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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  December 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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snow is coming. you can see it on first alert radar. one of the places in camelback mountains. a skiers and snowboard paradise. more ahead. >> have you been shot? >> no. >> breaking news out of atlantic city, a man shot. we have video from a witness who started recording moments after the shooting. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on sunday.
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the nbc 10 weather team has issued a first alert. what does that mean? well, we've got wet on the way, wintry mix. meteorologist krystal klei with details. >> a lot of differences depending what neighborhood you're in, why forecasting is important. pennsylvania suburbs, likely we're going to see snow and wintry mix. it starts this afternoon. this evening into tonight we really see the peak of that forecast and then we will certainly see wet conditions as we move into that monday morning commute as well. accumulating snow is the focus of those areas. lehigh valley, berks county and suburbs. with that change over to rain as we move into tomorrow morning. a look at radar and satellite right now. we have snow falling throughout parts of central and west pennsylvania. this is actually stretching now on radar at least throughout parts of maryland. interesting thing is, i'm
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checking ground observations in this area. not everywhere under this patch of snow on radar. it's actually reporting snow at the surface meaning some might be trying to fall. it's so light it's not making it to the ground. i can tell you baltimore airport not seeing snow, although under this coverage. but we look a little further to the west and frederick they are reporting snow. this is starting to track our direction. i wouldn't be surprised if any western portions of our area and extending along to the north, that we do see flakes this morning. this is not the bulk of the system. this is that front of the moisture way ahead of the system itself. it is something we have to keep an eye on if you're getting out and driving in delaware or chester county, you may see snowflakes out there. icing conditions move into monday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thanks for that krystal, we'll check back with you shortly. there are witnesses that welcome the weather. aundrea cline-thomas reports.
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>> reporter: for some people because it puts people in the holiday spirit. john wears a light jacket unzipped as he sells another christmas tree. >> i don't know why i have a coat on. >> reporter: he says the excitement of having a satisfied customer keeps him warm. the business's trademark trailer. >> this is our home away from home every since we started. >> that was more than 40 years ago. the trailer has everything he needs. >> heat. heat. okay. we want to be nice and warm in here. >> in northampton, temperatures already dip to a frigid 24 degrees. >> temperatures being so low, any type of precipitation could freeze on the roadway. >> penndot prepared for snow on what could be a slippery morning commute. >> we're going to keep crews out well into the night. >> john doesn't mind the forecast. >> that's the best time to buy a tree when you have a little mist and that snow falling down.
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>> cold weather is good for business. >> okay, guys. merry christmas. thank you. see you again next year. >> right now all is quite at this penndot yard. later this evening, a lot of these trucks will be out putting salt down on the road ahead of monday morning's commute. reporting south whitehall township, aundrea cline-thomas. nbc 10 news. >> make sure you have free nbc 10 app on smartphone and tablet especially today, tonight, tomorrow. you can trackry weather we're expecting with radar plus weather alerts sent right to your phone or tablet and can you customize the first alert forecast for your own neighborhood. the app will also send you messages when your children's schools are closed or opening late because of the weather. breaking news from overnight. police on the scene of a shooting just outside of tropicana casino in atlantic city. the victim was found in a valet parking area around 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell nbc 10 the man was barely conscious as emergency crews loaded him into an ambulance. right now we're working to find
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out more about his condition. >> just get shot? >> no. >> call the cops. >> this video from instagram showed the shooting victim lying on the ground just outside the casino. witnesses tell us a fight led to the gunfire. we're waiting to hear from police about any suspects case. we will continue to update throughout the morning right here on the air and on the nbc 10 app. we also breaking news overseas. a bombing at a church in cairo, egypt, has killed 25 people and injured disebs more. saint marks cathedral is home to the pope. no one claimed responsibility yet for the bombing. but a bombing in cairo on friday that killed six police officers is being blamed on a group with ties to the muslim brotherhood. back in our area, police investigating an armed robbery at wendy's on main road early
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this morning. no one was hurt. right now they are trying to sort out what was stolen. so far no arrests in the case. new details about the fire at the refinery in southwest philadelphia. we first told you about breaking news. since then philadelphia energy solutions say they quickly took care of the problem that started the fire. they tell us the incident only lasted minutes and was placed under control. officials will not say exactly how the fire started. what we do know is hazmat crews and firefighters were called to the scene before 11:00 last night. police closed the roads in the area while the crews were able to bring the flames under control. nobody was hurt. some changes go into effect on septa's regional rail line. the schedules most of the lines will be adjusted. that means that some trains will depart earlier or later than scheduled. changes impact 14 separate stations. for more information, just go to
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nbc 10 app or six minutes past 7:00 right now on sunday. the flyers are on fire. the team is flying high on eight-game winning streak. fans flog more than hats after a hat trick. we'll explain coming up in sports. plus she's just a jersey girl, she's campaign manager for president-elect trump and she's home for the holidays. we'll tell you who she's asking you to pray for.
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welcome back. we're looking at radar. i want to show you what's going. checking ground observations, this little area of snow that popped up. most models suggest this won't happen this morning but we are seeing light snow flurries moving along. already this has been weakening in the last half hour as it presses to the northeast. but northernmost parts of delaware into chess county as well as some of the suburbs may see snow flurries as it weakens and breaks apart tracking northeast. just a heads up, this is just a of our first alert. what we're really focusing on is potential for dangerous driving conditions for the later part of today for the northern zones and tonight into tomorrow for the rest of our region. so this is just a very early
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start to what we will see. because temperatures are cold enough don't be surprised if you see a few flakes in the western portions of the area. neighborhood forecast for today, very cold out there even in the afternoon. summerton a high of 36, landsdale the same. cloudy conditions across the day. 34 for a high temperature in cliffstown, allentown the same at 33. won't be snow the entire afternoon but on/off snow showers are possible. cape may up to around upper 30s to low 40s for shore points. delaware the same right around 37 in wilmington but 40 for smyrna. we're going to be tracking those snow/rain conditions where the break is. all that will be coming up in just a few minutes. today families can witness histo
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history. the senior ceremony will happen at 1:00 in bucks county. today is a dress rehearsal for the annual christmas day re-enactment. my guess is that it will be just as cold as it was when george washington crossed delaware river. pretty darn chose. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," mr. trump takes the time out to take in some football. of course we're talking about annual army/navy game. this as president-elect is going to war with the intelligence community. more on the reaction to the claim russia influenced the election to help him win. and all aboard. we'll take a ride on north pole express at lehigh international airport.
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the trump transition team pushing back on cia's report russia helped him win. hacked e-mails to win the election. republicans seem to be splint on the controversy. >> there's no doubt in my mind they hacked into the dnc and podesta's e-mails and russians were behind that. every republican needs to understand this is not about democratic party but as a whole. >> there's zero evidence that anything that may have been attempted had any effect on the outcome. trump's transition team put out a statement saying quote, these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the obama administration has ordered a review they say they
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want to release before the inauguration. i'm going to be talking to chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" later this morning, 7:45, 50. we'll be talking about the latest controversies. of course you can watch chuck todd on nbc 10. one of his guests is incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. nobel prize winners have their awards. they were handed out in sweden yesterday. literature winner singer songwriter bob dylan was not there. u.s. ambassador attended read his speech saying dylan was honored to be included among giants of writing. let's talk about weather. while you may be shivering in the cold here, think about the folks in fargo, north dakota. no thanks, i'd rather be here. temperatures dipped well below freezing all morning and the high was just 9 degrees. these tailgaters at a college football game really didn't seem too bothered by frigid
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conditions. it's not frozen solid but this fountain in memphis, tennessee certainly looks like a slushy pond. temperatures in the teens and 20s yesterday in memphis. here is a sign how cold it's been in our area this weekend. can you see concourse lake in fairmount park starting to ice over. 7:17, we check in with krystal klei. krystal, we've issued first alert to make sure everybody is prepared for theory mix tomorrow. the timing is key here. >> it's very important. looks like it will time out ahead of the morning commute but lead to very wet roadways through the morning commute. it's all going to start moving in today overnight and into monday morning. temperatures right now reflect how chilly we've been talking about things would be. all of us at freezing or below. at the airport, 30 degrees. a temperature of 27 for chestnut hill.
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upper 20s here. 29 degrees this morning. step out like you had to do the last couple days you've got to layer up as you get out the door. i have several layers laid out next to the weather lab. what we're looking at are conditions that are cold. they are cold enough if we see precipitation, it would fall as snow. check it out. looking at most of the snow focus right now in west and central portions of pennsylvania. this is just the leading edge of a ton of moisture that sits farther along to the west with a system that's still centered over the great lakes. that's going to push our direction as i mentioned. later today into tonight. ahead of it, notice this area of snow that's chugging along here right baltimore and up nearing baltimore. as we zoom into the area, what we're looking at is not a lot of snow by any means. it's incredibly light. very low, if any, actual snow making it to the ground. very light flurries that may move along here. we are starting to pick up near
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dover as well as moving north into parts of newcastle county, nearing wilmington and tracking chester county as well. so if you're in western edges of our viewing area, don't be surprised by a few flakes falling. not long lasting at all this. area is weakening a bit as it tracks along and mostly tracking to the northeast. so areas like redding near lehigh valley may also start to see light, spotty snow. more consistent snow we expect to begin this afternoon. here is a look at your first alert. today temperatures are very cold. most of us right around mid upper 30s. cloudiness for most of us, isolated snow chances out there as we see now through this morning, that will die down in the afternoon and then pick back up midafternoon for lehigh valley where we should see some snow. overnight, rain/snow mix in the suburbs. otherwise rain will start moving in and that will continue through the first half of monday where temperatures will be a little warmer because a warm front will edge up those
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numbers. unfortunately freezing rain near lehigh valley which means icy spots tomorrow. for snowfall, 1 to 3 inches berks county, lehigh, higher for poconos, otherwise a coating throughout parts of the suburbs in that forecast as well. we'll talk more about ten-day forecast coming up in the half hour. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, krystal. a high-flying visit to the north pole. some families got on a special flight to see santa. >> >> stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes saint nicholas soon would be there. >> hopping a plane to the north pole. it doesn't get any better
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than that. >> of a the flight kids got to meet with santa who gave them christmas gifts. united airlines helped organize the vent. coming up on nbc 10 news, restock. parents, i know you know what i'm talking about. we'll tell you where you can get your hands on one of the hottest holiday toys keeps on selling out. oh deer, a car wash with unexpected visitors. it's a visit you've got to see coming up.
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as we get closer to the holidays, parents are going to great lengths to get their hands on this year's hottest story. target announced it would be restocking hatch a mole today. these moms and dads already lined up in winfield heights
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since early this morning. some had been there since 7:00 last night. they tell us it's worth it. >> too expensive on the internet. we're not going to pay that money. i'd rather brave the night and do it. it's for the kids. >> he's so right. here is what happens. people buy up and buy as many as allowed and sell them online for a lot more. hatchanimals sold for hundreds online. walmart representatives say they are planning to also restock the toys at their stores before the weekend is out. coming up next on "nbc 10 news today." we've been following breaking news out of atlantic city. we're working to find out more about how this man is doing after he was found shot lying on the ground in front of the tropicana casino. and we're looking at radar and satellite where light snow is trying to make its way to the ground in parts of maryland, just into delaware, as well as nearing parts of berks county. we're going to track that closely and talk about first alert when a better chance of
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snow moves in for areas like poconos, where currently they are making snow.
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snow, sleet and ice heading our way. we'll tell you what to expect and when in your neighborhood hats off to the flyers as fans throw their hats on the ice after a hat trick pushes flyers to their eighth win. we'll tell you more about the matchup today. we've been following breaking news out of atlantic city as police try to track down who shot a man outside of the valet stand outside of the tropicana casino. we'll have the details next. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, thanks for
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being with us on this sunday. it's just before 7:30. we've i should a first alert what does that mean? >> we want to make sure you're prepared. krystal klei tracking weather that will arrive later on. >> this is a complex system, the center to the west. already ahead of it some moisture moving in. we'll get to that in a second. here is an overview. berks county, pennsylvania suburbs. that's where we're focusing in on first alert starting this afternoon through to monday morning about 9:00 a.m. through the duration of monday morning commute. why? accumulating snow changeing to wintry mix which includes freezing rain, sleet, icing conditions and then finally to rain. this will all be a change over in those overnight and early morning hours because of the warm front that's going to move in with this system. so the storm center is way far off to the west of us over the
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great lakes area. but ahead of it moisture has been streaming forward and we're looking at a warm front that will track in and pull in warmer air. that's not until toby and tomorrow. snow in parts of pennsylvania. we do actually see ground reports of snow falling in these areas. it stretches all the way to parts of maryland and now creeping into delaware. this area is starting to weaken quite a bit. nonetheless, if we zoom in, you can see through the central to northern portions of delaware we are seeing on radar a return of light snow. whether or not it's making it to the ground, very iffy. it's so light. sometimes radar will show off areas that aren't making it to the surface but potential there. light flakes falling throughout western edges including chester county and in berks county. certainly possible this morning. there's a heads up for you if you will be out driving. you may see those spots. the better going to come late day and into tonight. as for temperatures, it is cold out there. 29 in northeast philadelphia and
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25 in lancaster. also seeing 20s in atlantic city, millville and dover we'll talk more about the afternoon highs and changing conditions coming up. some businesses thrive in this cold weather. the whitehall christmas tree lot was very busy. the owner said he didn't feel frigid conditions because he's working hard to sell trees. meantime penndot says crews will be out tonight for the roads. >> temperatures so low, precipitation coming down could be on the roadways. we'll keep crews out into the night. >> aaa says check tire pressure, batteries fluid as a precaution in this cold weather. make sure you have free nbc 10 app on your smartphone or tablet. you can customize the first alert forecast specific tower neighborhood. also the app will let you know
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if your children's schools are closed or opening late because of the weather. police on the scene of a shooting outside tropicana casino in atlantic city. the victim found in the valet parking area around 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell us the man was barely conscious as emergency crews work him into the ambulance. we're working to find what his condition is. >> did you just get shot? >> no. >> call the cops. this video from instagram showed the shooting victim lying on the ground outside the casino. witnesses say a fight led to the gunfire. we're waiting to hear about suspects in the case. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning right here on the air and on the nbc 10 app. in other news this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what led to a double shooting in delaware cannot. police confirmed two people were shot at at produce market on market street in upper darby last night. both of the victims rushed to the hospital. a friend tells nbc 10 neither
7:33 am
person is seriously hurt. we're checking with police to see if they made any arrests in the case. also out of delaware county, police tell us a suspect was killed during a home invasion. according to investigators they tried to break in in chester yesterday afternoon. the home owner shot the would be burglar during a confrontation. investigators are investigating. illicit videos of his students, he will serve time in prison, 11 to 23 months in the bucks county correctional facility. back in juner pleaded guilty to multiple charges included unlawful contact with a minor. he admitted to pressuring a student to send him videos sexual in nature. becker taught math. 7:33 on this sunday. special recognition for
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wilmington firefighter who lost her life trying to save hiers. she received medal of honor and was posthumously promoted to lieutenant. ♪ >> her funeral held at wilmington's chase center. hope died last week from injuries she suffered during an arson in september. she ran into a burning row home to rescue two firefighters who were later found dead at the scene. many paid tribute to the sacrifice she made. >> an honor. you've taught me so much. you served with dedication and valor. rest in peace. rest in peace. >> hope was the department's first african-american woman firefighter. the fire chief officially retired her badge during the service. captain christopher leach and hicks killed in the blaze. a woman facing murder charges for allegedly starting the fire
7:35 am
on purpose. two deer walk into a car wash. they really darted into car wish sounds like a joke but we have the video to prove it. we'll show you in about 10 minutes. eagles are home and taking on redskins today. why malcolm jenkins says the birds will be energized and bring some attitude to the linc this afternoon.
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this weekend campaign manager president-elect trump returned to south jersey roots for a christmas parade. she didn't receive a warm welcome from everyone but that didn't stop her from getting into the christmas spirit. >> i want to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, merry christmas. kellyanne conway was grand marshal for christmas parade last night. hundreds lined the parade route. protesters also in the crowd but conway avoided any talk of politics. instead, she asked the people there to pray. >> after eight years, i would ask you to pray for our outgoing president and vice president. i would ask you to pray for our new vice president and president. >> conway grew up in nearby town. at the parade she received a key for the town.
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president-elect donald trump appears to be moving closer to nominating exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as his secretary of state. the decision is drawing some controversy from both democrats and republicans. the 64-year-old oil exec has no formal government or diplomatic experience. however, he was exxon's liaison to the kremlin. tillerson has met with russian president vladimir putin several occasions. republicans are concerned that tillerson's nomination could lead to a drawn out confirmation battle. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity, x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm john clark from csn. flyers are the hottest team in hockey. eight straight wins. flyers have longest winning streak in 14 years. stars up 1-0 late in the first. power play for shayne.
7:40 am
dallas up 2-1 in the third. schenn shining on the power play again. how about tipping it off his stick. take a look. it goes right through the legs of wayne symmonds. tied at two. second for schenn. see what's going on here. 2-for-2. second goal for schenn. schenn gets the hat trick. flyers winter 4-2. that's second career hat track, fans are throwing their hats on the ice. in his first hat trick, an older woman got so excited she threw her bra on the ice. jake voracek, anything interest thrown on the ice yesterday? >> a bud light. i didn't have a chance to look around. >> was it full or empty? >> i don't know. do you want me to try it or what? >> hats off to the flyers. they unveiled their stadium series jerseys. they are going to wear them at heinz field against penguins right here on nbc 10 saturday february 25th.
7:41 am
they will be back in black. onto the eagles. they say today they desperately need a win. if you remember that first meeting with the redskins in washington this year, the defense gave up to 500 yards of offense, 230 yards on the ground. so i asked malcolm jenkins, does the defense take that personal. >> nothing about the situation we're in right now that doesn't make you angry, whether our record or back in the division or think back to the last time we played them, plenty to get motivated for, plenty to be upset about, plenty of reasons to have an attitude and have some bite to you. i think you'll see a team with some energy, with a little bit of attitude and hopefully that turns into a win. >> more with malcolm this morning on "eagles gameday kickoff", then "eagles game plan" at 10:00 a.m. afterwards tonight "eagles gameday final" after sunday night football. villanova, they are 10-0. they have won 16 straight going
7:42 am
back to last season. that matches the longest winning streak in school history. the cats are the number one team in the country. they had a tough test on the road at 23rd ranked notre dame. huge game for josh hart. a career high 37 points. jay wright says josh is as good as any player in the country. he was the only cat in double figures. nova struggled but they forced the turnover here. jalen brunson finishes and cats get their first lead of the day and hold on to beat the irish 74-66. the cats will host temple, owls at depaul. first josh brown he'll do it all. owls improve to 7-3, beat blue demons 74-65. lasalle and penn lost their games. onto sixers. no joel embiid tonight, but noelle will make his season debut. we'll have to see if there's any minute restriction.
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congrats to northwest raiders from philly. they win the division 1 pop warner super bowl. they shut out santa clara and get their third straight title. they have a lot of them. congrats to st. joe's prep who won a state title in high school football. i'm john clark. enjoy your eagles sunday. here we go. looking at radar and satellite, we're tracking light snow trying to make its way into parts of delaware. but the main event, that comes later today through tonight and into your monday morning. details on your first alert coming up. here is a live look outside the art museum where things are still dry currently.
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8:00 on sunday. here is some of the nbc 10 headlines this morning. right now we're working to find out how a man is doing after he was shot outside tropicana casino in atlantic city. it happened around 3:00 this morning. witnesses tell us it happened near valet stand. changes in effect for regional rail line. schedules will be adjusted and that means some trains will be leaving earlier rather than later. this will be changes.
7:47 am
they impact 14 stations. we've got details on nbc 10 app. in just about 15 minutes, your local target store will be opening with one of the hottest holiday toys back on the shelves. hatch animals restocked. people lined up at the target. they will cost $59.99 but go very quickly. you can buy them on ebay or another online spot but probably cost you more than $100. now, nbc 10 first alert weather. starting with radar and satellite because we have a busy board to look at. the bulk of the snow is where it should be over parts of central and west pennsylvania. but we've seen this branch of snow stretch out, passing baltimore and most of maryland moving into delaware. these areas not likely to see much, if any, snow actually making it to the ground. but what's showing up on radar is there is some snow trying to
7:48 am
make it to the ground. don't be surprised, very isolated, light snow flurry moving through. short-lived, will continue to track to the northeast. so it's starting to creep over the bay and into of new jersey. also we track along farther to the north getting ready to move into lancaster. what radar is returning likely more snow near lancaster. that will track up through redding and into lehigh valley. already again getting return on radar. although, this would indicate very light snow at best because such a light color picking up currently. sometimes radar will show snow falling not making it to the ground. that's our job to decipher where it's. tweet me @krystal klei and let me know if you have a snow report in your neighborhood. most are dry, still cloudy. winter weather advisories are in place. pennsylvania suburbs right on through the lehigh valley, berks county as well and extending further north. 4:00 a.m. through suburbs, 9:00
7:49 am
a.m. lehigh valley. that's tomorrow morning. we're talking through your morning commute. the concern being snow and icing possible in those areas. your hour by hour forecast. notice it shows off with snow currently except that branch that broke through our area. so do keep that in mind this morning some isolated snowflakes possible in viewing zone especially delaware and parts of south jersey while that weakened. cloudiness will continue, snow more likely and more consistent as we move bought afternoon. starting to pick up near polk poconos, continuing through 8:00 p.m. most should be focused long northern edge of viewing area, a few flakes may move in farther south. overnight through 10:00 midnight, we see a break in precipitation but then moves in very quickly here. so by right around midnight to 2:00 a.m. we start to see rain stretching through philadelphia. a mix through the suburbs and snow through the lehigh valley and berks county. we continue that rain/snow line presses north by 5:00 a.m. now
7:50 am
we're talk almost all rain. it could be freezing rain in lehigh valley. driving concerns are going to be the issue for that morning commute if you're heading north. the rain will start to move out in the afternoon of monday with clouds lingering as well. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast through philadelphia checking on changing conditions for your work coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks for that, chris. look at that. oh, man, video shows two deer running through a car wash. can you see them running through the car wash on route 100. it happened friday. fortunately no one here is hurt. the deer are just but a canopy damaged when one of them jurpd right through it. 7:50 on this sunday. uncharted territory. president donald trump blasting cia for concluding russia interfered with the election to he could win the white house. a top issue on "meet the press."
7:51 am
joining me, a preview, moderator chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> chuck, the cia report puts republicans in a tough spot. if you believe it's true it cast as shadow on the election and could possibly warrant some action. so what happens next here? >> well, i think that's a good question. i think you're going to have a flurry of information that comes out over the next few weeks as a whole bunch of intelligence agencies perhaps concerned that a trump administration will whitewash or won't believe their assessments. i think you're going to see a lot more coming out in pre-january 20th. you're going to already see some republicans on capitol hill, a handful of them that have been sounding the alarm on putin for years, namely john mccain and lindsey graham. they are going to actively work to start investigations and get to the bottom of this. of course you have the rex
7:52 am
tillerson nomination as of state, ceo of exxon who you could argue, perhaps, maybe his chief qualification as far as donald trump might be concerned is the personal relationship and experience he's had in working with the russians. so that means that confirmation hearing will be dominated by this relationship with putin. you'll have a lot more information that comes out. look, there's a chance this entire russian aspect of this story consumes a good chunk of the first part of the trump presidency. >> chuck, also you're going to be talking to outgoing rnc chair reince priebus. he'll be chief of staff in the trump white house. what do we expect to here from him about the president's latest cabinet picks and now rex tillerson? >> i think it makes a case for how rex tillerson is qualified to be secretary of state. i think a lot of folks are skeptical of his qualifications. number two, i think a big question for him has to do with if the incoming president does not believe anything that comes out of the cia, where is he
7:53 am
going to get intelligence to make foreign policy decisions. we're in uncharted territory when incoming, sitting president or incoming president, president-elect in this case, publicly states to the world that he does not believe a word that comes out of the cia. the unattended consequences of that is something that's hard to speculate now but you can see going forward, will the world believe us if we make an allegations against north korea. will they believe united states if they make an allegation against iran. right now the answer to that question may be no. >> chuck todd moderator of "meet the press." chuck, as always, thanks for your time and thanks for your insight. >> you got it. >> incoming chief of staff reince priebus will sit down with chuck on nbc's "meet the press." "meet the press" comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. we'll be right back.
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thousands of fans took over center city. instead of running of the sapts, more of a party of the santas. happened at electric factory complex and featured two different sections called north pole and south pole. all the money raised will go to philadelphia charities. south philly turned into winter wonder line. arctic annual ice festival took over yesterday. professional ice sculptors spent much of the day turning blocks of ice into artwork. even a race among ice carvers to see who could finish first.
7:57 am
of course, whoever won got a taste. >> we are still tracking first alert forecast starting out this morning already with spots of snow trying to make it to the ground. it's a cloudy look outside cape may currently. it's going to be cloudy the whole day until tonight when we see that change over to precipitation. radar and satellite with most recent update. isolated spots of light snow falling in delaware. a lot might not be making it to the ground. the afternoon lehigh valley and berks county area. if you're going to the eagles game, should be dry but will be cloudy and cold. here is a quick look at ten-day forecast. the focus about tonight into monday. wet commute in philadelphia but icy conditions farther north and huge cooldown thursday, friday, highs just 28 degrees both days. krystal and our team of meteorologists are keeping a close watch on first alert radar obviously tracking any changes
7:58 am
and updates. definitely back here at 9:00. we'll see you then. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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it's a great honor. it means a lot. >> after a few weeks taking selfies in the woods. >> god speed, john glenn. >> justice hasn't been served yet. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" i'm willie geist. donald trump won't be sworn in as president for more than a month but he's already fighting with his top intelligence agency. trump mocking the cia over its report that the russian government did in fact interfere with the presidential election and did so to help trump win. did putin really sway the vote, and why is trump taking on his own spies? we'll get into that and questions about trump's likely pick for secretary of state.


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