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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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pants, shoes, or the coat. even the one they stole. it's the victim's, by the way. >> armed with a gun, wearing a mask, 4:00 in the morning. that's what makes somebody an urban terrorist, in my opinion. >> reporter: the other guy is about ways to the woman's size. each wore a mask. >> terrible. >> reporter: we went back to the laundromat and showed this video to customers, who are stunned. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: again, police are offering $2500. if you are the person that turns these people in and they are convicted. you saw on the video that the p person stealing the money took off the gloves. police think they can discover the identity of the person. so if you know who they are, call quickly. these women took advantage of improved weather conditions,
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running you want art museum steps. but by this time tomorrow, we could see heavy rain making a mess of the evening community. nbc 10 first laddalert radar tracking the showers. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your neighborhood forecast. glenn? >> quite a change from this morning. it was overcast, a little bit of rain. now we've got lots of sunshine out there. we don't have a big break until the next weather system comes in. 49 degrees in philadelphia right now, lots of sunshine across the area with temperatures generally in the upper 40s, which is about average for this time of year. there's that big area of rain down south. a lot of thunderstorms towards the gulf coast, a lot of moisture there. it will not affect the morning rush. temperatures will be in the 30s. we don't have to worry about any kind of freezing rain or sleet or snow.
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lehigh valley down to right around the freezing mark, not especially cold for this time of year. much of new jersey also down in the 30s. then the clouds start to increase. here is what is going to be happening. we start off the day with the clouds. then here comes the rain. generally late morning in delaware and extreme south jersey. by midday across much of the rest of the area, there's that area of potential mixture of snow up to the poconos. some of the rain a little bit on the heavier side, especially tomorrow evening. more on the timing of that rain and the arctic blast that's on the way, coming up a little bit later. >> all right, glenn, see you soon. breaking news right now, a judge has declared a mistrial in the case of that former south carolina officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> nbc 10's keith jones joins us now live in the breaking news
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center. >> jim and eriherin, the jury s they were unable to come to a unanimous decision in the killing of walter scott who ran from the policeman. the policeman argued he was in fear of his life. the shooting sparked nationwide backlash. the officer was facing charges of murder or involuntary manslaughter. the jury deliberated more than 17 hours over the last four days but remained undecided. the officer was fired from the north charleston police department. it is not clear if the case will be retried, jim. >> all right, keith jones in our breaking news center. a developing story from georgia, a father convicted of leaving his toddler in a hot suv to die will spend the rest of his life behind bars. jurors convicted justin ross harris last month in the june death of his son cooper, who was
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left in the back seat of his father's car for 17 hours. he will not be eligible for parole. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a new federal lawsuit to order a recount of pennsylvania's election results. >> this as philadelphia revealed the results of its own recount. nbc 10's lauren mayk has been staying on top of this story. she joins us now to break down where things stand and what's next in the process. >> reporter: erin, you may remember there was supposed to be a hearing today in harrisburg. that never happened. that effort at the state level was swapped out for a federal lawsuit which asks for votes to be recounted. it also takes aim at pennsylvania's voting system. >> we are here to assure donald trump that there is nothing to be afraid of. >> reporter: outside trump tower in new york city, jill stein addressed the president-elect. she ran against him in the presidential race and she's not finished with that election in several states, including
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pennsylvania. >> it is clear that the fix was in against a verified vote in the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: stein and her supporters have been pushing for a recount in pennsylvania and they got one in philadelphia. it resulted in a minor adjustment announced today. five extra votes for hillary clinton. now they've turned to federal court asking for a forensic analysis of voting machines. outside federal court in philadelphia, an attorney called the machines vulnerable and hackable. >> we use machines that are vulnerable. we've had foreign interference in our election. there's concern out there that votes aren't being counted properly. >> reporter: while referencing some irregularities, he offered no evidence of hacking. did you ever worry that your vote wasn't being accurately recorded? >> no, i never got that feeling. >> reporter: voters we talked to said they're comfortable their votes counted.
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>> it's just something everybody wants to come up with. >> i reached out to the pennsylvania department of state. they tell me they're not commenting on litigation. i reached out to the pennsylvania republican party and a spokesperson told me, quote, we are actively engaged in the lawsuit and look forward to the dismissal of these absurd claims, erin. >> lauren, thank you. recount efforts are under way in two other battle ground states, michigan's recount began today, wisconsin's began yesterday. they are not expected to change the results of the election. president-elect trump has selected dr. ben carson to run the department of housing and urban development. the retired neurosurgeon was a presidential candidate but once he dropped out, he quickly endorsed mr. trump.
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he is the first african-american chosen for the new cabinet. in a statement, the president-elect said carson has a brilliant mind. but house minority leader nancy pelosi called carson a distu disturbing choice. the u.s. does not have formal diplomatic relations with taiwan. a spokesman for china's foreign ministry says the taiwan issue has always been the most important and sensitive one in china/u.s. relations. but donald trump defended himself on twitter, saying china doesn't ask the united states and it makes decisions. the president-elect is threatening heavy taxes for u.s. companies that move jobs out of this country, tweeting yesterday that he would impose a 35% tax on products sold in the u.s. by any business that fired american workers and built new facilities
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overseas. former vice president al gore visited trump tower this morning. he was scheduled to meet with president-elect trump's daughter ivanka but after leaving, revealed that he actually spent the bulk of his time with the president-elect. he is an advocate of the idea that humans are causing climate change. during the campaign, trump called man-made climate change a hoax. >> we had an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. >> mr. gore said he would leave it at that and walked away without taking questions from reporters. new york city is asking the federal government for tens of millions of dollars to cover costs for security to protect president-elect trump. big apple mayor bill de blasio says he's asked for $35 million to cover the time period from election day through inauguration day on january 20th. mr. trump has spent most of his time since election day in his
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apartment at trump tower in midtown manhattan, a move which forced police to increase security in one of manhattan's busiest neighborhoods. >> he's the president-elect of the united states of america. i didn't vote for him, i don't agree with him, but he's the president-elect. he has to do what he thinks he should do to put together a team to govern this nation, and i don't want to second-guess him. >> mayor de blasio says all things being equal, he would like to see the president-elect plan his administration from his golf course in new jersey. a montgomery county school district cancelled classes today. school will reopen tomorrow. the school district said an anonymous post on instagram referenced the sandy hook massacre. the person responsible for the post has been identified and state police say there is no credible threat. >> right now it looks like this has been misinterpreted and not
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an actual threat to the school district itself. >> all afterschool activities scheduled for today will go on as planned. scary moments for a septa bus driver after two people poured an unknown liquid on her. the transit agency says two men got on bus route k at rising sun avenue and adams avenue in lawncrest at 6:30 this morning. they threw the liquid on the driver and ran away. septa says the substance was tested and determined not to be hazardous. the death toll from that oakland warehouse fire has now climbed to 36 and it is feared more bodies are still buried in the ruins. officials just wrapped up a news conference, in fact about an hour ago. nbc 10's keith jones is back in the breaking news center with an update. >> jim, recovery efforts have resumed as families anxiously await word on their missing loved ones. a vigil will be held for the victims of the fire and broke out during a dance party,
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organized by a facebook group called raver remembrance. it will be held tonight and streamed on facebook live. flames tore through the building known as the ghost ship, a cluttered warehouse that had been converted into artists' studios and illegal living spaces. authorities have identified 11 of the bodies but have withheld some of the names. the fire debris is making things challenging for recovery crews. >> we continue to be very careful, very mindful. this scene is being managed with a lot of care and thought. >> a sheriff's spokesman wouldn't speculate how high the death toll might go. a local prosecutor has sent a team to search for evidence of a crime in the warehouse, which was already under investigation by the city for code violations. officials temporarily cut power to neighboring businesses
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today as part of that recovery effort. live in the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. if you get your power from atlantic city electronic, you m notice some money back. they joined governor chris christie and other leaders in mays landing to talk about the company's emergency with excelon. the governor says it will lead to financial benefits including a bill credit of about 113 bucks per customer. governor christie praised the merger. >> and i think the partnership will give us more and more benefit as we go into the future, as the company becomes even more aggressive in terms of supporting customers and the community, making it a win/win for everybody in the state. >> a clec announced the merger plans earlier this year. a woman in berks county was
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grazed by a bullet in a grocery store parking lot in reading. police say the shooting appears to be accidental but they are investigating. new details today about an incident that sent foam flying out of a center city peco substation. peco says there was not an explosion and no fire. the power company says one of two large transformers came offline, similar to how a circuit breaker flips off, and when that happened, a flash activated the foam fire suppression system. the cause of the whole thing is under investigation. heroin overdoses may be to to blame for the death of nine people in philadelphia since friday. six of those deaths happened yesterday. the victims were found just blocks from each other in the kensington area. police are looking into the possibility that a bad batch of heroin could be to blame. >> we'll look at the packaging that's recovered and see if there is any connection.
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a little too early to make that determination as to who is behind, you know, these incidents, if again they are related. >> just last month, nearly 50 overdosed on heroin in a single day in the city. police are still waiting for the medical examiner to rule on the official causes of death on this weekend's victims. in south jersey, rowan university dedicated this new academic building on its campus in camden. the school transformed the old camden national bank and trust building into classrooms and student lounges. the addition was built with the help of a $17 million state grant. spots are filling up quickly for philadelphia's pre-k program. classes begin january 24th and parents are encouraged to sign up before the holidays. students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. an additional 1,000 spots have been added for the school year beginning in september. a philadelphia sendoff for one of the city's boxing greats
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today. [ applause ] mayor jim kenney presented jim hopkins with an on rather liberty bell, commemorating the boxer's final career fight in a few weeks. today's event promoted the rebuild philadelphia program when supports facilities like boxing gyms for young people in the city. >> when you're done with the school day, you come to a safe place like this to exercise your body and mind, go to the library to exercise your mind, learn about the world on the internet, and to do the things you need to do to meet your potential. >> as for hopkins, he will fight joe smith for his final bout on december 17th. a bill to end solitary confinement in new jersey prisons has been rejected. governor christie vetoed the measure today, calling it ill-informed. he went on to say that the bill was aimed as solving a problem that doesn't exist. the bill claimed solitary can
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have a lasting psychological impact on inmates and would have band it unless the inmate posed a substantial risk. a winner of teacher of the year was crowned this afternoon in hershey. that teacher is not from our area, but several nominees are. they include megan henry of lower merion school district, lindsey leavengood, representing brandywine heights area school district, as well as sandra lynn and phoebe symington, from the rose tree media school district. congratulations to all the nominees. today shaped up to be pretty nice in our region. but nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now tracking some big changes for this time tomorrow, glenn. >> yeah, that's right. i think by this time tomorrow it will be raining over most of the area. some of it at least on the moderate to heavy side, i'm not expecting a flood threat or anything. did turn out to be a pretty nice day. we still have some clouds in the sky but they're certainly not
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capable of producing any rain. and the temperatures are pretty uniform, in the upper 40s, around average for this time of year. some of our p.a. suburbs, chester, bucks, montgomery countys, malvern 45 degrees, st. david's, 48. 46 in warrenton. 48 degrees in new town. should be a little bit warmer on wednesday. it should be cooler tomorrow because of the rain. that rain comes tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. the arctic blast that we've been talking about for a long, long time is arriving thursday night into friday. the weekend will be feeling more like january. high temperatures may not get out of the 30s. this is what the radar looked like at 4:00 a.m. the system was already just about to move out.
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it was mostly rain, a little bit of light snow in the lehigh valley and poconos. temperatures above freezing. it didn't stick. this rain is going to be sticking tomorrow. you can see how heavy that rain is down to the far south, down near the gulf of mexico. the temperatures, as we go through the night tonight, not going to drop a whole lot. it will be seasonably chilly, down to freezing in allentown late this evening. clouds come in late tonight to prevent it from dropping even more. then here comes the rain. the first area to it it, central and southern delaware and cape may county. those temperatures will be held during the day. and then by the afternoon rush, right around this time tomorrow, it is raining just about everywhere. we have some snow in the poconos tomorrow afternoon. allentown, though, still 39 degrees. even if there is a little bit of a mix, it's just melting. and tomorrow night, we may have the heaviest rain during the
4:19 pm
evening hours. and it's wet all night tomorrow night and even perhaps into the wednesday morning rush, still getting some clouds and drizzle. we start drying out and the temperature goes up into the 50s at that time. so tomorrow, we take a look at this. it's dry for the morning rush. midday may still be dry. then it gets wet late in the day. lehigh valley, same story. it doesn't matter if it's 32 in the morning, there's no precipitation falling. the earliest of the rain starts at the jersey shore. noontime, we may still see some rain there. and that's why we do the neighborhood forecast, because some neighborhoods are going to be getting it earlier than others. but everybody's getting this. the arctic air is coming across the country as we go through thursday and into friday. you'll see just how cold it's going to get a little bit later. >> all right, glenn. kids' toys and adult toys, most people might think they
4:20 pm
don't mix. >> santa and his helpers are setting up shop near a local adult store wh. what the town is saying about the location of the christmas village that has everybody talking. plus a family bought a warranty for piece of mind. but when their dishwasher broke down, they couldn't seem to get it fixed. hour the nbc 10 response team got the family out from underwater. and bringing new meaning to shoplifti shoplifting. the grocery store without checkout lines, making it easier to grab and go. first, the dow hit a new record closing high today.
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take a look at this. this is the end result after a train carrying bmws derailed in south carolina. ouch. that train was carrying nearly 100 of them. fortunately no one was hurt. today crews had to remove damaged cars from the tracks before they could make any repairs. >> oh, no. >> yikes. that's an oops. if you've ever been frustrated by checkout lines at grocery stores, there may be a solution. >> a great story here. amazon testing a line-free store. the first amazon go store is open only for employees in seattle right now. shoppers scan their amazon app when they enter the store and sensors register what they pick up. their account is then automatically charged before they leave. the store offers mostly food, including ready to eat meals. it is expected to open to the public early next year. all right. look at this beautiful shot right here. this is a picture from an nbc 10 viewer.
4:25 pm
this is 2-year-old cason mathis as he looked at the christmas tree for the first time, probably mesmerized by it. nbc 10 wants to see your creative holiday photos. use the hashtag #nbc10holiday. share them over facebook, twitter, or instagram, or e-mail them to us, then watch nbc 10 to see your photos. getting a broken dishwasher again was anything but a quick fix. next on nbc 10 news at 4:00, how harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds team helped clean up this mess with the company. we're dry for now. but some of this rain comes in by this time tomorrow. i'm tracking the timing. plus the arctic blast to end your week in your first alert
4:26 pm
neighborhood weather forecast. [ cheers and applause ] plus fan frenzy. the fallout from the campus celebration that got out of control.
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built for business. in today's nbc 10 responds, a family bought a home warranty for peace of mind. >> but after their dishwasher broke down, they couldn't get it fixed until nbc 10's harry hairston got involved. >> the family says getting the sump pump fixed under the warranty was simple. the dishwasher was another story. >> reporter: meet the coyne family. they bought this house six years ago with a home warranty. >> just so we didn't have to worry about the washer, the
4:30 pm
dryer, the heating, the air conditioning. >> reporter: in march they say their dishwasher stopped draining. they say they've been hand washing plates and bowls ever since. they called 2-10 which they say gave them the name of a third party company to call for repairs. they scheduled a time for service. >> never showed up, never called back. >> reporter: they say they called the warranty company back and were given the name of another contractor. this time they showed but they couldn't fix the dishwasher right away. >> they said, i don't know if they're going to approve for this to be fixed, there's a whole big process to go through. >> reporter: after weeks and no word from that company, they say 2-10 gave them a third one to work with. but more bad news. >> they said we don't come to your town. i called the warranty company back. and they gave me another number and we called them. and they were on vacation. >> reporter: the coynes felt frustrated. >> paying for nothing. >> just got really disgusted. >> reporter: so they called nbc
4:31 pm
10 responds. we called 2-10 which told us the coynes were not available during normal business hours and this caused problems with the contractors. 2-10 says it offered to let the coynes use their own contractor and says the claim was in a holding pattern ever since. after we got involved, 2-10 offered several choices to resolve the issue, including money for a new dishwasher. they happily agreed to that option. >> it was handled perfectly. they called us right back. >> reporter: days later, this $436 check arrived from 2-10. >> very happy with nbc that they were able to step in and help us. >> a quick note about home warranties. before you buy, check what is covered in the contract. the manufacturer's guarantee might be enough. if you're paying monthly for a warranty, you might be better putting that cash into a home repair fund that you control. now to our recovery counter,
4:32 pm
$229,236 we've been able to get back for our viewers in the delaware valley. >> and you got that the one of out of the holding pattern, circling the airport. >> bring it on down, give us the cash, baby. >> thank you, hairy. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, fill out the complaint form online or give us a call. >> tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a couple says they bought blinds with a lifetime warranty but ran into problems when they tried to use it. they called that guy there, harry, and that story is tomorrow on "nbc 10 news today." a judge in montgomery county has ruled damaging testimony bill cosby gave in an accuser's lawsuit can be used in his criminal defense trial. the judge ruled today that cosby never had a promise from prosecutors that he could never be charged. we'll have much more on this
4:33 pm
breaking story coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. turning now to the weather, a cloudy day at the shore. nbc 10 in long port, atlantic county, where it was gray and chilly following a rainy start this morning. and you can expect more wet weather tomorrow. take a look at nbc 10 first alert radar, which is tracking some rain there for your tuesday. now, whether you will see rain or even snow tomorrow afternoon, that's going to be depend on where you live. >> that's why nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking your neighborhood weather. >> that's why we have neighborhood forecasts. we can sometimes pinpoint differences over different areas. here's one place that got some snow this morning and may get some more tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. this is camelback and pocono mountains. you can see a little bit of snow on the ground. that's what they had, a little bit of snow this morning.
4:34 pm
49 degrees in philadelphia where it was all rain. it was all rain just about everywhere except for the lehigh valley which had a little bit of snow. but temperatures stayed above freezing and it just melted. delaware, 49 degrees and lots of sunshine. you can see the dry air up here. a lot of wet weather down to the south, a lot of it is headed in our direction. it's moving very quickly. these systems are moving very quickly during the last couple of days here. as we go into tomorrow, this afternoon time, that's when the rain should start in philadelphia. it will start earlier in delaware and in cape may county. also southern chester county. by the afternoon rush tomorrow, it's raining all over the place except for that snow in the poconos. and maybe getting a little bit of accumulation there. the rain gets perhaps a little bit heavy at times by tomorrow evening. but not enough to cause any kind of flood threats. as we go through the day tomorrow, it's going to start off dry.
4:35 pm
may even stay dry through midday. by afternoon it's a different story. let's see if any of our neighborhoods do get wet weather by noontime. lehigh valley, no, it's not going to happen until later in the afternoon. there we go, jersey shore, one of the first places to get the rain tomorrow. we'll have more on the timing of that rain and the arctic blast, coming up. >> all right. other stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:30. green party presidential candidate jill stein is continuing her effort to verify election results in pennsylvania and two other states. stein and her supporters are turned to federal court, asking for a forensic analysis of electronic voting machines in the keystone state. some dramatic video shows a worker held at gunpoint and put in a chokehold during a robbery at a laundromat in upper darby. police say two masked thieves burst into the laundromat on marshall road at 4:00 a.m. they got away with $600.
4:36 pm
a reward is out for the person who turns in those robbers. plenty of reasons to celebrate this weekend. the nittany lions are bowl-bound. >> some of the fun got out of hand in happy valley. [ cheering ] this was the scene on campus saturday night. thousands of fans took to the streets after penn state won the big ten football championship. students climbed street signs, took down a streetlight and damaged other property. police say many students will face assault charges. penn state's championship win over wisconsin earned them a spot in the rose bowl. penn state will face usc on january 2nd. the nittany lions just missed out on grabbing a spot in the college football national playoffs. temple is going bowling too, fans celebrating the owl's win. they'll return to annapolis to take on wake forest in the
4:37 pm
military bowl. getting a face-lift often means of course going under the knife. >> now getting a more useful look could be much less invasive. we'll explain how a liquid face-lift works and how it's giving some women the red carpet look they've been wanting. santa set up shop next to an adult toy store. we'll tell you whether the community is feeling jolly about this.
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having a face-lift usually means going under the knife. one new technique avoids all that. the liquid face-lift is a combination of injectables like botox and fillers. doctors say it gives people a more youthful look and gets the rid of hollowness, improves smile lines and gets rid of loose skin. >> it looks like a needle but it doesn't feel like it because it's a soft, blunt tip, no bruising, no swelling. >> doctors say the liquid face-lift requires no downtime
4:41 pm
and, the best part, no pain. the results, they say, are immediate. well, it's beginning to feel a lot like december. a chance for some snow in parts of our area tomorrow. and the arctic air by the end of the week. it's actually going to feel more like january. i'm tracking the changes you can expect in your first alert neighborhood weather forecast. plus we've seen angry flyers fans throw things but this mess was all for a good cause. we'll explain next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the roses are blooming in herbal essences
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. what's going on here? it's an annual tradition of the hershey bears minor league hockey team. it's called the teddy bear toss. fans bring stuffed animals and
4:45 pm
when the bears score their first goal, you throw the toys out to the ice, and a lot of them too. this year, about 20,000. it's all for a great cause. the stuffed animals go to children in need around central pennsylvania. >> fantastic. look at all those toys. >> how did they toss that thing? >> i don't know. chopped is teaming up to provide free car seats for 40 families. kohl's donated to the children's hospital. injuries from car accidents are the leading cause of death for children in the u.s. philadelphia eagles have been having a rough time on the field. they're hoping their latest move is music to fans' ears. tonight, some players will take music classes taught by rock to the future. students will teach players how to play instruments, all part of the team's effort to increase its positive impact on the community. school district of
4:46 pm
philadelphia is collecting toys for the "today" show's holiday toy and gift drive, joining parents, students, and volunteers to help sort through approximately 3900 toys donated to the district. taking a live look right now at camelback mountain resort in the poconos where there are a few snowflakes on the ski hills. they could see more of the white stuff by this time tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the return of rain and possibly snow for some people, glenn. >> that's right, and the poconos are definitely likely to see some snow, maybe even accumulation during the afternoon and tomorrow night. the rest of the area not so much. this is wilmington, delaware. we had a little bit of rain earlier today. now that moved out and we've got some decent weather. in parts of the area, we've seen temperatures go into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees.
4:47 pm
right now in new jersey it's 46 at clayton, 48 at turnersville, 44 at addco, 47 in pemberton, florence, sinamonsen. we're dry now, the rain are not too far behind. it's moving up pretty quickly. yes, the rain is going to be developing tomorrow. and it's not going to take all day to happen. there we are tomorrow morning with clouds. shortly after lunch, it's raining in philly. before lunch, it's raining in south jersey, just rain until you get to the poconos, that's snow. by the rush it's raining everywhere and wet everywhere, slow going. in the evening, more hours of rain. that's a lot of hours of rain,
4:48 pm
way more than what we saw this morning. we get showers on thursday with an arctic front, yeah, that's right, we've got an arctic blast coming. we've been telling you about this for more than a week. here it comes. by wednesday, it's coming into the great lakes, coming into pennsylvania during the day on thursday, perhaps with a rain or snow shower in some areas with it. then the arctic air is with us friday and over the weekend. not record setting or anything, but it's way colder than anything we've seen so far. watch as we go through the evening hours. the temperature doesn't really drop a whole lot during the night tonight, down to near the freezing mark. as the clouds increase toward morning, temperatures kind of level off a little bit. then it's cloudy, 1:00. not raining in allentown, quakertown, reading. it's raining in atlantic city, wilmington, and philadelphia. that's why we break it down into neighborhoods. by 4:00, it's raining just about
4:49 pm
all neighborhoods. but you see the bigger raindrops is philly, wilmington, atlantic city and trenton, than you see in quakertown and allentown. heavier rain in those areas, the more drops you have, the wetter it is. in the different neighborhoods on thursday, philadelphia is up to 46. p.a. suburbs up to 42. lehigh valley, rain and snow showers with a high of only 39. yet in delaware, we've got a high of 50. big differences across the area coming on thursday and into friday. and look at some of these temperatures. over the weekend, we might see a couple of snow flurries. p.a. suburbs, lehigh valley. and then just plain cold for the rest of the weekend. here is the ten-day forecast. warms up a little bit as the sun comes out wednesday afternoon. thursday, 46 with the arctic blast starting to come in. again, chance of a rain or snow shower to the north and west.
4:50 pm
it really gets blustery friday and into saturday. and then gets a little bit closer to normal next week. it's it's an arctic blast but it won't last forever. >> arctic blast? >> you'll hear it again. >> it's just beginning, erin. santa claus is coming to town. >> in one delaware city, it's setting up shop near another kind of toy store. is it naughty or nice? next, the location of the christmas village that has the entire town talking. we'll explain. oh, that's lovely...
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. welcome back. here is santa. he's set up shop in an unusual place in delaware, to say the least. >> he's sharing a parking lot with an adult store. but still, kids are welcome to come visit him. >> nbc 10's tim furlong explains why the shop owner decided to set up the santa house. >> ho, ho, ho, merry christmas! >> reporter: santa spread good cheer here in sussex county. >> i put rudolph in there too. >> reporter: his little house was put there by the owner of a store that specializes in adult toys. they share the same parking lot. >> block out the fact that i'm a sex shop and realize i'm just a person that cares about little people and i want them to be able to see santa. >> reporter: jennifer has owned the dragon's lair adult toy store for 20 years. she didn't want kids to have to drive to meet santa so she
4:55 pm
brought him here. it's raised eyebrows. the owner says there have been negative facebook comments. she says some people are surely just protesting quietly by not bringing their kids. >> the dragon's lair is an adult store, that's clearly what we do. >> reporter: kids under 18 aren't allowed in the dragon's lair. jennifer doesn't think people should be turned off from bringing kids to see santa outside. >> the two aren't hand in hand. i'm a mom and a grand mom that likes kids. i wanted these kids to have a santa locally. >> reporter: in sussex county, delaware, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> if nothing else, it has a lot of people talking. >> it does. we're working on several stories for 5:00. >> here's keith jones. >> erin and jim, breaking news in the bill cosby case. coming up next, what a judge decided we'll hear in cosby's upcoming sexual assault trial.
4:56 pm
all new -- the car, the crash, and a miraculous turn of events that helped officials crack the case in a way no one could have predicted. don't put away the umbrellas just yet. i'm tracking rain for tomorrow. coming up, i'll show you the timing and very cold temperatures by the end of the week. and eagles aftermath. what the coach of the birds admitted about certain members of the team today, ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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brief break. the sun has been spotted in our area after a day that began damp. but rain is about to make a return. chance encounter. a car was key to a local case. the way investigators ended up with it was not what they expected. and eagles admission. what the coach of the birds is acknowledging some members of the team didn't do during their latest loss. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. breaking right now, a blow to the bill cosby defense team in his upcoming sexual assault trial in the form of a ruling late this afternoon by a montgomery county judge. nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston joins us live. >> harry, what does today's ruling mean? >> assuming cosby stands trial and that a jury will hear testimony from a 2005 deposition when cosby admitted to giving a
5:00 pm
woman drugs in his cheltenham home. a judge denied cosby's request to suppress that testimony. cosby argued he only gave that testimony in a deposition because he was granted immunity from future prosecution by bruce cantor, the district attorney at that time. the judge says there was no legal agreement of immunity. again, cosby's deposition taken in 2005 and 2006 in the civil suit will be admissible in the crime trial. i've reached out to cosby's defense team but so far no one was available for comment. >> harry, thank you. now to new video showing two masked thieves who terrorized a worker inside a local laundromat. one of them put her in a choke holed while holding a gun to her head. the scene played out this morning inside the t&w laundromat in upper darby. tonight upper darby police hope someone will recognize the thieves from that video. nbc 10's


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