parts of the area saw a
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wintry mix this morning and snow is falling in camel back mountain. you can see the flabs there as you look closer. around 5:00 this morning. the snow tapered off about a half hour later. steady after that. slick roads caused a crash. around 4:00 the morning. this is the northbound lane between quaker town and lehigh valley. one car spun out, facing the wrong direction. crash held up traffic for about an hour. no one was seriously hurt. that's not the last we've seen of the rain the week. glenn is here with with that forecast. >> as early as tomorrow, we're going to be seeing more rain. actual, more significant rain that what we saw early this morning. here's a live shot at camel back. it's no longer snowing, but there is some snow in the mountains there. slight accumulation. we still have cloudy skies. but the clouds are thinning out. it's 44 degrees in philadelphia. you can see a couple of breaks in h some of the p suburbs and
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in new jersey, but it will take a while for this drier air to completely move in. you can see how the rain and the snowfall to the north has moved out. still a lot of clouds around and now, we look back down to the south. this is the next system. this is much stronger. than the one that brought the precipitation overnight last night and into the morning, but that is going to be just rain. as we go through the afternoon, we're seeing a lot of sunshine. temperatures going up into the the 50s. in philadelphia. pa suburbs, barely get tog 50. lehigh valley, upper 40s, could get close to 50 degrees and not below freezing during the night tonight. the timing
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of that rain and the fir >> we're flirting with winter weather, so make sure you have nd weather c 10 app. alerts. >> sometime now for a check on the roads with jessica. where you looking? >> we're watching the skuk l and had an accident on south street making an hour delay into center city for quite some time. right now, we're watching aro montgomery drive and checking in with the drive time, 13ut the e. good to go on the skuk actually pretty light. there's an accident in providence on second avenue and springer town he in with with s construction on the northbound sideright lane will be closed
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there until 3:00 p.m.grier as w. the 42 freeway around route 41 is just the five minute trip. seeing really heavy speeds there and drive times and slow 5 to t back to normal with five minutes and lastly, we'll check w no weather related death toll in warehouse fire in oakland. some were teenagers. steven luke report frs oakland. s put the search for more victims on in the tragic house fire. >> we will not put our firefighters in danger and the slefr in that precarious situation with us. >> fire officials are not confident they pinpointed the point of origin. >> we feel strongly that we have the section of the building, the
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area of origin where the fire started. >> firefighters spent the weekend sifting through ash and debris, some places ten feet deep. >> we've had to deliver a lot of bad news to people. >> officials expect the death toll will rise. >> this is what's left of the warehouse called the ghost ship. home to dozens of artists living a labyrinth of cluttered wooden furniture, not permitted for residential living. the fire department said the building didn't have a sprinkler system or smoke alarms. the fire started in the back of the building. nearly 100 people were listening to a dj playing music. residents said they had just moments to escape. >> i looked down the hall and saw 15-foot flames and what appeared to be a fire ball comes towards me. >> the owner says he was unaware that anyone was living inside. the investigation into what led up to the tragedy continues. steven luke, nbc news, oakland. schools are closed today in
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the upper district because of a threat. monique is live at the state police barricks. what are you learning about the investigation here? >> state police here tell us at this point, they don't plooef there's a serious credible threat to any student ors faculty in the school district. we just spoke to the commander here and got a release and here's what we can tell you. early this morning, the school district canceled classes a at all four schools in the district. police say a concerned parent called regarding a social media posting. chris leng l believe what is the parents saw was related to a new video on the sandy hook website.hing on instagram that as we see it, was not intended to be a threat.
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it wntlleds never saw the posting. they were receiving this information from their chin >> those children were secondary school students. the website shares news clips of school violence and warniding s. state police tell us they have interviewed several students overnight and don't believe the posting was intended to threaten anyone. the school district says it's fully cooperating with state police. state police say it is monitori the approaching december 14th anniversary of the murders ofze children and faculty in sandy hook in connecticut. linbc 10 news. >> thank you. new this morning, a accept bus
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driver is in the hospital after a liquid was thrown on her. the men were getting in around 7:30 this morning when they threw the lick id and ran off. there were passengers on the s, we are working to get more information. not only on how the driver is doing, but what the happening now, philadelphia's releasing the results of its election recount. city commissioners provisional and absentee ballots over the weekend. a recount resulted in no changes in the tallies. laurakthe next half hour. in the last hour, jill stein rallied for a recount in front of trump tower, new york city. the green party in the last few minutes filed in federal court in philadelphia to force statewide recount. the lawsuit says that pennsylvania's election system is a national disgrace.
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>> the idea that we cannot confirm the result of a presidential election is frightening. the idea that we do not have working systems to ensure the accuracy of the vote is frightening. >> and updated count on friday show trump has 49,000 more votes in pa than hillary e state's percentage needed to trigger an automatic recount. and recount efforts are under in two other at michigan starts today. wisconsin began its recount on thursday. they're not expected to change enough votes to overturn the results of the election. in about a half hour, we are expected to learn details about an armed rob b bry in upper darby earlier this morning. police say there is surveillance video of two masked men going into the laundry mat on marshall road, forcing a clerk to the dpround at gunpoint and stealing
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hundreds of dollars. we'll bring you more on that as we get it. eagles lose, birds fans, they really feel it, but the way they lost in cincinnati yesterday left a lot of fan numb. head coach doug pet reports in about an hour. it was a down day for wentz and field goal try here. planking off the right up post there in the defense. they got gashed over and over. here's a eagle's reaction following the loss to the bengals. >> we're doing things that's just not good enough. one guy here, one guy there. just put it all together. >> three weeks in a row. we feel like a couple of bad calls. that's out of our control. but we just got to play better. >> the eagles third straight loss dropped them to five and
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seven on the season. now, here's what carson wentz tweeted after the game. tough one today, but no time to be negative. got to stay positive and keep things in perspective. the eagle rs back home next week for a divisional showdown against former bird, jackson and the washington redskins. kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. at the link. meanwhile, new details on sensitivity training for the -- before they strut their stuff in philadelphia on new year's day. mummers ors ayeser of the parade said club members will undergo training sessions and watch videos focusing on diversity. city leaders and silt sennes raised questions after a series of displays in recent years. one said the an parade revolved and represents the full spectrum of philadelphiaens. details on the new job for dr. ben carson. as we await aasceme today from
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president-elect donald trump. and a fake news story lead to nation's capitol. what authorities are saying we get ready for another round of rain. plus, an arctic blast headed our way, that's next. my favorite part about being a da
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morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and at's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of
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those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. now to the transition to trump. president-elect is naming more people to his cabinet and
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considering new possibilities for secretary of state. nbc 10 national reporter tracie potts has more from washington. >> well, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: it's official. president-elect trump will nominate dr. ben carson as secretary and housing and urban development. he calls him brilliant and passionate about strengthening communities. dr. carson says he feels he can make a significant contribution. also, today -- >> mad dog mattis. >> the formal announcement of general james mattis as defense secretary. today, the green party will ask the federal court to intervene in pennsylvania's recount. in michigan, a judge ruled overnight that state's recount must begin today another noon. >> we will not be frightened by having to jump through all these legalup >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is fighting recounts in all three states as
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he considers new names for secretary of state. jon huntsman and admiral james dereedy, the list is expanding. >> more than four, but who knows how many finalists there will p continues tweeting out his foreign policy, defend iing a cl from taiwan's president that angered china. sfl the waters seem like a tempest in a teapot. >> reporter: and warning american businesses that move jobs overseas, they may be making a very expensive mistake. he wants to impose a 35% tariff on those companies when they bring goods back into the u.s. and critics say the companies will just pass that on to consumers. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> and the stock market is hitting new record highs today. there's a live look at the big board from the new york stock exchange. looks like it's up 19,264. back to thig winners. goldman sachs, biggest winner among the dow's 30 stocks. keeping an eye on the market
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, we're starting to s li bit. the skies get and our vizsiblility is good as well. temperatures up 40 but one place cooler is in the lehigh valley, where we have 38 degree, how in redding, 39 in fleetwood. 37 in kuchtown. 39 in allentown. these temperatures are all above freezing so, any kind of snow that fell is circumstance certainly melted now and in many cases, melted as it felt. we have clearing this afternoon. the sun will be returning. we haveand tomorrow night. one system monday morning and o next day. and t
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arrives on friday. the one that we've been talking about. forthiss what the radar looked night. starting to see some of the snow in northwestern pennsylvania. it's a fairly weak and fast moving system, so it was gone wii 6:00 this morning and we're starting to see the clouds break up. we look back down to the south and west and gulf of mexico, moisture coming in. and this is a much more substantial system than we're going to get some substantial precipitation out of it. this time, it's all rain because of the timing and the temperatures. th we find temperatures barely getting into the low 50 because it's closer to the average for thistoght, mostly c. seasonably chilly. tomorrow morning, the clouds start coming in. thickening up here come it is the rarng but id
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millville. way up in t allen town and beca this rain is moving up during the afternoon hour, i don't expect any kind of snow or ice to be an issue. the poconos, about only area that could be snow or a wintry mix. 7:00, it is raining everywhere. everywhere. 10:00 tomorrow night and it doesn't really stop. until 6:00 or so. on wednesday morning. so, that's a lot of hours of rain. some on the moderate to heavy side. now, as we look through the rest of the day today, we're not seeing any more presip ration, getting back up to 52 with summer ton. doylestown at 50. easton at 49 degrees. these temperatures pretty close to average. for this time of the year.
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cape may, 52, look what happens later this week. we haven't seen anything like this since last winter. sunday's pretty cold, too. rest of the ten-day is coming up later. >> thank you, glenn. still ahead, a check your fridge if you bought chicken that you've frozen recently. why nearly 2 million pounds of poultry are being recalled this morning. we'll tell you all about it.
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well, there's a lot of buzz about new movie coming to theatres this christmas mas. the film a dapation of fences. denzel washington directs the film and stars in it as well and so do our next two guests. russell horns by and joe van. russell, we were talking about sitting here during the break, i love the fact you played football in high school, then transitioneded and did theatre and found theatre was your life's work, but in high school, most kids don't do both. >> you know, i really didn't like being sore. and playing football and just kind of a love in performing. >> that's great. >> javon played as well. look at you guys, former athletes, now doing theatre. you have family here. >> yes.
11:24 am
my uncle eric, aunt tina, who live in horsham and another cousin who just graduated from drexel. >> i'm sure they're listening and watching. tell me about fences. >> it takes place in 1957. it's about the character troy max and former negro league baseball player who really finds out he's a little bit too old to play baseball. and now has to deal with life's discouragements and just his career mortality. and you know, what society sort of puts on him. and yeah, just dealing with father son relationship and husband wife dynamics. >> you're playing lions and reprising your role from broadway. how different is the play from the movie? >> the intimacy is different. there's a greater level when you're working on film versus on stage. you have to prejekt and reach the back of the house and on film, it's just two people talking closely to each other.
11:25 am
>> vaa john, i understand the film a dapation was a long time coming, but it was important for auction wilson to have a black director for this film. what was it like to be in the cast with denzel washington? >> fs it was amazing, everything i think a young actor could hope for. he's one of my heroes and getting a chabs to work with him and viola and the really talented cast was amazing. it was like going to a master class everybody day. >> that's amazing. russell, you're familiar to a lot of nbc viewers because of your role in the tv role in grim. >> yes. >> but you were busy on broadway as well. just talking about that, about the differences between live theatre, you say projecting your voice to the back of the house and lack of o intimacy in film because it's just two people. >> right theatre, for the audience on your terms or the arts terms and in film, you're really creating something that's more intimate and organic.
11:26 am
the camera can go into a lot of different you know, places, cracks and kref is you can't do to with the theatre. i think that's what we're able to do here. we're able to go from the backyard to inside the home. you know, you get to, you know, see what happens, how cowhrey feels when his mother and father are at odds, what rose feels like when she's dealing with the situations that have befallen here in the family and you can't get that on stage. >> we can't wait for this movie to come out. it opens in theatres on christmas day. great thing to do after you open presents. go check this out. russell, javon, thank you so much for coming in. look forward to your success, a couple of old jocks like you guys. rain has moved out, but keep the umbrellas han day. here's the live look at the skyline. glenn's tracking more chances for the wet weather this week as
11:27 am
well as the blast that's heading our way. and see the signal so big that it mans to swallow up several cars. we'll have that for you when we come back.
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all is calm now at camel back, but early this morning, fresh snow fell in this area and a wintry mix moved through. most of us just dealt with the rain. it was cold and windy in camden this morning. this was a scene along cooper street today. lots of slick roads and more rain this week. >> we're going to be getting more significant rain coming in, not too much more than 24 hours from now. right now, i-95 and south philly is moving smoothly. the road looks dry.
11:31 am
and the cloud rs thinning up the temperature still down into the upper 30s, but we're seeing more and more breaks in the clouds. not seeing anymore precipitation. stream and even though it's down in mississippi now leading into the rain, it can get here by tomorrow afternoon. that is the way things are patt. we get into the low 50s with a lot of sunshine this afternoon. some clouds come i it's not espy cold tonight and it's not especially cold this afternoon either. temperature at 10:00 down to around 40 degrees.
11:32 am
we're going to have days laettner the week that don't get that high for high temperatures. >> tis the season for wintry weather, so make sure you have u the free nbc 10 app. up to the minute school delays, radar, weather alerts. you can also send us your weather video an your pictures. schools are closed today because of a threat. nbc 10 monique braxton is following the developments today from the police, you just got new information, what are they telling you? >> i just talked to the commander and he says they have just about wrapped up the last interview with the last students they wanted to skeep to and the commander tells us no credible threat for the students and staff at the school. all four school rs closed today
11:33 am
after f a call from a concerned parent about 1:15 this morning. state police say they didn't want to endanger the lives of the more than 3300 students and dozens of faculty and stach so, they decided to close all classes. state police lieutenant says they've interviewed several secondary school children, the instagram posting discovered has been taken down. >> the social media posting about a video that's on sandy hook, has a video that contained antigun violence and wareness of the signs of somebody who may become a shooter. while we're approaching the anniversary of the shooting, everybody's extra village lent into monitoring what's taking place on social media and what's going on in the schools right now. >> the sandy hook promise website shares news clips of
11:34 am
school violence and the warning signs surrounding such violence. it is moving. we have watched it in the past 45 minutes. the schodistrict tells us it is fully cooperating with police. you may recall, more than two dozen school children and staff were killed in sandy hook at the elementary school in connecticut. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. the philadelphia election recount rul rs in. city commissioners just announced the paper recount results. lauren is live for us in northern liberties. what did that i had find? zwl well, we just got these numbers. i'll run down a few of them for you. in this recount, hillary clinton picked up an extra five. katie mcginnty picked up one and pat picking up a vote. now, the recount they did here in philadelphia, this is just part of the effort initiated by green party candidate, jill stein. and these local recounts are just part of it.
11:35 am
they are also as of this morning, filing a federal lawsuit. they are asking for a forensic analysis of electronic voting machines like the ones used here in philadelphia, they are calling the pennsylvania voting system a national disgrace. they called those voting machines vulnerable and hackable. here's an attorney talking about the outside federal court in philadelphia this morning. >> this is a state where the majority of voters are forced to wmachines. dre machines are easier to hack than an iphone, which is crazy. they're vulnerable. they're hackable. and we need to make sure that those votes on those machines were paper trail. the only way to do tis examinat machines. >> so, also this morning, jill stein herself was in new york
11:36 am
city outside of trump tower asking for donald trump to stop opposing any recounts. they are taking a multitrack effort here. they are asking for these local recounts, filing this federal lawsuit as well. we are still going through it and i have reached out to the state of pennsylvania and also the republican party here in pennsylvania to get their responses. still awaiting that. we will bring you updates when we get them. for now, live in philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> more victims are expected to be found when rescuers resume work today at the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. the death toll grew to 36 this morning. work at the sight had to stop because of concerns the building might collapse. the fire erupted during a dance party late frigd night. the cause remains unknown. but authorities do they know where it started. >> we now feel very strongly that we have this section of the
11:37 am
building that was the area of origin of where the fire started. >> 11 of the victims have been identified, some are teenagers. dna will be needed to determine the identity of many of the victims. >> and customers and workers ran for cover after a bizarre shooting in a washington d.c. pizza shop. hallie jackson tells us it all started after a fake online conspiracy theory. >> armed with an assault rifle, police say edgar madison welsh sent customers scrambling on sunday when he walked into the d.c. restaurant and fires at least one shot into the floor. >> police immediately set up a perimeter. >> this image shows welsh surrounded by police with his hands behind his head. >> hisrre. you're come tog a place to eat.
11:38 am
didn't make any eye contact. ear-dnd taken into custody. police say he told them he came to theselfnvestigate pizza gate. a fake online conspiracy theory suggesting the local the centerx slave ring organizedn and her f manager. in an effort to crack down on fake news, red banned the discussion thread on its site. >> you just think, people are very b keyboard. people are writing all these hateful messages, but you don't actually think someone's going to do somethi the fake story we viral, the owner of the d.c. pizzeria says he's received hundreds of death threats. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theorys do come with consequences and i hope those involved with fanning feez flames w t
11:39 am
contemplate what happened here today and to stop right away. >> that wa h reporting. meanwhile, minister says he will visit pearl harbor this month dent ob. shinzo abe will becom tsitting to visit the site. this is the 75th the attack. they will pay their respects to the victims on december 26th say one person has been found dead inside a submerged inside upside down in this large sinkhole here. rescued from another car that fell into the hole. a woman who kim came to his rescue suffered minor injuries. crews say there's a massive sewage leek laek at the site, but they doept know if it was caused by the sewage or. the excitement is bubbling over on temple's campus. for the second straight season,
11:40 am
the owls are headed to a bowl game. temple beat navy saturday to wi athletics rt getting raetd for their date with wake forest on december 27th. matt rule is beam about what his team has accominted them b to b like champions and they got that. they got that feeling of people out there saying justhe fact yo all the sacrifices you guys have maryland, where the owls won the title game. most thing rs coming up roses for penn state. the lions won the big ten title over wisconsin saturday night. penn state though jus making the national playoff finishing in the fifth spot they will play usc in the rose bowl on january 2nd. big ten title win touched
11:41 am
off a wild scene in students packing the streets. officers in riot gear used pepper spray to break up some of the said they might make arrests for minor property damage. a gospel singer, a rock pr. they're all part of the kennedy center awards. president obama hosted his final kennedy center honors gala yesterday.pacino, james taylor, eagles are among the honoraries is influence american culture through the arts. >> the arts help us celebrate our our flaws and all of that deepens our understanding of the huma year e kennedy center awards. bob dylan won'tt, bth his w.
11:42 am
the winner of this year's prize in literature said he could in the make it to the saturday ceremony, but the foundation says he wrote a thank you speech tty smith will perform a dylan song at the ceremony. two days until you think watch hair spray live here on nbc 10. up next my colleague talks to one of the stars of the show about the fun and excitement of hair spr and bringing the live performance to a national audience. glenn. >> yeah, get ready for more rain. coming here. then, an arctic blast. i'll let you know the timing and what to expect where you live just ahead.
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nearly two million pounds of ready to eat chicken product rs being recall ed baugh they may e undercut u. produced from august 20th through november 30th. some of the product us have a mor mel label. the us u da says consumers should throw away the product or return it to the place of purchase. we are counting down to h r hairspray live. it airs wednesday night and you can count on an entertaining night of music, comedy and an all-star cast.
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joining me right now is efram, what had to get that right. thanks so much for joining us. first of all, you've had hamilton and now, this. quite a year for you. >> crazy year so far. very, very interesting. it's been an amazing journey. all the way. >> now, you've got broadway experience, but this is a little bit different. doing a show like this. tell me how you got used to it and what the differences are. >> it's great meeting of both worlds. tv experience here and there, but this will be another time where you get to see theatre and television, so it's bringing what i usually do eight times a week, what we rehearse and train for and we get one crack at it in front of how many millions of viewers. >> one thing you have already gotten used to or got a chance to get used to it was the absolute fever over a show.
11:47 am
what was that like? >> that was a really, it was really an interesting trip. i've been a part of hamilton since almost 2014 or so. in reading. it was just on paper, before anybody about it. before we knew it, it had taken over the world. for us, it was quick because we just showed up and kept doing the thing we loved so much. respecting the script, the craft itself. everything seemed to remain outside of our walls and off our stage in a cool way. >> when did you know it was really blowing up? >> actually from the, we did a workshop of it. before it came to off broadway and i had gone into an audition for a television show right after we finished if workshop and the people that were casting for this major hbo network show were talking about they had heard about the show and the reading of it, the workshop we
11:48 am
had done. in that early stage and the word had spread this was going to be the greatest thing ever. you guys haven't even seen it fully flushed out and you guys are talking abt. once we got to off broadway at the public theatre, people were fighting to get in the door. selling kids left and right just to get a ticket. it got crazy. >> tell me about your character in this one. >> seaweed jake stub, a really cool dude. very much like me in the way of music is my first love. and because of this music, that love is what he's able to give to everybody else. and how he's able to make it through his day and coming up in the segregated 60s. ultra cool dancer with a big ai uses the craft of music, love of music and dance to touch other people and to get others inspired to drop the boundaries
11:49 am
and barriers and differences and let's love. >> and you've got quite kristen ist goes on and on make. also really excited. okay, walking into this. let's see what i got. it's going to be really fun. i'm excited for t challenge, zwrous share. i know that even the people i've met so far with hearted people looking forward. harvey, just trying to give this story back again and see what we have in2016. tell iing the story. sfl we're excited to st.ning us. >> and you can catch hait live wednesday night. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. cha es happening. right during this hour. half hour ago. cloudy.
11:50 am
now, it's mostly sunny. just like that.right. we have temperatures on the rise as well in delaware, it's 46 in wilmington, clay monte, harmony hills. glasgow, 45 in middletow. to the south, 48 in bridgeville, georgetown, 46 in long neck and in dewey beach. a lot of those going to be going up into the low ooi afternoon. through much of the area. we do have more rainternn and t night. and the a been advertising for quite a while is on the way. this is what the radar looked like 11:30 last night as that weak system move d through, it raced through and so everything was done by about 6:00, 7:00 this morning. now, we look back to the south and west and see a bigger system
11:51 am
coming up with gulf of mexico moisture and when that happens, you know you're going to be getting a wet period if it heads up at you and it is. tonight, we're clear as you can see. by tomorrow morning, the clouds start to increase. you can see the clouds and then here comes the rain a. little after lunchtime, in southern delaware and cape may county, but it will take a little bit longer for some of that rain to come up to the philadelphia area, but does look like it will affect the afternoon rush. with some steady rain across much of the area. even into the evening. doesn't really clear up until wednesday morning. tomorrow, we are dry at the start. potentially even dry at noon, but by 4:00 in philadelphia, raining. similar timing. colder to start the day, but presip ration is not coming in that early, so we don't have to
11:52 am
worry about icing in these areas. just starting to rain. in the lehigh valley at 4:00. you can see at the jersey shore, the rain comes in at noon. different neighborhood. different forecast. and the rain gets heavier by 4:00. at 48 degrees, so, the first ark tirk air mass coming into the country today. the it's going to work its way across the country. going to take all week and not be as potent as it is coming in the western state, but still arctic air and your going to feel it and it's going to ease up a little bit as we head towards sunday. as we go through the weekend, that arctic air is going to cause a temperatures to only hold in the 30s for highs. friday and saturday. for the most part. some of the suburbses not getting out of the 30s all the way through friday, sad, sunday.
11:53 am
tat moment, we're not predicting precipitation. so, here's the ten-day. you can see the temperatures are actually little bit above normal. except for tuesday, the rain keeps the temperatures down. then we get a little bit more rain on thursday with the arctic front and then we're talking about strong winds on top of the cold. friday and into saturday. gusts over 40 miles an hour. low temperatures at night. in the mid-20s. that's in philadelphia itself. could get down into the teens. in some of the suburbs and then things go back up a little bit next week. not quite as cold. we'll be right back.
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coming up at 3:00, justin orne the ellen show and today, he has a big announcement. and then it's b nbc 10 news at 4:00, this afternoon, the family brought a home warranty tr peace of mind, but when the dishwasher broke down, they couldn't get the problem fi helped get the family out from under water. that's today at 4:00. and our chief moll gist glenn is here with a look at the afternoon. >> looking pretty nice right now. the sunshine is increasing by the minute. but tomorrow, the rains coming
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in and the afternoon and at night. another chance of showers thursday then arctic air. >> thanks for watching. have a great day. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups! behold our greatest opus!
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>> claire: okay, so, my mom-- she is just always trying to run my life, and she's even trying to do it from hong kong. right? 'cause last night, on the phone, she was just, like, grilling me about how many hours i'm studying for finals. >> ciara: oh, no. you poor baby. how can you stand it? ♪ >> claire: i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. i know how much you must >> ciara: it's okay. i'm just... i worry about her all the time. your mother's sentencing was a and smart. >> ciara: what gets me is, the reason that she went over to stefano's house that night-- it's not even true. horrible things, but he never kidnapped and tortured my dad. that was somebody else, someone who hasn't paidobab nev.


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