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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> in the montgomery county courthouse, stay with us for her live report as soon as the hear wraps up for the day. we're following breaking news of a record day in the stock market. the dow jones traded near 20,000 for the first time. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq were also in the positive. it comes as companies such as apple and amazon saw a big increase today. the state is reporting its first flu related death of the season. officials just informed us of the death a few minutes. this just in to the nbc10 newsroom. a man has been arrested for painting anti trump graffiti on
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the side of the fresh market grocery store back on november 25. investigators say philadelphia city attorney duncan lloyd was there at the time and took pictures of the graffiti, but he will not face charges. turning now to your first alert weather. another chilly day outside. we're going to see people bundled up. and here's a live look at the camel back mountains where there's snow coming in the next couple of days. >> we have been talking about this for probably a week now. we issued the first alert yesterday and it is for the entire area thursday and friday. it's part of that bitter cold coming in, winds gusting at 40 miles an hour. where is that air coming from?
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from the midwest and the northern plains. by the time it gets here, thursday morning is going to feel like about 10, thursday afternoon about 12, friday morning, close to zero and in some spots maybe a little bit below zero and friday afternoon, 12 degrees. that is the extent of it. it's a two-day supercold spell. we also have some snow in the year right now, and it's only going to affect the area for very brief period of time. allenton and it's basically gone at about 2:00 in the morning. we'll talk about a more significant weather threat along with when it's going to warm up in just a few minutes.
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nbc10 was right there as a police chase came to a screeching halt in philadelphia this morning. look at the aftermath here. and we're learning this may be linked to a theft ring. the chase began in white marsh township and went into springfield before coming to that crash ending in philadelphia. monique braxton has been following the story all day. >> reporter: i can tell you that police are telling us they are trying to determine if the same suspects are responsible for the deaths of high end cars.
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>> it's just always something going on around here. >> reporter: a neighbnnette dras that her roommate took out the trash and minutes later, they thought a bomb dropped. >> she stayed out here like 10 minutes longer, she would probably be dead. >> police tell us they pursued this now smashed up stolen silver suv through several montgomery county communities before it ended up here. >> the car hit her when they were coming down the street and she spun around and she had the little baby in the car with her. >> reporter: then the force of the out-of-control car knocked down the wall before it hit the tree. >> thank goodness the wall was there, because it would have
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in west oak glen philadelphia may be related to thefts in their community. so far since the first part of november, five high end cars audis and land rovers have been taken from several communities. monique braxton, nbc10 news. officials say a 16-year-old boy was killed and another boy was injured. sky force 10 was over the scene moments after the shooting near lumtree lane. two men are recovering after two separate convenience store robberies in olney. the first happened on december 10. we stopped the video before you're going to see the suspect shoot the clerk right in the hip. the next night, a similar crime
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four blocks away, the clerk there was shot in the leg. in both instances the suspect made off with money and lottery tickets. now to the latest developments today in the presidential transition. >> president-elect donald trump has made two picks for his cabinet. but it was a surprise guest that has everyone talking. >> erin coleman joins us live in our newsroom. >> kanye west sat down with president-elect trump this morning. the two even made a quick appearance together. you can see both of them emerging from an evat for in trump tower. donald trump spoke out about their meeting and what the two talked about. >> what did you talk about in your meeting today? >> just friends. just friends, he's a good man. known him a long time. we have been friends for a long time.
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>> back in november, west voiced support for mr. trump shortly before checking himself into a hospital for exhaustion. kanye west tweeted about his meeting with trump, saying i feel it is important to have communication with our president if he want change. he nominated exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. he has come under fire for his ties to russia. mr. trump went on to tweet, the thing i like best about rex tillerson is that he has vast experience dealing with all types of foreign governments. nbc news has also learned that mr. trump is expected to pick former texas governor rick
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perry. perry said he wanted to eliminate the department of energy. it was a famous debate gaff in which perry couldn't remember the name of the department. russian president vladimir putin says he is now prepared to meet with president-elect trump. in an interview, he said he would be willing to work to normalize relations with america. mr. donald trump has called the claims that russia interfered with the presidential electingatielectinon ridiculous. in the breaking newsroom, back to you guys. and within the last hour, president obama signed a bill that will pay for the so-called cancer moon shot. senate passed the bill last
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week. temple university has a new coach this afternoon, espn is reporting temple will require university of florida defensive coordinator jeff collins, this will be collins' first coaching gig. he also coached at mississippi state. an outgoing temple coach matt reuhl has history with collins. last week reuhl announced he's bringing four temple assistant coaches with him to baylor. a judge is throwing out a hazing lawsuit against penn state university. a judge dismissed a former fraternity member's claims that he was burned with cigarettes and was forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol. air force officials say the
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atlantic city air national guard base is not one of the finalists to station one of the fa-18 jet fighters. this comes after president-elect trump says that the costs have become out of control. a neighborhood here is being given a government gift. nbc nbc10 is live in camden. this is welcome news for that city. >> jacqueline, indeed it is, in fact the mayor called today's agreement historic. it's not just removing and replacing public housing facilities, it's about revitalizing parks, also about
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organizing transportation to jobs and spurring economic growth. >> if you can dream it, you can make it happen, if use believed in that dream, you can make it happen. >> by choice, u.s. senator bob menendez says the 13.2 million federal grant on its way to camden will improve lives. >> it's more than brick and mortar and new housing, it's about people's lives at the end of the day that we are changing day for the better. >> reporter: it will include mixed income new housing and family programs. branch village, a new crime hot spot will be defollow lished. the head of the branch village resident negotiation hears the complaints daily. >> i'm the go between between
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the management and residents. >> she's one of hundreds of residents in search of a better life inside of their homes, outside of their homes and tomorrow. >> new housing brings new attitudes and bring change within the community. >> reporter: you can add 60 single family homes at branch village. similar to the roosevelt manner revi revitalizatio revitalization. >> the people of camden can know this holiday season, they have not been forgotten promises made, promises kept. >> now as far as an exact timeline on the completion of the massive project, we did ask mayor redd, but it's way too soon to tell. this revitalization was $5
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million and it took five years to complete. dozens were out looking to land a job in the area today. there were numerous job open ins people were able to apply and interview right on the spot. a strange smell is leaving many concerned in new jersey this afternoon, fire departments in cherry hill and comi comings. in just hours, allentown leaders will be going back to the drawing board. it's unclear what caused mayor pulaski to shoot down the budget. the new comcast technology center -- is travel philadelphia
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development corporation held a presentation in center city. it is set to open in 2018, bringing thousands of employees to that location. nbc10 will be one of the occupants of the new building. today state transportation officials announced the addition of real-time travel updates. the deldot website to get arrival times and you'll also be able to track the bus on its route. >> nobody wants to be standing out wondering, did i just miss the bus or is it just minutes away. >> the app is available for free, users can also sign up for bus service alerts and transportation news. should we use the electoral
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college system when electing a president? students present eed their idea at the national constitution center today. if you're wondering, 80% call for the elimination of the electoral college. the winner was decided by a group of former judges including former new jersey governor ed rendell. west chester university hold a dog exstrav ganz a today. >> the dogs looked like they were loving it too. >> it goes both ways. >> win/win. not so for the weather. >> even the snow lovers generally don't like the extreme cold because it's generally dry when you get the extreme cold. and that's what we're getting, we have issued the first alert long ago, and it does go through
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the entire area, for thursday and into friday. thursday, we're going to see wind gusts near 40 miles an hour, that's going to end up pushing windchills to near or even below zero in parts of the area. right now, we're above 40 degrees in most of the region. 44 in philadelphia, despite all the clouds afternoon here. 40 in the lehigh valley, but cloudy skies and there is some snow on the radar close by, but not really reaching the ground. it is reaching the ground back in central and western pennsylvania, this is a very fast moving system that's not expected to create any kind of special problem. the lehigh valley, and in the poconos up here, for 7:30, there's allentown, not in the snow, but getting some later this evening, even redding, also in it and then at 1:00 a.m., that's a decent amount of -- but
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it's gone. that's it. like two hours worth and the whole system is out of here and it's clear by morning. so don't really expect problems in that or any area during the morning rush tomorrow. just checking out some of these temperatures in the lehigh valley and berk county, they're government freezing, redding at 39, fleetwood at 37. bethlehem is 40, easton is 49 degrees. of course we'll be monitoring those temperatures as we go through the evening. by tonight, we're seeing the temperatures near the freezing mark, but that system moving through so fast that it's gone by daybreak, in fact the sun may be coming out pretty early in the day tomorrow. then the temperature goes up into the upper 30s near 40s, it won't be as warm as today, it will be that cooler, but that's nothing compared to what's coming in on thursday and
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friday. we do have some models showing a little bit of light snow, brief, down across parts of delaware and south jersey tomorrow night and then the arctic air comes in, thursday in the middle of afternoon, those aren't windchills, those are actual temperatures, here's what it's going to feel like on thursday, 7:00 a.m., 13, noon, 4:009. lehigh valley, single digits during the day. new jersey even single digits. then of course it gets colder. that's going to set us up for some problems over the weekend. we're going to have a storm moving in, it's going to warm up, it's going to be mainly rain, but saturday morning, snow to an icy mix, even in the philadelphia area, in parts of delaware and south jersey, at
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the very start saturday morning, we change to rain in the afternoon, sunday afternoon is windy and colder and that's when it could change back to snow in lehi lehigh valley and berks county. a pretrial hear in the sex assault case against bill cosby. attorneys have been arguing over what evidence they're going to be allowed to present in this case. attorneys clashing over other women can testify in this case. nbc10's deanna durante has been in that courtroom all day, she'll have a live report coming up later this afternoon on nbc10 news. some delaware high school
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students spent some quality time with the students at dell castle high school. they talked about the broadcast business and visual storytelling. and then they took a nice class photo with our news force 10 jeep. rescuers called it one of the worst cases of neglect they have ever seen. >> now the dogs are able to take their next steps and you can help play a part. we'll tell you about it. plus, procrastinators rejoice. what one major retailer wants to let you do this holiday season. >> next thing i know, i got five security guards there, and one of them is sitting there telling me i have to wait. up next, on the naughty list, santa gets the boot from six flags. it's been a record day, the
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dow closing at nearly 20,000 today.
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a texas man is demanding an apology after he claims he was kicked out of six flags for jerry patterson says he was in the arlington park on saturday to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. however because his beard and resemblance to old st. nick some families stopped him to take pictures. but moments after he started handing out candy canes, the
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security guards asked him to leave. >> six flag released a statement saying we can't knowingly let people who aren't approved by six flags to interact with children in this capacity. >> he sounded veriy esouthern f santa. we had our first real taste of winter last weekend. >> and now we're in for some bitter conditions, glenn? >> we have some dangerous cold on the way and i'll have the timeline for this blast of arctic air plus a chance for snow ahead in my first alert forecast. i love to cook and i can't cook here anymore. >> she showed us the mark her new stove made, but to get it
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fixed, it took the nbc10 responds team.
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here comes the cold. on the campus of west chester university, students were bundled up. >> this is coming in on thursday and friday, the first alert covers the entire area, because we're all going to get really cold and in this case, it's going to be fairly equally cold. we're going to get winds gusting near 40 miles an hour on thursday. that's going to eventually push windchills near or even below zero in some parts of the area. that arctic air mass of course comes down through the northern states, it's already below zero there, it's coming straight at us and it's just a two-day
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thing. we're going to start warming up over the weekend. the feels like temperatures from thursday morning all the way through friday afternoon are going to be very low, generally below 15 and friday morning, they could be down near or even a little bit below zero. we're expecting some snow over the weekend, but there's also some snow on radar right now, this area is generally moving up north of us, but it could be grazing parts of the lehigh valley later on this evening. f more on that and there's going to be snow in parts of the area for part of the weekend. that's coming up. court has ended for the day in a pretrial hear in the sex assault case against comedian bill cosby. attorneys have spent the day arguing over whether other women accusing cosby of sexual assault will be allowed to testify during trial. cosby is on trial for allegedly
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assaulting a woman in 2004. cosby has pleaded not guilty. philadelphia place say the car involved in a case this morning was stolen in montgomery county. investigators say the chase started in white marsh township, before coming to a crash. the theft may be link to several eye end thefts. city and leader -- it will receive more than 13 million to help make parks safer, organization transportation to jobs and spark economic growth. now to nbc10 responds, chaos in the kitchen, a woman says flames from a newly purchased stove scorched her kitchen walls. >> so she got in touch with
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harry hairston and she got some help. harry? >> this viewer tells us the incident not only damaged her home, but left her fearing for her safety and the safety of others. >> i love to cook and i can't cook her no more. >> reporter: she tells us cooking because one of her favorite things to do despite her emthat seem that. she was still able to make her favorites foods even while tethered to an oxygen tank. she tells us why cooking pasta one month later, she noticed flames flickering from underneath her pot, scorching and damaging her wall. she says she called best buy the next day to complain. the stove fits too close to her wall is a fire hazard. >> they said we're not responsible for that because it wasn't a malfunction of the
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stove. >> reporter: she says best buy referred to the installation company, who referred her to the manufacturer. who referred her back to best buy. we contacted best buy, she says three days later best buy called her and promised to exchange her stove for a smaller one that wouldn't be so close to her wall. best buy tells nbc10 in part, the bottom line is we didn't take care of this customer the way we should have and we are very sorry about that. it's also reimbursing the cost of repairing her wall. >> we're very grateful for nbc news caring and sharing, they were our voice when we had no voice. >> now pay attention to this, folks, fire prevention experts say gas stoves scorching walls is not uncommon. when installing a stove, it must
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be at least 1.5 inches from my sidewall. keep in mind, just because it fits doesn't mean additional space isn't needed for safety. our total is $299,735. the lesson is make sure your stove isn't so close to the wall. >> we want to hear from you, fill out a form online or give us a call and we'll respond to you. coming up tomorrow on nbc10 responds, a viewer says her refrigerator broke just a few days after she bought it and no one was coming to fix it. babies are shedding the weight. the government says it's thanks
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to the government's new supplemental nutrition program. the risk of obesity has fallen from 12 to 5%. a long-awaited addition from apple is available this afternoon. details ahead. and this guy appears to be delivering pizza, but what's about to happen is far more sinister. plus procrastinators paradise. i'm going do love this story. one retailer's new option for this holiday season. for one little boy, santa brought some peace. what santa did to comfort a young child in his final moments.
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a man posing as a pizza delivery driver. he rings the doorbell and when no one answers, he grabs a package off the porch and drives away. apple's wireless air pods say the $159 air pods are now available online and will be in stores next week. they were delayed in october after apple said it needed more time to refine them. the air pods are a crucial item for the iphone 7 which does not have a headphone jack. walmart's new plan may be very you. the retail giant is offering free christmas eve pickup. the items will be labeled free pickup. however if you want items shipped in time for christmas, the deadline for that will be
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december 22nd. major league crackdown. up next, what professional baseball players are being banned from wearing. >> plus a showdown on the college hoop scene. >> the pavlov >> we'll hear from villanueva and temperaturele's coaches com next. it feels like 10 below minneapolis in the middle of the afternoon. a rush of that bitter cold air, that's ready to ride into our region. we're talking about dangerous conditions, i'll break down when it will arrive plus our next shot at snow in my first alert forecast.
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major league baseball is taking a stand on team hazing, it says it will no longer allow team members to force rookies to dress as women. if they want to haze rookies that's fine, but they can't have them dress as women. the decision to outlaw the feminine dress hazing is part of the league and the players union. remember this? this was the scene inside the pavilion back on december 4, villanueva crowd going crazy after capturing the ncaa championship. tonight the pavilion will be raving again. csn's john clark just happens to be a temple's alum. he's live at temple's campus. >> it's also intercity and also
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interstation. because we know that keith jones went to villanueva. >> keith jones has had the advantage. but these big five games are always so special, etchwhen it'r the big five championship. and villanueva has dominated the college championship scene. the temple owls have a history of pulling off upsets. let's take a look at the game last year at temple. cats are the number one team in the country, they are 10 and 0. they have won 16 straight games going back to to last year. but the owls have had an upset of a top 10 team. so big five games are always intense, they are special and both coaches look forward to them. >> they're awesome.
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you know, they're easy to get to, which is really cool. you don't have to travel. easy to get home from. and they're incredibly competitive, and it's so electric in the building. >> it's certainly the sports fabric of philadelphia. and people get into it and so here's an opportunity that we have as a temple university men's basketball program to go out to the pavilion and play the number one ranked team in the country, if you don't this, we have to check your saliva here. so it's pretty cool. >> reporter: great quote there. we'll have more on temple and villanueva coming up at 6:00, also at 6:20, we'll tell you about temple's new football coach, and the sixers number one overall draft pick ben simmons
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takes a huge step today. a lot going on in sports and a lot going on in weather. because we have a big, cold, massive cold air system coming our way. >> this is the coldest air by far we have had this season. we issued a first alert earlier, we have had in the forecast for ten days, that's why we do 10 i day forecasts, because we knew it was coming a long time ago. thursday an friday are the days we are targeting, the winds gusting about 30 miles an hour on thursday, that's eventually going to bring windchills to near zero. it's 44 degrees without much wind right now, so it's not all that chilly, especially compared to the weekend. it's down to 40 degrees in lehigh valley. and there's some possible snow coming in tonight. let's take a look in new jersey right now, and clayton is at 24 degrees. vorhees, mt. laurel.
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cinnamonton 44 degrees, robbinsville 42, princeton at 47. as the precipitation moves in, on saturday morning, these neighborhood weather stations are going to be critical because we're going to be going from snow to a wintry mix to rain and hour by hour, you'll be able to check that, along with the forecast for your neighborhood for saturday. we do have a little bit of light snow on the radar, but as you can see, it's mostly headed up toward new york state and it's also an area that's shrinking, it's a very weak system. as we go through the night tonight, and into tomorrow we see perhaps a couple of flakes, brief, but it's all gone by 6:00 a.m. so if there are any flakes flying in the lehigh valley, for example late this evening, they're going to be gone by morning. and the temperature not warming
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up a whole lot, generally upper 30s for highs tomorrow, and you're going to long for that by thursday, because thursday the afternoon temperatures are not going to be any more than the morning temperatures, plus the wind is gusting to 40 miles an hour. so the arctic air that we have been following, coming right in here, no doubt about it, the problem is, moisture is coming in too, and we got to get the arctic air out of here if you just want rain and that's hard to do. and that's why i think there's going to be some snow first and then we get the changeover. by tuesday, we're warming up again, and there we go, thursday, just a few days before christmas weekend, but some colder air is coming in, so i don't think it's going to be really warm on christmas. now look at this, philadelphia to the lehigh valley, this is an example of neighborhood weather because we're going to see big differences. on saturday, it will get up to
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43, early snow and then rain, it will be snowing for many more hours, and more accumulation and it will be colder in lehigh. and look at the difference in the temperature sunday. get it on your app and we have got some big changes, there's the cold air thursday, friday, there's the storm saturday, by sunday morning, look at that, we're in the 50s. and then we cool down next week, at least in the early portion of the week, before we warm up later in the week. >> at least we rebound, but what a dropoff. they made a remarkable recovery. >> coming up next, the quest to find some dogs new places to call home. >> a bunch of delaware dogs were in a very bad situation, now they need a very good situation, like maybe the one at your house. coming up, meet these nice dogs that need a little love.
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rescuers called it one of the worst cases of neglect they had ever seen. now these dogs right here, they're ready to take their next step. delaware authorities seized those dogs last month. they were emaciated, they were in need of some attention. >> now how you can play a part. >> reporter: they came in actually on thanksgiving morning, so we gave them all a festive holiday names. >> we have pumpkin, this is stuffing, potato. >> reporter: 14 dogs rescued around thanksgiving from a property in millsboro, delaware. no real shelter, no food, corporations of other dogs nearby, their owner faces animal cruelty charges.
4:55 pm
the dogs themselves, including stuffing here. >> you can feel her whole spine. >> they need to put on weight and get a new home. >> three of the dogs need adopted. the other three dogs need to stay here a little bit longer, they're fighting a little bit of an uphill battle. >> biscuit is ready to be adopted, so are yams and soup. you can come to the spca in newcastle to meet them. they're still a little skittish, but with some attention from your family, these dogs are going to be great pets. >> we don't know if they'll every forget what they have been through, but we want them to know that they're loved and people care about them. >> reporter: maybe that caring person is you. hold me back. >> i know you have one, but you have room for more. >> we just need to keep looping
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that video and those dogs will find plenty of homes. but in the meantime, we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at 5:00. next at 5:00, members of a cumberland county church are traumatized after their building was destroyed. >> we'll have their story coming up all new at 5:00. and get ready for the coldest air we have seen so far, we have a first alert out for it too. i'll show you how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood coming up. plus a story that's warming hearts around the country, what santa did to comfort a young child in his final moments, that's coming up all new on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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seconds from tragedy. what a teenager was doing moments before a stolen car crashed right in the spot she was standing. >> chaos. why the judge in the bill cosby place scolded the attorneys on both sides. bundle up, it feels cold now but it is nothing compared to what's next. >> some serious damage at a philadelphia home. but the family tells nbc10 it could have been so much worse. >> a teenaged girl was taking out the trash just seconds before the car crashed into
5:00 pm
their yard. the war was stolen in whitpain township. >> monique, on top of everything else here, you have learned this might be part of a bigger crime spree? >> reporter: police say they will capture those two suspects last night who were involved in the crash into that tree. i have talked to montgomery county detectives all day who want to know if that stolen car was linked to other thefts. >> first i heard one boom and i jumped and when i heard the other two, i was like did everybody hear that? >> reporter: denise and her aunt were preparing for bed when this suv crashed into a tree right outside their window. the 13-year-old had just secured the trash outside. >> if she had stayed out about ten minutes longer, she would probably be dead. >> police


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