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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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area at the same time, first of all in the poconos, it's clearly snow and it has clearly started accumulating, they already have an inch or two. and as we look at the radar, the blue on the radar indicating snow, the yellows and the orange and the greens, that is rain. but what we have seen over the last hour or so, especially in the upper portion of lehigh county, near lind, from the change over, so we have a wintry mix in parts of the lehigh valley, especially higher elevations and northwestern berks county, parts of the upper portion of chester county too, with some sleet mixed in, that could cause some slippery conditions especially on the driveways and the sidewalks because that is where the temperature can really get below freezing, and the rain-snow line
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is very close to the northeast extension, it's still to the west, allentown, and easton still to the east getting regular rain. but let's see what's going to happen for the rest of the night. sheena parveen has more on that. >> make sure you have the umbrella if you're headed out the rest of the night. the rain-snow mix will increase in the lehigh valley, and the snow will increase in the poconos. they could see a few inches of snow before the night is over. heavy rain still across the area, most of it confined to the philadelphia area, the major interstates so not a good commute. so you see the snow continuing for the poconos, we could see a brief period of snowfall for parts of the lehigh valley. snow continues for the poconos, rain continues elsewhere. around 9:00 p.m., most of the
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rain already moving away by 9:00 p.m. things starting to taper down the area, but we could see a bit of a wintry mix. closer to 10:30, more of this starting to clear away, we'll see improvements later on tonight, but really the best time where we expect the most improvements will be closer to about midnight where the snow will taper down in the poconos. coming up glenn will talk more about a big arctic blast by the end of the week and what it means for your weekend. >> make sure you know the weather before you leave the house with the nbc10 morning team starting at 4:30 and on the nbc10 app and our facebook any time. tonight the south jersey community and throughout the country are mourning the loss of a new jersey state trooper. trooper frankie williams was
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killed last night in a crash. another driver crossed that median many millville and crashed head on into trooper williams' cruiser. both drivers died. ted greenberg is in our atlantic city newsroom tonight and you said you spoke with friends of that trooper? >> it didn't take along for frankie williams to become highly respected by his colleagues as a trooper who could make sound decisions while thinking quickly on his feet. those who knew him say he was an inspirational, driven person who cared deeply about others. >> he couldn't wait to become the state trooper. >> reporter: less than a after trooper frankie williams graduated from the state police academy, people who knew the 31-year-old rookie are heart broken over his death in the line of duty. >> it's really devastating. he's a very -- he was a very young, good young man. he would help everybody out as he could. >> he's a friend.
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he recently got married. >> beatrice and kevin lived next door to williams in may's landing before he and his wife moved to egg harbour township. >> he was the most precocious, fearless little fella. >> reporter: williams spent his child in lakeland, florida, a neighbor says he was always full of life. >> i know that child that grew up. and i know he was doing something that he was passionate about. >> reporter: people also took notice of williams when he planted roots in south jersey. he earned a degree in criminal justice from rutgers at atlantic cape community college and was in the process of getting his masters. >> frankie had in my estimation unlimited potential. >> reporter: his professor said williams was one of the best students he's ever had, one who yearned to serve his community.
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>> as a student, he truly was inspirational and inspirational for me and that's the reason why i teach is people like frankie. >> white says if you took everything that we recognize as good qualities in a human being, frankie williams, epitomized all of them. live in our jersey shore bureau, ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> the driver of the car that killed the trooper was 61-year-old lloyd rudley, witnesses reported rudley was driving erratically. trooper williams was on the way to that call when rud lrley crad into him. this is the third loss on the in the past year, trooper todd cullen was killed back in march and trooper eli mccarson died last december. sentencing day is less than a week away from a former
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congressman. prosecutors requested a sentence of 17 to 21 years behind bars. chaka fattah resigned after his conviction. sentencing is set for monday. celebrating on the sidelines. >> right there, one of the lasting images of temple's coach on the sidelines. victory last weekend to clinch a conference title. coach matt reuhl brought the owls to the playoffs. th . >> reporter: i talked to some freshman and sophomores today and good times in football are really all they had seen for their time here, for alums and for long-time fans throughout here in philadelphia, it is different.
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matt rule did not do this all on his own, he had a team and other coaches behind him, but he certainly made a difference here. the school in north philadelphia wasn't always the place for football. but things have changed in recent years. >> it gives philadelphia a lot of excitement to have a football team that was doing good and someone we could route for. >> reporter: for the past four years, the team was ruled by matt reuhl. savoring a conference championship as coach reuhl leaves for a new job. >> first thing i did was congratulate him. >> reporter: avery ellis is a senior on the football team and gives reuhl credit for his influence off the field too. >> he always stressed to us that he wants to build great men and that's what he's done thus far in this program. >> reporter: how did hi do this? >> he makes sure we're always on
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time, he's just an old school guy. >> reporter: temple football has earned the national spotlight in the last few years. >> it's exciting because you're recognized in the news and things like that. it's like an honor and it's exciting. >> reporter: but temple's athletic director addressed what's to come. the next chapter for temple. >> i can't say that the next guy is going to be here forever, but we're going to get the best guy out there for the job and continue this momentum. >> reporter: some students told us they were disappointed that coach reuhl was leaving before the bowl game. the assistant head coach is going to take over as head coach in the interim. in about an hour, president-elect donald trump plans to attend an event in north carolina as part of his thank you tour. earlier today trump said the government should cancel its
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multi billion dollar order for its air force one plane. >> the plane is out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for the air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. okay, thank you. >> a trump aid says the president-elect once owned stock in boeing but sold all of it back in june. will he run? vice president joe biden didn't address his comments about a potential presidential bid in 2020 during a speech to the house democratic caucus today. last night the vp from delaware hinted about a possible run. today mr. biden joked with reporters saying he would announce soon. tomorrow he'll be honored in capitol hi capitol hill for his career that spans 36 years.
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a man attacked a jogger and sexual assaulted her. she says the man in a mack had chased after her on the trail saturday afternoon. the man grabbed her, assaulted her but she hit him with a rock and he ran away. he may be missing one or two front teeth. we have learned a man wanted for the murder of a philadelphia teen is under arrest tonight. police say the 19-year-old suspect turned himself in today to charge. 14-year-old eian wilsey was gunned down in mayfair. police have not released the suspect's name or a motive. the red cross the helping five families find a place to say tonight after flames broke out around 4:00 this morning. five adults and four children suffered injuries while several pets were killed. how local vets are getting a
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fresh start after mistakes made years ago. ahead even santa was surprised what money kid wanted for christmas. now santa plans to make that wish come true. brace yourself for some colder air this weekend. my forecast is coming next at 6:00.
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veterans from all over the area came out to get their record cleared. >> many of them are being held back because of misdemeanors they committed years ago. >> because of past mistakes they have been laid off or turned county for job after job. but they say this is the first step in getting a fresh start. >> two tours in iraq and eight years in the military. >> it's been on my record since '95 and i just wanted to get it out of the way. >> reporter: he now works for the city of philadelphia, but like so many here, still looking to get his record cleared.
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the free expungement clinic pairs lawyers with those who want to wipe their histories clean. even arrests with no conviction, all fair game to wipe away. >> we hear from people all the time with stories of employers who see something checked on a box and all of a sudden they can't get in contact with the emapplier anymore. >> every time i apply for a job, something i did 30 something years ago is always popping up. >> leslie jeter says he's been held back by mistakes made in his pass. >> even a promise from mayor jim kenney, if they have problems with an employer to call him personally and he'll step in. >> everyone deserves a second chance or a third chance and we're going to make sure that
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happens. >> reporter: now they met today at a company called disorb systems, it's a veteran -- the process of clearing a record does take some time, so not an instant thing but this gets that process going. >> such a weight lifted after it gets cleared. >> those criminal records create a huge hurdle for someone wanting to move their lives forward. here's a nice story, a 6-year-old delaware county boy was worried about people he didn't even know. he asked santa to find them and make sure they have what they need for christmas. santa got on facebook and tracked down the pike family. they're now staying in a rental house until their house in garden valley is rebuild.
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santa is now giving the family helping hand for the holidays all because ethan wished for it. >> we can't thank you enough for being concerned about us. >> santa is planning some surprises for the pike family. ethan's dad says he hopes he can meet the pike family sometime soon. >> how wonderful is that? and maybe we'll have a white christmas. here's the guy who could find out for us. but not just yet. a little early for that, right glenn? >> no, but we have some cold weather at the end of the forecast, colder than what we're going to see this weekend. what happened to the city? now all of a sudden the heavy rain coming in and blotting earning down. the snow coming down at mt. pocono and camel back and accumulating snow there. you can see that on the radar in
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the lighter blue. we're starting to see some changes in the west, now it's changing colors back to pink and green. it's an indication the atmosphere is warming up here and it could be changing back to a mix or eventually turn into rain in the poconos later on tonight and other areas that are getting sleet now get back to rain. you see the heaviest rain of the whole system right on top of us right now, as you can see how heavy this is in parts of chester county and delaware county and newcastle county in delaware and gloucester and chester county and this heavy band coming right through philadelphia right now, at least things are going to taper off later on this evening. the temperature should be level off later this evening, but we still have to check, we got places above freezing, we're getting close here,
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leonardsville at 44 degrees. walnut port, easton at 36 degrees, we expect it to hold steady or go slightly up later on today. here we go as we go through the evening, you're seeing less and les on the radar, by tomorrow morning, maybe a few sprinkles, but you also see temperatures above freezing everywhere. so not expecting any kind of ice over or change over to snow at the end. tomorrow it's mostly just a cloudy day, we're above freezing to start the day and maybe some clearing toward the end of the day, that's about the best that we can do. over the weekend, we could see some snow flurries, lehigh valley and pa suburbs, lake-effect snow, so much cold air coming across. saturday 33 in the lehigh valley, a chance of a wintry mix, snow or sleet sunday night before that monday system that's going to be bringing some some
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rain, rain in delaware by sunday night as well. here's that ten-day. temperatures going down, we're in the upper 40s for average highs, it's a really cold weekend all the way through, we have been telling you this all through the week. here's another so-day forecast for you. at the end of next week, it's going to be much, much colder than it will be this weekend. i'm john clark from csn, matt reuhl leaves temple, we're going to hear from some of his players, doug pederson says that some of his players didn't give their full effort in cincinnati, what does jim schwartz think?
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i'm john clark with cns. matt reuhl will leave the temple program, he will be introduced tomorrow in waco, texas. matt said goodbye to his owls players in a meeting this morning and he met with them in a meeting as well. he took temple's program to new heights, two 10-win seasons for the first time. matt reportedly turned down oregon and nike ceo phil night before taking this job. he will be missed on north broad. >> i want to thank matt and julie, their family, for earn g everything they did for temple. they did a phenomenal job of continuing the evolution of this program and making it more
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competitive and putting it on the national scene so we're really proud of what they accomplished. >> he gave me a foundation to be a good player for the whole team to be successful. >> doug pederson said not everyone gave full effort in the loss on sunday. today tcoordinator jim schwartz had his own opinion. he said the defense was in a slump. rodney mccloud didn't try to nak make a play at the goal line. jim schwartz said the effort was there but some effort was missing. >> when all is said and done, we have to take the most pride in our effort, sometimes there's a difference between effort and energy. it's hard to have energy when you're down 29-0.
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but you can have effort. >> okafor is out with a stomach issue. flyers hosting the panthers tonight. flyers have the longest winning streak in hockey now, they have won five straight, trying to win six in a row for the first time in five season seasons. >> we're just trying to main tin the pressure we have, the next shift in the game is the most important shift. and that's how we're frying to play here. i'm john clark with csn, we're right back. my guest list just tripled.
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beautiful shot of snow coming down, glenn. >> yes, it's been a while, hasn't it? and there's going to be more of it. because this december is going to be colder than last december.
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here's the blues up towards the poconos, and the blue coming through the philadelphia area right now. that's the heaviest area of the snow. >> we'll see you at 11:00. tonight, nbc news exclusive, could a tragic inferno have been stopped? new video showing authorities inside the warehouse weeks before dozens perished. what we've learned about potential missed opportunities. lashing out. as police make an arrest in the apparent road rage death of a form nfl star, a sheriff unloads in a tirade filled with profanity and racial slurs. trump's billion dollar threat over the price of the new air force one, the president-elect using the bully pulpit against another big american company. l.a. terror threat. stepped up security, passengers being search searched after the feds go public with a


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