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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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slopes. glenn and sheena, keeping a close eye on the weather in your neighborhood. >> we begin with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i'll be talking about the cold first, because it's been a while since we have seen cold temperatures like this, our bodies have not been used to it so it feels really cold. the arctic air, that surged in from the west has arrived and it's to stay with us all work before easing up a little bit on monday. we still have 15 to 20-mile-per-hour winds in some parts of the area, but we're seeing some places see the wind diminishing a little bit. and that is helping, the feels like temperature down to 21 in coatesville, 25 in allentown, trenton and vineland. and as the wind dies down a little bit tonight we're going
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to feel those temperatures not quite as much as we did. the temperatures go slowly down but the wind going slowly down as well. and by 11:00 tonight, feels like 20 in philadelphia, teens in the suburbs. going to feel cold plus we have moisture on the way. >> and we do have a first alert out for part of the area because of that come sunday. so the first alert is out for rain and snow, lehigh valley, berks county, pennsylvania suburbs. these are the areas we do expect to be impacted by some snowfall and we'll see a bit of a changeover. the timing will put it in the area sunday night through monday morning. that's when we'll see more of aover into monday. we do expect a chilly rain at the start, changing to a wintry mix and then changing to rain. if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs, you'll see more of that rain change over, even some freezing rain possible for the lehigh valley.
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these areas we will be watching closely, else wrowhere we expec rain changing for most of the morning. we're seeing that high pressure pulling in around the cold air and it's giving us those blustery conditions. that high is going to keep us dry for saturday, then we start to see the leading edge of this weather system in the form of snow and then we'll see more of that move in late sunday night. a closer look at the timing of that coming up in just a bit. people across the lehigh valley breathing in the elements. >> we're live at the morris arboretum. they're having friday night lights. one of the big features is these really cool miniature trains are a big hit with the kids. today we went across the region for things you and your family can do both inside and outside as these temperatures start to
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plummet. a lot of families have small holiday train sets that circle around the christmas tree, but they're probably nothing quite like this. >> we have probably 600 feet of track. >> reporter: every year, bruce sets up this elaborate minichristmas village, the perfect spot to get families into the holiday mood on a chilly december day. >> just the ejoy of the season, the love affair with trains. i enjoy the children, their eyes. >> reporter: they light up? >> definitely. if shopping is more your thing, head to penn village. >> they're talking the artic blast coming down. >> reporter: and if you would rather stay indoors but still do something festive, check out glenn carin museum.
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>> it's a place that's definitely festive and a place where we remember the reason for the season. >> reporter: nativity sets made all over the world. telling the same christmas story from different cultures and traditions. >> it's great for people or anyone who want to come and see howpl use the materials they have to make a nativity with. >> reporter: you can see all the kids have their gloves and their hats on because the temperatures even in the past hour has gone down. if you want to see the lights here, you can see them all the way through new year's. now to the transition to trump. in the white house, one name you won't hear in the cabinet, rudy juligiulian giuliani. new york's former may took his
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name out of contention. there was rumors he was up for secretary of state. the president-elect met with former ford ceo allan mallalay about the secretary of state position. and catherine mcmorris rogers for the sec fair of state position. dating back to 2008, a senior intelligence official says that it's possible -- the u.s. government has already said that all 17 u.s. intelligence agencies agree russia was behind cyber attacks on the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign, but president-elect trump has repeatedly said he does not believe that russia was definitely involved. jill stein says that -- including in pennsylvania. today stein appeared in federal
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court in philadelphia to argue for a recount. she claims voting machines across the state are vulnerable to hacking and don't have a paper trail. in addition to a recount request, stein and her attorneys also asked for a state wide examination of the software used to count the votes. >> we need a full recount to ensure that we can be confident in our vote. and we're having great difficulty. >> president-elect trump says there's no concrete evidence supporting stein's. regional rail lines will be adjusted and that means that some trains will depart earlier or later than previously scheduled. you can find the details about the specific changes on
6:07 pm or the nbc 10 app. ronald galati senior will serve 40 years and 29 years in prison. he pled no contest in september to attempted murder and a host of other charges related to an insurance fraud scheme. prosecutors said galati tried to have his friend and his son killed. police expect a large turnout from law enforcement across the state. visitation for frankie williams starts monday morning at 8:00 a.m. at the atlantic city boardwalk hall. the funeral is at noon. williams died monday night when another driver crossed the median and crashed into his cruiser in millville. the other driver also died. pharmaceutical company endo
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international -- talking on your phone mid flight could actually become a real. >> we told you last night at 11:00 about the plan to alou wi-fi calls. so what do travelers think about this possibility. >> nbc10's ted greenberg reports from philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: donna mccart likes the idea of being a able to talk on her phone in flight. she spends lots of time commuting by air between philadelphia and boston and prefers to fly during the. >> it would be a great opportunity to pick up a couple of hours of work without having to fly on our own time. >> reporter: under a new proposal from the department of transportation, passengers would be permitted to make phone calls in flight if their airline allows it. some call that disruptive. >> i wouldn't want to know what
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everyone else is doing. >> it would be uncomfortable. because i would understand a little five-minute conversation, but you don't know how long that conversation going to go. >> reporter: if calls are allowed on the flight they want to book. >> there's technology out there, you can talk low and the person on the other end can hear you clearly. that would be the way to go. you just have to be respectful of others. >> reporter: flight attendants have expressed concern about phone calls prompting fighting among passengers. >> it may even be somebody's fighting with somebody over the phone, which would be very disruptive. >> people talk on the flight anyway, and if you get families or children, there's always the ambient noise around you. >> the government hopes to hear from the public during that 6 60-day comment period, it also want knows if it should just impose a ban on all in call
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flights. next at 6:00, making memories around the christmas tree. a landmark tree farm gets ready to wrap up the business for good. and i'm tracking some possible snow in the year, especially in the lehigh valley this weekend. the timing of what it could mean for your monday morning commute.
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when the weather warms up, kids in the northeast will certainly enjoy this. city officials unveiled big improfii improfitses to the american lee june playground. neighbors and community leaders worked with the department of parks and recreation to design this new space. there's a holiday grinch in south jersey. since thanksgiving, there's been more than a dozen cases of christmas decorations stolen. the objects include christmas lites, lawn projectors and inflatables. >> reporter: it's a christmas tradition, getting your tree from hickman farm in delaware. >> after decades in business, though, this is it. the final holiday. new at 6:00, nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong spoke to long time loyal
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customers. >> reporter: the sign has been swinging here for 40 years, but on december 23 at 5:00 p.m., hickman's christmas tree will pack in the signs for good. >> some people say we have been coming 38 years. you miss them, but it changes. >> reporter: this man came here to find that perfect tree today. >> very full at the bottom. >> reporter: he found it. but tom didn't know this would be the last year he would be able to get his family christmas tree at hickman's. >> that kind of bums me because i used to live in clayton and i used to come down here all the time, my son and i and cut our own tree. that made it really nice. >> bill says criscrossing the form growing trees and eventually cutting them down is just too hard for his age and his kids have their own careers. he's come up with ways to make the work easier, but he says next year he'll let someone else
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come in cut his trees and then i asked about the thousands of kids who came to this farm and made memories with their folks. >> i'll miss the people, because a lot of them have been coming here for close to 40 years. i think my wife is more surprised at that than i am. she has had people come to her and cry. >> tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> a shame they can't keep it going. >> so much about the holiday are tradition. and you just love is that. a little cold to be out there tonight selecting your tree, right, glenn? >> oh, yeah and there's even colder in the 10-day forecast coming later. so you think this is cold? it's 32 in lehigh valley, we go got some places in philadelphia that are getting down to that number. and the airport is at 36. 33 in west mt. airy, 36 in
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tarsdale. 33 in summerton and those temperatures, those neighborhood temperatures are really going to help us out on sunday and into monday as you see neighborhood by neighborhood changes. 21 degrees the way it feels in coatesville, 24 in wilmington and winds up to 25 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia, and wilmington. it will be dying down a little bit. you see some of these places showing signs of diminishing winds, but it's not going to totally die down. we have a first alert out for sunday, sunday night, and possibly early monday. the lehigh valley, berks county and the pa suburbs, montgomery, bucks and the northern parts of those counties.
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sunday night into monday morning. some accumulating snow, changing to a wintry mix. there could be some freezing rain for a period of time in some of these northern suburbs. you see some snow flurries coming through parts of the philadelphia area this afternoon. you can trace it all the way back to the great lakes, the cold air coming over those warm lakes, that's causing that. our threat on sunday is from this. not very impressive. but there's actually a little more moisture now than there was six hours ago. so it is building. the hour by hour, we're fine tomorrow, for any kind of outdoor activity, although it's cold, you just got to bundle up for that. sunday morning is fine again, on the site. in the afternoon we're seeing that disturbance come in from the west, the best chance of snow is lehigh valley, poconos, and any kind of significant snow is going to knock the temperature down, slippery spots on untreated surfaces.
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that's even into the evening as the temperature goes below freezing. warmer air is going to be coming in overnight. so by the monday morning rush hour, we have a good chance of it being warm enough so that it's just wet. and potentially even up toward lehigh valley. so it's mostly later sunday afternoon and sunday night we're anticipating the problems. one to three inches of snow possible. we're not talking about a lot of snow, but the first accumulating snow in areas sometimes is a big deal. you can see cloudy skies for all afternoon for the eagles game, just a chance of a few flakes toward the end of the game or on your home, especially if you're headed to the north. that's where the best chance of that snow is. no snow anywhere on saturday, just cold. more like a january die. so sunday, we have a chance of a little bit of snow in the philadelphia area, by late in the day or the evening, but it
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looks like it will be changing to rain. lehigh valley, best chance of it staying snow or changing over to some freezing rain in the evening. weather is going to vary quite a bit from neighborhood to neighborhood. by monday, the temperature goes shooting up. so any mixed precipitation changes over to rain. then we're not too cold on monday. or tuesday. and then wednesday, some snow showers possible and the next arctic shot hits and colder than this one, windier than this one, probably. and then we do have a chance of some wintry type weather coming next weekend as well. but this kind of cold pattern, those kinds of threats are going to coming at least several days. i'm danny pommells, the flyers captain in flames by the orange and black are the hottest team on ice. that's next.
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hey, danny pommells with you once again. eagles-washington again at the link. it appears that the eagles will get some help in the injury department. jordan matthews, a full practice participant the last two days and is listed as questionable in sunday's game against d.c. and ryan matthews is listed as questionable. both appear ready to play. matthews is ready to get at it. >> it was definitely rough. like i said, that was my first
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missed one ever in sports, little league all the way up until now. not counting the preseason games. but at the same time, it's been one of those years too, obviously it wasn't a big deal that i miss my first game at 24, but at the same time it could always be worth so i'm always blessed and extremely anxious to get out there and play with my guys. >> the last time the eagles played washington, it wasn't pretty for carson wentz, and that was just at the beginning with wentz getting tagged all afternoon. doug pederson was asked did that game have any effect on the rookie? >> he's been in a couple of physical games and it really hasn't phased him. i think the one thing you're seeing with him is he's really doing a much better job with, you're seeing more of those check downs to the back, the underneath route that help him stay away from those types of
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hits. >> they won seven strait, they host the stars on saturday afternoon. perhaps the game of the year, a 6-5 win over the edmontoners, the flyers were down two different times. right now they are rolling. >> it's clicking right now. i think as a team, we're playing some good hockey, everybody's stepping up every game and we're not thinking out there. we know what we have to do. we know we have some holes in our game and the coaching staff and all the players dialed down and made sure that we put those mistakes out of our game and right now we're playing some good hockey and we're kind of on a high right, we need to keep that momentum going and have fun. >> that's a look at your sports, i'm danny pommells csn, we'll be right back.
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a cold day to be outside decorating ginger bread hughess. a contest at city hall's christmas village. it was all to raise money for a local nonprofit. the sixers youth foundation won the contest. but they were working hard and their ginger bread house looks so good. >> she was serious about it. lights on and everything. >> it's going to stay cold all weekend, that's a guarantee. tomorrow is fine, but we do have a first alert for part of the area for sunday afternoon and sunday night, and potentially into the monday morning rush hour, some accumulating snow, changing to the wintry mix. and then rain. so by monday, yeah, everything is warming up, but as you can see, no issues of precipitation in jersey shore or delaware. farther north you are, the better chance of this. >> that's our news at 6:00, stay this weekend. >> up next, nbc "nightly news"
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with lester holt. we'll see you back here at 11:00. tonight -- polar plunge. a dangerous blast of arctic air rolls in. 45 states below normal over a foot of blinding snow falling and the worst is yet to come. >> a killer's confession. what the jury heard that sent chills through the courtroom. >> out of the running. break news on the scramble for secretary of state. rudy giuliani is gone and two big names are rising. >> buyer beware, a warning about all the gift cards you are about to get and give. a billion dollars wasted last year alone. tonight how to get the most bang for your buck. >> the right stuff, our friday night inspiring america. without her, america might never have made it into space. finally, getting the attention she


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