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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. right new at 11:00 family, friends and law enforcement are mourning a trooper killed in the line of duty. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the trooper was killed as he
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respor responded to a call. the trooper was stationed. e ed. >> reporter: in is where trooper frankie williams was stationed hoar. right here you can see outside the flag is at half staff he was responding to a call. a man crossed the median and crashed into a police car head on. the other driver died at the scene. the trooper's body was driven away from the hospital. the crash, as we mentioned, happened in millmillville.
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we talked about the loss. >> we spoke to the officers, the troopers and let them know if there is anything we can do we are here to offer our support for them. >> i had to come out. >> reporter: and here again is the photo of trooper frankie williams. chris christie giving his condolences via twitter. nbc 10 news. >> dozen people are hurt after fire ripped through their apartment building. we have the latest on the investigation into the cause.
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the fire marshal ton scene of a fire that injured dozens. fire ripped through apartments. there was a fire on the second floor moving up to the third. that's where we learned a baby was thrown into the arms of firefighters. >> have a season. twelve people had to be rescued. four children suffered minor injuries. >> everybody left a lot of people live here. i don't know how many.
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la . >> the red kosz says they are assisting 21 people from five families. sam is a victim of the fast-moving fire himself. when we spoke to him he was waiting to get a look inside his business. the damage he says can be fixed. the most important thing is that everybody left with their life. >> i think everybody is safe. everybody is alive. that's the most important thing than everything else. >> nbc 10 news. and this just in. fire crews at the navy yard in south philadelphia. investigators say it may have been from a breaking mechanism that is now under control. another cloudy and chilly
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day outside now. it is spanning delaware towards camden. rain is heading in our direction. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> yeah, we don't have reports of rain in our area. the clouds are thickening up. we are not seeing any sunshine during the day. because of the timing of the rain the temperatures have managed to go above freezing throughout the area. allentown at 39. you can see some snow in the higher elevations in maryland and central pennsylvania, rain down across the i-95 area between baltimore and washington. the latest pictures, some of this not reaching the ground. it is a solid area of rain down to the south.
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so here is the hour by hour futurecast. we go to 2:00 this afternoon. the rain should be starting fairly light getting more substantial in delaware and cape may county. down by baltimore it starts to move up. it is near bucks county. patchy areas of moderate rain and a little bit of snow. that's up in the mountains. that's where we expect snow and accumulation. more about when this rain will be moving out in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. three men robbing a philadelphia tire shop. they broke in last month. one of the suspects hit an employee in the head and stole
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money from his pockets. the others ransacked the office before making off with cash and a laptop. police hoping this video will help catch a purse snatcher. you can see him stalking his victim. he sparked next to the victim and went into her car to grab her purse. she tried to stop him but he drove off dragging her until she fell. she is okay. philadelphia police are look far robber that put a mini market customer in danger. he put a gun to the customer in the back of the store. he forced the man to go the cash register. he demanded money. police hope you can identify the crook. take a look. a car on fire in philadelphia. you can see flames shooting from what was once a lexus sedan.
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it was ton 7,300 block in the short east. police look at surveillance that appears to show somebody throwing something into the car before it erupt into fire. an armed carjacking. take a look. it started around 11:00 yesterday morning when police say one of two men involved took out a gun and forced the driver out of the car. the car has new jersey plates. if you have seen anything or know anything about this carjacking you're asked to call police. jessica, what are you seeing out there? >> making delays here 2.
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we are seeing delays heading westbound. we are dealing with slow moving vehicles. on the westbound side it is backing up. we'll check in with construction that's in place and started this morning at 9:00 a.m. it will last until 3:00 this afternoon. start again at 7:00 p.m. it will be an active construction project. m.l.k. will be closed and the will be rerouted. you can see a back up onto the vine. eastbound looks worst than the westbound side. back to you! thank you. a new poll show shows chris christie continues
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to sink in the approval ratings. only 18% of the voters approve of the job he is doing. more than half of republicans polled disapprove of his leadership. new details on the investigation into a deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. he defended himself ton "today" show today. >> everything i did was to make this a stronger more beautiful community. >> more comments as authorities continue to sift through debris of the building. stepping up security in the los angeles area this morning. we have rain on the way. it will have an impact on your commute. i'm also tracking an arctic blast headed our way. that's all next.
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crews are back at work in orlando. the number of dead stands at 36. jennifer has more on the recovery efforts. >> the warehouse that became known as the ghost ship was never supposed to be a living space. >> i found a home there. >> if your ideal situation is living in a warehouse versus
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living on the streets. >> the man says he built it as an artist colony. he lived there with his family and others. >> this is profit, the loss of mass life? i lay my three children down there every night. profit? this is not profit. this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> documents obtained by nbc, two sited a ton of garbage piling up and illegal interior building structure. they are moving away from the immediate scene and into the building ond the owner. >> the question is whether or not the range of charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter. until we know what the evidence shows us there may be other
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charges if the evidence presents that. >> overnight a vigil for the victims, some of whom were able to send text messages saying good-bye. nbc news. and happening now we are learning more about the suspect in the shooting death of joe mcnight. a sheriff is holding a news conference. this is a live mixture of it. he was taken into custody late yesterday. he is facing manslaughter charges. they say the shooting thursday was the result of an apparent road rage incident. they say mcknight was shot after he walked over gasser's passenger side window. when police arrived he handed them his gun and confessed to killing mcknight. i will tell you about the
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rain moving in. here it is down by baltimore and washington. it is headed straight up in our direction. some of the snow is headed up to the northeast. this is the area in tthat will snow and probably some accumulating snow by the time it's all overwith. some of this precipitation is on the add least moderate to heavy side. i think the heaviest rain will occur this evening. it's a large area. because it's moved in after the early morning hours the temperature has gotten a chance to go above freezing even in the lehigh valley.
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temperatures going to go up from there. as you can see through the afternoon the futurecast with the temperatures may not even be this warm as the clouds have thickened up. you can still see it's near 40 and close to the freezing mark. this rain just continues. once it starts it will be a fairly steady rain throughout late afternoon into the evening, past midnight. by tomorrow morning it's still cloudy. it's still damp. look at the temperatures. they have not dropped. temperatures will not be dropping overnight. tomorrow later in the day some sunshine is possible but not in the morning. it is not going to start off
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very pleasant. by 10:00 tonight a quarter inch in some spots. it will start earlier. we are talking about close to an inch of rain. it's a significant system. it's not threatening any kind of flooding. this is more than significant. this is the first arctic air of the season moving across the country. it entered in the west coast. it will be arriving here thursday night into friday. it's not necessarily going to be a long-lasting thing. things easing up a little bit as we head towards monday. mild air trying to creep back up to coast. it's just a matter of the timing. 44 for the high today with rain moving in. tomorrow a lot of clouds, maybe a few sprinkles in the morning. any clearing in the afternoon takes us to 51.
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thursday 46 with the wind. watch what happens on thursday with the temperatures and the precipitation. lehigh valley predicting rain and snow showers. quite a difference in what we see. that's what the weather stuff is all about. delaware gets up near 50 degrees on thursday afternoon. for the weekend it's just going to be plain cold. maybe snow flurries or showers but otherwise dry way below normal temperatures and way below what we have been used to. we'll see when it warms up in the ten day later. it's just as bad as driving drunk. drowsy driving and how dangerous it is for you and other people on the road.
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hair spray live coming to nbc 10 tomorrow night. it is based upon a broudway musical of a teen who dreams of living on a tv show. there are a lot of similarities to a local dance show from that
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same era. tell us how that happened. >> philadelphia is really in the national spotlight particularly with all of the really amazing things that we have done in the last year. i think as a result we were selected as one of the lucky cities to be featured with a national watch party. so audiences with nbc in contests were allowed in and then as well our lucky broadway subscribers were invited to join in the action. we also have a standby line and
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saved some of the best seats. we are hoping people come in costume. it will be a great party. >> a lot of similarities with american bandstand and became a national phenomenon. talk about honoring the legacy of bandstand tomorrow night. >> there's no place better to honor that than in philadelphia. we have jerry, bobby reynolds and we really are going to kind of recreate the magic that happened during american bandstand. we had selected some of philadelphia's top dancers. we are really going to put on a show and a party. >> it is just like they did back in the 50s with bandstand. my producer was telling me bobby will be here tomorrow as our
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guest. tell us about it. >> we are launching mama mia. >> i love that show. >> it's the best. >> and this is the farewell tour. >> my producer loves that music. >> it is fantastic. it will be the farewell tour. we also have a great new show coming called saloon. we are one of the first tour stops. so once again, starting it off right. >> that's quite a handful right there. watch hair spray live right here on nbc 10 and philadelphia will be well represented. you can be sure of that. look for the live cut-ins when you're watching the show. we are proud to partner for this exciting event. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> can't wait for you to tell us more about what's going on.
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>> thank you. an investigation of a deadly crash that killed a new jersey state trooper. the community comes together to mourn and remember. plus details on an apartment fire that injured several people early this morning in frankford. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
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trooper frankie williams was killed in a head-on clarash las night. people have been stopping by the pay their respects lout tthroug the morning. >> reporter: yes. one woman stopped by because she felt the need to offer her condolences as have other people here this morning.
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this is where trooper frankie williams was. you can see the flag at half staff. we were here as troopers raised that flag earlier this morning. trooper williams was killed while on duty. he was responding to a call last night. sky force 10 was over the scene of that crash. police tell us a man was driving southbound and crossed over the grass median and crashed into trooper williams police car head on. he was flown to cooper hospital where he died. the other driver died at the scene. we saw as police officers saluted as the trooper's body was driven away. the show of support continues. the mayor stopped by. the crash happened in his city and many of his officers responded lorespon responded last night. >> law enforcement we are all brothers. it really paints our heart.
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we just have to move on from this. my condolences go out to the williams family and the other driver involved in the accident. >> it is really heart wrenching. i had to come out and tell the gentlemen how sorry i was for their loss. >> and the photo of trooper frankie will m iams in uniform. he was 31 years old. no word yet on any funeral arrangements or the identity of the other driver involved in last night's crash. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. the investigation into the cause of an apartment building fire is underway this morning. the fire started early this morning. victims jumped from windows. a baby was thrown into the arms of firefighters during a dramatic rescue.
11:32 am
>> they did a good job saving everybody. >> the red cross tells us they are assisting 21 people and five families. we give you a live look at beach avenue in cape may where soon you'll need an umbrella. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has our forecast. >> yeah, cape may will be one of the places that gets the rain earliest. right now coming through washington and baltimore and
11:33 am
headed up in our direction. no doubt about that. you definitely need the umbrellas today. it is a solid area of rain. it is at least higher up in the atmosphere right over pots toto and just about to wilmington. it gets heavier back to the west. once the rain does start it looks like it will be fairly steady for quite a number of hours. you don't see tremendous intensity to this. you also see a limited area of snow in the higher elevations heading up towards the poconos. this is hour by hour. by this afternoon we are starting off with a little bit of light wintery mix. it starts off as rain in allentown. as we go through the evening that darker color indicates it could be coming down pretty hard with the snow in the poconos.
11:34 am
while we are getting heavy rain in allentown. by 10:00 the snow is tapering off a little bit and skreepicre down a little bit it will be the higher elevations. as we go through the night warmer air comes in. any temporary snow will change back over to rain. by tomorrow morning it's just a few sprinkles around. the wider picture shows the rain area moving in. this afternoon heavier rain coming between 6:00 and 9:00 tonight especially in the northern suburbs. another area could be heavy as well. we'll talk about the arctic blast in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. extra security is in place after a tip about a bombing at a
11:35 am
subway station. jonathan gonzales has the latest on the threat and the city's response to it. >> reporter: l.a. county deputies are securing this area. you can see behind us that they are heavily armed right now. they are checking bags. law enforcement says the threat came from a man using a pay phone. they would not specify what country that was however they do believe that the threat level is low. an anonymous tip came in monday. it was specific to this red line station, a very busy station here in los angeles. the mta is stepping up security. more than a million use it every day. toti authorities are telling riders to be on the lookout for
11:36 am
anything suspicious. >> we must remain calm but vigilant. >> reporter: the l.a. county sheriffs department and police department. they are working to see how real the threat may be. reporting at universal city, jonathan gonzales nbc news. a swing state that helped him win the election. mr. trump will hold a campaign-style rally. hi is expected to announce james mattis as his pick for defense secretary. al gore was scheduled to meet with president-elect trump's daughter, ivanka. he revealed he spent most of his time with mr. trump. here is what gore had to say
11:37 am
about it. >> extremely interesting conversation and to be continued. >> the former vice president is a leading advocate. during his campaign president-elect trump called climate change a hoax. biden is looking forward to the presidential race in 2020. he told reporters yesterday he would run. when asked if he was joking he said i'm not committing to anything. i learned a long time ago fate has a way of intervening. happening today they will announce an education grant to help adults earn credits towards a high school diploma. this year's grant from the u.s. department of education is
11:38 am
$236,000. the program will be offered at four different sites in the district. new many morning, just how much sleep you get could determine how safe you are behind the wheel. a new study reveals drivers who get less than seven hours after sleep nearly double their risk. sleeping less than five hours had a risk comparable to someone driving drunk. nearly a third admitted they had recently driven when they were so tired they struggled to keep their eyes open. lighting up the holiday season, some people go to great lengths to decorate their home. why this family says they couldn't pull this off year after year without the help of strangers, glenn. >> wow. well, the rain is on the way. i'll let you fle whknow what yo expect. plus arctic air is moving in our direction. the timing of that just ahead.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater?
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it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. it's time to marvel at a rainbow of christmas lights. this is in the ninth year. look at this. this is a front yard. jack owns his momehome. he said it takes weeks. jack told us it's all worth it to share the gift with people
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who stopped or drive by to gaze at the yuletide spectacle. >> they are led lights so they don't draw that much power. it runs about $2,500 for the season, maybe a little more. >> what do you think? >> i think it's perfect. >> we want to sew your creative holiday family photos. you can send them to us and watch on tv to see if some of your photos make it on tof. happening now president obama about to fly to florida where he will make his last national security speech. here is a live look as the president arrives aboard aforce one. he is going to meet with special forces in tampa. the white house says the
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president wants to thank service members who play a large role in the fight against terror groups. we'll stay on this picture here. it looks a little rainy there in florida. we'll see if we can catch the president make his way out of the suv there and onto air force one. perhaps this is that same storm system that's headed our way. they are getting there as the president prepares to head to florida to make his last national security speech of the administration. a couple of secret service agents there with umbrellas. we'll come back to this in a moment. well, it is the story of an
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unlikely friendship wlebetween cheerful frog and grumpy toad. you can catch it now in philadelphia. matt decker is the associate director. he is here with dr. irene everly. she is affiliated with childrens hospital in the leereach out an read program. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> we love your theater, by the way. tell us about it. >> it is perfect for families during the holidays because it celebrates the beauty of friendships, the ups and downs you encounter with your best friends. this show stars two of the most belo beloved. it's just a lovely show.
11:45 am
>> and you're asking people who come to the show to bring books to donate to the reach out and read program. >> yeah, you can bring a book and donate it at any performance. we are so thrilled because this story is based on a beloved childrens book. >> and i have come with children and that's a great little theater. let me turn to you. tell us why it's so important. >> reach out and lead is a fantastic way for parents and children to come together over books. we are very proud we have ten of our networks that are participating in the program. the nurse practitioners at each well visit between six months and five years give the child a book. >> mow many books do you expect to elect? >> we need everyone to collect them. we give away over 200,000 gently used books every year on top of
11:46 am
the 40,000 brand new books we give. >> we don't need the books. they are crumpled. >> they are loved. >> yes. that are loved but not too loved. >> that's a great way of putting it. >> it runs through january 29th on north 2nd street. it is a great theater. it's a gem. ticketholders would bring a new or gently used book. they received free popcorn. is that right? >> great deal. >> for more information head to our web site. we'll have a link on or the nbc 10 app. >> thank you for having us. thank you to you as well. well, just 15 minutes ago vai was showing you this picture of cape may and it wasn't raining. now it's raining. we got drops on the lens.
11:47 am
so the rain has started. this is a close up view of the radar. you can see that we do have some radar returns from southern cape may county. we also have some in parts of delaware increasing across the area. southern chester county and parts of burkes county getting a little bit of rain. it will pick up fairly quickly especially in delaware and it's a fairly steady rain. it's not just a couple of showers. you can see there's plenty more back to the west. so the threat continues all the way through tonight. the wind is coming off of the ocean. a northeast wind. it will be getting nasty. it is 49 at cape may. it is 49 in avalon. the temperature is not going to go up much, if any once the rain
11:48 am
starts. here we are with the futurecast by 2:00. this is mostly just rain. some of it a little bit on the heavier side as we go towards 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. the heaviest of the rain might come just after the afternoon rush. it is likely to be wet during that rush period and we have got some other areas, heavier rain coming through during the evening hours. later tonight things really die down to either light rain or drizzle. could be sprinkles along with fog first thing in the morning. we wait for some kind of sunshine breaking out later in the day. that will determine how warm we get during the afternoon tomorrow. then on thursday we have got an arctic front coming through. it could trigger some snow showers not just in the poconos like today but in the lehigh valley. just get a brief hit with the
11:49 am
showers as that arctic front comes down. so as we zboo tgo into the morn hours cloudy skies everywhere. temperatures above freezing everywhere. that is the important thing even though the rain ends. we are going to be seeing these temperatures go down. wednesday's high about 51 in philadelphia. it is 46 thursday and 48 friday. dover drops into the mid-40s and look at allentown. high temperature 34 with rain and snow showers on thursday. so we try to break everything down for you. on friday some snow flurries possible. lehigh valley generally dry and way below normal temperatures elsewhere across the area for the weekend. so there are the temperatures going down starting on wednesday. on thursday remember we have got
11:50 am
the chance of snow showers north and west. this is blustery, windy, gusts, it's cold all weekend. next week it's not nearly as cold as the weekend is going to be. trusting the process. right now the sixers are in rebuild mode but in this young season we have seen flashes of the team's bright future. scott is here. it is kind of a tough night last night. >> rookie of the month. >> yeah. it's a tough night so he is having a heck of a season. >> serve optimistic. the season is not going the way -- you know, you lose
11:51 am
simmons but everybody seems to be pretty optimistic about where the future of the team is. >> i think if you focus on what's in front of your face it can get a little dark. if you just peel back a couple of feet and look at the big picture it's very bright and the sun is coming up. you have ben simmons, number one overall pick. a 40 inch vertical that sees the floor like magic johnson. we have another good draft coming up. you start to see he was ranked second. you start to see these pieces come together, the ones we have been talking about. if you get away just a bit it gets pretty bright. >> tell me where you were. kind of set it up by telling us where you were on 9/11. >> on 9/11 i was in detroit working for the nba league office visiting the pistons, and
11:52 am
saw the first plane hit the tower and saw the second plane in the hotel lobby. got in the car it was all shut down at the airport. i went to the airport and drove straight home. my toughest memory from september 11th, my office sat right over but i would go to church when things got badly and do my 20 minute mass and head out. that's whether they had all of the funerals. in my nightmares, in my sleep when i close my eyes for years i would hear bag pipes because for 365 days, seven days a week it was a funeral of a police officer, of a first responder, of a firefighter, all of their funerals and every day constantly were the bag pipes of these funerals.
11:53 am
at i'm looking out i said if we can do something i'll do it. that's what this is never forget. >> you have a chance to, a platform to do it. tell us about the never forget tribute. >> you have the number one ranked villanova wildcats, the warriors, so we have villanova against notre dame. we certainly have family and friends. i have a brother that went to notre dame. it's the same type of community. two undefeated teams. you have pitt and penn state starting at noon on saturday. tickets available. go to >> the never forget tribute
11:54 am
classic is this saturday in newark. for information on tickets log onto and we will have a link there for you so you can find out how to get tickets. it's a great thing you're doing. >> thank you. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year.
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cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema and glenn "hurricane" schwartz. from all of us here on nbc 10 have a great day.
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>> gabi: okay, so how formal is this thing tonight? >> chad: from what i hear, they are pretty chill for being ceos. >> gabi: okay, so how about maybe we skip the whole white shirt/tie thing and we try something chill? >> chad: mm-hmm. see, i have a--i have another problem. >> gabi: what's that? >> chad: they want to set me up with this woman that they know, so not only are they ceos; they're wannabe matchmakers. >> gabi: great, yeah. i mean, maybe you'll like her. >> chad: it's a blind date. i hate blind dates. i don't know how to get out of it. please. >> gabi: chad, well, why don't you just go? maybe you'll like it. >> chad: what are you-- what's jj doing tonight? >> gabi: well, he's working. >> chad: mm-hmm. >> gabi: he has to work tonight. >> chad: great, you're my date. >> gabi: what? >> chad: mm-hmm. >> andre: i don't think that's a good idea. >> chad: i didn't hear you


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