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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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single digit for pottstown and westchester. double digits for doylestown. philly, 12. not getting better. keep in mind, it is all due to the winds. feeling a lot colder than they actually are. coming up in just a bit, we'll go over these feels like temperatures a bit more and talk about what to expect. >> we are starting in center city. we have construction on the vine street expressway. very light traffic on the majors we see some cars exiting. for the most part, very, very light, chilly conditions. over in new jersey, watching the 42 freeway at route 41, very light traffic in either direction. let's take a look at 295, the nunl turnpike and the 42 freeway, clear and good to go in the green. when i come back, we'll take a look at 95 and what that could
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mean for you. rosemary, back to you. >> thanks, fran chcesca. defense secretary, ash carter, is in afghanistan, video from india. he arrived at bagram air base for an unannounced trip to afghanistan. he is expected to meet with military commander's and deliver a pre-holiday pep talk to u.s. troops before speaking with the afghan president. back in our area, we could learn whether pennsylvania's presidential votes will be recounted. >> katy zachary is live in center city for us. walk us through what's going to happen there today. >> reporter: first of all, time is not on the side of jill stein and her recount effort. that's because we are just four days away from the federal deadline for states to certify their election results. we should learn later today,
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this afternoon if u.s. district judge will order a recount of pennsylvania votes. a recount was already done in philadelphia from which hillary clinton picked up five additional votes. this stems from green party candidate, jill stein, alleging that hacking of voting machines could have taken place. so far, she has not produced any evidence that it actually did take place. a blow came earlier this week when a philadelphia judge denied letting them actually get inside voting machines to look for evidence of hacking. today's federal hearing takes place at 1:30. we will have it covered on nbc 10. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, america is mourning a hero of the space age, john glenn, the first u.s. astronaut to orbit the earth died yesterday. he was 95 years old. he was the last surviving mercury 7 astronaut. before his space career, the ohio native was a decorated marine fighter pilot in world
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war ii and korea. after his stint with nasa, glen entered politics and served as a u.s. senator from ohio for nearly a quarter of a century. in 1998 at 77 he became the oldest astronaut in space aboard the shuttle discovery. in 2012, glen received the presidential medal of freedom. glen also had a connection here to our area. he and his fellow mercury accident trained on centrifuges in bucks county like the one in warminster. it spins at 80 miles an hour testing a person's endurance to severe gravitational forces found in space flight. a hero who took his job seriously. >> that's how loved ones and comrades remembered new jersey state trooper, franky williams at a memorial vigil in cumberland county. he died of his injuries hours after a car crashed into his cruiser right here on route 55 in millville. the driver of the car, lloyd
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readily, died at the scene. last night, family members and first responders prayed for him at the leesburg fire station. they remembered him as a kind and motivated man. his mother thanked the women and men who worked with her son. >> i appreciate what you have done for me. every time i fall down, you pick me back up. >> police say ridley's car was going the wrong way when it crossed the mean median and hit the cruiser. the service for franky williams will be held monday at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. one of three new jersey state troopers who have died in crashes just over the last year. trooper sean cullen was killed in march and eli mccarson lost his life last december. a woman is hurt after fire
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rips through apartments in a hair salon in west philadelphia. this fire broke out just after 3:30 this morning. an hour ago. firefighters quickly brought it under control. medics took the woman to the hospital for smoke inhalation. she is listed in stable condition. investigators will be looking for the cause of that fire. >> we are learning about a bucks county man who flagged down a car and told the driver he killed his mother. that's what police are telling us. zachary cope is charged with homicide. police say he killed his mother yesterday but they are not saying how. police got a call yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon from someone who had been waved down by cope when they were driving by. they found rebecca cope dead inside his home on lower hilltop road. a man is accused of stealin $56,000 from a youth football league. michael deflorio is accused of
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writing checks to himself, using the league's deb bit card and stealing cash. he used to be the treasurer of the south jersey elite invitational football league. new jersey's attorney general says he betraied the young members. former congressman, shaka fata is looking for len yensy. his lawyers have asked the judge to consider his years of public service when deciding his punishment. they are recommended sentencing him to two decades in prison. a crackdown on illegal towing in philadelphia. >> we'll tell you what city council is requiring before a company can tow your car away. we'll tell you why this top trump staffer is at the center
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of an controversy following a christmas celebration in south jersey.
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good morning, francesca rusio here. we are watching 95. southbound traffic. our camera, indiana street, usually right around the 6:00, 7:00 hour, this is jam-packed. right now, an easy going, breeze traffic speeds. we have travel speeds up to 50, 60 miles an hour for center city, philadelphia, the vine street expressway. in new jersey, watching route 70 through your camera, headed northbound for route 90 for the betsy ross bridge, folks, you won't run into any problems. 295, for the rest of the majors over in new jersey, here, we are watching 422 right now. as you can see, it is very green. route 29 towards the schuylkill, take a look at the travel
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speeds, we're at the 60s. eastbound, a major jam-up between 6:00 and 7:00. when i come back, we'll take a look at schuylkill expressway. nbc 10 first alert weather. i'm meteorologist, erika martin. conditions are pretty much high and dry. we do have northwesterly winds that are strong. keep in mind, those feels-like temperatures will be mainly in the teens and 20s. be sure to look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast. conditions are pretty much in the 30s locally. 27, coatesville. al allentown, philadelphia, 21. i do have more on my full forecast. back to you guys. still ahead, something new you should know if you are looking for work in philadelphia. >> a new law will keep employers from asking for your salary history. we'll tell you why city council voted for that ban. plus, some philadephians win
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the lottery where a jackpot prize will help them make their educational dreams come drew. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios.
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because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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the city of philadelphia is cracking down on illegal towing. it requires your car to be ticketed before it can be towed. tow truck drivers lined city hall to protest. the law will go into effect next year. city council approved another bill in an attempt to close the wage gap. now, hiring company ks not ask you how much money you have made in the past. council members agree employers should base the salary offer on the job, not on how much money you have made in previous positions. another republican is running for governor in new jersey. steve rogers, the commissioner of nutley, essex county.
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>> is a veteran and retired police detective that says he will work to cut taxes. he joins jack rulely. so far, john wisniewski and phil murphy, and bill brennan, an activist and bill johnson worked in the treasury department during the clinton administration. >> now, let's take it state by state. >> a look at some of the stories. let's begin in bucks county. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, will bring his jobs that pay tour to salem town shim visiting mmg direct, a marketing firm.
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that received a state grant to consolidate operations. it is expected to keep current jobs and create additional once. in camden county, gloucester county police will begin a crackdown on impaired driving. it is part of an effort. they will set up sobriety check points and be on the lookout during patrols. the crackdown runs through new year's day. let's end in bucks county where you can help first responders in two base. a blood and bottled water drive. it all runs from 8:00 until noon at the servpro on west parkway. friday night means candlelight shopping in haddonfield. live bands will be playing along the streets. the tree will be lit up. this evening at 7:00, an outdoor live nativity will be displayed at the first baptist church of
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haddonfield. crews have been prepping the tree for weeks. the elementary school second grade course will perform and santa claus will make an appearance. presents are piling up under the tree for children that might not get much. check out these gifts, the toys for tots donation party in center city. all the toys collected will be given to children whose parents cannot afford presents this year. toys for tots is run by the marine corps reserve. this holiday season, your chance to share kindness. the "today" show has kicked off its second you'll annual #sharekindness campaign. the goal is inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season. we want you to get involved. follow #sharekindness. share it on instagram or twitter. 4:46 on this friday. a lot of people just trying to get through this last day of the week. >> it is friday. let's check in with first alert
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traffic reporter, francesca ruscio. >> watching the schuylkill expressway. an eastbound view. take a look at this. very light traffic right now. we are not doing all that bad. westbound, you may see some more cars. for the most part, we are doing pretty good on the schuylkill, 95. the expressway. very green throughout the rest of the majors. the 42 freeway, this is northbound traffic for the philadelphia area. very light traffic. these travel speeds are in the 50s and 60s. let's take a look at 95 if you are headed for the philadelphia airport. we are in the green, good to go for the most part, north and southbound. we'll take a look at 95 and what that means. rose mary and vai, back to you. >> thank you, francesca. cold enough montgomery county has issued a cold blue. >> we have this arctic blast that's going to be with us for a
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little while. let's get more from erika martin. >> rose mary and vai, right behind me, you can see the camera over boathouse row shaking wildly. we are seeing an increase in wind speeds. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. current wind profile out of the northwest and notice that we are getting some light moisture, lake effect moisture, kicking on in to parts of lehigh valley. i don't expect this to be an issue for today. the influencemaker is a high pressure just to the west of us. however, i am tracking a potential for a wintry mix to get here by sunday into monday. the winds shift out of the south. seeing some purples denoting flurries. by 1:30 a.m. on monday, we start to see more after a push of the
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moisture and preaccept. your weekend forecast looks like this. we are tracking pretty much mostly sunny skies for today and tomorrow. temperatures for the most part in the mid to upper 30s. the jersey shore seeing low 40s. it is sunday that's really questionable right now. a little volatile as far as what to expect. suburbs seeing mid to upper 30s. same deal for lehigh valley and new jersey. notice we have some icons here telling us it looks like we could get a wintry mix here for the suburbs, lehigh valley and jersey. i think the jersey shore will see mainly rain, although plenty of clouds in the forecast. neighborhoods for the p.a. sub pushes seeing lots of 20s. with the northwesterlies, it feels colder than the actual temperatures. collegeville, 30, elroy, 29. warrington, currently 28 degrees. your out-the-door forecast. this sun is not going to be an
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issue for today, all thanks to a high pressure system. for the suburbs, same deal there, upper 20s at 7:00. 34 by 11:00 and 37 at 3:00 p.m. lehigh valley, lots of sunshine. a few extra clouds push on in. a sign we have a little bit of lake effect moisture kicking on back. your ten-day on ten includes a couple of things we must get over, mid to upper 30s friday and saturday. overnight los trending chillier. i bumped this down on sunday. noted the expected high of 39 degrees. overnight lows will be in the 30s. the question is, will we get a wintry mix or snow or rain? of course, we'll be tracking that for you. if you follow us on social media, we will have that update. notice here, wednesday and thursday. i have some icons here denoting that it looks like we will get some precipitation in the form of mainly rain. we could get a wintry mix there. here is the big story next week,
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freezing, frigid temperatures with overnight lows only in the mid to upper teens. back to you guys. >> erika, thank you. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, seeking sanctuary. >> we will show you how local churches and synagogues are coming together to protect immigrants from deportation. >> kellyanne conway is sparking a bit of christmas controversy in her hometown. we'll explain next.
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good morning, everybody. francesca ruscio. if you look to the corner of your screen, a disabled vehicle. once again, it is not affecting the very, very light traffic at this time of morning. travel speeds, folks in the 60s, heading into center city. taking a look at the rest of the majors doing okay, 95, the schuylkill, the vine, everything
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looks pretty good, good to go towards center city. for the most part, over new jersey. coming up, we'll take a look at those majors in nuew jersey and what it can mean for you. >> a south jersey native who has been making headlines for months is coming home for christmas. >> not everyone is happy about the holiday homecoming. kellyanne conway is the grand marshal for the parade. she is the campaign manager for president-elect trump. she grew up in nearby atco and went to st. john's high school. she is being given be a key to the city. police are posting on social media about planned protests. everyone we spoke with told us they are proud and excited. >> donald trump, he wasn't invited. it is about a girl who went to st. joe high school, graham march schograhamar school, the first woman who got a president-elected to the
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united states of america. >> the fire lieutenant says the parade has nothing to do with politics, a family oriented atmosphere. the focus will be on children seeing santa rolling down bell bellview avenue. the new fresh grosser in grays ferry, the grand opening of the upper darby store in december. the new fresh frozer in grays ferry is a former path p mark. it will include a check presentation to phil abundance to support hunger relief. the philadelphia youth network received a $100 on this grant from wells fargo neighborhood lift program, going to the organization's work ready program. >> here is a tasty gift for the holidays. an anonymous donor paid off all the outstanding meal balances at
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frederick douglass stubbs elementary school. the bill totalled more than $1200. it provides relief for families struggle tog pay the struggling to pay their bills. >> a new program is up and running in philadelphia. the city's animal care and control team announced it is joining forces with the website is a private social network for specific neighborhoods. workers will post information about lost or found pets to the site in hopes of returning them to their owners. >> we are looking for a way to be able to communicate effectively with our community about where they can find their pets and next door is a perfect solution, because it allows us to target specific areas. >> animal control officials will also use the website to share resources along with offering helpful tips and safety reminders. you can call it the icing on the cake or in this instance the
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ice-cream on the brownie. >> a restaurant in delaware made national brownie day a little bit sweeter yesterday by donating money to fight against childhood cancer. a very quick warning. the video if you haven't had breakfast will make you hungry. iron hill brewery is donating a portion of the profits from the triple chocolate brownie sundae. they presented a check for nearly $23,000. >> everybody likes to eat brownies and ice-cream. it is our signature dessert. we are proud of the dessert but really, really proud to be involved in cure search. >> in all, the restaurant has raised almost $250,000 over the last 12 years for cure search. >> i know it is 5:00 a.m. but that still looks good. >> i have had that sundae before. it is awesome. hundreds of philadelphia families are happy about hitting the lottery. they hit the lottery, the s
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scholarship lottery. >> volunteers called the winners yesterday. they got the news that they were selected for four-year scholarships. the fund awarded a total of 2000 scholarships. the money will go to sending each child to a tuition based k-8 school. parents call it a holiday gift for the whole family. >> my son said, mommy, when is christmas? >> i said, it is today. >> lottery scholarship winners were selected at random through a computerized system. you are probably just as good an advocate as there is at the station. a penn undergrad, a temp law degree. >> and the student loans to go with it. you know better than anybody, having that and a great education is probably better than winning the lottery. >> something tells me that that lottery drawing happened just this time of year on purpose. >> great christmas for those
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families nor for mo now for more stories. >> code blue, an arctic blast forces local leaders to warn us about potentially dangerous weather expected throughout the weekend. federal fight. today, philadelphia becomes the center over the battle of an election recount in pennsylvania. seeking sanctuary. hundreds of houses of worship moved to protect immigrant that is fear deportation. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> the arctic blast in full effect. current wind profile is one of the issues. we are seeing westerlies. now, we are seeing northwesterlies ranging between 10-15 miles per hour. expect those wind gusts to kick
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up to 25, 30 miles an hour at times. neighborhoods across new jersey seeing lots of 20s and some low 30s. shamong, 30, lumberton, 31. piney hollow, 28. it is all about those feelslike temperatures. we do have to take into consideration those northwesterly winds. at 5:00 a.m., it actually feels like it is in the teens and 20s. westchester, 18 degrees. it feels like 17 in pottstown and doylestown. it feels like 21 degrees for you. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. unfortunately, it really will stay cold, feeling colder than the actual temperatures due to the strong northwesterlies. francesca? >> erika, thanks. we are watching the blue route. very dark right now. what's giving us some light is very light traffic on the blue route heading northbound for the


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