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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we're outside the comcast center, and look at things blowing in the wind including some of the kids blowing in the wind right there. and the temperature, it's nothing like it's going to be very soon. only 39 in coatesville, this is the time of day it should be at its warmest. allentown it's 41. it's only 21 in chicago, 5 in bismarck, north dakota. so we're getting a piece of that arctic air, that's the first bit that's coming in. look at the wind, current wind at 17 miles an hour, sustained wind in wilmington, and that's gusting to over 30 miles an hour. you got to bring the gusts of air in somehow and it's coming in with the wind. and it's just going to get colder and colder. and sheena parveen has more on
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just how much colder it's going to get around here. >> that's right, glenn and the wind direction, that's the big story, it's going to be ushering in that arctic air. take a big picture just to our north and west, that's where our wind is going to be coming in tonight and tomorrow. and look at all the blues, right now we're cold but not as cold as we will be starting tomorrow. here comes that arctic cold. some models are suggesting we could feel as cold as about 10 degrees. others are suggesting we could be in about the middle to upper teens, either way, it's going to be the coldest air we have seen so far. that feels like temperature anywhere from i would say about 10 to 20 degrees anywhere you are. so it is going to be a day where you need the gloves, you need the hat and you really need to stay bundled up through the weekend. that arctic air moves in tomorrow, hangs around for saturday and sunday, so you can
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expect unseasonably cold temperatures through the weekend. today, just by comparison, we have been in the mid 40s, the wind has made it feel in the upper 30s. tomorrow we'll be in the upper 30s, the wind through the afternoon, making it feel just about the mid to low 20s. we'll take a closer look at your weekend forecast, and a chance for some rain and snow coming up. and we can tell you the shelves are stocked. local hardware stores are putting out the salt, and the ice scrapers and the snow blowers waiting for that winter weather to set in and bring them big business. >> we know some people are dreading this cold, but business owners you spoke to said they're ready, right? >> reporter: yes, this is the time of year where local hardware stores like the one behind mess here in paoli are looking for customers trying to keep their houses toasty warm. we can feel that wind you were
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talking about, sheena and we also notice folks have dug out those coats and gloves. in fay paoli, the carly family is already bundled up. >> it's really cold. >> reporter: do you like it? >> no. >> reporter: when did the coat and the hats and the gloves come out? >> today, this morning. >> reporter: even the dogs henry and bella have coats. and for 4-year-old tess a -- >> something to cover my ears. >> reporter: you've already brought out the hat, i see. >> and gloves. i'm not a fan. >> reporter: stephanie is talking about the cold. >> i hate the cold weather. >> reporter: this is it for you. >> i put a sweatshirt on. >> this electrician is in short sleeves and he's getting ready for business to heat up. >> heaters are breaking down.
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they're using them more. >> we're selling a lot more weather stripping and the like and the draft dodgers that you put in front of doors. >> reporter: they also put some snow blowers out front, they may not be needed yet, but they expect people to start asking about them. today it was cold enough for the carl family to shorten their walk and head home. that family tells me they actually put their holiday decorations outside a few weeks ago, very glad that that is done before this chill moves in. and before you head out the door, be prepared for the cold with the nbc10 app. download it for free to get your first alert weather forecast. let's go back to our breaking news, we just told you about legendary nasa astronaut as died. >> jim, jackie, less than an hour ago, ohio state university
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confirmed the death of glenn. the former senator was take on the the school's hospital yesterday, but the reason wasn't exactly clear. glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. in his later years, he pursued a political career. during that time he took part in one last mission to space when he was 77. that made him the oldest person to go into space. and he had a military career of flying 150 missions during world war ii. glenn had a heart valve replaced in 2014, but his cause of death isn't known. ohio state called him a true public servant. we will continue of course to update you on the death of john glenn online and on
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president-elect donald trump is making more additions to his cabinet. >> mr. trump is expected to pick a fast food executive to lead the labor department, that's according to a republican official and a person close to transition, andrew hudsder. he's said to be a critic of big hikes in the minimum wage and expansion of overtime pay. mr. trump confirmed today he will nominate oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to lead the environmental protection agency. the choice sparkled backlash because pruitt is a global warming skeptic. he says he's tired of global warming regulations that are making it tough on companies. mr. trump will thank first responders who rushed to the campus today.
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next president-elect and vice president-elect will bring their thank you tour to pennsylvania. they'll be in hershey, pennsylvania at 4:00. mr. trump won pennsylvania, a key battleground state that typically votes democrat. and we're getting a look at where president-elect trump will officially become president donald trump. construction began back in september. when it's completed, the platform will hold about 1,600 guests, including former presidents, vice presidents, supreme court justices and members of congress. the south jersey town is facing a christmas controversy. president-elect trump's campaign manager will be taking part in an annual holiday tradition. kellyanne conway will be the --
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obviously the presidential campaign was divisive and many people who with respect happy with the results might not like conway as a choice for the poor raid. but residents say if out of towners don't like it they're missing an event. >> it's about a girl who went to st. john's high school and was the first woman to get a president elected to the united states of america, it's an amazing feat. >> why they say the event has nothing to do with politics. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with police in bucks county using social media to catch criminals. in just days officers have made several arrests through an app including one high profile sex assault case. how police are turning your cell phone into a crime fighting
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tool. >> reporter: the pictures you see are people who police say are wanted for crime. >> the results have been amazing. we have made numerous arrests. as we speak we have had people call in who have seen themselves on social media and turned themselves in. >> some police are looking to identify, others have already been busted. with a cell phone and your e-mail address you can be part of the network and be part a new group called crime watch. and already, six arrests. >> we're finding out from some of our local judges that the folks that they're coming in contact and turning themselves in and folks that we're arresting basically say that the gig is up. >> reporter: that's because as soon as police upload the picture. just last week, police released this video of a man wanted in a sexual assault case. less than 12 hours later, he was arrested and now is facing charges. the app pushed the video to face book. >> we have had 18,000 people
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that have looked at that hit and could potentially give us information about the whereabouts and obviously one or two of those did. >> you see this guy, he's wanted out of florida, but because his last known address is in philly, he'll pop up in your feed. police in bensalem are so far the only police department in bucks county using the app but that can be changed. and police say it can warn you about crime alerts, traffic and other usuals. 20 minutes of nonstop use continues with a crackdown on predatory towing in pennsylvania. >> a new law meant to go after tow truck drivers that prey on people. they would have to issue tickets before any car is towed. owners were forced to pay more than $100 to get their cars
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back. tow truck drivers lined city hall in protest today saying the actions of a few should not force regulations for the entire industry. >> if your car is being towed without a ticket, you have the ability to call the company and we will go after the company and they have to give you your car back. >> andrea klein-thomas gets reaction to this new bill coming up at 5:00. and the new strategy -- in a court filing, fattah's attorney asked that the judge consider fattah's years of public service when sentencing fattah. in just a few hours, the community will come together to remember fallen new jersey state trooper frankie williams. the candle light vigil honoring williams will be held at 6:00 at
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the leesberg volunteer fire department in camden county. the other driver, 61-year-old lloyd rudley was also killed. funeral arrangements for trooper williams will be announced tomorrow. this is from wall street, a look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. the dow jones closing at a record high for a second day in a row. analysts say this is because they're expecting a better environment for investments. other news now, delaware governor jack markell was in washington to get more people into the workplace. markell spoke at the international disability
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employment summit. the meetingmeeting -- >> the bottom line is it doesn't seem to me we can thrive as a country if we leave so many people on the fringes looking in, we have got to do everything we can to get them employed. chester county has agreed to a presidential recount. it comes five days before the federal deadline for states to certify results. the county will begin a hand recount of 190,000 paper ballots. it's unclear how long it will take, this is all part of a broader effort of green party candidate jill stein. hillary clinton is back on capitol hill today for a ceremony honoring long-time minority leader harry reid. here's a look at washington, d.c. where a portrait will be
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unveiled. reid is leaving the senate after more than 30 years in the chamber. the 71-year-old will be succeeded by new york democrat chuck schumer. a man accused of killing two georgia police officers appar t apparently killed himself when police arrived at the home where he was hiding. the man hunt began earlier yesterday when the officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. there were shots fire and lind took off. a man is wanted for an attack obvious a woman -- the men ran up to her and demanded her purse, you can see right here she's struggling with them to try to hold on to it, and that's when the men purnched he. tonight a new effort to crack down on drunk driving.
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vorhees police are launching a drive sober or get pulled over campaign. officers will be out looking for drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs. they'll be keeping up that extra enforcement through the begin of the new year. officials say there's some key signs to noticing an impaired driver. >> violations, speeding, swerving, not having your headlights on when they're supposed to be on. those are just some of the signs of an impaired driver. >> new jersey has had some 47,000 crashes that resulted in more than 100 deaths. high school students scared straight about the effects of a drug overdose. >> students at a north philadelphia high school were part of a program to try and stop drug abuse before it starts. >> quickly like started going downhill. >> reporter: they heard stories from a recoveri ining addict.
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>> we have this in our own family. >> reporter: even a graduate of their own school sent to jail. >> makes you realize this is real. >> reporter: real accounts that are key components of a new effort of awareness. for some, it's personally painful. officials say the police-based program specific to high school kids and preventing heroin and other opioid abuse is the first of its kind in new jersey. >> we realize that taking the approach of just enforcement wasn't working. >> they call it not even once. >> everybody we talked to that has been affected by this drug, they all say the same thing, if i could have just went back and not even tried it once. >> reporter: the opioid epidemic is growing in the philadelphia
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area. 1587 deaths in last year, a 21.7% increase from 2014. >> does it feel like a battle you can't win? >> it feels like a battle that needs morz attention. >> reporter: they're doing that here with a heavy dose of realty that hits close to home. >> if you only see what drugs can really do. >> reporter: those behind the program hope to expand it to other new jersey communities. they say it's crucial to reach as many people as possible. in manchester county, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. a big lift today for a philadelphia nonprofit, the philadelphia youth network received a $100,000 grant from wells fargo's lyft program. the program helps young people find jobs at sites throughout the city. it looks like someone is feeling the holiday spirit and local families are reaping the
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awars. anonymous donor pied off all the outstanding school lunch bills. the principal is grateful for the gift saying that gift provides relief for those struggling over the holidays. north dakota has seen more than a foot of snow in the last day. burying cars and roads in denver. drivers are dealing with near whiteout conditions this morning. and chicago's also dealing with single digit windchill temperatures which are expected to continue there. and the blinding snow is being blamed for a deadly pile up in michigan, semitrucks collided in i-96 today. this is west of detroit. three people were killed in this. drivers said the snow made it hard to see and there is also ice on the roads. and we are getting ready for some cold that is coming our way. >> as soon as overnight tonight,
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and when you wake up tomorrow morning, it already feels colder outside, but not as cold as it's about to feel tomorrow. clear skies in center city, but another thing that's going to help us feel the cold is the arctic air that okay's coming in. with the wind, because that's going to stay up overnight tonight, we'll be feeling like the mid 30s by 6:00 p.m., and by 9:00 tonight, already feeling like 27 degrees, so yes, it's going to get colder tonight, and it's going to be even colder when you wake up in the morning, and remember that, because you will want the jacket, the heavy jacket and the gloves and the scarf as we go into the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to low 40s. allentown is 42, 42 trenton. these numbers will be dropping very quickly, especially once the sun sets and especially once all the cold air moves in, it's right the on our doorstep, we have those single digit
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windchills just to our north and west and all that wind and all that cold will be here for your friday. the arctic cold is on its way, you will feel it throughout your entire day tomorrow and through the weekend. the wind will be up making it feel only in the 20s over the weekend. high temperatures in the 30s, so we will be staying colder than normal for this time of year. here's a look at future feels like temperatures. so this is what it feels like when you step outside when you factor in the winds. tonight we're goccing to -- by 10:30 this evening, i think many areas will feel quite a bit colder with a arctic air rushing in. by 8:30 in the morning, some models are suggesting that we could feel some cold around 10 degrees, i think there's a better chance for us feeling in the teens. tomorrow feeling as warm as the 20s.
4:21 pm
going into the weekend, by 10:00 a.m. saturday, it's still going to be pretty cold, feeling right around the mid to upper teens to start out your weekend. locally, we're fairly dry, we have the clouds today that's all part of that arctic cold front ruling through, and with tomorrow's windy conditions, coming in from the great lakes, i think some of those snow showers have a good chance of making it into part of the area. so if you're in the lehigh valley, the poconos, don't be surprised if you see a few of those snow showers moving in. by 4:00 in the afternoon, you see blustery wins. through the weekend, we stay dry through your saturday, now we're looking at 12:00 saturday afternoon. there's the approach of our next weather system, most of the first half of the day sunday looks fairly dry, but as we go
4:22 pm
into sunday night, i think we'll be seeing a rain-snow mix overnight, we could see a period of snow and then going into monday, we could see all that change over to rain. coming up, we'll take a closer look at your weekend forecast by neighborhood. from germantown to tinsel town. >> still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, the big nomination that was music to their ears. plus, a preschool owner says problems started popping up when she had new flooring inside. the owner started to worry about her students' safety. and a santa who needs a lesson on how to be nice. first here's a look at the
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closing bell on wall street, where stocks closed at fresh records today.
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a north carolina santa has landed on the naughty list himself. >> he was fired after fat shaming a 9-year-old boy. the boy hopped off santa's lap and santa told him to lay off the hamburgers and french fries. he was so upset he cried himself to sleep. >> santa is supposed to be a cheer giver and he loves all boys and girls so he shouldn't have said something like that.
4:27 pm
>> it's just not a proper thing for a santa to say to a child. >> as we said, that santa was fired. but the town manager says the mo man who played santa, so in some cases when the real santa can't be there, because sometimes the his elves help out. and next on nbc10 news at 4:00, how the nbc10 responds team stepped in to help when the safety of the preschoolers came into question. well, we have got some -- it's getting colder and colder here just by the minute, the wind blowing right at my face. here in center city, 17th and jfk. and it's going to be a lot colder than this by this time tomorrow. right now, we're seeing temperatures in the 40s, wait
4:28 pm
until you see the next couple of days.
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feels like the holidays outside, doesn't it? as we brace for a real cooldown this weekend. nbc10 at city hall today as people at the christmas village were bundled up to enjoy the sights of the holiday. we won't see beach weather for quite a while, temperatures here in the mid 40s right now. >> get the warmest coat you have ready and out of the closet. >> our nbc10 first alert weather team is monitoring the bitter cold in your neighborhood. so let's go live to nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
4:32 pm
you're in center city, what are the temperatures right now? >> reporter: it is getting colder by the hour and by tomorrow morning, it is really going to feel like winter. last december was the warmest december we have ever recorded in philadelphia by far, not this time. right now, we have temperatures that are in the 40s, the average high this time of the year is only 47 degrees. and we're already below that. we never even got to 47 today, and the sustained winds are out of the northwest, 17 miles an hour in parts of delaware. it's 45 degrees right now. 37 in coatesville. so the temperature already dropping in some of the western suburbs and it feels like it is evening colder than that. there are the temperatures at 39 degrees in philadelphia, the way it feels to the expose skin and we're going to get a whole lot colder than that by the time we get to tomorrow morning. this wind is bringing in some of
4:33 pm
that chicago cold, and chicago is plenty gold this time of the year. and we'll just see just how much colder it's going to get over the next couple of days. sheena? >> yeah, glenn, especially as we start off tomorrow morning, so temperatures, yes, will be much colder when you wake up and walk outside. right now we are again looking at those numbers in the low 40s to mid 40s. but look at the sky conditions, we're clearing up from a lot of the cloud cover that we had earlier today. and that's going to drop the temperatures later tonight. and also the wind that glenn just showed you, that's going to usher into the colder air. we're around 46 for an average high this afternoon, it felt more like the upper 30s with the winds. tomorrow we're going to have more of a wind from the northwest. our high temperature in the upper 30s. and the feels like temperature right around the mid to low 20s
4:34 pm
through the afternoon. so that's as warms it's going to feel in the morning tomorrow, though, it's going to feel even colder. coming up, i'll tell you how cold it's going to feel when you wake and walk outside, and we'll tell you how cold it's going to be for your weekend straight ahe ahead. >> be prepared for the cold when you download the nbc10 app so weather comes right to your smart phone. a preschool floods and gets a total renovation. >> but problems start popping up after brand-new flooring. and after a year and a half of getting it fixed, harry hairston came to the rescue. >> reporter: when her floor started chipping off, her first concern was for the safety of her preschoolers.
4:35 pm
gretchen darlington runs the place, she's owned flying hills for the past 36 year s back in 2014, she says a pipe burst flooding the school. >> so we needed to reconstruct the whole building. >> reporter: darlington tells us she ordered the same flooring she had before. but after a few months, pieces of the floor started chipping, posing a potential hazard to the children. >> it's not wearing the way it was before. >> reporter: darlington said she immediately called the flooring company prosource. prosource said they would talk with the company that did the installation. and she also says prosource ordered a poorer quality of flooring. that's when darlington decided to call nbc10 responds. >> i saw you on tv, i thought maybe you can help. >> reporter: we reached out to prosource, the company told us
4:36 pm
it would work directly with darlington to fix the issue. prosource site that the exact terms are not to be disclosed to nbc10, she signed the agreement and says prosource's corporate office has gone above and beyond to helper. in an earlier interview, she expressed gratitude to nbc10 responds. >> i am so relieved. and i'm so thankful that you guys helped us. and that somebody listened. >> thank you, channel 10! >> those are some cute kids. all right, that was the best part. listen, darlington says she's working with prosource on an installation date, they're aiming to get the new floors installed during the new school's holiday break. let's go to our recovery total. it's now up to $236,841. >> maybe some future nbc10 responds teammates. >> we know one thing for sure,
4:37 pm
they won't snag their clothes on a chipped floor. >> right in time for christmas. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, just let us know, fill our our complaint form online or give us a call on one of those numbers right there and we will respond to you. and a warning about college bowl ticket scams. what the attorney general's office has to say. that's coming up tomorrow on nbc10 news at 4:00. the vocal group from german town just found out that they are nominated for a grammy. next ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, how the group nominated is trying to shine a spotlight on the group they made famous.
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the u.s. surgeon general's now warning that e cigarettes are a public health threat to kids and teens. a new report reveals the electronic smoking devices now are the most commonly used
4:41 pm
tobacco products among youths. e cigarettes are linked to the use of other tobacco products as well. delaware now scores among the top in the nation for breast feeding support. the state earned perfect scores for including breast feeding in prenatal education. and for not giving complementary instant formula samples. break out the gloves, the hat and the jacket, we have some cold air moving in just in time for your friday. coming up, i'll show you how long it will stick around plus a chance for some rain and snow, that's next.
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the camden county police department is expanding its efforts to help kids learn to read. >> the department's adding four more schools to its book mates programs. that school has members of the department read to students in camden every week. the program is designed to give positive interactions with police. >> we believe one way to fight crime is to form a partnership with the community. i can't think of a better way than coming into the classroom, meeting the great young kids of camden and helping them learn to read. it is national brownie day, jackie. >> and you know that speaks to my soul.
4:46 pm
it's my favorite. in delaware, one restaurant chain is celebrating the occasion by racing money for a very good cause. the brewery restaurants are donating the proceeds for all their triple chocolate cake on sunday. last year they donated a $22,000 check. >> it's a great dessert. it is our signature dessert and we're really proud of the dessert, but we're really proud to be involved with care search. >> the island hill brewery chain donates 20 cents from each of the desserts. if you order it tonight, they will double that amount. in all the organization has raised $250,000 over the last 12 years. >> be right over. that looks great. a little cold for ice cream, though, right, sheena?
4:47 pm
>> not if you're sitting by a fire. never too cold for ice cream or anything sweet. but yes, you will need to bundle up as you go into tomorrow morning. the arctic cold -- in wilmington, in delaware, we have just about mostly clear skies. clear skies tonight, going to help temperatures drop off quickly, and as we go through the morning tomorrow, you will feel the change and the wind will make it feel even colder. for now we are still in the 40s, but it feels more like the upper 40s with the wind. 44 degrees in many of our neighborhoods in delaware. low 40s now through our pennsylvania suburbs and in lehigh valley. take a look at our south jersey neighborhoods. clayton coming in at 43. in vorhees, you're at 42 degrees. hopewell township, 43 degrees. these numbers are going to drop off very quickly, take a look, we have low 30s up near rochester, but also notice some
4:48 pm
lake-effect snow here developing, that will be the case as we go into tomorrow and the strong winds could in fact blow some of that lake-effect snow into parts of our area, now you see the arctic air back up to our west and southwest and that is moving in our direction, so yes it will be a much colder day tomorrow. so how long will it actually stick around? it will get here tomorrow, it will be here for saturday and it will even be another cold day on sunday comes back as we go into next weeks, and it could even hang around again as we go into nec weekend. now we're looking all the way to next sunday, not this sunday, but next sunday. so yes, it's all going to continue spilling down from parts of canada. temperatures for tomorrow, 39 degrees in fairmount for a high, swanksville 38. chance of some lake-effect snow showers. do be surprised if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs or lehigh valley tomorrow, we could see
4:49 pm
some lake-effect snow showers blowing in. 39 degrees for a high temperature in redding tomorrow. 38 if you're in vorhees township. long port coming in at 40 for your high. if you' ee're in dover, your hi temperature is going to material -- here's a look at future weather. so we stay mostly die tomorrow, but the wins, notice our future weather model trying to pull some lake-effect snow showers in as close as the poconos, lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs. then we go into saturday, saturday is going to be a cold day, it's going to be a dry day, and then we go into sunday, the approach of our next weather system, mostly later at night so there's a chance we could see some rain-snow mix through part of the area sunday. here's what the weekend forecast looks like, saturday, dry temperatures in the upper 30s. by sunday, icons will show the
4:50 pm
and snow during the night. we could see portions of snow through the overnight hours and into monday, we expect rain in the forecast. coming up, we'll take a closer look as we go into next week, and we'll talk more about your neighborhood weekend weather. >> when you think of the grammys, you may think of some big names, like beyonce, adele, but they're up for several this year. >> a vocal grooirp grabbup grab nomination too. next on nbc10 news at 4:00, how the group from germantown is troo trying to shine a spotlight on classical music.
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philly area known for local muse sises. >> now another group is gaining attention. >> reporter: they're philadelphia's own the crossing. their stellar adaptation of barn hopper has been nominated for best choral performance. >> it's amazing, it's another example of the choral scene in america that is just another way they're letting us know that they're paying attention. >> so laid back, they're excited about being a part of the music industry's biggest night. >> reporter: thomas lloyd's
4:55 pm
boobar barnhopper. he was one of the first to condemn adolf hitler and anti-semitism. >> i was surprised to see that it actually had been getting a lot of play. >> reporter: we met the composer and the tenor at the episcopal cathedral where they debuted their performance back in 2013. as this vocal ensemble prepares to walk the red carpet at the grammys in hollywood, the crossing hopes to shine a spot light on music they have made famous in philadelphia. >> new, classical all music, if we can bring that to the city, we're maep to do so. >> in university city, monique braxton nbc10 news.
4:56 pm
>> quite the voices. we are working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. >> ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00. christmas par trade controversy. >> one local town here's plan to march on saturday is all because of squabbles. the story straight ahead. and get ready for the cold temperatures, could be feeling like the teens when you wake up in the morning. i'll show you how cold it will be for your weekend, plus your next chance for rain and snow. and all new holiday shopping surprise, what a woman ended up what when she stuck her hand in a winter glove. those stories and more ahead at 5:00.
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get set to shiver. this biker had the right idea, tossing a scarf on before she goes for that spin. >> and here's a live look from cape may, now that the sun has gone down, a very pretty picture, temperatures are starting to tumble and it's just the start of what's to come. >> it is flakes that are dropping elsewhere. this is lake-effect snow, we won't have to deal with anything like this. but of course the snowfall is the result of the same system that's going bring us a big blast of arctic air. >> it was just a matter of time before we started talking about temperatures like this.
5:00 pm
>> and if you think that it's cold right now, just wait until the weekend. nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us now. sheena, we could miss warm weather forever. >> take the thicker winter coat out, the gloves out, tachbd hat, you're going to want it all tomorrow. temperatures are dropping off pretty quickly. allentown is down to 31 degrees, wilmington 41, and vineland has already gotten down to 37 as well as coatesville. it's also going to get windy, making it feel colder. that is the arctic air that we have been telling you about for over a week now and it's finally going to get here as you wake up in the morning. wind direction is helping to usher it in. it's mostly that west/northwest wind and tomorrow we'll have the same wind direction helping to pull the cold in and it's going to be windier and that always
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