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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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woman drugs in his cheltenham home. a judge denied cosby's request to suppress that testimony. cosby argued he only gave that testimony in a deposition because he was granted immunity from future prosecution by bruce cantor, the district attorney at that time. the judge says there was no legal agreement of immunity. again, cosby's deposition taken in 2005 and 2006 in the civil suit will be admissible in the crime trial. i've reached out to cosby's defense team but so far no one was available for comment. >> harry, thank you. now to new video showing two masked thieves who terrorized a worker inside a local laundromat. one of them put her in a choke holed while holding a gun to her head. the scene played out this morning inside the t&w laundromat in upper darby. tonight upper darby police hope someone will recognize the thieves from that video. nbc 10's deanna durante is
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following the story and joins us live from upper darby. >> deanne, it's hard to make how the the faces in the video but police have several clues, right? >> reporter: they do. they want you to look at the video, look at what the they'ie are wearing, the shoes, the clothing. they say the suspects may have left behind fingerprints and other area. the owner of the building says this crime is going to change the way he does business. it was an ambush. the woman has no idea anyone is in thelaundromat, let alone two armed thieves. she's pulled into a boiler room. one thief goes through her pockets. >> these two scumbags walk in at 4:00 a.m. and stick her up. >> another thief hits the office, first stuffing dollar bills in pockets. when a tray of quarters hits the
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floor, he removes his gloves to get every single one. police think this thief could be a woman as she steals the victim's coat. laundromat customers are shocked. we showed them the video. they say it's hard to tell who the thieves are. >> nobody sees their fates, you know? i hope they catch them. >> reporter: despite covered faces, police think people out there will know a pair of thieves wearing all black, using camouflage masks covering their cases and who suddenly have hundreds of dollars in quarters to spend. >> the video is good, and there's no doubt that they're from the neighborhood. >> reporter: now, these two got away with about $200 in cash, about $400 in quarters. again, police believe someone out there is going to who this couple is by their clothing, by the way they walk. if you want that tip money, call it into upper darby police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. turning to our first alert
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weather, let's take a live look at boat house row in philadelphia. the skies have cleared, at least for now. a beautiful picture along the schuylkill river. a wintry mix in parts of our area this morning. >> it's a much different scene at the camelback mountains. you can see snow on the ground there after flakes were seen coming down early this morning. the snow tapered off just about a half hour later. but we are not done with the wet weather just yet. you can see more rain is on the way to our area. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us for you. >> it's dry for now, sheena, not going to last long? >> no, it's not going to last too long. this time tomorrow we'll be watching rain move in, and we will be too warm for anything but rain. we'll be watching the poconos, however, because those areas could see snowflakes as we go through the afternoon and evening tomorrow. a live look at center city. we have pretty nice conditions, just thin clouds out there. tomorrow you'll notice even more clouds around. for now we're nice and dry in the philadelphia area.
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temperature, 49 degrees. the winds are not that bad, but it is still cool this evening. and it's going to stay cold as we go overnight tonight. now, the wind direction giving us mostly temperatures in about the mid- to upper 40s, so seasonable for this time of year. 44 degrees in allentown, 45 in vineland. wilmington, 46 degrees. locally we're die. you notice more clouds moving in from the south. and the cloud cover is ahead of the rain. the rain is moving in this direction. it's all going to be moving in from the southeast. we have a lot of gulf moisture with this rain. some of it later tomorrow evening could be a little heavy at times. but for tonight, we're going to stay dry, even overnight, dropping into the 30s again by tomorrow morning. your morning commute will be dry for the morning drive. coming up, we'll take a look at the timing of the rain later in the day. to the transition of president-elect donald trump. it took a big step forward today. former rival dr. ben carson has been chosen to head the department of housing and urban development. in a statement, mr. trump said the retired neurosurgeon has a,
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quote, brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities. he went on to say the former presidential candidate shares his optimism for the future of the country. dr. carson is the first african-american chosen for the new cabinet. vice president-elect mike pence spoke about the pick this morning and the ongoing search to fill cabinet spots. >> excited to have dr. carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. we're looking forward to another very productive week in the transition that's setting a historic pace. >> this comes as the president-elect is widening his search for secretary of state. transition officials now say mr. trump is looking at former utah governor jon huntsman for the job. mitt romney, rudy guiliani, and david petraeus are reportedly being considered. this morning former vice president al gore had an unexpected meeting with the president-elect at trump tower.
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mr. gore was originally only scheduled to meet with mr. trump's daughter ivanka to discuss climate change. he's a leading advocate of the idea that humans are causing climate change. during the campaign mr. trump called man made climate change a hoax. gore said he had a long conversation with the president-elect today. >> i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and to be continued. i'm just going to leave it at that. >> mr. gore did not go into detail about what was discussed during today's meeting with the president-elect. new details tonight on the push to get a recount in pennsylvania. a new federal lawsuit has been filed which seeks to order a second look at the election results. former green party nominee jill stein is behind the effort in pennsylvania. she has launched similar efforts in wisconsin and michigan. today stein held a small rally across from trump to our in new york city. she called on president-elect donald trump to stop trying to block the recount process by filing lawsuits.
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stein also said she will not give in to intimidation. nbc 10's jim rosenfield joins us live in the digital operations center. jim, today's news came as philadelphia revealed the results of its own recount. >> erin, today we learned the recount in philadelphia resulted in a very minor change, it gave hillary clinton only five more votes in the city. let's go outside federal court in philadelphia right now, this afternoon. this where an attorney for jill stein was speaking out about the recount effort. he called the voting machines vulnerable and hackable. and he referenced some irregularities but offered no specific evidence of any hiking. hacking. he did go on to say it's something that needs to be looked into because of concerns about international hacking. >> we use machines that are vulnerable. we've had foreign interference in our election. there's a lot of concern that votes aren't being counted properly. >> stein's lawyer says an investigation is needed to determine if any voting systems were compromised during the election. nbc 10 reached out to the pennsylvania department of state. they're not commenting on the
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litigation. we also reached out to the pennsylvania republican party for a comment. a spokesperson said, quote, we are actively engaged in the election contest lawsuit and look forward to the dismissal of these absurd claims, end quote. jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. keith? >> jim, thank you. a judge has declared a mistrial in a case of a former south carolina officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. the jury said today that they were unable to come to a unanimous decision in the case against former north charleston officer michael slager. he was caught on camera shooting and killing walter scott as he ran from him in 2015. the defense team argued he was if fear of his life when scott got control of the officer's stun gun and pointed it at him. it's not clear if the case will be retried. a georgia father convicted of leaving his son in a hot car to die will spend the rest of
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his life in prison. a judge instanced ross harris this afternoon. last month jurors convicted him of murder in the death of his 20-month-old son cooper in june of 2014. cooper was left in the back seat of his father's car for nearly seven hours near atlanta. prosecutors say ross intentionally killed his son to escape the responsibilities of family life. he will not be eligible for parole. today the trial began for a delaware county mother and her boyfriend accused in the murder of her 2-year-old son. prosecutors say shannon matthews and daniel grafton terrorized mason hunt before his death in february. investigators say the child was beaten repeatedly. they each face 82 years in prison if convicted on all charges. a chance encounter leads to an arrest at the jersey shore. a witness to a hit and run provided police a description of the suspect's car, and as ted
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greenberg shows us, he spotted the very same car while driving to thanksgiving dinner two days later. >> reporter: as the owner of a point pleasant beach auto body shop for a quarter century, alan pickert knows cars. even he is stunned about what happened after he helped investigators figure out what type of vehicle was involved in a deadly hit and run. >> i thought, it has to be a coincidence. >> reporter: it isn't. authorities say he spotted the very same car involved in the crash. >> the bumper was broken. >> reporter: he was driving to thanksgiving dinner when he passed the altima being loaded on a tow truck after it broke down. he immediately called a friend in the state police. >> i told him that, you know, the car they're looking for, he goes, yeah. i said, i think i just passed it. >> reporter: investigators had been searching for the nissan since november 22nd when they say it struck and killed a 34-year-old man and kept going.
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following picker tt's tip, they found the car and determined it had been driven by makxine pickard of berkeley township. she turned herself in on charges of knowingly leaving the scene of the accident resulting in death. >> this is an unbelievable scenario. >> reporter: it's the third time in the past couple of years that pickert has helped the ocean county prosecutor's office identify vehicles involved in hit and run crashes based on debris left behind. not until now did he end up seeing one of the cars. >> the first time was astonishing. the second time was unbelievable. this time it's miraculous. clearly he's special individual and we're thankful for his assistance. >> reporter: assistance pickert repeatedly offers free of charge. >> i have kids. i have a wife. i don't want them to encounter the person that did this to somebody else. >> reporter: no one answered the door at maxine pickard's house
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when we went there today. she is free on bail. in toms river, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. up next, a gunman sends customers scrambling. it's why he picked this particular place and its connection to the presidential election that has police taking a closer look. plus, a disturbing discovery. what turned up on a piece of protected land in our area and the search for whoever is responsible. and convenience store. a true convenience store, we should say. the new supermarket without a checkout line. those stories and much more ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. he gets a lot of compliments.
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a sinkhole is being blamed for the death of an off-duty sheriff's deputy in san antonio, texas. officials say the deputy's car fell into the sinkhole yesterday. it's believed to be at least 20 feet deep and filled with about 12 feet of water. utility officials say the sinkhole appeared after a sewer line rupture during yesterday's heavy rain. police say a fake news story led to a very real and dangerous situation at a washington, dc pizza restaurant. >> a man opened fire inside because he claimed he was investigating accusations against hillary clinton. 28-year-old edgar welch can be seen getting arrested here
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outside the popular pizzeria yesterday. he says he came to self-investigate the so-called pizza gate controversy which suggests that the pizza place is the center of a child sex ring led by hillary clinton and her chief campaign manager. >> promoting false conspiracy theories have consequences. i hope this will cause those people to stop. >> police say welch was armed with a handgun and a knife. he's facing several charges. >> nbc's meagan fitzgerald has a look at how the controversy started.
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meagan? >> reporter: guys, the owner here at comet tells us for weeks he's been receiving threats. we're also learning neighboring businesses here along connecticut avenue in northwest, they tell us they've also been receiving threats. of course there is absolutely no truth to this conspiracy theory. but a social media expert we spoke with today says for a lot of folks that doesn't matter. no doubt about it, we live in a world where it's harder to tell fact from fiction online. >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: many of those fictitious stories are circulating on facebook and twitter. on sunday, dc police say edgar welch drove up from north carolina, entering this pizza place and firing an ar-15 rifle inside. welch told them he was self investigating a story circulating on social media sites that police say just isn't true. >> the owner of comet was e-mailing with john podesta. >> reporter: a professor of communications at american university says this fake news
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story started when e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign were hacked and released by wikileaks. >> people reading through these e-mails take nuggets of truth and put that together with other things they've heard and come up with these new fake conspiracy stories, like this, that there's a child sex trafficking ring at comet. >> reporter: he says people convinced themselves that these fake stories are true because a lot of folks don't trust the government or media outlaws. many local businesses on this block of connecticut avenue say they've received several threats as well. >> it makes me so sad as a mom to think there were families in there and that someone who came in and was so misguided and lost, thought that an act of violence would solve anything. >> reporter: which says why these neighbors have stopped by, hoping that simple acts of kindness will overshadow hatred and lies.
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and shop owners tell us they have been petitioning dc police for the last several weeks here, trying to get more of a police presence in the area. police tell us they're listening, out monitoring the area for suspicious activity. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, live for us in washington, thank you. tonight a search is under way for whoever killed an elk on protected land in the lehigh valley. state police say the animal was found dead yesterday morning at the trexler nature reserve. the area is located right next to the lehigh valley zoo near allentown. police haven't said how the elk was killed. they are investigating it, though, as a case of animal cruelty. the preserve protects endangered he willed and bison herds. tonight, nice and dry. tomorrow morning we'll be dry. but tomorrow later in the day around this time we'll be
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tracking rain across the area. right now, a live look out at center city. we are still in the clear. and most areas dealing with just about partly cloudy skies. 49 degrees now in philadelphia. lehigh valley temperatures, mid-40s. pennsylvania suburbs, many of our delaware neighborhoods in the mid-40s. south jersey neighborhoods, mid-40s. so pretty comfortable temperatures for this time of night when you consider that we're not really above or below normal for this time of year. 46 turnersville. lumberton, 46 degrees. hope well township at 41 degrees. cinnaminson, 49 degrees. we'll drop into the 30s tonight, another cold start tomorrow morning. a live look at the radar and satellite. we have the clouds around, more clouds about to move in. we're nice and dry right now. more clouds to our south, that comes with the rain. this is a lot of gulf moisture. we have some heavy rain in here. and i think through the day tomorrow, later in the day, mainly afternoon and evening, we could see some brief heavy
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periods of rain. that is going to be in the forecast. but if you're up in the poconos, you could certainly be seeing some snow showers. here is a look at future weather. 8:30 tomorrow morning, clouds moving in. we'll be dry for the morning commute. so that is the good news. then closer to lunchtime, we should already see the rain moving in. by 5:00 p.m. we do expect a rainy evening commute. and if you are in the poconos, possibly part of the lehigh valley, it looks mostly confined to the poconos, though, we could see snow by 5:00 p.m. maybe accumulation in the poconos. elsewhere, we expect rain for new jersey, parts of pennsylvania and delaware. could be a little bit heavy at times. by 9:00, future weather showing a little bit heavier rain across the philadelphia area, maybe up towards trenton. then the area where we expect some snow might be warming up a little bit. some of that snow will start to make its way farther north. now we're looking at 7 a.:00 a . a.m. by wednesday morning.
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we expect clouds to be hanging around. we'll see more clearing through wednesday afternoon. tomorrow, make sure you have the umbrella. temperature-wise, it's going to be a rainy, chilly day for the afternoon. 44 degrees in schwenksville and allentown. 40 with rain later in the day. watching watching to see how close that snow gets. right now it looks like it's mostly confined to the poconos. make sure you have the umbrella. normally high this time of year is 48. today we've gotten to around 50. tomorrow, 47. some seasonable temperatures. wednesday we're up into the mid-50s. we drop to the mid-40s on thursday. look at the drop on friday. and that's going to come with wind 38 degrees and windy. this arctic air mass is going to drop down to canada. it will make its way into our area by friday. that is when we expect some of the coldest air we've seen so far. coming up, i'll show you how long that's a going to last. we'll take a look at your
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weekend forecast. >> sheena, thank you. up next, grocery shopping with a twist. it's the supermarket like you have never seen before. all the items are the same, but there's no checkout lanes needed. see how it works, next. and striking out. the new deal involving major league baseball that could spell trouble for a local company. those stories and more ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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if you've never wanted to skip the checkout lines at grocery stores, amazon may have the solution you've been looking for. the online retailer is testing a first of its kind grocery store called amazon go in seattle. shoppers scan their amazon app when they enter the store, and sev sensors register what they pick up. their account is automatically charged before they leave. the store offers mostly food including ready to eat meals. it's expected to open to the public early next year. >> that is unbelievable. majestic athletics in the lehigh valley will soon lose its title as official uniform provider of major league baseball. beginning in 2020, under armour will be in charge of providing uniforms for the league's 30 teams. the deal was announced this morning. majestic, based in easton, has been in the role since the
5:27 pm
1980s. there are new problems tonight at the scene of that deadly inferno in oakland. >> the death toll is rising again. but the search for more victims has been put on hold. the reason why, next. plus the new jersey filmmaker still missing. after the ooze. new details about what caused this sudsy mess in center city. those stories and more ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. the number of people killed in the massive fire that tore through an oakland warehouse this weekend has now grown to 36, and it's expected to continue growing. the local coroner's office is saying some of the bodies treated from the warehouse show signs of trauma. >> that means they may have fallen when the second floor collapsed. as nbc's steven luke reports, there are more fears about the safety of the building as the recovery effort continues. >> reporter: authorities believe they've pinpointed the section of the warehouse where a deadly fire erupted friday night. >> we now feel very strongly that we have this section of the building that was the area of origin of where the fire started. >> reporter: structural concerns caused firefighters to pause in what is slow and methodical work. >> working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing exterior wall is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: for several days
5:31 pm
they've combed through mountains of charred debris in what remains of the ghost ship warehouse, the building home to dozens of artists' studios and illegal leaving spaces, piled high with staircases and a maze of furniture. >> that place was a death trap. >> reporter: this former resident called it an accident waiting to happen. >> there was always candles, there was always fires. >> reporter: officials confirm a criminal investigation is under way. >> we're no closer to finding a cause. we absolutely believe the number of fatalities will increase. >> reporter: unanswered questions for a community deep in grief, still unable to comprehend such a horrific loss of life. oakland police say the criminal investigation is precautionary, because with so many big question marks surrounding not only the building but its operators, they want to be prepared for anything.
5:32 pm
reporting from oakland, steven luke, nbc news. a new jersey filmmaker is among those missing at the scene of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. tonight his friends are remaining optimistic. that story is ahead at 5:55. turning to first alert weather here, a rainy start to the day, giving way now to a clear night at the jersey shore. take a look at the live picture from cape may, clear tonight after a wintry mix moved in earlier. >> you can see things have calmed down quite a bit there tonight. but the rain and the cold weather, not over just yet. more of the same is already on the way. look at that. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us now. >> and it's not time to put away those umbrellas just yet, sheena. >> no, but you won't want or need them tonight. we'll stay nice and dry even for
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the morning commute, when we don't expect rain. for the lunchtime and afternoon you will need it. mid-40s, pretty uniform temperatures. philadelphia neighborhood temperatures, if you're in westmont, you're at 44 degrees. rittenhouse, 48 degrees right now. fox chase, 47. society hill coming in at 49 degrees. we will be dropping into the 30s again tonight. it's going to be another cold one, especially when you walk outside in the morning. but at least it will be dry. we're dry right now. we have some clouds trying to move in from the south. but that's one thing you'll notice in the morning. it will be dry about the skies will be overcast. it's all coming with rain. you see the rain right around the southeast, the gulf coast states. it's heading in this direction. so later in the day tomorrow, we will see the rain. make sure you have your umbrella for that. and look at the higher elevations tomorrow, they'll expect a little bit of snowfall. i'll show you the timing of that and a cold blast, all coming up. a look at the headlines
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we're following at 5:00, another blow to bill cosby's defense team in his upcoming sexual assault trial. a judge has ruled a jury can hear testimony the comedian gave during a 2005 deposition when he admitted to giving his accuser drugs at his cheltenham home. the defense had argued that cosby only testified after being promised immunity by the district attorney at that time. but the judge disagreed. thieves held a worker at gunpoint and put her in a chokehold during a robbery at a laundromat in upper darby. the crime was caught by surveillance camera. police say two masked thieves burst into the laundromat on marshall road at 4:00 a.m. this morning. a reward is being offered for the person who helps turn in the thieves. green party presidential candidate jill stein is continuing her effort to verify the election results in pennsylvania and two other states. stein and her supporters have turned to federal court asking for a forensic analysis of
5:35 pm
electronic voting machines in the keystone state. the state is not commenting, but a spokesperson for the pennsylvania republican party called the claims absurd and said they are looking forward to them being dismissed. new details tonight about an incident that sent foam gushing out of a peco substation in center city saturday. have you seen these images? come to your tv. peco now says there was no explosion, there was no fire. the power company instead explained one of two large transformers tripped just like a circuit breaker. when that happened, there was a popping sound and a flash, which triggered a foam fire suppression system. the cause is under investigation. and if you get power, by the way, if atlantic city electric, you may notice some changes and it starts with some money back. a cl ac electric met with governor chris christie, who says that the merger will lead to $126 million in financial benefits including a bill credit of about
5:36 pm
$113 per customer. governor christie praised the merger. >> and i think the partnership will only give us more and more benefit as we go into the future, as the company becomes even more aggressive in terms of what they want to do to serve customers here and support the community. it makes it a win-win for everybody in the state. >> ac electric announced its merger plans earlier this year. south jersey dedicated an academy building. the school converted the old first camden national bank and trust building into space for classrooms and student lounges. rowan built an addition on the building with the help of a 17 million plus dollar state grant. up next, new research about nuts that could change your snacking choices. plus the age of automobiles. if you're driving a car built more than a decade ago, you are not alone. what new research revealed and why it's actually good news for
5:37 pm
the auto industry.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. even one cigarette a day could be deadly. that's according to the national cancer institute. researchers found extremely light smoking still increases your risk of an early death. people who said they smoked less than one cigarette every day still increased their risk by 64%. scientists say the study indicates there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. if you do want to live longer, a diet containing either walnuts, hazel nuts or peanuts could be the way to go. researchers from london found people who ate them on a daily basis could decrease their risk of cancer by 15% and reduce the chance of heart disease by 30%.
5:40 pm
experts say nuts and peanuts include healthy nutrients such as as fiber and magnesium. there are a record amount of old cars on the road. >> but experts say it's a good for the auto industry. the average age of a vehicle is now 12 years, the highest ever. experts say the main reason is that vehicles have become more reliable for longer periods of time. they say higher prices of new cars have hurt sales. that's also leaving more money being spent at auto repair stores. >> the fact that the vehicle is te technologically better these days, allows them to hang on to it as long as they need to. >> officials estimate by 2021 there will be 20 million vehicles in the nation at least 25 years old. after the eagles' latest letdown, the birds' coach is opening up about sunday's defeat. what he's now admitting, next,
5:41 pm
as we head to the csn studios. and pack the umbrella tomorrow. coming up, i'll show you the timing of our next round of rain. plus some really cold temperatures before the week is over, that's straight ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. [ cheering ] a fan frenzy got out of hand at penn state saturday night. thousands of students took to the streets after the nittany lions won the big ten football championship. fans climbed street signs, took down a streetlight, you see that right there, and also damaged other property. police say many students will face assault charges. let's take a live look inside a dark lincoln financial
5:44 pm
field. the eagles back in action here next sunday after being beaten up by the bengals. fans we talked to today are not too pleased with the way the season has shaped up. >> eagles need the tenacity and the will to fight. >> i'm very upset. i haven't been able to watch the games. i can't take the emotional upheaval. >> they have given up on themselves a little bit. they fight so hard in the beginning and they lose their discipline on like the later on games. >> csn's john clark joins us now with more on the eagles' latest letdown. >> john, the coach addressed the issue of effort today. >> he actually did, coach doug pederson today says after reviewing the film of the loss, not everybody on the eagles gave their full effort. he said yesterday, right after the loss, that everybody did give maximum effort. so he's changing his tune. the birds came out flat in cincinnati. they got down 29-0. they weren't flying around on
5:45 pm
defense like they were the first half of the season. and there were plays where you could question if some players were giving their full effort. last night on "eagles game day final," mike quick said he thought the eagles could have played harder. doug pederson was asked point blank this afternoon, did everybody give their full effort? 1. >> not everybody. not everybody. and that's the accountability that i talk about. i implore and challenge the leaders of the football team to stand up and hold not only themselves but the rest of the team -- and listen, it's not a panic move or anything like that. but just, hey, let's make sure we're doing things right. everybody just do things right, do their jobs, do their assignments, you know, and good things are going to happen. >> it was the eagles' worst loss of the season. there's now four games to go, three of them at home against division opponents. we're going to see how they respond. we'll hear more about doug pederson and his meetings with
5:46 pm
the owners coming up at 6:20. back to you. >> of course on the bright side, the villanova wildcats are number one in college basketball. i'm sorry, i just slipped that one in there. but the eagles are back home next week for a divisional showdown dense the washington redskins. kickoff is 1:00 p.m. at the linc. a philadelphia sendoff today for one of the city's boxing greats. mayor jim kenney presented bernard hopkins with an honorary ceremonial liberty bell that commemorates the boxer's final career fight. he'll fight joe smith for his final bout in california. the hershey bears were dodging teddy bears, all for a good cause. look at this, more than 20,000 bears rained down on the ice yesterday after the hockey team scored their first goal of the game. there was even a seven-foot-tall
5:47 pm
teddy bear flung over the glass. they'll be donated to children in need across central pennsylvania. the teddy bear toss is an annual tradition. >> how do you do better than a seven-foot-tall bear? >> you don't. >> and how do you even bring it there? you have to check it through security, my goodness. >> awesome. dry right now, but sheena, maybe it will rain cats and dogs a little later. >> maybe, keith. a good one. tomorrow, not tonight, though. and not even for the morning commute, so that's good. the timing is going to put it later in the day tomorrow, so you have a dry morning commute tomorrow. but we do have showers in the forecast, and the poconos expecting a couple of inches of snow. so we'll be seeing that later in the afternoon. the morning commute, though, nice and dry, just on the cloudy side. still cold in the among. temperatures in the 30s. now we will see cold air, as we go into friday. we're talking about highs in the 30s. daytime highs. not the morning low but the daytime highs, friday and the
5:48 pm
weekend, are going to be in the 30s. make sure you have the heavy winter coat towards the end of the week. you're going to want it saturday and sunday too. i'll show you that forecast in a second. you can always see your seven-day scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. neighborhood temperatures right now, mostly to mid-40s. philadelphia 49 degrees, pennsylvania suburbs in the mid-40s. chester county, 40 degrees. we've cooled to 39 in ft. wales. collegeville, 42 degrees. bedminster, 42. warrington, 41 degrees right now. we're nice and dry with clouds moving in from the south. that will be the case through the morning tomorrow. you'll notice the clouds. but we do stay dry, temperatures in the 30s to start. there is some rain down to the south. this is going to be possibly heavy at times tomorrow, because it is all coming in from the gulf of mexico. that's more of that tropical rain. that's going to be moving in later in the day, afternoon and evening hours. then we could even see some snow
5:49 pm
is in the higher elevations. here is future weather. we stay dry tonight, morning commute, there you see the clouds. no rain yet. closer to lunchtime, that's when we'll start to see the rain moving in. south jersey, delaware. some of our pennsylvania suburbs like chester county. notice the colder air just to our north and west right over the poconos. could see a couple of inches of snow in the poconos. we expect just rain in other areas where it's too warm for that. the snow is starting to move away in the evening but we could see brief periods of heavy rain. i don't think it will be a huge issue. again, through the afternoon and evening tomorrow, just be careful driving out there because we will see rain for several hours tomorrow. 8:30 wednesday morning, the rain is moving out. the morning commute getting drier. and throughout the day wednesday, we'll be drying even more. and we'll even see a little bit more in the way of sunshine. now we're looking at future temperatures. there is the arctic air. it's finally going to get here as we go into friday. that is going to be a very windy and very cold day.
5:50 pm
and that cold air is going to last through your weekend. so that's why we're talking about highs in the 30s. the forecast, friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures in the 30s. these are daytime highs. we haven't seen a stretch of weather this cold yet. so we expect 38 friday in philadelphia, 34 in the lehigh valley. could see a few light snow showers there. 39 degrees south jersey. if you're in philadelphia on saturday, 37 for a high temperature. 39 on sunday. rest of the area, mostly in the mid- to upper 30s. so it is going to be our coldest weekend yet. a look at your ten-day rain tomorrow, dry thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. monday our next chance of rain. temperatures get back up near 50 years. a closer look at your neighborhood weather coming up at 6:00. a new teacher of the year has been crowned in pennsylvania. >> not from our area, but many of the nominees are. a ceremony was held in hershey
5:51 pm
today for the honorees. lindsey leavengood represented the brandywine heights school district. sandra lynn and phoebe symington are from the rose tree media school district. congratulations to all of the teachers. a show of peace and unity today at widener university. the campus received a visit from the free hugs guy. the free hugs project travels around the country, offering hugs to strangers. the idea is to bring people together as america grapples with complex social issues, love that. >> good idea. someone who bought a lottery ticket in northeast philly is very lucky. a lot richer tonight too. pennsylvania lottery officials say a ticket sold at the sunoco on cotman avenue won $1 million in saturday's powerball drawing. that means the ticket correctly matched all five white balls but not the red ball. whoever bought the ticket has a
5:52 pm
year to claim their prize. so check your tickets. friends of a new jersey filmmaker are holding out hope tonight. >> that filmmaker is among those missing after that deadly warehouse fire in oakland. but tonight people who know him are remaining optimistic. that story straight ahead.
5:53 pm
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the search for more victims in this weekend's deadly fire has resumed in oakland. work stopped on monday because of structural concerns. fire officials say they're searching about 70% of the building. today that death toll, by the way, grew to 36. that number is only expected to grow. >> many people are still missing, among them filmmaker alex ghassan from north jersey. nbc's ida siegal traveled to orange, essex county, to talk to ghassan's loved ones. she tells us how they're holding up. >> reporter: judy got teary-eyed this morning talking about her nephew, alex ghassan. he still has not turned up after getting caught in that deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california over the weekend. they fear it might be time to accept that he's not going to return. >> and the fact that we've tried to call his phone a couple of times and it's just gone straight to voicemail. we're not hearing anything specifically if him. we're kind of bracing ourselves for whatever the news may be.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: the famed producer and director posted this video on facebook from the dance party. an hour later it looked like this. his good friend got out and described a terrifying fight for his life. >> he literally said he had to feel his way out of the building because he couldn't see his own hands in front of him. >> reporter: the warehouse, known as the ghost ship, is an artists' haven. but it was cluttered with wood and furniture. people lived there illegally, no smoke alarms or sprinklers and no easy way out. alex and his fiance hannah did not make it out. >> he was trying to make sure that alex and hannah got out as well, but by the time he got out, the ceiling had caved in and alex and hannah were still in the building. >> reporter: also missing today, griffin matten from morristown, new jersey, reportedly an alumnus from uc berkeley. also pha pin from west port, connecticut. her parents are heading out to california preparing to identify
5:57 pm
her body. >> that was ida siegal reporting. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jim rosenfield. tonight at 6:00, bill cosby's legal team loses another appeal. also ahead, from jewelry to condos. a huge change of plans for jewellers' row. plus students chopping off their hair in south jersey for a good cause. glenn? i'll have the timing of tomorrow's rain in your neighborhood, next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
laundromat attack. a woman held at gunpoint for quarters. the piece of evidence left behind for police. double the size. tonight, the new plans to make a large tower along jeweller's row even taller. we saw light rain and snow overnight. we're looking at what's in store for tomorrow's rush hour. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. tonight, pennsylvania is a battleground state once again. right now there are calls to make sure the state's voting machines were not hacked during the presidential election. the green party refuses to give up its fight in pennsylvania despite donald trump winning the key state by thousands of votes. jill stein is leading the effort. nbc 10's lauren mayk is joining us now with the latest. lauren? >> jim, this isn't just about
6:00 pm
recounting votes. the lawsuit wants a forensic examination of electronic voting machines used in pennsylvania. it claims we won't really know who voters voted for without the court intervening. >> reporter: filed in federal court in philadelphia, the lawsuit claims pennsylvania's election system is a national disgrace. it calls voting machines in the state, quote, vulnerable, hackable, dangerous. but the argument by attorneys representing green party candidate jill stein and a pennsylvania voter isn't that hacking did happen on voting machines in this state. rather, that it could. >> we as citizens have a right to know, are those machines hacked or not. so let's get inside them. it's easy. >> reporter: we reached out to the pennsylvania department of state. but they aren't commenting on the litigation. >> this is about ensuring that all votes get counted. >> reporter: today jill stein appeared with supporters outside trump tower where transition planning is under way for the


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