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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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fall from fwras. former congressman could spend two decades behind bars. recount rejection. new this morning, the latest roadblock for the pennsylvania recount was announced. and golden moment for one of the most talkeded about tv shows. why the cast and crew is celebrating this morning. convicted of corruption and awaiting his sentence right now, former u.s. congressman is in a courtroom. good morning. >> a federal jury found him guilty in a racketeering case. monique is live outside the
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courthouse with expected to happen today. fill us in. >> just moments ago, my colleague text me to let me know the congressman has been sentenced to a decade behind bars. our camera was rolling when he arrived just before 9:00 this morning. he didn't comment when entering. during the opening, his defense attorney tells is judge sentencing guidelines are harsh, he also said fattah has helped tens of millions of people along the way. he also urged the judge to take into account the entirety of with who he is, helping to educate people, to bring progress to philadelphia. now, for more than an hour, i listened to close to a dozen witness, some constituent, some former employees. some benefactors of college scholarships. most spoke of his assistance in
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educating college students. two spoke about his love for israel. one witness said she was aware of his ins and he must be held accountable, so just moments ago my colleague did let us know that the form congressman has received ten years behind bars. he's supposed to surrender in january. he had come here today facing up to two decades in prison. live for now, nbc 0 news. >> thank you. we're following breaking news out of the oxford section of philadelphia. where u.s. marshals were serving a warrant and shots were fired. this took place about 30 minutes ago. one person was taken into custody. no word if anyone is hurt. we'll continue to follow the story and wring you updates as they come in. and now, to our weather. a live picture here from the philadelphia international airport where you can see it's pretty cloudy. damp out there.
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we started with a lot of rain. and even a little snoel for our workweek. you can hear that. that's the sound of the wintry mix that fell in quaker town earlier this morning. the roads were covered with slush and pud u ls and the weather slowed down traffic there. crystal is here with our forecast. that has moved out, we saw the wintry mix north of philadelphia in the overnight a.m. hours and then it turned to rain and then started to move out. so, now, all we're left with is just lipgerring showers near the shore and we see as well, spots like rain in delaware. overall, we're seeing the clouds and farther west, the edge, now sits within sight, so we're going to in the late part of the day, even see breaks of sunshine, i believe, as we move forward, if we look closer, some light rain falling there. especially in the southwest part
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of delaware and notice we've got this next little swath of rain that's going to push in, so, still some showers for delaware. temperaturewise, things are warming up and these number, not hot, are reflective of the warm front that moved in. way, way higher than the last three tas in a row. where highs were cast in the lower 30s. 45 in philadelphia, 43 in the lower suburb. 35 degrees. that's where we did see freezing rain and the know overnight. if we look at the flplanner, wee going to be tracking today, temperatures capping around the upper 40s to close to 50 degrees and there it is late in the day. peeks of sunshine as well. wind is not a big factor, but as we rule out the ten-day, we see winds and much colder temperatures, a huge factor, so we'll take a look at that coming up. >> we did have a few school delays this morning and with with the dangerous cold this
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week, you'll want to make sure you have the free nbc 10 app. you can get delays and cancellations as soon as they happen. in south jersey, one person is dead after rear ending a transit bus. police say the bus just finished its run and was headed to the garage when it was hit by a car. the driver was not hurt. the identity in the driver in the car who was killeded has not been released. new this morning, a federal judge has rejected an effort by the green party to force a recountry presidential ballots in pennsylvania. jill stein and her party asked to recount paper ballots and scan election systems for hacking. stein wanted recounts in pa, michigan and wisconsin. donald trump won all three of these states with with narrow margins over hillary clinton. my me's recount was stopped by a federal judge. wisconsin is expected to finish toe. new jersey state trooper will be laid to rest in atlantic city. >> police officers from around
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the region and across the northeast are come tog pay their respects. people filed into board walk hall this morning for a noon funeral. we spoke to one of his co-workers. he worked there before becoming a trooper. >> he worked hard to get to where he was. i was there, trials and tribulations. he was one of those kind of guys that his smile was just take your breath away. >> he died last monday night when a driver crashed into his cruiser. the other driver was also killed. chris christie is going to attend and has order ed flags t fly half-staff in honor of williams. time for a check of the roads. it's been wet for most of the morning. jessica has that. >> you're at 676 vine street expressway? >> watching a problem on the vine. we have an accident and our cameras around 24th street are
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showing that. also on the eastbound side. so this traffic is what's coming off of the expressway towards 95. you can see the accident partially blocking the ramp and they have it into the right hand shoulder. they have the road flares out, so only one lane getting by at that point. this will create some back up on the expraeszway. on stenton avenue. also checking in with the philadelphia international airport. about 15 minute delays for flights arriving into philadelphia. also, watch the mass transit, dealing with 23 minute delays. other than that, everything looks okay. we just had the accident on the vine. we'll check in with the times, 22 minutes here from the vine street expressway approaching that seen as well. police are investigate iinge shooting death of a teenager in west philadelphia. nbc 10 on the scene at 60th in
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market streets. that's where police found the body of f the 17-year-old boy after 12:30 this morning. homicide investigators say nearly a dozen shots from two different guns were fired at the saep. witnesses told police they saw a shooter wearing dark clothing and a mask taking off in an suv. they're hoping surveillance video can help solve the case. and police are search iing r the three men who used a pick ax to threaten a victim during a home invasion. this happened around 8:00 last night. the three robbers wore dark clothing and ski masks. they took off with $3500 and three cell phones. and a retired corrections officer is in custody in a hit and run. philadelphia police say the man smashed into at least three cars and just kept right on going. he was stopped a few blocks away and taken into custody. officers say he was driving under the influence and no one was hurt. police are asking for your help to find a man accused of
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inappropriate behavior. here he is. take a look at the surveillance photo. police aren't saying what this man did, just that he acted inappropriately towards a female rider. the incident happened on the route 13 trolly at 57th and chester and southwest philly. back on december 1th. if you have any information, you happen to recognize this man, you're asked to contact police. here comes the look. they hit im. the ball is loose. fighting for the football. redskins have it. game is over. >> so hard to watch. close, but another eagle's loss. the birds final drive for a win over washington bounced away at the link. eagles almost pulled off a late game vikt vi in front of the fans in philadelphia, but it was not to be. >> instead, the birds walked off the field with their fourth straight loss in the playoff chase all be over at this point. it went thataway. that's the headline on the sports cover of this morning's
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philadelphia daily news. the eagles players said it wasn't for a lack of effort. >> it sucks to lose. but i think the fight has to be there continuously. sfwl i saw the same fight i've seen all year. the same fight, excuse isn't always there, but the effort and resiliency of this b football team, i've never questioned. >> the loss dropped the eagles to five with three games left to go. doug petersen will talk to reporters about the loss at moon. and next sunday, a battle of the birds in baltimore. kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. >> the russians are not our friends. >> new comments this morning from a top senate republican there was foreign meddling to influence the election. >> plus, snow and freezing rain leading to a wintry mess and get ready for a big temperature tumble. >> there's a lot on the ten-day
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and it starts with clearing conditions. to the later part of your day. we'll track the conditions for monday and spread it through the workwe workweek.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. we could find out who president-elect trump will knot nate for secretary of state and plu, a new warning from china. tracie potts has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, china warns that serious consequences
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if the u.s. embraces taiwan and vit lates the one china policy after the cia concluded russia tried to interfere in the presidential election. >> i think it's ridiculous. just aerarticle, but those 17 the report was inconclusive. you're forgetting the most important piece! democrats and some republicans don't think so. congress is promising its own investigation. >> the goal is to find out how extensive, how deep it is, which countries are doipg it. it won't be limited the to just russia. >> mr. trump is not confirming reports that rex tillerson is his choice. >> he does massive deals in russia, frs company. >> he overseas joint ventures are russia and was awarding the border of friendship. >> it's a matter of concern that he has such a close, personal
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relationship with put. >> it's not like their -- intimate friends. >> new this morning, president-elect trump announced john kelly as his choice to head the department of homeland security u. and we could hear more about this on thursday. president-elect trump holding a news conference, something he doesn hasn't done in months. he wants to talk b about how he plans to extract himself from his business dealings before he takes office. the senate republican leader is speaking out about the b possible leader of russia on the election. mitch mcconnell says this can't be a partisan matter. >> obviously, any foreign breach of cybersecurity measures is disturbing and i strongly condemn any such efforts. >> mcb konl says the senate intelligence committee say they'll investigate. they want to find out how any election tampering happened an how it can be prevented in the future. and we have breaking news we're following this morning.
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a ten-year prison sentence just got handed down to the former u.s. congressman from pennsylvania who was convicted of corruption earlier this year. the sentence came down quickly this morning in federal court in philadelphia. took less than 90 minutes for the judge to make the decision. prosecutors wanted him to serve up to 20 year, but his attorneys asked for much less. fattah has been told to report to prison on january 25th. the u.s. attorney is talking about this. >> political corruption case, it's a significant matter to pros kusers aprosecutors and th citizens. we hope the sentences that are imposed are going to send a message that political corruption has no place. >> the u.s. attorney who helped
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in the prosecution of congressman fattah. tens of millions are deal ling with the dangerous mix of snow and ice. >> parts of the northeast are recovering from storms. nbc 10 national core respondent reports from vermont. >> hello from vermont, where the snow clearing is in full swing. this storm has been a travel nightmare. >> a scary scene in detroit as a plane send off the runway. >> the aircraft struggled to break, sliding on to the grass. and only adding to the chaos across midwest airports. more than 1400 flights scrambled. >> call before you head to the airport.
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>> the midwest hammered with more than a foot of snow in parts of michigan. at lambeau field, crews feverishly clear ed the field fr the game, but in buffalo, they had to play in the snow. it wasn't just snow in partses of the pacific northwest, ice had traffic at a standstill. >> i've been driving truck for 21 years and this is one of the worst storms i've seen. >> and in minnesota, reports of almost 900 crashes and more than 400 vehicle spin swrouts since saturday. back in the northeast, snow mixed with freezing rain made for a dicesy commute. and if you're complaining about this weather, just wait. the siberian express on the way. here in the northeast, we could see highs in the teens. places in the midwest could see minus 30 windchill. that's the latest in burlington, vermont. back to you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we lucked out.
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did not see anything as bad as that, be but we did see snow overnight as well as freezing rain, areas and that was mostly north of philadelphia and especially in the lehigh valley. it's all since moved out. this is the look at kamel back mown anyone the pocono, where we have they have a nice coating of snow and low hanging clouds, but no longer seeing any type of precipitation falling. earlier today, we saw ice on roadways, which is what we were expecting. that was what we were expecting. it did led to black ice in patches. roadways are much better now. conditions are much better. the first alert has been lifted. radar and satellite shows us what you see in white, that's not snow, just thick cloud coverage. so, we're slow to warm, but we start off with numbers this morning that were higher in some spots than the high temperatures that we've seen the last three days, so it doesn't feel bad out there. you see spotty rain showers hanging over parts of the shore, but for the most part, that has
11:20 am
heart start ed to move out and now, we can see where the cloud line is. it's in central pa, so that's going to move through central pennsylvania later today and by late day, before sunset, wouldn't be surprised if we see peeks of sunshine, especially north and west, so some sun possible and that will help boost temperatures tad before we see the sun set. your highs today, again, a huge difference from the last three days. 49 for landsville. i think there may be breaks of sunshine in delaware and shore points. trenton at 50. atlantic city, 53 and the bench coach at 53 some areas throughout may in the upper 40s, those zones that hold on longer. the spots will see more sunshine. here's the temperature trend, this is pretty interesting.
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and then today, a high in the low 50s. maybe some isolated snow flurries. then take a look at thursday. that's the forecast high temperature. 26 degrees. on top of that, it will be windy. it doesn't stop there. those temperatures continue to plumet. while we stay dry for the most part, isolated flurries possible in the lehigh valley, the high is 23. the morning temperature, 13 degrees. we'll track that more closely in the next half hour. >> thank you. the show everyone is talking about. >> the greatest show. my favorite show. this is us and it could soon have a golden moment. the big honor just announced this the morning.
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more women are survivoring breast cancer thanks to better treatments. >> but new research finds the treatments themselves are causing lingering effects. the university of pennsylvania study found 92% of survivors had at least three long-term symptoms like fatigue, pain and insomnia. 65% said they were not getting
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adequate treatment for at least one of their systems and they are mer likely to have anxiety and depression as well. more babies in the u.s. are addicted to opiods at birth, especially in rural areas. in 2013, 21% of newborns addicted to them were from rural areas. which is up 13% from 2004. experts say there is a huge need to improve access to drug prevention and treatment programs in the more remote areas. this thursday is the deadline to sign up for coverage under the affordable health coverage and you can get free through clarify. trained counselors can help you find a plan that fits your needs and budgets they say they've saved some on their premiums. you can logon to for a link. we are kopting to follow
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breaking news the morning. a judge has just sentenced former congressman fattah for his corruption conviction. >> sentenced, ten years behind bars and coming up, we'll tell you what the next step is and have a reaction from the u.s. attorney in a live report. and it's finale week on the voice. a look at the singers hoping to win it all tomorrow night.
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that breaking news at 10:00, the sentence on corruption charges for congressman fattah. he learned his sentence just over 30 minutes ago. and we're joined live from the breaks news center for the latest. >> that sentence camera down just before 11:00 this morning. sentenced to ten years on federal corruption charges.
11:30 am
this stems from his misuse of federal grant money, charity bable donations and campaign contributions. prosecutors really zeroed in on the illegal $1 million loan he received from his failed 2007 run for philadelphia mayor. the u.s. attorney spoke us to a short time ago outside the courthouse. how he took advantage of his political power. >> here to serve the public and they may engage in certain activities, pocketbooks and live that life they think they are entitled to. and the thing is, you have to be careful ant what you do. you've got to always remember you serve the public. >> now, also a part of that ten-year sentence, he'll have to pay more than $600,000 in rest dugs. he is till free. that is until january 25th. that's when he'll have to report to jail. we have reporters inside the courthouse, inside the courtroom and outside as well.
11:31 am
we're going to continue to stay on top of this breaking news and have the latest for you at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, also on the app. >> nbc 10 is gathering more reaction and you can count on us for complete coverage. the rain is moving offshore after we got a soaking this morning. here is a live look now at cape may. conditions there, foggy, cloudy, rainy, now north and west, especially in the lehigh valley, they had icy conditions this morning, but cape may just had warm rain. krystal has more. >> yeah, for the most part, everything has moved off except for points where we're seeing lingering rain and that will continue through about 1:00 p.m. that we see those showers there. take a look at the temperatures. these are your 24 hour change temperatures, what that means is we're 13 degrees warmer right now than yesterday at this same time in philadelphia.
11:32 am
the same in coatesville. wilmington, look at vineland. 16 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. and we're looking at the same for atlantic city, so, a lot of areas are more than 10 degrees what we saw yesterday at this time. and that fortunately means we are above the 30s for the first time in the last three days. mt. holly, philadelphia at 45. that's better than the 20s we saw yesterday and 49, 50s in some of our shore points. i think we should see most of these temperatures cap out to around 50 degrees by this afternoon. that's what we were talking about, still dense clouds over much of the area and then the rain showers just moving off the shore. still hanging in south de te. and just spotty showers over the next hour to two hours. overall, we should dry out as we move along through the rest of the afternoon, so, coming up, we're going to talk more about conditions today. those temperatures picking up, also going to focus on a big
11:33 am
cold blast that moves in by the enof the workweek. >> we had a few school delays this morning and with the dangerous cold expects later this week, you want to make sure you have the free nbc 10 oorks p prk. you can see delays and cann cancellations as soon as they happen. now, massachusetts is digging out of some snow. headaches for commuters there. trains were delayed, driving was difficult, but no major issues reported. a small town in georgia comes out to say good-bye to a fallen police officer. former president carter was there yesterday for the funeral in amer kus. he was killed along with his partner in the line of duty last week. therm shot and killed when they respond today a domestic call. the gunman killed himself after a man hunt and funeral services were held in egypt for 25 christians killed in a church bombing. >> this is one of the deadliest atabs targeting the religious minority in the country's recent
11:34 am
history. >> this was the deadliest attack on egypt's caustic christian majority in years, 25 worships killed during sunday mass yesterday. 49 wounded. the bomb exploded inside the church. an employee what was not at the mass, but next door, told our producer in cairo that someone walked into the church, left a package and walked out. and there are unconfirmed reports as well that it was a woman and she detonated the bomb remotely. egyptian authorities have been battling extremists since the military takeover in 2013. that's when the president morsi was overshown. they ban ned the muslim brotherhood, jailed thousands of islamist dissidents and faced a violent backlash. fighting small scale attacks for three years now. last week, six police officers
11:35 am
were killed in a bomb attack in a check point close to the pyramids in cairo. a group called the hasan movement claims responsibility, but said they did not carry out the church bombing. so far, no climb claiming of responsibility for sunday's attack. back to you. late last night, a jury delivered a guilty verdict in the killing of will smith. cordle hayes insisted he shot him because the retired player was drunk and violent and grabbed a gun after a car crash in april. he now faces up to 40 years in prison where he's sentenced if february. today, new orleans funeral services will be held for a former running back, joe mcknight. he was shot to death during an apparent road rage incident this month. the man accused of gunning him down is accused of manslaughter. he was 28 years old. ash cart er is in israel today as he gets new weapons to
11:36 am
protect its freedom. israel will get the new f-35 fighter jets today. it's the pentagon's most expensive weapon program. with an estimated cost of nearly $400 billion. israel is among a small number of allies to get the plane and eventually wants to buy 50 of these jets and pope francis calling for more talk and less war. he says a military response to conflict just breeds more violence, not solutions. the pope mentioned mother teresa, gandhi as models. the message was leased today as part of the upcoming world day of peace. and a warehouse fire in western pa has destroyed four boats there. it happened near pittsburgh. a dry dock warehouse at a marina caught fire. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. you're hearing all of this? >> trying to, but someone won't stop talking. >> nbc's this is us is one
11:37 am
nominees for the golden globes, nominations were announced this morning and it is up for best tv drama. the stars were also nominated. merrill streep landed her 30th nomination for best actress, but the most go to la la land, the los angeles musical sang and danced its way to seven nominations, the most of any of the tv shows or movies. emma stone and ryan gosling were also nominated. it's also won nods for best director. best include -- on the tv front, the crown, game of throwns, stranger things, this is us and westworld. speaking of great shows, the
11:38 am
two night finale of the voice begins tonight. >> the recording contract that goes with it. mark barger shows us who's in the hunt. ♪ >> his country sound, even more. >> i've been prepare frg this week and this moment for 38 years. >> but the last singer from kings lake not just focused on winning. >> i want ed to make sure that vesz to my children that it's important to chaste your dreams and follow through with your passion and it's never too late to do it. >> wayne mcdonald is just 16 years old. >> i don't focus on how young i am because i feel like, i i focus more on the fact that i'm the only girl here. >> mcdonald's speaking voice belies her powerful voe talls. enough to shock garth brooks. >> you see that america leadoffs us for who we are now, it's just like let's just give it our
11:39 am
best. >> team adams josh gallagher sweated out making the finale. >> utter shock. the only thing i can honestly explain. >> days of playing for bars. could be over for the pennsylvania native. >> i feel professional now. i feel like i've gained such a knowledge of the industry and how things work. >> professional success came age 12 for billy, but didn't last. >> many years where i thought i was nuts because everyone was saying no. >> he's taken inspiration from last season's win by a former child star. >> one of the greatest things about america is they root for the underdog and everybody loves a second chance. >> for the four finalist, tonight reps their biggest chance. nbc new. >> good show. >> we'll see. >> we'll see. south carolina police officer gets an unexpected gift. >> take a look. santa delivered a puppy to the officer on saturday night.
11:40 am
doug armstred broke down in tears when he saw the dog. he lost his dog and home in a fire in month. the firefighter learned of the family's loss and heartbreak and decided to bring some joy. you can see the kindness exceeded here. and this holiday season is your chance to share kindness. the "today" show has kicked off its second annual hash tag share kindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million act of kindness through the holiday season. we'd love for you to get involved. and coming up after the break, how about some high temperatures in the 20s? we're going to track that next cold blast coming up.
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we are following breaking news. former u.s. congressman sentenced to ten years in prison. it took less than 90 minneapolis this morning for a federal judge to hand down the sentence. he has to pay more than $600,000 in restitution. earlier this year, as you know k he was convicted of misspending government grants and charity money. let's listen in. we have a live report from the courthouse. he was just talking to reporters. we'll turn that tape around and
11:44 am
have it for you later on the broadcast. also on our app, wu again, prosecutors want him to serve 20 years. again, the sentence, ten years, he will report to prison in january. stay with nbc 10 and the app as we continue to get reaction to the sentencing of the former congressman fattah and this is a live picture. we just did give comments to reporters outside of the federal courthouse. we've also been listening to the u.s. attorney talk about his reaction. >> all right. thank you. it's a twist on a holiday classic we've all to know and love. the moscow ballet will perform the nutcracker with the help of some talented student dancers. the artistic -- the artistic director and founder of the metropolitian ballet and 15-year-old juan lons is one of
11:45 am
the students perform ng the show. li lisa, we are pretty much know story, but what's different about this production? >> this production brings 40 wonderful dancers from around the world to our philadelphia theatre. and beautiful nutcracker production. it opens with a famous onin dome moscow skyline, which is a little different than before. has life size dolls, a magical act one party. i think the act ii scene is definitely different. because it's the land of peace and harm and my favorite part that i'm most looking forward is a part called dove of peace, two dancering with these gigantic wings. >> tell me how you went about the process of finding the tansers locally. >> well, we have an amazing school. metropolitian ballet has
11:46 am
actually worked with moscow ballet many times in our 20-year history and we were named by point magazine as one of seven top schools in the country producing talent, so we have a huge school of dancers and she came to audition our students and we have 85 children, ages 7 to 16, very excited to take the stage. >> juan, how old are you? >> 16 years ol. >> i figured that. now, tell me about your time as a dancer and the idea of dantsing, performing with the moscow ballet. >> so, i've been training with with miss collins here for about eight years and i've performed all over philadelphia. i've never performed with this company before, so i feel that it will be very excited and a new experience for me as a dancer. >> you just tell me, you're from mt. airy.
11:47 am
so, there can't be a lot of guys your age there who's doing this. >> no, i do not know many. >> what do guys in the neighborhood, what do you think about you being able to dance the moscow, or appreciate really what it's about! not me of them know. but i have a lot of friends from german town, who are in the production. so, i mean, kids in school may say that's cool, but i have a lot of backing from friends in school. >> now, lisa, you were 8 years old. did you come from a family of performers? your mom must have put you in a class. >> she was a performer. she had the experience behind her and wanted to get me enrolled when i was younger to better myself in the future. >> that's phenomenal. we're so proud of you. >> thank you. this is a great opportunity for you. you can catch performances of moscow ballet's nutcracker
11:48 am
tonight and tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at the university of pennsylvania. for more information, head to our website, we'll have a link or check out the app. thank you so much. and good luck to you, young man. keep doing it. you'll go places. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we'll start off with a look at your temperatures because there's going to be a big difference on the map compared to say yesterday at this time. we're in the 40s over the entire region. yesterday, we didn't make it to the 40s in the afternoon. high temperatures capped in the 30s, so we're ha in keyn45 in k ton. i expect some neighborhoods will make it into the lower 50s by later this afternoon, especially because we should see just some peeks of sunshine by the late part of the day. now, we are still looking travel
11:49 am
farther north so into part of but, county, fleetwood at 38. 43 degrees still chilly and the same for --- allentown at 35 degrees. these are areas that snow the snow, the rain snow mix and freezing rain. al the zones under the first alert. that has been -- no longer that concern. the precipitation has moveded out. we have the pretty dense clouds and you might see an isolated spot of light rain, but the spot we're tracking consistent are the southern portions of delaware and that will continue through the early part of the afternoon as this push of moisture continues to slowly but surely shift off from west to east. that will clear us out and start to take the clouds with it. why we'll have the potential for a few peeks of sunshine. pretty cloudy though. 51 this afternoon. tuesday, we should have aics many of clouds an sun and it
11:50 am
looks like north of philadelphia, some isolated snow will be possible late day overnight. on tuesday. that includes the suburbs here. we're noticing the temperature change as well. back to reality here, back to the low 40s in the suburbs and 38 by wednesday. take a look at the hee hie valley, 41 again, isolated snow flurries are b possible tuesday, but into wednesday, we could see lake effect snow starting to pull close to the lehigh valley. in new jersey, we go from 50 today 44 tuesday and clouds an sun from the shore in de with those mid-40s for tuesday ochl back to more typical conditions and wednesday as well, even lower. 40 in new jersey. wednesday. cloudy conditions across an by wednesday evening, we start to see the winds pick up because a cold front is moving in and with it, ushering in our next arctic blast. by thursday, that cold air, that's shown off by the hot pink, centered right over us. that cold air hangs on friday as well. these are going to be some of
11:51 am
the coldest temperatures that we have seen so far this season in fact, dangerously so. take a look here. we just went through the last days and we're expecting monday, tuesday, wednesday. thursday, a high of only 26, friday, only 23 degrees. and here's a big concern 13, the morning low friday with high wind, koud bring windchills into negative territory to start your friday. we'll be right back. ♪
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former congressman fattah has just spokesmanen about his sentencing. we have the latest. >> we've been following this breaking news since the top of the hour. former u.s. congressman sentenced if federal court to ten years on corruption charges. now, take a look at this video. this is the former congressman walking away from the courthouse a few moments ago. his legal problems began soon after his failed run for philadelphia mayor in 2007. prosecutors focused on an illegal $1 million loan to pay off campaign debt. he talked to nbc 10 as he left the course house sxwlchlt we have received the sentencing, we respect the court's decision. not have much of a comment on that, but i want to thank all of
11:55 am
the witnesses who stepped forward and i taubed talked today and i want to thank the over 200 people who wrote letters to the court on my behalf. >> as a part of the sentence, he has to pay more than $600,000 in restitution. he is free right now. he is told to report to jail on january 25th. of course, we are going to stay on top of this breaking news. we've got reporters covering every angle of it and we'll have it h 4-:00. >> thanks. you can follow our coverage on air and on our app, we'll have more reaction throughout the afternoon. and meanwhile, we continue to follow breaking news out of the oxford circle section of philadelphia. that's where u.s. marshals are serving a warrant and shots were fired. the assault took place before 10:30 this morning. we just got video in. one person was injured. another taken into custody. we will continue to follow this
11:56 am
story and bring you updates as they come in. right now, the forecast for today. we warmed up since this morning. >> yeah, so, we've seen moisture move out. still showers hanging on. and that's what we're seeing on radar still right now. just some areas near cape may county then southern most portion of delaware. that's going to hang through the early afternoon, but otherwise, we've got these thick clouds overhead. the clouds will start to break just a bit late in the day then we're looking at temperatures pick up quite a bit. the high around 51 degrees as we go into this afternoon then over the next several day, back to 40s. the focus, that cold blast that hits us thursday and friday. we'll be ready. thanks for watching. >> all of us here, have a great day.
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>> eve: oh, oh, oh, oh! >> jennifer: i'm so sorry. excuse...eve. >> eve: jennifer. you, uh, are in a hurry today. >> jennifer: yeah, um... i-i need to get home. >> brady: get home with those pills, jenn? >> jennifer: eve, what are you doing back in salem? i thought that you were, uh, living in new york and going to school and... >> eve: i'm not going to school. i'm teaching at a conservatory. but i came home to... look after my, uh, little sister's baby boy. >> jennifer: uh, yes, we--we need to be there for tate and for brady. so, um, good luck and i'll see you soon.


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