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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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at the morris arboretum. we're going to get to randy in just a few minutes. >> we're going to go with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz monitoring this bitter cold in your neighborhood. where is it going to be, glenn? >> it's going to be cold everywhere. and it's going to stay cold all weekend. 37 degrees and we're already starting to cool down, we were at 38 an hour ago, and mostly cloudy skies, even a few snowflakes in the sky in parts of the area. already down to the freezing mark in lehigh valley as they're start clear out. 3 31 miles an hour in philadelphia. the feels like temperature, 23 in coatesville, 23 in allentown, 26 in trenton, look at that, 9 in mt. pocono. and this is about as high as those feels like temperatures are going to get because they're
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going to go down from here, no that we go into the nighttime hours and there's still going to be some wind out there. by tomorrow morning, that should be the coldest point of the weekend, where it feels like it's around 10 to 15 degrees. so the cold air is in place and we also have some moisture on the way, that all adds up to at least a chance of some snow. and meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> our next chance of rain and snow comes sunday starting in the form of snow. we have issued a first alert because of that, but only for the lehigh valley, berks county and pa suburbs. on sunday night, we'll see the approach of our next weather system. it will start on the leading edge with snow because it will be cold enough for. but it's not going to stay snow
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overnight through monday morning. we'll see a bit of a mix here. we're going to see accumulating snow for the lehigh valley, berks county and the pa suburbs. changing to a mix on sunday and changing to rain especially for the pennsylvania suburbs by tomorrow morning. so we are going to see quite a difference as we go through the overnight hours from sunday into early monday. we have this big area of high pressure, we have the northwest wind, that's what's making it so windy and cold. winds are not going to be as gusty tomorrow as today. this high is going to keep us nice and dry as we go into tomorrow afternoon. then we go into sunday, thats mo high moves away. by 4:00 in the afternoon sunday, it will be cold enough to support snowfall through the poconos, lehigh valley, northern parts of our pennsylvania suburbs. then sunday night, there you see on the edge of your screen the
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rain-snow mix, so we'll be tracking that sunday overnight into monday. our coverage continues with nbc10's randy gyllenhaal. >> how are people coping with it, randy? >> reporter: they don't care, they're having a fun time at the morris arboretum. i can show you we have a number of minuiaturminiatures, includi miniature train display. we're checking out festive spots to take the family both inside and outside as these temperatures start to dip. more than a quarter mile of tiny track weaves through the morris arboretum. 13 trains pass through tiny hand crafted villages, it's the christmas season in miniature. >> just the joy of the season, the love affair with trains. i enjoy the children watching their eyes.
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>> reporter: they light up? >> yes. >> reporter: he says young bkid, especially boys love it. >> they say can i have your job? >> reporter: we went to bucks county and caught up with people at penn's village. they're buying lots of cold weather gear from local merchants. >> i got some fuzzy gloves, have the sherpa lining. >> the pond here is ice cold, frozen over. we found folks taking a break at the brewery. >> it warms you up, makes you feel good. >> reporter: anything to beat the coming cold. >> want to stop the, warm up with a nice beer, come on in. >> reporter: beer blanket, not a bad idea a night like tonight. it's the morris arboretum, your
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opportunity to come and check out the trains here. they're open every day during the daytime. coming up at 6:00, you can check out a display of dozens of activities. we want to remind you too you can your neighborhood forecast any time by downloading the nbc10 app. to bucks county where a man is behind bars on homicide charges after admitting to a passing driver that he had killed his the streets in shorts and flip-fl flip-flops. police found the body of cope's mother, it appears she had been beaten and stabbed. there's no word on a motive. the number two executive of goldman-sachs will lead the white house's international
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council on economics. meanwhile rudy giuliani won't be part of trump's administration. there was talk at one point of giuliani becoming the secretary of state. today president-elect trump rallied for -- the president-elect also used the visit to stress the importance of putting americans back to work. >> my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american, and hire american. okay? because from now on, it's going to be america first. >> the president-elect will continue his thank you tour with a stop in grand rapids, michigan later tonight. president obama ordered u.s. intelligence agencies to check into the possibility the russian
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government intervened in the 2016 election. administration officials say mr. obama is concerned russia will go unpunished for any involvement if he does not act. well the news comes as the fate of a possible presidential recount in pennsylvania is still up in the air tonight. we learned a short time ago a judge in philadelphia will rule on the recount bid on monday. nbc10's andrea klein-thomas is live in center city with in voting machines. it comes in counties that did not validate the campaign's claims. jill stein made her case to a
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federal judge. they brought a computer expert to testify about the accessibility of the voting machines to be hacked. attorneys for donald trump argue that there's not concrete evidence of anything going wrong. the hearings come after stein's request for a recount in pennsylvania. commissioners and a judge denied requests for an audit of election software, a steady wide election recount was also denied. the lengths stein and her supporters have had to go to get a recount she says is also part of the problem. >> i'm not in this in order to specifically help one candidate or hurt another candidate. our goal is to help the american voter have their confidence shoe shored up in this voting system.
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reporting live outside of federal court, andrea klein-thomas nbc10 news. the u.s. stock market continued its rally for the sixth straight day. the closing bell brought new all-time highs for major indexes. the largest gains went to industry such as health care and makers of household goods. the dow was up .7%, rising 142 points to close at 19,756. the s&p and nasdaq also posted gains. got a question for you here. how would you like to make a phone call from 30,000 feet. or the alternative, have someone
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next to you on a plane chatting away on a phone mid flight. the federal government wants to know what you have to say about it. under a new proposal from the department of transportation, passengers would be allowed to make phone calls during their light using wi-fi if their airline allowed it. we found flyers at philly international today who were both for and against the idea. >> i don't think that's a very good idea, because if you were sitting there trying to read a book, it would be very disrupp ty. >> sometimes these flights are very, very long and i bring reading material usually, but it would be nice to talk to my wife while i'm in the air. >> flight attendants have expressed concern or phone calls igniting fights among passengers.
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pope francis has named allentown bishop as the next bishop of rockville center new york. the rockville center diocese consists of new york city and long island. no word yet on who will replace him in allentown. now let's take you to bucks county, that's where governor tom wolf is highlighting a company for creating new jobs, he toured mng direct. the multinational marketing solutions business that recently consolidated all of their operations into one location. you better bundle up out there, an arctic blast has arrived. we're tracking some of the coldest air of the season. for this weekend, we're going to be starting with temperatures feeling like the teen s again tomorrow morning.
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then we watch for some rain and snow, i'll talk more about that coming up next. >> and sentencing chaka fattah. what can we expect when he goes to court? plus toy trouble, who bought more than $20,000 worth of the holiday's must-have gift and why it's causing a stink.
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and here's a live look out at cape may. we're tracking rain and snow for parts of the area. we'll talk about who can expect that coming up. chaka fattah's attorneys want the judge to consider his years of public service before sentencing him. for more insight on this, nbc10 >> on monday, there are going to to be there, they're going to and there's going to be the
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there's going to be some work that will take place before that court date. the prosecutor's office has already conducted the investigation. they will go through from the day he was born, what happened in college, what he did in his work life, his health and his finances. they do a complete mock up. they put together a presentence investigation at they use that and submit that to the judge. >> if you were in the position of defending the former congressman, what is your shortest sentence? guide lines are advisories, so reported about, the prosecution somewhere in the 20-year range. the judge will have to make a determination on what the guidelines will be. then there's d ee's departures,
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anything that's in the guidelines that will reduce the guidelines. that could drag on for days, are all the things that the court background of the defendant, the nature of the defense, all the different things that took place, those are the people that will come out to testify, they will do that on his behalf to convince the judge to go below the guide lines, the judge could sentence him anything from house for his crimes? anybody he wants to. there's a chance he's going to pardon a bunch of people before he leaves office. >> nbc10 legal analyst enrique latoison, thank you as always for your insight. and once again, the
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sentencing of former congress mari man chaka fattah will be on monday. we could see a little bit of snow out of this system that's heading our way, right, sheena? >> for parts of our area later on in the weekend. we'll be tracking that system by sunday afternoon. clear skies on a very crisp and cold and windy night, temperatures are 37 in philadelphia, 33, pennsylvania suburbs already freezing in the lehigh valley, 37 in delaware. we're in the mid 30s through many of our neighborhoods in south jersey. right now philadelphia neighborhoods mostly in the mid 30s here. kensington coming in at 36 degrees and if you're -- the
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wind is still up, sustained anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour. some areas are seeing higher wind gusts, but the wind derr k direction, that's going to bring the cold air all the way through tomorrow afternoon and even continuing on sunday. here's what it feels like when we factor in the winds. nobody feels like 37 degrees. feels like 27 in philadelphia, feels like 9 degrees in mt. pocono. these numbers will keep dropping so it will feel colder later on tonight. there's the lake-effect snow, so we have the cold air on the lakes. we have already seen reports of flurries across the area from this and we could still have a few, they're kind of winding down in parts of burlington county, near pemberton, florence, norristown,
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phoenixville, heading into parts of philadelphia. for sunday, now we're looking ma ahead to the end of the weekend, that's where we're watching for snow. lehigh valley, berks county and the pennsylvania suburbs. so those are the only ones who will see the snow. that will last through early monday morning. we expect some accumulating snow at the start of this, then changing to a wintery mix and then changing to rain as we go into monday morning. here's what future weather's showing for tomorrow. we stay nice and dry, it's going to be another very cold day, though, especially in the morning. by sunday, more clouds move in, but sunday morning we're still dry, then the leading edge of the system moves in by 5:30, or maybe a little bit earlier sunday afternoon. and that's when we could see snow in the poconos, mobile the
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lehigh valley. then we watch for the bigger part of this weather system to come in in the early hours of monday morning. wintry mix north and west most likely, then rain elsewhere, changing to range rain across ta early monday morning. some signs of a wintry mix far north as we go into early monday. oo as we talk about the snow falling sunday night, we could see one to three inches in the lehigh valley, there's a chance once the mix starts, we could see freezing rain, a rain-snow mix, maybe periods of sleet as well. a coating through an inch to parts of our pennsylvania suburbs. notice it's just the upper part of the suburbs too. everyone is going to see something out of this as we go into early monday. for your saturday, your weekend
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forecast, 38 south jersey, dpe de coming in at 40 tomorrow. sunday we start to see the snow showers, a mix through philadelphia, snow showers through the pennsylvania suburbs to start as well as the lehigh slally. then it mostly changes over to rain as we go overnight into early monday. then temperatures start to rebound back to near 50 degrees. so we do start to warm overnight sunday into monday, that's why we'll see that change over into rain at the start of your workweek. it is going to be a cold weekend, even colder weather next week. look at that 29 degrees by next thursday, and we'll be tracking another system that could be bringing some more snow showers. more details in your neighborhood weather coming up. the christmas season has firmly arrived -- the event also
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included musical performances and an appearance by the man himself, santa claus. well it's the play set picture that has the internet abuzz. but tonight one toy maker is setting the record straight about this photo. that story straight ahead. plus, big buy. someone purchased more than $20,000 worth of the hottest holiday toy. not everyone's happy about it either. that story straight ahead on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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don't believe everything you see on facebook. >> this fake photo of a happy hour play set. it was a hoax, but some fell for it. so the company had to issue a statement to set the record straight. they said the play set is, quote, not endorsed, produced or approved by fisher price. one real toy that is a hot seller this year is now at the center of a controversy. best selling author sarah gruen bought more than $23,000 worth of the hatchamole. the hatchamole's cost $50, but
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gruen says she will sell them for more than $200 bucks to help free a man who's wrongfully behind bars. as we go into the end of your weekend, we're tracking some rain and snow in your forecast, until then, your weekend is going to be cold, we're talking about those teens tomorrow morning, that's what it's going to feel like. we'll look at that as well as the timing of the rain and snow coming up. a signing session, people will be autographing underwear at king of prussia mall this weekend. ♪when you've got...♪
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. wrapped up to combat the cold. nbc10 in center city today as these walkers came face to face with some freshly arrived arctic air. the weekend is going to have a wintry feel. >> as the temperatures drop, the wind is whipping. a live look on camel back mountain. we have been watching the gusts blow all that snow around. >> we're tracking a system that will come from a system you see on first alert radar. it will arrive to some parts of the area before the weekend is
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out. >> we have coverage of this weekend's arctic blast. nbc10's tim furlong is out there with people are dealing with the cold conditions. >> but we want to begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's monitoring the bitter cold in your neighborhood, glenn? >> this is the first shot of any cold air our bodiy ies are not d to. 37 degrees our high today was 38, which was about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. we're seeing many of the suburbs right around the freezing mark already. the current wind, sustained wind. so miles an hour, in philadelphia, a sustained wind of 22 miles an hour on top of that 37-degree temperature and so it is feeling pretty cold out
5:32 pm
there. 28 degrees, feels like 22 coatesville, and 23 in allentown, 26 in wilmington and in vineland. as we go through the next several hours, the wind should be diminishing a little bit. as you can see, by 10:00, down to 9 miles an hour, the temperatures are dropping, too, and so the feels like temp drops a bit as well. and dropping into the teens by tomorrow morning. so it's going to stay cold all weekend long, plus we have some moisture on the way, that's going to add up to snow in at least parts of the area. >> we're tracking that, glenn, for the later part of your weekend, so we're talking about sunday afternoon into sunday night carrying over into monday night but it's not going to be the entire night and not the entire area. only for part of the area, which would be the lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs and it includes berks county as well.
5:33 pm
we're going to see a bit of a changeover here, snowy we expect, and then changing over to rain. but the timing is going to put it on sunday afternoon and early monday morning. so we expect accumulating snow at the start, changing to a winter eye mix and then changing to rain, especially for our pennsylvania suburbs, we'll be seeing that change over to rain very early monday morning, most likely before the monday commute even starts. here's the area of high pressure giving us the windy and cold conditions. we're going to stay nice and dry for tomorrow, it's going to be a cold one when that high moves away, and our next weather system moves in. so the leading edge, we do expect to start as snow. it's going to be cold sunday, it's going to be cold enough for snow. then we go into the very late
5:34 pm
hours monday night, this is mid nimt and now we see off to our west, rain, snow, wintry mix, that will be moving in monday night and then you're looking at mostly rain. we have the first alert out for lehigh valley, berks county and pennsylvania suburbs. now nbc10's tim furlong is braving the elements with cat indicate skaters in wilmington. >> we know it's cold out there. >> reporter: i tell you what, a month ago, i sat in this exact spot in a chair talking about how warm it was. the ice rink is up and it absolutely feels like ice rink weather. ice skating, that makes at least a little sense on a cold day.
5:35 pm
>> this will be great. temperatures are great. >> reporter: a twirl around river rink ice rink is festive today. this rink has been closed because it was too cold. >> we have fire puts, so come out and skate. >> i'm a lawyer in pennsylvania, i took today off. >> but cutting out of work to play golf in wilmington today, come on, guys, check the weather forecast. >> if you keep the right clothes on, and keep your golf balls warm, everything's fine. >> even tim doesn't like the mist coming off of these sprinkl sprinklers. >> you're out here standing with a camera on your shoulder, are you cold? >> reporter: we're all cold. but if you get a chance to get some refreshing cold air, you take advantage of it. >> i've got my mittens on, we're ready. >> reporter: this is a great
5:36 pm
spot in wilmington. so far today i have not been injured by any of my colleagues, so i'll take that as a win. john's looking at me like he wants to do something to me. it is cold, so if you go outside, be careful, dress for it, don't take it lightly, but it's not as cold as it could be and it's not as cold as it's going to be. >> i want to remind you you can get your neighborhood forecast any time by downloading the nbc10 app. >> we'll make sure we speak faster too getting to those guys. in the meantime, hydrating our heroes. >> nbc10 was there as members of serve pro who glifr deliver water to the first responders. the narburn ambulance company
5:37 pm
says these water bottles will help them when the firefighters are battling claflames. >> when the firefighters have been licking the flames, they take a break and water gets them back in the fire. >> this is just one of several locations where serve pro delivered water bottles today. a group of philadelphia police officers helped spread holiday cheer today in north philadelphia. members of salea, the group's president says it's all part of their mission. >> we go into the community and we give back, whether it's to the youth or the senior citizens. >> all the officers fed the seniors a free meal.
5:38 pm
king of russia mall is. apparently, the main reason people avoid the dentist, isn't fear. those stories and more next on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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the fact that americans like to skip dental care might not come as a surprise, but the reason why might. reach researchers say that 13% of working adults skip dental care because it's too expensive. and that's because people are getting better coverage from their medical insurance than their dental insurance. rapper 50 cent is coming to king of prussia mall and he wants to sell you some underwear.
5:41 pm
the rapper will appear at bloomingdales from 1:00 to 2:30, he's coming to promote the frito men's underwear. >> what do they cost, 50 cents? when you step outside, you're going to know it's cold out there. >> keith's going to be the first one in line. >> no way. >> we do have a really cold weekend setting up. for teens and 20s tomorrow morning. more snow in the forecast, i'll tell you who can expect that and when coming up. it may look like she's shopping, but police say there's more to this an meets the eye. how thieves are working to take your catch this holiday season.
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jurors in the charleston church massacre trial listens to a recording. the tape of the fbi interview lasted about two hours. at one point in the video, roof laughs when talking about the murders. he also expresses disbelief when tell him he killed 9 people in all. because roof says he didn't know there were that many people in the church. he also said he killed the victims because of their race. the town of gatlinburg, tennessee has reopened to visitors less than two weeks after being ravaged by wildfires. early this morning crews took down barricades allowing traffic to flow through most of the
5:45 pm
town. the downtown shopping area was share spared from the fire was but it destroyed 2,500 homes and businesses. nbc10's deanna durante is life in king of prussia tonight. those thieves are also working overtime now? >> reporter: thieves have been out all year long, but they say this is the time of year you're distracted, running to all the holiday events. it is easy to see when you know what you're looking for. a man in bensalem takes advantage of a distracted mom and grabs her wallet. these two are shopping in a target on someone else's dime. the credit card belonged to a woman who had no idea they were gone. the police are looking for these ladies. and police want to know who this guy is who forced someone to use
5:46 pm
an atm. >> this time of year, nobody's reallying attention. >> reporter: this detective is trying to identify the women. the women bought more than $2,000 worth of stuff in minutes after the theft. >> they'll take one or two credit cards and put the wallet back, because then it gives them hours to go use those stolen credit cards. >> police say chip card technology is making cloning cards harder so thieves are watching, waiting and stealing. he says they look around and wait for a chance, like a purse left on a floor or over a chair. we found dozens like this at a local eatery. while some they're careful -- >> i never put it in a basket. >> reporter: some turns their backs for a second and leave their valuables. >> i don't want anyone to reach
5:47 pm
into my pockets. >> it's important to keep track of your stuff. if you're out now to do some shopping, you better bundle up too. it's cold out there and depending where you live, you could see snow this weekend. sheena, cold out there now? >> yes, cold out there now and it's going to get even colder as we go into tomorrow morning. then by the end of the weekend we're tracking rain and snow in the forecast. currently temperatures are in the 30s, so keep in mind it's cold and it's windy and it's going to get colder through the overnight hours. 34 wilmington, mt. holly is at 36 degrees, already freezing in allentown and coatt coatesville. everyone feels like the 20s. the poconos feel like 9 degrees feelings like 28 degrees in philadelphia, 29 for mt. holiday, 26 trenton, vineland and wilmington.
5:48 pm
so yes, it's going to feel colder than that into tomorrow morning. the wind is going to make it feel like the teens. currently we still have the windy conditions blowing in, a little bit of snow showers from the great lakes. we have even seen some flurrying across the area, right now sort of winding, but we did have some flurries reported earlier mostly in our pennsylvania suburbs. that wind continues and watch the future feels like temperatures as we go through the later evening hours. 10:00 p.m. tonight, feeling around 15 degrees for most of the area, with temperatures dropping pretty quickly. then we go into tomorrow morning, we're still feeling around 15 degrees, maybe as cold as 10 degrees, but some areas will be feeling maybe a little bit colder than this morning. then we go into tomorrow afternoon, it another day where we will be feeling like the 20s. by tend of the weekend, that's when we have the first alert. that will only be for the lehigh valley, berks county and our
5:49 pm
upper pennsylvania sub sushs. it's going to continue for the morning rush, but we will see a bit of a change. first we're going to be tracking accumulating snow in these areas, changing to a wintry mix and for areas just changing into rain. we stay dry through the day on saturday, but dry and cold. more clouds on sunday morning, this is 10:00 sunday morning, it will be cold and you'll notice those clouds moving in, temperatures will mostly be in about the mid to low 30s. poconos, pennsylvania suburbs, that's where we expect the leading edge of this system. snowfall starting around 4:00 p.m. on, could be continuing through sunday night. at this point, anything that falls could be snow, because it's going to stay that cold. overnight a little bit of a wintery mix, we see that change to rain and most of the day on
5:50 pm
monday we'll be looking at rain, it's the areas north and west that we'll be watching closely. accumulating snowfall at the start, one to three inches in the lehigh valley, berks county, and the upper pa counties, and then in montgomery, chester and bucks county, up to an inch. the eagles game on sunday, things are going to be cold, it's going to be cloudy, but we expect to be mostly dry, if you're driving home north and west of philadelphia, expect to see some possible snow flurries starting or maybe even some snow showers depending on what time you'll be driving. upper 30s sunday, that's when we see the wintry mix north and west, but snow at the start, changing over to rain on monday. make sure you keep all that in mind as start off next week. more details coming up next at 6:00. a cold day to be outside, no doubt decorating ginger bread houses, i got to show off some
5:51 pm
of my skills at city hall christmas village. it was all to raise money for local nonprofits, i was with the phil abundance team. but despite our test efforts, the sixers youth foundation, won the contest, but we had fun and i think we were a little bit robbed. >> you added lights to your ginger bread house. >> raised a lot of money for the nonprofit. here's a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news," hey, lester. >> ahead for us tonight, we'll have details from inside the courtroom as the chilling confession of the accused charleston church shooter is play played. the government is confronting the challenge of getting air bags replaced. we see you back here tonight. >> thanks, lester, see you at
5:52 pm
6:30. on the ice, the flyers, they are on fire. >> they won seven in a row after last night's win. the story straight ahead. he gets a lot of compliments.
5:53 pm
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
5:54 pm
male vo: comcast. if you winter watching the
5:55 pm
flyers, you should be. tonight the flyers captains getting some new face time. >> claude drew is a cover star tonight, danny. >> that's right, the flyers haven't won eight in a row since 2002. we saw claude drew's best game of the season. the high scoring 6-5 win over the oilers, has had drew at the top of the franchise. now he's the subject of a new digital trading app. today drew talked about his new venture. >> they came up with the idea about trading cards and owning cards online and i think it's a cool idea and as a kid i collected a lot of cards. so it's a way to get connected with the nhl or hockey, trading cards with all my friends. so it was a good time.
5:56 pm
>> trading cards have come a long way, coming up claude drew talk about his eight-game winning streak. i'm danny pommells, csn, back to you. let's take a live look right now inside a dark lincoln financial field. not so dark, i guess. they got some light on the field. the eagles will be back here on sunday, against washington, kickoff at 7:00. and we're getting you ready for sunday's game. join us for a power hour of birds coverage, beginning at 9:30 sunday morning. we'll have an exclusive interview with trey burton. and then keep it here for nbc10 sports final after the news at 11:00. and a new schedule for septa riders, what you need to know before monday. also new at 6:00, collecting
5:57 pm
a christmas tree has been a tradition at one local farm. why this year will be the last. why it's going to feel like the teens when you wake up in the morning, plus i'm tracking some snow for parts of the reason, that's at 6:00.
5:58 pm
chilly and snowy, no matter how old you are, you need to bundle up if you're going
5:59 pm
outside tonight. and changes on the tracks. septa gears up for a big schedule change starting this weekend. and new at 6:00, why this christmas will be the last for this landmark tree farm. nbc10 news at 6:00 begins with a cold blast of air that could also bring some snow for some. nbc10 on market center this afternoon. parts of the region could see snow this weekend. >> and the temperature is not putting a huge damper on the skating at the blue cross rivering, at least not for these folks, a lot of folks moving around trying to stay home. and in the poconos, they could get some real powder for the slopes. glenn and sheena, keeping a close eye on the weather in your
6:00 pm
neighborhood. >> we begin with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i'll be talking about the cold first, because it's been a while since we have seen cold temperatures like this, our bodies have not been used to it so it feels really cold. the arctic air, that surged in from the west has arrived and it's to stay with us all work before easing up a little bit on monday. we still have 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds in some parts of the area, but we're seeing some places see the wind diminishing a little bit. and that is helping, the feels like temperature down to 21 in coatesville, 25 in allentown, trenton and vineland. and as the wind dies down a little bit tonighte'


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