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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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through much of lehigh county. and even heavier rain down by washington, that moving straight up to the northeast and that will be moving into our western suburbs in chester county, berks county and lehigh valley. and when the colder precipitation moves through the colder air, that's when we could see some snow accumulation this evening. we have fairly heavy rain right over redding. much of chester county, at least moderate rain in philadelphia, so we do have a lot of moisture around. of course you want to look at the temperatures, they're all above freezing except for mt. pocono itself, that's a cold rain in allentown at 41 degrees. temperatures are not going to be going down through the night tonight but more rain is coming in. >> and some of that rain is heavy, so expect some locally heavy rainfall as we go through the rest of the evening, and if
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you're in higher elevations like the poconos, you'll see accumulating snow as we go through the next couple of hours. this is showing a look at 5:00 p.m. tonight. the heavier rain moving in, confined to southern pennsylvania, even northern delaware. there you see the snow in carbon and monroe counties mainly. maybe a wintry mix in some sections of the lehigh valley, but what will be falling for the rest of the area will be rain with that onshore wind. by 7:30 this evening, it is still continuing. so again, this is going to be several hours, it's going to be a rainy evening commute with that heavy rain creating
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visibility issues and through the poconos, there you see the snow is still falling by 7:30, could still be falling by 9:00 p.m. with the heaviest of the rain moving out. we'll start to see things wind down, but we'll still expect rain around, ski resorts are going to be loving that. but by 11:00 p.m. this evening, we'll see even bigger improvements with our weather and for the among commute tomorrow, we do expect to be on the dry side. coming up glenn will take a closer look at this and talk about an arctic blast by the end of the week. >> and the poconos could see some snow tonight from this same system and the with arctic air at the end of the week, it makes perfect conditions for snow making on the slopes. a live report from the poconos still ahead at 4:45. our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with remembering a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. >> i can't believe he's gone.
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>> he couldn't wait become the state trooper. >> family and friends of trooper franky williams say their hearts are broken today. another car crashed head on into his police cruiser. this was last night in cumberland county. cydney long has more about what led to that deadly crash. >> but first let's go to new jersey bureau reporter ted greenberg. >> trooper frankie williams was highly respected. others who knew him say he was an inspiration. this afternoon people in at least two states are grieving. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe he's gone. >> reporter: in south jersey and in florida. >> our hearts are broken. >> reporter: devastation over the death of new jersey state trooper frankie williams. >> this is so tragic. so tragic. >> he's a friend and he recently got married. >> beatrice and kevin lived next
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door to frankie before he and his wife moved to egg harbour township. they wed in late september, just a month office he graduated from the police academy in january. >> his ultimate goal was to be a state trooper. >> williams you up in lakeland, florida, and friends say even as a boy, he was fearless. >> i know that child who grew up and i know he was doing something he was passionate about. >> people also took notice of williams when he later moved to south jersey. he earned a degree in. assistant criminal justice professor dean white says williams was truly an inspiration, inquisitive and had a yearning to serve the community. >> if you took all of the
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qualities that we recognize as good qualities in a human being, frankie epitomized all of them. >> white tells me williams was a people person who he believes had unlimited potential. ly ly. >> and this afternoon, nbc learned trooper williams was responding to a car swerving all over route 55 last night. investigators say the driver of that car was the one who crashed into the trooper. cydney long is learning more about what led to the trooper's death. she joins live from millville. >> we now know that trooper frankie williams was responding to an erratic driver. a red car that was swerving all over route 55 southbound. then those 911 calls started
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describing a mangled and tangled deadly wreck. sky force so above the mangled toyota corolla. it was a minute before 7:00 on route 55 last night. >> when you lose someone that you work with, in law enforcement, we're all family, we're all brothers, it really pa pains our heart. >> reporter: state police confirm witnesses described a red car that was out of control, eventually a red corolla crossed the median striking williams car head on. >> our prayers are with him. >> reporter: local residents like matt wilson, tena piper and others fought back tears. >> a young man who just got married, it's really heart wrenching, so i had to come out
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and stop in and tell the family how sorry i was for their loss this morning. >> reporter: many brought flowers and condolence cards. today there was silence and the flag was raised to half staff. governor christie sending his prayers to the fallen>>just lett heart's with them and if there's anything that we can do, we're here to offer our support for them. >> and state police have also identified that wrong way diver as 61-year-old lloyd ruddily of elmer. we just got his name a short time ago and we're working to learn more information about him. >> last night's crash marked the third time in learn a year when a new jersey state trooper was killed on the road. mack in march, trooper shaun
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cullen was killed when he stepped out of his cruiser an was hit by a passing vehicle. and eli carson died after his cruiser struck a telephone pole. he was responding to a domestic dispute when his car ran off the road. >> and nbc10 is working to learn more information about trooper williams funeral. temple's head football coach heading south for a new job. the university announced today that matt reuhl will be taking over the football program at baylor university in texas. lauren, what are temple fans telling you about this big change? >> reporter: they are not happy about it, but they aren't particularly surprised either. when you do well like matt reuhl did, you're going to be in demand. for some students, it is the timing that's disappointing
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them. at temple university, celebration over a championship and a bowl game is dampened today by news its head football coach is leaving. >> it's just sad. he's like one of us. >> reporter: matt reuhl earned that coaching the owls to more victories, giving students something to cheer about. >> i'm a little sad, i actually wish he would have stayed. >> it kind of sucks that he left so early, you win a division championship and then you leave. >> reporter: they knew it could happen. >> i know he'll do great things, but he'll definitely be missed at temple. >> reporter: but some students wish it would have happened a little bit later. there will be a familiar face when temple takes on wake
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forest. assistant head coach ed foley is now becoming interim head coach and he will coach the owls in the military bowl. live in north philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk. president-elect trump's choice for second or of state will be alongside him. during the event he is set to officially nominate retired general james "mad dog" mattis for secretary of defense. and this comes as mr. trump went on the attack against a government deal with airplane manufacturer boeing. this morning he tweeted, quote, boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents. but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion, cancel
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order. the president-elect spoke about the claims at trump hour today. >> the plane is totally out of control, it's going to be over $4 billion for the air force one program. i think it's ridiculous, i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. okay, thank you. >> the new air force one program began in january and was expected to be funded until 2021. while mr. trump is working to fill jobs, anyone can now apply for work within his administration. the so called government plum book is available online. and it lists 5,000 jobs in the executive and legislative branches that change hands at l term. the transition team announcing trump will be on hand to watch the matchup this saturday. the results have now been
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certified in montgomery county. county leaders were waiting to make the results official. the results show that the county had the lowest rate of returned absentee ballots. only 22,000 of the 30,000 issued were returned and counted. and today a group of house democrats came together on capitol hill to discuss proposed changes to the electoral college. many lawmakers say the electoral college has become outdated. some lawmakers want to have an election that is strictly decided by the popular vote. five adults and four children are recovering from minor injuries this evening after a fire early this morning. tonight, the red cross is
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helping five families to find a place to stay. >> wow, i just hope that everything is well, you know. it's holiday season. you wouldn't expect nothing like this to happen. >> some residents were reunited with rescued pets but some didn't make it. it comes more than two months after a deadly train crash this morning. amtrak and state officials discussed t discussed positive train control. that push to add positive train control has intensified after a new jersey transit train crashed back in september. investigators say the train was going doubled limit when it slammed into the hoboken station. a woman on the platform was killed and more than 100 others
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were injured. new details today in the shooting death of a philadelphia teenager, police say a 19-year-old man is surrendered to face charges in the murder of a 14-year-old. in montgomery county, a -- voted to outsource it's bussing to first student, one of the largest school bussing companies in the country. school bus drivers packed the meeting urging them not to -- maintain the same bus routes. >> the back ground checks are state law, it doesn't have anything to do with a local school district versus a private company, it's state law and the
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same thing holds true for vehicle inspections. >> nbc10's deanna durante is following the story, she's going to have more details coming up later, look for her story later on nbc10 news at 5:00. a warehouse fire in oakland left dozens dead. this morning officials said the death toll remains at 36 with no more bodies found overnight. however 10 of the victims are still unidentified. fire officials say they have -- collective that leased the building four years ago spoke out this morning on the today show. he denies the allegation that he was trying to make a profit at the expense of safety. >> this is profit? i'm a father, i lay my three children down there every night.
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profit? this is not profit. this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> the fire broke out at the warehouse during a party friday night. at least nine complaints have been filed against that property in the last to years. so far no charges have been filed. new video captures a man stealing a woman's first and dragging her with his car in south philly. you can see her grabbing her purse as the woman put away groceries. then the victim chases after the thief and tries to get in his car was he sped off and she's thrown to the ground. governor chris christie has a low voter approval rating. 77% of voters disapprove of his
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job performance. and 48% believe the governor personally ordered the new jersey traffic jam. a several delivery to our troops overseas, this is the scene at the post office this morning. more than 250 care packages were tagged and loaded up to be sent out the troops away from their homes this christmas. the boxes were loaded by elementary school kids. in south philadelphia, drivers facing a wet mess for their drive home tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking for rain moving through our area. >> we have hours and hours more of rain moving through our area. this is a live shot of wilmington, delaware where it's been raining for several hours already and it's going to be raining for a good bit of the night. here's the latest live picture from camel back.
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just showed you a picture a few minutes ago and there was barely a flake and now it's starting to pick up. and they are reporting snow at mt. pocono right now. that's what you see on the radar. the blue area indicates the lighter snow, the pink out to the west indicates a little bit of a mix, maybe some sleet mixed in and heavier rain down by allentown, that is all moving up to the northeast. so as the heavier precipitation moved into that colder air, i expect that snow to pick up and start to accumulate. you can see all of this moderate to heavy rain coming up from redding right into allentown, right up the northeast extension. and then another area of rain that's going to move in right behind it. so there's going to be many hours of rain during the night tonight. we have got the snow in the higher elevations of the poconos and perhaps some of the higher elevations in the lehigh valley as the temperatures are still
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well above freezing, but we want to check them, we got to make sure that these temperatures are all staying above freezing, and that's what the neighborhood weather's about. we got dozens and dozens and dozens of reports here. it's not just one or two airports in the county anymore. fleetwood is at 36 degrees, c k cookstown 37. allentown 38. walnut port 39. everybody's well above freezing now, but we'll keep monitoring that throughout the evening. here's the future cast, as the snow gets heavier during the night, that's the darker blues here and some of the heavier rain coming into the lehigh valley, this is just a close-up of the lehigh valley and the poconos, the areas that are going to be the hardest hit here and with variable weather. so we go in as close as we can with these counties, by 9:00, allentown is right on the edge, just to the north and in the higher elevations, perhaps a bit
4:20 pm
of accumulation. but by 11:30, it goes back to rain with the snow tapering off in the poconos, so the next several hours, that's when we expect it to intensify. here's the hour by hour wider view, the heavier rain comes early evening by 9:00, 10:00. it's really tapering off. and we don't have much for the morning rush. but it should be a little bit damp. cloudy skies, way above freezing, temperatures not dropping much during the night tonight. you don't have to worry about anything icing over in the morning, there could be some sprinkles left in lehigh valley, that's 39 degrees, so everybody is mild there. there are other threats of snow in the next several days, plus the arctic outbreak, we'll get into that later. all right, glenn. well a 6-year-old boy is proving to santa why he is on the nice list this year. the boy made his wish list and his only request was for old st.
4:21 pm
nick to help another family. >> he was really concerned about them and their christmas. >> still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, how santa is fulfilling that mission and making christmas wishes for the boy and the family in need come true. plus a viewer tells nbc10 a lifetime warranty didn't help her when she tried to replace a broken blind. that's when the nbc10 responds team stressed the importance of reading the fine print. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street, another reported day for the dow.
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a man runs through the village dragging the tank behind him. officials say he also saved a neighbor from the kitchen from the tank originally caught fire. well, the queen bee reigned supreme. >> she had the most nominations, but she had some tough competition. beyonce picked up nine nominations. drake, rihanna and kanye west each received eight nominations. the grammy awards will be given out january 12 in los angeles. night be a great night to stay
4:26 pm
inside and listen to all of your favorite music. >> be prepared for a wet mess if you're headed out tonight. >> nbc10 first alert weather is tracking rain and even some snow across our area. take a live look at the schuylkill expressway. drivers should be careful on these wet roads tonight. >> it's going to keep getting wetter and wetter. that is one colorful radar. i'm tracking what you can expect in your neighborhood, plus the arctic blast headed our way by the end of the week.
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coming up on 4:30,on a rainy tuesday evening, as you make
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your way home to work and school. that is not moving very well right now. a lot of brake lights out there. the roads with wet. >> i found this. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what you can expect for your neighborhood weather. >> the snow the picking up, it was barely visible at 4:00, it was a little more visible at 4:15 and now it's very visible. as we start to see the top of the mountain get obscured, that's when it will start to
4:31 pm
accumulate. but we're seeing a wide area of it. the yellow indicates light snow. moisture starting to move down by baltimore and washington that's moving up and you can see loads of colors -- west chester coming newcastle county, delaware and there's that next batch coming up in washington and bat they're reporting heavy rain as well. a couple of hours from now as that temperature goes down a little. mt. pocono at 32 degrees. and that temperature might go down a couple of degrees too. the heavy precipitation here,
4:32 pm
there's the heavier snow going into the poconos, that's 7:00, 8:00 tonight and perhaps extending down into and around allentown. look how it tapers off. we might just be left with a little bit of drizzle and fog. things have been quieter tomorrow morning. >> download the nbc10 app to see when the rain is going to show up in your neighborhood. you'll get that hour by hour forecast at your fingertips on your smart phone. now to nbc10 responds. a couple says they bought a product with a lifetime
4:33 pm
warranty. >> but they ran into problems when they tried to use that warranty. >> we got right on it right away. these are some very, very nice people. i want to tell you these folks say before they contacted us, they were looking at spending, get this, $2,000 to get another company to help them. janet mcentire -- now nine years later, problems. >> it looks like they just hung them yesterday. >> but the rest of them didn't fare so well. >> 12 other four in the dining room, the kitchen and the sun room, they cracked up the middle. >> mcentire believed her warranty would cover the replacement cost. she contacted blinds to go. mcentire says in a few days, the company inspected the blinds and got back to her.
4:34 pm
>> they said it was justr shoule them at all. >> reporter: mcentire disagreed, she says she argued her case for a month but the company wouldn't budge. >> then i said, i'm calling harry hairston. >> reporter: we contacted the company and reviewed the warranty. the warranty specifically states normal wear and tear is not covered. blinds to go told us as a gesture of good will, they would call mcentire and offered her blinds at a significant discount. >> they hopped to it. we got them to replace the blinds for 50% off. >> reporter: blinds to go also came out and installed the new blinds at no extra charge. >> harry, thank you so much for helping us with these blinds, can i have a hug. >> of course. again i have to stress, read your warranty carefully, it's
4:35 pm
not enough to know what your warranty covers, it's just as important to know what your w warranty does not cover and why. it could safe you headaches and problems and money down the road. let's take a look, we're at $230,370. her best idea, i'm going to call harry hairston. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds. just let us know and we'll respond. the family had a hard time getting help but one call to harry and days later, she got results. that's tomorrow on nbc10 news today. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc10 news just after 4:30 this afternoon. we're learning more about the death of new jersey state
4:36 pm
trooper frankie williams. investigators say trooper williams was responding to a call of a swerving driver on route 55 when that car crashed head on into williams cruiser. williams died at the scene, the other driver also died. nine were hurt in a fire that broke out around 4:00 this morning. four children and five adults suffered minor injuries. nbc10 has learned that matt reuhl will take over the football program at baylor university in texas. reuhl will begin at baylor tomorrow. a lottery ticket mistake leaves a new jersey couple a million dollars richer. state lottery officials say a clerk sold a quick pick ticket. castillo wanted to pick his own
4:37 pm
numbers, but it proved to be lucky. the couple has the option to take a lump sum or get $1,000 a week for life. a lesson on christmas tree care today. >> turn the tv off. like a broken record, right? a new study says kids may need to tell their wants the same thing. nbc10 news at 4:00, we'll explain the apparent disconnect about how connect eed parents saying they really are with their screen time. >> a delaware boy wanted one
4:38 pm
thing, to help his neighbors whose house was destroy in a fire. ♪
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it seems moms and dads are constantly telling kids to get off their phones. now a new study says they should follow their own advice. the study from common sense media is based on a nationally represented survey of 1,800 parents of tweens and teenagers. adults are usually spending 9 hours a day of screen time. more than half of surveyed parents are aware of the apps on their kids devices. the app we need now is some nbc10 weather, glenn. >> we got rain and even sleet coming to parts of our area tonight. we'll let you know how cold it's going to get toward the end of this week, in our first alert weather forecast.
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a live look at camel back resort where the skiers are saying bring on the snow. >> monique, the snow is starting to come down right now, do you have your skis? >> reporter: i don't have them on right now because the resort isn't open. but i can tell you about 40 minutes ago we watched the rain change over to snow. and this kind of weather is making resorts like camel back optimistic about the winter of 2016. >> we're definitely excited about the weather rolling in, it's perfect for making snow. >> reporter: snowy days and cold temperatures both make a world of difference for ski resorts.
4:46 pm
>> ideally, you want it to be around 28 degrees. >> reporter: hundreds of snow guns like these scattered over two dozen trails will be running nonstop. the resort saw fewer people last year than during the winter of 2014. camel back is hoping to reverse that trend this year. >> knowing we're going to get some man-made throughout the weekend, but also a lot of natural as well so we're pretty excited about that. >> the jack frost boulder resort opened over the weekend and the others tell us they hope to open their doors and roll out the red carpet by december 15. live for now an ct camel back. let's take a look at i-95 near vine street, it's rain in our area. most of us in fact will see rain tonight. but in the poconos, they are finally seeing some of that snow
4:47 pm
they have been waiting for. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what we can expect tonight, that rain and snow coming down depending where you are, glenn. >> it's going to be a wet night throughout the area, there's ben franklin bridge, the visibility reduced because of the rain and it's blowing sideways and this is the wider view at camel back where monique is and you can see the snow falling and when the top of the mountain gets obscured, that's the sign to me that it's starting to accumul e accumulate. not quite there yet, but the bluer colors are fairly light, that indicates light snow, we're seeing some pinks back to the west, that is a mixture with sleet. we're getting snow in parts of berks county and northwestern chester county of some possible sleet. the snow shifting southward, but as the heavy precipitation moves into this cold air, we're seeing
4:48 pm
some of these areas getting some reports of sleet, like right here where you're seeing some of the brighter colors near pottstown, we saw a little bit earlier in the southeastern berks county, some possible sleet s those repel lets of ice that bounce when they hit and they don't coat the roads, but that is interesting when it does bounce off. that is an area of heavier rain that's racing up from baltimore up into our area so the areas that are getti ting sleet mighte some heavier sleet. we'll monitor them hour by hour, west callin at 36 test, west bradford county, 38, collegeville 38, north wales 38. millford township 37. we're thinking these temperature also hold fairly state all night and tomorrow morning will not be
4:49 pm
an issue with icing over or changes to snow or anything like that. let's take a look hour by hour, we're seeing the snow get heavier in the next couple of hours, you already saw that with monique's life shve shot. temperatures fairly steady, still above freezing in allentown and redding, and the rain starts to taper off, after 10:00, 11:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, it's going to be cloudy, it might be foggy, there could be a little drizzle and then we start to clear out. later on during the day. so this is what i expect for philadelphia, cloudy skies most of the day, and then right at the end of the day, it may start to clear out. but another system's coming in, more thursday, with a chance of some rain and snow showers, friday weet lake-effect snow showers in lehigh valley and p.a. suburbs and certainly
4:50 pm
in the poconos, look at these temperatures, it's going to be windy on friday, not as windy saturday and sunday, we got another system sunday night that could start out as a mix in the lehigh valley then. take a look at this ten-day. the average high temperature is 48. you see how cold it is friday, saturday and into sunday. that is not the end of it. we get warmer with rain monday, and then look what happens at the end of next week. even colder than what we're going to get this weekend. well this guy, he's 6 years old. only 6. he made his christmas list for santa, with only one wish in mind. >> and he doesn't want anything for himself. >> next on nbc10 news at 4:00, what that is and what santa is doing to make that wish come true.
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love this story, a young boy proving to santa why he deserves to be on the nice list this year. >> the boy made his wish list and his only request for old st. nick was to help another family. nbc10's tim furlong found out how santa is fulfilling that mission. >> reporter: this little boy ethan had just one wish for santa when he met him on sunday. >> he was standing in front of me very seriously, he said can i ask you something? i'm like, of course. >> reporter: ethan doesn't know the family that lives in this home he passes on the way to school. but worries about them after a fire destroyed their house a month ago. but he asked santa to find them
4:55 pm
and make sure they're okay for christmas. >> reporter: santa's busy getting ready for christmas himself, but he's not going to let ethan down. so santa's put out the word on facebook that he was looking for them. santa found them and he promised them everything's going to be all right. >> starting along the back wall in between the two windows. >> reporter: the house is in bad shape. santa is now gathering donated supplies and gifts for them because that's what ethan wished for them. >> without a doubt it will be a merry christmas for their family. >> you're an amazing little boy, i hope santa gets you everything you want for christmas and we can't thank you enough for being worried about us. >> amazing. >> so many good people out there, good kids.
4:56 pm
>> and he's starting young at 6. we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. >> remembering a fallen hero. nbc10 is learning more about a rookie trooper who lost his life in the line of duty. >> up next, what we have learned about the last call he was responding to. and how he's being remembered by his colleagues tonight. a live report straight ahead. and we have a lot of rain on the radar, some areas seeing snow in the higher elevations and we have a few reports of sleet. why some people are paying $1,000 for their tree this is holiday. those stories and more ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
. final call. remembering a fallen trooper. what nbc10 has learned about an officer who lost his life in the line of duty. and the last call he was responding. change of plans. some local schools decide to switch who will be driving their busses. nbc10 is asking what that means for students. owl out, the announcement that's all the talk on temple's campus tonight. nbc10 news at 5:00 starts right now. nbc10 news at 5:00 begins with a developing weather situation, we're tracking this system on your screen, it's going to bring rain to some
5:00 pm
parts of the region, and snow to higher elevations. it is a wet and rainy commute for many of you, as we take a live look at the schuylkill express way. that's on the left. on the right, a look at the scene on camel back mountain. here's where the snow is coming into play and it's much welcome with ski season here. we have live coverage tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what's going on out there tonight. >> glenn, what do we have right now? >> rain is increasing in parts of the area and this is a live look in camel back. fortunately they have turned the lights on for us, it's a lot easier to see the intensity of the snow with those lights on, and that is accumulating els. these areas of blue getting a little bit


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