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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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brace yourselves for a siberian express barreling down from the north pole bringing chilly conditions. the truly extraordinary life of astronaut, marine, senator, and american hero, john glenn. break overnight, south korea's president impeached. kirk douglas prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. >> things that will get you banned from uber for life. good morning, i'm ayman mohyedin. >> millions of americans are in the path of a treacherous weather system that will blanket
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much of the country in the coming days. >> there was a deadly 40-vehicle pileup where three were killed and a dozen injured along interstate 96. it happened near whiteout conditions, dangerous travel, a polar vortex and much, much more. all of that is on the way. here is nbc's kristin dahl grin. >> reporter: another multi-vehicle accident near erie, pennsylvania, sent several people to the hospital. in upstate new york, a funnel cloud, along with blowing snow and slippery roads. >> we had to drive really slow. >> even the professionals had trouble. some areas could see more than two feet of this lake effect snow. out west, another storm system, places like salem and portland, oregon, under a blanket of snow and ice. schools and city offices closed and flights canceled. an arctic blast hitting hard across much of the country.
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walla walla, washington, just 16 degrees. boulder, 3. casper, wyoming, a bone-chilling 30 below. 44 degrees lower than normal. it is far from over. the polar vortex could plunge temperatures lower next week. >> that was nbc's kristin dahlgren reporting. our meteorologist will join us ahead. >> this morning, the nation mourning a true american hero that turns legend and trailblazer may be thrown out a lot but there are few that have truly lived up to such praise. john glenn was one of those people. the astronaut, businessman, senator and family man died at the age of 95 thursday. john glenn was many things but above all else, he was a pay free ott. tom costello brings us more on his life. >> reporter: john glenn was more than an american hero. for more than half his life, he was a 20th century icon.
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perhaps best known for what happened on february 20th, 1962. the first american to orbit the earth and put america back in the space race with the soviet union. >> i feel fine. the feeling is tremendous. >> the late t.j. o'malley was at the nasa controls that day. >> range operations, go. >> until he died, he kept the button he pushed to send glen into orbit. >> we hit that engine start button and i said, may the good lord ride all the way. >> god speed, john glenn. >> john glenn returned to a hero's welcome and invitation toss address congress. >> as our knowledge of this universe in which we live increases, may god grant us the wisdom and guidance to use it
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wisely. john glenn's roots were always firmly planted in ohio, he was born in cambridge, went to a local college and married his childhood sweetheart, annie. he shot down three migs in korea. in 1957, a coast to coast super sonic record, los angeles to new york in less than 3 1/2 hours. then, the early days of the astronaut corp, later immortallized in the movie, the right stuff. he was elected to the u.s. senate from 1974 from ohio. >> john glenn needs you. >> and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984. then, in 1998, nasa came calling again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to sfaspace aboard the shuttle "discovery." honored with the congressional gold medal and the presidential
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medal of freedom, country's highest civilian awards. john herschel glen, pilot, astronaut, businessman, politician, husband, and father and an american original. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> what an incredible icon. there aren't that many americans left that can say they have done the things he has done. we have new details about the two georgia officers fatally shot on wednesday, officer yody snit and nick smar were best friends and engaged to be mayor rid. smar's sister was smith's fiancee. it started with a domestic disturbance. >> somebody punched holes in my walls. >> they're shooting. >> oh, no. he shot the police. he shot one of them. >> the officer was shot? >> yes, and i don't know. >> both officers had been fatally shot by alleged gunman
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miguel limbrick. >> reporter: a georgia community in warning. shortly after america's georgia police officer, nick smars flag-draped funeral arrived at the funeral home. a second officer had died, jody smith, who had clunk to life for a day, died in the intennessee care unit. the two best friends. >> jody was there for nick. he heard him dispatched. he knew he was thereby and he respond. >> reporter: the two cops were childhood buddies, went to the police academy together. both killed by miguel limbrick. 26 hours after the gunman shot both officers and went on the run, it ended with a self-inflicted gunshot. the cop killer desperate and holed up in the back of a house committed suicide. he had a lengthy record, 32
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pages long. >> he was a convicted felon in the possession of a firearm and reeked havoc on this community. both smar and smith got off one shot while blinded by the gunman. the police chief says the incident was captured on a body cam. >> it tells us they both did exactly what they were trying to do and what they were supposed to do. >> tranlg is as we knew more about the officers. politics, donald trump will remain at the helm of the show that made him a household name. >> brian, your fired. >> well, this morning, yet another first. the president-elect will continue on as an executive producer of his shift show "the celebrity apprentice." it comes from mgm which produces the show. when asked if trump would continue to receive any of the show's royalties, the spokesperson said details would
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be laid out during a press conference next week. >> last night, trump was in iowa as part of his thank you tour firing up the crowd and bringing on the state's governor and newly nominated ambassador to china before sounding tough on the country. >> you have the massive theft of intellectual property, putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the men as of north korea like they should and the at-will and massive devaluation of their currency and product dumping. other than that, they have been wonderful, right? >> earlier, sombre moments for trump, meeting with families of the vic testimonies of ohio state university knife attack where the president-elect and lone wolf attacks like the one that left 11 injured, he said they must be stopped. that as he continues to fill out his cabinet. making a controversial pick to lead the department of labor as katy tur has more. >> reporter: on high in trump tower, the president-elect is filling out his cabinet.
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today, with an eye on jobs, jobs, jobs, fast food billionaire, andrew puzner is trump's pick for labor secretary. the ceo of carl's jr. and hardy's says raising the federal minimum wage means cutting job. >> when you raise the cost of hiring low-skilled and young workers, you price them out of their jobs. >> pudzer is open to auto make. telling business insiders, machines, unlike people, never take a vacation. they never show up late and never file suit. some democrats called it a war on labor. >> president-elect is head ng t heading in the direction of the bosses. >> he will be in grand rapids and baltimore on saturday taking part in the army/navy football game. bill karins, talking about this what we are call teeing the siberian express.
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>> we are dealing with snow and next week the siberian express, air all the way from siberia is going to invade our country as it travels over the north pole. if you are downwind of the lakes, you have snow. that's going to continue. we had thundersnow off of lake erie. as far as the snowfall forecast is going to go, downwind of the lakes, we're going to get it. we have the storm out to the west providing heavy snow in the mountains. watch out saturday, sunday through the great lakes and sunday night even into areas of the northeast. some areas getting the first snow of the season. a closer look at the day ahead. as far as the temperatures go, obviously, the cold air has finally made its way all the way through to the east coast. not exactly brutal in the mid-atlantic. temperatures highs in the 40s. cold all the way down to the gulf coast. highs 49 in new orleans. a little sneak peek of how cold it will be next week. >> it will be a harsh weekend
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weatherwise, bill. thank you very much. the seven things that will get you banned from uber for life. we've got that list. plus, south korea's president has been impeached in a mushrooming political scandal that has millions protesting in the streets. protesting in the streets.
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...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> news to bring you from overnight, south korea, where parliament voted to impeach that south creek ya voted to impeach the president. the constitutional court must decide to uphold the vote. it is a process that could take up to 180 days. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets demanding the president's resignation. the impeachment vote sets the stage for the president to become the country's first elected leader to be pushed from office in disgrace. >> leading the news this morning, the mother of charleston massacre suspect, dylann roof, had a heart attack and saying i'm sorry not long after they described his cold
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and cool cue lating attack that left nine church-goers dead. notice was given business his attorney who sought a mistrial after he said the testimony from a shooting survivor was appropriate. when he said roof should be in hell. the judge denied the mistrial. he continues to face trial. new baby makes eight for mick jagger. the rockledge jend and 73-year-old rolling frontman and his 29-year-old girlfriend, melanie, welcomed a baby boy. jagger already has seven children ranging from their teens to the oldest in their 40s. according to his reps, both parents are delighted. the mother and baby are delighted. >> the baby may have an uncle that's actually older -- younger than him. >> uber is laying down the ride sharing company is listing seven things that will get you banned for life. they include vomiting from
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excessive alcohol consumption. drinking alcohol inside a car, carrying a gun, fistfights or unwanted physical contact with your passengers or driver. flirting and sexual conduct and appropriate language and stalking your driver after you have been dropped off. better be aware when ubering if you are a big user of the app. >> i get all of them but when it comes to flirting or inappropriate language, what if people are on a date? >> i think they meant with the driver. >> i thought they meant with the passengers in the back seat. that would make sense. still ahead here, should the government allow airline passengers to make inflight phone calls. plus, stocks are soaring and so are mortgage rates. is that a good thing? >> steve sedgwick has the answers. we'll see you in a bit, steve. a bit.
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>> all right, fast forwarding today, secretary ash carter is making a trip to yank. he is culling with defense secretary ash carter makes a trip to afghanistan. >> the senate is poised to vote on a bill that will keep them funded to april, 2017. senators have been on track. a democratic revolt could endanger it. >> the government will run out of money at midnight if not passed later this morning on "today," could your child's toys
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be spying on your family. they end their effort to pull the toys from the shelves before they make it into the home for the holidays. later this morning on "today." the markets are off with three major endiscease making records. steve sedgwick has the details. >> always good to speak to you, francis. aman, good to see you too. this is the time of year when we get the santa rally. this is nothing to do with santa. it is another benevolent man. it is santa trump. he put the dow up around 7% since his election. the russell 2000, they are up 16%. why are they rallying? i think it is going to invigorate infrastructure and corporate taxes and give the banks less regulation. they are very excited. they may get a rate hike next weem. they get better nims.
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net interest margin. mortgage rates are jumping up. 4.13% is the latest average on a 30-year fixed up from 4.08. historically, that's still a very low level. do you want to have people next to you on the plane with a mobile phone chatting away or not? a big question. a big question for the airlines, because the d.o.t., department of transport, has a consultation whether they are going allow wi-fi calls. a lot of airlines might not want this. it is not necessarily great having all these people yaberring away next to us. >> we would love it if you were sitting next to us. maybe we could have quiet rows. >> i have heard donald trump being called a lot of things but not santa trump. steve sedgwick, breaking news. just ahead, hollywood legend prepares to celebrate his 100th birthday. you are watching early today. 100th birthday. you are watching "early today."
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justin timberlake made a surprise down under surprising a group of students in australia in a performing arts class. some even got to perform for him. he wrote on facebook, the students were crazy talented. >> it is so great to see. >> absolutely. nice to see that he is such a world renown star celebrated anywhere he goes. it is good to see he has that reach. >> it is justin timberlake. >> more so from in sync or his career day sns. >> different generations. you have got people that grew up loving in sync and people that know him for can't stop the feeling. either way, got to love it. >> what do you think about kirk douglas's birthday bash in beverly hills? >> thanks very much for watching us. you are watching early "today." stay with us. s handymen. mom washed our clothes. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models!
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everybody is in tears. >> a mother and a community come together at a vigil to remember a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. we'll update the plans for his funeral. >> god speed, john glenn. a farewell to an american hero, the nation mourning the passing of astronaut, john glenn. we'll look back on his life and his career. >> today, we could get a decision from federal court here in philadelphia on whether a presidential election recount can go forward in pennsylvania. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sick ahem ma. we are waking up to temperatures
4:29 am
in the 20s and 30s. we are prompted to issue a cold blue, cold weather emergency through 9:00 monday morning. let's get to meteorologist, erika martin. >> reporter: you know, vai and rosemary, certainly the coldest temperatures we have seen so far. conditions right now are high and dry. a high pressure system is in control, really the weathermaker. the big story, as vai mentioned, cold temperatures. right now, 31 degrees. notice these guests. 22 miles per hour. the winds are still westerly but will shift out of the northwest so those feels-like temperatures are the big story. kensington, 31. summerton at 29 degrees. notice this wind profile getting stronger as the day progresses. all due to the high pressure system and the cold front and the feels like temperatures. it will feel like pretty much
4:30 am
single digit for pottstown and westchester. double digits for doylestown. philly, 12. not getting better. keep in mind, it is all due to the winds. feeling a lot colder than they actually are. coming up in just a bit, we'll go over these feels like temperatures a bit more and talk about what to expect. >> we are starting in center city. we have construction on the vine street expressway. very light traffic on the majors we see some cars exiting. for the most part, very, very light, chilly conditions. over in new jersey, watching the 42 freeway at route 41, very light traffic in either direction. let's take a look at 295, the nunl turnpike and the 42 freeway, clear and good to go in the green. when i come back, we'll take a look at 95 and what that


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