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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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their yard. the war was stolen in whitpain township. >> monique, on top of everything else here, you have learned this might be part of a bigger crime spree? >> reporter: police say they will capture those two suspects last night who were involved in the crash into that tree. i have talked to montgomery county detectives all day who want to know if that stolen car was linked to other thefts. >> first i heard one boom and i jumped and when i heard the other two, i was like did everybody hear that? >> reporter: denise and her aunt were preparing for bed when this suv crashed into a tree right outside their window. the 13-year-old had just secured the trash outside. >> if she had stayed out about ten minutes longer, she would probably be dead. >> police tell us they have
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pursued this smashed up stolen suv through several montgomery county communities, before it help ended up here. >> reporter: then the force of the out-of-control car knocked down the brick and concrete wall before it hit the tree. >> thankful that the wall was there because had it not been there, the car would have ended up in my reck room. >> reporter: police say both men inside the car were arrested. one man was pinned inside. one ran away to cedar and 61st park avenue. he was arrest there had. police in lower gwyneth tell us that since the first of november, they have had five cars disappear, all high ends auds
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audis as well as land rovers. developing now a tense and emotional day in the bill cosby case. the comedian had several outbursts in the case. and there were arguments between the attorneys in the case. what happened during that hearing deanna? >> everyo . >> reporter: everyone just left here a little while ago. at one point the judge asked the lawyers if there was any idea how cold the -- made a series of head movements, then later, when they were talking about an alleged assault. prosecutors said it happened at the drake hotel. cosby interrupted and said drake
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is in chicago. >> bill cosby arrived in court today smiling. he would stare at the ceiling furrow his brow at times yelling towards the defense. he says they're all victims of sexual assault. but lawyers for cosby say there is no reason not to name is women because they have given tv and newspaper and magazine interviews. at one point, the judge threatening to bring in the sheriff if they didn't speak to each other in a civil manner. neither side commented at the finish of court today. prosecutors began to outline a pattern where cosby would meet
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women younger than him, get them alone and drug them and sexual assault tell. now the defense has brought in what it appears to be facebook messenger chats as well as comments some of those 13 women may have posted on facebook. those attorneys are not comments as to why but they said the publicity in the case have prompted many women to tell similar stories of assault, one of the reasons they're fighting the testimony of those 13 women the defense wants to bring in. now to your first alert weather, a chilly afternoon at west chester university. many brought out the scarves, loves and hats before winter
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break. let's get the details on that, here's first letter meteorologist sheena parveen, reason to be concerned, sheena. because once you factor in the wind, it's going to feel like below zero in parts of the lehigh valley. we have a first alert, for new jersey, pennsylvania and de ge. thursday into friday, winds will be increasing. with the bitter cold gusting at 45 miles an hour. the windchill, the feels like temperature could be below zero in some of our neighborhoods, so we want to give you a heads up ahead of time. we're still in the 40s, but then the big changes come.
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allentown feels like 38. dover feels like 38, as well as vine land. watch as we look out to the. this is where the arctic air is 2 degrees below zero. minneapolis is 9 degrees below zero currently and all this area is heading in our direction. that's why we have the first alert out. there's that aurtic a ii iic ar 345sz coming down from canada. we have our next winter weather system moving in for your weekend and we're talking about both weekend days. . another record day on wall street. the dow was above 20,000 the first time ever.
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big tech companies like apple extended a recent winning streaks. president-elect donald trump made his highest profile cabinet pick. officially nominating rex tillerson for secretary of st e state. >> reporter: tillerson is like trump, transition aides said, but as he nominated the excon mobile ceo, the president-elect emphasized a difference. the thing i like best, trump tweeted, tiller son has vast experience at dealing with all types of foreign governments. but other republicans like john mccain are worried. tillerson cut oil deals with russia, accepted the order of friendship from tlad mere putin -- democrats upset about
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russian hacking allegations into our election. >> totally unacceptable and it must be investigated. >> reporter: now a hard look at tillerson. >> we're going to have to drill down during the confirmation hearings about his relationship with mr. putin. >> president-elect said throughout the entire campaign, in debates, at the most critical times, yeah, i'm going to talk to people. >> reporter: putin told japanese tv, we're going to work with the u.s. fighting terrorism. also former texas governor rick perry became trump's pick for energy secretary. >> and asked mark murray, is there any chance that rex til r tillerson will not be confirmed as secretary of state. >> when exxonmobil the company
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that rex tillerson was head of, tried to knock down the sanctions against russia, all of those stories are potential land mines and we have to get more information, rex tillerson has to go through the confirmation hearings, he can knock it out of the park, but as we stand right now, this is not going to be an easy confirmation fight. and chris coons will be meeting with the president-elect tomorrow at trump tower today. we asked him his thoughts on trump's pick for secretary of state. why he said the process is going to be a rough ride. officials say a 16-year-old boy was killed, another boy was injured in last night's shooting in willingboro. sky force 10 was over the scene moments after that shooting on lumtee lane. the city of camden is getting a boost from the
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national and state government. leaders say it won't just be to help build new homes, but it will also help transform the lives of people in the community. >> it's more than brick and mortar and new housing, it's about people's lives at the end of the day that we are changing today for the better. and changing the course of events for the better. >> leaders tell >>. allentown mayor shut down a budget plan. the city council is holding a special session to discuss the details of of that bulling plan. new details on the reconstruction of part of the schuylkill trail, part of the trail will now be closed at all times for safety. crews will reconstruct a wall along the river and a detour
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will run from franklin payne state park to 22nd street. if you have catch the bus in delaware, there's real time travel updates. the del-time travel app will let you know bus times and where is bus is on its route. >> no one wants to be standing out wondering did i just miss the bus or is it two minutes away or 20 minutes away? >> users can also sign up for bus service alerts and transportation news. next at 5:00, check kitchens. we have got in details on the government's largest appliance recall in history. plus a local church destroyed just weeks before christmas. but tonight's the pastor's
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convinc convinced divine intervention kept his congregation safe. and students are told over and over and over again don't do drugs, and doctors say they're getting the message. boathouse row is blue. find out why they're joining together.
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it is similar to provisions in 15 other states. >> investigators in oakland say they still haven't pinpointed the cause that fire that killed 13 people earlier this month. it does appear the fire was intentionally set. investigators have been focusing on the building's electrical system. prosecutors say they may file murders in the case.
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the so-called ghost ship warehouse had been converted into an artist's colony. qquisanart has been recalle. the consumer product safety commission says it's especially concerned about this recall. >> it's actually the largest kitchen appliance recall in our history. and because of that we want consumers to month quickly. and it's the holiday season, with all the cooking going on, you need to be that much more concerned about the risk. >> if you have thwill hear more the ceo of the company on nightly news at 6:30.
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a new survey released by the national institute on drug abuse found the use of alcohol and opioid painkillers were on the decline. >> we think the decline is because of overall prevention efforts, where families are doing a good job keeping these substances out of the hands of their kids. >> as the use of some of them decline, the use of others decline along with them. to the first of its kind piece of medical legislation signed into law today. president obama signed the so-called cancer moon shot bill. the senate passed the bill last week with support of both democrats and republicans. vice president bide on lauded the efforts of lawmakers for
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getting the bill pushed through. >> the first and most significant bipartisan thing we have done in this congress. that's $6.3 billion bill will deal with everything from opioid addiction to a $800 million for cancer research and development. >> the vice president stated the goal is to increase private and public resources to help fight cancer. let's take a look at boathouse. one of many places you can tell is lit up in blue. taking another live look across the city, that's the ben franklin bridge, also lit up in chop blue. the organizers are calling it the season of light. keeping kids warm this winter, that's the goal of the firefighters and paramedics
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union. they joined the fire commissioner to hand out more than 100 new winter coats to elementary school students in north philadelphia. the event caps off this year's operation warm charity drive. >> there's no better time for that of course than right now for those winter jackets. temperatures are going to plunge, making it dangerously cold out there. coldest weather yet, sheena. >> yes, it is the coldest weather we're going to see yet, and we're talking about the windchill, the temperature around zero or below zero through some of our pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. we have some bitter cold coming. tonight we're nice and dry, we're going to get cold again, but temperatures not too bad. many of our neighborhoods in delaware, upper 30s through our south jersey neighborhoods. taking a look at our new jersey neighborhoods. clayton is at 38 degrees, mt.
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laurel 33 right now, princeton aer spot. londonton and cinnamonton in the lower 40s. a lot of that not hitting the, but what is off to our west is. what we will be watching is any snow flurries or a couple of snow flurries coming. r here what future weather shows, now we're looking at close to midnight and 1:00 a.m. we could see another system moving in. no issues for the morning commute, then we go into tomorrow night and the models have been fairly subsequent for
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parts of delaware and new jersey. otherwise we goo into new jersey and bitter cold that's going to stick around as we go into friday. take a look at the future feels like temperature. for tomorrow afternoon, we're feeling around 30 degrees by 2:00 p.m., these numbers keep onning and by thursday afternoon, we're looking at 1:30 p.m., right around lunchtime on thursday, we're going dry, but it's going to be very windy. feels like temperatures could be below 10 degrees already. and then as we go through the early friday morning hours, single digit windchills north and west, we could have some below zero. because of this, we have a first alert out for the dangerous cold. it's the coldest air we have seen so far. the bitter cold winds gusting 40 miles an hour. some areas north and west of philadelphia could see the
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windchills below zero. across the weekend, starting with friday, high temperatures in the mid 20s. it's going to feel colder than that, though, then we go into saturday, our next weather system approaches, we'll see snow and an icy mix by saturday, by sunday, we see al that changing over to rain. and looking the temperatures warming up into the 60s. coming up, i'll show you a closer look at this time line and we'll talk about the cold air ahead. we have been asking you to send in your holiday photos housing the #nbc10holiday. check out these pictures from a viewer named colleen. all of these inflatable figures, a santa display there. >> nbc10 wants to see your creative holiday family photos. use the #nbc10holiday and share your photos with us on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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you can also send them through the nbc10 app. >> donald trump had a lot of memorable quotes during this election. >> find out which one topped a new list for quotes of the year. that's at 5:00. find out why chris christie said that voters in new jersey made a dumb move during the november elect shumpb.
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governor chris christie made a dumb move when they voted not to expand casinos to new jersey. new jersey. new jerseyians overwhelmingly rejected the measure. on that radio show, governor christie also said he remains good friends with president-elect trump, he said he is not disappointed that he's not working in the new administration because he wants to stay and finish his term as governor. a quote from president-elect trump has been named the number one quote of the year. it came from a campaign speech in january. >> i koumtd stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
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and i wouldn't lose any votes. >> many other political figures also made this year's list. coming in second place, michelle oba obama's quote, when they go low, we go high. and in third place, hillary clinton's controversial basket of deplorables comment about donald trump's supporters. for one local congregation, their place of worship is in ruins, how they're trying to move forward through the holiday season. plus if you've been putting off downloading that latest update to your iphone, apple's giving you hundreds of reasons to it.
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destroyed their place of worship. >> i mean look at that, you can see just how bad the damage is, but the congregation believes a higher power saved the community. >> when he saw his house of worship in ruins, the pass stto
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this upper township church, he immediately thought of the lord. >> i thought, oh, my god, hirm glad we weren't there. the wams caved in, the roof collapsed, two weeks before christmas. robert cannon leads the congregati congregation, his wife the co-pastor. >> there were so many tears, and first thing you think about, what are we going to do? >> it's a total loss. it tuhurts because we had thing we were going to do for christmas and new year's. >> a pick-up truck was involved in a collision with a big rick seconds before the tractor trailer careened into the church. luckily no one was hurt. it turns out services on sunday had been delayed because of a heating problem. so close to 35 people were here longer than usual. they left about 90 minutes
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before that truck crashed into the sanctuary, the cannons are convinced divine intervention kept the congregation safe. >> i believe the lord has an appointed time and i believe that appointed time was for us not to be there. >> reporter: the cannons are touched by the offers of assistance they have already received from other local churches. >> it still represents that time of giving and when we see all the love that's poured out, it brings christmas more focused than ever before. tonight there's a hole in the side of a delaware dry-cleaners, after a car slammed into it. nbc10 was there as crews worked to remove a car that happened around 8:30 this morning. not clear what led to the crash
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or whether anybody was hurt. this video shot at the corner of 17th and market. you can see hoods, hats and for those who forgot their gloves, hands in pockets. >> some bitter cold weather is moving in this week, dangerous cold. sheena parveen is here with details on this first alert. >> first alert as we go thursday into friday, so it's not here yet, but it will be here by the end of the week. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, we have the first alert out because of the dangerous cold, thursday and friday are going to be the days you will definitely notice things changing as we go through the day on thursday. you can expect bitter cold with winds gusting at 40 miles an hour. is that will make it feel around zero for parts of the area. if you're in the lehigh valley, you have a good chance of it feels below zero, especially early friday morning, so that is definitely one thing to keep in mind, come friday morning, you might want to have the kids
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waiting in your car at the bus stop. the arctic air is moving down from canada, it will be here for, it will stick around for friday, this is some of the coldest air we have seen so far this season. here's a look at the feels like temperatures as we go through thursday and friday. if you put it on a chart with zero degrees there, you see by thursday morning, feeling around 10 degrees, thursday afternoon still feeling around 10 degrees. friday morning, we drop to maybe a minus 1 in philadelphia. maybe even colder north and west. then we go through friday afternoon, we're stilling around 10 degrees. remember, friday morning will be the coldest point along with very windy conditions, you want the hat, you want the scarf, the gloves, you wand to bundle up more than you have this season.
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and here's a look now at some of the other top stories we're following. philadelphia police say a car involved in a chase this morning was stolen in mochntgomery coun, investigators say the chase started in white marsh township. police in lower . the 64-year-old has been criticized for his connections to russia. nbc10 has also learned that rick perry is expected to be chosen for energy secretary. the hear for bill cosby ended -- attorneys spent most of the day arguing over whether
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other women accusing cosby of sexual assault will be allowed to testify during trial. cosby has pleaded not guilty to assaulting a former temple employee in 2004. joining us with his perspective on this latest legal battle is judge michael d' ork nio. >> as we talked about a few months ago, we're coming to the end of these pretrial motions. this is the last but the biggest piece in the puzzle to determine whether or not these other alleged victims are going to testify. this is a major ruling in the case. what it's going do, it's going to take the case if the testimony is allowed from some or all of these other women. it's going to take the case from a he said/she said to a he
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said/they said. and there's absolute strength in numbers with that kind of testimony. so this final piece of this pretrial puzzle that we have been talking about is going to be a major ruling when the judge makes this ruling. >> so if some of the woman are allowed to testify, then where does the case go from here? >> well, before these pretrial motions shape the case, so you know what's basically going to happen during the trial. if some or all of these women are allowed to testify, that devastation for the defense, along with the testimony that was allowed in last week with another ruling. if that happens, the defense is going to have to re-evaluate this case in my opinion, they are going to have to decide when to enter into plea discussions. with all these pretrial rulings going against the defense, it
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might be time where they have to re evaluate things. santa sees some happy children, also some cryings children too. >> but there is one little boy he will never forget. >> when i got there, my job was to make sure that he got krirm christmas. >> it is a story about santa granting a child's dying wish. from the war in syria. the agreement that could save more innocent civilians from getting caught in the cross fire.
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syrian rebelses say -- the u.n. human rights office says it has received reports that
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syria's pro government forces killed more than 80 civilians there including women and children. a group that rescues civilians says there are as many as 100,000 civilians still trapped in besieged areas. >> they're filled with the deepest foreboding for those who remain in this last hellish corner of aleppo. >> retaking aleppo would be the syrian government's biggest win yet. tomorrow marks four years since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school. today a play ground was attended to honor those lives that were lost. the families of the victims say helping the others is sometimes the only way to get through the day to day. >> it's just finding new normal.
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you know, and i don't think time will every heal this wound. >> rebecca's son chase was just 7 years old when he died. police called it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that they had ever seen. but now the dogs here are getting a second chance at a better life, where you can go to give them a new home, that's next at 5:00. can't resist that face, sheena. >> no, you cannot. pay may as well take one home now, keith. we have some snow on the radar, locally not as much. coming up we'll talk more about the cold blast later this week, it could be dangerous cold for some areas, also the chance of snow for the weekend, that's coming up next.
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tonight some rescue dogs from delaware say they were saved from horrible conditions. 14 dogs were rescued from a home in millsboro for thanksgiving. many were discovered starving. but today most are recovering at the spca, but three of the dogs are ready to be adopted. >> don't know if we're every th ever going to forget what they have been through, but we want them to know that people love them. >> you can meet the dogs at the spca station in old newcastle, delaware, starting tomorrow. >> temple university has a new football coach. especially is -- jeff collins, this will be collins first head
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coaching gig. the 45-year-old also worked at mississippi state where he coached eagles defensive lineman cox. the two were both assistants together at all bright college. last week rule announced he's bringing four temple assistant coaches with him to baylor. by the way, here's a big five clash at the pavilion tonight, the defending national championship villanueva wildcats will coaross town rivals the defensive owls. nova enters tonight's game as the top ranked game in all of basketball. had to get that in, didn't you. >> gadget loves can now get their hands on apple's in weierless ear bods.
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apple is selling the new air pods. they needed more time to make the devices ready for consumers. air pods sell for $159 and their debut is for. apple is also offering iphone and ipad users new ways to express themselves without worz. >> there are new emojis to represent different jobs such as scientist, teacher, pilot and firefighters. sadly, i might be more inclined to do it if they created a news anchor emoji. >> apple as also added some new faces. they include gestures such assers cro assers -- as a face palm. >> we have got some cold weather to talk about.
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it's going to get dangerously cold out there. let's get your first alert weather forecast from sheena parveen. >> speaking of cold, it's going to get really cold as we go through the end of this week, this is the coldest air we have seen and what types will be feeling below zero come thursday morning. currently temperatures still around 40 degrees for most of the area, 43 now in philadelphia, some of our pennsylvania suburbs are in the upper 30s now, this is chester county, looking at union philadelph ville. elroy 39, new hope 39 degrees, gilbertsville coming in at 38 degrees. also have a little bit of snow on the radar, mostly out of our area, mostly to the north and west, that's what's reaching the ground, what we have currently in parts of the poconos, maybe some flurries, but as far as lancaster county and berks county goes. maybe a few more snow showers
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trying to move n a line of some snow showers up here in the pennsylvania suburbs, lehigh valley and including parts of berks county and lancaster county. overnight but clearing just in time for the morning commute. then we go into thursday, thursday night, this is midnight, going into thursday morning. models are pretty consistent showing very moderate snow. a fast mover and not here for the morning commute on thursday. these are actual temperatures, it's going to get winvery windy arctic air will be here, highs only in the 20s. now what it will feel like, what i just showed you the actual temperature, this is when you factor in the wind, single digit temperatures is what it's going to feel like -- single digits
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with possibly below zero windchills north and west. so we could see spots feeling like minus one in the lehigh valley. we do have a first alert out for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. for thursday and friday. the coldest point will be friday morning, but either way, the entire period will be dangerous cold and the coldest air we have seen. winds gusting near 40 miles an hour, making feel below 30 degrees. then we go into the weekend. and we're talking about another weather system moving in. the timeline for that, saturday morning snow to an icy mix, saturday afternoon an icy mix changing over to rain, as temperatures warm. then saturday morning, it's going to be rainy and mild. or it's going to turn to rain and stay mild. it's goi mid 20s, friday, feeling colder
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but dry, saturday is when the wet weather moves in. and by sunday, it all changes over to rain and it will be warming. lester holt joins us now for the nbc studios in new york. ahead for us, the russia question, casting another shadow on american politics, this time donald trump's pick for secretary of state. what you need to know about the largest kitchen appliance recall ever. now we'll talk about the technology break through that could soon be required in new cars, we'll have a lot more on that at 6 clrp 30 tonight. santa bringing a lot of joy, bringing a lot of happiness to children. but for one little boy, santa also brought him some peace. >> you just tell them you're santa's number one elf.
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>> this is a story getting attention across the country, what santa did to comfort a young child in his final moments, that's next on nbc10 news at 5:00. my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ a santa at your local malls at their best and their worst.
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>> hang on. the elves are after me. >> with that ring tone and this awa award winning beard. >> there's no blending in over this lunch hour for old santa claus, who sometimes tries to go under cover as eric smith lawson of jacksb ovroro, but kids alwa know. a few weeks ago, santa was called to the hospital bedside of a terminally ill 5-year-old east tennessee boy. >> what's this i hear you're going to be missing christmas this year? >> yeah, he told me, i'm dying.
5:56 pm
really? you're not going to miss christmas. >> santa gave the boy a toy and these words. >> when you go up to those pearly gates, you tell santa you're my number one elf. he said i am? i said you sure are. i'm sure they'll let you right in. he said they will? and i said i'm sure they will. just come hire and give me a big hug. he said santa, can you help me? and that's when he passed. >> he gave the one gift he could. >> when i got there, my job was to make sure that he got christmas. >> and he says the smiles on kids faces are what keep him going, since joy goes both ways.
5:57 pm
>> that guy is a good guy right there. he was so affected when that little boy died that he considered hanging it up. but within a week later, found some hope in children's happiness. >> don't even know what to say. >> nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here are tim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> we are working on several stories new at 6:00. we tracked down local senators for their take on donald trump's choice for secretary of state. also ahead, a murky mess about what was said in court in one jersey shore beach town. plus bill cosby's outburst in court. what the comedian said that halted his hearing for the day.
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bitter cold, these people are running while they can. >> we begin with the controversial choice for secretary of state, president-elect donald trump nominated rex tillerson. nbc10 went straight to two local lawmakers who hold a key vote in
6:00 pm
deciding the future. >> rex tillerson has strong ties to russia and that's what's causing controversy already. nbc10's erain skoem is joining us. senators from our area. rex tillerson is


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