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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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this siting at trump tower has everyone talking this morning. plus, enjoy the 40s. we low freezing for later this week. >> nbc 10 starts right now. bill cosby is in a courtroom right now. they are trying to stop the plans at his upcoming sexual assault trial. i'm vai sikahema. >> they will be arguing about the credibility of the womens
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testimony. pamela osborne has more on what's happening inside today, pamela. rnc >> reporter: cosby arrived shortly before the 9:00 hearing in good spirits. bill cosby was all smiles when he first exited his vehicle accompanied by his legal team. he joked with a security guard saying don't tase me, bro as he was on his way into court. prosecutors today will try to urge the court to try to. the allegations span decades from the 60s to the 90s. the prosecution will argue that these accounts are similar and support andrea's allegations that cosby used a friendly approach and used drugs to sexually assault his victims. pennsylvania law generally prohibits evidence of so called
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bad acts from being presented in court. in some sex crime cases the type of evidence that he flekreflect pattern of behave yoior has bee allowed. they have already questioned the motivation of these accusers. one suggested he put up a $100 million settlement fund for potential victims. it is expected to be a petition to ask each witness as many as 80 questions to defend what they are calling decades old and never vetted allegations. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. now to a story you saw on nbc 10 this morning. >> yeah. a police chase ends in a mess. monique braxton is live for us where the chase came to an
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abrupt halt. what happened? >> reporter: good morning to you both. police tell us a teenager that crashed into this tree could have been killed. you can see the trash here. the teen had taken out this trash minutes before midnight when the car plowed through. this is video from the aftermath of the scene. police say the crashed silver suv was stolen from montgomery county. police from several communities have been pursuing it overnight. the stolen car also smashed up another car and broke through a brick and concrete wall. the woman that owns this property says her 13-year-old niece had just taken the trash outside. >> if she had been a couple of seconds longer out here it would have hit her. heaven knows what would have happened. >> when she told me that i was
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scared. >> reporter: police tell us they arrested two men in the car. one was arrested at the scene and the other ran over the 69th and cedar park avenue. he was arrested there. police also say this investigation is far from over. right now they are checking with police from several different county. they believe it could be part of a stolring. nbc 10 news. it is now official. the president-elect is -- will likely face a tough confirmation. tracey -- tracie potts has more. >> reporter: tillison is
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president-elect trump's choice for secretary of state. >> it was the ability that he had to maintain relationships across the world. >> it is about in the middle. >> the 64-year-old millionaire has a global company with more than twice as many employees as the state department. mr. trump tweets he is one of the truly great business leaders of the world. >> we couldn't be more grateful that someone of his proven leadership and accomplishments. >> he has been endorsed by two foreman secretaries of state. there is a concern among democrats and republicans over his close ties. sources confirm rick perry is mr. trump's nominee for secretary of energy.
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mr. trump explaining how he will lead his business has been postponed. he tweets his sons will run the company with no new deals while he is in office. they have asking the company to declassify about russia's attempt to influence the elections. some republicans agree. >> it cannot be a partisan issue. >> they are asking for an intelligence briefing before they vote. tracie potts, nbc news. clouds are hang around this morning. it's a dry start to the day in philadelphia. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the morning forecast. >> yes. we do have cloudy skies. there is precipitation that we
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are tracking. it is to our west. you can see it's a decent size area with some snow in the northern portion of it in cincinnati. most of this will be tracking up to our north later on this evening. as you can see this is an hour by hour futurecast. it's in the 40s right now. anything that would fall later today or early this evening, even the lehigh valley looks like it would be rain. later tonight it is a possibility of a changeover and getting snow showers. by 6:00 it's still dry across the area. near 40 in philadelphia. lehigh valley still above freezing. as you can see, by 10:00 a mix of rain and snow. temperatures close to the freezing mark. this is what we are going to have to watch. this is all gone. it's a very very small area, very light precipitation if at all.
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you can see these showers at 10:00 towards midnight. of course the big weather story is going to be the dangerous cold that's going to be coming in. we issued a first alert as a result. this is for thursday and friday. we are going to have windchills near zero. wind gusts near 40 miles per hour. we will talk more about how cold that is going to get and how long it's going to last in just a few minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then. thank you. philadelphia police looking to see if surveillance cameras captured a shooting outside a philadelphia bar. a man walked up to a car after 4:00 this morning and announced he was robbing the people in the car. the passenger was shot in the face. the shooting victim is expected to survive. happening right now in south jersey they are announcing a major federal investment to
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bring back a neighborhood. mms of dollars will go towards revitalizing the city. sidney long is at the event right now. you can get updates today on nbc 10 at 4:00 and on the nbc 10 app. in you this morning new jersey governor christie called it a dumb move when voters ejected a referendum to expand casino voting. the governor spoke on a new york radio program this morning. christie said he believes it will expand eventually. he also said he thinks sports gambling will be allowed. villanova will host the big five title. wildcats coming into tonight's game.
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temple at 7 and 3. tip off at 7:00 p.m. still ahead -- >> president obama's advice after the president-elect said he didn't really need daily intelligence briefings while he was in the white house. and what was kanye west doing at trump tower this morning? and a scare at one of the world's busiest airports. track showers and the dangerous cold is ton won the w. i'll let you know about that next.
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the ntsb is releasing new details about the final moments of a cargo ship killing everyone on board. investigators just revealed the findings. it shows the ship talked to the captain about changing direction t. captain wanted to stay on the planned course. 33 crew members died when the ship went down near the bahamas. tons of flights had to land at jfk because of a bomb threat. the plane was searched but nothing was found. we had a very cold weekend and a bit of a break now and even colder air is on the way.
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potentially dangerous cold. we issued a first alert for thursday and friday for that bitter cold. winds near 40 miles per hour. windchills below zero in some spots. kind of mild when you're thinking about near zero windchills. it's 37 in allentown. let me show you where the cold air is. chicago is 14 right now. minneapolis 2 below. see the wind arrows? see which way it's going? these are the windchills, the way it feels to expose skin. it is 18 below in minneapolis. we are not getting the worst of that but we are getting a piece of it. the clouds are in. that's ahead of a front. no precipitation yet. duo ha we do have the snow back to the west. we'll watch it as it comes
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across southern pennsylvania, computer models suggesting that it does move up to our north for the most part. we are going to have to track that hour by hour this afternoon to make sure that is the case. the neighborhood temperatures are above freezing right now even in the normal cold spots. these temperatures are going to go up a bit more. redding 37. cookstown 35. easton is 38 degrees. even some of those places are going to get into the 40s today. you can see all of the clouds here. watch the area of snow. this is just in minutes ago, the latest updated computer models showing potentially light snow coming. so nothing for the afternoon rush, nothing around dinner time and nothing tomorrow morning.
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this is a very very small, fast moving system. we are dry during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine and here goes the temperatures as we go into thursday. that's the way it's going to feel in philadelphia thursday morning. during the day thursday. friday morning one bow lelow in philly and 12 during the day friday. this is a two-day thing. here is the arctic air moving in for thursday and friday. it eases up as we go towards the weekend. the weekend is going to be wet. the next arctic air mass doesn't quite get to us. then as we head towards christmas it's getting warmer again.
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so the arctic air is back there. we'll get pieces of it eventually. christmas eve is looking like it will be on the warmer side compared to what we'll be getting later this week. 42 tomorrow and then it goes downhill. it is 27 for the high on thursday. down into the teens. high of only 25 on friday. we have got a system moving in, a good bit of moisture into that very cold air. it's going to be hard for that to be all rain. i don't think it will. i think it will be snow and ice saturday morning early and then most of the weekend any precipitation is just rain, perhaps a change to snow late sunday or sunday night as the next round of cold er air comes in. >> all right. thank you. the stock market has been on a roll lately. >> the oldest student run
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investment, what the up and coming investors are saying about donald trump's impact of the stock market and a few lessons they learned. babies and toddlers could be in for a lifetime of weight problems but doctors have good news in the nation's fight to slim down.
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fewer teenagers are using and abusing drugs.
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t marijuana use can down except among high school seniors. they credit the change by families and communities. a new study gives hope to the nation's fight against obesity. this study looks at children under the age of two who are in a government food program. it fell during the study by 3%. researchers attribute to change to increase in breast-feeding. the dow is in record territory once again. here is a live look. the dow is up 79 points and speaking of investing lafayette college is home to the nation's oldest student-run investing club.
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>>. >> reporter: the lafayette investment club sat while students presented. >> what we want to stress is amazon's presence. >> reporter: they chose to buy $10,000 worth of amazon in the latest sign that it isn't just playing out on wall street but also among retail investors. >> for a lot of us it is first-time voting. we actually did have a presentation about what does this election mean for the economy in the short term and long term. >> it is home to the oldest student-run investment run. it's part of the school's endowment. the club is actually seeking out
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new investments. we want to continue now that she wanted to reduce the prices of prescription drugs. now that that's not happening it will help health care a lot. >> moving into next year we'll definitely look into energy. >> these up and coming investors have yet to be tested in a true market. they are hoping the choices they are making today will protect and grow their school's money for a long term. police are on the hunt far christmas grinch. it shows a man sneaking around in a home. he unplugged the projector lights, takes them and runs to a get away car down the street. police say this is one of several reports of stolen lights over the weekend.
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santa's job is usually to bring joy and happiness to children. >> one also brought peace. this santa was called to the bedside of a terminally ill boy. he gave the child a toy and these words. >> you get to the pearly gates you tell them you're santa's number one elf. he said i am? i said you sure are. i'm sure they will let you right in. i said you give me a big hug. he kind of looked up at me. he said santa, can you help me? that's when he passed. >> santa says he gave the one gift that he could.
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he goes to childrens hospital to help out with kids there. bill cosby is back in a courtroom this morning. >> the latest defense move. plus an unlikely visitor for president-elect donald trump, why kanye west stopped by trump tower and what the two are saying about their meeting. sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun?
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bill cosby is in court right now. >> he and his legal team will try to stop the prosecution's plans to have more than a dozen accusers testify at trial. pamela osborne is reporting now.
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>> reporter: bill cosby arrived shortly before the 9:00 hearing in good spirits. cosby was walking with a cane as he entered the courthouse. he joked with a security guard saying quote, don't tase me, bro as he was wanded. the allegations span decades from the '60s to the '90s. they support andrea's allegations that cosby used a friendly approach and then once he gained their trust used drugs to sexually assault his victims. in some sex crime cases this type of evidence that reflects a pattern of behavior has been allowed.
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cosby's defense is fighting to keep the testimony out of the court case. they have already questioned the motivation of these accusers, some of who are represented by gloria who suggested cosby put up a $100 million settlement fund. this is expected to be an all out fight. they are expect today ask as many as 80 questions. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. one car causes a lot of damage along a philadelphia street. >> police say the driver of a stolen car hit a wall, trash cans and a house and then a tree. we are live on west oak lane. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you both i haven't seen a scene with this incredible amount of debris in a
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long time. it's just part of what was left here at the scene. they say minutes before midnight a teen had taken out the trash that you now see. police say the silver suv was stolen. police from several communities were pursuing it. the stolen car also smashed up another car with a mother and baby inside we learned then the force of the out of control car knocked down the brick and concrete wall. the woman who owns this property says her 13-year-old niece is lucky to be alive. >> see how the trash is knocked up on the sidewalk? if she had been a couple of seconds longer out here they would have hit her. heaven knows what would have happened. >> when she told me that i was scared. >> reporter: and this is what
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they saw outside. they have arrested at least two people. one guy injured here at the scene. another than was also apprehended by police. this investigation is far from over. a short time ago i was on the scene with police. they tell us they are about to send us a news release to update us on their part of the investigation. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for the update. well, cloudy and dry for now. we take a live look outside. children and adults were bundled up this morning in center city. it is going to get chillier as the week rolls on. get ready for the coldest air of the season this week. let's get more from glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah. we are actually getting a break today with temperatures close to average for this time of the year. the clouds certainly have advanced. there is a little bit of light
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snow behind it. not all of it is reaching the ground. maybe it is right through here and back to the west. that is reaching the ground. we are tracking that. most of it is going to track to our north as we go through the night tonight. it would be a very brief thing too. watch this. 4:30 this afternoon. perhaps a couple of sprinkles approaching. the main area stays towards harrisburg. that's rain at the start. temperatures are in the 40s. later on tonight towards 11:00 to midnight and then that's the back edge of it already. it's not going to last very long. it will not be around for the morning rush. this is the timing. by 6:00 it's still dry. by 10:00 we are getting a few light rain showers in the philadelphia area. by 6:00 a.m. it's over.
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similar story. a little bit colder and the lehigh valley, that's where we have the best chance of a little bit of light rain showers changing to snow showers. again, that's all gone by tomorrow morning. this is what neighborhood weather is all about. i can get more specific on what neighborhoods will see snow and others seeing rain. we'll talk more about the extreme cold that everybody is going to see a little bit later. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. now the latest in the fires. officials briefed the media in the last hour. they say there is half a billion dollars in damage from the fires. two juveniles are facing charges for starting the fire. 14 were killed. >> mourning the losses of these individuals. we are saddened and we want to families to know we mourn those losses and we are concerned about the families of those that lost their lives. >> officials are encouraging tourists to return there and
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help the area become strong again. new reports of dozens of civilians being killed by progovernment forces. we have the latest. the u.n. is saying that it has evidence that 82 civilians have been shot on the spot in four areas of aleppo as syrian forces move through eastern aleppo backed by iranian forces and air power. >> civilians paid a brutal price. >> there is talk of 100,000 plus civilians trapped. that is from the white helmets, the group that goes in to try to rescue civilians in these kind of areas in a tweet. they say 100,000 plus civilians
11:36 am
are packed into a small area. all streets and destroyed buildings are full with dead bodies. it's hell. back to you. jackson fullman was flown home yesterday. he lost his leg in a crash that killed 71 people. they believe the plane carrying the soccer team crashed as it ran out of fuel. he is one of six survivors that survived. one player remains in intensive care and the others are back in brazil. putin says he is ready to meet president-elect donald trump at any time. he says he supports trump's efforts to normalize the relationship. he says a meeting is not likely until after the january inauguration. president obama weighing in
11:37 am
on trump's plan to avoid daily intelligence briefings. he is at odds with the c.i.a. president obama said that trump would be flying blind without those updates. and kanye west paid a visit to trump at trump tower. they posed for pictures. they say the two men are long-time friends and that they discuss life. the rapper did not answer reporters questions and said he wanted to get his picture taken. >> if you have had lab work done for quest diagnostics you could be at risk for identity theft. they have dozens of facilities in our area. hackers breached the online
11:38 am
port portal. police investigating and quest says it's addressing the security breach and taking steps from it happening again. the eiffel tower is closed today. management is not sure when the popular tourist destination will reopen. they are working to bring tourists back. well, it is finale night ton voice. >> yes indeed. we'll give you a sneak peek just ahead. >> team adam. and i'm track k showers for later tonight. i'll let you know when the bitter blast arrives and how cold it is going to feel. that's next.
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their fate is in the hands of america. stephanie has a preview. >> reporter: billy gillman kicked off the show with a sinatra.
11:42 am
>> adam text me a little bit of a snipit. he said i think this is the one. i immediately knew that it was. adam's other artist josh galliger was thrilled to showcase his original music. a modern country tune about growing up in a small town. >> this song means so much to me. it describes everything that i am and everything that i came from. >> a very special moment with his coach. sun dance sang a classic hit by his father. afterward his father was brought to tears and during our interview it was like father like son. >> i mean i get real emotional too. i am crying now. i'm going to try not to. >> and the only remaining female closed the show with a barbara
11:43 am
streisand classic. earlier they sang an original song when alicia called in a favor. >> to sing the song was exhilarating. >> two dynamic hours of singing. now they fate is until ha hands america. check out these final four singing duets with kelly cla clarkson, john legend and kiss. all right. 101.1 more fm philly celebrating the sounds not just on the radio but through the great work they continue to do. it is their stockings for kids program. 101.1 morning show hosts are back here with us this morning.
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we appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having us. >> it is a little bit different than the toy drive. >> it is. >> here is how it works. it is our 20th year. it's a wonderful program. it helps so many kids throughout the delaware area. we want to thank our sponsors, what you can do -- and i suppose people are doing their last-minute shopping. go ahead and buy one extra toy and you don't even need to wrap it. you can drop it off in a collection bin or at royal bank america, even in our studio right up the street from nbc 10. you can also go to our web site and you order these stockings. what you can do is fill it with several little toys. you decide if you want to give it to a little girl or little boy. this is the top around the
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stocking. you fill it up. we staple it and it's distributed to the families. >> you get in more plugs. >> i know. >> we excel at that. >> who benefits from these toys? >> the kids and the families. each and every year we help distribute these toys. listen, times are tough for a lot of families out there. christmas can be a crunch. to give away these toys, imagine that filled with toys. it's an amazing experience. these families are so appreciative of it and we love being a part of it. >> these kids that benefit from this, you you know, christmas is a wonderful time. if you're not in a position to provide toys for a child to have a toy for christmas it can be a
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difficult time. >> absolutely. it is very simple. i like simple. >> right. >> this is very easy to do. >> which web site? >> donate there as well. you can order the stockings. you can make a monetary donation online as well. you can use -- you can text -- you're into texting, right? >> oh, yeah. >> look at that. it's all of the rage apparently. it's really easy. you'll type in 41444. in the message field type in stockings 4 kids. you hit send and click the link and you don'tdonate. >> we have the graphic up there so people can see it. >> notwithstanding you.
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>> the station is running non-stop christmas music. do you ever -- >> never. >> it started after thanksgiving. >> it started the thursday before thanksgiving. we are philadelphia's official christmas station. this is our most favorite time of the year. we do not get sick of it. >> you played football didn't you? >> it might as well be our super bowl together. >> it makes people happy. >> there are always be need. you guys ever surprised at how generous people are when you give? >> that's a great question. we talk to a lot of callers on air and we throw out a lot of top ibs. people are so generous. >> yes. they really is. and they are super generous. they have been a hunl part of our program. two stockings for kids. last year they donated 13,000
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dlafrz. >> yeah. we couldn't do without it. >> you ever go to a show? >> no. >> i need to follow up. >> it is a spectacular show. >> otherwise it is 101.1. >> but the deadline is this mopd. this would be the week you can contribute. thanks for having us. >> merry christmas. >> appreciate you coming on. >> we'll come back soon. >> thank you. the "today" show is in the middle of the share kindness campaign. we want you to get involved. follow #sharekindness and do something nice for someone else. use the hash tag on instagram or twitter. well, we finally got our
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temperatures back up to average. we have got a real blast coming. we issued this for the entire area for thursday into frichlda. it will be a combination. wind gusts near 40 miles per hour. we'll have windchills near or even below zero in parts of the area. right now we have temperatures in the upper 30s to the low 40s. 41 mount holly. 31 degrees in ten trrenton. you can see where the air is coming from, from places that are below zero. temperature below zero. windchill 10 to 20 below zero. that is not necessarily is coldest part of the day there. we do have clouds around right now. no precipitation. we are tracking this area of light snow in ohio.
11:50 am
it hasn't quite hit the ground in pennsylvania yet. most of that is going to track up to the north. we have got close up here on our neighborhoods. we'll focus on the neighborhoods. it's the most important for that particular weather pattern. that's what we have here for the lehigh valley. some of this, again, not reaching the ground again is this afternoon. watch what happens. it is still generally to the west of our area. there we go. by 11:00 tonight we have at least a period of light snow from the poconos. there is allentown right there. not quite into montgomery county. two hours later it's gone. that's what's left of this system. we focused in on it. we are getting all of the detail there. let's focus on the temperatures there. it is 41 in wilmington.
11:51 am
42 in odessa. it is 41 in milton. the clouds will keep the temperature from rising as much as they would. here is the wider view of the futurecast. it is that area of light snow showers or snow flurries during the night tonight that is long gone by tomorrow morning. not only are the flurries gone, the clouds are out of here. tomorrow most of the day is dry and not all that cold, at least not compared to the way it is going to be on thursday. so watch what happens. it feels like temperatures between today and thursday, there is wednesday morning. it feels like the 20s. that's kind of chilly. it's december. it's supposed to be. tomorrow afternoon feels like near freezing. that's about everything. thursday morning feeling like 10s in philadelphia, 4 in
11:52 am
allentown. watch what happens. if anything it feels colder during the middle of the day than it does by thursday morning. by thursday night we are talking about feels like temperatures near zero or even below zero. that's quite a change from wednesday into thursday. it will effect everybody. we are all in this unseasonably cold blast. it is only going to last two days then we have moisture coming in over the weekend. the majority of this is rain. it could very well start as a period of snow and isolate friday night into early saturday morning. we'll get you more on that this afternoon as the new data comes in. we'll be right back.
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taking center stage this morning. the central philadelphia development corporation was shown how the new tower is growing. it is set to open in 2018. nbc 10 will be one of the occupants of the new building. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 ellen welcomes rees witherspoon and greenday. a look at what walmart is offering holiday shoppers like me and glenn.
11:56 am
that and more on nbc 10 at 4:00. and now to an update. bill cosby is in a courtroom right now. they are un cosby's defense is trying to prove it would not be relevant or credibilile in this case. you get updates with our nbc 10 app. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us it is cold now but we ain't seen nothing yet. >> yes. the next 24 hours a good time to do shopping outdoors. >> some of the malls that are outside. >> yeah. go inside. >> so we have decent weather the next couple of days. we have windchills down near zero. over the weekend it's mostly rain but it could start early saturday morning. >> okay. thanks. i'm tracy davidson.
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>> and i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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>> sonny: damn it! >> kayla: oh...what'd that poor computer ever do to you? >> sonny: i just can't seem to get a connection today. >> kayla: mm. well, if it makes you feel any better, i...i just came from seeing your mom. and she was in really good spirits after your visit. i told her i'd check in on her in the morning. >> sonny: that's good. if she was in good spirits, it's probably because i left. she just basically kicked me outta there today. >> kayla: she doesn't want you to worry. >> sonny: well, she's my mom, and i want to be there for her. >> steve: well... this's a nice surprise. >> kayla: hi. >> steve: hey. >> kayla: hey. i just got a little coffee to go. >> steve: okay. >> kayla: this meeting? >> sonny: i hope you guys have the, uh, hard copies of the surveillance report. because i can't get a signal to save my life. >> paul: as requested.


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