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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," wintry mix. pockets of snow, rain and an icy combination. >>. >> snow is falling in the poconos right now. a live look at camelback ski resort. we have some snow falling throughout the night. >> in philadelphia and points south, the cold rain is falling. in university city, overnight, people drove and walked through a wet start to the workweek. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. >> we are on extra early because of the wintry weather and how it could impact your rise to work and school. we have live team coverage all weekend long. from reporters. we are tracking conditions in
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the first alert traffic and weather center. let's get right to meteorologist, krystal klei, with her first neighborhood forecast. a close look at communities across delaware and pennsylvania. >> we are tracking that mix of wintry weather out there. this is pretty much timing out exactly how we have been calling for it all weekend long. a lot of us are seeing rain from delaware, new jersey, philadelphia. the rain/snow line has been tracking to the north. earlier, around midnight to 2:00 a.m., we saw the line pretty close to the suburbs and nearing philadelphia. since then, that has started to stretch farther north. the pinks you see are the zones we are most concerned of. those are where we have the potential to see the icy mix on roadways if you are one of the early morning commuters. we have zoomed in here and freeze your radar look. areas like allentown and tracking up through to the poconos, we are getting reports of freezing rain this morning
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and in the last hour. so those are the areas where spots of icyness are possible throughout the lehigh valley into berks county where we have seen freezing rain as well as mixed precip, meaning a rain/snow mix is moving through. this was snow. farther south, philadelphia, more moderate. spotty through delaware and along the shore. not everyone is getting a constant rain if you drop south. everyone is seeing wet roadways and on top of that, everyone is dealing with cool conditions starting to warm up. we don't say that usually in your morning hours, starting to warm up. this is a warm front, which means it boosts the temperatures. temperatures are around 38 in philadelphia. we'll get to more on your temperatures through the rest of today and how dry we will see later today coming up. for now, we'll go to traffic with jessica boyington. >> right around 24th street, we
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are open. you can see both directions. definitely wet. watch getting on and off the ramps. highways are going to be a problem once the morning commute gets underway. already an accident on north gulph road and kirk avenue. the skewingi'll check with new road when is i come back. >> let's talk about road conditions. points north and weflt of tst o city have the best chance for snow and ice. >> pamela osborn is in storm for force. tell us where you are and what conditions are like. >> we are in bucks county, approaching quakertown. we are on the northeast extension, heading north towards allentown. we left kenwood since 3:00.
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we have seen mheavy rain. it hasn't changed or switched over. we will let you know how conditions work when we get closer to allentown. i should mention in our traffic tracker, it says the temperature outside is about 33 degrees. a lot of rain coming down on the roadways. just be careful. they are a little bit slick right now. that's something to keep in mind if you head out your door. we'll see you again in another 30 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. be careful out there. the lehigh valley, greater chance for icy conditions. penndot spent hours over the weekend treating the roads. crews made return trips to the salt pile to reload their trucks. >> with a storm like this, we basically lay down salt and try and watch for icy conditions. you might not see a ton of snow but there is a potential for things to be slick out there. >> penndot crews will be treating the roads throughout the morning.
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they advise drivers to give themselves extra time and take it slower. >> i saw a salt truck on my way in. >> that is good advice no matter what type of weather you encounter. monique braxton, tell us what you are seeing? >> reporter: good morning to you both. driving out this morning, we were experiencing a heavy down poor of rain. the traffic hasn't gun to pick up yet. we didn't run into any ice. i can tell you that as we looked into some of the neighborhoods, there appeared to be a light fog. we did not see any penndot trucks along the way. probably because this is not where we are expecting to get any ice or any coating. you still need to exercise caution. leaving some of the neighborhoods this morning, there is still a lot of leaves. once you have the leaves and that mixes with the oil or gasoline leak frg some of the vehicles, that's when it gets pretty tricky and pretty dicey and even dangerous. a word of caution as you are
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heading up on this rainy monday. i know it is hard to get up when monday is like this. it is back to work for most of us. live for now as the toll plaza, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. let's check the jersey shore. a live look from cape may. not seeing fog there. the roads do look wet. the shore will see spotty rain throughout the morning. crews in upper bucks county pretreated sidewalks outside of businesses in quakertown last night. >> so it is nice and safe for everybody. we don't have to work so fast in the morning. >> earlier yesterday, a snowshower led to the first real accumulation in bethlehem. >> our team coverage continues here with another live look at conditions along i-95 in south philadelphia. first alert immediate immediate, krystal kline and traffic reporter, jessica boyington return with the updated forecast. parents, your child's school
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day could be impacted because of the wintry mix. make sure you have the free nbc app. school cancellations as soon as they happen. you can send us your storm pictures right through the app. >> new jersey state trooper, franky williams, will be laid to rest today in atlantic city. williams died last monday night when a driver going the wrong way crossed over the median and crashed into the trooper's cruiser in millville. the other driver was also killed. the public starts at 8:00 a.m. the funeral is scheduled for noon and governor chris christie is expected to be there. he ordered all flags to fly at half-staff in williams honor. happening today in philadelphia, former pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah is scheduled for sentencing. they found him guilting in a racketeering case. they are recommending he serve two decades in prison. his lawyers asked the judge to
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consider his years of public service. he was a congressman for 22 years. nbc 10 will be in court for fattah's sentencing hearing. you can count on us for complete developments and reaction from both sides. let's take a live look outside as we continue to folt conditions this morning. a look at route 73 in maple shade, burlington county. krystal klei is watching that. >> if you are that early morning commuter, looking at areas of fog that are starting to build as well as a resort. we have this moisture hanging over us. we have warm air moving in. perfect combo for us to start seeing. already, visibility dropping down in lancaster to 1 3/4. now under a mile. already, we are starting to notice the lack of visibility in areas where the rain is coming down harder on top of that. areas like philadelphia, 1 1/2
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miles. in mount collie, 1 and 3/4. through delaware, up until wilmington. the rain is not coming down as steadily and we did not experience snow in those zones. it is really starting to see the changeover. the pink indicates more of a wintry mix or some freezing rain which has been reported in the poconos. still, some reports of snow near allentown. that's where we see the break turning to more rain. the yellows and oranges. we are seeing pockets of heavy rain tlahat's moving through. we have temperatures around freezing, concern for icy spots. areas to watch. we drop further south. we expect these showers. the timing throughout the
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neighborhoods, 5:00 a.m., 39 degrees. we are keeping with the rain in philly and the temperature keeps boosting. low to mid-40s. much warmer than the highs we have seen the last several days. the good news is, the somewhat warmer air for temperatures will feel a bit nicer later today. earlier this morning, a rain/snow mix for the suburbs. temperatures are now above freezing. we have a concern for icy spots on roadways. those showers are going to continue throughout your morning at 9:00 a.m., starting to see that peek of sunshine moving through. della which are, the same. temperatures for delaware, new jersey and the shore are now above freezing as well. they stayed above freezing overnight. so we had no concern for snow in those areas. the showers will continue throughout the morning. notice at 9:00 a.m., still those icons showing off the rain. i expected around 8:00 to 9:00,
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it is going to start breaking apart more. as we move noon into 1:00 p.m., that rain will entirely move out of our area. we will take a closer look at that with your future models coming up. >> 11 minutes past 4:00 a.m., your morning commute, to recap, the snow has moved out. if there is any ice, probably in bucs and berks county. still, it is wet out there. >> reduced visibility. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> the roads are quiet before the morning rush. we have a few hours before the wet roads are going to create more problems. we are watching the schuylkill with no problems. 14 minutes eastbound into center city. it gives you extra time to take your time when driving through. there is also an accident in
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upper merion on north gulph road and kirk avenue. route 73, around 295, clearly wet there. no traffic jams moving through. we will end on route 202 and check in with drive times here. roads are wet there as well. 11 minutes in both directions north or south from 32 to the schuylkill expressway. a mix of wintry weather and rain continues to fall. >> a live look at conditions at camelback ski resort in the poconos. looks like we have a fresh dusting there. snow fell too much in the night. rain is falling here now. our live team coverage continues all morning long to help you prepare for your day. also, close but not close enough. up next, you hear from the eagles about dropping their fourth straight game and in front of the home crowd.
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welcome back.
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some icing concerns through the lehigh valley. that's where you are seeing the pinks and the purples. the rest of us seeing the wet roadways. philadelphia, deeper greens. we are tracking more moderate to steady rain. you can see the roadways are quite wet. let's talk traffic with jessica boyington. definitely, watch the roads for slippery spots. be careful getting on and off the highways. we are looking live at the blue route. you can see no problems right now. we have a few hours before rush-hour begins. we'll keep you updated all morning. vai, back to you. >> thank you very much, jessica. philadelphia police are searching for three men who used a pick axe to threaten a victim during a home invasion. this happened on rutland street in the city's oxford circle neighborhood around 8:00 last night. according to authorities, the three robbers wore dark clothing
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and ski masks. they took off with $3500 and three cell phones. septa police are asking for your help to find a man accused of inappropriate behavior. take a look at the surveillance photo. septa police aren't saying exactly what this man did but that he acted inappropriately towards a female rider on route 13 trolley in southwest fill on december 1st. if you have any information, contact septa police. it is 4:13. daily intelligence briefings are of no evidence to president-elect trump. he gets top secret as needed and leaves it up to them to give him briefings as needed. he is scoffing at the cia report that russia hacked into intelligence files to tip the election his way.
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yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators called for an investigation. on friday, president obama ordered a full review of campaign cyberattacks. the russian hacking issues could impact president-elect trump's choice of rex tillerson. he has close business ties to russia. mr. trump has not officially picked his choice for state but tweeted that tillerson is a world class player and deal maker. >> demonstrators want pennsylvania's electoral college to vote for someone other than donald trump when it meets next week. nbc 10 at this unity vigil. organizers say mr. trump is unfit for the presidency. nearly all of the state's selectors have gone on record saying they will support the president-elect. >> they hit him.
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the football is loose. fighting for the football. redskins have it. game is over. >> that was so hard to watch. close but another eagles loss. the birds final drive for a win over washington bounced away at links. the eagles almost pulled off a late game victory in front of the fans in south philadelphia. >> close just doesn't work. >> instead, the birds walked off the field with their fourth straight loss. the playoff chase, all but over. it went thataway. that's the headline on the sports cover. after the 27-22 loss. the eagles players said it wasn't for a lack of effort. >> it sucks to lose. the fight has to be there continuously. >> i saw the same fight i have seen in guys all year. i have seen the same fight. obviously, execution isn't always there. the effort and resiliency of this football team, i have never questioned. >> that loss dropped the eagles to 5 and 8 on the season with three games left to go. next sunday, the battle of the
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birds in baltimore as the eagles visit the ravens. kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. 4:19. 38 degrees outside. if you take a live look at 95 in south philadelphia, it could be slow-going, depending on where you are today. conditions are changing throughout the morning. krystal klei has you covered with what you can expect depending on where your neighborhood is. krystal? >> our neighborhood forecast. we have gone through these early a.m. hours. as expected, we started with a rain/snow mix in some areas. that rain has started to shift over. depending on which neighborhood you are in. we have to talk temperatures first. the temperatures decide what you see. now, we have a warm front that's moving in, which means for your morning hours, temperatures have been rising in areas. that's not typically how things go. in your philadelphia neighborhoods, we are already at 39 degrees in center city, graduate hospital. still cooler. chestnut hill around 34 degrees and summerton at 33 degrees. some of us are already seeing
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temperatures that are warmer than the high temperatures we saw yesterday. you can really tell the difference in this system when you look at those temperatures. obviously, those numbers above freezing. we are seeing rain. look at your lehigh valley numbers. cooketown, 31 degrees and redding, 32. we go to your lehigh valley neighborhoods, 32, 31. when you have those conditions, they are ripe for you to see some flakes mixed in or even freezing rain. the big area of snow has already started to move north of most of our viewing area. we expected this. we put the first alert to warn you of the wet commute for many and the icy commute for some. look at areas like the lehigh valley. temperatures are still at a
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point where we should be seeing that in spots. we look at your hour by hour temperature versus where we see rain and snow potential. by 6:00 a.m., it has already shifted off to the north, still lingering over mt. pocono where we are at 32. everyone where else has warmed up. cape may, 51 degrees. pockets of heavier rain possible. moving from the northwest to the southeast. at 8:00 a.m., the commute still wet for philadelphia, new jersey, delaware. in fact, it may be getting more wet by this point in the morning. those showers will start to move out by around 1:00 in the afternoon leaving us with lingering clouds and temperatures will make it to the 50s in the afternoon. we will start to see that drop down as we move overnight. by 8:30, cooling to near freezing for parts of the suburbs and parts of the lehigh valley. tracking those conditions. it is still going to be chilly as we move overnight. a bit dryer. here is a look at your ten-day
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on 10:00. we will start to hold on to dry conditions and temperatures will start to fall down. look at thursday/friday. temperatures only in the 20s for highs. the big key here was when the temperatures would change over compared to when we are getting precipitation. you told me earlier, the first alert weather team called it in terms of the time ing in that line. >> we were able to track looking at a lot of different models as they would tap further west. we start to see the changeover line moving north. by 6:00 a.m., it would all be rain. timing was really key to this as the temperatures start to boost above 30s, which isn't typically something we see in the mornings going above freezing before a sunrise. >> that's good news for a lot of people. >> absolutely. >> appreciate it, krystal. thank you. meanwhile, let's check in on the morning commute and see what's
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happening. i-78, lehigh valley. >> watching the lehigh valley as well. we are not seeing much yet anywhere. the roads are wet. visibility is reduced as well. we are watching, 78, right around lehigh street. no big problems or delays as you can see. traffic is moving along nicely. this is 95, moving through della whi delaware. 11 minutes if you are headed northbound from 295 up to 495. here is 295. over in new jersey, around route 130. 23 minutes southbound from the 42 freeway if you are heading into delaware to up and over the delaware memorial bridge. average speeds are into the 60s. we will start with this accident out in upper merion, you might be directed arnold gulph road and kirk avenue. the wintry weather could
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make your commute to work and school more of a challenge. live reports ahead. changes on the regional rail for riders. ahead in our next half hour, we will explain why your morning and afternoon train times could be different. time is running out to sign up for health coverage before the end of the year. learn how you can get free, extra advice this week only.
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we're continuing to watch the sky out there, rain still moving through much of our area. the rain/snow line continuing to push through the north. in the pink parts of the lehigh valley and north into mt. pocono, those areas could be experiencing icy conditions this morning. that will start to shift over. a live look outside, wet roadways all over the place. you can see slick conditions. the rain not going to stop for a bit. we will track the timing of that
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coming oup. let's talk roadways with jessica boyington. >> watch for ponding and slippery roadways. this is woodhaven around academy road. we will keep our eye on the rest of the philadelphia majors and outstid out j outside new jersey and delaware. drop-out rates, we are waiting to see if the improvements will continue. graduation rates rose to 64% and the dropout fell to 15%. vai? this thursday is the deadline to sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act that takes effect on new year's day. if you live in pennsylvania, you can get free help through a personal finance nonprofit. the group is offering a trained
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counselor to help you find a health plan to fit your need or your budget. track the nbc 10 app. logon to clarify to make an appointment. some philadelphia high school students are hoping their christmas party will make a difference for some needy families. >> nbc 10 was at roman catholic high school yesterday for the annual community party. students against destructive decisions. raising more than $2400 for food and gifts for the less fortunate. this holiday season, it is your chance to share kindness. the "today" show has gun its second annual #sharekindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season. we want you to get involved. follow #sharekindness on facebook. you can use the hashtag on instagram or twitter. >> we have already seen some random acts of kindness.
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matt delucia, a man walked up and gave him a hat and scarf. a wintry mix across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. a live look at first alert radar where some neighborhoods saw snow overnight. others are seeing an icy mix or all rain. >> it looks like winter. a live look at our camera. snow is falling throughout. you need to stop now. >> monday is off to a soaker in philadelphia and points south. you can see the steady rain falling. this is our camera at the kimmel center campus along south broad street. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> as the wintry mix falls across our area. we are here to prepare you for the morning ahead. we have live team coverage out in the elements. we are tracking conditions in the first alert traffic and
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weather center. let's get right to meteorologist, krystal klei with the first alert forecast. good morning, krystal. good morning. we have been under a warning of overnight and into this morning. now, we've tailored that first alert because conditions have been changing throughout the night, which is what we were expecting to happen. lehigh valley, berks county, this area is still chilly enough that we are watching for somewhat more dangerous conditions along roadways or as you step out the door. we will continue through 7:00 a.m. we are tracking that potential for icy patches and areas. still getting reports of freezing rain nearby and we still see on radar that mixed potential throughout parts of the lehigh valley. it is starting to push farther north. for the rest of us, wet, slick roads and some thick fog in areas also building in. although, that's not across the entire region we are experiencing that. a look at radar and satellite, this is the wider


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