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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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a man suspected in a shooting, what he could hear in court today. and what now kills more people than guns in america. right now at 11:00 an arctic blast is gripping our region. it is cold enough to make a camel back mountain have some snow. we could see real stuff later on this weekend. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with more. >> hi.
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it is unseasonably cold out there. it is more like a january chill that we have. 36 degrees with wind. some clouds out there are blocking out the sun. you can see temperatures are in the 30s across the entire area. we are dry until you get back towards the great lakes. this is the arctic air coming over this warm lakes creating lake effect snows. it could make it into parts of the area during the day today. it is 36 at philadelphia, 35 in all allento allentown. it is all about the winds and how it makes it feel. it feels like 25 in allentown. only 12 in mount pocono right now. then we look ahead later in the weekend. this is sunday. we have a weak system coming through which should be cold enough that any precipitation would be snow at least at the start especially in the lehigh
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valley. more on that sunday system and yet even colder outbreak in the ten day a little bit later. local officials are sounding the alarm over the dangerous arctic blast. we are live at the transportation center where leaders have declared a code blue weather emergency. tell us what that means. >> reporter: right. it is a cold and windy morning here in norristown. they have the code blue alert in philadelphia. really worried about the homeless individuals. you the bus station here. you have a lot of folks waiting on the buses. when they are waiting for the bus they are inside, not really opting to stay outside. county leaders are worried about those who stay outside too long. before dawn with temperatures hovering around 30 commuters woke up and bundled up, ready or
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not, for old man winter. >> i am going to get the gloves today because then i'll have everything. >> are you ready for winter? >> no. >> james rogers threw on his phillies scarf dreaming of springtime still several months away. >> i got my winter boots and winter coat, so i'm prepared. >> here in montgomery county officials declared a code blue. services are amped up when temperatures are cold enough to raise concern about those who don't have a place to get warm. while the weather has the potential to get dangerous we found people who find it refreshing. >> how was the walk up? >> it was nice. nice, brisk, fresh air. >> you like it? >> i do. >> reporter: as long as you don't say the s word.
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>> if you do i cannot get to work. i need to get to work. >> reporter: that code blue is in effect. also important to get people into homes or at least out of the cold. that code blue runs through monday morning, an indicator of a frigid weekend to come. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> be prepared this winter. you'll have weather updates at the tip your fingers including the first alert forecast for your specific neighborhood. when it snows remember the first place you'll find closings and delays for your school. a woman is hurt after fire rips through apartments in a hair salon. this fire broke out just after 3:30 this morning. firefighters quickly brought it under control. medics took the woman to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators will be looking for the cause of that fire.
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take a look at this video of a man stealing cash from a south philadelphia grocery store. it happened sunday night. police say the man walked behind a customer service counter and took about $3,000 from a drawer. now the city's sks where police say these two men robbed a rite aid. a loss prevention officer tried to stop them. they ran into the parking lot. they got into a fight with that worker and one man pointed a knife at him. the officer was not hurt. if you have any information on either of these crimes you're asked to call philadelphia police. happening today a federal court hearing in philadelphia could decide if pennsylvania's presidential votes will be recounted. earlier this week a judge denied a request to do a digital audit of voting machines. he wanted them examined for
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evidence of possible hacking. time now for a check on the roads with francesca ruscio . what are you seeing out there? >> it was acting up all this morning. we are looking at calmer conditions on the roads. we are looking right around the vine street camera. for the most part travel speeds restored back into the 60s. we reported around three to four accidents on the eastbound side. we have an accident at whitemarsh. no reported problems or delays. not all that severe in terms of delays. this is at moreland. for the most part it has not been effecting traffic heading thwarts center city. it still hasn't cleared yet. >> this is the latest for 424
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appears to be 11 minutes late. for the most part the majors are back in store. back to you. >> thank you. a hero who took his job seriously, that's how loved ones and comrades remembered frankie williams in cumberland county last night. he died hours after a car crashed into his cruiser monday night. the driver of that car died at the scene. last night family members and first responders lit candles. they parade for trooper williams. remember the trooper is a kind and motivated man. his mother thanked the women and men who worked with her son. >> i appreciate what you have done for me any time i sat down you pick me back up. thank you. >> police say his car was going
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to wrong way when it crossed the median. he was responding to the call of an out of control driver. funeral service for williams will be held monday at noon in atlantic city. williams is one of three new jersey state troopers who died in crashes over the past year. sean collin was in march. carson lost his life last december. starting tonight police in several communities will be cracking down on drunk drivers. police will launch a drive sober or get pulled over campaign. they say during the holidays more officers will be out looking for drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs. police will also participate in the holiday crack down. officers will set up sobriety check points similar to the one you see here.
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over the last five years new jersey has had more than 41,000 alcohol related crashes resulting in deaths. new limits on tobacco sales. they approved modifications last night. the city will now use commuter adjusted daytime population numbers. the limit will be one tobacco seller per thousand people. it goes into effect on february 15th. pope francis made the announcement this morning. the diocese is one undergoing an investigation into priest sex abuse. he says it is fully cooperating with the investigation. happening today in bucks
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county pennsylvania governor tom wolf will bring his jobs that pay tour to here. they recently receive add grad to consolidate. it is to create additional jobs in the area. the christmas tree in harrisburg will be lit at noon today. the second grade chorus will perform. up next, chilling testimony as the trial continues for a suspect charged in a charleston church shooting. also, millions of americans are dealing with treacherous conditions brought on by heavy snow and ice. >> we have enough to compare to other parts of the country. we have our hair of arctic air.
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i'll let you know what to expect just ahead.
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lerlly trading is underway. right now the dow is at plus 51. it's moving. mounting snow and ice triggering deadly accidents across the country.
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if you think it's cold now just wait. >> reporter: hi there. the snow is still coming down in parts of up state new york. some places have already seen more than a foot of knsnow. it is causing a lot of problems for a lot of people. from coast to coast a wintery mess. icy cold temperatures making driving dangerous. in pennsylvania more than a dozen cars piling up along interstate 90. at least ten people were taken to the hospital. in michigan a massive crash turning deadly. three killed when almost 40 cars slammed into each other in white out conditions. >> i was lucky enough i could see the taillights of the semi. it was that bad. >> reporter: even midland, texas
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is digging out. it is sending temperatures plummeting. bringing snow and ice to places like seattle and portland. >> i prefer to run outside. so i just bear it and do it. >> reporter: even in chicago where they are used to the chill. >> it has been pretty mild. >> reporter: they are bundling up and getting ready for what could be an even colder blast to come. >> it is frigid. >> reporter: so things are still expected to get worse, some 200 million people going to be effected over the next few days. back to you. >> you realize how fortunate we are to live in this part of the country. we got a piece of that arctic air. nothing like what you're seeing
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in the majority of the country now. the feels like temperatures are in the mid-20s. 25 wilmington and dover and philadelphia. it is 13 in mount pocono right now. middle of the day should be the warmest part of the day. gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. saw a gust about 35 miles per hour just about an hour ago. again, it's the cold weather direction out at the northwest. the temperatures are in the 30s for the most part. barely 30 in burkes county. redding at 35. coo cookstown is reading 33 degrees. allentown is 35. that is pretty cold for this time of the day at this time of the year. that's more typical of january
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in the middle of winter. cold enough to make snow. this is a live view and they will be getting some really good conditions maybe for the rest of the month. but the january chill lasts all weekend around here. so be prepared for that. we have a wintery mix possible on sunday night. it does not look like a big storm. a little bit of an inconvenience. even colder weather is coming next thursday and friday. you heard that reference over the cold over the country. here is lake effect snow. hour after hour after hour of heavy snow depending on the wind direction. it is in parts of these areas just get smashed with heavy snow. it is cold air coming over the warm lakes. the feels like temperatures this afternoon only in the 20s. as we go through the night tonight dropping into the teens
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and then tomorrow more of the same. by tomorrow morning feeling like 10, 12, 13 degrees, many parts of area feeling much like the way it does right now. tomorrow night back into the teens for the feels like temperature. so it's pretty much the whole weekend. let's see what happens with the precipitati precipitation. this is a weak system. they move at a fast clip. they generally don't have a lot of moisture with them. here we are on saturday and we have got nothing but sunshine. on sunday, that's when things start to change. sunday morning clouds are increasing. there is the snow coming in from the west. best chance of any light snow would be later on sunday afternoon. this model keeps everything to the north at least for a while
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into sunday night and then by the time the main part of the system comes in that we warmed up to the point that it could be rain. that's this particular computer model. others are a little bit different and we'll keep watching them and updating them for the rest of the day. at the moment it looks dry for the eagles. it's cold, not especially windy. i guess it's the weather. we have got to arctic air over us now. that is going to lift up a little bit. another stronger surge comes in next wednesday and into thursday and friday. that eases up a little bit and then a third area comes in. so we are in a pattern where we get shot after shot of some of this air, of course not as bad as what you're getting out west. back with the ten day later.
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it's the season for giving and making christmas magical for children. up next a local organization continues helping out those in need this holiday season, how you can help them in their mission just ahead.
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pnchts ten yea >> ten years of toys. it is helping bring a smile to childrens faces this holiday season.
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she is here with kevin burns of action as well. thank you both for being here and for coming back. >> thank you. >> and tell us a little bit about the delaware valley legacy fund. >> dvlf is the fund of merging needs in the area. we give out grants to area nonprofits that support the local lgbt community. we do education and we have great signature events like the one we are here to talk about today. >> yeah. it's ten years. >> ten years. >> did you imagine there would be a ten year anniversary in. >> no. it started with one of our volunteers. it has become one of our signature events. like the name suggests, we ask folks to bring an unwrapped toy to support children at the
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holiday season and as well as action wellness. >> is there a new twist to this year's event? >> yeah. they are rolling out the red carpet. a brand new venue. we are giving out grants to area nonprofits which ties back into our mission. we have six great nonprofits we want to introduce folks to. >> tell us about your organization and how it benefits from tomorrow night's event. >> so it is the social service agency that provides a range of services for people living with hiv and aids. we have a lot of families with kids. so this event means the world to us. it allows us to provide toys to our kids. it brightens the holidays. we couldn't do it without them. we are very grateful. >> it is usually families who
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are homeless. it's nice for kids to have something. >> absolutely. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> happy anniversary. >> tickets are still on sale. you can go to the web site and we would love to have people come support these kids at the holidays. >> and that's why you're here. the toy fundraiser happens tomorrow night at 1717 arch street in philadelphia. the event begins at 7:00 p.m. there is tickets available. for more head to our web site. we'll have more on or check out the nbc 10 app. welcome back again. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> thank you. a day to bundle up, the arctic air is gripping our region. snow may not be too far out.
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here is a live look at camelback mountain. glenn will let us know who could see some snow before the weekend is through. also, happy hour for toddlers. a lot of parents are outraged by this new toy but is it the real deal? fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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blustery conditions out there today. here is a live look at cape may, new jersey. flags flapping in the wind there. dealing with arctic air there. we soucould see snow before the weekend. let's bring in glenn "hurricane" schwartz with that forecast. >> yeah. it is unseasonably cold out there, more like a mid-january
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chill with a 36 degree temperature in the middle of the day. the average will be about 46 at this time. you can see that we have some clouds in parts of the area, especially the lehigh valley. nothing too significant. we have temperatures across the 30s. we have 27 in mount pocono. temperatures down to 23 in coatsville. it's not going to go up very much from there. in philadelphia itself we have temperatures only going up into the upper 30s. you can see these winds. those are sustained winds at 20 miles per hour or so. not much change over the weekend. the one change is in the cloud
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cover with a system coming in from the west. this is fairly weak. it looks like it will be cold enough to start snow especially in lehigh valley late sunday and sunday night. more on the timing of this and colder air mass a little bit later. communities want everyone to stay safe. officials have declared a code blue weather emergency. matt delucia has been talking to people this morning. matt, i don't see that many people out there. >> reporter: not too many people. you're not going to find a lot of people waiting outside -- i'm sorry, waiting inside just behind the buses here. once they get out they jump there and stay there as long as possible. earlier this morning we found people who still had to look around for the hot and gloves before heading out the door. montgomery county issue add code blue alert.
11:32 am
they feel conditions could be dangerous for those stuck outside for long periods of time. they are amped up to get them out of the cold. people we have been talking with here, we have got mixed feelings about winter coming a little early. >> i went back and got my gloves, got a jacket. i dressed double. you know, it's still cold out there. >> nice brisk, nice fresh air. >> you like this? >> i do. >> reporter: so some people like it, others do not but you can see some of these folks here have got the heavy coats on waiting for buses or trains. that code blue warning in effect. it is important to get people into homes or at least out of the cold. code blue runs through monday morning.
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> okay. get inside that van and turn the heat on. with the nbc 10 app you'll have the first alert forecast for your neighborhood and when ever it snows remember we are the first place you'll find closings and delays for your school. president-elect donald trump will rally supporters in louisiana today ahead of the state senate run-off election. they have a senate majority next year if they maintain the louisiana seat. mr. trump will also visit grand rapids michigan, the latest stop on his thank you tour. more on conservation troops is elected to run the environmental protection agency. p pruitt has addressed skeptical views and sued the epa for what
11:34 am
he called an activist agenda. the president-elect also picked fast food executive andrew for labor secretary. the president of the united steel workers in indianapolis is responding to a twitter attack by president-elect. he said mr. trump lied when he claimed to have saved 1,100 jobs at carrier. s he said he only helped save 800 jobs. this morning jones joked about being passed over for a role in the new administration. >> i was not offered a job as secretary of labor. so that's off the table. >> jones went onto say he has thick skin after doing his job for 30 years. he takes the president-elect's comments with a grain of thought
11:35 am
and he thought they were actually funny. facebook announced it's taking action to stop fake news from being posted on its web site. yesterday hillary clinton addressed the issue. >> it is now clear that so called fake news can have real world consequences. it's a danger that must be addressed. >> last weekend a fake news story about clinton lead to a shooting in washington, d.c. a man opened fire as he was investigating. clinton made her first visit yesterday for a ceremony to honor harry reid he is retiring. dylann roof on trial for executing nine people at an african american church. we have the latest.
11:36 am
>> reporter: day three of the dylann roof trial. yesterday jurors were visually taken inside the church where the shooting happened. they were shown dozens of crime scene photos as well as surveillance. one camera capturing dylann roof bloodstained t-shirts getting into his car and slipping away into the night according to prosecuto prosecutors. his defense team motioning far missed trial. they base it on the emotional nature of one witness testimony who called dylann roof evil and said he belonged in the pit of held. they told jurors they should dismiss that part of the system. if roof is convicted he would be the first to get the death
11:37 am
penalty in court for a hate crime. charleston, south carolina. carter made an unannounced stop in afghanistan. he offered reassure lance as afghan faces taliban insurgency. >> they sacrificed so much to bring this country to this point of promise, potential and strength. we'll continue to stand with you. >> nearly 10,000 u.s. troops remain on the ground. they say one of the most important questions faces trump is how many troops will remain there. the president of south korea will officially be stripped of
11:38 am
his power she is accused of giving influence to a long-time confida confidant. the court has up to 180 days to make a decision. the prime minister is serving as acting president. >> america is mourning john glenn. he was 95 years old. he was the last surviving astronaut. he was a fighter pilot in world war ii and also in the korean war. after his stint with nasa glenn entered politics for near lay quarter of a century. in 1998 he became the oldest astronaut in space aboard the shuttle discovery. in 2012 he received the pet med
11:39 am
d medal of freedom from president obama. the machine spined at 830 miles per hour testing a person's endure rans found in space flight. walt disney fans can try to buy a piece of history. disney's last will and testament is up for auction. it is expect today fetch as much as $50,000. hundreds of pieces of animation are also being auctioned off. he died 43 years later at the age of 65. okay. you may have seen this ad for a childrens toy on facebook. the ad claims to be for a fisher-price happy hour play set. it shows three kids sitting around a play bar with beer bottles. don't worry. the ad is completely fake.
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fisher-price has been clarifying that the product is not real. the today show, savannah guthrie welcomes her new baby boy. zb they are calling him charley after her dad. he weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. mom, dad and baby are all doing well. up next, a grim milestone, what's now killing more americans than guns, the results of a brand new study is coming up. parts of our area could see snow before the weekend is through. i'll break down my neighborhood forecast just ahead. i'm rosemary connors.
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join me for how a community is fighting back against hair and a brand new drug actually dissolves dangerous plaques. >> doctors like me are very excited about the prospect of having a new medicine, a new class of medicine that can lower ldl cholesterol with fewer side effects. >> that plus nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us with his long-range winter forecast. that's coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following meet the press only on nbc 10.
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35 heroin deaths in the city in just five days. it happened december 1st through this past monday. the drug came from various sources. they don't know if it was more potent than usual or mixed with other drugs. a new study shows heroin know kills more americans than gun violence. federal health officials say there were nearly 13,000 heroin related deaths. it was slightly higher than the number of gun deaths. prescription painkillers topped 30,000 for the first time in recent history. tomorrow a delaware county organization is asking you to
11:45 am
give a few hours to help people. peg p they are putting out packages to help people that have gone through recovery themselves. he is the director of the peggy and paul foundation. his wife works with brian to coordinate the recovery outreach program. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> you have both gone through recovery yourselves. talk about your journey and why it's so important to help the homeless and those who have gone through addiction. >> thanks for having us. thanks for doing this story. one of the things that you read all of those statistics about the overdoeses and deaths risin every year, the number of people is also rising. we want to celebrate that and
11:46 am
promote that hope so people know there is another side to addiction. we all know the devastating consequences of what can happen. they are young individuals entering a program every day. we want to get that out there for everyone who struggled with addiction. >> tell us what goes into the care packages that you guys are putting together tomorrow. >> we put in blankets, gloves, socks, snacks and bottles of water. also if someone does want treatment they have resources available for them. every individual that receives a care package also received a christmas card with a message of hope in this christmas card. the people that receive them are homeless and addicted in kensington, philadelphia and we set up shop in some of the parks known for heavy heroin usage and addiction. >> tell us what you guys are
11:47 am
overseeing. >> we are very proud. we have had individual -- right now we have 50 guys in our program. we have 23 graduates and one of the reasons this foundation was created is because one of the sons of peggy and paul came through. he is doing very good coming up on two years clean and sober. they wanted to colliuate a foundation that might not have the resources to seek out treatment and seek out programs such as this and celebrate recovery and let people know it is possible. >> you guys may or may not know we have done amazing work on investigating homeless among youth and addiction issue. so the work you guys are doing is phenomenal. >> thanks so much. it's great that you two have recovered and gone through this process. you know better than anybody what it takes to overcome. >> yes, sir.
11:48 am
>> great. it is happening tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for more information head to our web site. we'll have a link there for you. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> you got two little ones, right? >> yes. >> you got your hands full. >> yes. >> thank you, sir. >> you too. well, we have got to coldest air so far this season. this morning we have feels like temperatures in the teens. now it's up to the 20s. it's still windy. it's still cold outside and it's going to pretty much stay cold all weekend. the wind gusts are 20 to 30 miles per hour. we have seen some gusts over 30 so far. wind coming straight out of the west, northwest and that's what gives us that chill even though
11:49 am
the air temperatures themselves are in the mid-30s. we have weather that's cold enough to make snow in the poconos. this is at camelback. they are loving this weather pattern. that pattern is going to continue. it is not just a one weekend kind of thing. you can see that northwest wind coming right over the lake. when you have a strong enough wind some times it can make it into eastern pennsylvania. we have a chance of flurries in the poconos and the lehigh valley. you can see how many places are getting a lot of snow. in the meantime the system we are talking about is out in the plain states. it's not very impressive, is it? it's impressive. it's moving fast. we are not talking about any
11:50 am
kind of big threat. it's early in the season. all right. this afternoon it's feeling like it's in the low 20s. it goes back down into the teens as we head through the evening and overnight period. we have to dress warmer, of course. first thing in the morning it feels like about 12. it gets up to about 22 or 24 during the day with the sunshine and then back down into the teens tomorrow night and then probably back up to the 20s on sunday. so that's about as good as it's going to feel. the temperatures themselves are in the 20s and going into the 30s. we are seeing a lot of sunshine today. we could see some of those snow flurries to the north and west. tomorrow i don't even think we'll see that. we'll have more of a westerly wind and not a northwest wind.
11:51 am
on sunday that's when the clouds really increase. you can see how cold it really is. so here is some. there is the afternoon, redding and allentown. you can see temperatures are near the freezing mark. you can see the system braises part of the area. if it will be the case in the evening hours it would be cold enough to start as snow. predicting cloudy skies for the eagles game. temperatures in the upper 30s. not a lot of wind. so that would be decent. so saturday is dry across the whole area. sunday is dry in the morning and early afternoon but in lehigh valley a chance of that mixture coming later in the day. that's the area most likely to
11:52 am
get it. and in philadelphia there could be a little bit of mixture as well. it would be rain of course at the jersey shore and mostly in delawa delaware. the ten-day forecast shows those cold temperatures all the way through the weekend. we warm up on monday. so any mixed precipitation changes to rain and most likely even by the morning rush on monday. that's something we'll have to watch closely. then we start to get another blast, perhaps rain or snow showers on wednesday with the next arctic front. now we are talking about high temperatures in the 20s and lows in the teens. that's in philadelphia itself later next week. that's an even colder blast than this one. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon ryan gosling pays a visit. and making phone calls while flying the friendly skies. they are proposing airlines let passengers make in-flight calls using wifi. is that a good thing for your flight experience? we are talking to both sides of that issue today at 4:00. the city of philadelphia announced code blue in effect
11:56 am
until 6:00 a.m. monday morning. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a check of your afternoon weather. >> yes. some times the early cold can be more of a jolt than later on, like if we had these temperatures in january it wouldn't be that much of an impact. the arctic air has moved in. the edge of the arctic air that has been clobbering a good bit of the country eases up a little bit. then another shot, a deeper shot comes in next wednesday and thursday. then it eases up and then another one comes in for next sunday. so we are in a pattern where we have got one hit after another and then some chances for some wintery mix-type precipitation. no big storms with this type of pattern. look how cold it is. >> it is very cold. thank you.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching. i'm glenn "hurricane" schwartz here. have a great day. stay warm.
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>> chad: i just found out that when hope shot my father, he was terminally ill. >> gabi: and he knew it? >> chad: yeah. so he figured if he was gonna die without dignity, he may as well do it the quick and dirty way-- at the hands of one of his enemies. if that's true, then my father was... not the man i thought he was. >> gabi: do you believe that? >> chad: if he knew he was dying and tricked hope into-- >> gabi: okay, we're not even sure that that happened. >> chad: yeah, well, hope said that he offered her a gun, so maybe he did want her to pull that trigger. >> gabi: did you know he was that sick? >> chad: [stammers] in hindsight, yeah, i guess maybe there were hints, but


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