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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ my heart is on the floor ♪ over you ♪ i know i was wrong
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farewell to a legend allan thicke is dead. and bill cosby is in the courtroom. >> and kanye west revealed his ambition after visiting trump tower as the president-elect trump defends his choice for secretary of state. nbc 10 news starts now. shoots first and asks questions later. this gunman terrorized workers at two corner stores. good evening, i am jim rosenfield. >> he already shot two people and police want to find him before people get holy spirit. the first was at the double deli and the next day is at rafael's
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mini mart. nbc's 10 spoke with one victim's wife and she's joining us live at denise headquarters. >> reporter: the wife did not go on camera. the husband ais a father of thre and owned that store for ften years and had a huge bond with the community. surveillance video shows$q a gunman pushing past customers while waiting for his gun to get to the owner behind the counter. police can only describe as ruth less. the gunman reaches behind the could wanter. when he cannot get what he wants, he steps over the victim and grabbed cash and lottery tickets. >> customers are shocked and heartbroken as they watch this surveillance video for a long time. >> a very friendly guy andau ni guy. i don't understand what this
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neighborhood is coming to. >> a wonderful person. nothing like that has ever happened before. >> the gunman does not stop there. the next day he sets his site on the rafael's mini market. the robber came to the door without warning and fired his gun before making any demands. >> didn't say anything, just shots? >> that's it. >> this time, the gunman shot a 56-year-old worker in the thigh in front of 15 customers and employees before getting a i way with cash. the same gunman is responsible for both robberies. as police look for him, they assigned more patrols to search the neighborhood. >> reporter: both victims are recovering. the gunman is from that neighborhood as police believe. more information are ahead. live, nbc 10 news. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of one of the
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popular tv dad of a generation. alan thicke died earlier today. multiple reports said he had a heart attack while playing hockey with his teenage son. his best show is "growing pain." he made a guest appearance on nbc's "this is us." hours before his sudden death, he tweeted of the second season of "fuller house." he's survived by his wife and three children. he was 69 years old. courtroom filing for bill cosby's sexually assault hearing. x into a shouting match this morning. cosby blurted out comments about his age and the correct location of a certain hotel. today's hearing of 13 accusers can be called for witnesses.
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the judge is expected to decide if the women will be allowed to testify. two ally of former clergyman shot. robert brand was sentenced to two and a half years. he's a businessman accused of helping fattah's charity money and another is in this canichol. yesterday, fattah was sentenced to ten years in prison and he's new to report in a month. turning to our weather now. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in wilmington. if you th)v3ñ it is cold now. just wait. >> we are tracking an arctic blast heading our way. it this weather is so cold, it is dangerous. sheena parveen has our forecast.
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>> thursday and friday, yes, because of the cold that's coming, we have a first alert coming out foreigner new jerse pennsylvania. winds will be gusting for nearly 40 miles per hour. the arctic air will be here. that combination could make some areas-i1cñ have a windchill bel zero degrees. here is a look at that arctic air, it is going to keep on moving in our direction. it will arrive on thursday and you will definitely notice it. that's going to be the coldest air that we had seen so far. feels like temperatures throughout the day on thursday and right around 10 degrees and many areas of single digits by friday morning. coming up, we'll take a closer look at this. plus, we have some snow, that's straight ahead. new at 11:00. a trooper accused of pulling over women to ask them on dates and lied to cover them up.
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several women complained about his advances. the trooper tried to cover his tracks by turning off his microphone and he also lied about the gender and trying to disguised the fact that he stopped so many women. now, to the latest development out of aleppo where thousands of people continue to flee the front lines. the russian government allied with the syrian regimes and today the military action has seized in order to track rebels evacuate. military action in eastern aleppo was over and the syrian government was now in control. to the presidential transition at home. tonight, president-elect trump defended his choice of rex
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tillerson. he has worked at exxon since 1975. both parties are concerned of tillerson of close ties with vladimir putin. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. some people don't like that. that's why i am doing the deal with rex because i like what this is all about. >> and this evening, we learned that president-elect trump filled in other positions in his cabinet, ryan zinke, he's mr. trump pick for the interior. he's a former navy seal. he supports federalá funding t preserve opening spaces. the nextag%/÷ secretary of y could be a man who wants to eliminate the department, rick
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per perry, perry said he will eliminate three cabinet positions as president. he could not remember that the energy department was one of them. perry is known as a champion oil of the industry. he questioned science that shows greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. the president-elect trump hosted another high profile visitor at trump tower today. kanye west, after the meeting, the rapper stood silently next to trump. later, i want to meet with trump today to discuss multi culturalé issues. these issues supporting teachers and violence in chicago. west tweeted #2024 referencing o to his own for presidential. another win for the champ tonight. villanueva took down tempo in a
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big five battle. this one was never in doubt the number one team in the country had their way with the visiting hours. >> more on tonight's big five show down. a tempo of love. >> reporter: nice, thanks for putting that out. keith jones is out there celebrating tonight. this was the historic win for villanueva, he's done something that no one else had done. they go undefeated in the big five all four years, 4-0. 16 wins for the senior class never been done before. now, he has won a record of 18 straight games of the big five. they really handled tempo tonight here at the pavilion. the best player in the country. josh hart, heñ/< scored 18 in t
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second half. he and chris jenkins have done something so special in the big five history. >> this is an honor and humbling. you know the big five's tradition and you have great teams every year and something that ten or 20 or 30 years down the line we'll look back and that'll be pretty cool. >> we met apart with some great teams and players. like he said, when we were done playing, it is something we'll look back on saying wow. >> reporter: it is amazing. villanueva has won 17 straight games going back to last year. that's the longest winning streak in school's his strategies. we'll have more in sports and break news. i am john clark at villanueva, we'll see you in sports. next, the new leash on life. how you can help the victims of rescuers calling an extreme case
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of animal cruelty. >> do you feel good about your job? to be a college drop out and do the same thing? >> lose some weight. >> it was the rant heard around the world why thezf dñ espn reporter's insults went viral. now, this left her with serious problems. santa does not always wear a red suit. the local hero who proves that sometimes he wears blue. coming up, we'll talk about the dangerous cold headed our way. i will show you how cold it will be and next round of rain and snow for the weekend, that's coming up.
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police later found the goods. dog lovers you may want to listen closely. a group of rescue pooches need a home. thezaw conditions were deplorab and there were no warm shelter and no food to be found. one of the rescue dogs are still with the rescue family. three dogs are ready to find a permanent home. you can meet them in old newcastle, delaware, starting tomorrow. look at that face. new at 11:00, tonight, police respond to a target store in bucks county. their investigation, which toys are the best for children of family in need. nbc's 10 brings you their
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heartwarming gift from the community. >> let me help you. >> somebody draw me something because i cannot draw. officer quinton fuller is 6' 4." >> we need a game plan. we need to think about our brothers and sisters and maybe mom and dad, too. >> his partners tonight. >> big dolls or small dolls. >> 11-year-old george. >> we can pick this ourselves. >> officer fuller is more than just a badge. >> what is this like? >> exciting. cool? >>. >> we are people, too and we have finales. we are seen as, you know, an obstacle. >> tonight, these 12 officers are bridging the gap with their community, one humorous purchase at a time. >> right next to the nums-nums.
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>> the biggest of them all is their time of volunteering. >> partnering with kids with near by elementary. >> their goal is getting gifts for the entire family like georgia's. >> and for officer fuller, there is no better occasion than christmas. >> it is about the community and coming together. >> reporting in warraenton, keih jones. >> i probably should be keeping track of these. >> nbc 10 news. >> he's a kid at heart. >> he really is. >> a lot of people are going to need warm coats over the next few days. >> pull out your warmest jacket
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yet. tomorrow morning, we'll just be cold. what we have coming is dangerous cold. tomorrow morning, bus stop forecast, it will be dry and about 7:30 and 32 in philadelphia and currently we have a radar trying to pick up this is not hitting the grown. theuéñ radar is hitting some ar. it is not a big deal. the clouds start clearing out for tomorrow. tomorrow will be axt÷ sunny dayd temperatures around 40 degrees for the most part. then we go over night tomorrow and into early thursday. this is 2:00 a.m. thursday. notice how we see the snow along the shore and delaware. the model is consistent on picking up on this. we can see cumulation. that's going to move through quickly. it will be gone for the morning commute on thursday. temperatures will be tumbling and it will get very windy. we are talking about winds gusting at nearly 40 miles per hour. this is what it is going to feel
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like by 9:30 in the morning on thursday. single digits for the most part. then we go through later in the day on thursday and early friday morning, most areas feeling like single digits and some spots through the valley can feel below zero. we'll be watching it closely. >> it is dangerous cold baecaus of that we put out our first alert. this is thursday and friday with bitter cold and winds gusting 40 miles per hour. that's why the windchills below zero for some areas of north and west for philadelphia come friday morning. into the week, we have another weather system approaching for your weekend. this is going to affect both saturday and sunday. the time line for this now, we'll get more specifics as we go into the week. saturday morning, snow starting, changing to an icy mix and over to rain with temperatures warming. sunday morning, rainy and mild
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and by sunday afternoon, windy and much colder. of snow. >> saturday, we get that wintry mix moving in and starting with snow for much of the area. we'll be watching the high valley temperatures closely. we'll look at your ten day forecast coming up. >> okay, sheena. remember the espn's reporter whose bad behavior went viral. what she says of her whole experience left her with a serious health problem.
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remember thef7ñ espn report
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-- that incidentff left her with a care of health conditions. >> i am in the news sweetheart. >> the casher making fun of the woman's weight. stress and trauma from the incident damaged her site and+5 tohxnv see. ñ suspende t should have never said what she said. the phillies taking their offbsf to get into theú÷,x holi spirit tonight. to!çí >> the manager greeted guests while the fanatic ditched his
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sports is next.
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hey, i am john clark live at villanueva's history tonight. they have won 18 straight games from the big five. that's a record. this senior class, they go undefeated in their kp[ñhistory. that's never happened for the big five. the stars are out tonight against temple joel. all in the house. the owls kept it close in the
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first half. plus, the foul and temple was within four. but, nova ends the half®e on a 0 run. josh hart beats the buzzer at the half. josh hart goes off in the second half. 18 of his 26 points in the second half. incredible. after scoring a career high 37, he had another big night. villanueva all over tempo. josh hart may be the best player in the country right now. >> i think the key is that since being a senior, he has not lost his composure. >> he just keeps making a right play. >> it is what college basketball is all about that they have it going on and it is up to the rest of us to figure it outs(l but, i think it is what college basketball is.
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>> reporter: yeah, villanueva has won a school record 17 straight game. good sixers news. simmons, the boot is off his broken foot is healing well and he took some shots today. this is a big step for him. >> well, i saw villanueva -- i can see that smile on his face. it is just -- it is just kind of freeze you up and now you can start doing more stuff. >> people walked out to the court. he shot free throws so that's significant to me. >> reporter: it is33ú a big ste temple had their new football coach, jeff colins, will be introduced tomorrow. i am john clark from villanueva,
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we'll be right back. this one is from
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two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ well, tomorrow is another day around 40 degrees. not bad. thursday and friday, dangerously cold and a wet weather weekend. >> thanks for being here tonight, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael fassbender. jon glaser. musical gu


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