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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the first alert traffic and weather center. let's get right to meteorologist, krystal klei with the first alert forecast. good morning, krystal. good morning. we have been under a warning of overnight and into this morning. now, we've tailored that first alert because conditions have been changing throughout the night, which is what we were expecting to happen. lehigh valley, berks county, this area is still chilly enough that we are watching for somewhat more dangerous conditions along roadways or as you step out the door. we will continue through 7:00 a.m. we are tracking that potential for icy patches and areas. still getting reports of freezing rain nearby and we still see on radar that mixed potential throughout parts of the lehigh valley. it is starting to push farther north. for the rest of us, wet, slick roads and some thick fog in areas also building in. although, that's not across the entire region we are experiencing that. a look at radar and satellite, this is the wider view.
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the pink is the area of concern. this is where you can see on radar the reflection of freezing rain potential. what is that? it is very, very cold rain. it is rain that begins falling at snow, melts due to a warm air layer like the warm front we have been dealing with and hits and freezes upon impact. the northern most edge. the pink is showing off where we are still seeing some icier conditions and that potential right through north hampton county as well. the deeper green, the more moderate to steady rain that is falling now in philadelphia. the yellow orange is to our west. it will be heading our way. pockets of heavier rain and more scattered showers through delaware as well as new jersey. that's not going to be the case the whole morning. p at periods, i expect it will be more steady to heavy rain there. we'll track those conditions throughout the rest of your morning. now, let's talk traffic with
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jessica. thanks, krystal. we are starting over on the admiral wilson boulevard moving through camden. that's the ben franklin bridge toll plaza right there. no problems. the bridges are wet and slippery. accident on upper merion, one reported on north gulph and kirk avenue. the boulevard looks great around 17th street. no big problems. you can see the roads are wet. when the cars move through, water sprays out from underneath. that might be a problem. in terms of visibility, you want to keep distance in between cars just in case that water doesn't hit your windshield and create a bit of a problem for you on your drive. 422, rain coming down. nine minutes eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. >> let's take a closer look at
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the road conditions. >> let's check back in with pamela osborn out there driving around on the roads. pam, tell us where you are? >> reporter: good morning. in allentown on north 15th street. we wanted to give you a look at the roads. conditions have changed out here right now. the roads have ice on them as well as slush. we are giving you a look at some of the side streets. i can tell you there was this accumulation of ice we could see getting off the exit ramp of 78 this morning as well wechlt saw a penndot truck out doing some work. it had the scraper down in the front, dropping ice on the back end. as we've been saying all morning long, krystal has been talking about the temperatures bouncing back and forth between the
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freezing. xw what you are looking at. over on the sides here, the trees and shrubs are covered in a layer of ice as well. be very careful when you are headed out the door. here, you have to assume that what is wet on the grounld d is actually frozen in this particular area. i am going to send things back to you and keep driving around, a look at conditions on the other roadways. >> we'll keep checking back with you to see how conditions are on the road. the weather is not causing any delays for passengers. we have the sound of a wintry mix falling in quakertown, bucks county. you can see the roads are covered with slush and some puddles there. >> more of our live team
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coverage. monique braxton is live with conditions there. >> reporter: good morning to you both. i can tell you since we last saw you, there have been about two dozen cars that have come through this toll plaza. it is still raining heavily. a constant down poor. we have not seen any slippery or icy conditions or any penndot trucks. that let's you know this area is considered relatively safe. if you look off into some of the neighborhoods on our ride out as well as where we are standing now, it looks like a light fog. that could be due to the rain. that's where you need to exercise caution as you head out on this rainy monday. think about the leaves that may still be coating your street, your route on the way to work. when they mix with a little bit of oil or gasoline. they do become very slippery. as the rain moves in and off the coast, the code blue statuses that have been put in place for
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montgomery county as well as philadelphia are about to expire. they expire in philadelphia at about 6:00 and in montgomery county at 9:00. so that means a warmer day is ahead than what we have been experiencing according to our excellent weather team. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. our team coverage continues with another live look at a wet center city. you can see rain there on our camera from atop the loews hotel on 12th and market. jessica boyington will return with our traffic conditions. one school has announced a late start for monday, faith christian is starting two hours late. parents, your child's school could be impacted because of this wintry mix. make sure you have the free nbc 10 app to get school delays and cancellations as soon as they happen. you can send us your storm pictures right through that app. 4:36.
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in other news, a retired correction officer is in custody in a hit and run. philadelphia police say the man smashed into at least three cars and then kept going. he was stopped a few blocks away. officers say he was driving under the influence. no one was hurt. happening today, chaka fattah, the convicted former pennsylvania congressman is set to learn his sentence. they are recommending he serve two decades in prison. his lawyers ask the judge for leniency. given his years of public service, a congressman for 22 years, nbc 10 will be in court for his sentencing hearing. you can count on us for complete coverage as soon as the sentence is handed down. we will have it on air and on our nbc 10 app. 4:37 on this monday morning. now, for more live team coverage of this morning's wintry mix. >> we are taking a live look outside in burlington county where the roadways are slick and
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for some, icy patches still possibly out there as well. we'll talk more about where you might see that coming up. closing time. the archdiocese of philadelphia is shutting down four more local churches. we will share the list with you and explain why the chouurches e closing this hit has everyone talking. hear from the birds about watching a teammate get flattened. ,$88doooooorw
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good morning. jessica boyington with a check on the wet roads. no big problems or delays moving there. southbound towards the shore, no
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problems. the further you drive on 42, before 76, an accident in bell mawr. you can see in the general area, we are not seeing any big delairs approaching the scenes through bellmawr considering it is just shoulder closed. no big problems. wet roads for sure. you can see when cars move by. watch for ponding in different areas. lastly, we will check with the rest of the bridges. the burlington brings stastol i. we are clear into philadelphia heading over the walt whitman bridge. the roadways are going to be important to watch. depending on where you are, you are going to see different conditions. we have this neighborhood forecast. what we're looking at right now is the live shot from camelback mountain in the poconos where it is hard to tell on this camera. we do still have a mixed precipitation coming down and some freezing rain likely in
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these areas. last report half an hour ago did have freezing rain over parts of the poconos. we expected this would happen. still near allentown on that line between rain and potentially some freezing rain as as well as right near redding. we drop south into philadelphia, a rain focus. early, early this morning, it did look like we saw some mix conditions drop south into the suburbs. that's also what we were expecting. no concern for icyness. through delaware, new jersey, break-in rain over delaware. we are going to see rain showers throughout the rest of the morning commute at least. visibility has dropped in some are areas as a result.
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1 3/4 for northeast philadelphia. overall, foggy conditions will burn off as we track along the morning. for the commute, take it slow. some conditions will be worse off than others specially as you drive farther north. in philadelphia, reporting rain currently. wind light and already 39 degrees. that temperature is warmer than what we have seen the last three days in a row for high temperatures. temperatures are going to be much better. rain will start to taper off as we go 10:00 a.m. to around your lunch hour. peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. more on your temperatures later today coming up. 4:43. ahead, our live team coverage of the wintry mix continues with a closer look at traffic and weather conditions. silent protest. see how people living in one philadelphia neighborhood are using chalk written message to make their voices heard. also, flattened, the eagles are after their fourth straight loss but also reacting to this
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violent hit on darren sproles. i used to have that job before sproles and my neck hurts.
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good morning. we are tracking that wintry mix on the northernmost edge of our viewing area. the others have shifted over to rain. i-95 in south philly, we have the wet roadways and we will have and some fog throughout your morning commute. we will continue with those details coming up. vai? p churches in philadelphia are shutting down four more local churches including saint augustin and saint therese and
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saint matt line sophie and with the exception of the blessed virgin is also closing. they say it is partially due to maintenance cost. today, the hispanic catholic community will observe the feast of guadalupe, a day dedicated to the mother of jesus. mariachy music played as catholics marched from their home church toss the st. pete terse basilica honoring our lady of guadalupe. a philadelphia in community is using art to combat racism. neighbors we spoke to said, someone spray painted racist remarks on a car and houses near the school. they hope to use the artwork to spread a message of love and inclusion. we take it state by state and county by county. for a look at some of the
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stories from across our area, starting in della which are, you won't have to renew your licenses as often. all driver's licenses will be valid for eight years. the cost to renew is $40. in wilmington, a new hon nor ora couple who helped create jobs, it will be renamed charles and naomi smith way. they both passed away. their family will be at today's ceremony. in delaware county, a gift wrapping party will be part of the annual kids helping kids christmas benefit organized by the philadelphia archdiocese. student volunteers at archbishop carroll school in radner, the kids will stay after school and wrap gifts for needy children. in vineland, tree contest, they voted online and in the store for the favorite.
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the wintner will be announced tonight and they will light a special community tree at the minipark at landis avenue and the boulevard at that time. so the effort was there but not the desired result. it was so hard to watch the last minute. >> the eagles fell to washington, 27-22. the birds fumbling away their last drive for victory. it was this play that sparked emotions. sprole suffered a head injury. jason peters stuck up for his teammate. >> i wanted to get him. i don't have a backup right now. i just couldn't get it in the game. i had to step back and let the referees handle it. >> it definitely wasn't
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intentional. i was out there trying to play football. >> he almost killeded him. >> sproles left the game. he is under the nfl's concussion protocol. he had a great game. next sunday, they battle the birds in baltimore as the eagles will visit the ravens kickoff, set for 1:00 p.m. ten before 5:00, we have you covered with the changing conditions on the roadway. let's take a look in south jersey. first alert traffic reporter, jessi jessica boyington has that. >> no major problems at least in terms of accidents or backups. you can see the pond ng ting in center of the intersection. that would be what i would advise. give yourself a little bit of extra time to avoid the beginnings of rush-hour and to avoid any of those potential accident scenes. there already are a few out there. we are watching in washington township an accident on the
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expressway. that is moving away from philadelphia more toward where the shore points are around route 42. watch for some lanes lost there. out in bellmawr, another crash just right shoulder is closed. i'll have updates in about ten minutes. >> thank you, jessica. about nine, ten minutes before 5:00 a.m., if you have a flight in the 5:00 hour, you are probably late. if you are on a 6:00, 7:00 flight, you could make it. the good news is, we haven't gotten any delays or cancellations at the airport. >> we just checked. as always, call before you leave to pick somebody up or before you fly out. let's check the conditions across our region. krystal klei is watching that. >> don't try to rush on the roadways. they are slick out there, dangerous. you already missed the flight. here is a look at your temperatures outside. we are watching the temperatures very closely. this is a deciding factor
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between a mixed precipitation, mink that rain and snow falling together. maybe some sleeting conditions or just plain old rain throughout the suburbs. we see 37, kenneth square, the same. rain in those locations. westland township, ukland township, potential for flakes. milford township and bedminster, for many of us in the suburbs, 35 degrees. we are above the freezing mark. enough so that it is just rain we are picking up on radar. for the shore neighborhoods. definitely too warm for us to be seeing anything other than rain. it is more scattered in these areas as well. cape may courthouse at 52 degrees. some of us have warmed up way more than what we saw the last few days where highs capped out in the 30s to right around the low 40s. the afternoon highs across the entire region will be much warmer than what we have been seeing. here is your radar and satellite
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view. the wide view shows us this frontal system is just massive. the storm center sits out west of us. there is a cold front that will track our direction. there was a warm front. you can see pretty well where that is turning over everything to rain in our region. it doesn't mean we are going to be hot. it does mean temperatures will be warmer than they have been. there is t heading our direction. showing us where we have freeding ra freezing rain conditions. hour by hour forecast, the pink doesn't linger much longer. that's where we could see freezing rain. by 6:00 a.m., mostly out. most of us seeing rain. it will continue to move out the rain showers by around 8:00, 9:00 in the morning, starting to pass through philadelphia. by 10:00, entirely out of philadelphia. by your early afternoon, the showers move off the shore as well. just leaving us with clouds throughout the rest of the day. >> thank you, krystal. we will check back in with you in a few minutes. reduced to tears. a police officer and his family,
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lost everything they had in the fire, get a gift that is making the holidays easier. >> we will show you the surprise they got from santa after their tragedy. >> schedule changes will explain how your commute could be impacted with this morning's commute.
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good morning. jessica boyington watching the rhodes. we are not seeing any delays yet. we are starting to catch up on some accidents up there. let's look on route 70 in cherry hill around haddonfield road. i'll update you at 5:00. there are some changes you ought to know about. schedules for most of septa's regional rail lines were adjusted. some trains will depart earlier or later than last week. the changes impact at least 14
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stations. go to or the nbc app to look up your line. city avenue, right lanes shut down northbound and southbound between lancaster avenue and 54th street. the closures will be 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. through friday. crews will be using that time to upgrade traffic lights and install curb ramps a philadelphia youth football team is celebrating its third straight national championship. how great is that? hail to the northwest raiders. nbc 10 was in germantown as the team returned home from florida with another pop warner super bowl trophy. the raiders won the title in style on saturday, 42-0 over a team from california. congratulations to them. they should be very proud of themselves. kids got a lesson in making holiday sweeps from philadelphia's most renowned pastry chef over the weekend.
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each made their very own personalized gingerbread house. all proceeds from the event benefit children's hospital from philadelphia. very nice. this holiday season, it is your chance to share kindness. the "today" show has kicked off its second annual #sharekindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season. we want you to get involved. follow #sharekindness on facebook. we can also use the #on instagram or twitter. very nice program. for more of the stories we are following right now on nbc 10 news at a.m. >> a wintry mix right now. we are tracking winter weather across our entire region including sleet and freezing rain. it all depends on which neighborhood you are in. >> pendot preps. thousands of drivers will be dealing with a slick commute. we will show you what crews will
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be doing to make sure your ride is safe. storm 10 on the roads to see what you will be seeing as you head out to work or school. just by 5:00 a.m., we have you covered with conditions that are changing. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we have issued a first alert for the wintry mix in parts of our area that could have a serious impact on your morning commute. we have live team coverage to help you get to work and school. we are tracking wintry conditions on the roads and in your neighborhood. first, let's begin with meteorologist, krystal klei, the first alert weather center. >> we have been giving that warning ahead of time so everyone was prepped, specially those who have that early morning commute. maybe it is a long commute if you are coming from the lehigh valley into philadelphia. what we are looking at in those areas is the biggest concern. this first alert throughout our morning show through 7:00 a.m. by then, we should see a changeover to all rain, which is
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good news. any icy patches are melted off. the pink we see is still the area of concern. everywhere else, slick roadways, some pockets of heavier rain possible. we zoom in a little tighter. where are we looking? north hampton lehigh at berks county. the pink indicates more wintry mix, of freezing rain. we have reports of allentown and mt. pocono. still, freezing rain falling in parts of this area. as we drop farther south, it is now turned over to rain. that is philadelphia, through wilmington. the yellow/orange heading our direction. heavier rain that may move through. in delaware, new jersey, in some areas, we have even seen breaks in the rain through dover. slight showers


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