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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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40 in the suburbs and 41 in new jersey, for interior new jersey. right along the coast, just a lit warmer, up to 44 degrees and a 45 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies for delaware. it's 40s today, nowhere near the 40s tomorrow and friday. some wicked cold temperatures on the way. i'll have more on that when i come back in ten minutes. but first, katy zachry's watching your first alert traffic. >> bill, i'm already cringing at that tease. all right. well, taking a look at our drive times, this is the 42 freeway northbound, if you're making your way up from the route 55 to the walt whitman bridge. that drive will take about five minutes. southbound on route 42, that's just a five-minute drive as well. moving into the philadelphia area, there is construction on lincoln drive, the southbound lanes between rittenhouse street and kelly drive are closed due to some road construction out there. and taking a look at some of our majors in pennsylvania. this is 95, a live look at traffic picking up a little bit,
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but pretty light volume overall. making your way southbound between woodhaven and center city, that will take you about five minutes. vai and tracy? it is 5:01. police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. a driver slammed into another vehicle, then hit a tree on cobbs creek parkway early this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital where he died. happening today, another day of legal arguments for bill cosby and his lawyers. >> yeah, they're trying to convince a judge not to allow more than a dozen accusers to testify when his case goes to trial. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. and pam, cosby spoke out yesterday in court. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. at a time, cosby answered questions that were meant for the prosecutor. he's actually shouting out some of those answers. keep in mind, lawyers for the 79-year-old actor say cosby is suffering from vision and memory loss that leave him unable to help defend himself in his upcoming sexual assault trial.
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but back to what happened yesterday in the courtroom. it was explosive. this was an all out fight between the prosecution and the defense. the prosecution is hoping the judge will allow testimony from 13 other cosby accusers to be heard in the case involving a 2004 encounter with andrea constand. they argue that the testimony of these women support constand's story and help establish a pattern here, that cosby would meet younger women, befriend them, gain their trust, isolate them, drug them, and then sexually assault them. cosby has denied the accusations, and his defense is fighting to keep that testimony out of court. at one point, the d.a., who did not identify the women by name in court paperwork to protect their identities, accused the defense of trying to intimidate the witnesses by first naming them and by planning a photo presentation of the victims. the judge had to jump in repeatedly and stop both sides from shouting. and at one point, judge steven
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o'neil even suggested the police could intervene. the stakes are high and the fight will continue in the courtroom today as the judge decides on whether or not to allow a jury to hear that testimony from those 13 accusers as well. reporting live at the montgomery county courthouse, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. it is 5:03 and 33 degrees outside. another ally of former congressman chaka fattah will be indicted today. nicholas was sentenced. and two others were sentenced for helping him pay off his campaign debt. businessman robert brand was sentenced to two years. karen nicholas, who ran his non-profit, was sentenced to two years on prison. on monday, fatah was sentenced to ten years in prison and is due to report in a month. lawyers for new jersey u.s. senator bob menendez are asking the u.s. supreme court to throw out his federal corruption indictment. the attorneys contend that the indictment misapplied a federal
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law shields lawmakers from scrutiny of their official duties and motives. the high court isn't expected to hear the case until february or march. prosecutors accuse menendez of taking official action on behalf of a friend who gave him gifts and campaign donations. menendez and that friend have pleaded not guilty. the trial is tentatively set for next fall. and a real-life griffin is on the loose in atlantic county. police released surveillance voof a man stealing christmas decorations from ronnie's garden center on new road in northfield. he took several wreathes and an outdoor fire pit. police later found the goods behind a nearby parking garage. happening today on the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook massacre, a local church will honor the 26 lives lost in the school shooting. the presbyterian church of chestnut hill will hold a prayer circle at 11:00 and set up 26 t-shirts on frames as memorials. and yesterday in north jersey, a playground was dedicated to the sandy hook victims. parents of children who died at
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the attack were at the dedication ceremony in elizabeth. families of the victims say helping others is sometimes the only way to get through the day. >> it's just finding new normals, you know, and i don't think time will ever heal this wound. >> rebecca kowalski's son, chase, was 7 years old when he died. five minutes past 5:00 right now. pets dressed up for the holidays, nothing new this time of the year. >> yeah, but it's not often you see a pet opossum getting into the holiday spirit. >> oh, come on! >> who has a possum for a pet? >> i don't know. >> well, this is gary. he lives in philadelphia with his owner and loves to show off in his santa suit. watch your hand there, gary. he even has an instagram account complete with more than 100 followers. nbc 10 wants to see your creative holiday family photos like this guy. use #nbc10holiday and share your
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photos with us on facebook, on twitter and instagram. you can also send them right to us through the nbc 10 app. >> i just posted something on instagram, but it was not that. i'm going to have to follow gary. well, gary the possum is prepared. he's got two coats on. for what's to come, the cold weather that starts moving in tomorrow. but today we'll see some sunshine. and it is dry this morning at the shore, but this evening, this evening we may see some snow showers move the shore, other parts of south jersey, too. but completely dry during the day, as right now. 30s from the lehigh valley to the suburbs, delaware, south jersey, and in philadelphia that 35 degrees, that's philadelphia international. now, just below freezing for chestnut hill and andorra and somerton is down to 30 degrees this morning. warmer in tarsdale, port richmond, kensington and the 40s for center city and society hill. we'll start in the 30s and low 40s, then warm up a little bit, into the very low 40s.
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you can add about ten degrees to these numbers for afternoon highs today. and we will see sunshine. the few clouds that came through overnight, they're already starting to clear. nice and clear for the lehigh valley the suburbs. why it's running a little colder there. and it is dry to the west. you can see some lake-effect snow way to the north. but watch what happens as we go into tonight right along the coastline. there goes some quick-moving showers. a possibility for areas right along the coast, south jersey. a, if any, accumulation from that. 35 degrees at 8:00. forecast for today, sunshine for philadelphia, 39 degrees at noontime. and then near 40 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs well, staying dry all day long. 36 degrees with sunshine at lunchtime and 35 degrees later on today. and sunny skies for the lehigh valley, into the middle 30s by noontime. as far as new jersey and delaware are concerned, delaware warms from the low 30s to near
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40 degrees at lunchtime. just a few scattered clouds late afternoon. and new jersey will feel the picking up during the day, but it won't blow anything more than a few scattered clouds through late this afternoon and sunny skies at the shore, too. 37 degrees at 8:00. by lunchtime into the low 40s and staying in the low 40s this afternoon. sunshine today but dangerous cold on the way for. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware under a first alert for tomorrow and friday. that's when we'll see bitter cold with strong, gusty winds, near 40 miles an hour. come friday morning, windchills below zero. take a look at that and your weekend, too, which is going to have some wet weather moving in, while the cold is still in place. i'll have that when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, bill. see then. it is eight minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this hump day wednesday. and time to get a check on traffic. >> including the vine street expressway. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching the vine street expressway. katy? >> those construction crews are
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pretty on schedule. so, just around the 5:00 hour they lifted the construction at the vine street expressway. that was closing a section of the road overnight. so this is an aerial view of the vine right at 20th street. you'll see a few cars on 20th street, which is this ramp above. you can see traffic is moving at a pretty good clip on the vine. so that stretch between 76 and broad street in both directions has reopened. so that should make your morning drive a little bit smoother this morning. taking a look at your majors throughout pennsylvania and how they're faring. 95, 76 and the blue route. everything is in the green light, which means no major incidents. traffic is moving the normal speed limit. you can see your drive on 95 southbound is a quick 13 minutes between wood haven and the vine. construction for philadelphia on lincoln drive. lincoln drive southbound is closed between rittenhouse street and kelly drive for a construction project there. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at delaware roads. tracy? >> katy, thanks. coming up, what's that
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smell? people living in parts of south jersey say something stinks and they're pointing across the river. also, off limits. part of the schuylkill trail are closed. next, we'll tell you the reason. plus, this -- ♪ waste another minute your crying ♪ coming up, we remember tv dad alan thicke, who died suddenly yesterday at the age of 69.
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people in south jersey are concerned about a strange smell there. fire departments in cherry hill
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and collingswood say they believe the natural gas odor is coming from philadelphia. it's not clear what's causing it, but they say it does not pose any danger. fire officials say if you smell gas or have any odor in your house, call the fire department to investigate because it may be unrelated to what's coming from philly. well, a portion of the schuylkill river trail is now closed at all times for safety. crews are reconstructing a wall along the river. walkers and bike riders can use a detour that runs from franklin pain's skate park through eakins oval on 22nd street. the city expects the project to be completed by january 20th. it is 5:35. today delaware senator chris coons will be one of two people to invite president-elect donald trump to this year's national prayer breakfast. the democratic senator says he will keep today's invite conversation focused on the bipartisan event, which is held every year on the first thursday of february. every president since dwight eisenhower has spoken at the national prayer breakfast.
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president-elect trump has tapped montana congressman ryan zinke for secretary of the interior. he's a former navy s.e.a.l. he's a strong supporter of coal, oil and gas exploration, but he also supports federal funding to preserve open spaces. now, rapper kanye west visited trump tower in new york yesterday to meet with the president-elect. and after their meeting, west emerged from the elevator and just stood silently next to mr. trump, saying he just wanted to stay there for a picture, but later, west tweeted -- "i wanted to meet with trump to discuss multicultural issues. these issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in chicago." west also tweeted #2024, an apparent reference to his own presidential ambitions. philadelphia students are weighing in on one of the hottest debates in the nation. should we use the electoral college system when electing a president? fourth and fifth grade finalists in the citizenship challenge essay contest presented their ideas at the national
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constitution center yesterday. they completed the essays before the election and 80% of the students call for the elimination of the electoral college. two essays either mention hillary clinton could win the popular vote and still lose the election, which is exactly what happened, of course. the winner was decided by a group of judges, including former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. >> and the winner is -- justin wall. >> justin wall elementary received $1,000 for that first-place essay. the school will use it for a program that promotes civic learning. ohio has enacted one new abortion law and rejected another. governor john kasich vetoed the so-called heartbeat bill yesterday, which would have banned abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. that would have been the strictest law against abortion in the country. kasich did, though, sign a bill to ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. it's similar to provisions in 15 other states.
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a california police officer is on leave this morning while the department investigates the shooting death of a 73-year-old man. the victim's family says he suffered from dementia. police in bakersfield responded monday to a call about a man carrying a gun. one of the officers shot francisco stierna in a neighbor's driveway. investigators say they did not find a gun on sterna's body. one of tv's most beloved dads has died. ♪ don't waste another minute on your crying ♪ >> alan thicke passed away yesterday. he is best known as dr. seaver on the '80s sitcom "growing pains" and he recently made a guest appearance on "this is us." thicke suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his son in los angeles. his friends at the rink say his condition seemed to be improving as he was taken away by paramedics. >> even said to his son at one point, hey, kiddo, get a picture of me with the rink in the background. and as he was wheeling off, he
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gave us the thumbs up, hey, i'm doing good. so, it's, like i said, to hear this news, it's so sad. we just can't believe it. >> thicke is survived by his wife and three children. he was 69 years old. well, a texas man is demanding an apology after he claims he was kicked out of six flags for looking like santa. >> jerry henderson says he was at the arlington park on saturday to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday. however, because of his beard and his resemblance to old st. nick, some families stopped him to take pictures. but moments after, he started handing out candy canes and security swooped in. >> next thing i know, i've got five security guards there, and one of them's sitting there telling me i have to leave. and i asked him why and he said because i looked too much like santa claus. >> six flags released a statement, saying "we cannot knowingly allow individuals who are not approved by the park to interact with children in this capacity." henderson says he'd like an
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apology and a partial refund of his season pass to the park. >> think they'd want everybody to come looking like santa and elves, you know? be more festive. >> festive, right? >> exactly. >> let's check in with katy, find out what's happening on the roosevelt boulevard this morning. katy, what are you seeing? >> we're taking a look at the roosevelt brh at 9th street, where traffic is moving smoothly. yesterday the boulevard was a mess with construction and narrowing down of lanes, but right now things are looking good both directions. if you're taking the boulevard, headed northbound and going to drive the rest of the stretch of route 1. all right, taking a live look outside. this is the king of prussia area, route 202 -- actually, not the king of prussia area. that was another view i was going to show you. this is route 202 at route 30, in both directions on both streets. things are running smoothly. no major incidents on 202 or route 30 for that matter. and taking a look at our drive times on 95, if you're headed on 95 northbound, this is actually in the wilmington, delaware, area. so, if you're going northbound
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between 295 and 495 that drive is just going to take you about ten minutes. average speeds in the mid-60s. if you're headed southbound on that stretch, it's about a nine-minute drive. area bridges i just checked, are free and clear of any issues. and at this early hour, mass transit is running on or close to schedule. >> all right, thank you, katy. about 19 minutes past 5:00 a.m. it's 35 degrees. i've got a feeling tomorrow we'll be looking back longingly at today's 35 degrees. >> i know, it's a little chilly, but yeah, this is a warm day, right, bill? >> oh, much, much warmer than what we're in for tomorrow and friday morning. that's going to be brutal. outside right now, not bad, in the 30s, clear, no signs of wet weather. there were a few flurries, a light snow shower or two overnight. that's now well clear of the area. now just scattered clouds in the lehigh valley. the suburbs at 31 degrees, just above freezing in south jersey. some neighborhoods in delaware colder than others but not by a lot. greenville is 31 degrees while
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wilmington is 35 degrees right now. to the south you can see the temperatures are very low 40s for lewis and rehoboth beach. so not a bad morning at all and a decent warm-up today. but this three-day outlook, you can see what's ahead for thursday and friday. look at the temperatures. 20s thursday, teens friday morning, 25 degrees friday afternoon. it's not just philadelphia. we're talking in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. 11 degrees friday morning in the lehigh valley. wicked cold will hold off for today. wednesday won't be bad at all for new jersey, 41 degrees, but we will drop down with no sign of the 30s for thursday and friday. and look at the shore, from the 40s today to the 20s thursday and teens even at the shore on friday morning. and delaware, you're in for that blast of cold air as well. but fortunately, we will see sunshine. unfortunately, it is going to be dangerous cold, so you really have to layer up for every part of our area, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware.
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our first alert for tomorrow and friday, that's when bitter cold will combine with strong, gusty winds, winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour. that's going to produce windchills below zero on friday morning. what we're looking at this morning, clear skies. just a few thin clouds. no sign of any precipitation. no sign of any big storms coming our way, but that may change this weekend. may not be a big storm, but it is going to be entering the picture for us with cold air. look at the snow that's falling from michigan in through wisconsin and minneapolis, the dakotas and far out west. that's a system that will start moving into our area by, looks like by late friday night and starting off the weekend for us, and that's going to bring snow to start with on saturday morning. but during the morning we'll see a warm-up. that system is also going to bring warm air, so it will change from snow to an icy mix, and then during the afternoon from an icy mix to rain, so slowly improving condition as the day goes on on saturday.
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then rain continues into sunday, only rain, tapering off in the afternoon and turning windy and colder later on sunday. so, big changes on our ten-day. 42 degrees. no problem today. look at the dangerous cold for thursday and friday. and still cold on saturday morning. that's when that next system comes in. we'll see some light snow in the morning, changing over to rain slowly during the day, and then just rain on sunday before it clears out and cools down for monday and tuesday. warmer next week. by thursday afternoon, that will come with a chance of rain. we'll hit 56 degrees. >> all right, thank you, bill. some delaware high school students spent some quality time with our nbc 10 delaware bureau chief. yesterday tim furlong talked tv and video production with the students at del castle technical high school. the student actually shot this video. it's not bad. they talked about the broadcasting business and visual story-telling and tim fielded questions, then took the group outside for this nice class photo with our news force 10 jeep. >> nice!
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>> very good. looking for a new best friend? well, today could be your day. ahead in our next half hour, dogs rescued from horrible conditions are looking for a second chance, and we'll tell you where they are up for adoption starting today. also, voters in new jersey rejected a plan for more casinos. up next, hear what governor chris christie has to say about it.
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governor chris christie says new jersey voters made a "dumb move" when they rejected a plan
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to expand casino gambling to north jersey. the governor made the comments yesterday while co-hosting a new york city radio show. in november, voters overwhelmingly rejected a referendum that would have allowed two new casinos near the big apple. he blamed the defeat on lobbying by casinos and unions both in atlantic city and new york city. and the company that sold peter pan peanut butter a decade ago that was contaminated with salmonella has agreed to pay the largest criminal fine ever in a u.s. food safety case. the president of conagra's subsidiary pleaded guilty on behalf of the company for shipping the tainted peanut butter. the company will pay a $11 million fine. the outbreak sickened 625 people in 47 states. it's 5:26, 35 degrees outside. the leaders of some of the country's largest tech companies will meet with president-elect donald trump today. landon dowdsy here with more on that in this morning's "cnbc business news." good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. good morning to you.
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president-elect donald trump will meet with executives in new york today. the list includes apple ceo tim cook, alphabet's larry page and facebook's sheryl sandberg but not twitter ceo jack dorsey. they're expected to discuss u.s. jobs and how tech firms can work with government. ahead of the meeting, ibm's ceo in an op ed in "usa today" pledged that big blue will hire 27,000 u.s. workers in the next four years. and today could be the day! the dow is less than 90 points away from hitting a new milestone, 20,000, after a triple-digit rally yesterday. the dow has surged about 9% since election day from about 18,300, and it looks to eclipse 20,000 today as the federal reserve is widely expected to announce it's raising interest rates for the first time this year and signal whether the economy has improved since the election. the dow rising 114 points tuesday to 19,911. the nasdaq up 51 to 5,463. back to you, tracy. >> we'll see what happens today.
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landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. shoot first, ask questions later. next, police need your help finding the gunman who terrorized two corner stores before another crime happened. also, meet the new head of temple football. jeff collins will officially be introduced today. next, hear his connections to one of the eagles.
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