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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 10, 2016 8:00am-9:30am EST

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good morning. donald trump versus the cia. the president-elect taking on his own spies after a new report about a secret cia meeting in september claiming the russians did interfere in this year's election to help him win. but this morning, trump is dismissing those claims and taking a shot at the spy agency. plus, bitter blast. another morning of freezing temperatures shocking millions from the dakotas into the northeast. and with the cold comes snow. 25 million people in the midwest under a winter storm watch this weekend. dylan has the latest forecast. and hatchimals for sale. some great news this morning for parents who have yet to find the elusive toy. the hottest holiday item will be
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on store shelves this weekend, but be prepared to wait in line with every other parent still trying to get their hands on a hatchimal. today, saturday december 10th, 2016. ♪ >> i'm 50 and fabulous. >> and we're 60! >> the kindest person i know is my mom. >> roll tide! >> it's our sweet 16. >> it's my bucket list and i'm on the "today" show! >> i love it. good morning, welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have to thank our crowd this morning for braving the cold here in new york city. hopefully everybody is staying warm, some pocket warmers. >> they're all squeezed together so that keeps you warm. >> they're a lively bunch out there too. >> and it's an experience.
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>> let's begin this hour with the overnight reaction from donald trump after a new report about a secret cia meeting in september. the cia apparently saying that the russians interfered with the election, helping donald trump win the election. nbc's kasie hunt is in washington with more. kasie, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. donald trump today is at war it seems with the intelligence community after "the washington post" put up a story overnight saying that not just -- the russians didn't just interfere in the u.s. election to try and sew chaos or affect it, but they did it specifically to help donald trump win the election. now trump's team fired back within minutes of this story going up online. they said in part, quote, of the intelligence community, these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in
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history. now, there are some new additional details this morning. "the new york times" reporting that part of this assessment is based on an analysis that the russians also hacked into the republican national committee, but that none of that information was released. you'll remember we saw plenty of e-mails from hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta as well as e-mails from a hack into the democratic national committee. so while this is going on, trump is still trying to pick his own national security team. rudy giuliani, we've learned, has taken his name out of consideration for secretary of state. still in the mix, rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil, and also mitt romney, the 2012 republican presidential nominee. but you may remember, guys, that mitt romney called russia at one point america's number one geopolitical foe. sheinelle, craig. >> all right, thank you. some other headlines this
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morning, as the united states steps up the war on isis, 200 additional u.s. troops will join the fight in syria. defense secretary ash carter announced this morning that special operations forces, trainers, advisers, and bomb squads will help local troops try to push isis out of its stronghold in raqqah. 300 u.s. troops are already in syria. now to some chilling evidence at the trial of self-proclaimed white supremacist dylann roof. the jury heard a videotaped confession where he said he had to do it as he confessed to police how he shot nine worshippers to death at a south carolina church last year. roof said his aim was to start a race war. the defense doesn't dispute the facts in the case. they're trying to avoid the death penalty. the trial resumes monday. samsung is virtually pulling the plug on its recalled galaxy note 7 phones. they are going to release an update that will prevent the phones from charging. the galaxy note 7 was recalled in september because the phones
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were bursting into flames. the company has most of them now, but they say more than 100,000 of the dangerous note 7s are still out there. kirk douglas is proving just how tough he is. the acting legend turned 100 years old friday and celebrated with a bash in beverly hills. his son michael and michael's wife, catherine zeta-jones, were by his side. douglas won an oscar for his 50 years of work in film. dylan dreyer out on the plaza with another check of the forecast. >> good morning, guys. we have a lot of people in new york for the first time. where are you from? >> virginia. >> and you guys are from virginia? >> yeah. >> and you guys are close by and your first family trip to new york. >> yes. >> you saw the rockettes? how did that go? >> awesome. it was so good. >> we've got the christmas tree. let's take a look at what's going on across the country. it's the northern half of the
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country dealing with the snow. we have another big storm moving into the pacific northwest that. will bring more snow eastward tomorrow and the great lakes later sunday into monday. afternoon high temperatures, look at all the zeros and below zeros and temperatures in the teens and 20s. it is going to be very chilly and very much below average as we go through the day today with even colder air working in by next week. so bitterly cold with brutal windchills up through the upper midwest and northern plains. it will feel like it's 20 degrees below zero this morning. tomorrow you can see the snow fills back in across minneapolis/st. paul, through most of wisconsin into michigan too and we'll see another round of good morning, i am first alert meteorologist krystal klei. here's a look at the weekend forecast into monday. big changes. today cloud and sun mix. cold. upper 30s for philadelphia. sunday, cloudy most of the day. moving into the night, we'll see snow in the lehigh valley
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berks county, maybe a mix stretching close to philadelphia, more likely near the suburbs. that will change to rain into the overnight hours into monday. we stay cold through sunday. temperatures will be up a bit for monday afternoon. >> and>> and that's your latest forecast. sheinelle and craig. >> come on back inside. >> thank you. coming up, get them while you can. the hottest toy of the season will be back on store shelves this weekend. where you can get your hands on them. then a plea from uncle jesse, as the new season of "fuller house" drops on netflix. first, these messages. oh, life-sized dragon hand back scratcher. if only it came in a luffa. it does! oh, a raisin re-hydrator. it turns them back into grapes. wow, what an exhausting journey. that's a good wedding present. good call. thank you... and thank you, lady blue. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. oh, look at this. disposable microphone for my uncle bob's 75th! a one and done. yes. find your voice and then dispose of it.
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just fyi, a button popped on dylan's shirt. he's kicking. >> live birth? >> the show's not over yet. >> 20 minutes. parents, good news this morning. if you're still looking for the hottest toy this christmas, we're here to help. the hatchimal, that interactive toy that starts out as an egg and eventually hatches will be back on store shelves this weekend. target sent out a tweet this week that starting tomorrow, stores across the country will reshock their shelves. now, there is a limit of two per person and walmart also said it would be restocking 1700 select stores across the country with hatchimals so check and see if your local store is carrying them. if they are, good luck. >> at one point it was $49.99 and that last sign said $69.99. >> it's a hot commodity. >> you hatched one, didn't you? >> i did, i gave it a lot of love and it hatched. >> her belly is hatching in a second. >> we better keep moving so that
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doesn't happen. while we all want the holiday season to be fun, it can be stressful. countless parties, endless treats, a lot of time with the relatives. sometimes you just have to say no, right? well, how do you do that and still be effective? there's no research that shows apparently there is a right way to say no, depending on how you frame your statement. for example, if you're invited to a holiday party, instead of saying i can't make it that night, you can say i'm sorry, i won't make your party because i don't stay out past 9:00 on a school night. i just don't do it. research shows that a simple word change can make people feel more psychologically empowered. so instead of saying i can't do that, i don't. >> there's a reason why. >> so i can't go to your party, i don't hang out with you. >> no, that's probably not -- >> and finally, your mailbox is probably filling up with holiday cards so what would you do if you got one of these from the first family? this is the final year the bo
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obamas are sending one out. in 2009 they went simple here for the first card. then in 2012, you remember this one, bo was at the center of attention. in 2013 they came up with a 3-d pop-up design. here it is, the 2016 christmas card, the entire family, of course -- >> all grown up. >> stunning. malia and sasha have grown up so much so here they are in 2008. let's look at this. such a difference, right? >> it's remarkable. >> they're almost taller than the parents now. >> dylan dreyer with -- this is your last popstart for a few months. >> it is my last popstart but i'll be watching. first up, you asked for it and now you got it, dude. the second season of "fuller house" is now streaming on netflix. d.j., stephanie, danny, uncle jesse, uncle joey and the rest of the gang are all back to season two. everyone except the olsen twins.
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that hasn't stopped the shows writers from joking about it. >> we miss michelle, we hope that she'll be with us next year. >> come, it'll be fun. >> that's funny. >> next, it's time to start your engines as we get our first look at the latest "fast and furious" film. check out this teaser. it was for the eighth show in the franchise. but that's not all, the eighth movie will be called, any guesses? >> fast and furious 8. >> no, it's more creative than that. the fate of the furious. it's expected to pull into theaters in april, 2017. did you watch them all? >> no. i saw like the first two, though. >> you can watch eight now. and finally, after it was announced this week that beyonce racked up nine grammy nominations, one man who you could say is a beyonce superfan had a little fun celebrating.
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check out shaq. ♪ >> shaq took on beyonce's "all night" tweeting this video saying that song and "halo" are, quote, his jam. one of my favorite moments last year was when he happened to walk by the studio and popped in. sheinelle took off her shoes and took a picture with shaq. it's my favorite thing of all time. you hardly come up to his waist. >> it doesn't even seem real. look at that. >> oh, my goodness. >> i feel like i could sit in his shoe. >> doesn't he have the softest hands? >> i don't remember. >> he has the softest hands. >> he's the nicest guy, he really is. >> you still have that picture? >> i remember he was walking past and somebody was like that looks like shaq. we were like ha ha, no, it is.
8:16 am
why is he just walking around on a random saturday morning. >> and nobody kinda looks like shaq. you're either shaq or you're not. >> when you're 7'2", you don't get mistaken from a lot of folks. coming up, from humble beginnings to a meteoric rise, we've got the story behind these wildly popular backpacks. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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back on a saturday morning. if you've ever taken a look at some of the backpacks people are wearing lately, you'll notice many of them have the same logo. >> the brain child of two brothers who are taking over a market once dominated by big companies. miguel almaguer has more. >> we can see if it's going to fit someone's back how it's going to look. >> reporter: it's the bag and the brand that seems to be everywhere, from the streets of new york to the beaches of l.a.
8:19 am
that clean bag with a simple logo, a global company with humble canadian roots and a home base in vancouver. a family business, no doubt. jamie and lindon cormick founded he herschel. they named their company after an early town their grandparents settled, herschel, canada, population 30. >> we had some of our best childhood memories in this little town. >> with roots in retail, the brothers left their jobs in marketing and sales to create what they say was missing in the market. >> we saw a hole in the market. we didn't know how big the hole was. we saw that there was this opportunity to take utility items, weave into the design dna to them, have some creative features on the products, have this look and feel that wasn't available on shelves in the
8:20 am
market. >> reporter: turns out that hole in the market was the size of a crater. from 2010 to 2011, sales spiked 900%. the next year, a more modest rise, 350%. >> are you guys a disrupter or outlier? are you -- is that what you want to become? >> i think early on, you know, a lot of people didn't carry bags 12 months of the year, and they are now. >> the little america is a clatic take on a vintage bag. >> reporter: their first bags were basic. a modern classic, simple, affordable and refined. >> we really wanted to take nostalgic items and modernize them. modern classics is really what we want to do. >> reporter: their like bags, their headquarters are cool. a modern space that thrives on inspiration and collaboration. >> so this is ahoy. >> reporter: the brothers take pride in their products. everything from wallets to apparel and outerwear.
8:21 am
>> we talk about it all the time. we never stop. every single day there's a new idea. >> we planned on being global and it's something we talked about the whole time. really being scaleable, acting like a global brand. >> reporter: a global brand that's always been a family business. for "today," miguel almaguer, vancouver, canada. before we go, we have to say good luck and congratulations just one more time. >> my good-bye tour is finally wrapping up. >> it's real now. >> and when i saw savannah's baby, charlie, it's like oh, wow, there really is a baby at the end of this whole journey so it made it more real. >> and that's a 9 pound 8 ounce baby. >> please don't benign pounds. but i'm going to miss you guys. i feel like it's the last day of school and i'm not going to see you for a few months. >> i was just telling dylan, i think we're having a little bit of a moment because we recognize that this is the end of a chapter and the next time you
8:22 am
come back and are sitting on this couch, to me it's a great chapter. >> it's the best chapter. >> everyone says that and i can't wait to see what it's all about. i'm so excited. >> you'll see. >> i used to wonder what their face would look like. >> oh, i'm dying to know what his face looks like. >> we're so happy for you and we're just as happy that you didn't do it during the broadcast today. >> me too. >> not me. >> that would have been embarrassing. >> sheinelle woman wantihas bee wanting it the last woke. >> that's going to do it. tomorrow morning willie sitting down with jessica chastain. how the actress got her start in the business and the movie that put her into the spotlight. that's coming up tomorrow morning on "sunday today." enjoy your saturday. have a great weekend. dylan, we'll miss you. >> i'll miss you guys too. please visit. >> can we come over? >> can we come over? right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it >> can we come over? in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep
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8:27 am
that's right. we will look at temperatures through this afternoon. don't rise much. we will talk about the first alert, a rain snow mix in the forecast. remembering a fallen firefighter. today friends, family and colleagues gather to say good-bye to a hero killed in an arson. plus, a peeping tom on the loose. philadelphia police hope this video will help catch a man wanted for taking pictures of a college student at her off campus apartment. those stories and much more next on nbc10 news today at 8:30. be noisy.
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be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. test this morning, first alert weather team is tracking a wintry blast. frigid temperatures today and snow later this weekend.he exacg of what's to come. a warning from the mayor. a change in plans for jewelers row has the philadelphia mayor speaking out. why he is urging the developer to reconsider. a real christmas grinch trying to dim the lights on one
8:30 am
jersey town. what nbop their decorations safe. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 8:30 on this saturday. let's head up to the poconos. take a live look outside at camelback mountain resort. they're making snow to get slopes ready for the season. certainly cold enough to keep it on the ground, and we are expecting mother nature to bring some of the real stuff later this weekend. meteorologist krystal klei is here to tell us about changes in the weather. fill us in. >> we are under that first alert for snow moving in and rain for some. it will be an interesting forecast because we are going to have a warm front moving in, instead of the bitterly cold temperatures yesterday, today and sunday, we will see a boost in temps in time for precip. where we're looking at snow. lehigh valley, bureaucraerks co the suburbs. wind starting sunday late afternoon into the evening,
8:31 am
we'll start to see moisture move in along the poconos and the lehigh valley. moving into the night that will stretch further south, then through monday morning we're going to look at mix potential, icing potential as well as that rain changeover. that's what we're looking at with potential for accumulation of snow, mostly around berks county and lehigh valley. talking one or two inches for accumulating totals. feels like temperatures now, it is a cold start we warned this was going to happen like yesterday, we're talking teens to low 20s for now it feels like. we will track temperatures through the rest of saturday, look at differences for sunday coming up. >> thanks for that, krystal. part of i-78 is closed in berks county because of a deadly crash. winter weather blamed for the accident on 78. you can see from the video, some light snow fell overnight. all lanes are closed eastbound between lem hartsville and
8:32 am
cookstown exit. keep the nbc10 app handy. as weather moves in, track the snow with interactive radar and get school delays and closings sent to you instantly. right now firefighters starting to gather in wilmington to say good-bye to a fallen hero. ardythe hope died trying to save others from a burning home in september. randy gyllenhaal is live in wilmington where funeral services will be held later today. randy? >> reporter: a public viewing is set to start in less than two hours at wilmington chase center. as you mentioned, firefighters from across the area starting to gather here, expecting hundreds of first responders and members of the public and the state governor to honor ardythe hope, a wilmington firefighter that died weeks after suffering injuries during an arson. hope is the third firefighter to die from injuries from that massive blaze.
8:33 am
authorities are saying it was set intentionally by the homeowner's daughter. firefighters say hope rushed into the burning home trying to save two other firefighters but the ceiling collapsed. in the last 30 minutes or so at the scene we did see a large procession of firefighters bringing in the casket to the chase center. again, we expect a public viewing at 10:00 a.m., followed by public funeral service. members of the fire department begin to father, t-- gather. randy gyllenhaal. nbc10 news. new from overnight. cold weather certainly didn't do firefighters any favors here when they were called to this home in the overbrook section of philadelphia. the flames broke out in the basement before midnight. crews had flames out in minutes. people outside got out safely. today investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. to catch a peeping tom. that's what philadelphia police
8:34 am
are trying to do and need your help. look at the man in the video. they say he snapped a photo of a student outside her bedroom near temple university. yesterday police released this surveillance video of the incident that happened monday night. it shows the man sneaking onto the balcony of an off campus apartment where the 20-year-old woman lives. the victim didn't want to show her face on camera but did share with us her story. take a listen. >> i got out of the shower to get changed and i saw a flash through my window. i don't know who he is. i don't think that he is directly targeting me. i think that it is just a fascination with girls in general. >> the woman also told us that her boyfriend chased the man but he got away. we learned a new lock is on the security gate to the apartment. police describe the peeping thomas a 20-year-old man, 6'2", 170 pounds, long brown hair. at the time of the incident wearing a black north face jacket. if you have any information,
8:35 am
investigators want to hear from you. new from overnight. police investigating a shooting in north philly that left two hurt. they were shot in the legs in a car on fon taken street. they're in stable condition. police haven't made any arrests in the case. in other news this morning, philadelphia mayor jim kenny blasting a developer for nearly doubling the height of a condo project on jewelers row. he called on toll brothers to reconsider building that or risk relationship with the city. it was originally 16 stories, toll brothers changed plans earlier this week. the developer hopes to complete the development by 2019. some south jersey neighbors vow not to let a holiday grinch steal their christmas spirit. what they're doing to turn the lights back on after thieves and vandals target their home.
8:36 am
it is go time for companies that ship holiday packages. we will give you an inside look how they're handling the crunch.
8:37 am
welcome back. beginning with a look at radar and satellite map. looking at the wide view. we want to show off. we have clouds starting to push in again. mostly over the northern half of the viewing area. overnight we had some lake effect snow, strong northwest push able to force snow all the way across our area. we have a line from lehigh valley to atlantic city. it was a skinny line, broke up quickly. you may have a few flakes overnight near your house. now notice where it mostly sits. wouldn't be surprised with some on the northern edge of the viewing area, not looking at high accumulation. better chance for that is moving into tomorrow night. we pull this view out. what our eye is on is rain here.
8:38 am
that's where we will see that system start to push our direction and as it does so, we'll increase the chance for snow in portions of the viewing area. mostly north and west of philadelphia. forecast today, cloud sun mix. temperatures only in the upper 30s. need the scarves, heavy coat and gloves. 39 for center city. lansdale, 38. cookstown, topping out at 35 degrees and on top of it, it is going to be breezy through the afternoon. meaning it feels colder than it is. trenton, 37 degrees. atlantic city at 40 for the high this afternoon. smyrna at 38 degrees. this is what we are looking at. snow rain potential. the timing begins late sunday into the night. could see some accumulating snow near berks county and lehigh valley, maybe northern edge of the suburbs. more likely to see rain moving further south. we will break it down with future model coming up. some holiday displays in south jersey are darker this weekend. here's the deal.
8:39 am
police say vandals and thieves left a trail of damage in several evesham township neighborhoods. the grinches swiped inflatables, projectors, in some cases cut wires on christmas lights. one victim tells us somebody cut his strand of lights not once, twice, but three different times. >> robbing somebody of their holiday joy, that's all it is. i don't think it is very fair. >> as you can see, neighbors are getting into the holiday spirit, not going to let this keep them down. police are adding patrols to this neighborhood, asking everybody to keep an eye out for vandals. it is not the rock that many women hope for at christmas, but this is one hot rock. we'll tell you why you can't even get your hands on it this holiday season.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
200 more american troops are headed to syria. defense secretary ash carter says extra forces help kurdish and arab fighters capture the isis strong hold of raqqah. president obama approved the plan last week. the move brings the total number of troops in syria to 500. back here in the u.s., we're hearing chilling confession from dylann roof, charged with gunning down nine people inside a church in charleston. [ inaudible ]
8:43 am
>> roof spoke to fbi investigators about the church shooting for nearly three hours in june last year. during questioning, roof declared himself a white supremacist. authorities say he killed the black worshippers to try to start a race war. roof is facing more than two dozen charges and trial, including hate crimes. convicted former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah will learn his fate monday when a sentencing hearing is scheduled to wrap up the racketeering case. a jury found him guilty in june. prosecutors recommend two decades in prison. fattah's attorneys asked the judge to consider years of public service before deciding his punishment. we asked nbc10 legal expert to explain what factors the judge could be considering during sentencing. >> the history, the background of the defendant, the nature of the offense, all the things that took place, that will be testimony, letters, people that will come out to testify, they will do that on his behalf to
8:44 am
convince the judge to go below the guidelines. >> fattah served in congress 22 years and resigned after convicted. weather forecasting crucial during peak shipping season for fedex. the process in tennessee could give santa a run for his money. after dark, the hub the busiest airport in the world, planes carrying a daily average 2 million packages. they have more than two dozen meteorologists on staff watching the globe. >> we are called upon to give forecasts days in advance, if we see it is going to be a major event in indianapolis or one of our hub locations, we have flexibility in the system to divert some of the packages. >> fedex is now in full holiday mode, going 24, 7 to handle the online shopping rush. four major retailers sued for misleading shoppers with fake sales. this week los angeles city attorney's office filed a lawsuit against jcpenney, sears,
8:45 am
macy's kohl's. you've probably seen ads for an item marked down from the original price. the lawsuit claims they never sold the items at the original price, always charged the sale price. stores declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. if you are trying to find this year's hot holiday toy, you may have luck this weekend. walmart started to restock hatchimal thursday. each store getting dozens of them. target will restock hatchimal tomorrow. another holiday gift in demand is a rock. that rock right there. nordstroms has it on its website. the stone sells for 85 bucks. even if you're interested, you can't get it. we checked the website this morning, it is sold out. i don't get it. who is asking for a rock for christmas. here's a look at temperatures this morning.
8:46 am
it is a cold start out there. we have been warning you that arctic air mass moves in just as expected. yesterday temperatures only topped out in the upper 30s. this morning we're in the low 30s. center city, rittenhouse, kensington, 31 degrees. 30 in endora. officially at the airport 29 degrees. that's the same for summerton, checking in at 29 degrees. those are philadelphia neighborhoods. doesn't matter which neighborhood you're in. you're going to see very cold conditions. now looking at the lehigh valley and berks county neighborhoods. reading at 27, fleetwood, 26. cookstown in the upper 20s as well. we shift into parts of lehigh valley county. across the board, 20s, further north of philadelphia. temperatures are cold to start. wind chills are an issue as well, feels like conditions because there will be breeziness
8:47 am
through today. then it is all about precipitation. not today but for sunday evening. let's go through the hour by hour. we start at 8:30. mostly clear conditions, scattered clouds. going into the afternoon, may be able to pick up spot areas of lake effect snow, pushing all the way along the northern edge, near the poconos, lehigh valley, some spots light snow is possible. we continue throughout saturday into saturday night. again, no big concerns other than cold conditions. overnight into sunday, we see thicker cloud coverage. then we stay cloudy throughout sunday. by late day sunday, we see snow clipping the northern part of the viewing zone. lehigh valley, berks county around this point will see potential for snow. this line may go further south. looking like for the most part hanging near the lehigh valley area. that will move out. take a break. 10:30 at night. then we start to push in more moisture.
8:48 am
now we're tracking at 2:00 a.m. that pink color, rain snow mix potential. i think it is likely going to hang through the suburbs and farther north, meaning the lehigh valley could still see snow or freezing rain. the problem is a warm front is moving in. when the warm air wedges in, you start to get in territory where we may see freezing conditions. icy on the roadway, an issue for the morning commute. that's why the first alert. pink showing to near philadelphia. may mix in a few flakes, but quickly turns over to rain. rain is in the forecast as we move throughout monday morning. it will start to move out as we track monday afternoon. time to check in on this week's wednesday's child, an active, curious boy that loves to learn and explore, looking for a forever family to enjoy life's adventures. vai sikahema introduces us to eric. >> i touched it. >> new jersey adventure aquarium is the kind of place a child
8:49 am
completely loses track of time. look at this guy, he wants to high five. you might spend hours in the stingray tank alone. he wants to say hi. hello. petting and feeding them, watching them splash around. the little ones like to splash. >> a perfect place to hang out with eric who is kind of an expert on stingrays. did you learn something today? >> not to hold it in my hand or i get bit. >> looks like you made a bunch of friends. >> ouch. >> nothing a bandaid can't fix. what can be fixed is his thirst for knowledge. >> he would bring to a family
8:50 am
undying motion and interest and curiosity and action and continually questioning. he needs to be with a family that doesn't mind questions nonstop. he wants to explore everything in life completely. unlike anybody i've ever met. >> eric is athletic, spontaneous, very creative. >> ideally he would be in a family where he would be the youngest and have like an older brother who is 17 years old, something like that, or be an only child in the family. and again, he would be best in a family with a strong male role model that is involved with him in sports and anything in terms of activity. >> i touched it. >> just listen carefully how eric describes love. >> love is just the same word as
8:51 am
love. meaning if someone loves you, then someone loves you like a family. >> eric is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to maker i'm dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. 1-866-do adopt. 8:51. a bite to eat could take a bite out of your wallet. the warning about thieves targeting restaurants in chester county and what to do to protect yourself.
8:52 am
8:53 am
today a man many call an american cultural icon will be
8:54 am
awarded the nobel prize in literature. bob dylan is part of history dating back decades. a place in philadelphia has been collecting his memorabilia a quarter century. matt delucia shows us how dylan's legacy is being preserved for generations to come. >> reporter: deep in the connelly library at lasalle university behind lock and key, there's indeed a special collection. >> many institutions don't like to try and collect contemporary things. we don't have that problem. >> reporter: he started gathering bob dylan memorabilia 25 years ago and continues to build with a new donation just coming this past week. more than 700 items, music, art, posters, even doctoral dissertations on the famed musician. >> the work is poetry, his music, the lyrics is art. graphic art permeated the culture and it wasn't going away.
8:55 am
>> reporter: everything from the original. >> that literally tracks everything that the person does. >> reporter: to the outrageous. >> vinyl record that's been melted into a chip dish. it is hit or miss. never know where something will come from. >> reporter: each holds important notes about dylan's past and america's past. >> his music and art attempts to offer perception of american culture as it evolves over time. >> reporter: why he was awarded nobel prize in literature. the collection met with controversy, question of weather lyrics had the same artistic value as literature or poetry. look deep enough, you'll probably find a poem or two. >> there's so much he does at any given time, it's almost impossible to catalog everything. his points of view, comments and satire are almost like one of
8:56 am
the swiss army knives with all the different tools. each of those tools is one of his points of view. >> reporter: in bob dylan's own words, the times they are a changing. a farewell in wilmington. how fellow firefighters are saying good-bye to this fallen hero.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
talk about a bitter blast, the frigid temperatures are the start of wintry weather sweeping through the region. we're tracking snow in this first alert neighborhood forecast. donald trump versus the cia. the president-elect is going to war with the intelligence agency over a claim of election hacking
9:00 am
and russia is at the center of this. protest plans. a holiday parade with a famous grand marshall this year could be disrupted before it starts. we'll explain just ahead. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news today. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is 9:00 on the dot this saturday. the cold blast of arctic air is settling in. here's the river rink at penn's landing, it will feel like winter, especially out there later today skating on the ice. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a wintry mix on the way. fill us in. >> that's right. it was perfect ice skating weather, you need the scarf and gloves and beanie, but it is cold. if you have plans outdoors, dress in layers. then you have to prep for first alert. lehigh valley, berks county, pennsylvania suburbs. all of us will be impacted in
9:01 am
the region by the next system that moves in. it will move in late day sunday overnight. that will linger, the effects, for the monday commute. that's the concern, the monday morning commute. what we are looking at is some accumulating snow, mostly northern portions of the viewing area. that will be changing to a winter mix and rain. the problem is with winter mix, could be icing concerns for bureaucracy county and lehigh valley, through the poconos. radar and satellite now, nothing to track currently. i would not be surprised if throughout today in the northern portion we see lake effect snow. saw a band move through overnight, that thin area already dissipated and has broken apart. also seeing a mix of clouds and clearing through the rest of today. temperatures right now close to freezing or below. not much above freezing. talk about forecast high temperatures today compared to sunday coming up. >> keep the nbc10 app handy as
9:02 am
winter whether moves in. we can track the radar and get updates on closings instantly. a firefighter that lost her life-saving others will be laid to rest today. ardy hope is the third firefighter to die after an arson in september. randy gyllenhaal is live in wilmington where firefighters are preparing for a difficult good-bye. randy? >> reporter: rosemary, a public viewing is scheduled here in about an hour beginning at 10:00 in the morning. we have been seeing the last two to three hours firefighters from across the region starting to gather here, all to honor ardythe hope, a wilmington firefighter that died weeks after suffering injuries during that arson. hope is the third firefighter to die from injuries during that massive blaze in a camby park row home. they say that fire was set intentionally. firefighters say hope ran back into the burning home to try to
9:03 am
save the other two firefighters but the ceiling collapsed. in the past few minutes at the chase center in wilmington, we saw a large procession of police, first responders and firefighters bringing hope's casket here for that viewing. hope was a 23 year veteran of the force, leaves behind two children. that viewing set to begin at wilmington chase center at 10:00. there's a 1:00 p.m. funeral here as well open to the public. we are expecting hundreds to gather. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> thank you. the funeral for new jersey state trooper franky williams set for monday in atlantic city. he was killed in a car crash while on duty earlier this week. governor chris christie ordered all flags at state buildings to fly half staff monday. the public viewing for trooper williams will begin monday at 8:00 at boardwalk hall. funeral is set for noon. they expect a large turnout from
9:04 am
law enforcement officers across the state. trooper williams died monday when a driver going the wrong way crossed the median, crashed into the trooper's cruiser in millville. the other driver also died in the collision. the federal government will keep running until end of april. the senate beat a midnight deadline, approving a stopgap spending measure to prevent shut down. new this morning, president-elect trump's transition team dismissing reports the cia believes russia tried to interfere with the election because russia wanted mr. trump to win. last night president obama ordered a full report into alleged election hacking. one intelligence official tells nbc news the president may even make some of that information public. now to the white house transition. president-elect donald trump bringing his thank you tour to hershey, pennsylvania thursday. last night he had a rally in michigan, a battleground state
9:05 am
that gave him an important win on election night. at the rally, the president-elect focused on merry christmas greeting, saying it should make a come back in stores. >> how about all of those department stores, they have bells and they have the red walls and they have the snow but they don't have merry christmas. i think they're going to start putting up merry christmas. merry christmas. >> the rally came hours before the michigan supreme court denied the green party request for statewide election recount. this weekend the incoming chief of staff for the trump white house, reince priebus, is sitting down with chuck todd on "meet the press." that's tomorrow morning at 10:30, right here on nbc10. back to the recount. on monday, a federal judge in philadelphia is expected to decide whether an election recount can move forward here in pennsylvania. yesterday former green party presidential nominee jill stein appeared in court to argue for the recount. she claimed voting machines across the state are open to
9:06 am
hacking and do not have a paper trail. stein and her lawyers asked for statewide examination of the software used to count the votes. >> recounts to ensure we can be confident in our vote, and we are having great difficulties. >> president-elect donald trump says there's no concrete evidence supporting stein's claims. today in atlanta county, a fascist group is planning to protest kellyanne conway's appearance at the christmas parade. they posted on facebook about plans to demonstrate against president-elect donald trump's campaign manager. conway is the grand marshall and get ago key to the city. she went to st. jo's high school in hammondton. coming up, a family tradition coming to an end in one delaware community. we'll explain why its christmas tree farm is closing after decades. shoppers will see more than
9:07 am
sales signs at king of prussia mall. we will tell you about the celebrity coming to sign underwear next.
9:08 am
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welcome back. yesterday as expected, winds 10 to 15 miles per hour, west northwest. gusts to 25 miles per hour.
9:10 am
not quite as strong as yesterday, gusts to 30. still strong enough. these are future feels like temperatures from the teens to low 20s this morning to only the upper 20s for peak feels like conditions this afternoon. as we move into the night, if you have plans, right back to the low 20s by 8:00 at night across the board. dress accordingly throughout the day. you'll need the layers. good news, sunday morning, winds won't be a big factor. temperatures are where they're sitting. bad news, we have a first alert by sunday evening. going to the eagles game, we're looking at 34 degree tailgate time. kickoff 37 degrees at 1:00. cloudy throughout. should remain dry. end of game mid-30s. dress in layers tomorrow for the eagles game. those winds 5 to 10 miles per hour tomorrow shouldn't be a big influencing factor. we will talk more about first alert, find out about the chance for snow coming up.
9:11 am
in chester county police warn residents to keep an eye out for thieves this holiday season. looking for a pair of women targeting local restaurants while customers are busy talking or eating, the thieves steal from their purses. they say the women swipe a credit card or two, quickly spend thousands at local retail stores. that's where the surveillance video comes from. one victim said she had no idea her cards were missing >> she's talking to somebody, not paying attention. having conversation. and they took three credit cards out of her purse, return the purse, did this for hours. >> if you know who the women are, police want to hear from you. they remind everyone to keep an eye on purses and bags. talking sports. the eagles gearing up to host washington tomorrow. coming up, hear from receiver jordan matthews as he gets ready to return to action. and the flyers are hoping to continue winning ways. hear from the flyers captain and
9:12 am
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rapper 50 current is coming to a mall today and wants to sell you underwear. he is at bloomingdale's at king of prussia, 1:00 to 2:30, coming to promote the underwear. if you purchase it, you can meet 50 cent.
9:15 am
head to delaware where a tradition comes to an end. families have been cutting their own trees in smyrna since the 1970s. nbc10 learned this is the last time it is open to the public. the owner is retiring. he closes shop december 23rd. regular customers tell us they're disappointed to learn the farm will be closing. >> put that sign on the barn. say it is coming, 38, 36, but everything changes. >> wholesalers will purchase the remaining trees the next two seasons, and then another farmer will be growing other crops in their fields. and we begin with a look at camelback mountain. the shot earlier was man-made snow going on. now i believe there's actually some snow starting to fall over the poconos. you can see haziness in the shot
9:16 am
as some flakes float by. looking at snow falling again. that's the effect of lake effect snow machine. once it gets rolling, pump and pump, and northwest winds forcing our direction, we are able to grab the tail end. this is the new jersey neighborhood. temperatures, no snow in the area. we did see a thin line move through overnight. you might have had a few overnight flakes. temperatures are cold enough. voorhees, 30. mount laurel, 29. few areas in the low 30s. princeton is now right at 30 degrees for that temperature. radar and satellite, this is what i am talking about. lake effect snow starting to get near parts of the poconos. could see activity spreading through the lehigh valley. i don't suspect much will make it further south. we're looking at that focus over the northern edge of our viewing area for today. this is your weekend forecast. let's look at changes day by
9:17 am
day. upper 30s in the lehigh valley, 40 on the jersey shore to delaware. nice mix of clouds and sun. you may see isolated snowflakes falling around the lehigh valley. sunday we are cloudy most of the day. sunday evening that's what we see. potentially snowflakes mixing in near philadelphia. more likely near the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. this is not going to be long lived except for in the lehigh valley. most other areas as we go overnight into monday will change over to rain as a warm front moves in. the problem with the warm front is warmer air is wedging in, mixing with cold conditions all the way to the surface can lead to freezing rain or icing on roadways. that could lead to more dangerous commute for monday morning. notice temperatures boost up by monday because of the warm front. we will finally see temperatures pick up out of the 30s. this is when all is said and done, accumulation you could see. one to three inches in berks
9:18 am
county, lehigh valley, north hampton, up to the poconos, may see higher than that. more likely to see a coating in suburbs and few flakes possible near philadelphia. models are trending more towards rain than snow. what we are looking at is a ten day forecast from the 30s to that 50 degree forecast monday. if you like cold conditions, don't worry. they come back very quickly. isolated snowflakes mixing in wednesday, still going to see some sun. then look at thursday, a high temperature of just 29 degrees. a low of 17 into your friday. next chance for more snow to move through is saturday into sunday, something we'll have a close eye on, continue to keep you updated on.
9:19 am
good morning, i am danny pommells. eagles/redskins squaring off at the linc sunday. it seems like the birds will get some relief in the injury department. wide receiver jordan matthews was full practice participant, last couple days. listed as questionable for sunday's game against washington. running back ryan mathews also a full practice participant. listed questionable. both appear ready to play. matthews, jordan ready to go. >> it was definitely rough. you know, like i said, that was my first missed in sports, not counting the preseason games. you know, at the same time, it's been one of those years, too, obviously it wasn't ideal. i didn't think i would miss my first game at 24. but at the same time it could always be worse. i'm still blessed and still extremely anxious to put in time. the flyers as hot as they come. the hottest team in the nhl in
9:20 am
in fact, winning seven straight. they host the stars saturday afternoon. thursday, perhaps the game of the year, 6-5 win over edmonton. claude giroux scored three goals. things appear to be coming together for the flyers. >> it's clicking right now. as a team we're playing some good hockey. everybody's stepping up every game and you know we're not thinking out there, we know what we have to do. at the start of the year, we had some holes and we dialed down and made sure we put those mistakes out of our game and right now we're playing some good hockey and we're kind on a high right now. we have to keep the momentum going and keep having fun. >> you see the backdrop behind giroux, he's the new face of the tops card. hockey cards, digital on phones and tablets. play contests during games. check it out.
9:21 am
at today's event he was answering who does it better, usa or canada? and had this exchange with csn's michael barkann. >> and finally beer. >> i don't drink beer. >> okay. >> no, i'd say, canada. >> canada? >> yeah. >> i'm thinking canada labatt, molson's versus yuenglin but you're not a beer guy. >> congratulations on the top trading cards. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> i love beer. one high school note. archbishop wood won. aa class five title. and shoutout to the quarterback, they lost their state title matchup thursday trying to finish a perfect season. came up short. props to them. great year. that's it for sports. i am danny pommells. csn. nbc10 continues the
9:22 am
commitment to clear the shelters, find homes foray doptable pets. joining krystal and me, city council sill man and board member. we have tinker. she's a seven-year-old pit ham mix, adorable. has cute ears. she's house trained. loves rolling around in the grass. she's quirky. she's ready to be adopted. she's being foster td by one of my staff members that works for me. also trying to find her a great home in the spirit of the holidays. >> this is the time of year people think about maybe i am going to get that dog or cat. >> tinker could be one of them. she likes to senatnore, loves w, is house broken. have a board member of act, there are 500 fosters in the city of philadelphia, animals waiting for good homes. again, true spirit of the
9:23 am
holidays, they're waiting to find a great home. >> she's so sweet. krystal has been feeding her treats. >> he supplied me with the treats, had to do it on the sly. you mentioned she's trainable. seems like a well behaved dog. >> she's very behaved. she has a good personality. again, she's adorable. she knows your basic commands and some of the complex like rolling over, i think she's got a half roll. on the way. >> trying to shake. >> sit, stay. lay down. >> question, does she like snow? >> i don't know. i think rolling around in the grass, i think she would enjoy snow. >> find out soon if she likes it. >> which ais a reminder, city i code blue, unsafe for animals to be outside. the law is in force. if you see an animal outside, it is enforceable.
9:24 am
be kind to animals. adopt an animal, be safe. >> that information to adopt tinker and other pets are on the screen. 267-385-3800. they're also on the web. tinker is being fostered, people can get in touch to find out how to bring her home. >> you can. visit my website an the staff do a wonderful job every single day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. we mentioned snow. >> we have snow chances moving forward. i think we are taking a closer look after the break.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
one last check of the ten day on 10. upper 30s moving into sunday evening. may see flakes mix into the forecast in philadelphia. better chances for snow further north and west. >> we issued a first alert for tomorrow. we will be tracking it this evening and tomorrow morning, throughout the day tomorrow as well. see you back here tomorrow. have a good one.
9:28 am
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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week, we are bringing you with the best of broadway. we're on the hunt in beautiful fire island with tony award winner, jerry mitchell, and broker, jon wilner. plus, there's nothing like breaking into song to close a deal. this dynamic duo takes us inside a palatial manhattan townhouse with exquisite details. but first, we are heading to the vibrant space of choreographer, chase brock. everything in this room makes us happy, whether it is pictures of memories or objects that we've found-- which brings me to my favorite object in the apartment-- this vintage party lamp i found in a brooklyn antique shop. you're watching open house. we are getting started with prolific choreographer, chase brock. now, chase is known for his work not just on broadway in hits


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